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Julie Caille

The Scandalous Marquis. Zebra, April 1990; reissued by Zebra, March 1993.
Characters: Marquis of Vale & Amanda
Summary: Impoverished orphan is embarrassed when the lord courting her rich, vain cousin mistakes her for a housemaid.

A Change of Heart. Zebra, January 1991.
Characters: Geoffrey, Earl of Lucan & Mrs. Diana Verney
Summary: Widow who had been forced to marry a wastrel doubts the honorable intentions of a renowned rake.
Setting: London
Rating: good

A Valentine's Day Fancy. Zebra, January 1992.
Characters: Gerard Marchant, Viscount Laverstoke & Miss Valentina Jardine
Summary: Lady's cousin tries to match her with the man whom the lady holds responsible for a broken engagement.
Setting: The Cotswolds in Gloucestershire

"Journey's End," in A Mother's Heart. Zebra, May 1992.
 Characters: Anton Aubrey, Marquess of Taunton & Miss Carissa Canfield
 Summary: When a lady refuses to give up her sister's orphan to the girl's paternal uncle, he invites her to come along.

The Rake and His Lady. Zebra, January 1993.
Characters: Anthony Stanton, Viscount Carrock & Linnea Leyton
Summary: Forced into marriage to cover her family's debts, a lady finds love with an infamous rake.
Setting: London
Series: Includes characters from The Scandalous Marquis and Change of Heart.

An Impetuous Bride. Zebra, October 1993.
Characters: Derek Deveaux & Miss Stacia Ashcroft
Summary: Heiress posing as a rich widow loses her hand in marriage to a rake at cards.

"Sarita," in Lessons in Love. Zebra, August 1994.
Characters: Robert, Marquess of Cheriton & Lady Sarita Rhodes
Summary: Lady who thinks love is a myth seeks a marriage of convenience until she meets a darkly mysterious lord.

"Becky," in Rogues and Rakes. Zebra, April 1996.

Shirley Callander

The Reluctant Heir. Diamond, 1992.
Characters: Marcus, Viscount Darnborough & Miss Karenza Coningsby
Summary: Lady schemes to free herself and her sisters from their new guardian's dictates.
Setting: Huntingdonshire

June Calvin

The Baron and the Bookseller. Signet, August 1994.
Characters: Stuart, Baron Langley & Miss Gwynneth Dunlevy
Summary: Quiet bookseller exchanges correspondence on politics and women's rights with a baron under a false name.
Rating: very good
Award: Romance Writers of America Golden Heart, Best Regency 1993.

The Jilting of Baron Pelham. Signet, December 1994.
Characters: Montgomery, Baron Pelham & Miss Davida Gresham
Summary: Among a lady's three suitors is a baron who was jilted by the Season's beauty and is out for revenge.

Miss Henderson's Secret. Signet, August 1995.
Characters: Earl of Dudley & Miss Eden Henderson
Summary: Lady is tempted by a lord who writes on the virtues of free love.

The Duke's Desire. Signet, March 1996.
Characters: Duke of Harwood & Deborah, Viscountess Silverton
Summary: Widow of an abusive man pushes her daughter at a duke but falls for him herself.
Rating: good

My Lord Ghost. Signet, October 1996.
Characters: Mr. Mark Camden & Miss Juliette Berceau
Summary: Libertine thinks a ghost is commanding him to take a lady as his bride but she is attracted to his cousin.
Setting: English countryside

Isabella's Rake. Signet, June 1997.
Characters: Mr. Harrison Curzon & Miss Isabella Eardley
Summary: Lady who wants to be a painter takes lessons in art and love from a rake.
Setting: London

My Lady Ghost. Signet, December 1998.
Characters: Thorn D'Aumont, Marquess of Silverthorne & Allison Weatherby
Summary: Lord and lady try to deny their love while combatting a villain and seeking a hidden treasure.

Siege of Hearts. Signet, July 1999.
Characters: Jack Stanwell, Viscount Maitland & Miss Amanda Garfield
Summary: Lady who assumes a handsome lord is courting her beautiful sister refuses to marry him after they are forced to spend the night together on an island.
Setting: Yorkshire
Rating: excellent

A Lord for Olivia. Signet, April 2002.
Characters: Lord Edmund Debham & Olivia Ormhill
Summary: A lady who hasn't trusted a man since a past love broke her heart finds a gentleman's frank, charming demeanor to be a most refreshing surprise.
Setting: Buckinghamshire

Abducting Amy. Signet, July 2003.
Characters: Amy Armstrong
Summary: A lady forced into a marriage of convenience with a penniless farmer is resigned to a life of poverty until she is whisked off to London by a mysterious stranger.

The Last Leprechaun. Signet, July 2004.
Characters: Lord Wayneathe & Elizabeth Longford
Summary: A lord helps a lady save a magical forest where they played as children.

The Ruby Ghost. Signet, January 2006.
Characters: James Betterton & Penelope Jones
Summary: A governess is faced with otherworldly specters that want to bestow upon her a great treasure, leading her into the arms of notorious rake.

Miranda Cameron

A Scandalous Bargain. Signet, August 1983.
Characters: Earl of Cardyle & Valeria
Summary: A lady will do anything to save her brother's good name after he gives worthless promissory notes to an earl.

The Meddlesome Heiress. Signet, December 1983.
Characters: Viscount Rotherford & Miss Diantha Cunningham
Summary: Viscount is forced to manage the property of an heiress whom he considers common.

The Reluctant Abigail. Signet, September 1984.
Characters: Marquis of Wrotham & Lady Gabriela Pennington
Summary: Lady disguises herself as a servant in the home of a distant cousin to discover whether rumors that she is in love with a fortune hunter are true.

Lord Cleary's Revenge. Signet, August 1985.
Characters: Earl of Cleary & Felicia Mannering
Summary: A betrothed lady finds herself courted by a man whose brother was killed by her fiance.

The Dissolute Duke. Signet, September 1986.
Characters: Alastair Devenish, Duke of Malvern & Miss Celeste Robinson
Summary: Lady despises a duke for his shocking behavior and his cruelty to his siblings.
Setting: On the coast in Sussex

The Undaunted Bride. Signet, March 1987.
Characters: Gareth Risborough, Baron Brook & Beatrice, Lady Brook
Summary: Lady refuses to submit to her domineering husband.

Caroline Campbell

Love Masque. Walker, 1982.
Characters: Geoffrey Hollingstone, Marquis of Reightfort & Miss Caitlin Deverell
Summary: Lady visiting friends in London encounters the man her grandmother tried to match her with six years ago, but he doesn't recognize her and mockingly recounts a tale of a shy, lovestruck lady he was once sent to court.

Diana Campbell

Lord Margrave's Deception. Signet, April 1982.
Characters: Lord Margrave & Miranda Russell
Summary: Poor lady accepts a sham marriage to a lord who wants to avoid scheming ladies.

A Marriage of Inconvenience. Signet, November 1982; reissued by Signet, October 1991.
Characters: Viscount Sheridan & Marietta Chase
Summary: When a lady arrives at her fiance's home to find only his older brother, she is forced to accept his proposal; but when her fiance returns she's tempted by him.

The Reluctant Cyprian. Signet, June 1983.
Characters: Mr. Nicholas Stafford & Miss Juliet Brandon
Summary: Impoverished miss goes along with a gentleman's mistaken assumption that she's a Cyprian.
Setting: London

The Counterfeit Countess. Signet, December 1983.
Characters: Earl of Worsham & Miss Selina Hewson
Summary: Lady poses as the wife of an earl who wants to win his grandmother's approval and money.

Family Affairs. Signet, July 1984.
Characters: Chadwick, Viscount Fullerton & Mrs. Guinevere Hathaway
Summary: Widow teams up with a viscount to prevent her mother from marrying his rakish father.
Setting: London

Payment in Kind. Signet, January 1985.
Characters: Jonathan Shelton & Molly Trevor
Summary: Daughter of a money lender teams up with a man claiming to be a lord's lost son in order to enter society.

Kissing Cousins. Signet, May 1986.
Characters: Viscount Trowbridge & Cecily Osborne
Summary: Viscount marries his distant cousin to save her from scandal but seems to be after her money.

The Earl's Invention. Signet, October 1986.
Characters: Earl of Sedgewick & Miss Bonnie Gordon
Summary: Poor lady agrees to pretend to be the niece of an earl who wants to ward off hopeful heirs and matchmaking mamas.

A Breath of Scandal. Signet, October 1987.
Characters: Edward Sutton, Earl of Langham & Susanna Sutton, Lady Langham
Summary: Wife of an earl who apparently married for money and then went to America for three and a half years is on the verge of remarrying when her husband returns.
Setting: London
Rating: very good

The Late Lord Latimer. Signet, November 1988.
Characters: Mr. Jeffrey Sinclair & Miss Catherine Morrow
Summary: Lady enters society under a false name.
Setting: Bermuda (briefly) & London

Elisabeth Carey

Twist of Chance. Coventry #102, 1981.

Debt of Honour. Fawcett, 1982.
Characters: Marquess of Hawkeworth & Sarah Davenant
Summary: Boy loses his sister to a lord in a card game.

Marriage by Bequest. Coventry #165, 1982.
Characters: Earl of Venning & Melissa Grey
Summary: Lady is angry at the earl who is the guardian of a lord who's pursuing her sister's fortune.

Susannah Carleton

"The Viscount's Angel" in A Regency Sampler. Regency Press, 1999.

"The Unexpected Guest" in A Winter Holiday Sampler. Regency Press, 2000 (e-book) & 2001 (print).

A Scandalous Journey. Signet, Septmeber 2002.
Characters: George Winterbrook, Earl of Weymouth & Beth Castleton
Summary: When a gentleman is kidnapped by an eccentric divorcee with marital designs, he manages to escape along with an American lady who is a fellow hostage.
Series: Book 1 of "The Six"

The Marriage Campaign. Signet, February 2003.
Characters: Robert Symington, Marquess of Elston & Miss Karla Lane
Summary: A lord whose father leaves him a list of 20 eligible ladies from which to choose a wife thinks they are all the same until one particular lady catches his eye.
Setting: London (mainly) & On the road from Cumberland through Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire, Leicester, and Gloucestershire
Series: Book 2 of "The Six"

A Twist of Fate. Signet, September 2003.
Characters: Lord David Winterbrook & Madeline Grave
Summary: When a lord comes to the rescue of a fiercely independent woman who is averse to marriage, he realizes he has found the woman of his dreams and vows to win her heart.
Series: Related to "The Six" series

A Rake's Redemption. Signet, November 2004.
Characters: Viscount Dunnley & Lady Sarah Mallory
Summary: Vowing to change his wicked ways once and for all, notorious rogue decides he needs a wife and pursues a spirited Welsh beauty.

Twin Peril. Signet, August 2005.
Characters: Duke of Fairfax & Lady Deborah Woodhurst
Summary: A duke seeking a lady to love him for himself finds a perfect match but must contend with her scheming twin sister.

Sarah Carlisle

Widow Aubrey. Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Lord Challonly & Mrs. Caroline Aubrey
Summary: Widow who marries a lord to help her sister is surprised to find she's happy until an old beau turns up.

Cleopatra's Carpet. Coventry #20, 1979.
Characters: Lord Geoffrey & Louisa Bardoff
Summary: Lord mistakes a lady's interest in another man and vows to forget her.

Mlle. Cecie. Coventry #36, 1980.
Characters: Peter Pendyne & Cecie Penrith
Summary: Lady who thinks her cousin is a smuggler stows away on a boat and ends up in the middle of an adventure.

Daphne. Coventry #67, 1980.
Characters: John Maximillian Adolphus Wade-Hambledon, Lord Edenbury & Miss Daphne St. Wilfred
Summary: A lord is enchanted by a young lady who tries to prompt her sister's beau to propose by releasing mice into the music room.

Penny Wise. Coventry #108, 1980.

Kit and Kitty. Coventry #132, 1981.
Characters: Kit de Fleming & Kitty Leyburne
Summary: A lady and gentleman who were betrothed before they ever met are dissatisfied with the arrangement, but they grow closer when they find themselves in danger.
Setting: London & Cumberland

Jeanne Carmichael

A Touch of Blackmail. Harlequin #56, August 1991.
Characters: Earl of Eversleigh & Miss Hester Martingale
Summary: Lady inherits a Yorkshire estate and befriends the neighboring earl but someone wants her gone.
Setting: Yorkshire

Quest for Vengance. Harlequin #67, February 1992.
Characters: Richard Danvers, Lord St. Symington & Miss Elizabeth Fairchild
Summary: Lord who believes his father was driven to death vows revenge on the person he holds responsible.

A Moment of Madness. Harlequin #75, June 1992.
Characters: Earl of Granville & Miss Juliana Chevron
Summary: Man hires a penniless lady to take on a mysterious charge.

