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Emily Dalton

A Country Chit. Harlequin #31, August 1990.
Characters: Nathan, Lord Hatherleigh & Miss Kitty Whitchurch
Summary: Independent yet impoverished lady who decides she must find a husband determines to prove wrong a lord who says she has no chance.

An Infamous Sea Bath. Harlequin #44, February 1991.
Characters: Anthony, Lord Sarre & Miss Georgiana Lacy
Summary: Lord's interest is piqued by a lady who disdains her mother and sister's schemes to nab his title and wealth.

Beauty and the Beastie. Harlequin #59, October 1991.
Characters: Jamieson Denham, Earl of Hastings & Miss Felicity Bell
Summary: Earl decides to marry a managing miss to change her ways.

A Heavenly Houseguest. Harlequin #68, February 1992.
Characters: Sydney St. James, Marquess of Brynne & Miss Angela Farifax
Summary: Lady joins forces with a lord to discover who left a baby on an Abbey doorstep.

Lily and the Lion. Harlequin #85, November 1992.
Characters: Julian Winslow, Lord Ashton & Miss Lily Clarke
Summary: Vicar's daughter determines to heal a disillusioned man who prefers animals to people.

Megan Daniel

Amelia. Signet, October 1980.

The Unlikely Rivals. Signet, June 1981.
Characters: Derek Rowbridge & Saskia Van Hooten
Summary: A lady whose family depends on her and a gentleman who returned penniless from the war are rivals for an inheritance from an aged aunt.

The Reluctant Suitor. Signet, March 1981.
Characters: Geoffrey Curwen, Viscount Morpeth & Lady Margaret St. Vincent
Summary: Indebted viscount who doesn't seem interested in marriage agrees to help a lady who must marry in one month or lose her money defy her greedy relatives.

The Sensible Courtship. Signet, August 1982.
Characters: Richard, Baron Devlin & Lady Francesca Waringham
Summary: Lord and lady who were once in love pursue sensible spouses at a house party and resolve to avoid each other.
Rating: very good

The American Bride. Signet, September 1983.
Characters: Charles Lydiard, Viscount Cumberley & Miss Abigail Dawson
Summary: Lady on a ship to England to meet her betrothed meets a man who agrees to teach her the ways of the ton.

The Queen of Hearts. Signet, August 1986.
Characters: Viscount Rosslyn & Mallorie French, Countess of Haye
Summary: A widow is determined to have nothing to do with a gentleman who reminds her of her late husband.

Miss Pennington's Choice. Charter, 1988.
Characters: Hon. Robert Trevelyan & Miss Georgianna Pennington
Summary: A lady attending the Congress of Vienna meets a gentleman who has switched places with his twin, causing her to wonder just who it is she loves.

Rebecca Danton

Amythest Love. Fawcett, 1977.
Characters: Major Malcolm Villiers & Miss Valerie Gray
Summary: Man marries the lady he promised to take care of but turns out to be a rake and a gambler, so she leaves him while he returns to the war.

Fire Opals. Fawcett, 1977.
Characters: Darcy Saltash, Marquis of Arundell & Miss Charlotte Mary Gordon
Summary: To avoid a scandal a high-spirited lady is forced to marry a man who is said to keep his mistress in the same house.
Setting: London & Cotswolds

Star Sapphire. Fawcett, 1979.

Highland Brooch. Coventry, 1980.

The Ruby Heart. Coventry #75, November 1980.
Characters: Burke Penhallow & Lesley Dalrymple
Summary: Lady who scorns men must marry the fellow godparent of her nephew to save the boy from greedy relatives.

White Fire. Fawcett, 1981.

French Jade. Coventry #177, April 1982.
Characters: Oliver Seymour & Minna Redmond
Summary: Lady takes revenge on a man she heard call her plain and dowdy by disguising herself as her dashing French cousin and making him fall in love with her.

Other Regenices as Janette Radcliffe and Janet Louise Roberts.

Clare Darcy

Georgina. Walker, 1971; reissued in paperback by Dell, 1972; reissued in 1 volume with Cecily and Lydia, Walker, 1976.
Characters: Mr. Shannon & Georgina Power
Summary: Rambunctious heiress who is visiting an Irish estate when its new owner takes possession is determined to put that infuriating gentleman in his place.

Cecily; or, A Young Lady of Quality. Walker, 1972; reissued in paperback by Pinnacle, 1990; also reissued in one volume with Georgina and Lydia by Walker, 1976.
Characters: Mr. Robert Ranleigh & Miss Cecily Hadley
Summary: Gentleman discovers a penniless relation has taken to the stage and bundles her off to the country to train her in ladylike behavior, but their lessons are interrupted by her fans.

Lydia; or, Love in Town. Walker, 1973; reissued in paperback by Signet, 1974; also reissued in one volume with Cecily and Georgina by Walker, 1976.
Characters: Captain Christopher Brome, Viscount Northover & Miss Lydia Leyland
Summary: Viscount returns from Waterloo to find a family from Louisiana has taken up residence in his house, and is told by the daughter that she intends to make a brilliant match in London.

Allegra. Walker, 1974; reissued in paperback by Signet, February 1976.
Characters: Sir Derek Herington & Miss Allegra Herington
Summary: Impoverished lady surprises the ton by turning down an offer from her highly eligible cousin and by going to Brussels on the eve of Waterloo.
Rating: excellent Comments: Amusing story in the style of Heyer; nice pre-Waterloo Brussels atmosphere

Victoire. Walker, 1974; reissued in paperback by Signet, June 1975.
Characters: Marquis of Tarn & Victoire Duvernay
Summary: Lady first appears in London society impersonating her cousin who was wronged by a rakish marquis, then she appears as herself and is courted by the rake.

Lady Pamela. Walker, 1975; reissued in paperback by Signet, 1977.
Characters: Carlin, Lord Dalven & Lady Pamela Frayne
Summary: Lady asks the help of a handsome coachman in her scheme to enter a castle dressed as a lady's maid in order to recover her grandfather's missing Foreign Office papers, and is surprised when he is later announced at the castle as a lord.

Elyza. Walker, 1976; reissued in paperback by Signet, July 1977.
Characters: Mr. Cleve Redmayne & Elyza Leigh
Summary: Lady disguised as a boy is rescued from an innkeeper by a man of mysterious background.

Regina. Walker, 1976; reissued in paperback by Signet, 1978; also reissued by Pinnacle, 1990.
Characters: Alistair, Lord Wrexham & Regina Audwyn
Summary: Widow who is uninterested in remarriage tries to stop her cousin's infatuation with a rogue.

