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Elisabeth Fairchild

The Silent Suitor. Signet, April 1994.
Characters: Lord Ashley Hawkes Castleford & Miss Sarah Wilkes Lyndle
Summary: A blind lady is pursued by two lords known respectively as "Beauty" and "Beast."

The Counterfeit Coachman. Signet, November 1994.
Characters: Brampton Beauford, Duke of Heste & Miss Fanella Quinby
Summary: Lady falls in love with a duke disguised as a coachman.

Miss Dornton's Hero. Signet, February 1995.
Characters: Evelyn, Lord Dade & Miss Margaret Dornton
Summary: Lady sees a notorious rake as a wounded hero.
Rating: very good
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, Best Regency Novel, 1994-95.

Lord Endicott's Appetite. Signet, July 1995.
Characters: Julian, Lord Endicott & Jeannette Saincoeur
Summary: Lady chef must find a way to tempt her employer who lost his appetite when his wife died.

The Love Knot. Signet, November 1995.
Characters: Miles Fletcher & Miss Aurora Ramsay
Summary: Man offers to teach a lady how to entice a rich husband.

Lord Ramsay's Return. Signet, March 1996.
Characters: Charles, Lord Ramsay & Miss Prudence Stanhope
Summary: Lord who returned from India to find his family's finances in shambles is mistaken for a bath house attendant and massages a lady who is tense because her cousin's husband wants to seduce her.
Series: Sequel to The Love Knot.
Rating: very good

A Fresh Perspective. Signet, August 1996.
Characters: Reed, Viscount Talcott & Miss Megan Breech
Summary: Lady artist despairs that her childhood love will never see her as woman.
Rating: good

The Rakehell's Reform. Signet, February 1997.
Characters: Hon. Jack Ramsay & Miss Selina Preston
Summary: A penniless rake hired to teach a merchant's daughter music teaches her love instead.
Series: Sequel to Lord Ramsay's Return.
Rating: very good

"Mistletoe Kiss," in A Regency Christmas Carol. Signet, November 1997.

Marriage a la Mode. Signet, December 1997.
Characters: Dunstan Hays, Earl of Erroll & Lady Melody Bainbridge
Summary: Lady involved in a scandalous divorce is courted by a Scottish lord.
Rating: good

"Felicity's Forfeit," in A Regency Christmas [VIII]. Signet, November 1998.
Characters: Bingham Kirby, Viscount Westbrook & Miss Felicity Pendleton
Summary: Lord is attracted to a Southern belle but feels he must marry for money to recoup his bankrupt estate.

"A Christmas Canvas," in A Regency Christmas Present. Signet, October 1999.
Characters: Mr. Maitland Gregory & Miss Dorothea Savage
Summary: Artist falls in love with a lady whose wedding portrait he was commissioned to paint.
Rating: very good

The Holly and the Ivy. Signet, November 1999.
Characters: Charles Baxter, Viscount Balfour & Miss Mary Rivers
Summary: At Christmastime, a lady finds her prickly neighbor is becoming increasingly attentive.

Breach of Promise. Signet, April 2000.
Characters: Philip Chalmondeley, Marquess of Chalmondeley aka Philip Stone & Miss Susan Fairford
Summary: Beekeeper in Chipping Camden leases her old home to a mysterious stranger.

"Love Will Find the Way," in The Grand Hotel. Signet, June 2000.
Characters: Lt. James Forrester & Mrs. Annabelle Grant
Summary: Young war widow meets the officer who wrote letters to her for her blind, dying husband.
Rating: very good

Captain Cupid Calls the Shots. Signet, December 2000.
Characters: Captain Alexander Shelbourne & Miss Penny Foster
Summary: A sharpshooter returns from the war and travels to a friend's home in Cumbria, where he is "paired" as part of a Valentine's Day custom with a lady who has a child of uncertain parentage.

Sugarplum Surprises. Signet, November 2001.
Heroine: Jane Nichol
Summary: A lady disguised as a seamstress to escape her stepmother's schemes encounters a duke with a secret of his own.

A Game of Patience. Signet, May 2002.
Characters: Lord Richard Cavendish & Patience Ballard
Summary: A lady must choose between two very different men: one who is dependable and another who is fun-loving but betrothed to another.

Valentine's Change of Heart. Signet, January 2003.
Characters: Mr. Valentine Wharton & Elaine Deering
Summary: A notorious lord hires a lady as governess to his illegitimate daughter and the trio find magic and love on a journey to the coast of Wales.
Setting: Wales
Series: Sequel to Captain Cupid Calls the Shots.

Website: www.gimarc.com/romance.html

Sarah Fairchilde

Dance of Desire. Zebra, January 1986; reissued by Zebra, August 1990.
Characters: Lord Sherbourne & Virginia
Summary: Lady plots revenge on the lord who nearly ran her down then kissed her.

