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House Parties

Rebecca Ashley, Ruins and Romance.
A lady accepts a friend's invitation to a house party and discovers that the guests are not all they pretend to be.

Rebecca Ashley, A Season of Surprises.
Lady who scorns marriage finds herself at a house party among ladies vying for a lord.

Mary Balogh, Christmas Beau.
Lord plans to seduce and drop the widow who jilted him years ago.

Mary Balogh, The First Snowdrop.
Man abandons the lady he's forced to marry but meets her again at a country house party.

Mary Balogh, The Incurable Matchmaker.
Gentlemen at White's wager on a libertine's seduction of a vicar's widow.

Mary Balogh, The Last Waltz.
Widow of a puritan earl is shocked when her husband's heir arrives and wants to hold a Christmas ball so he can find a wife.

Mary Balogh, Snow Angel.
Widow has a brief, passionate affair with a gentleman with whom she is snowbound, only to discover later that he is promised to her niece.

Gayle Buck, The Chester Charade.
Lady at a house party is torn between two men as she tries to investigate a series of thefts.

Gayle Buck, Lady Cecily's Scheme.
When her daughter refuses to go to London for a Season, a lady brings a bevy of suitors to their country estate.

June Calvin, Siege of Hearts.
Lady who assumes a handsome lord is courting her beautiful sister refuses to marry him after they are forced to spend the night together on an island.

Marion Chesney, The Flirt.
Poor relation intent on marriage tricks her way into a house party and flirts with all the men but one; but when her trickery is discovered he saves her by proposing.

Cathleen Clare, An Elusive Groom.
Lord is exasperated by a lady who blatantly pursues him.

Monette Cummings, Loving Spirit.
Lady who loves town life meets a lord who prefers country life at a Halloween ball on his estate.

Megan Daniel, The Sensible Courtship.
Lord and lady who were once in love pursue sensible spouses at a house party and resolve to avoid each other.

Marian Devon, Deck the Halls.
Mismatched couples gather at home for the holidays.

Marian Devon, Lady Harriet Takes Charge.
Lady who broke off her engagement when she caught her fiance kissing another at their betrothal party is still attracted to him eight years later.

Marian Devon, Miss Romney Flies too High.
Man wills his fortune to whichever of his nephews marries his illegitimate actress daughter.

Marian Devon, Mistletoe and Folly.
Lady taking her sister's place at a house party gives the guest of honor a piece of her mind for causing a carriage accident.

Jennie Gallant, Lady Hathaway's House Party.
Duchess arrives at a house party escorted by a young admirer only to find her estranged husband is also a guest.

Paula Tanner Girard, Charade of Hearts.
Lady pretends to be a famous hostess and arranges a party for an impoverished lord seeking a rich bride.

Rosemary Edghill, Two of a Kind: An English Trifle.
A lady who seeking a husband as a business partner to help manage her estate attends a houseparty and encounters a lord who is deeply in debt and has been banished from his family home.

Anne Gracie, Tallie's Knight.
An orphaned lady caring for her cousin's children catches the eye of an earl who wants to set up his nursery.

Violet Hamilton, "The House Party," in A Christmas to Cherish.
Lady and gentleman join forces to discover who killed their host at a Christmas house party.

Barbara Hazard, Thursday's Child.
Reclusive lady meets a man at a house party where odd things occur.

Sandra Heath, A Highland Conquest.
American heiress finds lovers' intrigues and love at Scottish lord's castle.

Emily Hendrickson, Lord Ware's Widow.
Lord who is determined to seduce a widow whose husband's death is the subject of gossip follows her from a country house party to Sidmouth.

Candice Hern, A Garden Folly.
Lady at a house party is determined to find a rich husband but is drawn to the "gardener" who is really her host incognito.

Karla Hocker, Christmas Charade.
A lady's companion accompanies her employer to a Christmas house party at the castle of the man who unknowingly broke her heart during her first Season -- a duke who is trying to track down documents stolen by French agents.

