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Compromsing Situations
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Compromising Situations

Barbara Allister, Midnight Bride.
Lady refuses to marry a viscount whom she finds in her bed when she awakens.

Beth Andrews, The Marplot Marriage.
Couple who despise one another must marry when caught in a compromising situation, but when the wife finds her husband may be straying she's determined to win his love.

Anne Ashley, Lady Knightley's Secret.
As a result of her sister's plotting, a lady becomes trapped overnight with a gentleman but is reluctant to marry him because of a secret she is hiding.

Mary Balogh, The First Snowdrop.
Man abandons the lady he's forced to marry but meets her again at a country house party.

Mary Balogh, The Wood Nymph.
Gentleman who makes love to a strange girl in the woods is shocked to discover she's a lady.

Mary Balogh, A Christmas Bride.
Widow takes a Cit to her bed but tries to spurn his proposals when she learns she's with child.

Elizabeth Barron, An Amicable Arrangement.
Actor-lord agrees to a marriage of convenience with a compromised lady.

Jo Beverley, An Arranged Marriage.
Lady forced into a compromising situation with a man must marry his brother.

Catherine Blair, A Family for Gillian.
A lady caught in a compromising position is forced to marry a widower with three unruly children.

Leonora Blythe, Miranda.
Guardian insists his war marry the man who unmasked her at a rout.

June Calvin, Siege of Hearts.
Lady who assumes a handsome lord is courting her beautiful sister refuses to marry him after they are forced to spend the night together on an island.

Diana Campbell, A Marriage of Inconvenience.
When a lady arrives at her fiance's home to find only his older brother, she is forced to accept his proposal; but when her fiance returns she's tempted by him.

Diana Campbell, Kissing Cousins.
Viscount marries his distant cousin to save her from scandal but seems to be after her money.

Marion Chesney, Minerva.
Prudish vicar's daughter finds herself in compromising situations with a dandy.

Rebecca Danton, Fire Opals.
To avoid a scandal, a high-spirited lady is forced to marry a man who is said to keep his mistress in the same house.

Georgina Devon, The Rake.
Compromised while trying to save her father's life, a lady has no choice but to marry a rakish duke.

Shannon Donnelly, A Much Compromised Lady.
A lady who is trying to uncover her lost birthright finds herself in the bedroom of a notorious rogue.

Roberta Eckert, A Scandalous Journey.
Earl and his ward, stranded en route from her school, must wed.

Rosemary Edghill, Fleeting Fancy.
Viscount is forced to marry the lady he ruined before being banished to India 10 years ago.

Rachelle Edwards, A Hasty Marriage.
Lord stumbles into the bedchamber of a lady who loves him and proposes a marriage in name only.

Kathleen Elliott, A Special License.
Lord must marry the lady he abducted after mistaking her for an adventuress out to snare his nephew.

Delia Ellis, A Lady of Breeding.
Redhaired, freckled lady retires from the marrige mart to become a governess only to find herself in a compromising position with her employer who demands she marry him.

Jean R. Ewing, Love's Reward.
Lord involved in political intrigues must marry the lady who ran away from school with his married brother.

Jo Ann Ferguson, The Smithfield Bargain.
Lady marries her rescuer when she thinks the man she was eloping with is killed by robbers.

Elena Greene, Saving Lord Verwood.
A virtuous lady’s reputation is ruined when she rescues a notorious rake and is forced to marry him.

Maria Greene, An Inconvenient Marriage.
Earl is forced to propose to a lady who stows away in his carriage.

Anne Herries, Counterfeit Earl.
A lady who has lived in obscurity since jilting a gentleman of high stature is caught in a compromising position with a disillusioned war veteran who is forced into an offer of marriage.

Elizabeth Hewitt, A Lasting Attachment.
Lady looking for love refuses a lord's proposal when an accident places them in a compromising position.

Anne Hillary, Compromised Love.
Lady flees an unwanted engagement with the help of a childhood friend, but when she is declared compromised it is her friend's disapproving older brother who must offer for her.

