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Barbara Allister, The Frustrated Bridegroom.
Lady waits for her betrothed to return from the war only to have a loveless marriage.

Rebecca Baldwin, Peerless Theodosia.
During the War of 1812, an American lady and her brother who were removed from a ship bound for home by an overzealous officer of the Royal Navy are sent to live on an earl's estate until the hostilities die down.

Anne Barbour, Kate and the Soldier.
Lady is eager to welcome a major back from the war but he has become a stranger.

Elizabeth Barron, Miss Drayton's Crusade.
Lady visits a school chum and falls for the girl's brother who lost an arm in the war.

Audrey Blanshard, A Virginian at Vencombe.
English lady whose father hates Americans falls in love with an American naval surgeon prisoner of war.

Sara Blayne, Duel of the Heart.
Lady who nursed a duke after Talavera turns out to be his cousin's widow, but she has amnesia and doesn't remember their time together.

Wilma Counts, The Willful Miss Winthrop.
Lady following the drum with her father in Portugal tries to ignore her feelings for an officer who is distantly related to those who cruelly disinherited her mother.

Rebecca Danton, Amythest Love.
Man marries the lady he promised to take care of but turns out to be a rake and a gambler so she leaves him when he returns to war.

Dinah Dean, Flight from the Eagle.
Russian major must protect a countess from Napoleon's army and his own men.

Dinah Dean, The Green Gallant. (Published under the name Jane Hunt.)
After the Battle of Leipzig, the Allies advance on Paris where a Russian major becomes entangled with a French widow harboring a secret.

Dinah Dean, The Eagle's Fate.
As Napoleon's troops approach, a lady fleeing Moscow is rescued by a gentleman who scorns her because of a wrong done to him by her brother.

Georgina Devon, Betrayal.
Lady who seeks her twin brother among the wounded of Waterloo intends to clear him of charge of treason even if it means losing the man she loves.

Carola Dunn, Miss Jacobsen's Journey.
As they flee across wartorn Europe, a Jewish lady is courted by a lord and by the rabbinic scholar she once rejected.

Carola Dunn, His Lordship's Reward.
Lord falls for a lady sharing his lodgings in Belgium prior to Waterloo.

Gail Eastwood, The Captain's Dilemma.
Lady hides a French prisoner of war on her family's estate.

Monique Ellis, DeLacey's Angel.
Colonel tracks down the doctor's daughter who tended him at Waterloo.

*Susana Ellis, A Twelfth Night Tale.
A wounded soldier and the girl next door find peace and love amidst a backdrop of rural Christmas traditions.

Marjorie Farrell, Miss Ware's Refusal.
Duke blinded during the war offers a marriage of convenience to the lady who reads to him, but she refuses because she loves him and wants him to discover that he is still lovable.

Violet Hamilton, False Promises.
A lady who follows her brother to Brussels dislikes his commanding officer.

Georgette Heyer, An Infamous Army.
Couple meet in Brussels in the days leading up to Waterloo.

Georgette Heyer, The Spanish Bride.
Major in the Peninsula marries a Spanish noblewoman.

Ann Hulme, Daughter of Spain.

Ann Hulme, A Scandalous Bargain.
Lady is shocked to discover that the man she loves has offered her in marriage to a fellow officer in exchange for payment of his debts.

Sally James, Petronella's Waterloo.
English governess in Paris who learns information vital to Wellington's campaign is helped by a dashing lord.

Carla Kelly, Miss Whittier Makes a List.
Shipwrecked American is taken on board by a crusty British captain.

Carla Kelly, Mrs. McVinnie's London Season.
Naval captain press-gangs widow to help his niece in Marriage Mart.

Carla Kelly, With This Ring.
Lady eclipsed by her sister agrees to a wounded soldier's proposal.

April Kihlstrom, The Sentimental Soldier.
In wartime France, a British colonel posing as a priest and a lady posing as a prince make unlikely allies--and lovers.

Elsie Lee, Prior Betrothal.
Lady with a scandalous father falls for the brother of the man who broke his childhood betrothal to her. (Wonderful scenes of Brussels during Waterloo.)

Alice Chetwyn Ley, The Courting of Joanna.
While England is threatened by Napoleon, a lady falls for a man who could destroy both her and England.

Dawn Lindsey, The Reluctant Heroine.
Lady orphaned in a Spanish city during the war is rescued by a British agent.

Dawn Lindsey, An English Alliance.
Scottish lady in Washington is forced to marry a British soldier during the War of 1812.

Leslie Lynn, A Soldier's Heart.
After a whirlwind courtship and marriage, a young bride's husband goes off to war and returns a stranger. (Waterloo scenes)

Amanda McCabe, The Spanish Bride.
A British officer and a Spanish countess who were wed on a battlefield are separated by the war and believe each other to be dead.

Lisa Montague, Lady of Darkness.
Romance amid the threat of an invasion by Napoleon and a highwayman who preys on young women.

Irene Northan, Love's Parole.
Lady's penniless family agrees to billet an American prisoner of war for a small fee.

Andrea Pickens, The Storybook Hero.
A lady exiled from her family takes a governess post in Russia and meets a gamester hoping to redeem his reputation on a rescue mission as Napoleon's armies invade.

Evelyn Richardson, Lord Harry's Daughter.
The sheltered daughter of one of Wellington's generals finds her life turned upside down by an encounter with a British spy.

Jeanne Savery, The Widowed Miss Mordaunt.
Lady posing as a widow to seek her brother in France after the war accepts the escort of a major but tries to convince him he does not need to marry her.

Patricia Veryan, The Golden Chronicles (Jacobite Rebellion, 1746)
Practice to Deceive.
Lady helps a wounded fugitive of Culloden imprisoned in her house.
Journey to Enchantment.
English soldier horrified by the aftermath of Culloden helps Scots escape.
Love Alters Not.
Lady carrying a crucial Jacobite cypher switches identities with a woman claiming her son is a baronet's heir.
The Tyrant.
Brother and sister hide a fugitive on the estate of an anti-Jacobite "tyrant" who must offer marriage to the lady when they're found alone together.
Cherished Enemy.
Lady whose fiance was killed at Culloden finds the courier escorting her home from France is a hated Scot.
The Dedicated Villain.
Villain of the previous books in the Golden Chronicles helps a lady in an acting troupe smuggling Stuart gold.

Patricia Veryan, The Riddle of the Lost Lover.
Vespa pursues his real father across France and discovers that he is transporting a shipment of gold to pay Wellington's troops.