Zabrina Faire

Lady Blue. Warner, 1979.
Characters: Neville Farr, Earl of Farringdon & Miss Meriel Hathaway
Summary: Governess whose charge dyes her hair and face with ink is hired by a lord to impersonate an ancestral ghost called Lady Blue.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #2"
Comments: Should be Lord Farringdon not Lord Farr.

Midnight Match. Warner, 1979.
Characters: Charles Langford, Marquess of Rostone & Miss Carola Severance
Summary: Lady agrees to wed a man who was shot rescuing her from an abduction and who expects to die of his wounds, but he survives and she finds herself married to a stranger.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #6"
Comments: Should be Lord Rostone not Lord Langford.

Romany Rebel. Warner, 1979.
Characters: Marcus Childe, Earl of Roxbrough & Easter Hazeltyne
Summary: Lady conspires with a man who is friends with the gypsies to deal with her overly strict guardian.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #7"

Enchanting Jenny. Warner, 1979.
Characters: Thurston Rande & Jenny Godstowe
Summary: The only people who are against a lady's marriage to a comte are the lady herself and the comte's half brother who views her with contempt.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #8"

The Wicked Cousin. Warner, 1980.
Characters: Mr. Lucas Bardine & Miss Bryony de Beaufre
Summary: A lady mourning the disappearance of her fat but gentle-hearted cousin is coerced into a betrothal with his new heir, but finds an unexpected ally in the librarian who was hired to catalog her father's collection.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #12"
Rating: very good See a review of this book.

Athena's Airs. Warner, 1980.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #17"

Bold Pursuit. Warner, 1980.
Characters: Sir Justin Warre & Livia Pemberton
Summary: At what was to be a double wedding, an man and lady are left at the altar when their partners elope with each other, so the two set off in pursuit
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #21"

Pretty Kitty. Warner, 1981.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #23"

Tiffany's True Love. Warner, 1981.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #28"

Pretender to Love. Warner, 1981.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #31"

Other Regencies as Ellen Fitzgerald

Ann Fairfax

Henrietta. Jove, 1979.

Annabelle. Jove, 1980.

Penelope. Jove, 1982.
Characters: Earl of Hestleton & Penelope Vesey
Summary: Lord who thought to toy with a lady then discard her finds himself in love, but doubts the lady's feelings when he learns of her aunt's social climbing schemes.

Other Regencies as Marion Chesney

Writes mysteries as M. C. Beaton

Kathryn Farland

Miss Monica Marries. Walker, 1984.
Characters: Anthony, Lord Rivers & Miss Monica Spellinger
Summary: In order to save her inheritance, a lady enters a marriage of convenience with a lord who needs a mother for his four young wards.

Diane Farr

The Nobody. Signet, January 1999.
Characters: Richard, Viscount Kilverton (earl's heir) & Miss Caitlin Campbell
Summary: Country girl who overhears a lady call her a Nobody flees into the dark London streets where she is kissed by a man trying to elude a band of ruffians.
Rating: good
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, Best First Regency 1999

Fair Game. Signet, October 1999.
Characters: Mr. Trevor Whitlatch & Miss Clarissa Feeney
Summary: Courtesan offers her gently reared daughter to a gentleman as payment of a debt.
Award: All About Romance Reader Awards, Best Regency 1999

Falling for Chloe. Signet, April 2000.
Characters: Sylvester Gilliland & Chloe
Summary: Mother tries to match her son with his childhood friend.
Award: All About Romance Reader Awards, Best Regency 2000

Once upon a Christmas. Signet, October 2000.
Characters: Jack Delacourt (heir to Duke of Arnsford) & Celia Delacourt
Summary: After a tragic loss, a lady accepts an unexpected holiday invitation that turns out to be an attempt at matchmaking.

"The Reckless Miss Ripley," in A Regency Christmas Eve. Signet, October 2000.
Characters: Fred Bates & Miss Claudia Ripley
Summary: A man journeying to Bath for Christmas encounters a lady stumbling through the snow.

The Fortune Hunter. Signet, April 2002.
Characters: George Carstairs, Lord Rival & Lady Olivia Fairfax
Summary: A wealthy lady who runs an orphanage is courted by an impoverished lord.
Series: Sequel to Falling for Chloe.
Comments: Regency historical

Duel of Hearts. Signet, October 2002.
Comments: Regency historical

Also writing Regency historicals.

Alicia Farraday

The Suitable Suitor. Harlequin #69, March 1992.
Characters: Lord Dake & Melody Maitland
Summary: Lady fleeing from an unwanted marriage meets a lord whom she charms out of returning her to her guardian.

Marjorie Farrell

Miss Ware's Refusal. Signet, April 1990; reissued by Signet, April 1994.
Characters: Simon Ballance, Duke of Sutton & Miss Judith Ware
Summary: Duke blinded during the war offers a marriage of convenience to the lady who reads to him, but she refuses because she loves him and wants him to discover that he is still loveable.
Rating: excellent Comments: Excellent writing and character development.

