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New Traditional Regencies (Post-2006)

Linda Banche
Sarah Baughman


Joyce Back

The Blood-Red Star. PublishAmerica, 2006.
Characters: Captain Aaron Clarke & Hannah Winstead
Summary: When a lady's guardians attempt to force her into an arranged marriage, she runs away and is abetted by a kindly sea captain who takes her to America to be governess to his wards.

Elizabeth Bailey

Sweet Sacrifice. Masquerade, September 1991; reissued as Harlequin #94, March 1993.
Characters: Jake, Lord Sothern & Clementina Hythe
Summary: Lady fleeing marriage to her gentle yet half-witted cousin disguises herself as an urchin.
Setting: London

Just Deserts. Mills & Boon, March 1992.
Characters: Christopher, Baron Chiddingly & Miss Persephone Winsford
Summary: A lord who needs money to fund his passion for horses meets a horse-mad lady who inherited a fortune from her nabob father.

An Angel's Touch. Mills & Boon, December 1992; reissued by Mills & Boon, 1999, in The Regency Collection, volume 3, with Paula Marshall's Dear Lady Disdain.
Characters: Henry Haverigg, Marquis of Salmesbury & Miss Verity Lambourn
Summary: Lady's companion rescues two children and berates their father when he admonishes them.

Hidden Flame. Mills & Boon October 1993; reissued by Mills & Boon, 1999, in The Regency Collection, volume 6, with Julia Byrne's Ravensdene's Bride; reissued by Harlequin Historical, November 2001.

Seventh Heaven. Mills & Boon, July 1994.

Friday Dreaming. Mills & Boon, October 1994; reissued by Harlequin Historical, February 2002.
Characters: Nicholas & Miss Frideswid Edborough
Summary: A plain, bespectacled bluestocking despairs that she will never be able to attract the attention of her dashing friend.

Adoring Isadora. Mills & Boon, October 1995.

A Fragile Mask. Mills & Boon, August 1996.
Characters: Mr. Denzell Hawkeridge & Miss Verena Chacely
Summary: A gentleman sees through a lady's cold facade and sees her for who she is.
Setting: Tunbridge Wells

Misfit Maid. Mills & Boon, November 1999; reissued by Harlequin Historical, May 2004.
Characters: Laurie, Viscount Delagarde & Lady Mary "Maidie" Hope
Summary: A dowdy lady being pressured into marriage asks a viscount to sponsor her for a Season.

An Ardent Friendship. Mills & Boon, July 2000; reissued by Harlequin Historical, November 2003.
Characters: Mr. Leo Wetheral & Miss Timothia Dulverton
Summary: After a lady's year of mourning, she unexpectedly receives an offer from her cousin.

The Veiled Bride. Mills & Boon, February 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, November 2004.
Characters: Anton, Lord Raith & Rosina Charlton
Summary: A lord with a badly scarred face places an advertisment for a wife.

An Innocent Miss. Mills & Boon, June 2001.
Characters: George, Viscount Wyndham & Serena
Summary: A lord wonders whether a lady turned down his offer of marriage because of rumors about his reputation.
Series: Book 2 of the Steepwood Scandal; preceded by Lord Ravensden's Marriage by Anne Herries; followed by A Noble Man by Anne Ashley.

A Trace of Memory. Mills & Boon, June 2001.
Hero: Charles Clevedon, Earl of Wytham
Summary: When a lord discovers a bedraggled woman in his woods who claims to have lost her memory he suspects a matrimonial ploy.

The Captain's Return. Mills & Boon, February 2002.
Characters: Captain Henry Colton & Annabel
Summary: A captain is surprised to find his lost love living the life of a widow with a child and agrees to pose as her husband returned from the war.
Series: Book 10 of the Steepwood Scandal; preceded by Counterfeit Earl by Anne Herries; followed by The Guardian's Dilemma by Gail Whitiker.

Prudence. Mills & Boon, March 2002; reissued by Harlequin Historical, April 2005.
Characters: Mr. Julius Rookham & Miss Prudence Hursely
Summary: A governess finds herself frequently in the company of her employer and is drawn to him.

Kitty. Mills & Boon, April 2003; reissued by Harlequin Historical, December 2005.
Characters: Claud, Viscount Devenick & Kitty Merrick
Summary: A governess marrie a viscount who is determined to uncover the truth about her heritage.

The Count's Charade. Mills & Boon, November 2003.
Characters: Henri Rousselle & Grace Dovercourt
Summary: A lady who has been lame since birth discovers a wounded Frenchman near her home and nurses him back to health.

Cynthia Bailey-Pratt

Gentleman's Folly. Jove, 1991.
Characters: Mr. Hammond & Jocelyn Burnwell
Summary: A lady accustomed to domestic life is ill-prepared to enter the world of espionage when she encounters a mysterious man carrying a letter from Napoleon.

The Temporary Bride. Jove, 1991.
Characters: Marquis of Salebrook & Miss Claudia Fairborough
Summary: Lord who needs his inheritance and a lady who needs money agree to a sham marriage.

Queen of Hearts. Jove, 1992.
Characters: Sir Carleton Blacklock & Miss Danita Wingrove
Summary: Lady accepts a loan from a gambler who considers her his good luck charm.

"Lady Fair," in Summertime Splendor. Jove, 1992.

A Lady in Disguise. Jove, 1993.
Characters: Mr. Thorpe Everard & Miss Lillian Canfield
Summary: Lady fleeing a broken engagement agrees to pose as a governess to spy for a friend.
Setting: English countryside

A Lady in Love. Jove, 1993.
Characters: Alaric Naughton, Earl of Reyne & Miss Sarah East
Summary: Tomboy tries to mend her ways to attract an earl but is clumsy around him.

Now writes under the name Cynthia Pratt.

Anne Baldwin

First Season. Zebra, July 1992.
Characters: Jules Wakeford, Marquess of Thornhill & Miss Laetitia Biddle
Summary: Country heiress blames a rakish lord when she becomes a laughingstock.
Setting: London
Rating: very good Comments: Scene at dinner where she eats all the tongue especially funny and memorable.

Kathleen Baldwin

Lady Fiasco. Zebra, September 2004.
Characters: Lord Wesmont & Fiona Hawthorn
Summary:  With chaos and calamity following her every step, a lady who believes she is cursed brings happiness and love to a bitter and angry man who has just recently returned from the battlefields of Spain.

Mistaken Kiss. Zebra, January 2005.
Characters: Alexander Braeburn & Willa Linnet
Summary: A nearsighted lady accidentally kisses her prospective fiancé's prodigal brother and finds her entire life turned upside down.

"The Highwayman Came Waltzing," in A Waltz with a Rogue. Zebra, March 2005.
Characters: Lord Ryerton & Elizabeth Claegburn
Summary: A lady shares a waltz with her childhood sweetheart, who is investigating a series of robberies in the village.

Cut from the Same Cloth. Zebra, March 2005.
Characters: Lord St. Cleve & Elizabeth Hampton
Summary: A penniless lady takes the ton by storm with her remarkable fashion sense and bears the brunt of a lord's disdain for high society when he makes a mockery out of her new style.

Rebecca Baldwin

A Gentleman from Philadelphia. Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Lord Philip Bridges & Miss Annabella Marchfield
Summary: Old love returns from America just as a lady is resigned to marrying for money.

The Cassandra Knot. Fawcett, 1979.
Characters: Edward, Duke of Woodland & Miss Cassandra Russell
Summary: Lady proposes a marriage of convenience to the man she loves to escape greedy relatives.

Peerless Theodosia. Coventry #30, March 1980; reissued in hardcover, paperback & e-book by Regency Press, 2000.
Heroine: Miss Theodosia Clement
Summary: During the War of 1812, an American lady and her brother who were removed from a ship bound for home by an overzealous officer of the Royal Navy are sent to live on an earl's estate until the hostilities die down.

The Matchmakers. Coventry #14, January 1980.
Characters: Mr. Christian Woodville & Miss Elise Pellerin; George, Lord Brandamore & Lady Charlotte Woodville
Summary: Lady's older stepson falls for a French artist acting as her chaperone.
Setting: London
Rating: good

A Sanditon Quadrille. Coventry #118, 1981.

A Season Abroad. Coventry #143, 1981.

A Very Simple Scheme. Coventry #173, 1982.
Characters: Jack Millbank & Astrea Cooper
Summary: Lady tries to trap a man by going after his friend.

The Dollar Duchess. Coventry #201, 1982.

A Matter of Honor. Fawcett, 1983.

Lady Scandal. Fawcett, 1984.
Heroine: Lady Liza
Summary: A lady attempts to change her reputation for scandalous behavior and become respectable in order to launch her niece into society.

Arabella and the Beast. St. Martin's, 1988.
Heroine: Arabella Ivers
Summary: A lady is won as payment for her father's gambling debts by a man known as the Beast and discovers that he is hiding a dark secret.

Dartwood's Daughters. St. Martin's, 1989.

A Lady of Fashion. Harper Monogram, 1994.
Characters: Nicholas Chance, Lord Merlin & Audrey Dysart, Baroness Wellford
Summary: Dashing widow with a younger beau is unsettled when an old friend courts her niece.

A Tangled Web. Harper Monogram, 1995.
Characters: William Starret & Miss Sally Blythe
Summary: Lady convinces an old friend to pose as her fiance to attract a dashing gentleman's attention, but finds she is developing feelings for her friend.
Rating: very good

A Royal Visit. Harper Monogram, 1996.
Characters: Crown Prince Theodoric of Batavia & Miss Anne Ingersoll
Summary: Batvian prince decides upon a proper English bride, but his plans go awry when he meets a Cit's daughter.
Setting: London

Other Regencies as Caroline Brooks.

Mary Balogh

A Masked Deception. Signet, February 1985; also issued as the "Prince Matchabelli romance ed." under the title Desire after Dark; reissued in hardcover by Severn House, 1999.
Characters: Richard Adair, Earl of Brampton & Miss Margaret Wells
Summary: Shy lady with a bored husband masquerades as a seductress to tempt him.
Setting: London

The Double Wager. Signet, June 1985.
Characters: Marius, Duke of Eversleigh & Miss Henrietta Tallant
Summary: Tomboy wagers she can snag a duke.
Setting: Sussex & London

A Chance Encounter. Signet, December 1985; reissued in hardcover by Severn House, 1999.
Characters: Robert Denning, Marquis of Hetherington & Miss Elizabeth Rossiter
Summary: Ruined lady hides out as a companion but meets a man who knows her past.

Red Rose. Signet, March 1986.
Characters: Earl of Raymore & Miss Rosalind Dacey
Summary: Guardian finds the perfect man for his ward yet is strangely displeased.
Series: Includes characters from A Chance Encounter.

The Trysting Place. Signet, June 1986.
Characters: Thomas Russell & Lady Felicity Wren
Summary: Widow asks an old friend to help her marry a man who wants her as his mistress.

The First Snowdrop. Signet, September 1986; reissued by Signet, September 1994.
Characters: Alexander Stewart, Viscount Merrick & Miss Anne Parrish
Summary: Man abandons the lady he's forced to marry but meets her again at a country house party.
Setting: English countryside
Series: Frazer, the hero of A Christmas Belle, flirts with Anne.
Rating: very good

The Wood Nymph. Signet, January 1987.
Characters: Mr. William Mainwaring & Lady Helen Wade
Summary: Gentleman who makes love to a strange girl in the woods is shocked to discover she's a lady.
Setting: Northern England & London
Series: Lord and Lady Hetherington from A Chance Encounter are Mainwaring's friends.
Rating: good

The Constant Heart. Signet, July 1987.
Characters: Rev. Philip Everett or Christopher Sinclair & Rebecca
Summary: A lady is forced to choose between her clergyman fiance and a handsome gentleman.