Cressida. Walker, 1977; reissued in paperback by Signet, 1978.
Characters: Captain Deverell Rossiter & Miss Cressida Calverton
Summary: Lady is incensed when the man who jilted her 6 years ago returns from his distant adventures, becomes a lion of society, and offers for her chaperone's poor relation.

Eugenia. Walker, 1977; reissued in paperback by Signet, June 1978.
Characters: Richard Liddiard & Eugenia Liddiard
Summary: Lady's cousin turns to her as the last hope for recovering his birthright.

Gwendolen. Walker, 1978; reissued in paperback by Signet, 1979.
Characters: David, Marquis of Lyndale & Miss Gwendolen Quarters; Lt. Neil Fairhall & Campaspe Quarters; M. Alain de Combray & Jane Quarters
Summary: Lady who broke off an engagement to a naval captain is attracted to the lord both her sisters sought to marry for his money.
Setting: Cheltenham & Gloucestershire countryside

Rolande. Walker, 1978; reissued in paperback by Signet, 1978; reissued by Pinnacle, 1991.
Characters: Mr. Jasper Carrington & Miss Rolande Henry
Summary: A gentleman hires an actress to pose as his long-lost male cousin in order to save his inheritance.
Setting: London

Letty. Walker, 1980.
Characters: Mr. Harry Tyne & Miss Letty Montressor
Summary: Penniless gentleman leaves home after being falsely accused of cheating at cards and heads for the Congress of Vienna where he intends to start a gaming house featuring the singing talents of a runaway lady he meets en route.

Caroline and Julia. Walker, 1982; reissued in paperback by Signet, January 1983.
Characters: Mr. Neville Devereaux & Julia Daventry; Lord Redvers Wrexham & Caroline Devereaux
Summary: Two ladies become ensnared in intrigue and find their hearts ensnared by two gentlemen.

Donna Davidson

Elizabeth's Gift. Signet, April 1994.
Characters: Nathan Dunbar, Marquess of Hawksley & Miss Elizabeth Wydner
Summary: Lady who can read minds and see the future helps a lord uncover a villain who destroys families.

Lord Kingsford's Quest. Signet, March 1995.
Characters: Woolfe, Lord Kingsford & Miss Taryn Burnham
Summary: Girl sends away a whipping boy to save his life; he returns as a man to claim the estate from her cruel uncle.

The Seductive Smuggler. Zebra, July 1997.
Characters: Mr. Daniel Rockburne & Miss Harmony Roan
Summary: Smuggler protects a lady who witnesses a transaction by claiming she's his mistress.
Comments: Sir Temple Roan should be Sir Temple not Sir Roan.

"Katie and the Captain," in An Evening at Almack's. Zebra, September 1997.
Characters: Captain Ryan Adams & Miss Katie Alden
Summary: Lady exhibits her painting under a pseudonym after the man she loves calls her work indecent.

Lord Langcliffe's Lady. Zebra, May 1998.
Characters: Riordan, Lord Langcliffe & Cambria Thorne
Summary: Lord gets rid of a lady's suitors so he can marry her and reclaim the land that once belonged to his ancestor.
Comments: Still having difficulty with baronet's titles: Sir First Name not Sir Last Name.

Juliana Davison

The Golden Locket. Berkley, 1978.
Characters: Hon. George Carlisle (temporary viscount) & Miss Mariella Westmore
Summary: Lady is torn between 2 lovers...

Petals of the Rose. Warner, 1980.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #18"

The Pink Phaeton. Warner, 1980.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #13"

Velvet Ribbons. Warner, 1980.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #16"

Countess by Contract. Warner, 1981.
Characters: Earl of Cumberland & Felicity Harwood
Summary: Earl's new wife tries to find her place in a family dominated by the memory of his late wife.

Dinah Dean

Flight from the Eagle. Heinemann, 1974 (under the title The Road to Kaluga); reissued as Masquerade #24, 1979.
Characters: Major Lev Orlov & Countess Irina Barova
Summary: Russian major must protect a countess from Napoleon's army and his own men.
Series: Russian series #1 -- set in 1812
Rating: superb

The Eagle's Fate. Mills & Boon, 1981.
Characters: Captain Count Andrei Ivanovich Valyev & Princess Nadezhda "Nadya" Igorovna Serova
Summary: As Napoleon's troops approach, a lady fleeing Moscow is rescued by a gentleman who scorns her because of a wrong done to him by her brother.
Series: Russian series #2 -- set in 1812
Rating: superb

The Green Gallant. Souvenir Press, 1980. Published under the name Jane Hunt.
Characters: Major Vladimir Karachev, Blanche de Marain, Vassily Karachev, Boris Kalinsky
Summary: After the Battle of Leipzig, the Allies advance on Paris where a Russian major becomes entangled with a French widow harboring a secret.
Series: Related to the Russian series -- set in 1813-14
Comments: This is really a historical novel, not a traditional romance. Both Vladimir Karachev and Boris Kalinsky have secondary romances that begin in The Ice King and conclude in Tatya's Story. Vassily Karachev is the hero of Tatya's Story.The story is an intergral part of Dinah Dean's Russian series despite the fact that it was published under the name Jane Hunt.
Rating: superb

Wheel of Fortune. Masquerade, 1983.
Characters: Captain Count Gennadi Yakovich Zhadov & Countess Galina Stepanova Razumova
Summary: Lady who inherits an estate from her godfather falls in love with a portrait of his nephew, a naval captain who is presumed lost at sea.
Series: Russian series #3 -- set in 1813
Rating: very good Summary: Extremely unsatisfying that the hero does not actually appear until the last 50 pages!

The Ice King. Masquerade, 1980.
Characters: Prince Nikolai Volkhov & Countess Tanya Kirova
Summary: Lady's companion who is offered a Season in St. Petersburg wants to discover what made a prince so cold and unfeeling.
Series: Russian series #4 -- set in 1819
Rating: superb

Tatya's Story. Masquerade, 1984.
Characters: Count Vassily Karachev & Countess Tatya Kalinskaya
Summary: In order to cheer up a lady with a lame leg, a man who has vowed never to marry enters into a casual flirtation with her but ends up falling in love.
Series: Russian series #5 -- set in 1820
Rating: superb

The River of Time. Masquerade, 1985.
Characters: Count Igor Grigorovich Charodyev & Countess Mila de Romarin
Summary: On a long journey across Russia, a widow meets the man whom she refused twelve years ago.
Series: Russian series #6 -- set in 1821
Rating: superb

The Cockermouth Mail. Mills & Boon, 1982 under the name Marjorie May; reissued as Harlequin #7, August 1989.
Characters: Colonel Sir Richard Severall & Miss Dorcas Minster
Summary: Governess becomes trapped at an inn with a war hero at Christmastime.
Rating: superb Comments: Hero especially appealing; very sweet, quiet romance.