Rebecca Ward, Lord Longshanks.
Gentleman called Lord Longshanks because he is rumored to have fled from battle puzzles a lady with his kind heart and heroics.

Sarah Westleigh, A Most Exceptional Quest.
Widow helps a man who lost his memory in the Peninsular War regain his identity.


Joan Aiken, Smile of a Stranger.
English lady raised in Italy becomes involved in espionage and intrigue on the Continent.

Sylvia Andrew, Serafina.
A lady hides her intelligence to snare a lord whose grandmother wants him to marry a meek, biddable wife, but when he catches her out she pretends to be her twin sister Sally -- who doesn't exist.

Caroline Arnett, Stephanie.
A country miss in her first Season who is bored by drawing room chatter finds adventure with two daring men who are searching for mysterious secret documents.

Anne Ashley, Beloved Virago.
A lady who travels to France to flush out a traitor must pose as a major's wife.

Anne Ashley, Miss Harcourt's Dilemma.
A lady who fears that the man who once broke her heart is a spy is drawn to him and to a mysterious man known as the Coachman.

Cynthia Bailey-Pratt, Gentleman's Folly.
A lady accustomed to domestic life is ill-prepared to enter the world of espionage when she encounters a mysterious man carrying a letter from Napoleon.

Donna Bell, An Improper Pursuit.
Lady ruined by scandal is drawn to an undercover officer and is caught up in a web of intrigue.

Janice Bennett, Midnight Masque.
Lady loses one of her father's important Home Office documents that someone is willing to kill for.

Janice Bennett, An Intriguing Desire.
French damsel delivers a warning to a convalescing British secret agent.

Janice Bennett, Forever in Time.
Officer carrying vital information to England is swept forward in time to the 20th century.

Jo Beverley, The Stanforth Secrets.
Husband's heir moves into a widow's home seeking papers that could indicate treason.

Catherine Blair, Athena's Conquest.
A Frenchman in the secret employ of the foreign minister hides his love for a lady, causing her to believe he prefers her silly sister.

Evelyn Bond, The Heart's Intrigue.
Cornish lady intended as a duke's bride finds a wounded man who may be a spy.

Rita Boucher, Lord of Illusions.
Witch poses as a governess so she can read her employer's mind and send military secrets to the French, but she is thwarted by a spymaster who happens to be a sorcerer and a descendant of Merlin.

Geraldine Burrows, Miss Sedgewick and the Spy.
Wellington's top military intelligence officer recruits a young lady into the spying game.

Julia Byrne, Ravensdene's Bride.
A lord travels to Sussex to uncover a spy and encounters a lady whose family is among the suspects.

Jeanne Carmichael, Madcap Johnny.
Lady who disdains a dandy admires the spying exploits of the Black Domino.

Loretta Chase, The Sandalwood Princess.
Lady wants to know why the dashing government spy called Falcon stole the sandalwood statue she received as a gift on leaving India.

Deborah Chester, French Slippers.
A lady whose father dies in a duel leaving a mountain of debts pretends he is still alive so as not to ruin her chance at marriage, but a French marquis suspected of being a spy knows her secret.

Patricia Coleman, Daring Deceptions.
Lady must marry a viscount to gain her inheritance; he agrees, intending to use their honeymoon in France as a cover for spying.

Lynn Collum, The Spy's Bride.
Heiress whose guardian is forcing her to marry flees to Portugal to seek her cousin's protection and en route disguises herself as a British spy's valet.

Catherine Coulter, An Intimate Deception.
French lady whose father is held hostage by Napoleon must pose as an experienced widow to spy on England.

Caroline Courtney, Love Triumphant.
When a lady recognizes a man claiming to be a French comte as a smuggler who once dared to kiss her, she's certain he's a spy.

Jasmine Cresswell, Lord Carrisford's Mistress.
A lady who works in her stepmother's gaming house seeks revenge on a diplomat who made her a mercenary proposal and soon learns he is trying to crack a Bonapartist spy ring.

Clare Darcy, Lady Pamela.
Lady asks the help of a handsome coachman in her scheme to enter a castle dressed as a lady's maid in order to recover her grandfather's missing Foreign Office papers, and is surprised when he is announced at the castle as a lord.

Dinah Dean, The Country Gentleman.
A reverend's daughter and her neighbors are intrigued when a mysterious man buys a local manor house.

Dinah Dean, Country Cousins.
A lady who is asked to keep her cousin company in the country is intrigued by the mysterious behavior of the girl's stepbrother.

Diana Delmore, Melissande.
A spirited lady wages a campaign against the handsome nobleman who has legal claim to her family inheritance.

Teresa DesJardien, Haunted Hearts.
Widow seeking excitement attends an All Hallow's Eve masquerade dressed in the same cat costume as a person an English spy has come to meet.

Georgina Devon, An Uncommon Intrigue.
Home Office asks a lady to pose as a fortune teller to gather information.

Carola Dunn, The Man in the Green Coat.
Lady escaping from France is entrusted with a message for "the man in the green coat."

Monique Ellis, The Lady and the Spy.
Eccentric spinster who is the author of a scandalous novel about the ton meets a retired master spy and is drawn into a web of intrigue.

Jennie Gallant, The Moonless Night.
While Napoleon is being held on a prison ship off Plymouth, two strangers appear at a lady's home: one works for the government and one is a spy, but which is which?

Mona Gedney, A Lady of Quality.
Lady believes a devilish lord to be a smuggler & a spy.

Vanessa Gray, The Duke's Messenger.
Lady whose fiance is dallying with a lady in Vienna accepts a secret mission to that city and is accompanied by a servant who acts more like a master.

Maria Greene, Fox Hunt.
Lady who finds a valise full of money is pursued by a spy.

Violet Hamilton, An Officer's Alliance.
Lady marries a rakish captain in order to spy for England.

Violet Hamilton, A Secret Affair.
Lady whose fiance elopes with another flees to Cornwall where she meets an arrogant lord and becomes involved in the investigation of a spy ring.

Barbara Hazard, The Guarded Heart.
Lady whose husband was murdered is stranded in Vienna & agrees to spy for a duke.

Sandra Heath, A Commercial Enterprise.
Lady turns the mansion she inherited into a hotel and finds her plans thwarted by a debauched cousin, a jealous rival, and a dashing gentleman.

Sandra Heath, Playing with Fire.
A lady and her scheming, selfish cousin are rescued from a shipwreck and pirates by a dashing British spy.

Emily Hendrickson, The Fashionable Spy.
Lady sculptor works as a government spy.

