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Traditional Regency Comedies



Lighthearted comedies are my favorite form of Traditional Regency Romance. Especially witty comedy, in the style of Georgette Heyer. Listed below is a selection of the funnier Regencies I have come across. If you have any recommendations, please suggest them in the comments section below!



An Affair of Interest by Barbara Metzger. Lady mistakes a lord who is settling his brother's debts for a moneylender and takes a loan from him, then concocts various schemes to pay him back. One of Metzger's better comedies. 4 stars.

Best Laid Schemes by Emma Jensen. Prim earl carefully arranges a house party to choose a bride but his plans are ruined by a clumsy girl who has plagued him since childhood. Unexpectedly full of wit, a charmingly lighthearted story. 4 stars.

Brighton Road by Susan Carroll. A stiff-necked lord very unexpectedly has the adventure of his life with a Minerva Press authoress. Absolutely hysterical, and a heartwarming story as well. Easy 5 stars.

Lady with a Black Umbrella by Mary Balogh. Spinster picks a gentleman out for her sister, but the gentleman has other ideas. Such a sweet and funny story, as the heroine with her head in the clouds drags the hero through one adventure after another. 5 stars.

A Merry Escapade by Jenna Jones. Earl helps a lady trying to find a list left by her late French-spy father. A story charming as it is funny, although there is a bit of unexpected sensuality at the very end. 4 stars.

Miss Lockharte's Letters by Barbara Metzger. Thinking she is dying, a lady writes a series of embarrassing letters, including one to the arrogant brother of a school friend. Metzger's better novels, such as this one, are hilarious. 5 stars.

Miss Westlake's Windfall by Barbara Metzger. A lady discovers a cache of gold in her orchard but soon learns that love is a greater treasure. One of my favorite "friends-to-lovers" storylines, with almost nonstop comedy. 4 stars.

Mistaken Kiss by Kathleen Baldwin. A nearsighted lady accidentally kisses her prospective fiancé's prodigal brother and finds her entire life turned upside down. Very lighthearted, very funny. 5 stars.

Mistletoe and Folly by Marian Devon. Lady taking her sister's place at a house party gives the guest of honor a piece of her mind for causing a carriage accident. 5 stars.

A Rag-Mannered Rogue by Hayley Ann Solomon. A lady traveling to London to discover the state of her pending inheritance finds herself embroiled in a mystery when she rescues a handsome lord from a gang of deadly anarchists. A delightful story; a bit of a farce but in a good way. 4 stars.

A Worthy Wife by Barbara Metzger. When a lady's fiance turns out to be already married, his brother-in-law marries her to save her from ruin. 5 stars.


And of course, the very best Regency comedies were written by Georgette Heyer.

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