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Jane Ashford, The Marchington Scandal.
Lady artist asks a lord's help in protecting her cousin's sweetheart from a cruel countess.

Rebecca Baldwin, The Matchmakers.
Lady's older stepson falls for a French artist acting as her chaperone.

*Sarah Baughman, Penelope's Hope.
A secret artist and a young man enter a mutually beneficial engagement, with some light mystery and strong Christian themes. Self-published.

Diana Brown, The Sandalwood Fan.
A war hero who is the Season's most sought-after bachelor falls in love with a quiet, nature-loving widow who is sponsoring her younger sister.

Anne Barbour, A Talent for Trouble.
Mousy lady thinks the lord whose lampoons she illustrates is mocking her.

June Calvin, Isabella's Rake.
Lady who wants to be a painter takes lessons in art and love from a rake.

Diana Campbell, The Reluctant Cyprian.
Impoverished, artistic lady goes along with a gentleman's mistaken assumption that she's a Cyprian.

Carola Dunn, Polly and the Prince.
Lady artist is courted by a Russian prince.

Gail Eastwood, The Rake's Mistake.
A lord returns from family exile in the West Indies and pursues a widow with a scandalous reputation hoping to make her his mistress.
Comments: A lot of interesting detail on sailing and on art, particularly marine art.

Elisabeth Fairchild, A Fresh Perspective.
Lady artist despairs that her childhood love will never see her as a woman.

Jo Ann Ferguson, A Model Marriage.
Duke who longs to use a buxom lady musician as a model for painting a nude Venus decides to trap her into marriage when she won't disrobe.

Violet Hamilton, A Scandalous Portrait.
A duke who is a connoisseur of fine art and of women practices his art of seduction on a prim painter.

Barbara Hazard, The Singular Miss Carrington.
Lord asks lady who shuns marriage to pose as his fiancee.

Emily Hendrickson, The Fashionable Spy.
Lady sculptor works as a government spy.

Emily Hendrickson, Julia's Spirit.
Lady invited by a lord to paint his family's portraits sees a ghost and uncovers a plot.

Fiona Hill, The Wedding Portrait.
Lady falls for the baron's son commisioned to do her wedding portrait.

Victoria Hinshaw, The Fontainebleau Fan.
A lord who suspects a lady of swindling him with a reproduction of an antique fan nevertheless allows his grandmother to hire her to paint a mural in his conservatory.

Martha Kirkland, The Artful Heir.
Lady who restores paintings to support her sick father helps a gentleman who hires her discover an art thief.

Martha Kirkland, The Rake's Fiancee.
A lady who supports herself as a porcelain artist meets the man she once rejected after being told he was a rake.

Kathryn Kirkwood, A Season for Samantha.
Artistic lady switches places with a country miss to avoid the duke she is meant to marry, while the duke switches places with a friend to avoid marriage and pursue his art.

Christine Locksy, A Proper Introduction.
A lord learns a valuable lesson in love and London society when he accidentally insults a watercolor artist who is much different than any woman he has ever met.

Jennifer Malin, The Artful Miss Irvine.
Determined never to love again after suffering a humiliating betrayal, a wealthy artist poses as a poor relation to keep suitors at bay, but her plan goes awry when she meets a duke who is still haunted by his late wife's deception.

Amanda McCabe, Lady Rogue.
A duke who must marry for money because of his brother's gambling debts falls in love with an artist.

Barbara Metzger, The Painted Lady.
When the portrait he is painting speaks to him, a duke goes for help to a noted brain fever specialist and finds himself in the care of the doctor's daughter.

Patricia Oliver, The Lady in Gray.
Lord with a tragic past asks a lady scorned by society to paint his portrait.

Alicia Rasley, A Midsummer's Delight.
A lady home from her first Season falls for the artist next door.

Leslie Reid, The Grand Style.
Aunt hopes to match her niece with an art conoisseur, but the lady is only interested in becoming an artist and cannot even trust the gentleman enough to let him help her.