Gentle Conquest. Signet, December 1987.
Characters: Ralph Chartleigh or Roger Beauchamp & Miss Georgiana Burton
Summary: Lady flirts with a rake to teach her unfashionable betrothed a lesson.

Secrets of the Heart. Signet Super Regency, April 1988.
Characters: George, Duke of Cranwell & Miss Sarah Fifield
Summary: Duke shuns his wife when he discovers she isn't a virgin on their wedding night.
Setting: Bath

An Unacceptable Offer. Signet, May 1988; reissued by Signet, July 1996.
Characters: Michael Templeton, Viscount Fairfax & Miss Jane Matthews
Summary: Lady refuses the man she loves when he offers her a loveless marriage.
Setting: London & the English countryside
Rating: very good

The Ungrateful Governess. Signet, October 1988; reissued by Signet, March 1996.
Characters: Charles, Earl of Rutherford & Miss Jessica Moore
Summary: Earl tries to convince a governess to be his mistress after she loses her position because of him, then asks his grandmother to find her a position when she refuses.
Setting: On the road to London, in London & in the English countryside
Rating: very good

Daring Masquerade. Signet Super Regency, January 1989.
Characters Nicholas Seyton aka Sir Harry Tate & Mrs. Katherine Mannering
Summary: Widow is tempted by a dashing highwayman and an infuriating lord.
Setting: Dorset

A Gift of Daisies. Signet, February 1989.
Characters: Mr. David Gower & Lady Rachel Palmer
Summary: Lady used to men falling in love with her is snubbed by a man who scorns the ton.
Setting: London

The Obedient Bride. Signet, May 1989; reissued by Signet, February 1995.
Characters: Geoffrey, Viscount Astor & Miss Arabella Wilson
Summary: Lady falls in love with her husband, who intends to keep his mistress.
Setting: London
Rating: very good

Lady with a Black Umbrella. Signet, September 1989.
Characters: Viscount Kincade & Lady Daisy Morrison
Summary: Spinster is attracted to the gentleman she picked for her sister.

"The Star of Bethlehem," in A Regency Christmas I. Signet, November 1989.

The Gilded Web. Signet Super Regency, December 1989.
Characters: Edmund Raine, Earl of Amberley & Miss Alexandra Purnell
Summary: Lady who receives offers out of duty from two brothers chooses to follow the path of passion.
Series: 1st of "Web" series

Web of Love. Signet Super Regency, April 1990.
Character: Dominic, Baron Eden & Mrs. Ellen Simpson
Summary: Lady whose husband died at Waterloo finds herself drawn to his injured friend and conceives a child by him.
Setting: Brussels, Paris & London
Series: 2nd of "Web" series

The Devil's Web. Signet Super Regency, July 1990.
Characters: James Purnell & Madeline Raine
Summary: Lady finds herself falling in love again with an arrogant man.
Series: 3rd of "Web" series

A Promise of Spring. Signet, February 1990; reissued in hardcover & paperback by Regency Press, 2000.
Characters: Sir Perry Lampman & Miss Grace Howard
Summary: Man marries an unwed mother but their love is threatened by the child's father.
Setting: Hampshire
Series: Related to The Gilded Web

The Incurable Matchmaker. Signet, May 1990; reissued by Signet, July 1995.
Characters: Jack, Marquess of Kenwood & Mrs. Diana Ingram
Summary: Gentlemen at White's wager on a libertine's seduction of a vicar's widow.
Setting: English countryside
Rating: very good

The Unlikely Duchess. Signet, October 1990; reissued by Signet, November 1995.
Characters: Paul Villiers, Duke of Mitford & Miss Josephine Middleton
Summary: Lady fleeing from an unwanted marriage is unknowingly rescued by her fiance.
Setting: On the Great North Road
Rating: superb Comments: Wonderfully funny; "plain" duke a refreshing change.

"Playing House," in A Regency Christmas II. Signet, November 1990.
Characters: Stephen, Marquess of Beford & Miss Lilias Angove
Summary: Impoverished lady asks her cold-hearted neighbor for a Christmas goose and gifts for her brother and sister.

A Certain Magic. Signet, February 1991.
Characters: Piers Westhaven & Alicia Penhallow
Summary: Widow gives advice to a friend seeking a suitable wife.

"Golden Rose," in A Regency Valentine I. Signet, February 1991.

Snow Angel. Signet, June 1991.
Characters: Justin Halliday, Earl of Wetherby & Rosamund, Lady Hunter
Summary: Widow has a brief, passionate affair with a gentleman with whom she is snowbound, only to discover later that he is promised to her niece.
Setting: Northamptonshire
Rating: excellent

The Secret Pearl. Signet Super Regency, September 1991.
Characters: Adam Kent, Duke of Ridgeway & Miss Isabella Fleur Bradshaw
Summary: Lady cast out on streets sells herself to a duke betrayed by love and wounded in war.
Setting: London

The Ideal Wife. Signet, October 1991; also issued in hardcover by Severn House.
Characters: Miles Ripley, Earl of Severn & Miss Abigail Gardiner
Summary: Earl plagued by matchmaking mamas proposes to a lady who comes asking for work.

"The Best Christmas Ever," in A Regency Christmas III. Signet, November 1991.
Characters: Edwin Gwent, Baron Radbrook & Miss Emma Milford
Summary: Girl who has been mute since witnessing her mother's death wishes for a new mama for Christmas.

Christmas Beau. Signet, December 1991.
Characters: Max, Marquess of Denbigh & Mrs. Judith Easton
Summary: Lord plans to seduce and drop the widow who jilted him years ago.
Setting: London & Sussex
Rating: excellent

"A Waltz among the Stars," in A Regency Valentine II. Signet, January 1992.

A Counterfeit Betrothal. Signet, June 1992.
Characters: Lord Francis Sutton & Lady Sophia Bryant
Summary: Lady asks lord to pose as her betrothed to bring her separated parents together.

"Treasure Hunt," in A Regency Summer. Signet, June 1992.

The Notorious Rake. Signet, September 1992.
Characters: Lord Edmond Waite (duke's younger son) & Mary Gregg, Lady Mornington
Summary: Widow who fears thunder leaps into the arms of a notorious rake when caught in a storm at Vauxhall.
Setting: London
Rating: very good

"Dark Rider," in Full Moon Magic. Signet, 1992.

A Christmas Promise. Signet, December 1992; also issued in hardcover by Severn House, 1992.
Characters: Randolph, Earl of Falloden & Miss Eleanor Transome
Summary: Daughter of a Cit agrees to marry an indebted earl.
Rating: very good

"The Porcelain Madonna," in A Regency Christmas IV. Signet, November 1992.

"The Substitute Guest," in Tokens of Love. Signet, January 1993.

A Precious Jewel. Signet, June 1993.
Characters: Sir Gerald Stapleton & Miss Priscilla Wentworth
Summary: Destitute lady becomes the mistress of a gentleman who is inhibited because his stepmother made sexual advances to him when he was a youth.
Setting: London & English countryside
Series: Overlaps with The Ideal Wife, 1991; stepmother's story is told in A Christmas Bride, 1997.
Rating: good

"The Wrong Door," in Rakes and Rogues. Signet, June 1993.
Characters: Alistair Scott, Viscount Lyndon & Miss Caroline Astor
Summary: Lord must propose to a lady after he mistakes her bed for another's.

Courting Julia. Signet, November 1993.
Characters: Daniel, Earl of Beaconswood & Miss Julia Maynard
Summary: In order to inherit the home she loves, a lady must marry one of her cousins.
Setting: Gloucestershire
Series: Precedes Dancing with Clara (Freddie tries to force Julia to marry him).
Rating: very good

"No Room at the Inn," in A Regency Christmas V. Signet, November 1993.
Summary: A group of travelers are stranded at an inn over Christmas.
Rating: excellent

"The Anniversary," in From the Heart. Signet, January 1994.
Characters: Hugh Richmond, Earl of Reardon & Amy Richmond, Lady Reardon
Summary: Couple forced by her pregnancy to wed and estranged since are reunited on their Valentine anniversary.
Rating: superb Comments: Excellent character development.

Dancing with Clara. Signet, February 1994; reissued in hardcover by Severn House, 1993.
Characters: Hon. Frederick Sullivan & Miss Clara Danforth
Summary: Paralyzed woman pays a gentleman's debts in exchange for the intimacy of marriage.
Setting: Bath, Kent & London
Rating: excellent Comments: Characters especially appealing; development of romance realistic & touching.

Tempting Harriet. Signet, May 1994.
Characters: Archibald, Duke of Tenby & Harriet, Lady Wingham
Summary: Widow agrees to become the mistress of a man whose carte blanche she turned down before her marriage.
Setting: London
Series: Heroine is the companion from Dancing with Clara.
Rating: good

Dark Angel. Signet, August 1994.
Characters: Gabriel Fisher, Earl of Thornhill & Miss Jennifer Winward
Summary: Rogue saves the reputation of a lady targeted by a rake.
Setting: London
Rating: very good

Christmas Belle. Signet, November 1994.
Characters: Jack Frazer & Isabella Greene
Summary: Rake and an actress meet again years after a passionate but painful romance.
Series: Hero appeared in The First Snowdrop.

"The Best Gift," in A Regency Christmas VI. Signet, November 1994.
Characters: Warren Nash, Viscount Buckley & Miss Jane Craggs
Summary: Lord asks a schoolteacher to accompany his niece to his country estate for Christmas.

Lord Carew's Bride. Signet, June 1995.
Characters: Hartley Wade, Marquess of Carew & Miss Samantha Newman
Summary: Plain, crippled man marries a beauty who thinks she loves another.
Setting: Yorkshire & London
Series: Heroine thinks she's in love with the villain fromDark Angel.
Rating: superb Comments: Hero is a sweetheart; one of my all-time favorites.

"The Forbidden Daffodils," in Blossoms. Signet, 1995.

"Precious Rogue," in Dashing and Dangerous: More Rakes & Rogues. Signet, 1995.

"The Surprise Party," in A Regency Christmas [VII]. Signet, November 1995.
Characters: Timothy, Viscount Morsey & Ursula, Lady Carlyle
Summary: Three orphans bring together their paternal aunt and maternal uncle, who were once engaged.

The Famous Heroine. Signet, February 1996.
Characters: Lord Francis Kneller (duke's younger son) & Miss Cora Downs
Summary: Country girl marries a fop thinking he's not interested in women.
Setting: London & Wiltshire
Series: Hero appears in Dark Angel and Lord Carew's Bride.
Rating: excellent Comments: Very funny, especially misunderstandings, wedding night; heroine charming.

The Plumed Bonnet. Signet, September 1996.
Characters: Alistair, Duke of Bridgewater & Miss Stephanie Gray
Summary: Duke mistakes vicar's daughter for a Cyprian because of her fancy bonnet.
Setting: On the road to Hampshire & in London
Series: Duke is the head of the family that brought out Cora in The Famous Heroine.
Rating: excellent

"The Wassail Bowl," in A Regency Christmas Feast. Signet, November 1996.
Summary: Christmas reunites a lord with the wife he thought played him false and bore another man's child.

