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Alina Adams

The Fictitious Marquis. Avon, 1995.
Characters: Jamie Lowell & Lady Julia Highsmith
Summary: Lady saves a man from the gallows and marries him to get her inheritance so she can save a friend being held by an evil man in France.
Setting: London & France
Rating: fair

Thieves at Heart. Avon, 1995.
Characters: Damien Moxley &  Lark Talbot
Summary: Two thieves masquerading as gentry vie for a diamond and fall in love.
Setting: London
Rating: very good Comments: Interesting variation on the norm in using lower-class hero and heroine.

Now writes contemporary romance.

Website: www.alinaadams.com

Jacquelyn Aeby

Falconer's Hall. Candlelight #193, March 1976.
Heroine: Miss Eleanor Talbot
Summary: Penniless orphan becomes the heiress of Falconer's Hall and is torn between two men.

Other Regencies as Vanessa Gray.

Joan Aiken

Silence of Herondale. Doubleday, 1964; reissued by Pocket, 1973.

The Five-Minute Marriage. Warner, 1979.
Characters: Mr. Gareth Penistone & Miss Delphie Carteret
Summary: Lady who agreed to a pretend marriage in exchange for money discovers it's binding.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #1"

The Smile of the Stranger. Warner, 1980.
Characters: Herr Weckler & Miss Juliana Paget
Summary: English lady raised in Italy becomes involved in espionage and intrigue.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #10"

If I Were You. Doubleday, 1987.
Summary: Two look-alike ladies trade places with humorous results.

Other Regencies: Sequels to several of Jane Austen's books: Jane Fairfax is the story the friend and rival in Emma; Eliza's Daughter is a sequel to Sense and Sensibility; Emma Watson continues an unfinished novel The Watsons; and The Youngest Miss Ward features characters from Mansfield Park.

Sister of Jane Aiken Hodge.

Joan Aiken passed away on January 4, 2004.

Elizabeth Albright

A Noble Ambition. Zebra, 1991; reissued by Zebra, April 1993.
Characters: Charles, Earl of Carlton & Miss Susan Phillips
Summary: A lady is escorted from America to London for a Season by a gentleman who thinks she's a fortune hunter.
Setting: Virginia, at sea, & in London

Therese Alderton

Crimson Deception. Zebra, 1986; reissued by Zebra, February 1991.
Characters: Earl of Tarrington & Katherine Amory
Summary: A lady investigates a disreputable earl when paintings start appearing and disappearing at Whitfield Manor.

Second Season. Zebra, August 1988; reissued by Zebra, January 1992.
Characters: Duke of Rutledge & Roxanne Winston
Summary: When the man she holds responsible for her brother's death turns up on her doorstep badly wounded, a lady cannot refuse to help him but never expects to fall in love with him.

An Easter Bouquet. Zebra, March 1991.
Characters: Quentin, Lord Vyse & Miss Lily Sterling
Summary: Lord accepts a wager to pose as the rector of a country village.
Setting: Cheshire

Other Regencies as Theresa Grazia and Alberta Sinclair.

Meg Alexander

The Last Enchantment. Mills & Boon, February 1995; reissued by Mills & Boon, 1999, in The Regency Collection, volume 2, with Sylvia Andrew's Serena.

The Sweet Cheat. Mills & Boon, January 1995; reissued by Harlequin Historical, May 2005.
Characters: Edward,Viscount Lyndhurst & Georgiana Westleigh
Summary: A lady insists on accompanying a lord to France to find her brothers, who are accused of fraud.

Farewell the Heart. Mills & Boon, September 1996; reissued as a Harlequin Historical, May 2001.

His Lordship's Dilemma. Mills & Boon, October 1996.

Miranda's Masquerade. Mills & Boon, May 1997.

The Love Child. Mills & Boon, January 1998.

The Merry Gentleman. Mills & Boon, June 1998.
Summary: A stowaway is discovered on a ship of the Royal Navy.

The Passionate Friends. Mills & Boon, October 1998.