Madcap Johnny. Harlequin #90, January 1993.
Characters: Lord Johnny Drayton & Diana Talbot
Summary: Lady who disdains a dandy admires the spying exploits of the Black Domino.
Setting: Kent, France & London

A Match Made in Heaven. Harlequin #99, June 1993.
Characters: James, Viscount Lynton & Serena Trevelyan
Summary: Lady is heartbroken when the man to whom she has been promised from the cradle takes up with a disreputable widow.
Setting: London

Lord of the Manor. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Earl of Keswick & Miss Althea Underwood
Summary: Lady is looking after the estate and child of her late cousin when the cousin's estranged husband returns

Breath of Scandal. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Damien Reynald, Earl of Doncaster & Miss Candace Stafford
Summary: Lady tries to conceal an injured man from a charming stranger.
Rating: good

Lady Scoundrel. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Nicholas Lynton & Verity Parnel
Summary: Lady who seeks revenge on those who ruined her father by breaking into their homes and stealing from them meets a man who reclaims his stolen money by offering his heart instead.

Forever Yours. Fawcett, 1996.
Characters: Justin, Lord Blackthorn & Lydia Osborne
Summary: Lady tries to get back at the man who "abandoned" her 5 years ago to go to war by winning a proposal from one of her suitors.

Miss Spencer's Dilemma. Fawcett, 1996.
Characters: Lord Dysart & Miss Juliana Spencer
Summary: Lady accused of theft accepts a lord's aid.
Rating: good

An Inconvenient Marriage. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Earl of Wrexham & Miss Gillian Prescott
Summary: American lady is sent to England to find a gentleman to marry.

Other Regencies as Carol Michaels & Carol Quinto

Susan Carroll

The Lady Who Hated Shakespeare. Fawcett, 1986;  reissued by Fawcett, 1995, with Mistress Mischief.
Characters: Colonel Miles Renwick & Miss Cordelia Renwick
Summary: Scholar's daughter shuns a Bard-lover in favor of a dangerous lord.
Setting: Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire
Rating: very good

The Sugar Rose. Fawcett, 1987; reissued by Fawcett, 1994, with Brighton Road.
Characters: Mr. Everard Ramsey & Miss Aurelia Sinclair
Summary: Plump lady asks a fastidious gentleman to help her become fashionable so her fiance will take notice of her, but her tutor is intrigued with her himself.
Setting: Norfolk & London
Rating: excellent Comments: Liked the fact that he was intrigued with her before she started losing weight.
Award: Romance Writers of America Golden Medallion, Best Regency 1988.

Brighton Road. Fawcett, 1988; reissued by Fawcett, 1994, with The Sugar Rose.
Characters: Desmond Treverly, Baron Ravenel & Miss Gwenda Vickers
Summary: Lady offers advice to a lord whose marriage proposal she heard rejected.
Setting: Brighton
Great quote: "Desmond!...She was not so unreasonable as to expect to find men named Roderigo or Antonio outside the pages of her books, but Desmond...How could his parents have been so utterly unfeeling?"
Rating: superb
Award: Romance Writers of America Golden Medallion, Best Regency 1989.

The Bishop's Daughter. Fawcett, 1990; reissued by Fawcett, 1998, with The Wooing of Miss Masters.
Characters: Harcourt Arundel, Earl of Lytton & Miss Kathryn Towers
Summary: When Hellfire Harry returns from war to the village that thinks him dead, he sets out to reform his ways to win the hand of a bishop's daughter.
Setting: Northamptonshire
Rating: superb

The Wooing of Miss Masters. Fawcett, 1991; reissued by Fawcett, 1998, with The Bishop's Daughter.
Characters: Simon Lakeland, Duke of Raeburn & Miss Audra Masters
Summary: Duke has a ball to choose a wife and picks a lady who wants to remain unwed.
Setting: Sussex
Great quote: "In many ways, Raeburn was far superior to anything in her library."
Rating: superb

Christmas Belles. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Captain William Trent, R.N. & Miss Chloe Anne Waverly
Summary: Guardian of four ladies proposes to the eldest, who loves another man, and finds himself developing feelings for her younger sister.
Setting: Norfolk
Rating: excellent

Mistress Mischief. Fawcett, 1992; reissued by Fawcett, 1995, with The Lady Who Hated Shakespeare.
Characters: Max Warfield (marquis' younger son) & Mrs. Frederica Barry
Summary: Gentleman refuses to take an indebted widow as his mistress.
Setting: Somerset & London
Comments: Hero should be Lord Max not the Honourable Max.
Rating: excellent

Miss Prentice and the Yankee. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Mr. Nathaniel Harding & Miss Abigail Prentiss
Summary: English governess of two American ladies falls for their brother.
Setting: Buckinghamshire
Rating: very good

The Valentine's Day Ball. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Sir Jared Branden & Maria, Contessa di Montifiori Vincerone
Summary: Ten years after a lady left a man standing at the altar, he reenters her life while she is helping a young lady escape a horrid fiance.
Setting: Warwickshire
Rating: very good

Now writes historical and paranormal romances.

Marilyn Carter

The Reluctant Debutant. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Mr. Thomas Byers & Miss Evelyn Brooks
Summary: Lady who studied at an exclusive school in England tutors a rakish gambler in Boston.
Setting: Boston
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

Noel Vreeland Carter

Miss Hungerford's Handsome Hero. Candlelight #656, 1981.

Philippa Castle

The Reluctant Duke. Candlelight #651, 1981; reissued by Warner, 1986.
Characters: Thomas, Duke of Stanfield & Miss Julia Hartman
Summary: Lady loves the duke who is courting her elder sister.
Setting: Kent & London

The Masked Stranger. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Lady Caroline
Summary: A lady is upset when her father arranges a marriage for her with an aging duke, but learns a surprising secret about her past

The Dandy's Deception. Warner, 1989.
Characters: Earl of Saintsbury & Miss Ullainee Pollinger
Summary: Father wants his daughter to marry a potential business partner who affects dandyish airs to avoid marriage.

Real name is Marilyn Lowery.

Catherine Huntington Chadwick

The Poor Relation. Zebra, February 1990.
Characters: Captain Mark Verelst & Miss Kate Verelst
Summary: Lady with a sought-after sister turns down the man she loves thinking she's his second choice, but he had only courted her sister to get her attention.

A Cruel Deception. Zebra, November 1990.
Characters: Mr. Frank Watson & Lady Margaret Willoughby
Summary: Lady pining for her childhood love is resigned to marriage, but first she must get her affairs in order with the help of her steward.

Other Regencies as Kate Huntington.

Cleo Chadwick

The Scarlet Spinster. Zebra, June 1988.
Characters: Sir Frederick Moresby & Miss Polly Rice
Summary: Lady with an unusual past tries to suppress her passion with her betrothed on her mother's advice.
Setting: English countryside
Rating: poor Comments: Very little time was spent working out the conflict or on developing a romance between the hero and heroine.
Midsummer Night's Kiss. Zebra, May 1991.
Characters: Lord Dayne & Lia
Summary: A lady in Brighton for Midsummer's Eve resists the attentions of a lord who is secretly investigating her father.
Setting: Brighton

A Lakeside Season. Zebra, January 1995.
Characters: "Mister" Gilmichael & Miss Maidie Worthing
Summary: Lady whose banker father wants her to marry someone who'll take his name and work for him meets a marquis in disguise in the Lake District.
Setting: Lake District

Mollie Chappell

The Romantic Widow. Coventry, 1979.

Serena. Hale, 1980; reissued by Coventry, 1981.

Loretta Chase

Isabella. Walker, 1987; reissued in paperback by Avon, 1989; reissued by Signet, November 2003, in one volume with The English Witch.
Characters: Edward Trevelyan, Earl of Hartleigh & Miss Isabella Latham
Summary: Wealthy spinster is pursued by two beaux, one who seems to want her only as mother to his ward and another who holds information that could ruin her family.
Setting: London
Rating: excellent

The English Witch. Walker, 1988; reissued in paperback by Avon, 1989; reissued by Signet, November 2003, in one volume with Isabella.
Characters: Basil Trevelyan & Alexandra Ashmore
Summary: Lady kidnapped by her Albanian suitor is rescued by an Englishman.
Series: Hero is the second suitor from Isabella.

Viscount Vagabond. Walker, 1988; reissued in paperback by Avon, 1990; reissued by Signet, June 2004, in one volume with The Devil's Delilah.
Characters: Viscount Rand & Catherine Pelliston
Summary: Lady fleeing an unwanted marriage ends up in a brothel where she meets an amorous viscount.

The Devil's Delilah. Walker, 1989; reissued by Signet, June 2004, in one volume with Viscount Vagabond.
Characters: Jack Langdon & Delilah Desmond
Summary: Rogue's daughter enlists a bookish fellow's help surpressing her father's scandalous memoirs.

Knaves' Wager. Walker, 1990; reissued in paperback by Avon, 1991; reissued by Signet, January 2005 in one volume with The Sandalwood Princess.
Characters: Julian Wyndhurst, Marquess of Brandon & Mrs. Lilith Davenant; Lord Robert Downs & Miss Cecily Davenant
Summary: Widow who cannot believe that a dashing rake has fallen in love with her has her suspicions confirmed when she learns he has attempted to seduce her on a wager.
Rating: superb

The Sandalwood Princess. Walker, 1990; reissued in paperback by Avon, 1991; reissued by Signet, January 2005 in one volume with Knaves' Wager.
Characters: Mr. Philip Andrew Astonley & Miss Amanda Cavencourt
Summary: Lady wants to know why the dashing government spy called Falcon stole the sandalwood statue she received as a gift on leaving India.
Setting: India, at sea, London & Yorkshire
Award: Romance Writers of America RITA, Best Regency 1991.

Now writes Regency-era historicals.

Website: www.lorettachase.com

Elizabeth Chater

The Gamester. Coventry #43, 1980; reissued by Fawcett, 1988.

Gallant Lady. Coventry, October 1981; reissued by Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Fitzallan Geoffrey Charles Hugh Richard, Viscount Fairfield aka Red Dick & Mlle Yvette de Guerville
Summary: Orphan whose dowry of jewels has attracted five troublesome suitors hires a highwayman to rob her.
Setting: On the road from France to London & in London

Milady Hot-at-Hand. Coventry #95, February 1981.
Characters: Lord Dominic Justin of Kyle & Andrea Wasylyk
Summary: Lady disguises herself as a boy to discover if her sister's husband killed her sister and her father.

Lord Randal's Tiger. Coventry #114, 1981.

The Random Gentleman. Coventry #139, September 1981.
Characters: Duke of Romsdale & Belinda Sayre
Summary: Lady fleeing from an arranged marriage to a duke is surprised when he follows her disguised as a gypsy.

A Delicate Situation. Fawcett, 1982.

Angela. Coventry #167, 1982.

A Season for the Heart. Coventry #164, January 1982.
Characters: Earl of Austell & Miss Melpomene Rand
Summary: Bored lady who is her aunt's personal servant dreams of being a novel heroine and is rescued by a real-life earl.

Milord's Liegewoman. Coventry #176, 1982.

The Marriage Mart. Fawcett, August 1983.
Characters: Alexander, Duke of Renfrew & Miss Athena Long
Summary: Bookish lady falls for the duke she insulted.
Setting: London

The King's Doll. Fawcett, 1984.

The Reformed Rake. Fawcett, 1984.
Characters: Lord Philip Sandron & Thalia Temple
Summary: A lord's former friends try to break up his marriage.

The Runaway Debutante. Fawcett, 1985.
Characters: Major Robert Bruce & Matilda Mountavon
Summary: When her father loses her in a card game to a libertine, a lady runs away and becomes a cook at an inn and is soon hired by a major.
Setting: London & Scotland

Lady Dearborn's Debut. Fawcett, 1986.
Characters: Michael, Lord Glendon & Floss, Lady Dearborn; Lord Ranulf & Clea Bradford
Summary: Lady seeking a suitor for her 6-foot niece picks a man who's more suited to herself; another man seeking revenge on the aunt's late husband mistakes the niece for her aunt.

The Duke's Dilemma. Ballantine, 1986.
Characters: Duke of Kenelm & Lady Leslie Endale
Summary: After several unsuccessful attempts on her brother's life by their greedy guardian, a lady attempts to remove herself and her younger siblings to safety and, en route, finds protection from a notorious and dissolute duke.

A Place for Alfreda. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Mr. Mark Savage & Alfreda Green aka Lady Alfreda Dorn
Summary: Lady's noble father switched her at birth with a bastard son so he'd have a legitmate heir.
Setting: London

A Time to Love. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Major Hilary Norman & Moira Lovelace
Summary: Lady going to London after her parents' deaths rescues a marquess from highwaymen with the help of a passing major.
Setting: London

Miss Cayley's Unicorn. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Lord Stephen Delatorr & Miss Gina Cayley
Summary: A lady trying to avoid marrige to a slaver and a lord trying to avoid his mother's matchmaking agree to a marriage of convenience.
Setting: Essex & London

Also wrote other period romances.