Cindy Holbrook, Covington's Folly.
Lady is caught in a compromising situation with a man who may either be a spy or a treasure seeker.

Cindy Holbrook, A Rake's Reform.
To save her sister's reputation, a lady claims to have been compromised by a rake who in turn claims he's been trying to reform.

Emma Jensen, Coup de Grace.
Lady compromised by her childhood love doesn't want him to be forced to marry her.

Elizabeth Jackson, Galatea's Revenge.
A gentleman wagers he can turn an unknown chit into the toast of the ton.

Lynn Kerstan, Marry in Haste.
To avoid an unwanted marriage, a lady with a scarred face accepts the proposal of a man whom she mistook for a burglar and hit over the head with a frying pan.

April Kihlstrom, An Improper Companion.
When a notorious rake dishonors a lady's virtue and demands that they marry, she hopes his nephew is made of different stuff.

April Kihlstrom, An Honorable Rogue.
Lady accepts a bet to pose as barmaid & is seduced a notorious libertine.

Mary Kingsley, A Gentleman's Desire.
A lord feels honor-bound to marry a lady he finds in his bed though he suspects her of trickery.

Janis Laden, Moonlight Veil.
Lady agrees to marry the betrothed of her sister, who loves another.

Nancy Lawrence, "The Notorious Nobleman," in Dangerous and Dashing.
A lady and a duke are stranded together in an abandoned cottage during a thunderstorm.

Dawn Lindsey, The Nabob's Daughter.
Mischievous heiress in Jamaica is shipwrecked with a lord.

Laura London, Moonlight Mist.
Lady wants to convince her new husband that she had no part in the plot that entrapped him in marriage.

Leslie Lynn, Scandal's Child.
Lady who promised to avoid scandal so her siblings could make suitable matches finds herself in bed with a scarred French nobleman.

Gail Mallin, An Infamous Proposal.
A lady desperate to save her family home tries to seduce a childhood friend and is discovered in a compromising situation with him.

Elizabeth Mansfield, A Very Dutiful Daughter.
Lady is expected to wed the man who unwittingly accosted her at Vauxhall.

Laura Matthews, A Baronet's Wife.
Lady must marry the baronet who compromised her and led her brothers astray.

Barbara Metzger, A Worthy Wife.
When a lady's fiance turns out to be already married his brother-in-law marries her to save her from ruin.

Kasey Michaels, The Savage Miss Saxon.
American lady pays an unannounced visit to her grandfather and demands entrance to his home in the middle of the night, only to wake to find she is in the wrong house with a bachelor who insists they marry.

Kasey Michaels, The Wagered Miss Winslow.
Lady must wed the man who wins her lands from her brother.

Elizabeth Morgan, Amanda's Folly.
Rogue kidnaps a lady to finance his flight to Paris but when her family refuses to pay he decides to take her along anyway.

Patricia Oliver, The Colonel's Lady.
Colonel weds a lady jilted by his brother to save her from scandal.

Clarice Peters, False Betrothal.
Lady agrees to a betrothal to the uncle of the boy who "compromises" her.

Melinda Pryce, Thief of Hearts.
Lady betrothed to a man with six children hopes a highwayman will tarnish her reputation and prevent her marriage, but though the thief behaves like a gentleman her fiance calls for him to be hanged.

Sheila Rabe, The Accidental Bride.
When a plain lady switches costumes with her stunning sister at a masquerade, a gentleman who kisses her ends up having to offer for the wrong sister.

Debbie Raleigh, A Scandalous Marriage.
When a midnight rendezvous with the wrong man leads to a marriage of convenience, a headstrong lady and a notorious rake must cast aside their differences to overcome danger and find unexpected love.

Barbara Reeves, The Dangerous Marquis.
American lady who is unimpressed with Englishmen and a marquis who disdains marriage are caught in a compromising position.

Cynthia Richey, Love's Masquerade.
Lady who intends to turn her family home into a girls' school is displeased when her escort to London is forced to claim she is his wife.