The Reluctant Bride. Mills & Boon, July 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, August 2002.
Characters: Anthony, Lord Isham & India Rushford
Summary: A lady forced to marry the man who took over her late father's estate in payment for gambling debts is puzzled by her new husband's concern for the plight of workers.
Setting: English countryside
Series: Book 3 of The Steepwood Scandal; preceded by An Innocent Miss by Elizabeth Bailey; followed by A Companion of Quality by Nicola Cornick.

The Gentleman's Demand. Mills & Boon, January 2002; reissued by Harlequin Historical, January 2006..
Characters: Mr. Hatton & Sophie Firle
Summary: A gentleman asks a widow to act as bait to catch the smugglers who murdered her husband.

Mr. Rushford's Honour. Mills & Boon, May 2002.
Characters: Mr. Giles Rushford & Gina, Lady Whitelaw
Summary: A wealthy widow who was once a humble nursemaid returns home to find the man she once loved is now impoverished.
Setting: English countryside
Series: Book 13 of The Steepwood Scandal; preceded by Lord Exmouth's Intentions by Anne Ashley; followed by An Unlikely Suitor by Nicola Cornick.

The Rebellious Debutante. Mills & Boon, September 2002.
Characters: Earl of Rushmore & Perdita
Summary: An earl who is the catch of the ton is secretly impressed with a debutante who stomps on his foot.
Setting: London

The Matchmaker's Marriage. Mills & Boon, June 2003.
Characters: Sir James Richmond & Amy Wentworth
Summary: A lady tries to matchmake for her friend and then realizes she has feelings for the gentleman herself.

Her Gentleman Protector. Mills & Boon, April 2005
Characters: Simon Avedon and Miss Emma Lynton
Summary: A lady trapped in wartorn France is rescued by a gentleman.

Louise Allen

One Night with a Rake. Mills & Boon, October 2003.
Characters: Amanda Clare
Summary: After a carriage accident, a lady wakes up in bed with a strange gentleman who has amnesia.

The Earl's Intended Wife. Mills & Boon, March 2004; reissued by Harlequin Historical, March 2006.
Characters: Major Alex Beresford & Hebe Carlton
Summary: A future earl meets a practical, insightful lady on Malta but a marriage proposal he previously made threatens their happiness.
Setting: Malta

The Society Catch. Mills & Boon, July 2004; reissued by Harlequin Historical, July 2006.
Characters: Colonel Giles Gregory & Miss Joanna Fulgrave
Summary: A lady's hopes are dashed when the gentleman she loves appears to be on the verge of proposing to someone else.

A Model Debutante. Mills & Boon, May 2005.
Characters: Miss Talitha Grey
Summary: A penniless lady who once posed nude for an artist is offered a chance to make her debut in Society.

The Marriage Debt. Mills & Boon, October 2005.
Characters: Nicholas Lydgate & Miss Katherine Cunningham
Summary: A lady marries a highwayman who's about to be hanged so her debts will die with her husband, but she soon becomes determined to prove his innocence and save him.

The Viscount's Betrothal. Mills & Boon, July 2006.
Characters: Adam Grantham, Viscount Weston & Miss Decima Ross
Summary: A tall, awkward lady whose relatives are trying to marry her off leaves home when she hears another suitor is coming and encounters a gentleman tall enough to sweep her off her feet.

Sheila Rosalynd Allen

The Reluctant Ghost. Walker, 1989.
Characters: Charles Graham & Jane Steadford
Summary: Lady tells the earl to whom her uncle has sold her home that the house is haunted in order to drive him away.
Series: Lovers of Steadford Abbey #1.

The Meddlesome Ghost. Walker, 1989.
Hero: Giles Steadford
Summary: Ghost matchmakes for the Abbey's new owner.
Series: Lovers of Steadford Abbey #2.

The Helpful Ghost. Walker, 1990.
Characters: Lord Andrew Marleigh & Alice Beal; Becky Beal
Summary: Ghost must untangle mismatched lovers: a lady who loves the butcher's son is betrothed to a lord who loves her sister.
Series: Lovers of Steadford Abbey #3.