Lillian Cheatham

The Runaway Heiress. Candlelight #549, February 1980.
Heroine: Margaret Terrell
Summary: A lady with financial problems finds a runaway heiress who is trying to avoid an unwanted marriage on her doorstep.

The Saxon Inheritance. Fawcett, 1980.
Characters: Simon, Lord Arkwright & Miss Joanna Malbern
Summary: Governess returning from India pretends to be her charge's mother and is suspected of stealing a treasure.
Setting: Surrey
Rating: good

Blanche Chenier

Regency Row. Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Justin, Lord Ravenshaw & Miss Charlotte Osborne
Summary: Lady engaged to a man who's rumored to be romantically linked with Princess Amelia cries off when he can't tell her the whole truth.
Setting: London

Summer Masquerade. Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Lord Orgrave & Isabella Makepeace
Summary: A lady whose beau's attentions have wandered meets a masked stranger at a ball.

A Lady of Fortune. Coventry #25, February 1980.
Characters: William Grey & Harriet Ashley
Summary: Plain lady pursued for her fortune goes where she's unknown and pretends to be poor.

Love in Exile. Coventry #42, 1980.

The Defiant Heart. Coventry #77, November 1980.
Characters: Duke of Melfort & Evelina Poulet
Summary: Lady and a duke both running from marriage meet after a carriage accident and agree to help each other.

Lucinda. Harlequin #19, February 1990.
Characters: Gabriel, Earl of Sarne & Miss Lucinda Edrington
Summary: When a lady who must pay her brother's gambling debts attracts the interest of her neighbor, a jealous woman starts a rumor that she's illegitimate.
Setting: Dorset

Wayward Heiress. Harlequin #37, November 1990.
Characters: Charles, Earl of Brandford & Miss Emma Armstead
Summary: Gentleman follows a lady on a harebrained rescue mission to France.
Setting: Avon near Bath, London & France

Chloe Cheshire

A Gypsy at Almack's. St. Martin's, 1993; reissued in paperback by Harper Monogram, 1994.
Characters: Ernest Howard, Lord Rune & Miss Lucy Saint-Clair
Summary: Stout lady's godmother asks her brother to help her find a match.

Marion Chesney

Henrietta. St. Martin's, 1979.
Characters: Lord Beau Reckford & Miss Henrietta Sandford
Summary: Plain but spirited vicar's sister receives a surprise inheritance and determines to conquer society and claim its most eligible bachelor.

My Dear Duchess. Signet, 1979; reissued by Signet, September 1987; also reissued by Signet, January 1995.
Characters: Duke of Westerland & Frederica, Duchess of Westerland
Summary: Duke tries to tame his duchess while she realizes she'll do anything to keep him.

Regency Gold. Coventry #15, 1980; reissued by Five Star, 1997.
Characters: John, Marquess of Fleetwater & Miss Jean Lindsay
Summary: When a lady living in servitude with a drunken uncle receives news of an unexpected inheritance, it seems someone wants her dead and she feels safe only with the lord of her dreams.

The Constant Companion. Coventry #83, 1980.
Characters: Lord Philip Cautry (younger son) & Miss Constance Lamberton
Summary: Companion weds the lord her employer hoped to snare, then disappears.
Setting: London

The Marquis Takes a Bride. Cotillion #2, 1980 (under the name Helen Crampton); reissued by Signet, January 1987; also reissued by Signet, May 1990.
Characters: Marquis of Charrington & Miss Jennie Bemyss
Summary: Marriage of convenience leaves a lady free to flirt, but she's drawn to her husband.
Setting: London and English countryside

Lady Margery's Intrigue. Coventry #49, June 1980.
Characters: Charles, Marquess of Edgecombe & Lady Margery Quennell
Summary: Petite wallflower who dislikes the only man who'll dance with her must marry when her father marries a 19-year-old whose expensive tastes threaten their estate.

My Lords, Ladies and Marjorie. Coventry #145, 1981.
Characters: Lord Philip & Marjorie Montmorency-James
Summary: Lady falls in love with a lord's picture in a newspaper, then meets him in the flesh.

The Ghost and Lady Alice. Coventry #163, 1981; reissued by Fawcett, 1995, with Duke's Diamonds.
Characters: Gervase, Duke of Haversham & Lady Alice Lovesey
Summary: Lady falls in love with a ghost.
Setting: Sussex Downs
Rating: average Comments: Unsatisfying conclusion.

The Highland Countess. Cotillion #10, 1981 (under the name Helen Crampton); reissued by Signet, December 1987.
Characters: Toby, Viscount Freemantle & Morag Fleming, Countess of Murr
Summary: Widow of an old lecher wants to cut a dash in London.
Setting: Scotland & London
Rating: good

Quadrille. Coventry #106, 1981; reissued in 1987; also reissued in 1998 with The Love Match.
Characters: Lord Hubert Challenge & Miss Mary Tyre
Summary: Country mouse whose husband married her for her dowry tries flirting with another man to get her husband's attention.
Setting: Brussels

Duke's Diamonds. Fawcett, 1982; reissued by Fawcett, 1995, with The Ghost and Lady Alice.
Characters: Lord Storm & Emily Winters
Summary: Dog inherits a fortune in diamonds.
Rating: average Comments: A bit twee.

Love and Lady Lovelace. Fawcett, 1982.

Minerva. St. Martin's, 1982.
Characters: Lord Sylvester Comfrey (duke's younger son) & Miss Minerva Armitage
Summary: Poor vicar hopes to marry off six daughters to finance his hunting: The prudish elder daughter finds herself in compromising situations with a dandy.
Series: Six Sisters #1
Rating: excellent Great quote: "Manna from heaven!" when she lands on him in bed.

The Taming of Annabelle. St. Martin's, 1983.
Characters: Marquess of Brabington & Miss Annabelle Armitage
Summary: The vain, beautiful sister is taken in hand by a marquess.
Series: Six Sisters #2
Rating: very good

Deirdre and Desire. St. Martin's, 1983.
Characters: Lord Harry Desire (younger son) & Miss Deirdre Armitage
Summary: The vicar arranges a marriage for his daughter with a man who will inherit a nabob's fortune if he marries, but she falls for an oily character instead.
Series: Six Sisters #3
Rating: very good

The Viscount's Revenge. Signet, November 1983; reissued in hardcover by Severn House, 1991.
Characters: Charles, Viscount Hawksborough & Miss Amanda Colby
Summary: Lord planning to marry a suitable lady vows revenge on a highwayman who is really a lady.

Daphne. St. Martin's, 1984.
Characters: Mr. Simon Garfield & Miss Daphne Armitage
Summary: Beautiful, vain sister decides to marry an empty-headed dandy but her father wants her to marry a man to whom he's indebted.
Series: Six Sisters #4
Rating: very good

Lady Lucy's Lover. Fawcett. 1984.
Characters: Duke of Habard & Lady Lucy
Summary: Lady meets a duke at a ball and dreams of being released from her marriage to a rake who told her he was paid to marry her.

Sweet Masquerade. Fawcett, 1984.
Characters: Earl of Berham & Freddie Armstrong
Summary: An earl who is appointed guardian of an 18-year-old named Freddie Armstrong is surprised to discover Freddie is a female.

The French Affair. Fawcett, 1984.
Characters: Comte Jules Saint Pierre & Lady Charteris
Summary: A lovely young widow agrees to abide by her parents' wishes and marry a French comte whom she has never met.

Poor Relation. Signet, March 1984.
Characters: Marquess of Merechester & Amaryllis Duvane
Summary: Impoverished by her father's death, a lady is living with relatives when a lord comes to court her cousin.

Diana the Huntress. Fawcett, 1985.
Characters: Mark, Viscount Dantrey & Miss Diana Armitage
Summary: Tomboy sister who prefers hunting to men finds herself hunted by a lord.
Setting: Berham (fictional English county) & London
Series: Six Sisters #5
Rating: very good

Frederica in Fashion. St. Martin's, 1985.
Characters: Robert, Duke of Pembury & Miss Frederica Armitage
Summary: When her sisters plot to bring their shy, dowdy sister into fashion, she runs away and encounters a duke.
Series: Six Sisters #6
Rating: very good

The Flirt. Fawcett, 1985.
Characters: Lord Charles Lufford & Elizabeth Markham
Summary: Poor relation intent on marriage tricks her way into a house party and flirts with all the men but one; but when her trickery is discovered he saves her by proposing.

The Education of Miss Patterson. Signet, December 1985.
Characters: Lord Charles Gaunt & Miss Patricia Patterson
Summary: Guardian insists that a carefree miss apply herself to her studies.

The Original Miss Honeyford. Signet, May 1985.
Characters: Lord Alistair Stewart & Miss Honoria Honeyford
Summary: Hoyden sent to London to find a rich husband meets a seductive rake and a man who treats her like a child.

The Miser of Mayfair. St. Martin's, 1986.
Characters: Earl of Harrington & Miss Fiona Sinclair
Summary: Servants in a rented house help a penniless beauty nab an earl.
Setting: London
Series: House for the Season #1

Plain Jane. St. Martin's, 1986.
Characters: Rupert, Lord Tregarthen (called "Beau") & Miss Jane Hart
Summary: Lady overshadowed by her beautiful sister tries to solve the mystery of a lady who died in the house they've rented.
Setting: London
Series: House for the Season #2

Those Endearing Young Charms. Fawcett, 1986.
Characters: Earl of Devenham & Emily Anstey
Summary: Lady who realizes her sister is only marrying out of duty gives her a sleeping draught and puts on her veil to be married in her place, but her plans for an immediate annulment go awry.

To Dream of Love. Fawcett, 1986.
Characters: Marquess of Arden & Harriet Clifton
Summary: Poor lady invites herself to the home of her vain, selfish sister and attracts the attention of the man her sister wants for herself.

At the Sign of the Golden Pineapple. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Rupert, Earl of Carrisdowne & Miss Henrietta Bascombe
Summary: Lady hopes to turn a small inheritance into a fortune by opening a sweet shop but is thwarted by an earl who wants to shut her business down.

Lessons in Love. Fawcett, 1987.
Summary: Lady who was betrothed at the age of 10 to a gentleman who kidnapped her blossoms into a beauty.

Milady in Love. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Viscount Anselm & Mlle. Yvonne de la Falaise
Summary: Viscount falls for his French ward.
Setting: Cornwall
Rating: fair Comments: Too cloying.

The Wicked Godmother. St. Martin's, 1987.
Characters: Marquess of Huntingdon & Miss Harriet Metcalf
Summary: The ton gossips when a baronet leaves his fortune and twin daughters in the hands of his spinster neighbor.
Setting: London
Series: House for the Season #3

Rake's Progress. St. Martin's, 1987.
Characters: Lord Guy Pelham (younger son) & Miss Esther Jones
Summary: When a lord returning from the war rents the house in order to live a dissolute life, the servants match him with a prim lady.
Setting: London
Series: House for the Season #4

The Adventuress. St. Martin's, 1987.
Characters: Peter, Earl of Fleetwood & Miss Emily Goodenough
Summary: Servants help make a man and his "daughter" who turn out to be an ex-butler and chambermaid into society's darlings.
Setting: London
Series: House for the Season #5

The Paper Princess. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Lord Arthur Bessamy & Felicity Channing
Summary: Lady fleeing an unwanted marriage poses as the Princess of Brasnia.

Miss Fiona's Fancy. Signet, July 1987.

Pretty Polly. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Duke of Denbigh & Verity Bascombe
Summary: Widow hires a lady to write love letters for her to a duke.

Rainbird's Revenge. St. Martin's, 1988.
Characters: Duke of Pelham & Miss Jenny Sutherland
Summary: Owner of the house comes to town to marry, expecting ladies to fall at his feet; but one vain girl snubs him leading to disaster--and love.
Setting: London
Series: House for the Season #6
Rating: very good

Refining Felicity. St. Martin's, 1988.
Characters: Marquess of Ravenswood & Lady Felicity Baronsheath
Summary: Two spinster sisters open a school for girls who won't take: Their first project is a tomboy indifferent to marriage.
Series: School for Manners #1
Rating: very good

The Perfect Gentleman. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Lord Andrew Childe & Penelope Mortimer
Summary: The perfect gentleman's composure is ruffled by an impertinent miss.