The Country Gentleman. Masquerade, 1985; reissued by Harlequin, April 1986.
Characters: John Harris, Viscount Cressing (earl's heir) & Miss Lucinda Calvert
Summary: Reverend's daughter and her neighbors are intrigued when a mysterious man buys a local manor house.
Rating: superb Comments: The perfect blend of romance, intrigue, humor and English village life.

Country Cousins. Mills & Boon, 1986; reissued as Harlequin Historical #3, September 1986.
Characters: Mr. Robert Hartwell & Miss Caroline Barnes
Summary: A lady who is asked to keep her cousin company in the country is intrigued by the mysterious behavior of the girl's stepbrother.
Rating: superb
Series: Sequel to The Country Gentleman. Also features an appearance by Vassily Karachev from her Russian series.

Marjorie DeBoer

The Unwelcome Suitor. Signet, August 1984.
Characters: Lawrence MacLean, Viscount Harcourt & Mrs. Elena Tyndale Farnsworth
Summary: Lady is wooed by the lord whom she blames for her husband's death.

The Whitbourne Legacy. Signet, July 1985.
Characters: Worth Forrester & Miss Rosalyn Clifton
Summary: American man comes to England seeking his ancestry.

A Duet for My Lady. Warner, 1987.
Heroine: Miss Stephanie Endicott
Summary: Lady falls for a dashing journalist and has no interest in the peer her mother has chosen for her.
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

Beloved Adversary. Warner, 1988.
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

Diana Delmore

Anthea. Walker, 1983; reissued in paperback by Warner, 1985.
Characters: Marquis of Lyndock & Anthea
Summary: A widow is rescued from a group of bandits by a charming man who turns out to be a notorious lord.

Leonie. Walker, 1984; reissued in paperback by Warner, 1985.
Characters: Mr. Jeremy Deveril & Mlle. Leonie de Montbarey
Summary: French governess with mysterious origins is fired when the son of the house makes advances.

Dorinda. Warner, 1985.
Characters: Justin, Duke of Shalford & Miss Dorinda Hale
Summary: The daughter of a nobleman and an actress becomes a chaperone to a spirited lady and is pursued by two men.
Setting: London

Cassandra. Warner, 1986.
Characters: Gervase Davenet, Earl of Ashbourne & Miss Cassandra Mowbray
Summary: An earl becomes guardian to a lady who grew up with the army on the Continent and prefers adventures to high society.
Setting: London
Rating: good

Melissande. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Gideon Maitland & Melissande de Castellane
Summary: A spirited lady wages a campaign against the handsome nobleman who has legal claim to her family inheritance.

Chance Encounter. Diamond, 1991.
Characters: Joshua Waring & Sybilla
Summary: A lady flees her uncle's marital plans disguised as a boy and is rescued by a gentleman who seems determined to introduce the "lad" to society.

Substitute Bride. Diamond, 1993.
Heroine: Davina Morland
Summary: Lady's companion receives a bold proposition from her employer's brother and finds herself unable to resist.

Other Regencies as Lois Stewart

Edith De Paul

The Viscount's Witch. Candlelight #672, August 1981.
Characters: Viscount Kingsley & Vanessa Bartongale
Summary: Lady disguised as a boy becomes a viscount's page and hears him talk of his reluctant search for a wife.

Teresa DesJardien

A June Bride. Zebra, July 1991.
Characters: Jeffrey Huntingsley & Alessandra Hamilton
Summary: Lady's father makes her marry after her public indiscretion and will only allow her an annulment if she spends a month in her husband's bed without consummating the marriage.

"A Valentine Bride," in Valentine's Day Treasure. Zebra, January 1992.
Characters: Oliver, Baron Whittam & Lady Christine Jordan
Summary: Lady responds to a lord's advertisement for a wife.

The Marriage Mart. Zebra, February 1992.
Characters: Duke of Rothayne & Lady Mary Wagnall
Summary: Spinster is willing to settle for an older husband until she meets a duke who intends to help her make a match.

"The Reluctant Bride," in A June Wedding. Zebra, June 1992.

Haunted Hearts. Zebra, October 1992.
Characters: Ian Drake, Viscount Stratton & Olivia Beacham
Summary: Widow seeking excitement attends an All Hallow's Eve masquerade dressed in the same cat costume as a person an English spy has come to meet.

"Her Special Day," in A Mother's Love. Zebra, April 1993.
Characters: Sir Horace Cawley & Clarice, Lady Cawley
Summary: Things go awry when a lady's children try to give her the day off from planning her daughter's wedding.

A Heart's Treasure. Zebra, September 1993.
Characters: Xavier, Lord Warfield (earl's heir) & Lady Genevieve
Summary: Man with an eyepatch and scarred face feels unworthy of the lady who loves him.
Rating: very good

A Scandalous Proposal. Zebra, March 1994.
Characters: Lord Marchmont & Lady Pamela Premington
Summary: Lady with her eye on a heroic lieutenant instead receives a proposal from a rake.

A Winsome Widow. Zebra, October 1994.
Characters: Regist, Viscount Collingsworth & Stephana, Lady Monroe
Summary: Viscount bets he can win the hand of a widow who shuns all suitors.
Rating: good

"Wish upon an Angel," in A Christmas Wish. Zebra, November 1994.

Love's Magic. Zebra, March 1995.
Characters: Richard Quinn & Alysia
Summary: Jilted lord who retires to the country to practice Druidic arts finds an unconscious woman on his doorstep.

Borrowed Kisses. Zebra, October 1995.
Characters: Nathaniel Vaughan, Lord Price & Miss Joan Galloway
Summary: Lord in disguise steals kisses from ladies hoping to find the one whose kiss during a party game set him afire.

The Skeptical Heart. Zebra, July 1996.
Characters: Joseph Gatewood, Viscount Sumner & Augustine Laurence, Lady Wayfield
Summary: Matchmaker agrees to try again with a man whose first marriage was disaster.
Rating: very good

"The Haunted Bride," in Bewitched by Love. Zebra, October 1996.

The Reluctant Lord. Zebra, July 1997.
Characters: Fane Westby, Baron Galbreth & Miss Marietta Hampton
Summary: Lord's American heir returns and meets an independent lady and a man who knows his "secret."
Rating: good Comments: Reason for keeping the "secret" a bit weak.