The Passionate Ghost. Walker, 1991.
Characters: Hero Hargrave & Marie Aldworth
Summary: Ghost must bring love to every life he touches so that he can finally be with his own true love.
Series: Lovers of Steadford Abbey #4

Other Regencies as Sheila O'Hallion.

Barbara Allister

The Prudent Partnership. Signet, 1984; reissued by Signet, January 1989.
Characters: Giles Lindsey & Miranda Sommersby
Summary: To protect her family fortune, a lady enters a marriage of convenience with a gentleman noted for his amorous escapades.

The Mischievous Matchmaker. Signet, March 1985.
Characters: Mark Courtland & Miss Jane Woodley
Summary: A lady left alone and wealthy after her father's death must scrutinize the reasons for a gentleman's attentions.

The Captivated Countess. Signet, April 1986.
Characters: Dominic Reston, Earl of Harwich & Catherine Durrell
Summary: A lady whose reputation was shattered by scandal marries a childhood friend whose previous loveless marriage made him a cynic.

The Temporary Husband. Signet, March 1987; reissued by Signet, February 1994.
Characters: Lord Mainwaring & Amanda, Lady Mainwaring
Summary: Lord and lady agree to a marriage in name only.

The Midnight Bride. Signet Super Regency, June 1989.
Characters: Robert Clarendon, Viscount Dunstan & Miss Elizabeth Beckworth
Summary: Lady refuses to wed a viscount whom she finds in her bed when she awakens.
Setting: English countryside & London
Rating: very good

The Frustrated Bridegroom. Signet, August 1990; reissued by Signet, May 1996.
Characters: Captain Anthony Hawksleigh & Miss Emily Cheswick
Summary: Lady waits for her betrothed to return from the war only to have a loveless marriage.
Rating: good

A Love Match. Signet, August 1991; reissued by Signet, October 1996.
Characters: Hon. Stephen Huntington & Miss Rosemary Wyatt
Summary: Naive lady who fears men is bewildered by the attentions of a supremely eligible lord.

The Impulsive Governess. Signet, January 1993.
Characters: Lord Devereaux & Miss Frederica Montgomery
Summary: Lady takes employment in the home of a lord who has already dismissed four governesses.

A Moment of Madness. Signet, August 1993.
Characters: Mr. Charles Harcourt & Miss Georgina Carrington
Summary: Ugly-duckling-turned-Beauty succumbs to a night of passion at an inn with the man she had crush on 10 years ago and finds herself with child.
Setting: Harrogate
Rating: very good

An Amiable Arrangement. Signet, July 1994.
Characters: Mr. Richard Blount & Miss Lucy Meredith
Summary: Lady whose first fiance jilted her because of her injuries agrees through an exchange of letters to marry a man whose wife apparently died in mysterious circumstances.
Setting: Devon coast
Rating: very good

A Marriage of Convenience. Signet, October 1997.
Characters: Mr. Stephen Middleton & Miss Jane Stanfield
Summary: Companion to the mother of the fiance who jilted her when her family lost their money marries a friend who always loved her but who may have rabies.
Setting: English countryside
Rating: very good
Missed title opportunity: Mad Dogs & Englishmen.

Sylvia Andrew

Perdita. Masquerade, October 1991; reissued as Harlequin #95, April 1993.
Characters: Edward, Earl of Ambourne & Perdita
Summary: Lord buys a mysterious lady from a pasha intending to use her as an instrument of revenge.

A Darling Amazon. Mills & Boon, February 1993; reissued by Harlequin, May 1995, in Reluctant Bridegrooms with Paula Marshall's My Lady Love.
Characters: Lord Rostherne & Julia
Summary: A white lie about a betrothal becomes public knowledge and forces unwanted nuptials.