Kate Huntington, Mistletoe Mayhem.
An heiress and the country gentleman she loved but could not marry are brought together again at a Christmas house party.

Emma Jensen, Best Laid Schemes.
Prim earl carefully arranges a house party to choose a bride but his plans are ruined by a clumsy girl who has plagued him since childhood.

Allison Lane, "Second Chance," in A Regency Christmas [VIII].
Governess at a house party encounters the lover she was parted from years ago by a misunderstanding.

Allison Lane, Too Many Matchmakers.
Lady meets the man she once loved at a house party filled with romantic intrigue.

Judith Lansdowne, "Fascination," in Notorious & Noble.
Lady accompanies her sister to a house party and is fascinated with their host.

Isobel Linton, The Counterfeit Heiress.
Lady with a background in trade who is engaged to baronet is invited to an exclusive house party and a develops tendre for the man who defends her against those who look down on her.

Anthea Malcolm, "Christmas Knight," in A Christmas Delight.
A gentleman without a family of his own attends a Christmas houseparty, and an old tale of courtly love makes him see a lady friend in a new light.

Anthea Malcolm, "Fit For A Prince," in A Valentine's Day Delight.
A gentleman goes to a Valentine's Day houseparty to meet his future wife only to find that the girl's chaperone is his first and only love.

Michelle Martin, The Butler Who Laughed.
Man agrees to pose as his friend's butler to retrieve an incriminating letter and is drawn to the lady whom his friend is supposed to marry.

Laura Matthews, A Baronet's Wife.
Lady must marry the baronet who compromised her and led her brothers astray.

Nadine Miller, The Duke's Dilemma.
Lady's companion receives amorous attention from her employer's suitor.

Barbara Neil, The Celebrated Miss Neville.
Man regrets his scathing review when he meets the poetess.

Shelagh Noden, One Dare Too Many.
Lady invited to a Christmas house party finds herself coping with her sister's wild antics, an overly friendly hound, an aspiring romance novelist, and a wicked viscount.

Joan Overfield, The Journals of Lady X.
Duke is asked by the government to track down the author of gossipy novels that contain elements of treason.

Julia Parks, A Gift for a Rogue.
A professional matchmaker is hired by legendary scoundrel to tame his wicked ways and help him find a wife, but she loses her heart to the dashing rogue.

Meg-Lynn Roberts, "Christmas at the Priory," in A Christmas to Cherish.
Lord hosting a house party invites a friend he hopes will make a match with his childhood companion.

Meg-Lynn Roberts, Rake's Gambit.
Rake meets quiet, plain lady at a Christmas party and proposes that he should try to seduce her while she tries to reform him.

Jeanne Savery, The House Party.
Hoping to stop his son's attachment to an actress, a lord invites her to participate his house party theatricals only to discover that she is the lady he once loved.

Joan Smith, Escapade.
Gossip columnist finds herself at the same house party as her main subject.

Rosemary Stevens, How the Rogue Stole Christmas.
Lady is accosted at an inn by a rogue who later shows up at the same house party she is attending.

Anne Stuart, The Houseparty.

Bess Willingham, The Bedeviled Barrister.
House party brings together a widow who once lost everything in a gaming hall and the dashing barrister who was unable to help her because of his own gambling problem.


Cynthia Bailey-Pratt, Queen of Hearts.
Lady accepts a loan from a gambler who considers her his good luck charm.

Anne Barbour, A Dangerous Charade.
Lady gambles in disguise to earn money to pay her friend's husband's debts.

Anne Barbour, "The Wooing of Lord Walford," in From the Heart.
Gambler asks his best friend to snag an earl so he can win a tontine but finds he has feelings for her himself.

Janice Bennett, A Desperate Gamble.
Lady takes a job as a maid in a gambling hell to discover her sister's seducer but finds him dead.