The Temporary Wife. Signet, May 1997.
Characters: Anthony Earheart, Marquess of Staunton (becomes Duke of Withingsby) & Miss Charity Duncan
Summary: Marquess hires a lady to be his wife in order to enrage his father.
Setting: Wiltshire
Rating: excellent
Award: Romance Readers Anonymous Best Regency Romance 1997.

A Christmas Bride. Signet, November 1997.
Characters: Mr. Edgar Downes & Lady Helena Stapleton
Summary: Widow takes a Cit to her bed but tries to spurn his proposals when she finds she is pregnant.
Setting: London & Avon near Bristol
Series: Heroine is the stepmother from A Precious Jewel; hero is the brother of The Famous Heroine.
Award: All About Romance Reader Award, Best Regency Romance of 1997.

"Bond Street Carolers," in A Regency Christmas Carol. Signet, November 1997.

The Last Waltz. Signet, November 1998.
Characters: Gerard Percy, Earl of Wanstead & Christina, Lady Wanstead
Summary: Widow of a puritan earl is shocked when her husband's heir arrives and wants to hold a Christmas ball so he can find a wife.
Setting: Wiltshire
Award: Romance Readers Anonymous Best Regency Romance 1998.

Also writes Regency-era historicals.

Website: www.marybalogh.com

Blair Bancroft

The Indifferent Earl. Signet, March 2003.
Characters: Jared Verney, Earl of Langley & Abigail Todd
Summary: When a mysterious benefactor leaves her a cottage, stipulating in the will that she must live there for two months or lose her inheritance, a headmistress meets her match in the earl who is determined to reclaim his family's land on which the cottage stands.
Setting: Somerset

The Major Meets His Match. Signet, August 2003.
Characters: Major Charles Tyrone & Lady Vanessa Rayne
Summary: A lady disdains marrying a lowly engineer and is pleased to find that he feels the same, but then fate intervenes.

A Season for Love. Signet, February 2004.
Characters: Anthony Norville & Lady Caroline Carlington
Summary: A lady comes to London for her father's wedding and falls in love with her future stepmother's brother.

The Harem Bride. Signet, July 2004.
Characters: Jason Lisbourne, Earl of Rocksley & Miss Penelope Blayne
Summary: A man who once rescued a lady from a sultan‚€™s harem returns to manage her aunt‚€™s estate.

The Lady and the Cit. Signet, February 2005.
Characters: Thomas Lanning & Miss Aurelia Trevor
Summary: A lady who needs a husband to own her land accepts an offer from a businessman who wants a seat in Parliament.

Lady Silence. Signet, July 2005.
Characters: Damon Farr
Summary: Returing home from war after six years, a man is stunned to discover that the mute girl he had rescued before his deployment has blossomed into a beauty.

Anne Barbour

A Talent for Trouble. Signet, August 1992.
Characters: Viscount Chelmsford & Lady Talitha Burnside
Summary: Mousy lady thinks the lord whose lampoons she illustrates is mocking her.

A Pressing Engagement. Signet, November 1992.
Characters: Jared Talent, Earl of Burnleigh & Miss Diana St. Aubin
Summary: Earl threatens a lady with prison unless she poses as his fiancee.
Setting: Kent
Rating: fair

Kate and the Soldier. Signet, May 1993.
Characters: Major David Merritt & Miss Kate Millbank
Summary: Lady is eager to welcome a major back from the wars but he has become a stranger.
Setting: Avon between Bath & Bristol

Lady Liza's Luck. Signet, October 1993.
Characters: Chadwick Lockridge & Lady Elizabeth Rushlake
Summary: Lady who made a fortune in the stock market instead of making a proper match meets a former suitor.

"The Wooing of Lord Walford," in From the Heart. Signet, January 1994.
Characters: Hon. Charles Darracot & Miss Sally Berners; Sedgewick Horne, Earl of Walford & Miss Elizabeth Berners
Summary: Gambler asks his best friend to snag an earl so he can win a tontine but finds he has feelings for her himself.

Lord Glenraven's Return. Signet, June 1994.
Characters: Lord Glenraven aka Jem January & Claudia Carstairs
Summary: Widow delights in her independence until she meets a mysterious man.

A Dangerous Charade. Signet, March 1995.
Characters: Anthony Brent, Earl of Marchford & Miss Allison Fox
Summary: Lady gambles in disguise to earn money to pay her friend's husband's debts.
Setting: London
Rating: good

My Cousin Jane. Signet, July 1995.
Characters: Lord Simon Talent & Miss Jane Burch
Summary: Guardian disapproves of the lady chaperoning his wild charge.
Rating: good

A Step in Time. Signet, March 1996.
Characters: Earl of Ashingdon & Amanda McGovern aka Amanda Bridge
Summary: Broken-hearted 1990s lady travels back in time and into the body of a Regency lady who is being married for her money.
Rating: fair Comments: Uses a scene and the hero from Heyer's A Civil Contract.

"...And a Sixpence for Her Shoe," in A Wedding Bouquet. Signet, May 1996.
Characters: Andrew Carter, Earl of Barnstaple & Catherine Edgebrooke
Summary: Lady who drove away her intended with her sharp tongue writes to him under another name while he's at war.

A Rake's Reform. Signet, November 1996.
Characters: Lord Charles Trent & Miss Hester Blayne
Summary: Rake meets a lady who writes on women's rights.

A Dedicated Scoundrel. Signet, June 1997.
Characters: Lord Justin Belforte & Miss Catherine Meade
Summary: Man fleeing false treason charges and murder attempts helps a damsel in distress and gets amnesia for his troubles.
Setting: Hertfordshire & London

"Melody," inA Regency Christmas Carol. Signet, November 1997.

Lady Hilary's Halloween. Signet, September 1998.
Characters: James Wincannon & Lady Hilary Merton
Summary: Lady asks her conceited archaeologist neighbor for help when she sees an antique figure come to life on Halloween.

A Man of Affairs. Signet, August 1999.
Characters: Mr. Seth Lindow & Miss Eden Beckett
Summary: Duke's adopted son commanded to find a wife for his father's heir chooses a spoiled beauty and falls in love with her spinster sister.
Setting: Surrey & London

Buried Secrets. Signet, May 2000.
Characters: Christopher Culver & Gillian Tate
Summary: Rake who scorns love and marriage changes his mind when he meets a scandalous spinster.

"The Castaway," in The Grand Hotel. Signet, June 2000.
Characters: Earl of Branford & Martha Finch aka Lady Felicity Marhsall
Summary: Lady attempts to carry off a deception and has a change of heart -- with surprising results.

Miss Prestwick's Crusade. Signet, September 2003.
Characters: Edward Beresford, Earl of Camberwell & Miss Helen Prestwick
Summary: A lady trying to prove that her nephew is the rightful Earl of Camberwell must go up against the current earl.
Setting: Hampshire

Elisabeth Barr

The Opal Pendant. Hale, 1972; reissued as Candlelight #144, 1974.
Characters: Charles Wynant or his half-brother & Lucy Vennie
Summary: A lady flees from marriage to a man she finds repugnant and seeks refuge with his notorious half-brother.

Master of Roxton. Hale, 1973; reissued as Candlelight #188, 1976.
Heroine: Anne Brandon
Summary: A lady from Australia is unprepared for the dizzying whirl of romance and the intricate web of intrigue that she encounters in Regency London.

Revelry Manor. Candlelight #213, 1977.
Characters: Falcon Randle & Amalie Stuart
Summary: A lady forced by circumstances to become a companion discovers she is working in the home of a man who once mistook her for a serving maid and stole a kiss.

The Sea Treasure. Playboy, 1981.
Characters: Squire Dominic Pengallion & Leonora
Summary: Shipwrecked lady with amnesia is rescued by a man who has her pose as his wife.

Elizabeth Barron

Miss Drayton's Crusade. Warner, 1986.
Characters: Adrian, Earl of Carsdale & Miss Melissa Drayton
Summary: Lady visits a school chum and falls for the girl's brother who lost an arm in the war.
Setting: Yorkshire
Rating: very good Comments: Good wounded hero.

The Viscount's Wager. Warner, 1986.
Characters: Viscount Danville & Miss Katrina Vernon
Summary: Lady with a ruined reputation becomes a lady's companion only to find that the man who ruined her is the head of the house.

The Elusive Countess. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Richard Courtenay & Rosaline, Countess of Beresford
Summary: Lady hiding from greedy relatives with an acting troupe realizes that the secretary of a lord who wants her as his mistress is the man who once rescued her on a dark heath.

An Amicable Arrangement. Warner, 1988.
Characters: Francis, Baron Kenmore & Miss Belinda Hanbury
Summary: Actor-lord agrees to a marriage of convenience with a compromised lady.
Setting: London

Alissa Baxter

The Dashing Debutante. Regency House Publishers, 2002.
Characters: Duke of Stanford & Miss Alexandra Grantham
Summary: A lady who believes that the local landowners aren't treating their tenants fairly becomes Lady Robin Hood and is unmasked by a duke who proceeds to turn her into the darling of London Society.
Comments: This book can be ordered from the author's website.

Lord Fenmore's Wager. Regency House Publishers, January 2004.
Characters: Earl of Fenmore & Diana Hamilton
Summary: In a wager with the Earl of Fenmore, young Anthony Hamilton gambles away both his estate and his sister, Diana, who is obliged to move to Fenmore Park to act as a governess to the earl's twin nephews. The forceful earl is intrigued by Diana, but tries to resist his attraction to her, as he is wary of committing himself to any woman. Diana later inherits a legacy and is re-united with Sir Max Sinclair, a friend from her girlhood. She also encounters a mysterious gentleman, a vibrant heiress, and a long-lost love. The scene is set for an interesting Season in Bath, especially when the Earl of Fenmore follows Diana there ...
Setting: Bath
Comments: This book can be ordered from the author's website.

Website: www.alissabaxter.com

Kathleen Beck

The Spirited Miss Caroline. Zebra, November 1998.
Characters: Lord Barnabas Cole (duke's younger son) & Miss Caroline Garvey
Summary: Lady pretends to be a ghost to scare away unwanted houseguests including her estate's new heir and a gentleman who once jilted her.
Setting: Hampshire

"Miss Delafield Disposes," in My Darling Valentine. Zebra, February 1999.
Characters: Lord Burton Dance & Miss Gowland Delafield
Summary: Lord's neighbor asks him to prevent a young lady from eloping with her drawing master.

Virtue's Prize. Zebra, July 1999.
Characters: Roman Knightley & Miss Virtue Goodbody
Summary: Earl agrees to acknowledge the son of his brother and a gypsy if his nephew agrees to marry a lady of his choosing.
Setting: London

Anthea Bell

A London Season. St. Martin's, 1986.
Characters: Sir Edmund Grafton & Miss Elinor Radley; Robert Walter & Persephone Grafton
Summary: Man hires a lady to chaperone his niece and finds both ladies have secrets that make them reluctant for a Season.

Donna Bell

The Scandalous Miss. Pageant, 1988.
Characters: Viscount Rosemeade & Caroline
Summary: A lady accepts a lord's commission to catalogue his library in her father's place in order to save her family home.
Series: "Regency Romantic Intrigue"

All's Fair. Jove, 1990.
Characters: Sir Colin Dearden & Lady Priscilla Calvert
Summary: A lady with a reputation as a heartbreaker scorns marriage until a soldier refuses her and she determines to win him at any cost.