Eleanor. Mills & Boon, October 1994; reissued by Mills & Boon, 2000, in The Regency Collection with Francesca Shaw's Miss Weston's Masquerade.
Characters: Mr. Jonas Guthrie & Miss Eleanor Southeran
Summary: A lady refuses to believe the accusations she hears about a gentleman ostracized by the ton.
Setting: London & Somerset

Serena. Mills & Boon, July 1994; reissued by Harlequin, 1995, in Dalliance & Deception with Gail Mallin's Debt of Honour; also reissued by Mills & Boon, 1999, in The Regency Collection, volume 2, with Meg Alexander's The Last Enchantment; also reissued by Harlequin, October 2000.
Characters: James Stannard, Lord Wintersett & Miss Serena Calvert
Summary: Lady travels from the West Indies to London as a chaperone and meets a delightful gentleman but soon finds herself the target of revenge.
Setting: West Indies (very briefly) & London

Serafina. Mills & Boon, February 1995.
Characters: Charles, Lord Aldworth & Serafina Feverel
Summary: A lady hides her intelligence to snare a lord whose grandmother wants him to marry a meek, biddable wife, but when he catches her out she pretends to be her twin sister Sally -- who doesn't exist.
Setting: England & France

Rosabelle. Mills & Boon, December 1998.
Characters: Philip Winbolt & Mrs. Rosabelle Ordway
Summary: A lady who needs to escape London switches places with her twin sister in Berkshire, but her sister's neighbor begins to suspect something.
Setting: Berkshire
Series: Christmas Belles volume 1.

Annabelle. Mills & Boon, December 1998.
Characters: Giles Stanton & Annabelle Kelland
Summary: A lady takes her twin sister's place in London and enjoys sparring with her late brother-in-law's heir but soon learns of the danger her sister faces.
Setting: London
Series: Christmas Belles volume 2.

An Unreasonable Match. Mills & Boon, November 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, December 2002.
Characters: Lord Dungarron & Hester Perceval
Summary: A lady who has lived in seclusion except for a correspondence with an elderly academic since her scandalous first Season returns to London where she meets the man who caused her downfall and learns a surprising secret.
Series: Book 7 of The Steepwood Scandal; preceded by A Noble Man by Anne Ashley; followed by An Unconventional Duenna by Paula Marshall.

Lord Calthorpe's Promise. Mills & Boon, June 2002; reissued by Harlequin, June 2004.
Characters: Lord Adam Calthorpe & Katharine Payne
Summary: A lord promises to look out for his dying comrade's sister, but she flouts his authority at every turn.

An Inescapable Match. Mills & Boon, July 2002; reissued by Harlequin, August 2003.
Characters: Hugo Perceval & Deborah Staunton
Summary: A destitute lady finds help from a highly eligible gentleman.
Series: Book 15 of The Steepwood Scandal; preceded by An Unlikely Suitor by Nicola Cornick; followed by The Missing Marchioness by Paula Marshall.

Lord Trenchard's Choice. Mills & Boon, February 2003; reissued by Harlequin Historical, September 2004.
Characters: Lord Ivo Trenchard & Joscelin Morley
Summary: A captain is enchanted by a hoyden dressed as a boy who challenges him to teach her how to kiss, then watches as she is becomes an elegant beauty who takes London by storm.

Colonel Ancroft's Love. Mills & Boon, October 2003; reissued by Harlequin Historical, March 2005.
Characters: Colonel John Ancroft & Caroline Duval
Summary: A colonel sees through the disguise of the "elderly widow" he agreed to escort to Yorkshire.

A Very Unusual Governess. Mills & Boon, May 2004; reissued by Harlequin Historical, February 2006.
Characters: Edward Barraclough & Lady Octavia Petrie
Summary: A wealthy lady is mistaken for a governess by a gentleman with two nieces and decides to accept the position to teach him a lesson.

The Bridegroom's Bargain. Mills & Boon, March 2005.
Characters: Lord Deverell & Alexandra, Lady Deverell
Summary: A new bride accuses her husband of ruining her father and killing her brother but agrees to give him six months to prove his innocence.

Beth Andrews

 "The Christmas Bride," in A Regency Sampler. Regency Press, 1999.