The Savage Marquess. Signet, March 1988; reissued by Signet, October 1995.
Characters: Julian, Marquess of Rockingham & Miss Lucinda Westerville
Summary: Notorious rake falls for the naive daughter of a country vicar.
Setting: London

Annabelle. St. Martin's, 1989.
Characters: Lord Sylvester Varleigh & Miss Annabelle Quennell
Summary: Country parson's daughter, undaunted by a gypsy's prophecy of doom, goes to London for a Season and falls for a man whose affections are otherwise engaged while her chaperone insists she marry another.
Setting: London

Perfecting Fiona. St. Martin's, 1989.
Characters: Lord Peter Havard (duke's younger son) & Miss Fiona Macleod
Summary: Scottish heiress's incorrigible flirting causes men to shy off until she meets her match in a rake.
Series: School for Manners #2
Rating: very good

Enlightening Delilah. St. Martin's, 1989.
Characters: Sir Charles Digby & Miss Delilah Wraxall
Summary: When the man she loves thwarts her youthful crush, a lady retaliates by pursuing the most unsuitable man in London.
Series: School for Manners #3
Rating: very good

Finessing Clarissa. St. Martin's, 1989.
Characters: Crispin, Earl of Greystone & Miss Clarissa Vevian
Summary: Clumsy lady is rescued from highwaymen by a graceful earl.
Series: School for Manners #4
Rating: very good

The First Rebellion. Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Earl of Tredair & Miss Fanny Waverley
Summary: Bluestocking adopts three girls and raises them to espouse women's rights; but when one girl meets an earl she finds it difficult to think of him as the enemy.
Setting: London
Series: Waverley Women #1

Silken Bonds. Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Lord Harry Danger & Miss Frederica Waverley
Summary: Lady admires the lord who rescues her from drunks but wishes he'd stop flirting and treat her as an equal.
Setting: London
Series: Waverley Women #2

The Love Match. Fawcett, 1990; reissued in 1998 withQuadrille.
Characters: Marquess of Darkwater & Miss Felicity Waverley
Summary: Lady brought up on women's rights intends never to marry, but when she writes an anonymous book about a lady rake and takes the ton by storm, she is intrigued by a man who learns her secret.
Setting: London
Series: Waverley Women #3

Animating Maria. St. Martin's, 1990.
Characters: Duke of Berham & Miss Maria Kendall
Summary: Duke withdraws his proposal after meeting a lady's boorish parents.
Series: School for Manners #5
Rating: very good

Marrying Harriet. St. Martin's, 1990.
Characters: Lord Charles Marsham & Miss Harriet Brown
Summary: The sisters intend to find a vicar for a very proper young lady but the only suitor who seems interested is a notorious rake.
Series: School for Manners #6
Rating: very good

The Scandalous Lady Wright. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Comte Saint-Juste & Emma, Lady Wright
Summary: Lady suspected of murdering her husband accepts a comte's help.

Emily Goes to Exeter. St. Martin's, 1990.
Characters: Lord Ranger Harley & Miss Emily Freemantle
Summary: Housekeeper receives a bequest and decides to travel: En route to Exeter she matchmakes for a girl dressed as a boy to avoid her betrothed, who happens to be on same coach.
Setting: On the road to Exeter
Series: Travelling Matchmaker #1
Rating: very good

Her Grace's Passion. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Earl of Torridon & Matilda, Duchess of Hadshire
Summary: Duchess's cruel husband is murdered.
Setting: Hadshire (fictional county near Gloucestershire)
Rating: good

His Lordship's Pleasure. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Lord Darkwood & Annabelle Carruthers
Summary: Impoverished widow of a rake who may have been a traitor offers herself as mistress to a lord.

Belinda Goes to Bath. St. Martin's, 1991.
Characters: Richard, Marquess of Frenton & Miss Belinda Earle
Summary: Matchmaker sets up a banished heiress with an austere lord who rescues their foundered coach.
Setting: On the road to Bath
Series: Travelling Matchmaker #2
Rating: very good

Penelope Goes to Portsmouth. St. Martin's, 1992.
Characters: Lord Augustus Railton (younger son) & Miss Penelope Wilkins
Summary: Matchmaker tries to match a practical lady with a dashing gentleman and to save a footman falsely accused of theft from being hanged.
Setting: On the road to  Portsmouth
Series: Travelling Matchmaker #3
Rating: very good

Beatrice Goes to Brighton. St. Martin's, 1992.
Characters: Lord Alistair Munro (younger son) & Lady Beatrice Marsham
Summary: Matchmaker discovers that a lady who snubs her is a frightened widow fleeing a second mercenary match arranged by her parents.
Setting: On the road to  Brighton
Series: Travelling Matchmaker #4
Rating: very good

Deborah Goes to Dover. St. Martin's, 1992.
Characters: Earl of Ashton & Lady Deborah Western
Summary: Matchmaker meets a lady disguised as a tomboy at a prize fight.
Setting: On the road to Dover
Series: Travelling Matchmaker #5
Rating: very good

Yvonne Goes to York. St. Martin's, 1992.
Characters: Rupert, Marquess of Ware & Mlle. Yvonne Grenier; Miss Hannah Pym (the matchmaker) & Sir George Clarence
Summary: Matchmaker matches a French carpenter's daughter with a marquess and marries her own beau.
Setting: On the road to York
Series: Travelling Matchmaker #6
Rating: very good

A Governess of Distinction. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Percy, Viscount Hunterdon & Miss Jean Morrison
Summary: Governess is disappointed by her employer's failure to live up to her fantasy.
Setting: Dorset

A Marriage of Inconvenience. Fawcett, 1992; reissued in hardcover by Severn House, 1997.
Characters: Harry, Viscount Tregar (earl's heir) & Miss Isabella Chadbury
Summary: Lady disguised as an ice princess to thwart unwanted proposals nevertheless becomes engaged to a man who is himself disguised as a mincing dandy.

Lady Fortescue Steps Out. St. Martin's, 1992.
Characters: Richard, Duke of Rowcester & Miss Harriet James
Summary: A group of poor relations found a moderately priced hotel: Lady Fortescue's nephew wants to shut it down until he meets their lovely chef.
Setting: London
Series: Poor Relation #1
Ratimg: very good

The Scandalous Marriage. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Duke of Wardshire & Lucy Bliss
Summary: Lady determines to protect her sister from the rake their mama wants her to marry.

"Summer of Discontent," in Summertime Splendor. Jove, 1992.

Miss Davenport's Christmas. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Lord Ranger Marden (duke's younger son) & Miss Gillian Davenport; Lord Paul Fremont (duke's younger son) & Miss Amanda Davenport
Summary: Two sisters whose parents don't celebrate Christmas make the most of the season when they find themselves on their own.
Setting: Yorkshire

Miss Tonks Turns to Crime. St. Martin's, 1993; reissued in paperback by St. Martin's, 1994, as Miss Tonks Takes a Risk.
Characters: Lord Eston & Miss Cassandra Blessop
Summary: Miss Tonks is sent to rob a relative's carriage but is beaten to it by a mischievous lord who falls for Miss Tonks' niece; but when he meets her later at the Poor Relation the niece doesn't recognize him and he thinks she's beneath him.
Setting: London
Series: Poor Relation #2
Rating: very good

Mrs. Budley Falls from Grace. St. Martin's, 1993.
Characters: Marquess of Peterhouse & Mrs. Eliza Budley
Summary: Mrs. Budley is sent to steal from a marquess who is thought to be old and senile but is in fact young and handsome.
Setting: London & Warwickshire
Series: Poor Relation #3
Rating: very good

Sir Philip's Folly. St. Martin's, 1993.
Characters: Earl of Denby & Miss Arabella Carruthers
Summary: A guest who won't admit her age dresses her 19-year-old daughter as a child and refuses to bring her out.
Setting: London
Series: Poor Relation #4
Rating: very good

The Desirable Duchess. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: John, Duke of Ferrant & Alice Lacey
Summary: Lady marrying a duke confides to a talking bird that she loves another and is chagrined when the bird repeats this at her wedding.
Setting: London

The Glitter and the Gold. Fawcett, 1993.
Summary: Two friends try to marry for money but love triumphs.
Rating: average Comments: One of her sappier ones.

Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue. St. Martin's, 1994.
Characters: Captain Peter Manners & Miss Frederica Gray; Lord Bewley & chambermaid Mary Jones
Summary: Sir Philip tries to get money out of the father of a girl who ran away from home to escape an unwanted match.
Setting: London
Series: Poor Relation #5
Rating: very good

Back in Society. St. Martin's, 1994; reissued in paperback 1995.
Characters: Comte de Mornay & Lady Jane Fremney; Mr. Davy & Miss Tonks; Colonel Sandhurst & Lady Fortescue
Summary: The Poor Relations help a lady who attempts suicide after being cast off for refusing to marry the man her father chose.
Setting: London
Series: Poor Relation #6
Rating: very good

The Sins of Lady Dacey. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Duke of Ware & Honoria Goodham; Mr. Sean Delany & Mrs. Pamela Perryworth
Summary: Vicar's wife and an innocent miss each find love as the guests of a scandalous lady.
Setting: Yorkshire (briefly) & London

The Chocolate Debutante. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Earl of Dangerfield & Harriet Tremayne
Summary: Companion of a debutante who prefers chocolate to men falls in love herself.
Setting: London
Rating: good

The Dreadful Debutante. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Marquess of Grantley & Mira Markham; Lord Charles & Drusilla Markham
Summary: Hoyden loves a man who loves her beautiful, graceful sister, while a marquess enjoys observing the hoyden.
Setting: London

The Banishment. St. Martin's, 1995.
Characters: Viscount Fitzpatrick & Miss Isabella Beverley
Summary: Family counts on the eldest daughter to marry the new owner of the estate their father lost.
Series: Daughters of Mannerling #1
Rating: very good

The Intrigue. St. Martin's, 1995.
Characters: Professor Robert Sommerville & Miss Jessica Beverley
Summary: Lady is supposed to attract the new owner of Mannerling's son but falls for his Oxford don cousin instead.
Series: Daughters of Mannerling #2
Rating: very good

The Deception. St. Martin's, 1996.
Characters: Rupert, Viscount Burfield & Miss Abigail Beverley
Summary: Lady switches places with her twin to save her from a lecherous man.
Series: Daughters of Mannerling #3
Rating: very good

The Folly. St. Martin's, 1997.
Characters: Mr. Charles Blackwood & Miss Rachel Beverley
Summary: Cousin of the villain from book 3 tries to oust the widower who bought Mannerling.
Series: Daughters of Mannerling #4
Rating: good Comments: Series getting very light and insubstanstial.

The Romance. St. Martin's, 1997.
Characters: Marquess of Gyre & Miss Belinda Beverley
Summary: Practical fifth daughter feels duty bound to attract the foppish new owner of Mannerling, but a dashing lord is determined to convince her to follow her heart.
Series: Daughters of Mannerling #5
Rating: good

The Homecoming. St. Martin's, 1997.
Characters: Duke of Severnshire & Miss Lizzie Beverley
Summary: Youngest sister marries the duke who owns Mannerling but lets her mother live there instead.
Series: Daughters of Mannerling #6
Rating: good

The Loves of Lord Granton. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Rupert, Viscount Granton & Miss Frederica Hadley
Summary: Lord visiting a lady expecting proposal from him slips out to meet a vicar's daughter.
Rating: very good Comments: Are all Chesney's youngest daughters fey and named Frederica?

Other Regencies as Ann Fairfax and as Helen Crampton (reissued under the name Marion Chesney)

Wrote other romances as Jennie Tremaine and Charlotte Ward.

Now writes the Hamish MacBeth & Agatha Raisin mysteries as M. C. Beaton.

Deborah Chester

A Love So Wild. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1980.
Characters: Aubrey, Earl of Menton & Miss Mary Clampton
Summary: A lord who releases a lady from jail and grooms her to be his wife turns out to be the brother of the villian who had her imprisoned.
Setting: Brighton & London

French Slippers. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1981; reissued in paperback by Dell, 1982. Published in Great Britain under the title Summer's Rapture by Joseph, 1982; reissued by Sphere Books, 1982.
Characters: Lucien Arouet, Marquis du Vallon & Miss Julia Swanton
Summary: A lady whose father dies in a duel leaving a mountain of debts pretends he is still alive so as not to ruin her chance at marriage, but a French marquis suspected of being a spy knows her secret.
Setting: Calais (briefly) & London

A Royal Intrigue. Candlelight #712, 1982.
Heroine: Catherine de Bleu
Summary: A French lady comes to England to kill the Prince Regent.

Heart's Desire. Avon, 1983.
Characters: Duke of Rotham & Anna Templeton
Summary: A lady who feels obliged to marry her scheming cousin to save her ailing father from poverty is drawn to a duke, but soon finds that someone is out to get her.

Now writes science fiction.

Judy Christenberry

The Notorious Widow. Pageant, 1988.
Characters: John Montgomery, Earl of Norwich & Mrs. Allie Montgomery; Mr. Timothy Browning & Mavis Thompson
Summary: Lady suspected of killing her husband is rescued from Newgate by his brother.
Setting: London
Rating: good - See a Review of this book.

Mama's Disappointment. Walker, 1991.
Characters: Richard Fairfax & Emma Chadwell
Summary: Lady whose mama wants her to marry a peer hopes her mama's poor taste and encroaching manner will put off any suitors, but one persists.

Moonlight Charade. Jove, 1991.
Characters: Daniel Hawthorne & Katherine St. Cloud
Summary: Lady hires a man to pretend to be her long-lost cousin so she can keep her estate from reverting to the Crown.

Sweet Remembrance. Diamond, 1992.
Characters: Jason, Lord Chesterton & Georgina Denbigh
Summary: At Christmastime, a matchmaking lady meets her match when her brother brings home a friend who came to avoid marriage.