Janice Bennett, The Moonlight Wish.
Lady flees an unwanted engagement then accepts her intended fiance's help in trying to win enough money at cards to gain her independence.

Audrey Blanshard, Granborough's Filly.
Lady shipwrecked off Cornwall must depend on the help of a gambler to avoid death at the hands of wreckers.

Mary Blayney, His Heart's Delight.
A gentleman whose parents demand he choose a bride pretends to be engaged to a lady who is also trying to deceive her parents.

Elizabeth Chater, The Gamester.

Blanche Chenier, Lucinda.
When a lady who must pay her brother's gambling debts attracts the interest of her neighbor, a jealous woman starts a rumor that she's illegitimate.

Lynn Collum, A Game of Chance.
Man unknowingly hires the daughter of a famous gambler as a companion for his gambling-addicted aunt.

Rebecca Danton, Amythest Love.
Man marries the lady he promised to take care of but turns out to be a rake and a gambler, so she leaves him while he returns to the war.

Clare Darcy, Letty.
Penniless gentleman leaves home after being falsely accused of cheating at cards and heads for the Congress of Vienna where he intends to start a gaming house featuring the singing talents of a runaway lady he meets en route.

Marjorie Farrell, Lord Ashford's Wager.
Lady loves her childhood friend though he's courting a rich widow.

Ellen Fitzgerald, The Gambler's Bride.
Heiress agrees to elope with a gambler who may only be after her money.

Katharine Flixton, Daughter to the Nabob.
Nabob seeks to settle an old score by luring a gambler who has lost his family home into marriage with his daughter.

Diane Gaston, The Wagering Widow.
A debt-ridden lord elopes with a lady he thinks is an heiress but when he discovers she's poor they both turn to gambling to solve their financial problems.

Mona Gedney, Lady Diana's Daring Deed.
Lady disguised as her twin brother plays cards with a gamester and ends up losing her hand in marriage to him.

Mona Gedney, A Lady of Fortune.
Country miss poses as her widowed sister to confront her powerful in-laws.

Mona Gedney, "Marrying off Mama," in A Match for Mother.
Brother and sister embarrassed by their mother's behavior hope to marry her off to a colonel but she falls for a gambler instead.

Vanessa Gray, The Reckless Gambler.
Lady is infuriated when her grandfather gives her hand in marriage without asking her approval, and is even more outraged when her fiance eschews a proper courtship and instead becomes involved in affairs of state.

Georgette Heyer, Faro's Daughter.
Gambler's daughter who supports herself at cards pits her skill against an arrogant gentleman who thinks she led his cousin astray.

Cara King, My Lady Gamester.
A lady whose gamester father bankrupt their family seems determined to follow in his footsteps and attracts the attention of a lord whose own family was hurt by gambling.

Martha Kirkland, The Gallant Gambler.
Lady who despises gamblers tries to prevent her sister from being coerced into marriage with an heir, while the heir's brother, a gambler, also hopes to prevent the match.

Martha Kirkland, To Catch a Scoundrel.
Lady with a talent for cards hopes to win back the fortune her cousin lost but first must flirt her way into the game with the help of a gentleman well versed in the wiles of females.

Nancy Lawrence, A Noble Rogue.
Lady whose brother has gambled their estate into ruin agrees to pose as the housekeeper when a noted gamester visits.

Dorothy Mack, The Last Waltz.
Lady who must use her skill at cards to pay off her father's debts falls in love with a man engaged to a seemingly perfect lady.

Dorothy Mack, The Gamester's Daughter.
Lady who helps her father at his gaming establishment flees when he's murdered and ends up on the estate of one of his customers.

Maggie MacKeever, Lady in the Straw.
Lady mistakenly inherits a gambling establishment intended for her cousin who had an affair with the late owner, and is regarded with suspicion by another of her cousin's lovers.

Joanna Maitland, Rake's Reward.
A companion instructed to keep her employer from gambling seeks out a rake who won a fortune from the dowager.