The Marplot Marriage. Regency Press, 1999; reissued as an e-book in 2000.
Characters: Charles Hargood & Phoebe Bridgerton
Summary: Couple who despise one another must marry when caught in a compromising situation, but when the wife finds her husband may be straying she's determined to win his love.
Setting: English countryside & London

A Scandalous Secret. Robert Hale, 2004.
Characters: Dominick Markham & Elizabeth, Countess of Dansmere
Summary: A widow visits the country home of her sister and encounters a man with whom she shares a secret from the past.
Setting: Salisbury

St. George and the Dragon. Robert Hale, 2005.
Characters: Richard St George, Julian Marchmont, Cassandra Woodford, Rosalind Powell
Summary: Two gentleman wager they can seduce two mysterious ladies isolated in a gloomy abbey.

Stolen Waters. Robert Hale, 2005.
Characters: Matthew Romford, Sarah Romford, Maria Alvarez, Jacob
Summary: An English lady travels to the West Indies to join the husband she barely knows, accompanied by another lady who is a refugee of the Peninsular War.

Linell Anston

Lady Elizabeth. Harlequin #26, May 1990.
Characters: Sir Antony Russellford & Lady Elizabeth Croyden
Summary: Penniless gentleman returns from America and refuses to wed a lady who has waited for him until he recoups his losses.

Helen Archery

A Season of Loving. Harper, 1992.
Characters: Earl of Warwick & Merrie Laurence
Summary: Earl vows to change the lady who filled his gloomy castle with laughter into a marriageable society lady.

The Age of Elegance. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Reginald Lancaster, Viscount Wynnclife & Miss Emmalie Marlowe
Summary: Lord is shocked by the refusal of a lady he thought would be a biddable wife and finds he wants to convince her otherwise.

Duel of Hearts. Harper, 1994.
Characters: Lord Wolverton & Hillary Astaire
Summary: Lady is compelled to marry a rake by her late father's promise, but when he shuns her as a country mouse she flees to Italy.

Lady Adventuress. Harper Monogram, 1994.
Characters: Marcus Justus & Stara Carltons
Summary: Lady with plans to snag a rich duke meets her match in a disinherited rake seeking a rich bride.

Other Regencies as Helen Argers.

Helen Argers

A Lady of Independence. Doubleday, 1982; reissued by Avon, 1983.
Characters: Viscount Weston & Astera Claybourne
Summary: A lady refuses lose her independence by marrying.

A Captain's Lady. Diamond, 1991.
Characters: Darrel Huntley & Charlotte Varrick
Summary: While her childhood friend is welcomed with open arms by society, a lady finds herself shunned and concocts a scheme to win his heart.

Noblesse Oblige. St. Martin's Press, 1994.
Summary: A lady is jilted by Marquis, is arranged to marry the father of the Marquis.

A Scandalous Lady. Diamond, 1991.
Characters: Earl of Bronston & Miss Erica Hartford
Summary: Ladies apply to the executor of their late father's estate to try to claim their rightful inheritance.

An Unlikely Lady. Diamond, 1992.
Characters: Viscount Beauforts & Miss Heather Thomasis
Summary: Cottage girl becomes a society belle and attracts a man who shunned her previously.
Rating: poor Comments: Many period errors, e.g., buying piles of off-the-rack clothes at a modiste. Hero and heroine are not likable characters.

Other Regencies as Helen Archery.

Caroline Arnett

Melinda. Fawcett, 1975.
Characters: Alec, Lord Kenaird & Miss Melinda Draycourt
Summary: Lady who comes from America to find a rich husband has 2 choices.

Clarissa. Fawcett, 1976.
Characters: Lord Lynburn & Miss Clarissa Shelden
Summary: Lady accepts a marriage of convenience to a mysterious man to escape life as a companion to a cruel lady.

Theodora. Fawcett, 1977.
Characters: Myles Chilcot, Lord Deveron & Miss Theodora Minturn
Summary: Lord and lady inherit an estate but can only keep it if they either find the Zamora emeralds or marry someone within six months.

Claudia. Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Earl of Dysart & Claudia Ledyard
Summary: Lord and lady who hate each other are forced to find mates for each other.

Stephanie. Fawcett, 1979.
Heroine: Stephanie Langley
Summary: A country miss in her first Season who is bored by drawing room chatter finds adventure with two daring men who are searching for mysterious secret documents.