"Scandalous," in An Evening at Almack's. Zebra, September 1997.
Characters: Lawrence Roswell, Viscount Travers & Miss Clara Northdon
Summary: Lady whose betrothed is behaving coolly towards her schemes to win back his love.

The Misfit Marquess. Signet, September 1999.
Characters: Gideon Whitbury, Marquess of Greyleigh & Elizabeth Hatton
Summary: Lady fleeing from a false lover is rescued by a lord and, fearing discovery, pretends to be a bit daft.

The Bartered Bridegroom. Signet, March 2000.
Characters: Lord Benjamin Whitbury & Miss Katherine Oakes
Summary: Gentleman is forced to take another man's troublesome fiancee off his hands.
Series: Sequel to The Misfit Marquess.

The Reluctant Smuggler. Signet, February 2001.
Characters: Lord Sebastian Whitbury & Mrs. Charlotte Deems
Summary: A widow who needs funds and a father for her young son encounters a lord who needs a woman for his money-making scheme.
Series: Sequel to The Bartered Bridegroom.

The Marriage Masquerade. Signet, December 2001.
Characters: Lady Lucianne Gordon
Summary: Forced to marry a man she despises, a lady is stunned when she finds herself falling for her unwanted spouse.

The Former Fiance. Signet, July 2002.
Characters: Robinson Hollister, Earl of Rosegoode & Lady Madeline Donbigh
Summary: A lord who uses his fortune to fund a protection agency is surprised when a former love hires him to protect her from a violent suitor.
Setting: On the road

Website: regencycafe.tripod.com/teresadesjardien.html

Anne Devon

The Rogue's Lady. 2nd Chance at Love #69, 1982; reissued by Fawcett, 1995, under the name Marian Devon.
Characters: Hon. Harry Romney & Miss Alexandra Linnell
Summary: Lady who becomes her fiance's aunt's companion after he cries off when her family loses their money is asked to marry a rogue who wants a wife who'll ignore his affairs.

The Widow of Bath. 2nd Chance at Love #39, 1982; reissued by Fawcett, 1994, under the name Marian Devon.
Characters: Sir John Welbourne & Joanna, Lady Welbourne
Summary: Widow is confronted by her husband's heir who once courted her.
Rating: good

Defiant Mistress. 2nd Chance at Love, February 1983; reissued by Fawcett, 1994, under the name Marian Devon.
Characters: Richard, Lord Lyston & Louisa Varley
Summary: Penniless lady in Belgium on the eve of Waterloo must become an actress to survive, drawing the scorn of her suitor's older brother.

Other Regencies as Marian Devon.

Georgina Devon

Lady of the Night. Zebra, June 1987.
Characters: Duke of Camber & Lady Damaris FitzHubert
Setting: A lady is determined to win the man she's loved since childhood even if she must attend the notorious Cyprians' Ball.

Scarlet Lady. Zebra, May 1991.
Characters: Damien St. Cloud, Earl of Hunt & Lady Jewel deVree
Summary: A lady known for her icy demeanor is secretly a highwayman who steals from the rich, but when she accidentally holds up her new neighbor she finds her heart in peril.

"A Ring for Remembrance," in Valentine's Day Treasure. Zebra, January 1992.
Characters: Alexander Staunton, Marquis of Claybrooke & Miss Carolly Stanhope-Jones
Summary: Governess is reunited with her former love, who has lost his memory and is courting her employers' daughter.

An Uncommon Intrigue. Zebra, March 1992.
Characters: Lord Eric Stewart & Miss Mary Elizabeth Sinclair
Summary: Home Office asks a lady to pose as a fortune teller to gather information.

"Midnight Lady," in A Mother's Heart. Zebra, May 1992.
Characters: Sir Anthony Crenshaw & Miss Annabelle Levy-Gower
Summary: Lady sneaks into the bed of the man she loves pretending to be his mistress and becomes pregnant.

"A Gift of the Heart," in A Christmas to Cherish. Zebra, November 1992.
 Characters: Marquis of Davenport (heir to Duke of Umberland) & Miss Lavinia Russell
 Summary: Penniless lady offers herself as mistress to the lord she once snubbed but he has other plans.
 Rating: very good

Untamed Heart. Harlequin, October 1994; reissued by Mills & Boon, August 1999.
Characters: Lord Alaistair "The Saint" St. Simon & Lizabeth Johnstone
Summary: Lord tries to return the vowels of a man who died just after the game but his sister is too proud to accept them and goes to work for a lecherous earl to raise the money.
Series: First in a trilogy with Scandals and Betrayal.

Scandals. Harlequin, December 1996; reissued by Mills & Boon, September 1999.
Characters: Jonathan St. Simon, Marquis of Langston (heir to Duke of Rundell) & Samantha Davidson
Summary: Marquis will do anything to stop his younger brother from marrying a widowed actress whose husband is rumored to be still alive.
Series: Second in a trilogy with Untamed Heart and Betrayal.

Betrayal. Reissued by Mills & Boon, October 1999.
Characters: Lord Deverell St. Simon & Pippa
Summary: Lady who seeks her twin brother among the wounded of Waterloo intends to clear him of a charge of treason even if it means losing the man she loves.
Series: Third in a trilogy with Untamed Heart and Scandals.

The Rake. Mills & Boon, January 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, April 2004.
Characters: Sebastian, Duke of Brabourne & Juliet Smythe-Clyde
Summary: Compromised while trying to save her father's life, a lady has no choice but to marry a rakish duke.

The Rebel. Mills & Boon, September 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, July 2004.
Characters: Earl of Ravensford & Mary Margaret O'Brien
Summary: An earl tries to make his mother's companion his mistress, while she in turn tries to hide the fact that she was hired under false pretenses.

The Rogue's Seduction. Mills & Boon, August 2002; reissued by Harlequin Historical, October 2004.
Characters: Jason Beaumair, Earl of Perth & Lillith, Lady de Lisle
Summary: A widow who was forced to leave the man she loved at the altar to marry a richer man finds herself the target of the scorned gentleman's revenge.

The Lord and the Mystery Lady. Mills & Boon, January 2004reissued by Harlequin Historical, November 2005.
Characters: Guy, Viscount Chillings
Summary: A lord has no choice but to allow an injured lady to recuperate in his home.