Brenda Hiatt, A Christmas Bride.
A new bride's diplomat-husband is charged with treason because of her attempts at espionage.

Karla Hocker, Christmas Charade.
A lady's companion accompanies her employer to a Christmas house party at the castle of the man who unknowingly broke her heart during her first Season -- a duke who is trying to track down documents stolen by French agents.

Karla Hocker, The Incorrigible Sophia.
Lord assumes lady will stop solving mysteries once they're engaged but she can't resist taking an interest in his investigation of Napoleon's agents.

Cindy Holbrook, Covington's Folly.
Lady is caught in a compromising situation with a man who may either be a spy or a treasure seeker.

Coral Hoyle, Midsummer Masque.
Foppish lord arrives to study flowers soon after a lady receives a mysterious pouch by way of its being thrown at her from a carriage.

Jenna Jones, Merry Escapade.
Earl helps a lady trying to find a list left by her late French-spy father.

Michelle Kasey, The Ruthless Lord Rule.
Spy decides to solve the mystery of a beautiful lady's sudden appearance in society.

April Kihlstrom, Captain Rogue.
Lady fleeing from home is rescued by a rogue spying for the Home Office.

Martha Kirkland, The Seductive Spy.
British spy who assumes another officer's identity must allay the suspicions of that man's childhood sweetheart.

Juliette Leigh, A Touch of Magic.
Lady asks a childhood friend for help when her father is charged with treason not realizing he is on secret assignment to find the real traitor.

Alice Chetwyn Ley, The Sentimental Spy.
Lady staying at an inn in Sussex is puzzled when a past love pretends not to recognize her.

Anthea Malcolm, Frivolous Pretence.
Lady is accused of leaking sensitive information about the Queen's divorce, and when her husband believes the accusations she leaves him until she can discover the truth.

Prudence Martin, Passion's Persuasion.
A lady carrying papers out of France pertaining to Napoleon's plans to escape St. Helena accepts the escort of gentleman and then discovers he's the man she was warned against.

Laura Matthews, The Ardent Lady Amelia.
Lady who assists her brother in entrapping spies is determined to unmask a lord whom everyone else considers a hero.

Barbara Metzger, My Lady Innkeeper.
Lady disguises herself as an innkeeper to uncover a spy ring.

Nadine Miller, The Yorkshire Lady.
A commoner's daughter is flattered to be courted by an earl until she meets a man seeking a British aristocrat who sold secrets to Napoleon.

Jenna Mindel, The Captain's Secret.
Despite his dislike for high society, an officer  accepts a mission to track down traitors to the Crown among the elite of the ton, but his assignment is jeopardized when he comes face to face the only woman he has ever loved.

Gwyneth Moore, The Dirty Frog.
When the half-French cousin who took her needy family in is charged with treason, a lady staunchly defends him.

Kate Moore, To Kiss a Thief.
Lady who attracted no suitors during her first Season is abducted by a spy she catches stealing papers and is forced to play his mistress.

Anne O'Brien, The Enigmatic Rake.
A lady becomes a housekeeper for a spy who fosters a reputation as a rake as cover for his secret activities.

Sara Orwig, Spy for Love.
A lady is kidnapped by a highwayman who takes her to Paris and asks her to help him spy on Napoleon.

Sara Orwig, The Fairfax Brew.
Lord is coerced into bringing the family of the lady he intends to marry on a mission to steal Napoleon's invasion plans when given a strange "truth serum" tea by her grandmother.

Joan Overfield, The Journals of Lady X.
Duke is asked by the government to track down the author of gossipy novels that contain elements of treason.

Joan Overfield, Her Ladyship's Man.
Lady attempting to clear her ambassador father of a charge of treason becomes suspicious of her butler.

Joan Overfield, Bride's Leap.
Lady who inherits an estate called Bride's Leap finds herself the vicitim of suspicious accidents and is helped by a spymaster on holiday.

Joan Overfield, A Heart's Disguise.
Lady meets a lord working for the government who looks suspiciously like the wounded man she nursed to health a month before.

Laura Paquet, A Rakish Spy.
A headmistress helps an enigmatic man uncover a ring of French spies.

Andrea Pickens, The Hired Hero.
When a lady carrying a document vital to England's fight against Napoleon is attacked by mysterious assailants, she hires a gentleman to be her escort and protector.

Dawn Aldridge Poore, Sweet Deceit.
Lady believes a wounded soldier is really a smuggler and a spy.

Mona Prevel, The Dowager's Daughter.
A gentleman posing as a smuggler to uncover French spies becomes entangled with a charming French lady and her protective daughter.

Mary Jo Putney, The Controversial Countess.
Duke demands that a mysterious lady involved in Paris intrigue pose as his mistress to uncover a plot.

Janet Radcliffe, The Topaz Charm.
British lady marries a French marquis for protection against one of Napoleon's spies.

Debbie Raleigh, Lord Carlton's Courtship.
Lord rescues a lady who is disguised as a boy from an ambush and tends to her bullet wound, then feels honor-bound to help her search for her missing agent brother.

Evelyn Richardson, The Reluctant Heiress.
Heiress avoids fortune hunters and gets involved with a rakish spy.

Evelyn Richardson, Lord Harry's Daughter.
The sheltered daughter of one of Wellington's generals finds her life turned upside down by an encounter with a British spy.

Meg-Lynn Roberts, An Alluring Lady.
Runaway assists a wounded British agent who defended her virtue.

Melynda Beth Skinner, The Blue Devil.
Summary: A lady disguises herself as a student at a School for Young Ladies in order to find her aunt's missing diary and encounters a lord who is a covert operative seeking a spy.

Joan Smith, Lace for Milady.
Ghostly sounds begin after a lady refuses to sell her house to a duke.

Joan Smith, Prelude to Love.
Lady carrying a letter vital to England's security is offered help by two men, either of whom may be a spy.

Joan Smith, Strange Capers.
Lady thinks the lord who owns her aunt's ramshackle home may be involved with traitors stealing shipments of weapons.

Joan Smith, Memoirs of a Hoyden.
Lady promoting the memoirs of her Oriental travels finds adventure at home in England with spies and a dashing lord.

Joan Smith, Silken Secrets.
When a lady's uncle takes bolts of silk from a grounded French ship, a draper with aristocratic manners comes to investigate.

Joan Smith, Dangerous Dalliance.
Lady whose spy father was murdered suspects his enigmatic assistant.

Joan Smith, The Great Christmas Ball.
Lady who translates a German letter and finds it contains information on Napoleon's plans finds herself caught up in a web of intrigue with an intriguing lord.