Christina. Coventry #65, September 1980.
Characters: Kirby Derwent, Lord Falkner & Miss Christina Kelway
Summary: Lady finds a man with amnesia on the steps of an Egyptian tomb, but when they meet again in London he seems to have forgotten her.
Setting: Egypt & London
Rating: very good

Jane Ashford

Gwendeline. Warner, 1980.
Characters: Lord Merryn & Miss Gwendeline Gregory
Summary: Lord secretly sponsors the debut of an orphan whose reckless mother he knew.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #11"

The Bluestocking. Warner, 1980.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #19"

Man of Honour. Warner, 1981.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #25"

Rivals of Fortune. Warner, 1981.
Characters: Mr. Jonathan Erland & Miss Joanna Rowntree
Summary: Brokenhearted lady is courted by two different gentlemen.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #32"

The Three Graces. Signet, March 1982.
Characters: Mr. John Dudley & Miss Aggie Hartington; Mr. James Elguard & Thalia Hartington; Lord Fanshawe & Eupie Hartington
Summary: Three sisters--a governess, a schoolmistress & a companion--find love.
Setting: Hampshire, Bath & London

The Marchington Scandal. Signet, July 1982.
Characters: Lord Oliver Stonenden & Miss Katherine Daltry
Summary: Lady artist asks a lord's help in protecting her cousin's sweetheart from a cruel countess.

The Headstrong Ward. Signet, May 1983.
Characters: Lord Charles Debenham & Lady Anne Tremayne
Summary: Family with three bachelors is responsible for a beauty's come-out.

A Radical Arrangement. Signet, October 1983.
Characters: Sir Justin Keighley & Miss Margaret Mayfield
Summary: Lady runs away from unwanted engagement and shoots her suitor when he catches her.

First Season. Signet, January 1984.
Characters: Christopher Hanford or Charles Norbury & Lady Anabel Wyndham
Summary: Young widow with three children yet innocent of the ton is courted by two suitors.

The Impetuous Heiress. Signet, June 1984.
Characters: Ian Cairnyllan & Lady Alicia Alston
Summary: A beauty used to being admired is puzzled by a Scotsman who seems unimpressed by her.

The Repentant Rebel. Signet, October 1984.
Characters: Captain Robert Wilton & Miss Diana Gresham
Summary: Lady who was led astray by a cad at 17 is wary of fortune hunters.

The Irresolute Rivals. Signet, February 1985.
Characters: Randal Kenyon, Baron Ellerton & Miss Georgina Goring
Summary: Two ladies wearing the same gown hate each other but love the lord who tries to make peace between them.

The Reluctant Rake. Signet, May 1987.
Characters: Sir Richard Beckwith & Miss Julia Devere
Summary: Virtuous lady sees her supposedly proper fiance in the arms of a ladybird.

Meddlesome Miranda. Signet, January 1989.
Characters: Mr. Alan Creighton & Miss Miranda Dennison
Summary: A lady suspects her brother-in-law of keeping her sister captive and is equally suspicious of his friend.
Setting: Northumberland
Comments: Chapters alternate between first-person diary entries and third-person narrative
Rating: very good - Read a Review of this book.

Now writes Regency-era historicals.

Anne Ashley

Lady Linford's Return. Mills & Boon, May 1997.

The Earl of Rayne's Ward. Mills & Boon, June 1997.
Characters: Drum & Miss Rebecca Standish
Summary: A lady reencounters the childhood friend who tried to curb her hoydenish ways when he returns from the army just as overbearing as ever.

The Neglectful Guardian. Mills & Boon, December 1997.
Characters: Mr. Marcus Ravenhurst & Miss Sarah Pennington
Summary: A lady who feels snubbed by her guardian flees Bath and gets caught in a snowstorm, with her guardian hot on her trail.

Miss Harcourt's Dilemma. Mills & Boon, May 1998.
Characters: Brinley Carter & Miss Verity Harcourt
Summary: A lady who fears that the man who once broke her heart is a spy is drawn to him and to a mysterious man known as the Coachman.