Evelyn Richardson, A Lady of Talent.
A betrothed man dreams of a woman he saw in a painting and then meets her in real life when he hires her to do a portrait of his fiancee.

Eva Rutland, Gretna Bride.
When a lady overhears her fiance making love to his mistress at a party celebrating their betrothal, she flees to the studio of a portrait artist who tells her father they eloped to Gretna Green.

Patricia Veryan, Ask Me No Questions.
Penniless widow finds work restoring a gentleman's fresco.


Emily Hendrickson, Lord Barry's Dream House.
Lady architect wants to finish the house her father began.

Emma Jensen, A Grand Design.
Lady assisting her architect uncle in renovating a lord's London home tries to keep her role in the family business secret.

Laura Paquet, Mr. McAllister Sets His Cap.
A widow renovating her London townhouse hires and architect who is still mourning his late wife.

Dawn Aldridge Poore, Miss Fortune's Folly.
Niece of an architect is loved by the wounded war veteran working as her uncle's head builder, but trouble on the project causes her to flirt with the son of her uncle's employer.

Cilla Whitmore, Mansion for a Lady.
Lady architect designs a home for a viscount looking for a wife.


Meredith Bond, Miss Seton's Sonata.
A lady who finds herself in a marriage of convenience with a man who vows never to love again uses the power of music to change his mind.

Susannah Carleton, A Scandalous Journey.
When a gentleman is kidnapped by an eccentric divorcee with marital designs, he manages to escape along with an American lady who is a fellow hostage.

Eleanor Anne Cox, Intermezzo.
Lady becomes a companion and piano instructor in the home of a lord who is a patron of the arts.

Clare Darcy, Letty.
Penniless gentleman leaves home after being falsely accused of cheating at cards and heads for the Congress of Vienna where he intends to start a gaming house featuring the singing talents of a runaway lady he meets en route.

Elisabeth Fairchild, The Rakehell's Reform.
Penniless rake hired to teach a mushroom's daughter music teaches her love instead.

Marjorie Farrell, Lady Barbara's Dilemma.
Lady's seemingly perfect fiance first forbids her to see a gentleman friend then makes light of the piano lessons she takes from a sensitive man.

Jo Ann Ferguson, A Model Marriage.
Duke who longs to use a buxom lady musician as a model for painting a nude Venus decides to trap her into marriage when she won't disrobe.

Barbara Hazard, Tuesday's Child.
Poor lady forced to rent out rooms and give piano lessons intrigues her nabob neighbor.

Karla Hocker, A Bid for Independence.
Lady's parents give her one year to try to become a successful concert pianist, but her first audition is in a house of ill-repute.

Jennifer Malin, “A Perfect Duet” in With This Ring.
A pianist’s father wants her to marry, but a classically trained musician understands her.

Elizabeth Mansfield, A Prior Engagement.
Lady violinist who has jilted many suitors learns that her bratty cousin is engaged to the only man she ever loved.

Barbara Metzger, Saved by Scandal.
Lord left at the altar tries to divert the ton's attention from his humiliation by marrying a singer -- who is really a baron's daughter on the run from an evil uncle.

Lisa Noeli, What He Doesn't Know.
Masquerading as a singer to perform in a new musical theater production, the daughter of a respectable vicar finds herself targeted by the attentions of a man who has become entranced by her exquisite voice.

Phyllis Taylor Pianka, The Lark's Nest.
Chanteuse with a secret refuses a lord's carte blanche.

Mary Jo Putney, The Diabolical Baron.
Baron who decides he must marry randomly chooses a shy musical lady, but his plan goes awry when he discovers that the girl's aunt is the lady he loved long ago.

Evelyn Richardson, My Lady Nightingale.
Lady who is music tutor to a lord's niece and nephew dreams of becoming an opera singer.

Patricia Veryan, Love's Duet.
Musician lord undercover in a nefarious organization shuns his family & the woman he loves to protect them.

Sheila Walsh, The Rose Domino.
A gentleman hopes to rescue a friend from the snares of a singer by trying to seduce her.