Elizabeth Todd, The Earl's Intrigue.
Lady sneaks into an earl's bedroom to steal money in order to return to her travelling theatrical troupe, but when she's caught she agrees to pose as an aristocrat to help catch a spy.

Patricia Veryan, Love's Duet.
Lord undercover in a nefarious organization shuns his family & the woman he loves to protect them.

Patricia Veryan, Feather Castles.
An evil Frenchman's fiancee escapes his clutches with the help of a colonel.

Patricia Veryan, Sanguinet's Crown.
Lady is rescued from Claude Sanguinet by an arrogant gentleman.

Patricia Veryan, Give All to Love.
Man falls for the girl he's raised from childhood and is challenged by an evil man.

Patricia Veryan, Tales of the Jewelled Men series:
Time's Fool.
Captain returns from the war to find his family ruined and uncovers a group of traitors known as the Jewelled Men.
Had We Never Loved.
Viscount falls in love with a gypsy who rescues him from thugs.
Ask Me No Questions.
Penniless widow finds work restoring a gentleman's fresco.
A Shadow's Bliss.
East India Company captain loses his memory after villains sink his ship and is cared for by a lady.
Never Doubt I Love.
Lady is invited to live with sisters who are involved in a sinisiter plot.
The Mandarin of Mayfair.
Half-caste gentleman overcomes his aloofness, helps his friends defeat the Jewelled Men, and finds love.

Patricia Veryan, Lanterns.
Master spy who appeared throughout the Sanguinet series returns to his ancestral home and discovers treachery and love.

Sheila Walsh, Madalena.
Lady disguised as boy meets a duke on a secret mission.

Rebecca Ward, Enchanted Rendezvous.
Lady thinks a foppish lord is the exact opposite of her heroic midnight rescuer.

Rebecca Ward, A Monstrous Secret.
Lord suspects a lady's aunt of selling submarine plans to the French.

Bess Willingham, The Husband Hunt.
Opera singer hoping to marry for money is puzzled by the attentions of a gentleman who is actually seeking a French spy among her suitors.

Eileen Winwood, Noble Deception.
Lady spy poses as a French barmaid and rescues a man who is smitten with her and does not recognize her as his drab fiancee.


Meg Alexander, The Gentleman's Demand.
A gentleman asks a widow to act as bait to catch the smugglers who murdered her husband.

Jane Ashford, Meddlesome Miranda.
A lady suspects her brother-in-law of keeping her sister captive and is equally suspicious of his friend.

Caroline Courtney, Love Triumphant.
When a lady recognizes a man claiming to be a French comte as a smuggler who once dared to kiss her, she's certain he's a spy.

Donna Davidson, The Seductive Smuggler.
Smuggler protects a lady who witnesses a transaction by claiming she's his mistress.

Diana Delmore, Melissande.
A spirited lady wages a campaign against the handsome nobleman who has legal claim to her family inheritance.

Carola Dunn, The Miser's Sister.
When a lady's brother has her kidnapped by smugglers, she escapes with the help of a fellow prisoner.

Carola Dunn, Smuggler's Summer.
Lady longing for adventure is thrilled to accept an invitation from a friend who's been sent away from the man she loves to a castle on the coast where they encounter smugglers.

Janet Edmonds, Nabob's Daughter.
Viscount blames a lady's brother for for leading his brother into a search for smugglers.

Mona Gedney, A Lady of Quality.
Lady believes a devilish lord to be a smuggler & a spy.

Sandra Heath, The Smuggler's Daughter.
Sheltered heiress finds intrigue with a man said to be exiled from government circles.

Georgette Heyer, The Talisman Ring.
Lady staying at an inn meets a French girl running away from marriage to her unromantic cousin in the company of a romantic cousin, who is a smuggler suspected of murdering a man to retrieve a ring he lost at cards.

Lynn Kerstan, Lucy in Disguise.
Lady assisting a friend on the run from danger helps a wounded smuggler who sees through their disguises.

Valerie King, My Lady Mischief.
Lady smuggler intends to jilt the man she agreed to marry in order to pay her mother's debts.

Joan Overfield, A Spirited Bluestocking.
Lord's efforts to capture smugglers are threatened when a bluestocking moves into the "haunted" mansion he's been using as a lookout.

Dawn Aldridge Poore, Sweet Deceit.
Lady believes a wounded soldier is really a smuggler and a spy.

Mona Prevel, The Dowager's Daughter.
A gentleman posing as a smuggler to uncover French spies becomes entangled with a charming French lady and her protective daughter.

Jeanne Savery, Smuggler's Lady.
A French lady whose family lost its fortune in the Terror earns a living by smuggling and must outwit an English officer.

Joan Smith, Lace for Milady.
Ghostly sounds begin after a lady refuses to sell her house to a duke.

Joan Smith, Endure My Heart.
Lady who leads a band of smugglers to help them earn a living worries that the dashing government agent who has fallen in love with her will learn her secret.

Joan Smith, Strange Capers.
Lady thinks the lord who owns her aunt's ramshackle home may be involved with traitors stealing shipments of weapons.

Joan Smith, Silken Secrets.
When a lady's uncle takes bolts of silk from a grounded French ship, a draper with aristocratic manners comes to investigate.

Rebecca Ward, Enchanted Rendezvous.
Lady thinks a foppish lord is the exact opposite of her heroic midnight rescuer.

Bess Willingham, The Smuggler's Bride.
A mischievous lady becomes entangled in a dangerous plot with a smuggling lord.

Politics & Social Issues

Meg Alexander, The Reluctant Bride.
A lady forced to marry the man who took over her late father's estate in payment for gambling debts is puzzled by her new husband's concern for the plight of workers.

Rebecca Ashley, A Miss with a Purpose.
Lady demands that the lord with whom she shares ownership of a mill help improve working conditions.

Anne Barbour, A Rake's Reform.
Rake meets a lady who writes on women's rights.

Rita Boucher, The Poet and The Paragon.
Poet urges his friend to marry the lady who preaches on moral issues but finds he is falling for the lady himself.

Diana Brown, The Sandalwood Fan.
A war hero who is the Season's most sought-after bachelor falls in love with a quiet, nature-loving widow who is
sponsoring her younger sister. (Women's rights)

June Calvin, The Baron and the Bookseller.
Quiet bookseller exchanges correspondence on politics and women's rights with a baron under a false name.

Marion Chesney, Waverley Women series:
Bluestocking adopts three girls and raises them to espouse women's rights.