Lady Knightley's Secret. Mills & Boon, March 1999; reissued by Harlequin, November 2001.
Characters: Sir Richard Knightley & Miss Elizabeth Beresford
Summary: As a result of her sister's plotting, a lady becomes trapped overnight with a gentleman but is reluctant to marry him because of a secret she is hiding.

Lady Jane's Physician. Mills & Boon, August 1999; reissued as a Harlequin Historical, April 2001.
Characters: Dr. Thomas Carrington & Lady Jane Beresford
Summary: Lady meets a physician with little patience for social etiquette.
Setting: Hampshire & Bath

The Master of Moor House. Mills & Boon, December 1999.
Characters: Christian Blackmore & Megan Drew
Summary: A lady reencounters the man who jilted her for an heiress when he becomes her niece's guardian.

A Noble Man. Mills & Boon, October 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, November 2002.
Characters: Benedict Risely, Duke of Sharnbrook & Lady Sophia Cleeve.
Summary: A duke disguises himself as a groom to win the affections of a lady who has proclaimed her disdain for the gentlemen of the ton.
Series: Book 6 of The Steepwood Scandal; preceded by A Most Improper Proposal by Gail Whitiker; followed by An Unreasonable Match by Sylvia Andrew.

The Reluctant Marchioness. Mills & Boon, March 2002; reissued by Harlequin, June 2005.
Characters: Julian Stapleford, Marquis of Wroxham & Jennifer, Lady Wroxham
Summary: A lord is confounded when his wife, whom he accused of infidelity, returns after an eight year absence with a son she claims is his.

Lord Exmouth's Intentions. Mills & Boon, April 2002; reissued by Harlequin Historical, May 2003.
Characters: Daniel, Lord Exmouth & Robina Perceval
Summary: A vicar's daughter has a Season in Town and meets a widower with two young daughters.
Series: Book 12 of The Steepwood Scandal; preceded by The Guardian's Dilemma by Gail Whitiker; followed by Mr. Rushford's Honour by Meg Alexander.

Tavern Wench. Mills & Boon, January 2003.
Characters: Mr. Benedict Grantley & Emma Lynn
Summary: An impoverished vicar's daughter who earns her living cooking at a tavern must reenter Society to help an amateur sleuth solve a series of murders.

Beloved Virago. Mills & Boon, August 2003.
Characters: Major Daniel Ross & Katherine O'Malley
Summary: A lady who travels to France to flush out a traitor must pose as a major's wife.

Betrayed and Betrothed. Mills & Boon, September 2005.
Characters: Mr. Bartholomew Cavanagh & Miss Abbie Graham
Summary: A lady breaks off her engagement when she finds her fiance in a compromising position and then meets him again six years later in Bath.
Setting: Bath

Mellyora Ashley

A Lady in Disguise. Zebra, August 1990.
Characters: Duke of Brocco & Lady Briana Rosewynn
Summary: A duke disguised as a servant takes a lady on a tour of London's demimonde.

Rebecca Ashley

An Intriguing Innocent. Candlelight #621, 1980.
Characters: Wesley Cresham, Marquis of Linton & Miss Victoria Lyons
Summary: Vagabond's daughter lives with the housekeeper of a country estate until the new owner arrives and takes her to London.
Setting: English countryside & London

A Season of Surprises. Candlelight #638, February 1981.
Characters: Lord Brandon & Miss Julia Weston
Summary: Lady who scorns marriage finds herself at a house party among ladies vying for a lord.

A Willful Widow. Candlelight #673, September 1981.
Characters: Lord Arvelly & Alamina Wilson
Summary: Widow tries to resist her husband's heir who controls her money.

Intrepid Encounter. Candlelight #707, 1982.
Characters: Earl of Devlon & Caroline Norton
Summary: A lady travels to Dorset to comfort her widowed niece and encounters her niece's arrogant brother-in-law.
Setting: Dorset

The Arrogant Aristocrat. Candlelight #695, January 1982.
Characters: Lord Stranham & Miss Daphne Brown
Summary: A penniless squire's daughter doubts a lord's honorable intentions.