The Valentine's Day Ball. Zebra, January 1991.
Characters: Drew, Viscount Devlin & Miss Jane Lindsay
Summary: Lady meets a rake returned from abroad at a Valentine's Ball.
Setting: Bath

An Improper Pursuit. Zebra, June 1994.
Characters: Alex Fitzsimmons & Chastity Hartford
Summary: Lady ruined by scandal is drawn to an undercover officer and is caught up in a web of intrigue.

"The Wager," in Flowers for the Bride. Zebra, May 1995.

"The Matchmaking Rogue," in Rogues and Rakes. Zebra, April 1996.

The Bluestocking's Beau. Zebra, May 1996.
Characters: Jonathan Stirling, Viscount Pembroke & Lady Rhian Phillips
Summary: Lady newspaper owner gives a bad review to a novel that a lord wrote about their love.
Setting: London
Rating: good

Sweet Tranquility. Zebra, January 1997.
Characters: Dominic, Marquis de Beaulieu & Miss Tranquility Hartford
Summary: Lady flees to Paris to escape marriage and meets a French marquis.
Setting: Paris

The First Waltz. Zebra, March 1998.
Characters: Sir Neville Colston & Lady Annabelle Fairfax
Summary: Daughter of a widow asks a gentleman to help find a mate for her mother, but he finds himself judging the candidates harshly.
Setting: London

A Taste for Love. Zebra, January 1999.
Characters: Charles Drake, Earl of Middlehurst & Miss Audrey Langston
Summary: Earl who goes into business as a chef under an assumed name is in a quandary when his childhood fiancee arrives in London.
Setting: London

Words of Love. Zebra, October 1999.
Characters: Jared, Lord Winter & Lady Henrietta Thompson
Summary: Lady is asked to teach manners to a man reared in the wilds of America who has inherited a title.
Setting: London

"A Valentine Courtship," in Valentine Kisses. Zebra, January 2000.
Characters: Adam Hunter, Earl of Marsden & Miranda Sinclair
Summary: Lord is courted from afar by a mystery lady who reveals herself at a Valentine ball.

Heiress to Love. Zebra, June 2000.
Characters: Sir Garrett Wyndridge & Mystique Lambert
Summary: A lady ignores her guardian's summons to London for a Season in order to stay home and train her race horse.

"The Reluctant Warlock," in Magical Kittens. Zebra, September 2000.
Characters: Sir Felix Baring & Miss Gilly Gillingham
Summary: Lady rescues a kitten from a gentleman believed by his eccentric aunt to be a warlock.

A Tangled Web. Zebra, July 2001.
Characters: Sir Simon McKendrick & Sincerity Hartford
Summary: A lady puts off her tiresome mama's inquiries about her prospects by pretending an attachment to a widower.
Setting: Bath

Other Regencies as Julia Parks

Marguerite Bell

A Rose for Danger. Masquerade #3, 1977.
Characters: Mr. Stephen Thorne & Miss Juliet Ware
Summary: Lady used to the attentions of gentleman is annoyed when two men who seem to be hiding something rebuff her.
Setting: Kent

The Devil's Daughter. Harlequin Historical, March 1978; reissued as Masquerade #8, June 1978.
Summary: A penniless but spirited governess is thrown together with a rakish, cynical nobleman.

Barbara Benedict

Catch of the Season. Jove, 1991.
Characters: Earl of Fairbright & Miss Andrea Gratham
Summary: Reluctant lady finds herself winning the treasure hunt that a lord has staged to find a wife.

Love and Honor. Jove, 1994.
Characters: Geoffrey Stone, Earl of Lennox & Miss Honor Drummond
Summary: Earl bets that a hoyden will remain unmarried at end of the Season.
Setting: London
Rating: fair

Corintha Bennett

Jemima Dancer. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Adam Kendall & Miss Jemima Dancer
Summary: Cit's daughter seeks a mate during the Season to avoid a match with her father's partner, whom she remembers as a loutish boy.

Janice Bennett

Midnight Masque. Zebra, January 1988.
Heroine: Lady Ashton
Summary: Lady loses one of her father's important Home Office documents that someone is willing kill for.

Tangled Web. Zebra, February 1988.
Characters: Trevor, Lord Ryde & Miss Celia Marcombe
Summary: Lady is determined not to wed the arrogant, handsome man chosen by her grandfather.

An Eligible Bride. Zebra, September 1989.
Characters: Duke of Halliford & Miss Helena Carstairs
Summary: Duke keeps his promise to look after a captain's children.

An Intriguing Desire. Zebra, January 1989.
Characters: Charles Marcombe & Mlle. Therese de Bourgerre
Summary: French damsel delivers a warning to a convalescing British secret agent.

A Tempting Miss. Zebra, November 1989.

A Timely Affair. Zebra, March 1990.
Characters: Richard Westmont, Viscount Grantham & Ms. Andrea Wells
Summary: 1990s woman goes back in time and pretends to be a lord's strange cousin from America.

Forever in Time. Zebra, August 1990.
Characters: Gilbert Randall & Erika von Hamel
Summary: Officer carrying vital information to England is swept forward in time to the 20th century.

"The Holly Brooch," in A Christmas Holiday. Zebra, November 1990.

A Logical Lady. Zebra, January 1991.
Characters: Mr. Frederick Ashfield & Miss Elizabeth
Summary: A gentleman's cousin is murdered shortly after an argument between the two.

A Mysterious Miss. Zebra, June 1991.
Characters: Captain Lord Ingram & Phyllida Dearne
Summary: Lady whose sister was murdered in an opera box begins to suspect the man who is helping her.

A Christmas Keepsake. Zebra, November 1991.
Characters: Major James Holborn & Ms. Christina Campbell
Summary: Christmas snowdome sends a 20th century lady back in time to meet a man portrayed in the scene.
Setting: London

A Touch of Forever. Zebra, June 1992.
Characters: Charles Penrith, Earl of Wyndham & Ms. Lexie Anderson
Summary: PhD candidate goes through an Abbey passage back in time to the Regency era.

Dangerous Intrigue. Zebra, December 1992.
Heroine: Lady Henrietta Galbraith
Summary: When her fiance is murdered at their betrothal ball, a lady finds herself a suspect and is at the mercy of her dastardly cousin.

A Lady's Champion. Zebra, April 1994.
Characters: Rev. Mr. Adrian Carstairs & Miss Daphne Selwood
Summary: Art mistress at a haunted Academy for Girls accepts a gentleman's aid.
Setting: Outside Bath
Rating: very good Comments: Amusing romp.

A Desperate Gamble. Zebra, January 1995.
Characters: Benjamin Frake, Bow Street Runner & Annie Gooden
Summary: Lady takes a job as a maid in a gambling hell to discover her sister's seducer but finds him dead.

"Fairy Tale Wedding," in A Winter Wedding. Zebra, January 1998.
Characters: Verrick, Earl of Whitfield & Miss Georgiana Simms
Summary: On-the-shelf lady charged with bringing off the gala wedding of the Season falls for the groom's cousin.
Rating: good

The Matchmaking Ghost. Zebra, April 1998.
Characters: Anthony, Captain Lord Lambeth & Calpurnia Rycroft
Summary: Captain who seems to have given up on life keeps his promise to marry a fellow officer's sister.

"Sanctuary," in Bewitching Kittens. Zebra, October 1998.

"A Shocking Faux Paw," in Summer Kittens. Zebra, June 1999.
Characters: Nicholas Radlett, Viscount Breydon & Emma, Lady Stanyon
Summary: Widow encounters her first love in Brighton.
Setting: Brighton

The Candlelight Wish. Zebra, July 1999.
Characters: Sir Miles Saunderton & Miss Phoebe Caldicot
Summary: Fairy godmother unites a schoolteacher with the father of one of her pupils.

"Seduction," in Notorious & Noble. Zebra, July 1999.

The Moonlight Wish. Zebra, June 2000.
Characters: Viscount Ashtead & Lady Edwina Langston
Summary: Lady flees an unwanted engagement then accepts her intended fiance's help in trying to win enough money at cards to gain her independence.
Comments: Includes a fairy godmother.

"Inseparable," in Autumn Kittens. Zebra, September 2001.
Summary: A spunky kitten's friendship with a hound sparks another unlikely pairing as desire grows between the feline's willful mistress and a handsome Viscount.

Rebecca Bennett

A Merry Chase. Candlelight #691, 1981.
Heroine: Betta St. John
Summary: A bluestocking and aspiring novelist thinks she will remain a spinster.

Anne Benson

Escape to Love. Playboy, 1981.
Heroine: Selia Reagan
Summary: A governess discovers that taking care of a 16-year-old spitfire by day and partaking of the pleasures of Paris by night may be more than she can handle.
Setting: Paris

The Tangled Web. Playboy, 1981.
Characters: Mr. Charles Lattimore & Amanda Winthrop
Summary: Lady tries to pretend a man with amnesia is her long-lost brother to make her grandfather happy.

Love's Gentle Smile. Playboy, 1982.

Other Regencies as Anne Hillary.

Jessica Benson

Lord Stanhope's Proposal. Zebra, March 2000.
Characters: Tristan Rutherford-Hayes, Earl of Stanhope & Miss Calista Ashton
Summary: Earl is determined to rescue an independent-minded lady when his foppish cousin makes her the subject of a wager.
Setting: Sussex
Awards: Romance Journal Francis Award, Best Traditional Regency 2000; Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award for Best First Regency 2000.

Much Obliged. Zebra, April 2001.
Characters: John Fitzwilliam, Earl of Claremont & Addie Winstead
Summary: A lady refuses to marry the man she loves because she feels he is proposing out of obligation to a long-standing agreement between their families.
Setting: London & English countryside
Award: RITA for Best Regency, 2002

Nella Benson

The Reckless Wager. Bantam, 1980.
Characters: Captain Pierce Chinery & Lady Caroline Fairchild
Summary: Pampered lady finds herself in a Canadian frontier town courted by a rough American.

Louise Bergin

The Spinster and the Wastrel. Signet, January 2004.
Characters: Sir Gerard Montfort & Miss Annette Courtney
Summary: When she inherits an enormous sum of money from an unlikely benefactor, a lady must go up against the rightful heir when she decides to use the money to help the poor.
Rating: very good

A Worthy Opponent. Signet, May 2004.
Characters: Peregrine Campion & Miss Judith Shelton
Summary: Determined to marry for money to provide for her orphaned siblings, a lady sets her sights on a wealthy viscount but falls for his business partner instead.

The Winter Duke. Signet, April 2005.
Characters: Duke of Winterbourne & Miss Lydia Grenville
Summary: Seeking solace in the country after a failed London season, a lady is drawn to a duke's secretary, but scandal and deception threaten their secret romance.

Jo Beverley

Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed. Walker, 1988; reissued in paperback by Zebra, July 1990.
Characters: David Kyle, Earl of Wraybourne & Miss Jane Sandiford
Summary: Lady who thinks her fiance chose her for her fortune misinterprets his absences as he investigates a series of rapes committed by a member of the ton.
Rating: good

The Stanforth Secrets. Walker, 1989; reissued in paperback by Avon, 1991.
Characters: Justin Delamere & Chloe, Lady Stanforth
Summary: Husband's heir moves into a widow's home seeking papers that could indicate treason.