Elizabeth Mansfield, The Reluctant Flirt.
Man agrees to teach the lady who secretly loves him how to flirt in exchange for payment of his gambling debts.

Elizabeth Mansfield, Miscalculations.
An indebted gambler's mother allows him control of his finances, but only if he will heed the advice of her female business manager.

Emily Maxwell, Queen of Hearts.
Lord investigates a lady who wins money from his sister at cards.

Amanda McCabe, The Golden Feather.
Left destitute except for a gaming establishment following the death of her husband, a genteel widow embarks on a desperate scheme to run the Golden Feather by hiding her identity, until a reformed rake falls for the mysterious proprietor.

Sheila Rabe, Lady Luck.
A lord finds that the shy, plain girl he married for money and left behind in London has not only become the proprietor of a high-class gambling house but a spirited beauty whom he must woo again.

Andrea Pickens, The Storybook Hero.
A lady exiled from her family takes a governess post in Russia and meets a gamester hoping to redeem his reputation on a rescue mission as Napoleon's armies invade.

Evelyn Richardson, Lady Alex's Gamble.
Lady disguises herself as a gentleman gamester to save her family.

Irene Saunders, The Gamester's Daughter.
Lady finds her love for a viscount at risk when she is mistaken for her twin who has followed in their gambler father's footsteps.

Irene Saunders, The Lucky Lady.
Lord intends to rescue his brother from the clutches of a mysterious lady who has opened a successful gaming house in London.

Hayley Ann Solomon, My Lady Luck.
A lady who masquerades as a man in order to earn her way at games of chance is found out by a lord.

Julie Tetel, The Temporary Bride.
Lady on her way to a governess position is waylaid by a gambler who wants her to pose as his wife to flush out the criminal who holds the key to his past.

Daisy Vivian, Fair Game: A Comedy of Regency Manners.
Followed by Return to Cheyne Spa.

Daisy Vivian, Return to Cheyne Spa.
Penniless lady forced to become a dealer at a London gaming house is invited by a duchess to Cheyne Spa on the condition that she lure a rogue away from the duchess's niece.

Claudette Williams, Jewelene.
Lord disguising his identity to find true love meets a lady who poses as a French card dealer by night.

Bess Willingham, The Bedeviled Barrister.
House party brings together a widow who once lost everything in a gaming hall and the dashing barrister who was unable to help her because of his own gambling problem.

Gayle Wilson, The GamblerÔ€™s Heart.
A lady with secrets in her past marries a gambler whose face was scarred in a fire.

Leonora Woodbury, Game of Hearts.
Stranded together at a quiet country inn, a gentleman and a lady pass the time with some highly competitive game-playing.


Elizabeth Bailey, Just Deserts.
A lord who needs money to fund his passion for horses meets a horse-mad lady who inherited a fortune from her nabob father.

Donna Bell, Heiress to Love.
A lady ignores her guardian's summons to London for a Season in order to stay home and train her race horse.

Patricia Bray, An Unlikely Alliance.
Earl suspects a fortune teller of being in cahoots with those who fixed a race so that his horse would lose, but he discovers that her life is in danger from her mother's killer.

Nancy Butler, The Discarded Duke.
A destitute widow agrees to sell her late husband's bloodstock to a duke hoping to lure him into marriage, but the duke's bailiff could throw a wrench into her plans.

Cathleen Clare, Letitia.
When a renowned horse breeder throws a house party to find husbands for his daughters, one girl vows not to participate until she meets a charming rake.

Corinna Cunliffe, Hand of Fortune.
Lady disguised as a stable boy convinces the man who bought her father's race horse that she's the only one who can ride it to victory.

Rachelle Edwards, Brighton Beau.
Prince Regent commands a gentleman to buy a prize racehorse from a lady.

Sandra Heath, Lady Jane's Ribbons.
A lady enters a coach race to Brighton to prove herself to the lord who wronged her and deemed her frail.