An Unconventional Widow. Mills & Boon, December 2004; reissued by Harlequin Historical, May 2006.
Characters: Sir Hugo Fitzsimmon & Lady Annabell Fenwick-Clyde
Summary: A gentleman returns home from the war and is shocked to find a lady working on his estate.

Marian Devon

Georgiana. Fawcett, 1981; reissued by Fawcett, 1997, with Escapade.
Characters: Viscount Garth & Miss Georgiana Morland
Summary: Lady shoots a lord to prevent him from duelling with her twin brother.
Rating: excellent Comments: First person.

Miss Armstead Wears Black Gloves. Fawcett, 1985; reissued by Fawcett, 1998, with Miss Romney Flies Too High.
Characters: Lord Grenville Waiwright & Miss Frances Armstead
Summary: Lady trying to avoid an unwanted marriage pretends to be engaged to a naval hero presumed lost at sea--but then he returns.
Setting: Hampshire & London

Miss Romney Flies too High. Fawcett, 1986; reissued by Fawcett, 1998, with Miss Armstead Wears Black Gloves.
Characters: Winfield Milbanke, Baron Graymarsh & Miss Sarah Romney
Summary: Man wills his fortune to whichever of his nephews marries his illegitimate actress daughter.
Rating: very good

M'lady Rides for a Fall. Fawcett, 1987.
Summary: Rakehell disguised as viscount's valet falls for the viscount's cousin.
Rating: very good Comments: Funny valet scenes.

Scandal Broth. Fawcett, 1987; reissued by Fawcett, 1998, with A Question of Class.
Characters: Hon. Fitzhugh Denholm (baron's heir) & Miss Antonia Thorpe
Summary: Lord is thrilled that the lady he is forced to propose to turns him down, until he realizes he asked the wrong lady.
Rating: very good

A Question of Class. Fawcett, 1988; reissued by Fawcett, 1998, with Scandal Broth.
Characters: Major Gareth Wincanton & Lady Venetia Lowther; Mr. Nicky Forbes & Miss Amabel Fawnhope
Summary: Lady falls for a major who is really an actor posing as a lookalike gentleman on a bet.
Rating: good  Comments: Lady Venetia wasn't with the real major long enough.

Sir Sham. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Jerrold Drury aka Sir Clive Aldington & Miss Lucy Haydon
Summary: Lady matches her sister with a nabob and is intrigued by his mysterious friend.

Escapade. Fawcett, 1989; reissued by Fawcett, 1997, with Georgiana.
Characters: Lord Brett & Maria, Lady Carlton
Summary: Lady accidentally ends up in a balloon flying across the Channel with a rake.
Rating: excellent

Fortunes of the Heart. Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Capt. Anthony Rodes & Miss Mary Anne Hawtry; Sir Maxwell Cunliffe & Sydney, Lady Cunliffe
Summary: Lady wants to get back the man she refused; her sister needs to get a nude painting of herself back before her husband sees it and misinterprets.
Rating: very good Comments: Secondary couple's dilemma more interesting than the primary story!

Miss Osborne Misbehaves. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Mr. Garrick Slaughter & Miss Eliza Osborne
Summary: Lady fleeing an engagement meets a gentleman just released from Newgate.
Rating: very good

Lady Harriet Takes Charge. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Colonel Rawdon Melford & Lady Harriet Fane
Summary: Lady who broke off her engagement when she caught her fiance kissing another at their betrothal party is still attracted to him eight years later.

Mistletoe and Folly. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Viscount Montague & Miss Jemima Forbes
Summary: Lady taking her sister's place at a house party gives the guest of honor a piece of her mind for causing a carriage accident.

A Season for Scandal. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Lord Dalton & Jenny Blythe
Summary: Of three cousins who are expected to repeat their mothers' successes, a lord is first attracted to the beauty then falls for the "Long Meg."

A Heart on His Sleeve. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Lord Blakeney & Andrea Prior
Summary: At Valentine's Day, a lady accompanies a friend to the estate of a man who has teased her since childhood.

An Uncivil Servant. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Lord Jeremy Pickering & Catherine
Summary: Runaway bride disguises herself as a maid but a lord sees through her disguise.

Lord Harlequin. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Jonathan Forsythe, Lord Worth & Miss Persey McCall
Summary: Lord falsely accused of a shooting is forced to disguise himself as a Harlequin.
Rating: good

Deck the Halls. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Lord Elliott & Audrey Brougham; Capt. Lawrence Hunt & Regina Fielding; Lord Hunt & Anne Welbourne
Summary: Mismatched couples gather at home for the holidays.
Rating: very good

Miss Kendal Sets Her Cap. Fawcett, 1996.
Characters: Viscount Thorpe & Miss Frederica Kendal
Summary: Lady refuses a proposal from a lord who stole a kiss, causing interest and speculation from the ton.

On the Way to Gretna Green. Fawcett, 1998.
Characters: Viscount Thornton & Miss Claudia Wentworth
Summary: Lady asks a lord's help in preventing his brother and her niece from eloping.
Rating: excellent Comments: Loved his naps! Great Quote: "Ho-hum! Having this man asleep beside me is becoming almost commonplace."

Other Regencies as Anne Devon.

Jacqueline Diamond

A Lady of Letters. Walker, 1983; reissued in paperback by Warner, 1986.
Characters: Jeremy Hanbridge, Marquess of Whitestone & Mlle. Marianne Arnet
Summary: Lady takes on various disguises to entice and spurn a lord who accuses her parents of being spies yet admires the poems she writes under a nom de plume.
Rating: good

Lady in Disguise. Walker, 1983.
Characters: Richard, Marquess of Lansdon & Lady Victoria Courtney
Summary: Lady mistaken for an actress and a gentleman's mistress winds up in a play with the man she's been betrothed to since childhood.
Comments: Includes "the largest elopment in English history."

Song for a Lady. Walker, 1983.
Characters: Marquess of Foxborough & Lady Deborah Martin
Summary: Cinderella tale of lady who is forced to wait on her stepsisters because her mother abandoned her father.

The Forgetful Lady. Walker, 1984; reissued in paperback by Warner, 1986.
Characters: Brett, Marquis of Meridian & Lady Elizabeth Fairchild
Summary: After a fall from horse, a lady can't remember why a gentleman dislikes her.
Rating: very good From cover: "She's a lass with a memory loss."

The Day-Dreaming Lady. Walker, 1985.
Characters: Kenneth Link, Marquess of Broadmoor & Lady Sarah Rowdon
Summary: Lady escapes into daydreams when her parents want her to court a man whom they once forced her to refuse but who is now a wealthy marquess.
Rating: excellent

A Lady's Point of View. Harlequin #14, November 1989.
Characters: Lord Bryn & Miss Meg Linley
Summary: Lady who is not allowed to wear spectacles is sent home for accidentally cutting Brummell; she gets into the wrong carriage and ends up at the estate of a lord expecting a governess.