The Stolen Bride. Walker, 1990.
Characters: Lord Randal Ashby & Lady Sophie Kyle
Summary: Lady who thinks her fiance is losing interest as their wedding day approaches has more reason to fear when anonymous threatening letters begin to arrive.
Series: Characters introduced in Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed.

Emily and the Dark Angel. Walker, 1991; issued in paperback by Avon, 1992.
Characters: Piers Verderan, Lord Templemore & Miss Emily Grantwich
Summary: Lady caring for a peevish invalid father encounters a rake who is accused of having absconded with his family's fortune, leaving his mother in poverty.
Series: Hero introduced in The Stolen Bride; includes characters from The Fortune Hunter.
Award: Romance Writers of America RITA, Best Regency 1992

The Fortune Hunter. Walker, 1991.
Heroine: Mr. Harry Crisp & Miss Amy de Lacy
Summary: Gel seeks wealthy husband, finds love.
Rating: average

An Arranged Marriage. Zebra, July 1991; reissued by Zebra, September 1993 and November 1999.
Characters: Nicholas Delaney, Earl of Stainbridge & Miss Eleanor Chivenham
Summary: Lady forced into a compromising situation with a man has to marry his brother.
Setting: London
Series: Company of Rogues #1.

"Twelfth Night," in A Christmas Delight. Zebra, December 1991.
 Characters: Tyr Norman & Lady Alice Conyngham
 Summary: Lady learns the truth about a man she thought betrayed her six years ago.

An Unwilling Bride. Zebra, February 1992; reissued by Zebra, December 2000.
Characters: Lucien de Vaux, Lord Arden (duke's heir) & Miss Elizabeth Armitage
Summary: School teacher vows not to submit to the man who was forced to marry her in order to inherit a dukedom.
Setting: English countryside
Series: Company of Rogues #2.
Award: Romance Writers of America RITA, Best Regency 1993

"If Fancy Be the Food of Love," in A Regency Valentine. Fawcett, 1992.

"Lord Samhain's Night" in All Hallow's Eve. October, 1992.
Heroine: Phoebe Batsford
Summary: A childish superstition turns serious when a lady ends up engaged to the wrong brother, and only a ghost can sort things out.

Christmas Angel. Zebra, November 1992; reissued October 2001.
Characters: Leander Knollis, Earl of Charrington & Mrs. Judith Rossiter
Summary: Lord and widow expect a comfortable marriage of convenience.
Series: Company of Rogues #3. (#4 & #5 of this series are Regency historicals: Forbidden, Zebra 1994 & Dangerous Joy, Zebra 1995.)

Deirdre and Don Juan. Avon, 1993.
Characters: Mark Renfrew, Earl of Everdon & Lady Deirdre Stowe
Summary: Earl who wants a quiet wife after his first abandoned him ends up in a sham engagement with a lady who loves another.
Rating: good
Awards: Romance Writers of America RITA, Best Regency 1994; Romance Readers Anonymous Best Regency 1994

"A Mummer's Play," in A Regency Christmas [VII]. Signet, November 1995.
 Characters: Jack Beaufort, Duke of Cranmoore & Miss Justina Travers
 Summary: Lady disguises herself as a mummer to seek revenge on the man she thinks responsible for her fiance's death.

Now writes historical romances.

Website: www.sff.net/people/jobeverley

Laurie Bishop

The Best Laid Plans. Signet, November 2003.
Characters: Lord Weland & Miss Catherine Prescott D'Eauville
Summary: An American lady whose father wants her to marry a noble falls in love with the man hired to help her.

Deceiving Miss Dearborn. Signet, May 2004.
Characters: ‚€œMr. Wakefield‚€Ě & Annabelle Dearborn
Summary: A lady who has turned her family manor into a boarding house finds a wounded stranger with amnesia and hires him as a servant.

When Horses Fly. Signet, October 2005.
Characters: Alexander Neadow & Cora MacLaren
Summary: A penniless lady acts as a nurse for wealthy relatives until her cantankerous cousin decides to marry her in order to spite his son.

Lord Ryburn's Apprentice. Signet, January 2006.
Characters: Lord Ryburn & Georgiana Marland
Summary: Before she can be properly introduced to high society, a lady must be instructed in the ways of the ton by her guardian's great nephew.

Sheila Bishop

A Speaking Likeness. Fawcett, 1976.
Characters: Henry, Viscount Grove & Mrs. Diana Pentland
Summary: Widow adopts an illegitimate boy and meets a man who may be his father.
Setting: London, Essex, & the Midlands
Rating: excellent

Lucasta. Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Mr. Alexander Mortlow & Miss Elinor (Nell) Pearce
Summary: Plump, freckled lady who harbors a secret love for an eligible neighbor enlivens her dull life by keeping a journal about her best friend's romantic and ultimately tragic life.
Setting: Devon

The Rules of Marriage. Fawcett, 1978.

Honora Clare. Fawcett, 1981.
Characters: Marcus Colvin & Miss Honora Clare
Summary: Lady uses the houses she inherits in Bath to open a boarding school and is attracted to the father of one of her students.
Setting: Bath

A Well-Matched Pair. Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Duke of Melford & Miss Edith Bruton
Summary: Lady falls in love with a married man whose wife finally has a convenient carriage accident!
Rating: awful Comments: Hero was dreadful & selfish, leading on a young girl and making her miserable. Extremely disappointing from a usually fine author.

A Marriage Made on Earth. Mills & Boon, December 1990.
Characters: Richard, Lord Blaise & Pamela
Summary: A destitute lady agrees to marry the man to whom her godmother willed her fortune but is dismayed when her new husband always sides with another lady over her.

Fair Game. Masquerade, October 1992.
Characters: Mr. Tom Brooke & Miss Olivia Fenimore
Summary: Lady spending the summer with relatives in Devon finds that her cousin has been led astray by a rogue.
Setting: Devon

Also wrote other period romances.

Irene Loyd Black

A Husband for the Countess. Zebra, July 1990.
Characters: Waide Montaine, Marquis of Heatherdown & Sarah, Lady Worthington
Summary: Widowed countess who is too beautiful (!) pretends to be a drab servant to a lord who values honesty.
Rating: poor

A Charmed Betrothal. Zebra, March 1991.

A Mischievous Miss. Zebra, September 1991.
Characters: Julian Aynsworth, Earl of Wendsleydale & Ruanna Moreton
Summary: Lady fleeing an arranged marriage ends up in a slum from whence she is rescued by an earl who intends to make a marriageable lady out of her.

"Tattered Valentine," in Valentine's Day Treasure. Zebra, January 1992.
Characters: James Elston & Lucindia, Dowager Countess of Clarendon
Summary: Widow longs to be united with the childhood sweetheart whom her father considered ineligible.

The Duke's Easter Lady. Zebra, March 1993.
Characters: Ashton DeFleury, Duke of Attlebery & Lady Emma Winslow
Summary: Lady thrown off her estate accepts an invitation to stay with her brother's friend.
Setting: Sussex near Brighton

My Sweet Valentine. Zebra, January 1994.
Characters: Lord Ranleigh & Miss Cassandra Edwards
Summary: Lord picks an orphan to be his obediant wife but she refuses a loveless marriage.

Lady Sarah's Fancy. Zebra, November 1994.
Characters: Lord Nathan Adams & Lady Sarah Templeton
Summary: Lady returns from America intending to marry a rich lord to save her beloved estate, but falls in love with a poor man.

A Touch of Merry. Zebra, December 1995.
Characters: Lord Trenton Abshire (duke's younger son) & Miss Rachel Storm aka Rachel Ramey
Summary: Orphaned lady poses as a nursemaid to find her family.
Setting: Northumberland
Rating: poor Comments: Hero claims to have photographs of the villain's misdeeds! Erm, photography wasn't invented until years later and even then the awkward process hardly allowed for covert snaps! Also, should be Lord Trenton not Lord Abshire.

A Determined Lady. Zebra, November 1996.
Characters: Fitzgerald, Lord Castleberry & Miss Olivia Pembroke
Summary: In order to have her novel published, a Boston bluestocking answers an ad for a "plain Jane" to marry wealthy lord who loves another.
Setting: Boston (briefly) & Kent near Hythe

Catherine Blair

The Scandalous Miss Delaney. Zebra, August 1999.
Characters: Mr. Devin Forth (becomes Earl of Somerton) & Miss Madeleine Delaney
Summary: When the lord who put her virtue in question refuses to marry her, a lady must repair to the country where she finds the tutor who witnessed her rejection.
Setting: London & English countryside
Rating: good

The Hero Returns. Zebra, December 1999.
Characters: Hunter, Viscount Westhaven & Miss Amelia Harrow
Summary: Lady's fiance returns from the war a changed man harboring a secret that tests their love.
Setting: London

"Valentine Bride," in Valentine Kisses. Zebra, January 2000.
Characters: Austin Bourke & Margaret Fitzpatrick
Summary: Irish lady turns to her best friend when she learns her groom has cried off on their wedding day.

"The Rebellious Bride," in His Bride to Be. Zebra, May 2000.
Summary: Rich merchant's daughter and an impoverished lord are led to the altar.

"The Black Kitten," in Magical Kittens. Zebra, June 2000.
Characters: Lord Jonathan Griffith & Miss Lorna Harrington
Summary: A lord bets that he'll win the hand of a lady whose Egyptian antiquities he covets.

Athena's Conquest. Zebra, March 2001.
Characters: Dominic Solage & Athena Montgomery
Summary: A Frenchman in the secret employ of the foreign minister hides his love for a lady, causing her to believe he prefers her silly sister.
Setting: Bath

A Family for Gillian. Zebra, October 2001.
Characters: Carlton, Viscount Avery & Miss Gillian Harwell
Summary: A lady caught in a compromising position is forced to marry a widower with three unruly children.
Setting: Ireland

A Perfect Mismatch. Zebra, March 2002.
Characters: Lord Dorian Leydon & Celia Jordan
Summary: A lady who concocts a scheme to transform herself into someone else in order to make a gentleman fall in love with her must find a way to tell him the truth once her plan works.

A Scholarly Gentleman. Zebra, August 2002.
Characters: Professor Jordan Blakley, Viscount DeVaux & Phoebe, Lady DeVaux
Summary: A widow moves to Cambridge and meets the professor she once rejected in favor of his dashing cousin.

"The Rogue's Wife" in Untameable. Zebra, October 2002.
Characters: John & Charlotte Sinclair
Summary: A lady who is humiliated by her husband's philandering ways sets out to seduce him.

A Viscount for Christmas. Zebra, October 2003.
Characters: Lord Jack Harrow & Olivia Faraday
Summary: Arriving at his newly acquired country estate, a lord meets his match in the daughter of his doddering estate manager.
Setting: Bedfordshire
Rating: very good

A Notorious Lady. Zebra, October 2004.
Characters: John Caldwell & Lady Eleanor Whitcombe
Summary: Escaping from scandal to a quaint country town, a lady finds herself enjoying the company of Cambridge astronomy professor, but their newfound relationship is threated by her past indiscretions.

Audrey Blanshard

The Frensham Inheritance. Fawcett, 1974.
Characters: John Frensham & Miss Ann Dorville
Summary: An heiress who is resigned to marrying a gentleman who needs her fortune meets a mysterious young man and receives a surprise.