Candice Hern, An Affair of Honor.
Lady mistakes a lord's proposal for a carte blanche.

Elizabeth Hewitt, A Sporting Proposition.
Widow who succumbs to one night of passion with a friend of her late husband's is shocked when she wakes to find he's left money by her bedside.

Shirley Kennedy, The Rebellious Twin.
Lady falls in love with a neighboring lord but her jealous identical twin sister schemes to win him for herself.

April Kihlstrom, The Wicked Groom.
Duke disguises himself as a groom to get to know his stubborn fiancee.

Emma Lange, The Irish Earl's Ruse.
Duke's daughter who is expected to marry a peer is attracted to "humble" Irish horse trainer who expresses contempt for her kind.

Juliette Leigh, Sherry's Comet.
Lady rescuing a mistreated horse from a man falsely claiming to be a lord meets the true heir who was believed dead.

Gladys McGorian, The Prince Regent's Silver Bell.
Horse-breeding hoyden must become ladylike in order to inherit money for her ill father.

Barbara Metzger, Bething's Folly.
Lady marries in order to be able to enter her horse in a race.

Barbara Metzger, Lady in Green.
Accomplished horsewoman fleeing an unwanted marriage takes a position as housekeeper for a rakish lord, and while she tries to stop his lascivious tendencies, he becomes enchanted by a mysterious lady in green who rides in the park.

Anita Mills, Newmarket Match.
Lady lends money for a racehorse to the Corinthian cousin she secretly loves.

Carol Quinto, The Duke Who Came to Visit.
Tall, awkward lady returns home to Newmarket after an unsuccessful Season and is content raising horses until a carriage accident brings a duke to her door.

Rebecca Robbins, Guardian for an Angel.
Lady jockey's guardian loses her estate to a libertine.

Eva Rutland, Matched Pair.
Gentleman plagued by matchmaking mamas and a lady who wants to save her family's racing stables enter into and engagement as a business arrangement.

Olivia Sumner, A Beguiling Intrigue.
Lady tries to prove she's a better equestrian than a lord is.

Gail Whitiker, An Innocent Deceit.
After his faithless wife's death, a gentleman returns to his estate to get to know his daughter and encounters a neighbor lady who disapproves of him yet who disgsuises herself as a man in order to be his daughter's riding instructor.

Eileen Witton, Racing Hearts.
An American lady is incensed when an English gentleman says that her sister is not good enough for his brother.

Winifred Witton, The Last Laugh.
A lady charged with taming two spirited colts in order to secure her position as stable manager is upset when the horses upset a lord's carriage.

Joan Wolf, A London Season.
Lady prefers her horse trainer to a handsome nobleman.

Joan Wolf, Fool's Masquerade.
Lady disguises herself as a groom on a lord's estate, but when he sees through her disguise and is duty-bound to offer for her, she flees to London vowing only to marry for love.


Laura Paquet, Miss Scott Meets Her Match.
The owner of a prosperous import business is kidnapped by a greedy relative trying to steal her fortune.


Jessica Benson, Much Obliged.
A lady refuses to marry the man she loves because she feels he is proposing out of obligation to a long-standing agreement between their families.

Alice Holden, An Unconventional Miss.
Cit's daughter seeking a man who wants her for herself meets an impoverished man whose relatives want him to court her but who'd rather earn money boxing.


Teresa DesJardien, The Reluctant Smuggler.
A widow who needs funds and a father for her young son encounters a lord who needs a woman for his money-making scheme.


Catherine Blair, "The Black Kitten," in Magical Kittens.
A lord bets that he'll win the hand of a lady whose Egyptian antiquities he covets.

Jo Ann Ferguson, Primrose Wedding.
A shy, scholarly lady finds an ally in a dashing aristocrat who shares her passion for ancient Egypt and her aversion to marriage.

Mona Gedney, A Scandalous Charade.
When lord has a spat with a lady archaeologist whom he followed up the Nile, he decides to woo her back at a masquerade playing Marc Antony to her Cleopatra.