Susannah's Secret. Jove, 1993.
Characters: Squire Nicholas Danvers & Susannah Brown
Summary: Man is surprised when the governess he hired turns up with a baby of her own in tow.

Other Regencies as Judith Stafford

Now writes contemporary Harlequins.

Cathleen Clare

Mistress of Mishap. Avon, 1992.
Characters: Marquess of Singleton & Ellen Trevayne
Summary: Clumsy country heiress convinced she'll never wed attracts her neighbor's attention when she splashes him with mud.

Clarissa. Avon, 1993.
Characters: Brougham Longwood, Earl of Abingdon & Mrs. Clarissa James
Summary: Widow tries to stop her sister from flirting with an earl, but he's more interested in the widow.
Setting: London

Felicia. Avon, 1993.
Characters: Shannon Carlington & Lady Felicia Harding
Summary: Mischievous lady asks for the help of a stuffy war hero after he gets her in trouble with her father for one of her pranks.

Letitia. Avon, 1994.
Heroine: Miss Letitia Grey
Summary: When a renowned horse breeder throws a house party to find husbands for his daughters, one girl vows not to participate until she meets a charming rake.

Tournament of Hearts. Avon, 1994.
Characters: Richard, Earl of Delafield & Damaris Grayson
Summary: Earl must host a medieval tournament with the "Queen of Beauty," whom he tries to ignore thinking his brother loves her.

A Delectable Dilemma. Avon, 1995.
Characters: Gareth, Earl of Leftbridge & Miss Barbara Wycliffe
Summary: Lord is attracted to a vicar's daughter working as his pastry chef.
Setting: London & English countryside
Rating: very good

Midwinter's Bliss. Avon, 1995.
Characters: Colin, Marquess of Amberton & Lady Hope Blissfield; Andrew, Earl of Kelwin & Mrs. Agatha Sommers
Summary: Lady and her companion forced by a snowstorm to stop at a rake's house unwittingly interrupt a wild bachelor party and force their host to behave with propriety.
Setting: Northumberland
Rating: very good

An Elusive Groom. Zebra, April 1996.
Characters: Aubrey, Viscount Standish & Lady Christina
Summary: Lord is exasperated by a lady who blatantly pursues him.
Setting: London & Cornwall
Rating: good

"A Match for Lord Fairleigh," in Rogues and Rakes. Zebra, April 1996.

Lord Scandal's Lady. Zebra, March 1997.
Characters: Lord Shandal & Ashley Madison
Summary: Rake walks in on a lady in her bath who turns out to be his fiancee.

"Chances of Love," in A Bride's Bouquet. Zebra, May 1997.
 Characters: Ashby, Lord Spenwick & Sarah, Lady Bradbury
 Summary: Lady intends to match her daughter with the man she herself once loved.

A Priceless Acquisiton. Zebra, September 1997.
Characters: Peter, Duke of Netherwood & Miss Victoria Livingstone
Summary: Divorced duke who thinks his daughter is flawed by a small scar offers a loveless marriage to her governess, only to find how priceless they both are to him when they are kidnapped for ransom by his ex-wife.
Setting: London & English countryside
Rating: very good

Lord Montjoy's Country Inn. Zebra, May 1998.
Characters: Kevin, Earl of Mountjoy & Miss Samantha Edwards
Summary: Impoverished lord is resigned to marrying an heiress until his American cousin with a pet bobcat suggests he make his castle into an inn.
Setting: Portsmouth & English countryside
Rating: good Comments: Bobcat a bit much.

"Lord Trevor's Tomcat," in Bewitching Kittens. Zebra, October 1998.
Summary: A tomcat costs a lady her reputation but wins her heart for his beleagured master.

"Lord Maxfield's Birthday Cake," in Sweet Delights. Zebra, September 1999.
Characters: Thomas, Lord Maxfield & Tabitha, Lady Maxfield
Summary: New bride's economies cause the chef to quit in a huff, leaving her to bake her husband's birthday cake herself.

A Family Affair. Zebra, February 2000.
Characters: Adam, Earl of Trowbridge & Miss Davina Halderton
Summary: Earl's new bride must contend with his domineering mama.
Setting: London

"The Impossible Bride," in His Bride to Be. Zebra, May 2000.
Summary: Dutiful daughter considers eloping with a forbidden love.

"Christmas Cattitude," in Christmas Kittens. Zebra, October 2001.
Characters: Lord David Donnington & Stephanie
Summary: A lord is stranded in a snowstorm at an inn with a spoiled 12-year-old ward and a delightful lady innkeeper.

Gail Clark

The Right Honourable Viscount. Pocket, 1981.
Series: "Cotillion Regency Romance 8"

Norma Lee Clark

Hester. Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Mr. Philip Boscroft & Hester Wyckham
Summary: After her beautiful sister marries, a lady finds the neighborhood gentlemen's attentions turning to her.
Setting: English countryside

Mallory. Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Charles Portman & Mallory Tolgarth
Summary: Lady is hired as the governess to hoydenish twins by a man who becomes engaged to a beauty whom the governess hates.

Emily. Fawcett, 1979.
Characters: Lord Beaumont & Emily Ventrable
Summary: Lady fleeing an unwanted marriage takes a job as a parlour maid but her employer's brother sees through her disguise.

Megan. Coventry #5, 1979.

Sophia & Augusta. Fawcett, 1979.

Fanny. Coventry #28, March 1980.
Characters: Lord Roger Kenley & Fanny Talbott
Summary: Spinster whose childhood love is now widowed and wants her to manage his home and children hesitates and heeds the advice of her closest friend.

Zandra. Coventry #56, July 1980.
Characters: Captain Fitzallen & Zandra
Summary: Beautiful lady who was rescued from a gypsy caravan at age 12 becomes a target of jealousy from other debutantes and is pursued by a rakish captain.

The Tyndale Daughters. Walker, 1981.
Characters: Anthony Beaumont & Kitty Tyndale; other sisters are Milly & Norrie
Summary: Two sisters are betrothed, though one's fiance is attracted to the other; the third sister is left to defend the estate when an unknown relative inherits.

Lady Jane. Walker, 1982.
Characters: Sebastian, Lord Payton (1st hero), Lord Jasper Montmorency (2nd hero) & Jane Coombs
Summary: When her employer's brother makes advances, a maid is fired and is taken in by a kindly lord who marries her; but after her husband's death she meets the man who once accosted her as an equal.

The Perfect Match. Signet, May 1983; reissued by Signet, March 1990.
Characters: Sir Max Westbrook & Sydney Armytage
Summary: Lady chooses the perfect man for her beautiful younger sister but is attracted to him herself.

Kitty Quinn. Fawcett, 1984.
Characters: Jack Northcote & Kitty Quinn
Summary: An actress is threatened by the attentions of a nobleman and turns to her friend and fellow actor for help.

The Marriage Mart. Signet, March 1984; Signet, August 1990.
Characters: Earl of Trowbridge & Georgina Fitzhardinge
Summary: Lady makes what everyone considers an excellent match but she has her own ideas and must get her husband to listen to her.

The Impulsive Miss Pymbroke. Signet, December 1984; reissued by Signet, April 1990.
Characters: Peter, Viscount Chance (earl's heir) & Miss Vanessa Pymbroke
Summary: Proper lord finds an unrestrained lady shocking yet intriguing.
Setting: London
Rating: very good Comments: Interesting subplot of sister who loves a gay man.

Miss Holland's Betrothal. Signet, August 1986.
Characters: Captain William Perronet & Miss Isabella Holland
Summary: Lady makes the match of the Season but comes to despise her betrothed and is courted by a lowly but honorable captain.

Pippa. Signet, November 1987. Originally published under the name Megan O'Connor as Candlelight #563, April 1980.
Characters: Robert Danston or Sir Anthony Seymour-Croft & Miss Phillipa Cranville
Summary: Lady flees from a seemingly perfect suitor into the arms of the man her guardian warned her against.

The Daring Duchess. Signet, August 1988.
Characters: Charles Leigh, Earl of Leighford & Mary, Duchess of Runceford
Summary: Lady who is unsatisfied that her title and wealth attract suitors disguises herself as a governess in the home of a poor but proud country earl.

The Infamous Rake. Signet, February 1990.
Characters: Lord Travis Gallant (duke's younger son) & Miss Dilys Bryn
Summary: Lady is infatuated with her dashing older cousin who is a notorious rake.
Setting: London
Rating: good
See a Review of this book.

Cupid's Calendar. Signet, July 1992.
Characters: Lord Henry Somerton & Lady Ursula Liddiard
Summary: Lady who spent years nursing a sick mother turns down a man who ignored her while she was young.

Other Regencies as Megan O'Connor

Sydney Ann Clary

The Duchess and the Devil. Zebra, 1988; reissued by Zebra, January 1991.
Characters: Deveril St. John (duke) & Byrony Balmaine
Summary: Lady forced to marry a devilish duke vows never to submit to him.

Misfit Match. Harlequin #13, November 1989.

Marilyn Clay

Bewitching Lord Winterton. Zebra, September 1995.
Characters: Trench Lambert, Lord Winterton & Neala Abercrom
Summary: Beautiful sister is expected to trap a rich lord with the help of an enchanted wedding dress that causes the next man one sees to fall in love, but her plain sister sees him first.

Brighton Beauty. Zebra, June 1996.
Heroine: Miss Chelsea Grant
Summary: Lady is masquerading as her friend when a man arrives from Honduras to claim her friend as his bride.

Felicity's Folly. Zebra, March 1997.
Characters: Preston Ross, Earl of Maitland & Miss Felicity Rhoades
Summary: Lady opens a boarding house and is troubled by ghostly occurrences.
Setting: Berkshire
Rating: good

The Unsuitable Suitor. Zebra, September 1997.
Characters: Viscount Peterbloom & Miranda Fraser
Summary: Lady finds her family estate is now owned by a rake who once stole a kiss from her.

Miss Eliza's Gentleman Caller. Zebra, December 1998.
Characters: General March Ashford Huntley & Miss Eliza Foxburn
Summary: Lady tries to show her widowed father that a much younger lady is an unsuitable second wife by pretending an engagement to a much older man.
Setting: London
Rating: good

Miss Darby's Debut. Zebra, October 1999.
Characters: Harrison Belmour, Earl of Penwyck & Miss Tessa Darby
Summary: Earl is exasperated yet intrigued by his mother's houseguest who is determined to reform England's harsh child labor laws.
Setting: London

Marilyn Clay is the editor of the Regency Plume newsletter.

Website: theregencyplume.tripod.com

Casey Claybourne

My Lucky Lady. Jove, 1994.
Characters: Preston, Lord Campton & Bridget Flannery
Summary: Irish lady fleeing an unwanted marriage stows away in the trunk of a lord seeking the quiet of the country and threatens him with a pistol when he opens it.

The Devil's Darling. Jove, 1994.
Characters: Colin Forster, Earl of Sorrelby & Olivia Knowles
Summary: Lady stages an accident to show an earl that a village desperately needs a doctor, but her plan goes awry.

Now writes historical romance.

Alana Clayton

Love in Disguise. Zebra, February 1994.
Characters: Giles, Earl of Castleton & Lady Caroline Langdon
Summary: Lady disguises herself as a war-weary earl's housekeeper to protect her niece.
Setting: English countryside
Series: Includes characters from A Gifted Lady.

"Summer Deception," in A June Courtship. Zebra, May 1994.

A Gifted Lady. Zebra, July 1995.
Characters: Marquess of Ransley & Lady Claire Kingsley
Summary: Clairvoyant widow seeking her husband's killer is asked by a lord to help his daughter speak again.

Heart's Deceit. Zebra, May 1996.
Characters: Adam Montgomery, Earl of Weston & Miss Diana Harrington
Summary: To save an earl from a plot against his life, a quiet lady must pretend to be her wild twin, who is the widow of the earl's younger brother.

"Rutherford's Return," in Seductive and Scandalous. Zebra, August 1997.
Characters: Nicholas, Marquess of Rutherford & Miss Vanessa Truesdale
Summary: Rake given a second chance at life provided he reforms helps a lady ruined by rumors that he was her lover.
Rating: excellent

The Willful Wife. Zebra, March 1998.
Characters: Jordan Worth & Nicole Worth
Summary: Man accompanies a friend to a clairvoyant only to discover that she is his wife who fled from him and his family's ridicule seven years earlier.
Series: Heroine distantly related to heroine of A Gifted Lady.
Rating: very good

The Phantom Husband. Zebra, November 1998.
Characters: Richard Tremayne, Earl of Melbourne & Emma, Baroness Randolph
Summary: Lady charged with the care of her younger sister rushes into a hasty marriage with a man who disappears, but when she tracks him to his home she finds a stranger instead.