A Virginian at Vencombe. Fawcett, 1976.
Characters: Dr. Thaddeous Forbes & Caroline Quenby
Summary: English lady whose father hates Americans falls in love with an American naval surgeon prisoner-of-war.

Granborough's Filly. Fawcett, 1976.
Characters: Lord Granborough & Selina Darlton
Summary: Lady shipwrecked off Cornwall must depend on the help of a gambler to avoid death at the hands of wreckers.

The Chelbeck Charger. Fawcett, 1977.
Characters: Piers Aubery & Emily Marwood
Summary: A lady tries to dissuade her sister from pursuing a scoundrel.

The Shy Young Denbury. Fawcett, 1977.
Characters: Sir Henry Chirton & Almeira Denbury
Summary: Shy lady expected to marry a minister plots to become a rake's mistress.

The Fearns of Audley Street. Hale, 1978; reissued as Coventry #33, 1980.
Characters: Captain Moresby & Justina
Summary: A lady who is engaged to a viscount who promises to give up gambling has no intention of falling for a captain.

An Affair of Dishonor. 1979; reissued as Coventry #87, 1981.

Lucetta. Fawcett, 1979.
Characters: Hon. Vere Dalvin & Lucetta Wintringham
Summary: Lady who has turned down dozens of suitors falls in love, but he flees when her father suggests marriage.

The Lydeard Beauty. Hale, 1979; reissued as Coventry #17, 1980.
Characters: Lord John & Susan
Summary: A lady has no interest in marriage until she meets an elegant gentleman.

Sir Ranulf and the Runaway. Hale, 1979; reissued in paperback as Coventry #60, 1980.
Characters: Sir Ranulf Thrinby & Miss Isabella de Hyville; Mr. Carleton Amersham & Miss Bianca de Hyville; Mr. John de Hyville & Miss Helen Rishworth
Summary: The son and daughter of two eccentrics are kept apart by a family feud until the lady's sister helps a boy running away from the gentleman's house.
Rating: good See a review of this book.

Catherine. Fawcett, 1981.
Characters: Colonel Berrington & Catherine Ebford
Summary: Stubborn lady plots escape from her betrothed.

The Matchmakers. Hale, 1982.
Characters: Lord Robert & Miss Dulcia Brantham
Summary: A lady who loves Gothic novels meets an earl who writes them but becomes attracted to his brother.

Sara Blayne

Duel of the Heart. Zebra, June 1986.
Characters: Duke of Rathbourne & Lady Georgina Grey
Summary: Lady who nursed a duke after Talavera turns out to be his cousin's widow, but she has amnesia and doesn't remember their time together.
Setting: Cornwall

"The Christmas Bride," in A Christmas Holiday. Zebra, November 1990.

A Nobleman's Bride. Zebra, May 1991.
Characters: Damian Drake, Earl of Malvern & Brie Morgan
Summary: Lady betrothed as an infant tries to put off her fiance by acting like an idiot but he figures she'll do as well as anyone.

"Lords of Misrule," in A Christmas Delight. Zebra, December 1991.

"The Singular Miss Marsh," in A Mother's Love. Zebra, April 1993.
 Characters: Travers Dameron, Duke of Ratherton & Miss Rebecca Marsh
 Summary: Dowager summons her late daughter-in-law's cousin to help her son and his children recover from their grief.

Passion's Lady. Zebra, May 1993.
Characters: Earl of Shayle & Marie
Summary: Earl marries a lady with a secret in her past.

"The Gemel Ring." in A June Courtship. Zebra, May 1994.

An Elusive Guardian. Zebra, October 1994.
Characters: Duke of Radford & Miss Charity Wade
Summary: Lady who was rescued from pirates by a mysterious man who wed then abandoned her later discovers he's her guardian, but he seems not to recognize her and tries to marry her off.

An Easter Courtship. Zebra, March 1995.
Characters: Nicholas, Marquess of Danforth & Lady Jane Ashely
Summary: Reclusive lady encounters the man she holds responsible for her fiance's death.
Setting: Northamptonshire
Rating: excellent

A Noble Deception. Zebra, December 1995.
Characters: Philip Carmichael, Lord Lathrop & Lady Lucy Powell
Summary: Lady shuns an arranged marriage but falls in love with her disguised betrothed.
Rating: good

"Cupid's Arrow," in Valentine Love. Zebra, 1996.

Theodora. Zebra, September 1996.
Characters: Caleb Dameron, Earl of Styles & Miss Theodora Havelock
Summary: Empathic lady weds a lord to save him from dark powers.
Setting: On the Bristol Channel

"Dark Shadows," in Lords of the Night. Zebra, March 1997.

A Noble Pursuit. Zebra, September 1997.
Characters: Earl of Ransome & Lady Francine Powell
Summary: Lady wearing a risque disguise to spy on her sister's wayward husband asks an earl to kiss her to escape the attentions of a drunken squire.

A Noble Resolve. Zebra, June 1998.
Characters: Devon Roth, Earl of Ravenaugh & Lady Josephine Powell
Summary: Lady travelling to a spa on doctor's orders is rescued from an accident en route by an older man whose first wife died tragically; but while he determines not to pursue the young lady, she determines to win him.

"The Devilish Duke," in Dangerous and Dashing. Zebra, July 1998.
Characters: Sylvester Kane & Miss Eudora Precious
Summary: An angelic lady offers a scandalous invitation to a cad.

A Noble Heart. Zebra, July 2000.
Characters: William Powell, Viscount Lethridge & Felicity Talbot
Summary: Lady loves a lord who is infatuated with her cousin, but when he loses his memory after a duel she has a chance to win him.

Website: www.angelfire.com/ma/Blayne

Mary Blayney

His Heart's Delight. Zebra, January 2002.
Characters: Lord Morgan Braedon & Miss Christiana Lambert
Summary: A gentleman whose parents demand he choose a bride pretends to be engaged to a lady who is also trying to deceive her parents.
Setting: Sussex & London

His Last Lover. Zebra, November 2002.
Characters: James Braedon, Viscount Crandall & Marguerite Voisson
Summary: A bitter man finds his life taking a suprisingly happy turn when the new family housekeeper turns out to be a captivating Frenchwoman whose charming disposition and love of life melt his icy heart.
Setting: West Sussex
Series: Sequel to His Heart's Delight
Rating: very good

"Child of Her Heart," in A Husband for Mama. Zebra, April 2003.
Heroine: Caroline Morton
Summary: A governess tries to find a girl's relatives and is reunited with a lost love.

The Pleasure of His Company. Zebra, November 2003.
Characters: Mariel Braedon Whitlow
Summary: A lady summoned to London by her matchmaking grandmother becomes intrigued by a mysterious stranger.

The Captain's Mermaid. Zebra, September 2004.
Characters: Captain William Braedon Chartwell & Lavinia Stewart
Summary: A lady raised in Jamaica reluctanly comes to England for her debut and meets a sea captain.

Juliet Blyth

The Parfit Knight. St. Martin's, 1986.
Characters: Marquis of Amberly & Rosalind Vernon
Summary: Notorious rake is forced to take shelter in the home of a blind lady and arranges for her to have a Season.

Leonora Blythe

Felicia. Fawcett, 1978.

Lady Tara. Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Earl of Woodstock & Lady Tara Wardale
Summary: Lord shoots a highwayman then discovers it's a lady.

Helene. Coventry #6, 1979.
Characters: Captain Longford & Helene Ambel
Summary: A lady gets caught up in intrigue with a captain while trying to help her friends marry.

Miranda. Coventry #44, 1980.
Characters: Lord Romford & Miranda Haverfield
Summary: Guardian insists his ward marry the man who unmasked her at a rout.

Carolina. Fawcett, 1981.
Characters: Lord Pershore & Carolina Mallory
Summary: Lady whose father died in disgrace meets the lord who drove him to his final desperate act.

Sally. Coventry #156, 1981.

Evelyn Bond

The Heart's Intrigue. Zebra, August 1990.
Characters: Mr. Bryan Deverell & Lady Clarissa Tregallen
Summary: Cornish lady intended as a duke's bride finds a wounded man who may be a spy.
Setting: Cornwall & London
Rating: good

Meredith Bond

Miss Seton's Sonata. Zebra, January 2004.
Characters: Marquis of Merrick & Miss Teresa Seton
Summary: A lady who finds herself in a marriage of convenience with a man who vows never to love again uses the power of music to change his mind.

Wooing Miss Whately. Zebra, June 2004.
Characters: Lord Reath & Miss Sarah Whately
Summary: A lady arrives in Philadelphia to recover her family‚€™s jewels and is thwarted by the new owner of her grandfather‚€™s estate.

Love of My Life. Zebra, June 2005.
Characters: Julian Ritchie & Cassandra Renwick
Summary: Left a laughing stock of London by a rude aristocrat, a lady travels to India where she finds unexpected love in the arms of a man who is the son of an Englishman and an aristocratic Indian woman.

Dame Fortune. Zebra, September 2005.
Characters: St. John "Fungy" Fotheringay-Phipps & Rose Grace
Summary: An archeologist's daughter who has travelled the world is forced to settle down and find a wealthy husband to save her family from financial ruin.

Website: www.meredithbond.com

Rita Boucher

The Scandalous Schoolmistress. Avon, 1992.
Heroine: Guinevere Courtney
Summary: Plainly dressed lady running a country house becomes a respected member of society, but one man suspects she's hiding a secret past.

Miss Gabriel's Gambit. Avon, 1993.
Characters: David Rutherford & Miss Gabriel
Summary: Eligible bachelor besieged by flirtatious females declares that he'll marry the first lady who can beat him at chess.

A Misbegotten Match. Avon, 1994.
Characters: Sebastian Armitage & Amanda Westford
Summary: A widow with a secret past has to summon a rake home from the Caribbean to his elderly godmother's sickbed.

The Devil's Due. Signet, April 1996.
Characters: Duncan, Laird MacLean (Scottish earl) & Lady Katherine Steele
Summary: Lady disguised as widow of a Scottish laird is surprised when he appears.
Setting: Scotland
Rating: good
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, Best Regency Romance 1995-96

The Would-Be Witch. Signet, January 1997.
Characters: Lord Adam Brand & Miranda Wilton
Summary: Lady's mother and brother intend to choose her husband for her.

Lord of Illusions. Signet, June 1998.
Characters: Damien, Lord Wodesby & Rowan Du Le Fey
Summary: Witch poses as a governess so she can read her employer's mind and send military secrets to the French, but she is thwarted by a spymaster who happens to be a sorcerer and descendant of Merlin.

The Poet and the Paragon. Signet, January 1999.
Characters: Sir Michael Fairgrove & Miss Rebecca Creighton
Summary: Poet urges his destitute friend to marry the lady he jilted years ago so his father will pay his debts, but finds he is falling for the lady himself.
Setting: London
Rating: very good

Joanna Watkins Bourne

Her Ladyship's Companion. Avon, 1983.
Heroine: Melissa Rivenwood
Summary: A lady leaves her position as a teacher at a seminary to become a companion, never imagining what lay ahead.

Virginia Bown

The Veiled Vixen. Walker, 1992.
Characters: Marquess of Brodhurst & Lady Alicia Granville
Summary: Lady who is reluctant to marry the man her father chose for her changes her mind when she finds out he wants nothing to do with her.