Marilyn Clay, Miss Darby's Debut.
Earl is exasperated yet intrigued by his mother's houseguest who is determined to reform England's harsh child labor laws.

Alanna Clayton, The Mistress Thief.
A lady devoted to the cause of rescuing women from a life of prostitution embarks on a mission of vengeance against the man who broke her sister's heart by reforming his mistresses.

Diana Delmore, Cassandra.
An earl becomes guardian to a lady who grew up with the army on the Continent and prefers adventures to high society. (Welfare of former soldiers)

Anne Douglas, Miss Caroline's Deception.
Pregnant lady fleeing her abusive husband is rescued by an earl.

Rachelle Edwards, The Outrageous Lady Caroline.
Beautiful, rich widow with numerous suitors falls for a doctor who works with the poor and scorns wealthy ladies.

Jo Ann Ferguson, His Lady Midnight.
A lady who rescues those who have been unjustly imprisoned runs from trouble into a gentleman's carriage.

Kate Huntington, The Merchant Prince.
A lady haunted by the death of her fiance travels to Venice where she meets a former love who is masquerading as a resistance fighter.

Emma Jensen, The Irish Rogue.
Irish lady who must mix with the political set to help her brother has disdain for a particular Anglo-Irish lord not realizing he is the legendary highwayman who helped the Irish poor.

Carla Kelly, Reforming Lord Ragsdale.
Irish lady tries to reform a lord to make him suitable for marriage to another. (the Irish question)

Carla Kelly, Mrs. McVinnie's London Season.
Naval captain press-gangs widow to help his niece in Marriage Mart. (conditions and treatment of wounded sailors)

Carla Kelly, With This Ring.
Lady eclipsed by her sister agrees to a wounded soldier's proposal. (conditions and treatment of wounded soldiers)

Shirley Kennedy, Three Wishes for Miss Winthrop.
When her employer discovers she is the sister of an advocate of prison reform, a governess is fired and then hired by a prestigious member of parliament.

April Kihlstrom, The Reckless Barrister.
Barrister agrees to help a lady who comes to him seeking legal advice for oppressed factory workers.

Valerie King, A Summer Courtship.
Earl dallies with a country lady whom he deems unsuitable for marriage. (Luddites)

Elizabeth Law, The Sealed Knot.
Lady becomes involved in a political plot while trying to help a friend and is irritated by a gentleman who is suspicious of her motives.

Alice Chetwynd Ley, Master of Liversedge aka The Master and the Maiden.
Governess finds herself falling for her employer, who is a mill owner, during the Luddite risings.

Dawn Lindsey, A Proper Proposal.
Lady concerned with miners' rights is compromised by a lord who owns a mine.

Anne MacNeill, A Mind of Her Own.
A married lady who feels that something is missing from her life of privilege opens a home for poor children in the East End and gets involved in the struggle for workers' rights in Manchester.

Nadine Miller, The Unlikely Angel.
Daughter of a rich Cit runs an orphanage for society's byblows and is infuriated when the new owner of the orphanage raises her rent.

Mary Jo Putney, The Rake and the Reformer.
Heiress who found refuge from heartbreak by becoming the steward of a remote estate finds her position in peril upon the arrival of the dissolute new owner. (alcoholism)

Evelyn Richardson, My Wayward Lady.
Lady educates women at a brothel, where she meets a lord.

Rebecca Robbins, The Mischievous Maid.
Lady intends to turn her late parents' rundown estate into a refuge for those shunned by the ton, much to the dismay of a neighbor who tries to marry her to stop her plan.

Mary Linn Roby, Fortune's Smile.
Various members of the Pominder family find love, including Guy Pominder who hides his true feelings about the plight of workers in order to win a seat in Parliament and nearly loses the woman he loves.

Nonnie St. George, The Ideal Bride.
A prosperous businessman seeking a suitable bride encounters an  independent lady who wants to turn his Soho Square warehouse into a bazaar where war widows can sell their handiwork.

Joan Smith, Sweet and Twenty.
Parliamentary candidates and advisors stir up a small town and ladies' hearts.

Margaret Summerville, My Lord Tyrant.
Lady scorns a lord whose neglect of his Scottish estate allowed an unscrupulous steward to evict his tenants.

Sheila Walsh, The Sergeant Major's Daughter.
A lady whose father died at Waterloo takes a position as governess and convinces her employer to allow her to open a school for his tenants, not realizing her life -- and her heart -- will be endangered. (Class differences & unrest.)

Bess Willingham, The Bedeviled Barrister.
House party brings together a widow who once lost everything in a gaming hall and the dashing barrister who was unable to help her because of his own gambling problem.

Joan Wolf, A Difficult Truce.
Irish aristocrat taken captive by the British must marry a duke but refuses to surrender to love.

Mystery & Intrigue

Therese Alderton, Crimson Deception.
A lady investigates a disreputable earl when paintings start appearing and disappearing at Whitfield Manor.

Anne Ashley, Tavern Wench.
An impoverished vicar's daughter who earns her living cooking at a tavern must reenter Society to help an amateur sleuth solve a series of murders.

Janice Bennett, A Logical Lady.
A gentleman's cousin is murdered shortly after an argument between the two.

Janice Bennett, A Mysterious Miss.
Lady whose sister was murdered in an opera box begins to suspect the man who is helping her.

Janice Bennett, Dangerous Intrigue.
When her fiance is murdered at their betrothal ball, a lady finds herself a suspect and is at the mercy of her dastardly cousin.

Janice Bennett, A Desperate Gamble.
Lady takes a job as a maid in a gaming hell to discover her sister's seducer, but finds him dead.

Jo Beverley, Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed.
Lady who thinks her fiance chose her for her fortune misinterprets his absences as he investigates a series of rapes committed by a member of the ton.

Patricia Bray, An Unlikely Alliance.
Earl suspects a fortune teller of being in cahoots with those who fixed a race so that his horse would lose but discovers that her life is in danger from her mother's killer.

Gayle Buck, The Chester Charade.
Lady at a houseparty is torn between two men as she tries to investigate a series of thefts.

Nancy Butler, The Rake's Retreat.
Lady encounters a rake in the company of a young girl who has witnessed a murder and agrees to act as the girl's chaperone.

Elizabeth Chater, Milady Hot-at-Hand.
Lady disguises herself as a boy to discover if her sister's husband killed her sister and her father.

Marion Chesney, Regency Gold.
When a lady living in servitude with a drunken uncle receives news of an unexpected inheritance, it seems someone wants her dead and she feels safe only with the lord of her dreams.