The Headstrong Heart. Zebra, April 1999.
Characters: Logan Greeley, Earl of Roarke & Lady Elizabeth Leighton
Summary: Lady determines to use her psychic abilities to find her stepmother's killer to clear the name of the man she loves.
Setting: London

"A Matter of Taste," in Sweet Delights. Zebra, September 1999.
Characters: Galen Sheffield, Lord Burke & Lady Fiona Atterly
Summary: Lady who agrees to cook for a friend's party attracts the notice of a lord on a mission for the Prince Regent.

"The Last Kitten," in Spring Kittens. Zebra, March 2000.
Characters: Elliot, Lord Gage & Lady Catherine Duncan
Summary: Lady is accused of catnapping when kittens provided for by the will of a lord's eccentric aunt disappear.

A Devilish Husband. Zebra, October 2001.
Characters: Jared Moreland, Viscount Carisle & Cassandra Crawford
Summary: A lady's indebted stepfather forces her to accept the proposal of a rake who intends to ignore her.
Setting: London & English countryside (briefly)

The Mistress Thief. Zebra, March 2002.
Characters: Ranson Baldwin, Earl of Weston & Lavinia Peyton
Summary: A lady devoted to the cause of rescuing women from a life of prostitution embarks on a mission of vengeance against the man who broke her sister's heart by reforming his mistresses.

A Spirited Romance. Zebra, July 2002.
Characters: Lord Trent & Miss Vanessa Grayson
Summary: A lady who is a renowned spiritualist is hired to rid a lord's country home of ghosts though he scoffs at her profession.

Susan Clitheroe

The Devil's Protection. St. Martin's, 1995.
Characters: Augustin Vance, Earl of Brewood & Miss Geneva Hartwell
Summary: Vicar's daughter who received a surprise inheritance and an unwanted proposal from a greedy relative agrees to accompany a rakish earl to Vienna posing as his wife.
Comments: Hero should be Lord Brewood not Lord Vance.

Pat Cody

A Dangerous Dandy. Harper, 1994.
Characters: Mr. Holton Fenmore & Miss Vanora Chalmers
Summary: Sister protects her younger sister from a dandy.
Rating: good

A Risky Rogue. Harper Monogram, 1995.
Characters: Lord Denzil Knox & Lady Clare Linwood
Summary: Lady agrees to help a rogue regain his reputation as a favor to her fiance but is disturbed by her fiance's infidelities and her own feelings toward the rogue.

Patricia Coleman

Daring Deceptions. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Richard, Viscount St. Croix & Miss Rose Maynwaring
Summary: Lady must marry a viscount to gain her inheritance; he agrees, intending to use their honeymoon in France as a cover for spying.
Setting: London & France
Rating: excellent

Leona Collier

Change of Heart. Tiara, 1981.
Characters: Colonel Hugh Melton & Seraphina Wycherly or Caroline Howard
Summary: A gentleman must decide which fiancee he loves when the wrong lady's name appears in his betrothal announcement.

The Ghostly Bridegroom. Tiara, 1981.

Lynn Collum

A Game of Chance. Zebra, August 1996.
Characters: Andrew Marsh, Earl of Stanford & Miss Lydia Whitney
Summary: Man unknowingly hires the daughter of a famous gambler as a companion for his gambling-addicted aunt.
Setting: London

"A Winter Courtship," in Winter Kiss. Zebra, January 1997.
Summary: A widow prefers her independence to remarriage.

Elizabeth and the Major. Zebra, August 1997.
Characters: Major Roderick Shelton & Miss Elizabeth Fields
Summary: Lady's friend and a major's sister are contenders for an eccentric's fortune.
Setting: Harrowgate
Rating: very good

"A Purrfect Christmas for the Marquis," in Christmas Kittens. Zebra, December 1997.
Characters: Derrick Kenton, Marquis of Marsden & Miss Karis Lockhart
Summary: Penniless lady captures the heart of the lord intended for her spoiled cousin.

"The Wicked Earl," in Dangerous and Dashing. Zebra, July 1998.
Characters: Earl of Blackstone & Angelica Markham
Summary: A notorious earl is a lady's unlikely choice to save her from an unwanted engagement.

The Spy's Bride. Zebra, January 1999.
Characters: Christopher "Kit" Harden, Viscount Ridgecrest & Lady Victoria Woodley
Summary: Heiress whose guardian is forcing her to marry flees to Portugal to seek her cousin's protection and en route disguises herself a British spy's valet.
Setting: At sea, in Portugal, near Farnham in Surrey, & in London
Rating: good

Lady Miranda's Masquerade. Zebra, May 1999.
Characters: Charles Benton, Earl of Cresswood & Lady Miranda Henley
Summary: Lady fleeing an arranged marriage takes an assumed name and ends up at the home of an earl who thinks she's the harlot who fleeced his friend.
Setting: Near East Grinstead in West Sussex
Rating: good

"The Scandalous Bride," in All Dressed in White. Zebra, June 1999.
Heroine: Miss Moira O'Donnell
Summary: A lady who is determined to win a horse race is a scandalous choice for a baron forced to marry in haste or lose his family estate until the rakehell bridegroom falls inconveniently in love.

An Unlikely Father. Zebra, November 1999.
Characters: Oliver Carson, Earl of Hawksworth & Miss Emily Collins
Summary: Lady agrees to accompany three orphans from India to their rakish uncle's estate in England.
Setting: India (briefly) and in the Mendip Hills near Bath

"The Ruby Heart," in Valentine Kisses. Zebra, January 2000.
Characters: Justin Andrews & Lorissa Mathis
Summary: Lady hopes to convince her neighbor to love her.

"Cakes, Kisses, and Confusion," in Sweet Temptations. Zebra, August 2000.
Characters: Earl of Sedgefield & Miss Annabelle Hill
Summary: A lord sets a trap for a lady he mistakes for a schemer but she soon proves him wrong with her culinary magic and her sweet temper.
Setting: Essex

The Christmas Charm. Zebra, October 2000.
Characters: William, Viscount Borland & Miss Adriana Addington
Summary: A lady tricks her bookish grandson into escorting her goddaughter, who is recently arrived from Italy, to her home for Christmas in hopes that he'll fall for her.
Setting: On the road from London through Yorkshire to Scotland
Series: The Addingtons #1.
Rating: very good

The Valentine Charm. Zebra, February 2001.
Characters: Sir Hartley Ross & Miss Amy Addington
Summary: A lady accompanying her cousin to Bath finds herself drawn to a dashing, enigmatic man whom she suspects is involved in a rash of robberies targeting the city's wealthiest families.
Setting: Bath
Series: The Addingtons #2

The Wedding Charm. Zebra, April 2001.
Characters: Alexander Addington & Lara Rochelle
Summary: A gentleman discovers he has inherited an estate in Norfolk and is intrigued by a secretive lady he meets there.
Setting: Norfolk
Series: The Addingtons #3.

Miss Whiting and the Seven Wards. Zebra, August 2002.
Characters: Sir Evan Beaumont & Miss Sara Whiting
Summary: A lady is rescued from her violent stepmother by seven young boys who spirit her off to their quaint cottage, where she is embraced by a loving family and swept off her feet by her own Prince Charming.
Series: Fairy Tale series #1 - Snow White & the Seven Dwarves

A Kiss at Midnight. Zebra, November 2002.
Characters: Gareth Fenton & Lady Rosamund Dennison
Summary: While attempting to escape from an arranged marriage to a vile old earl, a lady injures herself and decides to thwart her bethrothed's unwelcome advances by pretending to be unconscious, but her plans go awry when the earl's dashing new butler discovers her plan.
Setting: Yorkshire
Series: Fairy Tale series #2 - Sleeping Beauty

When the Slipper Fits. Zebra, April 2003.
Characters: Gabriel Crowe, Earl of Shalford & Ella Sanderson
Summary: A penniless lady who must act as a maid for her aunt and her two spoiled cousins meets an earl at a ball.
Series: Fairy Tale series #3 - Cinderella

"The Bewitched Baron" in A Bewitching Season. Zebra, September 2003.
Characters: Wyndom Long, Baron Newlyn & Naomi Clayton
Summary: A baron who prefers botany to the ton hires a lady as his shy sister's companion.

"Reforming a Rogue" in My Favorite Rogue. Zebra, March 2004.
Characters: Viscount Durwyn & Serena Morgan
Summary: A widow is appalled to discover that her uncle has consented to introduce her gentle cousin to London’s most notorious rake.

“Father and the Notorious Miss Newman” in A Wife for Papa. Zebra, May 2004.
Characters: Earl of Fennerly & Miss Felicity Newman
Summary: A gentleman thinks his friend is the perfect match for his widowed father.

The Captain. Zebra, April 2005.
Characters: Captain Andrew Morrow & Jacinda Blanchett
Summary: A gentleman heads to India to avoid an arranged marriage but when he returns to England 8 years later he finds things have changed.

Mary Chase Comstock

An Impetuous Miss. Zebra, January 1993.
Characters: Mr. Charles Hazelforth & Miss Catherine Mansard
Summary: Grandmother's will says a lady must marry or lose her family home.
Setting: English countryside & London

A Sparkling Affair. Zebra, May 1993.
Characters: Roland, Lord Waverly & Lady Selinda Harroweby
Summary: Lady living with her horrible aunts dreams of being a romance heroine and meets an eccentric man who seems the perfect hero.

A Midsummer's Magic. Zebra, July 1994.
Characters: Mr. Julian St. Ives (baron's heir) & Hippolyta Trevalyen
Summary: Man studying the ancient art of healing falls under the spell of a widow thought to be a witch.

"A Christmas Conspiracy," in A Christmas Wish. Zebra, November 1994.

Fortune's Mistress. Zebra, February 1996.
Characters: Dr. Alden Venables & Miss Marianne Gardiner
Summary: Pregnant mistress retires to a small village and meets a handsome doctor.
Rating: good Comments: Includes an angel.

Website: regencycafe.tripod.com/aboutmary.html

Lynne Connolly

Vanessa. Awe-Struck E-Books.
Characters: Christopher, Lord Vesey & Vanessa, Lady Vesey
Summary: A lady accompanies her diplomat husband to the Congress of Vienna and encounters danger, intrigue -- and a lost love.

Lynne Connolly is also the author of the Richard and Rose series set the Georgian period.

Vivian Connolly

The Counterfeit Bride. Coventry #68, 1980.

Cecilia. Coventry #140, September 1981.
Characters: Francis, Lord Kilwarden & Cecila Annesley
Summary: Cousin wants to find a husband for a fiery haired chit who helps the poor.

Jan Constant

The Beringer Heiress. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Sir Julian Leyton & Miss Emma Beringer
Summary: Lady returns from the Peninsula after her father's death to find herself an heiress and the ward of a rake.
Setting: London

The Only Hope. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Sir Hugo Dysart & Miss Amy Standish
Summary: Lady takes a job as a companion to be near her late sister's child from whom her family is estranged.

Madeleine Conway

Seducing Sybilla. Zebra, September 2003.
Characters: Augustus Swaffam, Earl of Ampthill & Sybilla Smethwick
Summary: A lady tries to protect her widowed sister from her late husband's brother.
Setting: London

The Reluctant Husband. Zebra, February 2004.
Characters: Ormiston Ducre & Cecilia Marchmont
Summary: A gentleman who wants to free himself from a forced engagement to a woman he hates becomes intrigued by a mysterious lady at a masked ball in Paris and is determined to learn her identity.

The Errant Earl. Zebra, August 2004.
Characters: Lord Lazenby & Miss Frances Wilbraham
Summary: A notorious scoundrel recovers from a carriage accident under the care of a gentle country miss and tries to solve the murder of his former mistress.

Rosamund's Revenge. Zebra, January 2005.
Characters: Rory Buchanan & Rosamund Lovelace
Summary: Friends conspire to bring together a headstrong beauty and the man who once spurned her love.

Christina Cordaire

Heart's Deception. Jove, 1992.
Characters: Duke of Ware & Alaina St. Clair
Summary: Lady escapes a scheme to steal her inheritance by posing as a stableboy at the home of a duke with a secret of his own.

Love's Triumph. Jove, 1993.
Characters: Marcus Stayne, Earl of Wynmalen & Miss Elizabeth Charders
Summary: Lady and her siblings become the wards of a handsome war hero who wants to arrange a marriage for her.
Setting: English countryside & London

Pride's Folly. Jove, 1993.
Characters: Viscount Hawkehurst & Johanna Austen
Summary: Lady whose aunts want her to leave the school where she teaches for a Season meets London's most eligible bachelor on a wild coach ride.