Dawn Aldridge Poore, The Brighton Burglar.
Lady suspects her mysterious boarder of being an art thief.

Dawn Aldridge Poore, The Secret Scroll.
A scroll in Roxanne's library is thought to be the key to a treasure.

Dawn Aldridge Poore, The Cairo Cats.
Roxanne and Lymond hunt the thieves of cat statues and find treasure.

Dawn Aldridge Poore, The Mummy's Mirror.
Roxanne and Lymond seek treasure in Egypt and finally admit their love.

Rebecca Robbins, An Irresistible Pursuit.
A lady seeking an Egyptian amulet hides in a museum, but her plan is thwarted by a dashing archaeologist.

Bess Willingham, The Lady's Mummy.
Egyptologist joins forces with the brother of a man whose mummy was stolen.

Frost Fairs

Mary Balogh, Christmas Beau.
Lord plans to seduce and drop the widow who jilted him years ago.

Carola Dunn, "Frost Fair," in My Darling Valentine.
Lady flirts with a gentleman at a Frost Fair then regrets that she never learned his identity.

Joy Freemen, The Last Frost Fair.
Lady whose family lives in genteel poverty is expected to make a brilliant match and so ignores her feelings for a wounded war veteran.

Mona Gedney, Frost Fair Fiance.
Calling off her wedding to an older man after falling in love with someone else, a lady is subsequently jilted and enlists the help of a bookish gentleman to pose as her fiance.

Barbara Hazard, The Calico Countess.
Lady saves her sister from an arrogant man but is herself forced into a marriage in name only with him.

Elizabeth Mansfield, The Frost Fair.
Heiress who enjoys her freedom must marry or lose her money.

Cynthia Richey, The Heart's Gamble.
Lady's father loses her in a card game to a lord.


Candice Hern, A Garden Folly.
Lady at a house party is determined to find a rich husband but is drawn to the "gardener" who is really her host incognito.


Emily Hendrickson, Lord Nick's Folly.
During a dreary trip to visit her wealthy great-aunt, a rector's daughter is forced to share a coach with the most aggravating man in all England and an aristocrat who has heretofore been more interested in constructing a golf course on his property than finding himself a bride.

Andrea Pickens, A Diamond in the Rough.
A young woman defies convention by posing as a young male caddie on a golf course-only to fall for an English lord and score in the game of love.

Hot Air Balloons

Mary Blayney, The Pleasure of His Company.
A lady summoned to London by her matchmaking grandmother becomes intrigued by a mysterious stranger.

Marian Devon, Escapade.
Lady accidentally ends up in a balloon flying across the Channel with a rake.

Marian Devon, Miss Romney Flies too High.
Man wills his fortune to whichever of his nephews marries his illegitimate actress daughter.

Emily Hendrickson, Lord Dancy's Delight.
Mischievous lady returning to England from Macao is determined to repay the lord who saved her life three times.

Georgette Heyer, Frederica.
Lady asks a distant connection to help her sister and brothers.

Cissie Miller, Tish.
Lady whose family lost their fortune and were exiled to the Lake District meets an amorous earl when she falls out of a balloon, but she is more concerned with clearing her family's name.

Nina Porter, A Heart in Flight.
When a spinster climbs aboard a hot-air balloon she doesn't expect to crash-land on an earl's estate and fall head over heels in love with him.

Alicia Rasley, A Royal Escapade.
A Russian princess intended to wed the Duke of Cumberland is attracted to her handsome escort.

Olivia Sumner, A Daring Masquerade.
When a lady turns down an eligible lord, he disguises himself as an uncivilized Canadian fur trader to woo her.


Gail Eastwood, The Rake's Mistake.
A lord returns from family exile in the West Indies and pursues a widow with a scandalous reputation hoping to make her his mistress.
Comments: A lot of interesting detail on sailing and on art, particularly marine art.
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