Marion Chesney, Plain Jane.
Lady overshadowed by her beautiful sister tries to solve the mystery of a lady who died in the house they've rented.

Marion Chesney, The Scandalous Lady Wright.
Lady suspected of murdering her husband accepts a comte's help.

Marion Chesney, Her Grace's Passion.
Duchess' cruel husband is murdered.

Deborah Chester, A Love So Wild.
A lord who releases a lady from jail and grooms her to be his wife turns out to be the brother of the villian who had her imprisoned.

Judy Christenberry, The Notorious Widow.
Lady suspected of killing her husband is rescued from Newgate by his brother.

Alana Clayton, A Gifted Lady.
Clairvoyant widow seeking her husband's killer is asked by a lord to help his daughter speak again.

Alana Clayton, The Headstrong Heart.
Lady determines to use her psychic abilities to find her stepmother's killer to clear the name of the man she loves.

Caroline Courtney, The Romantic Rivals.
Independent lady sets out to solve a mystery on her own, defying the lord who tries to protect her.

Ann Elizabeth Cree, My Lady's Prisoner.
A lady suspects a man wearing her husband's ring of murdering him and takes him captive to learn the truth.

Marian Devon, Lord Harlequin.
Lord falsely accused of a shooting disguises himself as a Harlequin.

Teresa DesJardien, The Former Fiance.
A lord who uses his fortune to fund a protection agency is surprised when a former love hires him to protect her from a violent suitor.

Charlotte Louise Dolan, The Black Widow.
Lady whose suitors mysteriously died is shunned by the ton but wooed by one man.

Dorothea Donley, A Lady Decides.
Lady's companion arrives to find her new employer dead and fears it may not have been an accident.

Catherine Fellows, Entanglement.
A lady agrees to pose as her cousin's fiancee so his father will increase his allowance, but she soon learns that he is in danger from malacious rumors and a threat on his life.

Jo Ann Ferguson, A Rather Necessary End.
A vicar's widow discovers the dead body of a neighbor in the garden and calls upon an old friend for help.

Glenda Garland, A Slight Change of Plans.
A murder brings together a notorious scoundrel and a lady caring for her late sister's children.

Mona Gedney, A Dangerous Charade.
Two orphaned sisters find themselves caught up in intrigue at their guardian's home.

Mona Gedney, A Dangerous Arrangement.
Lady thinks one lord is dangerous while another is poisoning his family.

Maria Greene, The Blackhurst Rubies.
Governess discovers stolen rubies among her belongings.

Barbara Hazard, The Covington Inheritance aka The Scottish Legacy.
Mysterious incidents occur when an eccentric aunt invites her relatives to a gathering where she intends to announce her heir.

Barbara Hazard, The Cloisonne Locket.
Duke thinks a lady has thrown herself into his path and ingratiated herself with his shut-in sister in order to lure him into marriage.

Barbara Hazard, The Guarded Heart.
Lady whose husband was murdered is stranded in Vienna & agrees to spy for a duke.

Barbara Hazard, Wild Roses.
Lady asks two of her suitors to deal with a Regency stalker who threatens to reveal a terrible secret.

Barbara Hazard, Midnight Waltz.
Country miss who finds herself the target of anonymous threats fears an impertinent rogue may be part of the scheme against her.

Elizabeth Hewitt, The Fortune Hunter.
Lady falls for a lord accused of murdering his heiress-wife.

Georgette Heyer, The Talisman Ring.
Lady staying at an inn meets a French girl running away from marriage to her unromantic cousin in the company of a romantic cousin, who is a smuggler suspected of murdering a man to retrieve a ring he lost at cards.

Georgette Heyer, The Reluctant Widow.
Governess who mistakenly arrives at the house of a debauched rake agrees to marry him on his deathbed to avert suspicion that his cousin's family murdered him for his estate.

Brenda Hiatt, A Christmas Bride.
A new bride's diplomat-husband is charged with treason and he blames her for his arrest.

Karla Hocker, An Honorable Affair.
Lady who longs for adventure receives her wish when a reporter arrives to investigate the theft of her aunt's opals.

Karla Hocker, The Impertinent Miss Bancroft.
Governess helps a lady accused of stealing a necklace.

Cindy Holbrook, Lord Sayer's Ghost.
Lord leaves his "haunted" estate to whoever can stay there a year, but a lady discovers the "ghost" is really alive and trying to find who attempted to murder him.

Samantha Holder, Scandal in Bath.
Lady mystery writer discovers the body of a governess who was employed by a handsome lord and was rumored to have been his mistress.

Elisabeth Kidd, My Lady Mischief.
Lady who longs for a child occupies her mind with her brother's mysterious fiancee and a plot to steal the Elgin marbles.

April Kihlstrom, The Widowed Bride.
Lady suspects her slain husband's heir may be an impostor or a murderer.

April Kihlstrom, The Reluctant Thief.
Lady finds a postion in her household for a vagabond who is really a gentleman working undercover to find a ring of thieves.

Valerie King, A Poet's Kiss.
After receiving a kiss and a mysterious message from Byron, a lady asks a lord to help her rescue her kidnapped cousin.

Katherine Kingsley, Honor's Way.
Lady disguises herself as a governess to find out why her father died, but when she meets the man of her dreams she must bring herself to his attention.

Mary Kingsley, The Rake's Reward.
Lord investigating a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister suspects a lady who is betrothed to the real villain.

Martha Kirkland, The Artful Heir.
Lady who restores paintings to support her sick father helps a gentleman who hires her discover an art thief.

Martha Kirkland, The Noble Nephew.
When her brother is named as an heir and mysterious accidents begin to happen, a lady suspects the barrister who stands next to inherit.

Allison Lane, A Clandestine Courtship.
Man who returns to England to assume an earldom and find his older brother's killer is distrusted by the woman he once loved.

Allison Lane, The Rake and the Wallflower.
A shy lady helps a notorious rake unmask the villain who is trying to kill him.

Emma Lange, The False Fiancee.
Duke hires a lady he thinks is an actress to be his fiancee in order to uncover a plot against his life.

Judith Lansdowne, A Devilish Dilemma.
Lady who cried off from an engagement to a self-absorbed man agrees to help a man whom the ton thinks is a murderer.

Judith Lansdowne, Balmorrow's Bride.
Lady agrees to marry a widower sight unseen to save her brother from financial ruin.

Judith Lansdowne, A Season of Virtues.
Lord who investigates murders finds his investigations hampered when he must play host to two marriageable ladies.