Valerie Bradstreet

The Fortune Wheel. Avon, 1981.
Characters: Marquess of Carrigan & Miss Emily Brooke
Summary: Lady contends with a variety of suitors, thieving servants, and kidnapping.
Setting: London

Patricia Bray

A London Season. Zebra, October 1997.
Characters: Matthew Kingsley, Viscount Glendale & Miss Jane Sedgwick
Summary: Country miss is shocked to discover a lord bet on her success during her Season.
Setting: London
Rating: excellent

An Unlikely Alliance. Zebra, October 1998.
Characters: Alexander Maxwell, Earl of Kerrigan & Miss Magda Beaumont
Summary: Earl suspects a fortune teller of being in cahoots with those who fixed a race so that his horse would lose, but he discovers that her life is in danger from her mother's killer.
Setting: London
Rating: very good

"Charlotte's Kitten," in Bewitching Kittens. Zebra, October 1998.

Lord Freddie's First Love. Zebra, September 1999.
Characters: George Pennington, Viscount Frederick & Miss Anne Webster
Summary: When a lady returns home with her nephew and gossip circulates that the child is really hers, the only person to offer her friendship is a childhood companion.
Setting: English countryside

The Irish Earl. Zebra, March 2000.
Characters: Gerald FitzDesmond, Earl of Kilgarvan & Lady Felicity Winterbourne
Summary: Independent lady proposes a marriage of convenience to an impoverished Irish earl.
Setting: London & Ireland

A Most Suitable Duchess. Zebra, December 2001.
Hero: Marcus Heywood, Duke of Torringford & Miss Penelope Hastings
Summary: A duke who must marry before his thirtieth birthday or lose his estate composes an ad for a wife in jest, but when it is published he is besieged with letters from ladies hoping to fill the position.
Setting: Edinburgh & the Lake District

The Wrong Mr. Wright. Zebra, March 2002.
Characters: Stephen Wright, Viscount Endicott & Miss Diana Somerville
Summary: A lady is torn between the rake who ruined her and his elder brother whose offer of marriage restored her reputation.

Mary Brendan

Gentleman's Mistress. Zebra, March 1986.
Characters: Mark Tarrington, Earl of Winslade & Mrs. Sarah Thornley
Summary: Widow becomes governess to a rake's children.
Setting: Surrey & London

Beloved Avenger. Zebra, November 1991.
Characters: Sir Clifford Moore & Emily
Summary: Lady is drawn to a man seeking revenge on her family.

Mr. Trelawney's Proposal. Mills & Boon, January 1999; reissued by Harlequin, March 2001; reissued by Mills & Boon, October 2002, in Regency Rakes, vol. 1 with Gallant Waif by Anne Gracie.
Characters: Luke Trelawney & Miss Rebecca Nash
Summary: After the death of the lord who gave a lady refuge in her time of need, his new heir mistakes her for a mistress and offers her a carte blanche.
Setting: Near Brighton in Sussex

A Kind and Decent Man. Mills & Boon, February 2000; reissued by Harlequin, July 2001.
Characters: David Hardinge, Viscount Courtenay & Mrs. Victoria Hart
Summary: An impoverished widow offers a marriage of convenience to the gentleman who once abandoned her, but he offers her a carte blanche instead.
Setting: Berkshire, Hertfordshire & London

The Silver Squire. Mills & Boon, March 2000; reissued by Harlequin, November 2001.
Characters: Richard du Quesne & Miss Emma Worthington
Summary: An on-the-shelf lady whose indebted father wants to marry her to a roue flees to Bath and encounters a man who's determined to rescue her.
Setting: Bath

A Roguish Gentleman. Mills & Boon, April 2001; reissued by Harlequin, December 2003.
Characters: Viscount Stratton & Lady Elizabeth Rowe
Summary: A lady suspects that a gentleman has agreed to marry her for money or revenge.

Wedding Night Revenge. Mills & Boon, December 2001.
Characters: Major Connor Flinte, Earl of Devane & Rachel Meredith
Summary: A lady's father loses the family home to a man seeking revenge on her for jilting him.

The Unknown Wife. Mills & Boon, January 2004.
Characters: Colonel Etienne Hauke & Isabel
Summary: A colonel learns he has a son by a disgraced Society beauty who wants him to marry her for the sake of the child.

The Scandalous Marriage. Mills & Boon, February 2005.
Characters: William & June
Summary: A lady becomes concerned when she fails to conceive after three years of marriage and her husband's former love returns.

The Rake and the Rebel. Mills & Boon, October 2005
Characters: Adam, Marquess of Rockingham & Miss Silver Meredith
Summary: After an elopement goes wrong, a lady's reputation depends on the silence of a rake she once rejected.

A Practical Mistress. Mills & Boon, May 2006.
Characters: Sir Jason Hunter & Helen Marlowe
Summary: A gentleman with honorable intentions is surprised when a destitute young widow offers to be his mistress.

Elizabeth Brodnax

The Marquis of Carabas. Walker, 1991; reissued as A Splendid Scheme. Jove, 1994.
Characters: Alec Carrock & Catherine Brown
Summary: Lady who travels the Continent with her father concocting various schemes comes to London disguised as a Marchesa and meets a man to whom she wants to reveal herself.
Setting: London

The Countess and the Butler. Five Star, 2001; reissued by Signet, September 2004.
Characters: Prince Michael of Estavia & Natalie Cheney
Summary: A widow hires a new butler who is actually a peniless prince trying to support himself.

Bethany Brooks

Her Perfect Earl. Signet, July 2005.
Characters: Earl of Ashford & Esmerelda Fortune
Summary: A lady gets more than she bargained for when she becomes a governess to an earl's five children in order to get her hands on an ancient manuscript.

Caroline Brooks

An Old Scandal. Signet, April 1985.
Characters: Lord Umberto & Lady Leonora Ware
Summary: A lady is unable to resist falling in love with the man who killed her husband in a duel.

Marchman's Lady. Signet, February 1986.
Characters: Lord Peter Marchman & Sarah Goldsborough
Summary: A lady marries an eligible gentleman and finds herself fighting for his love with a society belle.

The Runaway Princess. Signet, April 1987.
Characters: George Ventor, Viscount Wentworth & Miss Elizabeth Webster
Summary: Lady helps a childhood friend out of a scrape with Princess Caroline.

A Sea Change. Signet, December 1987.
Characters: Mr. Robert Darnley & Miss Augusta Webb
Summary: Lady novelist working on her latest romance in a cottage by the sea meets the man who jilted her years ago.
Setting: Sussex coast
Rating: good

Regency Rose. Signet, September 1988.
Characters: Earl of Llandath & Kate Vaughn
Summary: Earl who causes a lady to lose her position insists on taking responsibility for her.

Other Regencies as Rebecca Baldwin.

Website: www.writepage.com/authors/chappell.htm (outdated)

Francesca Brooks

A Durable Fire. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Lord Lydford & Miss Antonia Marlowe
Summary: Lord woos a lady once courted by Byron.
Rating: average Comments: That Byron sure got around...

Diana Brown

The Emerald Necklace. St. Martin's, 1980; reissued by Signet, March 1981.
Characters: Mr. Etienne Lambert & Lady Leonora Fordyce
Summary: Lady marries a self-made man of illegitimate birth to save her father from debt, but when she comes to love her husband she fears she has mistreated him for too long.

Come Be My Love. St. Martin's, 1981; reissued by Signet, March 1983.
Characters: Mr. Darius Wentworth (baron's heir) & Miss Alexandra Cox-Neville
Summary: Lady in love with a childhood friend who is betrothed to another takes up writing and becomes the Toast of the literary world.

A Debt of Honour. Signet, March 1982; reissued by Signet, March 1987.
Characters: Peter, Lord Chalmsforth & Miss Fiona Guthrie
Summary: Lord mistakes lady for an adventuress and offers her money for her favors; she later tries to take him up on his offer when her brother gambles away their estate.
Setting: Near Newmarket in Suffolk & in London
Rating: very good

St. Martin's Summer. Signet, July 1982.
Characters: Lord Conniston Venables & Miss Josephine Trafford
Summary: Lady who dislikes London meets a London lord forced to visit the country, which he dislikes.

The Sandalwood Fan. St. Martin's, 1983; issued in paperback by Signet, June 1984.
Characters: Lord Charles Mortimer & Mrs. Penelope Bransom
Summary: A war hero who is the Season's most sought-after bachelor falls in love with a quiet, nature-loving widow who is sponsoring her younger sister.
Rating: excellent See a review of this book.

Lizbie Brown

Golden Dolly. Pageant, 1988.
Characters: Edward Knight & Fanny Milbanke
Summary: Lady visiting a cousin causes a neighbor to fall from his horse.

Toni Marsh Bruyere

Man about Town. Harlequin, September 1985.
Characters: Julian, Viscount Dudley & Alida Grofton
Summary: Lady escaping from her uncle's house is set upon by footpads and asks help from a lord on his way to town to cut a dash.

Beth Bryan

What Lucinda Learned. Harlequin #50, May 1991.
Characters: Beau Devereux & Miss Lucinda Neville
Summary: Lady agrees to a Season even though she intends to marry her neighbor.

A Managing Female. Harlequin #64, December 1991.
Characters: Lord Auberon Crichton & Miss Deborah Stormont
Summary: Lady takes an unconscious man whom she finds on the docks to France thinking he's going there, but he was actually on his way to propose to a lady.
Setting: On the way to France

Gayle Buck

Love's Masquerade. Signet, June 1986.
Characters: Jonathan Markham & Lady Hetta Stanton
Summary: Drab lady who is turned into a beauty by her guardian finds herself courted by three gentlemen.

The Demon Rake. Signet, December 1986; reissued by Signet, September 1991.
Characters: Lord Damion St. Claire & Victoria March
Summary: Uncle of a rake asks a widow to marry his nephew to save the family name, but she hesitates to give her heart to a scoundrel who would break it.

Lord John's Lady. Signet, March 1988; reissued by Signet, December 1995.
Characters: Lord John Stokes (younger son) & Miss Sophia Wyndham
Summary: Lady loves the gentleman who escorts her home from St. Petersburg.
Rating: average

The Righteous Rakehell. Signet, November, 1988; reissued by Signet, November 1993.
Characters: Justin Avery & Lady Catherine Talbot
Summary: A lord plans a marriage of convenience that will allow him to pursue his pleasures but he finds himself enamored of his bride-to-be.

Willowswood Match. Signet, June 1989; reissued by Signet, October 1993.
Characters: Andrew Townsend, Viscount Wythe & Miss Miranda Wainwright
Summary: American lady burned by love moves to her English cousin's estate.
Setting: Cornwall (briefly) & Devon

"Old Acquaintances," in A Regency Christmas I. Signet, November 1989.
Characters: Sir Peregrine Ashford & Miss Judith Grantham
Summary: A lady helps a runaway heiress stranded by a coaching accident and discovers that the girl's guardian is the gentleman she once jilted.

Honor Besieged. Signet, September 1990.
Characters: Duke of Ashford & Theresa Thaleman
Summary: Lady who is the target of a rake loves a duke who is the target of a scheming lady.

Hearts Betrayed. Signet, January 1991.
Heroine: Michelle du Bois
Summary: Lady who has broken many hearts risks her own when she falls for a pitiless lord.

Mutual Consent. Signet, April 1991.
Characters: Marcus, Earl of Chatworth & Miss Barbara Cribbage
Summary: Lady whose father married her off to an impoverished earl is tired of being used.
Setting: London

The Waltzing Widow. Signet, July 1991.
Heroine: Lady Mary Spence
Summary: A widow who loved her much older husband thinks she has found the perfect match for her daughter.