Now writes contemporary series romance.

Charlotte Louise Dolan

The Substitute Bridegroom. Signet, February 1991.
Characters: Captain Darius St. John & Miss Elizabeth Goldsborough
Summary: Betrothed lady is forced instead to marry an arrogant man she barely knows.

Three Lords for Lady Anne. Signet, October 1991.
Characters: Bronson Roebuck, Lord Leatham & Anne Hemsworth
Summary: Governess is attracted to her employer.

The Resolute Runaway. Signet, February 1992.
Characters: Captain Nicholas Goldsborough & Miss Joanna Pettigrew
Summary: Penniless orphan travels with a friend to Brussels, where the two ladies become rivals for a man's love.
Series: Sequel to The Substitute Bridegroom. Hero is the brother of that book's heroine and villain is the same.

"Summer Escapade," in A Regency Summer. Signet, June 1992.
Series: Features a cameo appearance by the hero & heroine of The Substitute Bridegroom.

The Unofficial Suitor. Signet, July 1992.
Characters: Richard Hawke & Lady Cassiopeia Anderby
Summary: Lady's brother tries to sell her in marriage to the highest bidder.
Rating: good
Series: Villain is the same as in The Substitute Bridegroom and The Resolute Runaway.

The Black Widow. Signet, October 1992.
Characters: Demetrius Baineton, Viscount Thorverton & Miss Meribe Prestwich
Summary: Lady whose suitors mysteriously died is shunned by the ton but wooed by one man.
Series: Sequel to Three Lords for Lady Anne.
Rating: very good

"Ghost of Castle Ravenswych," in Full Moon Magic. Signet, 1992.

Fallen Angel. Signet, February 1993.
Characters: Lord Sherington & Miss Verity Jolliffe
Summary: Innocent lady thinks a much sought-after lord could have no use for her.
Award: Romance Journal Francis Award, Best Traditional Regency 1998.

The Counterfeit Gentleman. Signet, August 1994.
Characters: Digory Rendel & Miss Bethia Pepperell
Summary: Heiress is saved from assassins by the "bastard" son of an earl.
Series: Includes characters from The Unofficial Suitor.
Rating: good

Dorothea Donley

The Beaux of Bayley Dell. Zebra, April 1995.
Characters: Gordon Rand & Laurel Eland
Summary: Lady lacks suitors when her family must lease their manor, but when she finds a stranger with amnesia, fashionable people suddenly start arriving in the village.

Gentleman's Choice. Zebra, February 1996.
Characters: Hugh Kendal, Earl of Lorrigan & Nelly
Summary: Plain, practical lady falls for her sister's suitor while her sister ignores the man in favor of a most unsuitable beau.

"Taste of London," in Lords and Ladies. Zebra, May 1996.
Characters: Lewis, Lord Aldford & Miss Kate Amberly; Mr. Charles Radnor & Miss Phoebe Milner
Summary: Two orphaned ladies come to London and become the Season's surprise sensation.

A Single Season. Zebra, June 1997.
Characters: Mr. Lawrence Haverille & Miss Carolina Weldon
Summary: A country parson's daughter is invited to London for the Season and brings a breath of fresh air.

A Proper Match. Zebra, January 1998.
Characters: Sir Roland March & Lady Charlotte Held; Sydney, Duke of Audley & Mercy Pope; Mr. Macnaghten & Kate March
Summary: Lady who raised her younger brother, a duke, asks a neighbor's help when he falls in love with an unsuitable woman.
Rating: good Comments: Very well written but needed more of a romance, even a subtle one, between the main characters; his help was the only indication of his affection until the very end.

"Makeshift Mama," in For Mother with Love. Zebra, April 1998.
Characters: Mr. Charles Aintree & Miss Audrey Malton
Summary: A lady pretends to be her sister's mother so she can chaperone her in Bath.

A Lady Decides. Zebra, October 1999.
Characters: Mr. Hugh Stamford & Miss Clio Caldicott
Summary: Lady's companion arrives to find her new employer dead and fears it may not have been an accident.

Shannon Donnelly

A Compromising Situation. Zebra, November 2000.
Characters: Andrew Derhurst, Lord Rothe & Miss Maeve Midden
Summary: Lady with a shameful secret becomes companion to the niece of a lord hiding vulnerability beneath his dark facade.
Rating: excellent Comments: Excellent portrayal of characters and development of romance.
Award: Romance Writers of America Golden Heart, Best Regency 1999.

A Dangerous Compromise. Zebra, June 2001.
Characters: Evan Fortesque, Viscount Wolviston & Clarissa Derhurst
Summary: A lady is determined to reform a rake.
Setting: London

"Cat's Cradle," in Autumn Kittens. Zebra, September 2001.
Heroine: Emaline Adair
Summary: A lady's cat has kittens in a gamester's cupboard.

Under the Kissing Bough. Zebra, October 2001.
Characters: Geoffrey Westerly, Lord Staines & Eleanor Glover
Summary: A shy lady is stunned to receive a proposal from a supremely eligible lord, but soon realizes he wants a marriage of convenience.

"Silver Links" in My Sweet Valentine. Zebra, January 2002.

A Much Compromised Lady. Zebra, February 2002.
Characters: Simon Winters, Earl of St. Albans & Glynis Chatwin
Summary: A lady who is trying to uncover her lost birthright finds herself in the bedroom of a notorious rogue.

"Border Bride" in My Dashing Groom. Zebra, June 2002.
Characters: Alan Carlton & Claire Roxburgh
Summary: A lady elopes to Gretna Green to avoid marriage to an elderly gentleman, but she finds herself falling in love with her intended groom's best friend, who accompanies them.

Proper Conduct. Zebra, December 2002.
Characters: Christopher Chatwin Dawes, Lord Nevin & Penelope Harwood
Summary: When her father's schemes threaten to ruin her family, a lady must put her trust in a gentleman who wants to be accepted by Society despite his gypsy blood.
Setting: Somerset

A Proper Mistress. Zebra, May 2003.
Characters: Mr. Theodore Winslow & Molly Sweet
Summary: Hoping to protect his brother from a disinheritance, a man hires an unsuitable woman to pose as his intended bride in order to deliberately incur his father's wrath only to discover that she is not so unsuitable after all.
Setting: London & Somerset

Barely Proper. Zebra, December 2003.
Characters: Terrance Winslow & Sylvain Harwood
Summary: A lady helps an injured lord who believes he is being framed for murder.