Bess Willingham, The Husband Hunt.
Opera singer hoping to marry for money is puzzled by the attentions of a gentleman who is actually seeking a French spy among her suitors.


Mary Balogh, Christmas Belle.
Rake and an actress meet again years after a passionate but painful romance.

Elizabeth Barron, An Amicable Arrangement.
Actor-lord agrees to a marriage of convenience with a compromised lady.

Norma Lee Clark, Kitty Quinn.
An actress is threatened by the attentions of a nobleman and turns to her friend and fellow actor for help.

Monette Cummings, Scarlet Lady.
An actress is thrilled when a lord asks her to accompany him to France to save his relative, but is dismayed to learn he expects her to succumb to his charms.

Clare Darcy, Cecily.
Gentleman discovers a penniless relation has taken to the stage and bundles her off to the country to train her in ladylike behavior, but their lessons are interrupted by her fans.

Clare Darcy, Rolande.
A gentleman hires an actress to pose as his long-lost male cousin in order to save his inheritance.

Georgina Devon, Betrayals.
Marquis will do anything to stop his younger brother from marrying a widowed actress whose husband is rumored to be still alive.

Marian Devon, Miss Romney Flies too High.
Man wills his fortune to whichever of his nephews marries his illegitimate actress daughter.

Carola Dunn, The Improper Governess.
Lord asks a lady disguised as an actress to be first his mistress, then a governess, then his wife.

Rachelle Edwards, The Devilish Earl.
Toast of the London theatre plans to use her new-found fame to seek revenge on the lord who ruined her father.

Jo Ann Ferguson, Faire Game.
Lady Priscilla and Sir Neville investigate the murder of an actor at a Michaelmas Faire.

Ellen Fitzgerald, The Player Knight.
Lady longs to be like her friend who is an actress and is being pursued by her leading man.

Mona Gedney, An Icy Affair.
A lady longing for companionship gets her wish when a snowstorm diverts an array of strangers including an acting troupe and a wealthy gentleman searching for true love to her uncle's estate.

Jacquelyn Gillis, Lady Cecelia's Charade.
Lady turns actress to help her playwright cousin and is pursued by a duke who wants her as his mistress.

Sandra Heath, The Opera Dancer.
Opera dancer who is the Toast of London was once a singer in a house of ill-repute, a fact known only to the man who rescued her and captured her heart only to use her as a pawn.

Emily Hendrickson, A Perfect Performance.
Lord offers to finance the production of a lady's play.

Carla Kelly, Miss Billings Treads the Boards.
Impoverished lady becomes an actress & theatre owner and meets a marquess "on the lam" who joins the company.

Elisabeth Kidd, My Lord Guardian.
Lady who decides to become an actress rather than marry anyone but her guardian gives a performance that's the talk of the ton.

Martha Kirkland, A Gentleman's Deception.
Actress is annoyed when a gentleman tries to hire her to pretend to be his godmother's long-lost daughter.

Laura London, Love's a Stage.
Lady who is disguised as an actress to clear her father from a charge of smuggling meets a rakish playwright.

Elizabeth Lyle, Cassy.
Marquis falls for a lady who became an actress to support her family.

Anthea Malcolm, An Improper Proposal.
A lady running a theatre company helps a brilliant playwright who was falsely accused of a crime by offering him the protection of her name.

Amanda McCabe, The Errant Earl.
A man returns home to take over his late father's estate and finds his stepmother's daughter living there with members of her acting troupe.

Mary Nichols, A Lady of Consequence.
A lord falls in love with an actress whom he started wooing on a bet.

Margaret Evans Porter, Toast of the Town.
Actress is tempted when an earl asks her to be his mistress.

Margaret Evans Porter, Dangerous Diversions.
Dancer on the London stage attracts the interest of a duke.

Martha Jean Powers, Double Masquerade.
An actress must reject an admiring suitor in order to conceal her true identity.

Nina Pykare, Love in Disguise.
An actress inherits a London townhouse and finds herself courted by various beaux including the Duke of York.