Daring Illusion. Jove, 1994.
Characters: Viscount Moreland & Rosalind, Countess Winston
Summary: Lady masquerading as a housekeeper seems oddly familiar to the viscount who rents the castle for the summer.
Setting: English countryside

Beloved Stranger. Jove, 1995.
Characters: Hugh Warren, Viscount Althurst aka Hassan Triste & Lady Sarah Fotheringay
Summary: Lady who lost her childhood friend is indebted to a mysterious man who saves her lost friend's young brother from drowning.
Setting: English countryside
Rating: fair

Website: www.eclectics.com/christinakingston/index.html

Nicola Cornick

True Colours. Mills & Boon, May 1998; reissued by Harlequin, March 2001.
Characters: James, Marquis of Mullineaux & Alicia, Lady Carberry
Summary: The first person a lord encounters on his return to England is the last person he wants to see — the woman who scandalized the ton by breaking off their engagement.
Setting: Somerset

The Virtuous Cyprian. Mills & Boon, August 1998; reissued by Harlequin, June 2001; reissued by Mills & Boon, December 2002 as part of the Regency Rakes series.
Characters: Nicholas, Earl of Seagrave & Lucille
Summary: Virtuous schoolteacher's sister is a notorious Cyprian who seems intent on undermining her sister's happiness.

The Larkswood Legacy. Mills & Boon, February 1999; reissued by Harlequin, July 2001.
Characters: Sir William Weston & Mrs. Annabella St. Auby
Summary: A lady wonders whether a gentleman is pursuing her for the estate she inherited.
Setting: Taunton in Somerset
Series: Sequel to True Colours

Lady Polly. Mills & Boon, September 1999; reissued in The Regency Rakes with The Admiral's Daughter by Francesca Shaw, Mills & Boon, October 2003.
Characters: Lord Henry Marchnight & Lady Polly Seagrave
Summary: Lady who jilted a man five years earlier on her parents' advice is uncertain about his renewed interest in her.
Setting: Suffolk
Series: Sequel to The Virtuous Cyprian.
Rating: very good

Miss Verey's Proposal. Mills & Boon, May 2000; reissued by Harlequin Historical, April 2002.
Characters: Alex, Duke of Delahaye & Miss Jane Verey
Summary: Duke whose first marriage was a disaster tries to choose a wife for his younger brother but is attracted to the lady himself.
Setting: Wiltshire & London
Series: Includes characters from The Virtuous Cyprian and Lady Polly.

The Blanchland Secret. Mills & Boon, December 2000; reissued by Harlequin Historical, October 2002.
Characters: Guy, Viscount Renshaw & Miss Sarah Sheridan
Summary: In response to a mysterious letter, a lady must return to her former family home, which is now owned by a debauched rake, and receives an offer of help from a lord who may have ulterior motives.
Setting: Bath and Somerset countryside
Rating: excellent Comments: Great chemistry between the hero and heroine; enjoyable intrigue

A Companion of Quality. Mills & Boon, August 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, September 2002.
Characters: Captain Lewis Brabant & Miss Caroline Whiston
Summary: An impoverished lady goes to work at the home of an admiral and encounters the admiral's son, a sea captain who has reluctantly returned home to take up his inheritance.
Setting: English countryside
Series: Book 4 in The Steepwood Scandal; preceded by The Reluctant Bride by Meg Alexander; followed by A Most Improper Proposal by Gail Whitiker.

Lady Allerton's Wager. Mills & Boon, November 2001; reissued by Harlequin, April 2003.
Characters: Marcus, Earl of Trevithick & Beth, Lady Allerton
Summary: In order to regain an island that once belonged to her family, a lady makes a wager with a lord who mistakes her for a Cyprian.

The Notorious Marriage. Mills & Boon, May 2002; reissued by Harlequin, June 2003.
Characters: Kit, Lord Mostyn & Eleanor Trevithick
Summary: A lord tries to win back the love of his wife, whom he eloped with then abandoned for five months to carry out a secret mission.
Series: Sequel to Lady Allerton's Wager.

An Unlikely Suitor. Mills & Boon, June 2002.
Characters: Mr. Barnabas Hammond & Miss Lavender Brabant
Summary: A bluestocking heiress falls in love with a man of mysterious parentage.
Setting: English countryside
Series: Book 14 in The Steepwood Scandal; preceded by Mr. Rushford's Honour by Meg Alexander; followed by An Inescapable Match by Sylvia Andrew.

"The Rake's Bride" in The Love Match. Harlequin Historical, March 2002. Reissued in Regency Brides. Mills & Boon, October 2002.
Characters: Jack, Marquis of Merlin & Miss Theodosia Shaw
Summary: When a gentleman is called upon to extract his cousin from an undesirable match to a scheming older woman, he finds himself intrigued by the bride who bolts at the altar.

The Earl's Prize. Mills & Boon, November 2002; reissued by Harlequin Historical, December 2003.
Characters: Joss Tallant & Amy Bainbridge
Summary: A lady whose family was ruined by gambling finds a winning lottery ticket and must determine who the rightful owner is.

The Chaperon Bride. Mills & Boon, March 2003; reissued by Harlequin Historical, February 2004.
Characters: Adam, Lord Ashwick & Annis, Lady Wycherley
Summary: A chaperon who makes matches for others has no intention of marrying herself until a scandalous encounter with a lord in a spa bath.

The Wayward Widow. Mills & Boon, July 2003; reissued by Harlequin Historical, April 2004.
Characters: Martin Davencourt & Juliana Myfleet
Summary: The "Lady Rakehell" doubts she can find happiness with a man until a gentleman reminds her of a marriage pact they made 16 years ago.
Series: Sequel to The Earl's Prize.
Rating: very good

The Penniless Bride. Mills & Boon, November, 2003; reissued by Harlequin Historical, October 2004.
Characters: Robert, Earl of Selborne & Jemima Jewell
Summary: A man who must marry to gain his inheritance chooses the daughter of a chimney sweep as his bride.

The Notorious Lord. Mills & Boon, August 2004; reissued by Harlequin Historical, July 2005.
Characters: Cory, Lord Newlyn & Rachel Odell
Summary: A lady's feelings for a friend change when she sees him bathing in a river.

One Night of Scandal. Mills & Boon, October 2004; reissued by Harlequin Historical, August 2005.
Characters: Lord Richard Kestrel & Deborah Stratton
Summary: A lord tries to make a widow his mistress then realizes he wants to marry her.

The Rake's Mistress. Mills & Boon, December 2004; reissued by Harlequin Historical, September 2005.
Characters: Lord Lucas Kestrel & Miss Rebecca Raleigh
Summary: A lord first suspects a lady of being a courtesan and then of smuggling secrets that threaten England's security.

"The Fortune Hunter" in A Regency Invitation to the House Party of the Season. Harlequin Historical, November 2005.
Overall Summary: Society gathers at the home of a lord who had been shunned since the mysterious disappearance of his wife.

Website: www.nicolacornick.co.uk

Catherine Coulter

Autumn Countess. Signet, January 1979.
Characters: John (viscount, becomes Earl of Devbridge) & Andrea, Countess of Devbridge
Summary: Lady marries an earl and is unsettled by strange occurences at his home and her own attraction to his son.
Setting: English countryside
Comments: First person; very Gothic.

The Rebel Bride. Signet, December 1979; reissued in expanded form by Topaz, 1994.
Characters: Julien St. Clair, Earl of March & Lady Katherine Brandon
Summary: Lord is captivated by a lady with a terrifying secret.

Lord Deverill's Heir. Signet, May 1980; reissued by Signet, January 1990.
Characters: Justin, Lord Deverill & Arabella Deverill
Summary: Lady is shocked when the man she mistook for a vagabond turns out to be her father's heir whom she must wed.

Lord Harry's Folly. Signet, December 1980; reissued in expanded form as Lord Harry by Penguin, 1995.
Characters: Jason Cavender, Marquis of Oberlon & Miss Henrietta Rolland
Summary: Lady disguises herself as a man to get revenge against an arrogant aristocrat.
Setting: London
Rating: good

The Generous Earl. Signet, July 1981; reissued in expanded form as The Duke by Five Star, 1997.
Characters: Ian Carmichael, Duke of Portmaine, Earl of Penderleigh & Brandy Robertson
Summary: English duke inherits a Scottish earldom and becomes the guardian of a lady determined to prove to him she's a woman.
Setting: Scotland

An Honorable Offer. Signet, December 1981.
Characters: Phillip, Viscount Mercerault & Sabrina Eversleigh
Summary: Lady who dislikes men after her brother-in-law accosted her marries a man with many mistresses thinking he'll leave her alone.
Setting: Yorkshire & London

An Intimate Deception. Signet, April 1983; reissued in expanded form as The Deception by Topaz, 1998.
Characters: Richard Clarendon, Duke of Portsmouth & Evangeline de Beauchamps
Summary: French lady whose father is held hostage by Napoleon must pose as an experienced widow to spy on England.

Now writes Regency-era historicals and contemporary romantic suspense.

Website: www.catherinecoulter.com

Wilma Counts

Willed to Wed. Zebra, September 1999.
Characters: Matthew Cameron, Earl of Markholme & Miss Sarah Longbourne
Summary: Lady will lose her inheritance unless she marries the stranger who inherited the neighboring estate.
Setting: Derbyshire

My Lady Governess. Zebra, January 2000.
Characters: Adrian, Marquis of Trenville & Lady Elinor Richards
Summary: Lady fleeing an arranged marriage to an unsavory man disguises herself as a governess in the home of an eligible lord.
Setting: Devon

"The Way to a Man's Heart," in Sweet Temptations. Zebra, August 2000.
Characters: Earl of Thornwood & Nicole Beaufort
Summary: A lady accepts a challenge to disguise herself as a chef and goes to work for an earl whose health depends on her cooking.

The Willful Miss Winthrop. Zebra, October 2000.
Characters: Geoffrey Ryder & Miss Cymberly Winthrop
Summary: Lady following the drum with her father in Portugal tries to ignore her feelings for an officer who is distantly related to those who cruelly disinherited her mother.
Setting: Portugal

The Wagered Wife. Zebra, February 2001.
Characters: Hon. Trevor Jeffries & Miss Caitlin Woodbridge
Summary: A gentleman forced to marry a lady he won in a card game enlists in the military and goes to the Peninsula for seven years, and on his return he discovers his wife has become the Toast of the Town.
Setting: Newmarket in Suffolk & London
Rating: very good

The Trouble with Harriet. Zebra, July 2001.
Characters: Marcus Jeffries, Earl of Wyndham & Harriet
Summary: An earl shares guardianship of a precocious girl with a troublesome lady.
Series: Sequel to The Wagered Wife.

"Christmas Joy," in Christmas Kittens. Zebra, October 2001.
Characters: Justin Wingate & Meghan Kenwick
Summary: A gentleman trying to help his daughter get over her mother's death brings her to a Christmas party and meets a bereaved widow.

Miss Richardson Comes of Age. Zebra, November 2001.
Characters: Thorne Wainwright, Earl of Rolsbury & Miss Annabelle Richardson
Summary: A lady whose spurned suitors try to tarnish her reputation retaliates by writing a scathing satire about them and becomes entangled with the older brother of one of the suitors.
Setting: London

The Lady and the Footman. Zebra, December 2004.
Characters: Lady Allyson Crossleigh
A lovely and independent society lady with a taste for adventure falls for her handsome footman, only to discover he is actually a gentleman on medical leave from the army who has been asked to protect her from a kidnapping.

Caroline Courtney

Duchess in Disguise. Warner, 1979.
Characters: Duke of Westhampton & Duchess of Westhampton
Summary: Lady whose husband leaves her sequestered in the country while he visits his mistress in town disguises herself to win his love.

Love Unmasked. Warner, 1979.
Characters: Miles (becomes Duke of Lexburgh) & Lady Lucinda Verney
Summary: Lady cannot forget the masked man who rescued her from highwaymen though she is courted by a man who claims a dukedom after the young duke mysteriously drowns.

A Wager for Love. Warner, 1979.
Characters: James Gilles Lydbrook, Earl of Saltaire & Lavinia Davenham
Summary: Earl abducts a lady to fulfill a bet that he can marry a lady of good breeding in one week.
Setting: London & English countryside
Series: Warner Library of Caroline Courtney Romance #2

Dangerous Engagement. Warner, 1979.
Characters: Earl of Templecombe & Miss Miranda Melbury
Summary: Heiress dressed as a boy is rescued and kissed by an earl whom she thinks might offer for her in order to pay his gambling debts.
Setting: English countryside & London
Series: Warner Library of Caroline Courtney Romance #5

The Fortunes of Love. Warner, 1980.
Characters: Malory, Duke of Strathavon & Davinia Sinclair
Summary: Lady is unimpressed with a handsome, rich duke because a gypsy once told her she'd marry a man whose name starts with M.
Setting: Bath
Series: Warner Library of Caroline Courtney Romance #6

Forbidden Love. Warner, 1980.
Characters: Sir Hugh Abingdon & Phyllida Chase
Summary: Lady who scandalized Bath by taking tea with a rake is sent to France where she avoids her aunt's marriage scheme with the help of the rake and the unwilling groom.
Setting: Bath & France

Heart of Honor. Warner, 1980
Characters: Sir Andrew Grantley & Miss Beth Merridew
Summary: Lady falls in love with the man who stopped her runaway carriage, but since his family is shunned by society because of his father's debts, her aunt tries to match her with another.