‚€œStolen Away‚€Ě in With This Ring. Zebra, June 2004.
Characters: Marquis of Arncliffe & Audrey Colbert
Summary: A lady orchestrates her cousin‚€™s betrothal to a lord but falls in love with him herself when the bride-to-be is kidnapped.

Lady Scandal. Zebra, July 2004.
Characters: Alexandra
Summary: While escaping war-torn France with her niece and her former lover, a widow known as Lady Scandal is determined to get a second chance at love with the man she has never been able to forget.

Website: www.shannondonnelly.com

Anne Douglas

The Fourth Season. Signet, January 1995.
Characters: Earl of Burlinghan & Lady Elizabeth Fortescue
Summary: On-the-shelf lady is persued by a rake.
Rating: good

Miss Caroline's Deception. Signet, April 1995.
Characters: Dickon Richardson, Earl of Rycote & Caroline, Viscountess Carroway
Summary: Pregnant lady fleeing her abusive husband is rescued by an earl.
Rating: very good Comments: Kind hero.

June Drummond

The Bluestocking. Victor Gollancz, 1986.
Characters: Lucas Rowan, Earl of Rigg & Miss Davina Wakeford
Summary: Aunt sponsors a penniless lady to get her away from an earl suspected of murdering his older brother.

The Unsuitable Miss Pelham. Gollancz, 1990.
Characters: Alexander Frome, Earl of Linslade & Miss Lucilla Pelham
Summary: Traveling to visit his grandmother, an earl takes shelter in a baronet's home and falls in love with the man's niece.

The Impostor. St. Martin's, 1992; reissued in paperback by Avon, 1994.
Characters: Lord Hector Finch Wycombe (duke's younger son) Miss Serena Osmond
Summary: Lord bets he can earn his living and becomes the tutor to the family of an admiral with a suspicious niece.

Carola Dunn

Toblethorpe Manor. Warner, 1981; reissued as an e-book by Belgrave House.
Characters: Mr. Richard Carstairs & Miss Rosalind Stuart aka Clara Fell
Summary: Gentleman finds a lady who's been thrown from her horse and lost her memory.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #30"

Lavender Lady. Walker, 1983; reissued in paperback by Warner, 1985 & 1988..
Characters: David Fairfax, Earl of Alton & Miss Hester Godric
Summary: Lady raising her brothers and sisters nurses a gentleman after a curricle accident not realizing he's an earl.
Rating: very good

Angel. Walker, 1984.
Characters: Dominic Markham & Lady Evangelina Brenthaven
Summary: Lady disguises her beauty to find true love.
Rating: good

The Miser's Sister. Walker, 1984.
Characters: Mr. Oliver Pardoe & Lady Ruth Penderric
Summary: When a lady's brother has her kidnapped by smugglers, she escapes with the help of a fellow prisoner.
Rating: excellent Comments: Good adventure scenes.

Lord Iverbrook's Heir. Walker, 1986.
Characters: Hugh Carrick, Viscount Iverbrook & Miss Selena Whitton
Summary: Lord returns from Jamaica to confront the lady caring for his heir.
Rating: good

Smuggler's Summer. Walker, 1987; reissued in paperback by Warner, 1989.
Characters: Sir Tristram Deanbridge & Octavia Gray; Mr. James Wynn & Miss Julia Langston
Summary: Lady longing for adventure is thrilled to accept an invitation from a friend who's been sent away from the man she loves to a castle on the coast where they encounter smugglers.

The Man in the Green Coat. Walker, 1987; reissued in paperback by Warner, 1989, as Gabrielle's Gamble.
Characters: Mr. Luke Everett & Mlle. Gabrielle Darcy
Summary: Lady traveling from Europe to London is entrusted with a message for "the man in the green coat."
Rating: very good

Miss Hartwell's Dilemma. Walker, 1988; reissued as an e-book by Belgrave House.
Characters: Lord Daniel Winterbourne (marquess's younger son) & Miss Amaryllis Hartwell
Summary: Lady running a girls' school gets involved in intrigue with a student's father.
Rating: very good

Black Sheep's Daughter. Walker, 1989.
Summary: Daughter of an Englishman and a Latina goes to London for a Season.
Rating: very good Comments: Interesting use of non-English locales, characters.

Two Corinthians. Walker, 1989; reissued as an e-book by Belgrave House.
Summary: Lady is courted by two gentlemen.
Rating: good

Lady in the Briars. Walker, 1990.
Characters: Lord John Danville (duke's younger son) & Miss Rebecca Parr
Summary: Impoverished lady finds intrigue in a governess post in St. Petersburg.
Rating: very good

A Susceptible Gentleman. Harlequin #25, May 1990.
Characters: Adam Lancing, Viscount Cheverell & Miss Sarah Meade
Summary: Lord's childhood friend helps him out of a mess with three mistresses.
Rating: very good

A Poor Relation. Harlequin #39, December 1990.
Characters: Christopher Scott, Earl of Farleigh & Miss Rowena Caxton
Summary: Poor relation forced to act as a servant snags the earl on the neighboring estate.
Rating: very good

Byron's Child. Walker, 1991; reissued as an e-book by Belgrave House, Spring 2002.
Characters: Giles, Viscount Faringdale & Jodie Zaleski
Summary: 20th century viscount and a Rhodes scholar who are swept back in time to the Regency era become involved with a runaway bride and Byron's daughter and risk changing the course of history.

Polly and the Prince. Walker, 1991.
Summary: Lady artist is courted by a Russian prince.
Rating: good

A Lord for Miss Larkin. Harlequin #52, June 1991.
Characters: Mr. Philip Trevelyan & Miss Alison Larkin
Summary: Lady who thinks it would be most romantic to have a lord falling at her feet is disappointed when the first gentleman she meets during her Season is untitled.
Rating: very good

The Fortune-Hunters. Harlequin #63, December 1991.
Characters: Mr. Matthew Walsingham & Miss Jessica Franklin
Summary: Two fortune hunters in Bath pretending to be rich fall for each other.
Rating: excellent Comments: Classic misunderstandings; very amusing.

Miss Jacobsen's Journey. Walker, 1992; reissued as an e-book by Belgrave House.
Characters: Mr. Isaac Cohen & Miss Miriam Jacobsen
Summary: As they flee across wartorn Europe, a lady is courted by a lord and the rabbinic scholar she once rejected.
Rating: very good Comments: Jewish hero and heroine quite original.