A Chance Encounter. Signet, November 1991.
Characters: Lord Humphrey Dewesbury & Miss Joan Chadwick
Summary: A drunken lord nearly runs down a lady with his carriage then makes her an offer she can't refuse.

The Hidden Heart. Signet, May 1992.
Characters: Miles Trilby, Earl of Walmsley & Lady Caroline Eddington
Summary: Lady's best friend asks her to help him avoid marriage.

"Holybrooke Curse," in Full Moon Magic. Signet, 1992.

Miss Dower's Paragon. Signet, July 1993.
Characters: Mr. Peter Hawkins & Miss Evelyn Dower
Summary: Lady won't accept the man who's been ordered to marry her unless he truly loves her.

"Season of Joy," in A Regency Christmas V. Signet, November 1993.

The Desperate Viscount. Signet, December 1993.
Characters: Sinjin, Viscount St. John & Miss Mary Pepperidge
Summary: Lord whose hopes of inheritance are dashed seeks to marry a rich Cit's daughter.

Lord Rathbone's Flirt. Signet, December 1994.
Characters: Henry, Lord Rathbone & Miss Verity Worth
Summary: Lord thinks an impoverished lady is fair game for an unseemly flirtation.

Lady Althea's Bargain. Signet, September 1995.
Characters: Gareth Marshall, Viscount Lynley & Lady Althea Hawthorne
Summary: Lady who wants a happy marriage defies her husband by following him to Brussels.

Love for Lucinda. Signet, January 1996.
Heroine: Lady Lucinda Mays
Summary: Widow of a libertine eschews marriage but is courted by her husband's heir.
Rating: good

Fredericka's Folly. Signet, August 1996.
Characters: Sebastian, Viscount Satterwaite & Miss Fredericka Hedgeworth
Summary: Lady would rather stay in the country with her horses than have a Season.
Setting: English countryside & London
Rating: fair Comments: Hero and heroine weren't even together for first half of the book!

Lady Cecily's Scheme. Signet, April 1997.
Heroine: Lady Cecily Lester
Summary: When her daughter refuses to go to London for a Season, a lady brings a bevy of suitors to their country estate.

A Magnificent Match. Signet, December 1997.
Characters: Prince Mikhail Kirov & Miss Megan O'Connell
Summary: Lady leaves her lonely life in Ireland for the social whirl of St. Petersburg, where a Russian prince seeks to conquer her.
Setting: St. Petersburg

Tempting Sarah. Signet, March 1998.
Characters: Gilbert, Lord Eustace & Miss Sarah Sommers
Summary: When a lord assists two country sisters on their way to London, he is smitten with one while the other secretly loves him.
Setting: London

The Chester Charade. Signet, May 1999.
Characters: Jeffrey Halston or Lord Cardiff & Miss Chastity Cummings
Summary: Lady at a house party is torn between two men as she tries to investigate a series of thefts.

Cassandra's Deception. Signet, June 2000.
Characters: Mr. Philip Raven & Miss Cassandra Weatherstone
Summary: Lady separated from her twin at an early age has secretly kept in touch with her and switches places with her to learn more about her life.
Setting: English countryside

Belle's Beau. Signet, December 2000.
Characters: Lord Adam Ashdon & Miss Belle Weatherstone
Summary: A lord is miffed when the lady he intends to marry does not recognize him, not realizing she is actually that lady's twin.
Setting: London
Series: Sequel to Cassandra's Deception (2000).

Lord Darlington's Darling. Signet, January 2002.
Characters: Lord Darlington & Abby Fairchilde
Summary: Lord Darlington is too busy handling his family's dwindling estate and caring for his orphaned siblings to worry about romance, until he encounters a demure young lady with little interest in marriage.

Cupid's Choice. Signet, September 2002.
Characters: Sir Frederick Hawkesworth & Guinevere Holland
Summary: A shy lady seems unlikely to find a suitable husband during her Season, until she meets an intriguing gentleman who finds himself drawn to the reserved beauty.

The Fleeing Heiress. Signet, May 2003.
Characters: Lord David Cardiff & Miss Thea Strafford
Summary: An heiress is saved from an unwanted marriage by one of Wellington's aides-de-camp, but then they must marry to save her reputation.
Setting: On the road
Rating: very good

"Christmas Cheer" in Regency Christmas Courtship. Signet, October 2005.

Linore Rose Burkard

Before the Season Ends. Xulon Press, June 2005. Self-published; available on  Amazon.
Characters: Miss Ariana Forsythe
Summary: A lady travels from her home in the village of Chesterton to London for the Season.
Note: This is a Christian traditional Regency romance - the first of its kind to be published.

Diana Burke

The Impoverished Heiress. Candlelight #681, October 1981.
Characters: Major Wyndham Crawford & Samantha
Summary: A major is surprised at a lady's modest dress, which is not what he would have expected from the granddaughter of Phineas Crawford.

Geraldine Burrows

Miss Thornrose and the Rake. Five Star, 1999; reissued by Signet, October 2004.
Characters: Alaric Tierney & Miss Verity Thornrose
Summary: A reforming young miss accosts an earl in order to gain entry to a Cyprian's ball.

Miss Sedgewick and the Spy. Five Star, 2000.
Characters: Colonel MacRory Holt & Miss Drusilla Sedgewick
Summary: Wellington's top military intelligence officer recruits a young lady into the spying game.

Mary Butler

Deception So Agreeable. Harlequin, October 1986.
Characters: Lord Nicholas Devlin & Lady Bradamant Mount-Aubin
Summary: A lady determines to teach a lesson to a notorious rake whose proposal she does not take seriously.

The Gallant Heiress. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Jesse Norwood & Lady Annabelle Gallant
Summary: Lady masquerading as a governess to escape the villain out to steal her fortune ends up on bachelor's doorstep in snowstorm.

The Genuine Article. Diamond, 1991.
Characters: Lord Tony Varrieur & Emily Meriton
Summary: Lady's fiance's claim is challenged by a man claiming to be the true heir who was believed dead.

Nancy Butler

Lord Monteith's Gift. Signet, January 1998.
Characters: Robert MacIntyre, Earl of Monteith & Evelynne Marriott
Summary: Lady who disguises herself as a boy so she can work to support her family goes to the rescue of an abducted earl who saved her brother's life.
Setting: London & Camden Town & near Southampton in Hampshire
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, Best First Regency 1998

Keeper of the Swans. Signet, September 1998.
Characters: Romulus & Miss Diana Exeley
Summary: Lady fleeing an arranged marriage sails down the Thames to an island where she meets a gentle man who tends the swans.

The Rake's Retreat. Signet, April 1999.
Characters: Mr. Beecham Bryce & Lady Jemima Vale
Summary: Lady encounters a rake in the company of a young girl who has witnessed a murder and agrees to act as the girl's chaperone.
Setting: Kent
Rating: excellent
Awards: Romance Writers of America RITA, Best Regency 2000; Romantic Journal Francis Award, Best Traditional Regency 1999

The Bartered Heart. Signet, August 1999.
Characters: Mr. Griffin Darrowby & Miss Gates Underhill
Summary: Penniless rogue sets out to court an heiress but meets a beautiful waif along the way.
Setting: Cheshire
Rating: very good

The Ramshackle Suitor. Zebra, March 2000.
Characters: Mr. Roderick Kempthorne & Miss Lucy Parnell
Summary: Lady defies her domineering stepbrother by seeking her missing sister on the Isle of Man, where she finds an injured man.
Setting: Isle of Man

"The Gift of the Spoons," in A Regency Christmas Eve. Signet, October 2000.
Characters: Christopher Herne & Pippa Spoon
Summary: A man whose son has a wasting disease seeks out a woman rumored to have healing powers.
Rating: good

The Prodigal Hero. Signet, November 2000.
Characters: MacHeath & Miss Alexa Prescott
Summary: A former sailor regains his honor by rescuing the daughter of his former employer, but he never imagined he'd also rescue her heart.
Setting: On the road from London to Exeter in Devon

Reclaiming Lord Rockleigh. Signet, September 2001.
Characters: Lord Rockleigh Conniston & Miss Mercy Tatlock
Summary: A lady tries to prevent a rake from suing her family's newspaper and dueling with her younger brother.
Setting: London

"The Merry Wanderer" in Regency Christmas Spirits. Signet, October 2001.
Characters: Robin Goodfellow & Julia, Lady Islay
Summary: A widow is facing the loss of her home when a charming stranger appears.

The Discarded Duke. Signet, August 2002.
Characters: William Ridd & Ursula Roarke
Summary: A destitute widow agrees to sell her late husband's bloodstock to a duke hoping to lure him into marriage, but the duke's bailiff could throw a wrench into her plans.
Setting: Devon

Prospero's Daughter. Signet, May 2003.
Characters: Mr. Morgan Pearce & Miranda Runyan
Summary: A gentleman hired to write a general's memoirs is attracted to a lady recovering from a carriage accident.
Setting: Windermere in the Lake District

Castaway Hearts. Signet Super Regency, March 2004.
Characters: Captain Matthew Frobisher & Miss Lydia Peartree
Summary: Forced to take a frivolous socialite on a voyage, a captain who trains young men in the ways of espionage revises his opinon of the lady when her courage and tenacity is revealed during a brutal storm that leaves them shipwrecked.

The Barkin Emeralds. Signet, June 2004.
Characters: Gulliver MacGuigan aka Black Collum & Miss Maggie Bonner
Summary: A lady is kidnapped by a pirate in a case of mistaken identity.

The Kindness of a Rogue. Signet, November 2004.
Characters: Grenville Martyn & Miss Sara Cobb
Summary: While on the way to her new post as governess, a lady is drawn to fellow traveler who is plagued by scandalous rumors, but when she reaches her destination, her belief in his innocence is sorely tested.

"Christmas with Dora Davenport," in Regency Christmas Courtship. Signet, October 2005.

Julia Byrne

Ravensdene's Bride. Mills & Boon, August 1996; reissued by Mills & Boon, 1999, in The Regency Collection,volume 6, with Elizabeth Bailey's Hidden Flame.
Characters: Nicholas Dalton, Earl of Ravensdene & Sarah
Summary: A lord travels to Sussex to uncover a spy and encounters a lady whose family is among the suspects.
Setting: Sussex

Scandal and Miss Smith. Mills & Boon, October 1997; reissued by Harlequin, October 2000.
Characters: Sebastian, Baron Deverell & Miss Phoebe Smith
Summary: The governess of an unruly brood appeals to her charges' uncle but he thinks she is offering herself to him as a mistress.
Setting: London

An Independent Lady. Mills & Boon, July 2000; reissued by Harlequin, July 2001.
Characters: Earl of Hawkbridge & Mrs. Amaris "Amy" Chantry
Summary: A lord heads to Devon to oust his grandmother's new companion, whom he assumes to be a schemer.
Setting: Devon

Also writes medieval romances.

New Traditional Regencies

Linda Banche

A Gift from the Stars. Linda Banche Books, 2013.
Summary: A stone from the stars brings a wounded hero health and happiness with a beautiful lady. Self-published.


Sarah Baughman

Penelope's Hope. GraftedHeart, 2015.
Summary: A secret artist and a young man enter a mutually beneficial engagement, with some light mystery and strong Christian themes. Self-published. 


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