Libertine in Love. Warner, 1980.
Characters: Marquis of Peterborough & Miss Juliana Quincey
Summary: Libertine first kisses a lady in public to win a bet then wagers he can win her hand in marriage in six months.

Love Triumphant. Warner, 1980
Characters: Charles, Duke of Vern & Harriet Willoughby
Summary: When a lady recognizes a man claiming to be a French comte as a smuggler who once dared to kiss her, she is certain he's a spy.

Love's Masquerade. Warner, 1980.
Characters: Cameron, Lord Rothwell & Lady Leonora Pagett
Summary: Lady vows revenge on the man who caused her friend to die of a broken heart--and make the man she herself loves jealous at the same time.

The Romantic Rivals. Warner, 1980.
Characters: Sir D'Arcy Rawnsley & Miss Venetia Hamilton
Summary: Independent lady sets out to solve a mystery on her own, defying the lord who tries to protect her.

Abandoned for Love. Warner, 1981.
Characters: Alexander, Duke of Lyveden & Miss Antoinette Aston aka Lady Antoinette Leigh
Summary: Duke decides to choose his bride from among three ladies by testing their reactions when he introduces a nobody from Yorkshire as his future duchess.
Setting: Yorkshire & London
Series: Warner Library of Caroline Courtney Romance #13

Destiny's Duchess. Warner, 1981.

Love of My Life. Warner, 1981.
Characters: Lord Desmond Shayne & Jessica Court
Summary: Lord asks a lady whom he rescued from highwaymen to help him win the love of a lady she knows is cruel.

The Tempestuous Affair. Warner, 1981.
Heroine: Miss Lucy Stanton
Summary: After her father's death, a lady is sent to live with a prince who is her grandfather.

Love in Waiting. Warner, 1982.

A Lover's Victory. Warner, 1981.
Characters: Major Leo Carrington & Miss Valeria Fairmount
Summary: Unwilling lady's father takes her to the Congress of Vienna intent on marrying her to an officer stationed there, but as false rumors circulate about her bold pursuit, she finds herself falling for her intended's disdainful commanding officer.
Setting: Vienna
Series: Warner Library of Caroline Courtney Romance #17
Rating: good Comments: Nice descriptions of Vienna and the Congress. Romance not very well developed though: Since he thought the worst of her until the very end and spent all their scenes together yelling at her it was difficult to see what it was he decided he loved about her besides her looks, and the same for her about him.

The Masquerading Heart. Warner, 1981.
Characters: Giles Rothwell & Serenity Markham
Summary: Spirited lady accepts her aunts' invitation for a London Season in the place of her gentle twin who loves a local man.
Setting: Cotswolds & London
Series: Warner Library of Caroline Courtney Romance #18

The Courier of Love. Warner, 1982.
Characters: Aidan Langley, Duke of Wexford & Lady Francesca de Lisle
Summary: Duke finds a lady bathing unclothed in his trout stream.
Setting: Winchester in Hampshire
Series: Warner Library of Caroline Courtney Romance #19

The Daring Heart. Warner, 1982.
Characters: Rupert Lennox-Childs, Lord Childs & Lucilla Prior
Summary: Lady's bold behavior is condemned by her best friend's guardian.
Setting: Surrey & London
Series: Warner Library of Caroline Courtney Romance #21

Eleanor Anne Cox

Pegasus. Coventry #125, 1981.

Intermezzo. Coventry #147, 1981.
Characters: Charles Beaumont, Lord Waterston & Miss Adela Trowle
Summary: Lady becomes a companion and piano instructor in the home of a lord who is a patron of the arts.
Setting: London

Alethea Brentleigh. Fawcett, 1983.
Characters: Lord Andover or Noah Faulk & Alethea Brentleigh
Summary: A lord becomes enraged with jealousy and tries to destroy a lady's romantic relationship with another man.

Ann Elizabeth Cree

A Bargain with Fate. Mills & Boon, November 1998; reissued by Harlequin, November 2001.
Characters: Michael, Lord Stamford & Rosalyn, Lady Jeffreys
Summary: Lord who needs a lady to pose as his fiancee asks a lady whose family estate he won in a card game.

Lord Rotham's Wager. Mills & Boon, April 2000.
Characters: Jack, Earl of Rotham & Mrs. Claire Ellison
Summary: A lord who must marry because of his great-uncle's will wagers he can find a wife in the fan lottery at his grandmother's ball, but the fan he picks belongs to a lady who rejected him to marry another six years earlier.

The Marriage Truce. Mills & Boon, August 2000; reissued in paperback by Mills & Boon, November 2000; reissued by Harlequin Historical, October 2003.
Characters: Devin St. Clair, the Marquis of Huntington & Sarah Chandler
Summary: A gentleman ends up engaged to the sister of the man who stole his wife.

My Lady's Prisoner. Mills & Boon, September 2001; reissued in paperback by Mills & Boon, November 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, November 2003.
Characters: Nicholas Chandler, Viscount Thayne & Julia Carrington
Summary: A lady suspects a man wearing her husband's ring of murdering him and takes him captive to learn the truth.

The Duke's Mistress. Mills & Boon, October 2002; reissued by Harlequin Historical, May 2004.
Characters: Justin, Duke of Westmore & Lady Isabelle Milborne
Summary: A lady who innocently played a part in a wager that ruined a duke is dismayed when he seeks revenge on her by demanding she become his mistress for the Season.

The Viscount's Bride. Mills & Boon, February 2004; reissued by Harlequin Historical, June 2005.
Characters: Brandt, Viscount Salcombe & Lady Chloe Daventry
Summary: Hoping to avoid marriage to a notorious libertine, a lady convinces a half-hearted suitor to propose, but they are interrupted by a viscount who once insulted the lady's sister.

The Venetian's Mistress. Mills & Boon, January 2006; reissued by Harlequin Historical, April 2006.
Characters: Duke of Severin & Cecily Renato
Summary: An English widow in Italy meets a duke with a dangerous secret in his past.

Winner of 1995 Golden Heart Award from Romance Writers of America (under the name Annemarie Hasnain).

Donna Creekmore

Coachman's Daughter. Candlelight, 1979.

The Difficult Miss Livingston. Candlelight #706, May 1982.
Characters: Ned Westleigh (earl) & Miss Caroline Livingston
Summary: Sparks fly when a lady meets the earl who is her featherbrained cousin's fiance.

Jasmine Cresswell

The Abducted Heiress. Hale, 1978; reissued by Mills & Boon, November 1979; reissued by Harlequin, 1995, with The Blackwood Bride in Rakes and Rascals.
Characters: Viscount Benham & Georgiana Thayne
Summary: Lady who has disguised her wit and beauty for years to avoid marriage to her odious cousin meets a viscount.

The Blackwood Bride. Hale, 1980; reissued by Mills & Boon, November 1981; reissued by Harlequin, 1995, with The Abducted Heiress in Rakes and Rascals.
Hero: Viscount Blackwood
Summary: Viscount picks a supposedly dying woman from a workhouse for a brief marriage of convenience but she turns out to be sturdier than he thought.

The Danewood Legacy. Hale, 1981; reissued by Mills & Boon, March 1983.
Characters: Lord Danewood & Elizabeth Barclay
Summary: A lady fleeing an arranged marriage is entrapped by a madame and sold to an aristocrat who forces her to pose as his wife.

The Reluctant Viscountess. Hale, 1981; reissued by Mills & Boon, July 1983; reissued by Coventry, 1982.

Lord Carrisford's Mistress. Mills & Boon, October 1982 (under the title Caroline); reissued as Coventry #199, July 1982.
Characters: Lord Carrisford & Miss Caroline Adams
Summary: A lady who works in her stepmother's gaming house seeks revenge on a diplomat who made her a mercenary proposal and soon learns he is trying to crack a Bonapartist spy ring.

Traitor's Heir. Mills & Boon, 1984; reissued by Harlequin, 1985.
Characters:  Edward, Baron Moreton & Wellespont & Mlle Diane de Verette
Summary: Lord is determined to prevent his brother from marrying a traitor's daughter, even if it means marying her himself.
Rating: excellent

The Moreton Scandal. Mills & Boon, May 1986; reissued by Harlequin Historical, October 1986.
Characters: Captain William Moreton & Lady Caroline Richland
Series: Sequel to Traitor's Heir.

Now writes contemporary romantic suspense.

Website: www.jasminecresswell.com

Monette Cummings

Don't Wager on Love. Tiara, 1981.

Guardian Devil. Tiara, 1981.
Characters: Justin, Marquis of Theale & Miss Maris Holland
Summary: Rake becomes guardian to the daughter of the lady he once loved.
Setting: London

The Scandalous Widow. Leisure, 1982.
Characters: Randall Vernon, Earl of Dexter & Lady Ariel
Summary: Lady masquerading as a widow receives improper advances.
Setting: London

See No Love. Walker, 1983.
Characters: Philip Leslie, Duke of Durban & Miss Emily Harmon
Summary: Lady who is not allowed to wear her spectacles makes a spectacle of herself.
Rating: excellent Comments: Romance a little unsubstantial but hysterically funny.

Lady Sheila's Groom. Walker, 1984; reissued by Zebra, March 1990.
Characters: Sir Robert Lange & Lady Sheila Kildare
Summary: Gentleman is employed as a lady's groom after he makes a wager that he can support himself for six months.
Setting: London & Ireland

The Beauty's Daughter. Walker, 1985.
Characters: Mr. Sean O'Rourke & Miss Priscilla Holladay
Summary: Lady forces her 22-year-old daughter to pose as her secretary so her beau won't know how old she is, but the beau seems more attracted to the "secretary."
Award: Romance Writers of America Golden Medallion, Best Regency 1986.

A Husband for Holly. Charter, 1990.
Characters: Mr. Trevor Thomas & Miss Felicia Arsdale
Summary: Lady seeking a husband for her sister is thwarted by a man she suspects of being a jewel thief and who in turn accuses her of impersonating his aunt of the same name.
Setting: London

A Heart in Disguise. Diamond, 1991.
Characters: Mark Warne & Lucinda Warne
Summary: Lady disguises herself as her brother to claim their inheritance; a distant cousin sees through her ploy but plays along.

A Kiss for Caroline. Diamond, 1991.
Characters: Mr. Alan Graves & Caroline Kingston aka April Ainsworth
Summary: A lady with amnesia is told that she is an heiress.
Setting: London & English countryside

Scarlet Lady. Diamond, 1991.
Characters: Lord Donald Hawes & Teresa Trim
Summary: An actress is thrilled when a lord asks her to accompany him to France to save his relative, but is dismayed to learn he expects her to succumb to his charms.

"Proof of the Pudding," in A Regency Holiday. Jove, November 1991.

The Wicked Stepdaughter. Diamond, 1992.
Characters: Mr. Bennett Griffith & Sylvia, Dowager Countess of Harmin
Summary: A widow asks a gentleman's help in bringing out her unruly stepdaughter.
Setting: London

"A Charmed Engagement," in A June Betrothal. Zebra, June 1993.
Characters: Stacy Warne & Lorna Pierce
Summary: A lady betrothed to her childhood sweetheart finds her fiance in another woman's arms and is determined to call off the wedding.

Crossed Hearts. Zebra, October 1993.
Characters: Captain Jonathan Murray & Miss Miranda Drake
Summary: Lady who writes Gothic novels is seen receiving payment for her work by a family friend who misinterprets the transaction.
Setting: London

Loving Spirit. Zebra, October 1994.
Characters: Rex, Viscount Stinson & Miss Fiona Mallory
Summary: Lady who loves town life meets a lord who prefers country life at a Halloween ball on his estate.
Setting: Somerset

Corinna Cunliffe

Hand of Fortune. Signet, August 1985; reissued by Signet, September 1990.
Characters: Lord Drogo Hintlesham & Miss Henrietta St. John
Summary: Lady disguised as a stable boy convinces the man who bought her father's race horse that she's the only one who can ride it to victory.
Comments: Prize for worst hero's name. Is he a hobbit?

Play of Hearts. Signet, February 1986.
Characters: Sir Jeremy Dole & Miss Perdita Chase
Summary: Lady whose father was an actor must call on her own acting skills to pretend her duty marriage is a love match.

The Unsuitable Chaperone. Signet, February 1988.
Characters: Tarne, Earl of Endsleigh & Lady Laura Firle
Summary: A widow is drawn to her husband's best friend who appears to be courting the lady she is chaperoning.
Setting: London

Lucia Curzon

The Chadbourne Luck. 2nd Chance at Love #3, 1981.

An Adverse Alliance. 2nd Chance at Love #33, 1982.

Mourning Bride. 2nd Chance at Love #57, 1982.

Queen of Hearts. 2nd Chance at Love #87, 1982.

The Dashing Guardian. 2nd Chance at Love #123, 1983.
Characters: Giles Harvine & Damaris Vardon
Summary: Lady who loves her childhood friend tries to convince his older brother of her feelings but ends up in love with him instead.

Enid Cushing

Maid-at-Arms. Coventry #90, 1981.
Co-Author: Andre Norton

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