The Frog Earl. Walker, 1992; reissued as an e-book by Belgrave House.
Characters: Simon Hurst, Earl of Derwent & Lakshmi Lassiter aka Princess Mimi
Summary: Indian princess falls for an estate manager who is really an earl in disguise.
Rating: good

"A Maid at Your Window," in A Regency Valentine. Fawcett, 1992.

The Road to Gretna. Harlequin #73, May 1992.
Characters: Jason, Lord Kilmore & Miss Penelope Bryant
Summary: A lord eloping with an heiress and a lady eloping with her dull fiance meet and fall in love on the way to Gretna Green.

My Lord Winter. Harlequin #86, November 1992.
Characters: Edmund Neville, Earl of Wintringham & Lady Jane Brooke
Summary: Lady whose carriage breaks down on "Lord Winter's" doorstep pretends to be a governess and is able to melt his heart.
Rating: very good

Ginnie Come Lately. Harlequin #108, October 1993; reissued by Mills & Boon, July 1995.
Characters: Justin, Viscount Amis (earl's heir) & Miss Ginnie Webster
Summary: Lord is determined to dislike his new step-siblings but finds himself drawn to the eldest lady.
Rating: very good

Thea's Marquis. Harlequin #98, May 1993.
Characters: Roderick, Marquis of Hazelwood & Miss Thea Kilmore
Summary: Lady devoted to her mother and siblings falls in love with a man who fears her interest in him is only to further her relatives' ambitions.

His Lordship's Reward. Zebra, February 1994.
Characters: Felix, Viscount Roworth & Miss Fanny Ingram
Summary: Lord falls for a lady sharing his lodgings in Belgium prior to Waterloo.
Series: Features Isaac & Miriam Cohen from Miss Jacobsen's Journey.
Rating: very good Comments: Interesting scenes in Belgium leading up to Waterloo.

"The Dower House," in A Mother's Joy. Zebra, April 1994.
 Characters: Sir Gideon March & Catriona, Lady March; Mr. Harry Talgarth & Mrs. Letty Rosebay
 Summary: When her late husband's heir arrives, a lady intends to match him with her daughter, but love has other plans.

The Captain's Inheritance. Zebra, August 1994.
Characters: Captain Frank Ingram & Lady Constantia Roworth
Summary: Earl's daughter with a scar on her chest falls for an impoverished soldier who inherits money.
Series: Sequel to His Lordship's Reward.
Rating: very good Comments: A bit too much overlap with the prequel, His Lordship's Reward. The scene where they show each other their scars is funny.

The Tudor Secret. Zebra, December 1995.
Characters: Lord Malcolm Eden (duke's younger son) & Miss Mariette Bertram
Summary: Lady gets shot holding up a lord to retrieve a family heirloom.
Rating: excellent

The Lady and the Rake. Zebra, April 1995.
Characters: Mr. Miles Courtenay & Miss Nerissa Wingate
Summary: Rakish gamester and a lady whose mother ran off with an actor stand to inherit a fortune if they can live together chastely for 6 months; but a ghost and their scheming relations are determined to throw them together.
Rating: excellent

"A Conformable Wife," in Flowers for the Bride. Zebra, May 1995.

Scandal's Daughter. Zebra, March 1996.
Characters: Mr. James Preston (marquess's heir) & Miss Cordelia Coutenay
Summary: Daughter of a pasha's mistress must flee Turkey with the help of an Englishman.
Rating: excellent Comments: A ripping yarn!

"The Christmas Party," in A Christmas Courtship. Zebra, November 1996.
Characters: Garth, Earl of Rusholme (heir to Marquis of Easthaven) & Miss Prudence Savage
Summary: Lord meets an actress hired to perform at his parents' Christmas party and considers making her his mistress.

The Babe and the Baron. Zebra, January 1997.
Characters: Gareth, Baron Wyckham of Llys & Lady Laura Chamberlin
Summary: Baron whose mother died in childbirth takes in his cousin's pregnant widow and is nervous about her health.
Rating: very good

"The Aunt & the Ancient Mariner," in A Bride's Bouquet. Zebra, May 1997.
Characters: Captain Sir Lionel Tiverton, R.N. & Miss Chloe Bannister
Summary: Lady responds to her niece's desperate plea to help her discourage a suitor she considers elderly.

Mayhem and Miranda. Zebra, October 1997.
Characters: Mr. Peter Daviot & Miss Miranda Carmichael
Summary: Lady's companion & her employer's roguish nephew keep his aunt from being committed to Bedlam.
Rating: excellent

"A Match for the Season." in A Winter Wedding. Zebra, January 1998.
Characters: Dr. Iain Macfarlane & Lady Cecily Barwith
Summary: Lady engaged to a duke's heir falls for his physician cousin.

The Improper Governess. Zebra, April 1998.
Characters: Robert, Baron Ashe & Lady Felicia Milton
Summary: Lord asks a lady disguised as an actress to be first his mistress, then a governess, then his wife.
Rating: very good

"Rumplestiltskin," in Once upon a Time. Zebra, September 1998.
Characters: Edward James Frederick, Lord Tarnholm & Miss Martha Miller
Summary: When a duke demands that a seamstress make 24 gowns in one night, she receives unexpected help from a mysterious lame man.

Crossed Quills. Zebra, October 1998.
Characters: Wynn, Viscount Selworth & Miss Philippa Lisle
Summary: Gentleman who wrote gothic romances seeks the help of an anonymous political writer for his maiden speech to Parliament.
Rating excellent

"Frost Fair," in My Darling Valentine. Zebra, February 1999.
Characters: Mr. Rufus Dibden & Miss Rosabelle Macleod
Summary: Lady flirts with a gentleman at a Frost Fair then regrets that she never learned his identity.

"Aladdin's Lamp," in Once upon a Kiss. Zebra, May 1999.
Hero: Alan Dinsmuir
Summary: An impoverished scholar is helped by a genie to win the love of a rich beauty.

"A Kiss and a Kitten," in Snowflake Kittens. Zebra, December 1999.
Characters: Lt. Col. Damian Perrincourt & Miss Mariana Duckworth
Summary: Injured war hero meets a lady through the antics of an impish kitten.

"Pirate," in Wonderful & Wicked. Zebra, June 2000.
Characters: "Pirate" Pendragon & Lady Alicia
Summary: A man is reunited with the lady he once jilted in favor of captaining a privateer.

Also writes the Daisy Dalrymple mystery series.

Website: caroladunn.weebly.com

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