Janet Louise Roberts, The Dancing Doll.
Lady despises her husband, who rescued her from a Paris dance hall, and flees into the arms of another only to realize she has jeopardized her husband's life by her actions.

Marcy Elias Rothman, Lady Kate's Secret.
Lady actress is saved from an unwanted engagement by an Australian heir.

Margaret SeBastian, Lord Orlando's Protegee.
Lord rescues an actress from gaol only to be embarrassed when his name is linked with hers.

Joan Smith, Perdita.
Lady fleeing an unwanted marriage becomes an actress and is targeted by a rake who wants her as his mistress but who then falls in love with her companion.

Mira Stables, Marriage Alliance.
To save his sister from being married off to an old lecher, a gentleman agrees to marry a Cit's daughter, but when Napoleon's escape from Elba calls him away, his wife pursues a career as a ballerina.

Margaret Summerville, The Improper Playwright.
Lady sends a romantic play to a lord who is a famous playwright.

Marlene Suson, The Fair Impostor.
Actress agrees to masquerade as an earl's daughter to cause the lady's betrothed to cry off with her scandalous behavior, but he is drawn to her instead.

Elizabeth Todd, The Earl's Intrigue.
Lady sneaks into an earl's bedroom to steal money in order to return to her travelling theatrical troupe, but when she's caught she agrees to pose as an aristocrat to help catch a spy.

Margaret Westhaven, The Duke's Design.
Lady turned actress tries to refuse the proposition of the duke she loves.


Donna Bell, The Bluestocking's Beau.
Lady newspaper owner gives a bad review to a novel that a lord wrote about their love.

Rebecca Bennett, A Merry Chase.
A bluestocking and aspiring novelist thinks she will remain a spinster.

Rita Boucher, The Poet and The Paragon.
Poet urges his destitute friend to marry the lady he jilted years ago so his father will pay his debts, but finds he is falling for the lady himself.

Caroline Brooks, A Sea Change.
Lady novelist working on her latest romance in a cottage by the sea meets the man who jilted her years ago.

Diana Brown, Come Be My Love.
Lady in love with a childhood friend who is betrothed to another takes up writing and becomes the Toast of the literary world.

Marion Chesney, The Love Match.
Lady brought up on women's rights intends never to marry, but when she writes an anonymous book about a lady rake and takes the ton by storm, she is intrigued by a man who learns her secret.

Monette Cummings, Crossed Hearts.
Lady who writes Gothic novels is seen receiving payment for her work by a family friend who misinterprets the transaction.

Carola Dunn, Crossed Quills.
Gentleman who wrote Gothic romances seeks the help of an anonymous political writer for his maiden speech to Parliament.

Sarah Eagle, The Bedeviled Baron.
Lady who loves writing and a baron who loves the sea pretend to fall in love to please their parents.

Monique Ellis, The Lady and the Spy.
Eccentric spinster who is the author of a scandalous novel about the ton meets a retired master spy and is drawn into a web of intrigue.

Jo Ann Ferguson, Rhyme and Reason.
Lady who writes poetry under an assumed name to save her family from financial ruin is irritated when a lord insults her work and surprised when a man claiming to be the poems' author appears.

Jo Ann Ferguson, A Convenient Arrangement.
Lady and her nephew find themselves dependent on a man on a desolate estate who is seeking quiet and solitude to write poetry and study.

Ellen Fitzgerald, A Novel Alliance.
Novelist being divorced by her unreasonably jealous husband flees to a small village and finds love with a fellow writer.

Nancy Fitzgerald, St. John's Wood.
Lady hopes to escape a conventional home and marriage by writing a successful novel about the demimonde.

Violet Hamilton, Love's Masquerade.
Lady hired to write a newspaper lovelorn column receives a letter from her editor's mistress and a tip on a plot against the Prince Regent.

Judith Harkness, The Determined Bachelor.
A lady takes a position as companion to a gentleman's ward so she can research the ton for her next novel.

Georgette Heyer, Sylvester, or the Wicked Uncle.
Lady meets a duke upon whom she has based an evil character in her novel.