A Suitable Arrangement. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Viscount Wellesy & Mrs. Katie Marshall
Summary: Man whom a widow rejected to marry a rake asks her to be his mistress.
Setting: Kent

A Lady's Lament. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Mr. Giles Blenhurst & Miss Cynthia Thornbury
Summary: A lady with a carefully tended estate wants to buy her neighbor's wild, overgrown property but he seems amused by her offer.
Setting: Wiltshire

The Right Suitor. Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Lord Knole & Priscilla Springton
Summary: A lady who longs to remain in India where she was raised tries to avoid her family's plans to marry her off to a lord.
Setting: Kent & London

Lady Fair. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Edwin Sorrels & Cornelia, Lady Devenish
Summary: A widow tries to maintain her husband's estate, but inquiries by a mysterious gentleman cause her to question how well she knew her spouse.
Setting: Near Plymouth in Devon

Feuds and Fantasies. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: William Haversly & Fiona
Summary: A lady tries to keep her sister away from the brother of the man she blames for shooting her brother in a duel.
Setting: London

Ruins and Romance. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Sir Nicholas & Miss Elinor Wentworth
Summary: A lady accepts a friend's invitation to a house party and discovers that the guests are not all they pretend to be.
Setting: Lincolnshire

An Awkward Arrangement. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Lawrence Cambridge, Earl of Lindworth & Miss Molly Mills
Summary: Lord claims that the furniture an Irish lass bought was stolen from him.
Setting: Bath & Chiltern Hills
Rating: very good

A Miss with a Purpose. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Cedric, Marquis of Ridgeton & Miss Arabella Fairingdale
Summary: Lady demands that the lord with whom she shares ownership of a mill help improve working conditions.
Setting: Manchester

Other Regencies as Lois Arvin Walker.

Mollie Ashton

Debt of Honor. Harlequin, 1983.
Characters: Charles Greville, Earl of Dorrington & Miss Jamaica de Bowen
Summary: A lady whose family wants her to marry a rich old marquis convinces them to allow her to become a governess for a year and falls in love with her charge's father.
Setting: Devon

The Noble Impostor. Signet, May 1984.
Characters: Patrick Tarkington & Miss Verity Cox
Summary: Target of fortune hunters tries to see through a man's web of lies.
Terms of Surrender. Harlequin, April 1990.
Summary: A lady marries an old man, falls in love with man chosen to give her a heir.

Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey. Crosby & Co., 1803; reissued by various publishers.
Characters: Mr. Henry Tilney & Miss Catherine Morland
Summary: Fan of Gothic novels expects horrors and romance on her visit to Northanger Abbey.
Setting: Bath & Gloucestershire
Rating: superb Comments: Extremely funny!

Sense and Sensibility. 1811; reissued by various publishers.
Characters: Mr. Edward Ferrars & Miss Elinor Dashwood; Colonel Brandon & Miss Marianne Dashwood
Summary: Practical sister learns love and romantic sister learns sense.
Setting: Devon
Rating: superb

Pride and Prejudice. Egerton, 1813; reissued by various publishers.
Characters: Mr. FitzWilliam Darcy & Miss Elizabeth Bennet; Mr. Charles Bingley & Miss Jane Bennet
Summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.
Setting: Hertfordshire & Derbyshire
Rating: superb

Mansfield Park. Egerton, 1814; reissued by various publishers.
Characters: Mr. Edmund Betram & Miss Fanny Price
Summary: Poor relation sent to live with her well-to-do aunt and uncle finds her friendship with her cousin Edmund altered with the arrival of a dashing brother and sister.
Setting: Northamptonshire

Emma. John Murray, 1816; reissued by various publishers.
Characters: Mr. Knightley & Miss Emma Woodhouse
Summary: Lady tries to match up her friends with contrary results.
Rating: superb

Persuasion. John Murray, 1818; reissued by various publishers.
Characters: Captain Frederick Wentworth, R.N. & Miss Anne Elliot
Summary: Lady who allowed herself to be persuaded to break off an 'unsuitable attachment' meets the man she jilted eight years later.
Setting: Somerset, Bath & Lyme Regis
Rating: superb

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