Meg-Lynn Roberts, Christmas Escapade.
Lord attempts to elope with a lady but ends up compromising her companion.

Jeanne Savery, The Perfect Husband.
A lady who must marry to save her family's fortune sneaks into a lord's bed hoping to be compromised but ends up with the wrong man.

Jeanne Savery, The Widowed Miss Mordaunt.
Lady posing as a widow to seek her brother in France after the war accepts the escort of a major but tries to convince him he does not need to marry her.

Alberta Sinclair, A Hint of Scandal.
Lady who must marry or lose her money and home goes to London with a list of possible suitors, but a chance encounter with a viscount forces them to become betrothed.

Patricia Veryan, The Tyrant.
Brother and sister hide a fugitive on the estate of an anti-Jacobite "tyrant" who must offer marriage to the lady when they're found alone together.

Lois Arvin Walker, Reckless Heart.
Earl thinks a lady who falls into his creek is trying to lure him into marriage.

Joan Wolf, Fool's Masquerade.
Lady disguises herself as a groom on a lord's estate, but when he sees through her disguise and is duty-bound to offer for her, she flees to London vowing only to marry for love.


Mary Balogh, "No Room at the Inn," in A Regency Christmas V.
A group of travelers are stranded at an inn over Christmas.

Mary Balogh, Snow Angel.
Widow has a brief, passionate affair with a gentleman with whom she is snowbound, only to discover later that he is promised to her niece.

Mary Butler, The Gallant Heiress.
Lady masquerading as a governess to escape the villain out to steal her fortune ends up on a bachelor's doorstep in a snowstorm.

Cathleen Clare, Midwinter's Bliss.
Lady and her companion forced by a snowstorm to stop at a rake's house unwittingly interrupt a wild bachelor party and force their host to behave with propriety.

Cathleen Clare, "Christmas Cattitude," in Christmas Kittens.
A lord is stranded in a snowstorm at an inn with a spoiled 12-year-old ward and a delightful lady innkeeper.

Mona Gedney, An Icy Affair.
A lady longing for companionship gets her wish when a snowstorm diverts an array of strangers including an acting troupe and a wealthy gentleman searching for true love to her uncle's estate.

Barbara Hazard, Beth.
Lady is stranded by a snowstorm at an inn with a duke from whom a sensitive government report is stolen.

Jane Hinchman, Rendezvous with Love.
Country miss is subject to gossip after she takes refuge from a blizzard in the home of a lord who returned from the war to find his inheritance squandered by his stepmother.

Karla Hocker, Love Tangle.
A lord who views ladies as featherbrains is startled when an intrepid lady ventures through a snowstorm to his estate to save an infant.

Samantha Holder, Temporary Wife.
Lady who's turned down several offers is snowbound at an inn with a new earl who needs a temporary wife.

Dawn Lindsey, The Duchess of Vidal.
Lady on her way to start a new life is stranded in a storm with a man and marries him not knowing he's a notorious duke.

Carla Kelly, "No Room at the Inn" in A Regency Christmas [IX].
A lady traveling to her grandmother's in the company of a solicitor seeks shelter from a storm in the home of the solicitor's brother.

Amanda Mack, Makeshift Mistress.

Paula Marshall, Dear Lady Disdain.
Heiress who has spurned numerous fortune hunters is stranded by the weather with a man who has returned from America to cut all his ties with England.

Melinda McRae, The Unrepentant Rake.
Lady is stranded in a blizzard at the home of a rake when a series of pranks turn dangerous.

Barbara Metzger, Christmas Wishes.
Poor relation runs away to London and is stranded in a stable with a rake, but she runs again when he offers her marriage.

Gwyneth Moore, Love's Lady Lost.
Man stranded at a "widow's" house in a snowstorm discovers her secret past.

Joy Reed, Twelfth Night.
Lady escapes an abduction to Gretna Green only to find herself snowbound with a rake who suggests a false betrothal to save her reputation.

