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Books by authors not mentioned under Favorite Authors that are rated Excellent in my humble opinion:

Sheila Bishop, A Speaking Likeness

Sara Blayne, An Easter Courtship

Patricia Bray, A London Season

Diana Brown, The Sandalwood Fan
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Nancy Butler, The Rake's Retreat

June Calvin, Siege of Hearts

Marion Chesney, Minerva

Patricia Coleman, Daring Deceptions

Nicola Cornick, The Blanchland Secret.
Comments: Great chemistry between the hero and heroine; enjoyable intrigue

Jasmine Cresswell, Traitor's Heir

Monette Cummings, See No Love
Comments: Romance a little unsubstantial but hysterically funny.

Clare Darcy, Allegra
Comments: Amusing story in the style of Heyer; nice pre-Waterloo Brussels atmosphere

Marian Devon, Escapade

Marian Devon, Georgiana

Marian Devon, Mistletoe & Folly

Marian Devon, On the Way to Gretna Green
Comments: Loved his naps! Great Quote: "Ho-hum! Having this man asleep beside me is becoming almost commonplace."

Jacqueline Diamond, The Day-Dreaming Lady

Shannon Donnelly, A Compromising Situation
Comments: Excellent portrayal of characters and development of romance.

Rachelle Edwards, Bath Revels

Jean R. Ewing, Love's Reward

Marjorie Farrell, Miss Ware's Refusal
Comments: Excellent writing and character development.

Anne Gracie, Gallant Waif
Comments: Vivid portrayal of characters and emotions.

Vanessa Gray, The Accessible Aunt

Vanessa Gray, The Errant Bridegroom

Charlotte Grey, Fancy Free
Comments: Funny & lighthearted romance.

Barbara Hazard, Beth

Barbara Hazard, The Runaways

Sandra Heath, A Highland Conquest

Emily Hendrickson, Harriet's Beau

Candice Hern, Miss Lacey's Last Fling
Comments: Very enjoyable and amusing.

Fiona Hill, The Country Gentleman
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Jane Hinchman, Daughters of the Earl

Jane Hinchman, To London, To London

Ann Hulme, False Fortune

Ann Hulme, A Scandalous Bargain

Ann Hulme, The Unexpected American

Sally James, Petronella's Waterloo
Comments: Paris setting and rising tensions well portrayed.

Emma Jensen, Best Laid Schemes

Elisabeth Kidd, A Hero for Antonia

Valerie King, A Country Flirtation

Valerie King, A Christmas Masquerade.
Comments: Witty and fun with excellent development of the romance.

Valerie King, My Lady Mischief.

Allison Lane, The Prodigal Daughter
Comments: Wonderfully indepth characterization.

Emma Lange, The Unwavering Miss Winslow
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Elsie Lee, An Eligible Connection

Elsie Lee, Prior Betrothal
Comments: Wonderful scenes of Brussels during Waterloo.

Leslie Lynn, A Soldier's Heart
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Edna Maye Manley, Agatha

Laura Matthews, The Aim of a Lady

Amanda McCabe, The Golden Feather

Lois Menzel, At Daggers Drawn

Barbara Metzger, The Luck of the Devil

Barbara Metzger, Miss Lockharte's Letters

Barbara Metzger, Snowdrops and Scandalbroth

Susan Michaels, An Infamous Fiasco

Barbara Neil, Gentleman Rogue

Judith Nelson, Kidnap Confusion
Comments: Very funny! The abduction cliche turned on its head.

Patricia Oliver, An Immodest Proposal

Andrea Pickens, The Hired Hero

Debbie Raleigh, A Proper Marriage.
Comments: Excellent portrayal of an estranged couple coming to understand one another. Both POVs are are clearly drawn and their rapprochement is realistic and moving.

Alicia Rasley, A Royal Escapade
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Joy Reed, Midsummer Moon
Comments: Liked that he fell in love with her when she was plain; good job of revealing his feelings while exclusively in her point of view.

Eva Rutland, Gretna Bride

Various authors, From the Heart

Various authors, A Regency Christmas V

Various authors, Seductive and Scandalous

Elizabeth Neff Walker, In My Lady's Chamber

Elizabeth Neff Walker, The Nomad Harp
Comments: Very well developed characters and romance. Their exchange of letters a nice touch.

Sheila Walsh, The Sergeant Major's Daughter
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Cilla Whitmore, Mansion for a Lady

Patricia Wynn, The Bumblebroth
Comments: Touching romance between an older woman and a younger man.

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