Judith Lansdowne, Annabella's Diamond.
Handsome and accomplished duke is determined to help his shy neighbor have a successful second Season, though it means returning to the London house that holds haunting memories for him.

Lillian Lincoln, The Bellwood Treasure.
When an American lady inherits a rundown English manor and finds herself in danger, she is helped by a neighbor for whom she only has sisterly feelings.

*Catherine Lloyd, Death Comes to the Village.
A wounded soldier and a rector's daughter discover strange goings-on in the sleepy village of Kurland St. Mary.

Jane Lovelace, Rolissa.
When a lady's be1trothed dies she refuses to marry his brother and wonders if rumors that he killed for the title are true.

Dorothy Mack, The Gamester's Daughter.
Lady who helps her father at his gaming establishment flees when he's murdered and ends up on the estate of one of his customers.

Melinda McRae, The Unrepentant Rake.
Lady is stranded in a blizzard at the home of a rake when a series of pranks turn dangerous.

Barbara Metzger, A Suspicious Affair.
Pregnant widow is suspected of killing her libertine husband.

Barbara Metzger, Lady Whilton's Wedding.
Bride and groom's grown children discover a body on the day of the wedding.

Elizabeth Michaels, Tollin's Daughter.
When her father commits suicide, a lady breaks off her engagement and returns home, only to be followed by her former fiance who helps investigate the mysterious death.

Kasey Michaels, The Dubious Miss Dalrymple.
An earl pretends to be dead and goes undercover in the home of the new heir in order to find out who tried to kill him.

Kasey Michaels, The Questioning Miss Quinton.
Lady investigates her father's death by tracking down the owner of a snuff box with the initials P.S., but fears the evidence points toward the lord who has captured her heart.

Holly Newman, The Waylaid Heart.
Widow determined to uncover the secret of her husband's death disguises her eavesdropping by playing the invalid.

Joan Overfield, Learned Lady.
Lady scientist who needs help presenting her theories teams up with a man seeking his brother's killer.

Dawn Aldridge Poore, The Brighton Burglar.
Lady suspects her mysterious boarder of being an art thief.

Dawn Aldridge Poore, The Secret Scroll.
A scroll in Roxanne's library is thought to be the key to a treasure.

Dawn Aldridge Poore, The Cairo Cats.
Roxanne and Lymond hunt the thieves of cat statues and find treasure.

Dawn Aldridge Poore, The Mummy's Mirror.
Roxanne and Lymond seek treasure in Egypt and finally admit their love.

Margaret Evans Porter, Road to Ruin.
Lady hiding from scandal meets a man falsely accused of murder.

Melinda Pryce, A Rose for Lady Edwina.
Lord who returns from Waterloo to find his inheritance stolen and an attempt made on his life disguises himself as a footman in the home of a kind earl with a suspicious sister.

Eileen Putman, A Passionate Performance.
Lord asks an impoverished lady to pose as his mistress to find his father's killer.

Sheila Rabe, The Adventuress.
Lady is suspected of murdering her rich old husband.

Debbie Raleigh, My Lord Eternity.
When a serial killer targets local brothels, a lady who champions less fortunate women discovers that a strange amulet holds the key to the murders as well as to the true nature of her vicar friend and the man she loves.

Lindsay Randall, A Dangerous Courtship.
Lady who makes it her mission to expose untrustworthy men is rescued by an earl posing as a riverkeep while he seeks his family's killer.

Jean Reece, The Devil's Dare.
Lady suspects her brother's rakish idol of being a traitor when she learns the Scottish Regalia is missing and is thought to be in her house.

Deborah Simmons, The Gentleman Thief.
An amateur sleuth stumbles across a jewel robbery and eagerly pursues the thief, only to discover he has stolen her heart as well.

Sheila Simonson, The Bar Sinister.
Illegitimate man whose "accidents" may be connected with his possible inheritance hides his Spanish-speaking children in a widow's home when he returns to war.

Joan Smith, The Blue Diamond.
At the Congress of Vienna, a lord suspects a lady's family of being involved in the theft of the French crown jewels, while she in turn is seeking a rich husband upon learning her father is bankrupt.

Joan Smith, Love Bade Me Welcome.
Widow who goes to live with her husband's family suspects his heir presumptive brother of pushing her down the stairs to kill her unborn child.

Joan Smith, Midnight Masquerade.
While playing sleuth when a duchess's diamond necklace disappears during a party at his home, a lord discovers that his unwanted and reluctant fiancee has suddenly become interesting.

Joan Smith, Royal Revels.
Lady is incensed when her fiance's detective work for the Prince Regent involves charming one of Prinny's jilted mistresses.

Joan Smith, The Devious Duchess.
Sleuthing couple investigate the mystery of a man who was killed at his birthday party before he could make significant changes to his will.

Joan Smith, Larcenous Lady.
An estranged couple find themselves in Venice chasing a gang of counterfeiters.

Joan Smith, Bath Belles.
Lady whose late fiance left her a house learns that he also had £10,000 in insurance money which an agent of Lloyd's wants back.

Joan Smith, Reluctant Bride.
Lady content with being a spinster is involved in a carriage accident with a man whom she hates at first sight, though she accepts his offer to help her locate her stolen diamonds.

Joan Smith, Wiles of a Stranger.
Lady takes a position as a governess at a house full of intrigue in order to prove her father innocent of stealing jewels and finds herself falling for a mysterious man whom she should suspect.

Joan Smith, Love's Harbinger.
Seeking to vindicate her fiance, a lady accompanies the reporter who exposed his crimes on a search for the truth.

Joan Smith, Dangerous Dalliance.
Lady whose spy father was murdered suspects his enigmatic assistant.

Joan Smith, Behold, a Mystery!
According to her murdered great-aunt's will, a lady must choose one of 4 men suspected of the killing.

Joan Smith, Regency Masquerade.
Lady and gentleman trying to a catch thief suspect each other.

Joan Smith, A Tall, Dark Stranger.
Lady is drawn to a mysterious stranger who appears in her village just as a murder occurs.

Joan Smith, Tea and Scandal.
When a rich man dies after he weds his housekeeper, the widow's niece & a lord investigate.

Joan Smith, Berkeley Brigade Series:
Murder Will Speak.
Four friends search for missing pearls and find murder and romance.
Murder and Misdeeds.
The Berkeley Brigade search for a lady whom Corinne fears Luten loves.
Murder while I Smile.
Corinne is jealous of a French comtess who appears to be leading a forgery ring.
Murder Comes to Mind.
Luten's politics delay his engagement to Corinne; the others discover the murder of one of Prance's neighbors at his country estate.