Donna Simpson, The Gilded Knight.
A widow with a sick child expects to be thrown out of her home but instead finds herself falling for the brother of her husband's heir while snowbound by a winter storm.

Tending to the Injured & Ill

Therese Alderton, Second Season.
When the man she holds responsible for her brother's death turns up on her doorstep badly wounded, a lady cannot refuse to help him but never expects to fall in love with him.

Elizabeth Bailey, The Count's Charade.
A lady who has been lame since birth discovers a wounded Frenchman near her home and nurses him back to health.

Evelyn Bond, The Heart's Intrigue.
Cornish lady intended as a duke's bride finds a wounded man who may be a spy.

Beth Bryan, A Managing Female.
Lady takes an unconscious man whom she finds on the docks to France thinking he's going there but he was actually on his way to propose to a lady.

Susannah Carleton, A Scandalous Journey.
When a gentleman is kidnapped by an eccentric divorcee with marital designs, he manages to escape along with an American lady who is a fellow hostage.

Jeanne Carmichael, Breath of Scandal.
Lady tries to conceal an injured man from a charming stranger.

Madeleine Conway, The Errant Earl.
A notorious scoundrel recovers from a carriage accident under the care of a gentle country miss and tries to solve the murder of his former mistress.

Georgina Devon, The Lord and the Mystery Lady.
A lord has no choice but to allow an injured lady to recuperate in his home.

Carola Dunn, Lavender Lady.
Lady raising her brothers and sisters nurses a gentleman after a curricle accident not realizing he's an earl.

Sarah Eagle, The Reluctant Suitor.
Lady fleeing the fiance she's never met finds an injured man who happens to be...

Gail Eastwood, The Captain's Dilemma.
Lady hides a French prisoner of war on her family's estate.

Gail Eastwood, The Persistent Earl.
Widow whose brother-in-law murdered her husband and is determined to have her is protected by a wounded officer whom she tended in sickbed.

Rachelle Edwards, Dangerous Dandy.
Lady who tends an injured man meets him again when she is a lady's companion and he is a marquis.

Jean Ewing, Valor's Reward.
Scholarly lady is mistaken for a highwayman and is shot while she tries to stop a coachman's abusive treatment of his horses.

Olivia Fontayne, The Rogue's Revenge.
New earl seeks revenge on the family he thinks ruined his grandmother.

Cindy Holbrook, "The Lady Does Not!" in Flowers for Mama.
A lady's dog leads her to a wounded man.

Michelle Kasey, Moonlight Masquerade.
Lady has a carriage accident & convalesces at the home of a scarred earl.

Lynn Kerstan, Marry in Haste.
To avoid an unwanted marriage, a lady with a scarred face accepts the proposal of a man whom she mistook for a burglar and hit over the head with a frying pan.

Valerie King, A Country Flirtation.
A dangerous stretch of road brings first a young man then his guardian into the care of a spinster with 4 younger sisters.

Dawn Lindsey, The Talisman.
Lady tends a stranger's mysterious gunshot wound then offers to become his mistress.

Paula Marshall, My Lady Love.
Lord slanders the name of a lady, not realizing that his father is negotiating a marriage between them.

Laura Matthews, The Aim of a Lady.
Lady accidentally shoots her brother's friend with an arrow, forcing him to recuperate under her care.

Susan Michaels, An Infamous Fiasco.
Lady who conducts archaeological digs on her late father's estate gets off on the wrong foot with the new heir when she mistakes him for a poacher and shoots him.

Roseleen Milne, Borrowed Plumes.
Lady who is determined to despise the earl coming to seize her family estate meets a stranger who is the man of her dreams.

Sophia Nash, A Passionate Endeavor.
A lord returns home wounded from the war and finds himself in the care of a compassionate nurse who challenges his vow never to marry.

Judith Nelson, Accidental Match.
Lady takes care of a viscount injured in a curricle accident.