Samantha Holder, Scandal in Bath.
Lady mystery writer discovers the body of a governess who was employed by a handsome lord and was rumored to have been his mistress.

Christie Kennard, Famous Miss Feversham.
Lady writer discovers that the lord upon whom she based a rakish character is charming and well-mannered.

Valerie King, The Fanciful Heiress.
Novelist is stunned when the lord she's been studying as a model for her next villain mistakes her interest in him and prosposes.

Nancy Lawrence, Once upon a Christmas.
Lady novelist wants to use a gentleman as a model for her romantic hero, while he is intrigued by a lady who refuses to succumb to his charms.

Patricia Laye, A Novel Affair.
Lady novelist who disdains marriage asks a notorious rake to help make her disagreeable to her suitors.

Dorothy Mack, Lady Sherry and the Highwayman.
Lady novelist is thrilled to be forced at gunpoint to help a highwayman escape.

Anthea Malcolm, The Courting of Philippa.
Romance writer is snubbed by a writer she admires and determines to teach him that love is not trivial.

Barbara Neil, The Celebrated Miss Neville.
Man regrets his scathing review when he meets the poetess.

Cynthia Pratt, A Yuletide Treasure.
A freespirited writer who finds himself saddled with a title, an estate, and a ready-made family attempts to make Christmas special for his nieces and gets a holiday surprise in the form of a damsel in distress.

Deborah Simmons, The Devil Earl.
An author of Gothic novels finds  a real version of one of her mysterious, brooding heroes in the owner of Wolfinger Abbey.

Sheila Simonson, Love and Folly.
Lady asks a gentleman to help save her sister from a seductive poet.

Joan Smith, Escapade.
Gossip columnist finds herself at the same house party as her main subject.

Joan Smith, Imprudent Lady.
Gentleman poet confides his romantic exploits to a lady novelist who seems sure to remain a spinster.

Joan Smith, A Christmas Gambol.
Lady is asked to pose as the author of a Gothic romance by the lord who wrote it.

Margaret Summerville, Knave's Gambit.
Lady who writes adventure novels under a nom de plume hurries to London when she hears her niece has a tendre for a notorious rake.

Rebecca Ward, Madame Mystery.
Lady writes mysteries under a man's name.

Margaret Westhaven, Miss Dalrymple's Virtue.
Lady agrees to become a lord's mistress if he publishes her book.

Eileen Winwood, Words of Love.
A gentleman friend warns a lady novelist against a rake to whom she is drawn by his similarity to her romantic heroes.

Scandalous Memoirs

Loretta Chase, The Devil's Delilah.
Rogue's daughter enlists a bookish fellow's help surpressing her father's scandalous memoirs.

Marion Chesney, The Love Match.
Lady brought up on women's rights intends never to marry, but when she writes an anonymous book about a lady rake and takes the ton by storm, she is intrigued by a man who learns her secret.

Sandra Heath, A Scandalous Publication.
Lady armed only with a pen goes up against the prime Corinthian who bought her late father's estate.

Lynn Kerstan, A Midnight Clear.
Lord tries to prevent the publication of a scandalous book featuring his family by appealing to the author's secretary.

Sally Martin, Numbered Kisses.
To prevent her uncle from publishing his memoirs, a lady joins forces with a lord whose mother is mentioned in the scandalous manuscript.

Joan Overfield, The Journals of Lady X.
Duke is asked by the government to track down the author of gossipy novels that contain elements of treason.

Melynda Beth Skinner, The Blue Devil.
A lady disguises herself as a student at a School for Young Ladies in order to find her aunt's missing diary and encounters a lord who is a covert operative seeking a spy.

Joan Smith, Talk of the Town.
Lady whose aunt is considering publishing her memoirs locks horns with a duke who accuses her and her aunt of blackmailing his family.

Elizabeth Thornton, The Worldly Widow.
A lady who is trying to secure a scandalous diary for publication locks horns with a lord determined to suppress it.
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Artwork in page header from A Prior Engagement by Elizabeth Mansfield (left) and The Reluctant Cyprian by Diana Campbell (right).