Joan Smith, Petticoat Rebellion.
Art mistress visiting a lord's home thinks he's mixed up in a thieves' ring.

Joan Smith, Little Coquette.
Lady and gentleman discover the body of a woman who was the lady's father's mistress.

Wynne Smith, The Rushmoreland Rubies.
Lady seeking the Rushmoreland rubies disguises herself as a housemaid in the home of a man who inherited after the mysterious deaths of two heirs.

Hayley Ann Solomon, A Rag-Mannered Rogue.
A lady traveling to London to discover the state of her pending inheritance finds herself embroiled in a mystery when she rescues a handsome lord from a gang of deadly anarchists.

Julie Tetel, The Temporary Bride.
Lady on her way to a governess position is waylaid by a gambler who wants her to pose as his wife to flush out the criminal who holds the key to his past.

Regina Towers, The Rake's Companion.
A lady's companion cannot determine which of her employer's two nephews is trying to kill the old lady for her fortune.

Patricia Veryan, The Lord and the Gypsy.
Lady disguises herself as a gypsy to discover if her childhood love is a murderer.

Patricia Veryan, Nanette.
Lady disguises herself as an idiot to escape her evil stepfather and investigate her brother's death only to find the one witness dead and his son investigating his murder.

Patricia Veryan, Some Brief Folly.
Lady's page turns out to be the lost son of a man accused of killing his wife & son.

Patricia Veryan, The Noblest Frailty.
Lady promised to her cousin falls for a dashing Canadian relative whose father is suspected of killing her intended's father.

Patricia Veryan, Logic of the Heart.
Man's family and a ring of art thieves are out to kill him.

Patricia Veryan, The Riddle of Alabaster Royal.
Captain returns from the war to claim his decrepit estate but finds it inhabited by a lady searching for her father's killer.

Patricia Veryan, The Riddle of the Reluctant Rake.
When an officer accused of compromising a young lady is dishonorably discharged, he is determined to discover who set him up.

Joan Vincent, A Scheme for Love.
Widow must solve a mystery to find her husband's inheritance.

Linda Walker, Thief of Love.
Lady returns a jeweled stickpin she stole to the lord who owned it but is then accused of another theft.

Bess Willingham, The Lady's Mummy.
Egyptologist joins forces with the brother of a man whose mummy was stolen.


Mary Balogh, Daring Masquerade.
Widow is tempted by a dashing highwayman and an infuriating lord.

Alissa Baxter, The Dashing Debutante.
A lady who believes that the local landowners aren't treating their tenants fairly becomes Lady Robin Hood and is unmasked by a duke who proceeds to turn her into the darling of London Society.

Leonora Blythe, Lady Tara.
Lord shoots a highwayman then discovers it's a lady.

Marion Chesney, The Viscount's Revenge.
Lord planning to marry a suitable lady vows revenge on a highwayman who is really a lady.

Georgina Devon, Scarlet Lady.
A lady known for her icy demeanor is secretly a highwayman who steals from the rich, but when she accidentally holds up her new neighbor she finds her heart in peril.

Marissa Edwards, The Scandalous Masquerade.
A lord determined to teach a lady highwayman a lesson in deception loses his heart instead.

Rachelle Edwards, The Thief of Hearts.
Highwayman who stopped a lady's carriage later appears at her home claiming to be an earl and a friend of her brother.

Rachelle Edwards, The Highwayman and the Lady.
Lady on her way to London for the Season is kidnapped by a highwayman and escapes only to be rescued by a man who looks strangely familiar.

Catherine Fellows, Leonora.
Lady & highwayman...

Leigh Haskell, The Vengeful Viscount.
Lord resorts to highway robbery to recover the jewels his late wife gave to her lovers.

Elizabeth Hewitt, Captain Black.
Lady banished to Wales falls for a dashing highwayman.

Georgette Heyer, The Black Moth.
Lady is kidnapped by a duke and rescued by a dashing highwayman.

Emma Jensen, The Irish Rogue.
Irish lady who must mix with the political set to help her brother has disdain for a particular Anglo-Irish lord not realizing he is the legendary highwayman who helped the Irish poor.

Valeire King, My Lord Highwayman.
A lady en route to her new post as governess is kissed by a highwayman and can't help but compare that dashing rogue to the arrogant, disreputable lord she meets at her employer's home.

Judith Lansdowne, Camilla's Fate.
Lady falls for a highwayman.

Maggie MacKeever, Lady Sherry and the Highwayman.
Lady novelist is thrilled to be forced at gunpoint to help a highwayman escape.

Lisa Montague, Lady of Darkness.
Romance amid the threat of an invasion by Napoleon and a highwayman who preys on young women.

Kate Moore, An Improper Widow.
Lady posing as a widow since her scandalous first Season is asked to bring out her cousin, but when her charge falls for a highwayman carrying a marquess's card the false widow finds herself teamed with the sad, private lord to regain his property.

Sara Orwig, Spy for Love.
A lady is kidnapped by a highwayman who takes her to Paris and asks her to help him spy on Napoleon.

Clarice Peters, The Marquis and the Miss.
Lady who discovers her brother has become a highwayman is fearful of what her suitor will think when he finds out.

Clarice Peters, The Nabob's Bride.
Bored lady becomes a highwayman, attracting the attention of her guardian's younger brother who has recently returned from India.

Melinda Pryce, Thief of Hearts.
Lady betrothed to a man with six children hopes a highwayman will tarnish her reputation and prevent her marriage, but though the thief behaves like a gentleman her fiance calls for him to be hanged.

Sheila Rabe, The Lost Heir.
Lady is robbed by a highwayman with the telltale birthmark of the lost Duke of Graysborough and agrees to teach him social graces.

Catherine Reynolds, The Highwayman.
Lady with a taste for adventure nurses a highwayman wounded in a delicate area only to find he is a notorious rake.

Patricia Rice, Mad Maria's Daughter.
Lady abducted by a highwayman refuses to fear him.

Joan Smith, A Highwayman Came Riding.
Lord who robs war profiteers to help veterans meets the companion of a duchess from whom he steals diamonds.

Hayley Ann Solomon, Viscount Victorious.
Highwayman who saves a governess turns out to be her employer's brother who is trying to clear his name of a false forgery charge.

Ursula Torday, The Gentle Highwayman.

Claudette Williams, Hotspur and Taffeta.
Lord discovers that a lady is a modern day Robin Hood.
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