Joan Overfield, A Heart's Disguise.
Lady meets a lord working for the government who looks suspiciously like the wounded man she nursed to health a month before.

Phyllis Taylor Pianka, Dame Fortune's Fancy.
Impoverished widow helps nurse an injured lord.

Carol Proctor, The Drawing Master's Dilemma.
Lady is saved from marriage to a lecherous lord by a mysterious drawing master whom she finds wounded on the side of the road.

Martha Jean Powers, The Runaway Heart.
A lady fleeing an arranged marriage finds an injured lord and nurses him back to health.

Carol Quinto, The Duke Who Came to Visit.
Tall, awkward lady returns home to Newmarket after an unsuccessful Season and is content raising horses until a carriage accident brings a duke to her door.

Debbie Raleigh, Lord Carlton's Courtship.
Lord rescues a lady who is disguised as a boy from an ambush and tends to her bullet wound, then feels honor-bound to help her search for her missing agent brother.

Catherine Reynolds, The Highwayman.
Lady with a taste for adventure nurses a highwayman wounded in a delicate area only to find he is a notorious rake.

Leanne Shawler, Dangerous to Know.
Awaiting a welcome death after a duel, a lord hides in a stable and is discovered by a young gentlewoman who insists on nursing him back to health.

Donna Simpson, Lady May's Folly.
A lady discovers a wounded man on her property and realizes he's the man who rescued her from kidnappers.

Donna Simpson, A Rake's Redemption.
A vicar's daughter takes care of an injured gentleman she finds by the road and learns he is a rogue.

Mira Stables, No Impediment.
Gentleman enters a marriage in name only with a lady who treated him when he was injured, but when his mother finds out she determines to bring them together.

Margaret Summerville, Bewitching Lady.
Lady who practices natural medicine and folk magic is called to the bedside of a rake and falls in love with him.

Rhonda Woodward, A Hint of Scandal.
A notorious duke who is wounded by a highway is cared for by a genteel lady.

Accidental Shootings, etc.

Leonora Blythe, Lady Tara.
Lord shoots a highwayman then discovers it's a lady.

Teresa DesJardien, The Reluctant Lord.
Lord's American heir returns and meets an independent lady and a man who knows his "secret."

Marian Devon, Georgiana.
Lady shoots a lord to prevent him from duelling with her twin brother.

Carola Dunn, The Tudor Secret.
Lady gets shot holding up a lord to retrieve a family heirloom.

Jean Ewing, Valor's Reward.
Scholarly lady is mistaken for a highwayman and is shot while she tries to stop a coachman's abusive treatment of his horses.

Lauren Giddings, Sweet Tempest.
Lord discovers that the thief he shot is a woman.

Emily Hendrickson, Elizabeth's Rake.
Lady will not believe that a rake who pursues her is sincere.

Lynn Kerstan, Marry in Haste.
To avoid an unwanted marriage, a lady with a scarred face accepts the proposal of a man whom she mistook for a burglar and hit over the head with a frying pan.

Valerie King, My Lady Valiant.
A lady is determined to seek revenge on the rogue who broke her cousin's heart, but loses her own heart instead.

Laura Matthews, The Aim of a Lady.
Lady accidentally shoots her brother's friend with an arrow, forcing him to recuperate under her care.

Susan Michaels, An Infamous Fiasco.
Lady who conducts archaeological digs on her late father's estate gets off on the wrong foot with the new American heir when she mistakes him for a poacher and shoots him.

Anita Mills, Miss Gordon's Mistake.
Lady abducts a baron to convince him to let her friend out of a marriage of convenience, only to discover he is the late baron's heir.

Joan Overfield, The Dutiful Duke.
When a lady confronts a duke at gunpoint and insists he take responsibility for his brother's byblow, he agrees and hires her as governess.

Deborah Simmons, Tempting Kate.
A lady is determined to wreak revenge upon the man said to have compromised her sister, but when she waylays him at gunpoint, both the lady and the nobleman end up with more than they bargained for.
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