Autumn Rose. Signet, January 1991; reissued by Signet, September 1994.
Characters: Marcus Vane, Viscount Acland & Lady Honora Margaret Ashton
Summary: Lady tries to prevent her illegitimate daughter from marrying an earl and finds herself in league, and love, with the earl's guardian.
Rating: very good

Lady Arden's Redemption. Signet, March 1992.
Characters: Captain Gareth Richmond, Marquess of Thorne & Lady Arden Huntly
Summary: Arrogant lady whose barbed wit has driven away any potential suitors is forced to marry a lowly captain who turns out to be a marquess.
Rating: very good

"Christmas Rose," in A Regency Christmas IV. Signet, November 1992.

Lady Barbara's Dilemma. Signet, March 1993.
Characters: Alec Gower & Lady Barbara Stanley
Summary: Lady's seemingly perfect fiance first forbids her to see a gentleman friend then makes light of the piano lessons she takes from a sensitive man.

Heartless Lord Harry. Signet, September 1993.
Characters: Lord Harry Lifton & Kate Richardson
Summary: Lady is mesmerized by the rake from whom she wants to protect her sister.
Setting: Yorkshire

Lord Ashford's Wager. Signet, May 1994.
Characters: Tony Varden, Earl of Ashford & Lady Joanna Barrand
Summary: Lady loves her childhood friend though he's courting a rich widow.
Rating: good

Website: www.lesley.edu/faculty/human_services/mfarrell/romancefarrell.html

Catherine Fellows

Leonora. Hurst & Blackett, 1972; reissued by Fawcett, 1972.
Characters: Louis Matheson, Earl of Everard & Miss Leonora Revell
Summary: A lady's coach is held up by an amiable highwayman, whom she later recognizes to be the new Earl of Everard.
Rating: very good
See a review of this book.

The Marriage Masque. Hodder & Stoughton, 1974; reissued by Dell, 1974.

The Heywood Inheritance. Hodder & Stoughton, 1975; reissued by Dell, 1977, as The Love Match.

Vanessa. Dell, 1978; reissued by Dell, 1988.

Entanglement. Hodder & Stoughton, 1985.
Characters: Anthony & Ellen Farrell
Summary: A lady agrees to pose as her cousin's fiancee so his father will increase his allowance, but she soon learns that he is in danger from malacious rumors and a threat on his life.

Jo Ann Ferguson

The Fortune Hunter. Zebra, June 1993.
Characters: Viscount Windham & Nerissa Dufresne
Summary: Lady preoccupied with financial worries who doesn't see a wild stallion heading her way is swept out of the way and into the arms of a viscount.

The Smithfield Bargain. Zebra, April 1994.
Characters: Major James MacKinnon (marquess's heir) & Lady Romayne Smithfield
Summary: Lady marries her rescuer when she thinks the man she was eloping with is killed by robbers.
Rating: fair

"Lord Chartley's Lesson," in A Mother's Joy. Zebra, April 1994.
Characters: Randall Montgomery, Lord Chartley & Miss Lily Armstrong
Summary: Strict lord chafes at sharing guardianship of his friend's child with a vivacious young lady.

An Undomesticated Wife. Zebra, October 1994.
Characters: Marcus, Marquess of Daniston (duke's heir) & Regina Morrisey
Summary: Intelligent diplomat's daughter with no domestic experience is wed by proxy to a lord who only wants someone to run his household.

The Wolfe Wager. Zebra, May 1995.
Characters: Lord Brickendon & Lady Vanessa Wolfe
Summary: Lord wagers that he can win an heiress's hand only to find himself falling in love.

Miss Charity's Case. Zebra, February 1996.
Characters: Oliver, Lord Blackburn & Miss Charity Stuart
Summary: On-the-shelf parson's daughter travelling to London with her beautiful sister is confronted by the bold gaze of a rake at an inn.

"Game of Harts," in Valentine Love. Zebra, 1996.

A Phantom Affair. Zebra, October 1996.
Characters: Lord Corey Wolfe & Ellen Dunbar
Summary: Scottish lady who has remained unwed for three Seasons is in love with a man who dies and then comes back as a ghost to help her find a husband.
Series: Sequel to The Wolfe Wager.

"The Winter Heart," in Winter Kiss. Zebra, January 1997.
Summary: A woman resists the charms of a seductive adventurer.

The Counterfeit Count. Zebra, May 1997.
Characters: Creighton Marshall, Viscount Ashcroft & Kapitan Natalya Dmitrieff
Summary: Russian lady pretends to be her presumably dead brother to save her family lands.
Rating: very good

"Spellbound," in Spellbound Hearts. Zebra, October 1997.
Summary: A country beauty finds herself in trouble when she casts a spell on a handsome lord.

Rhyme and Reason. Zebra, February 1998.
Characters: Damon, Viscount Wentworth & Miss Emily Talcott
Summary: Lady who writes poetry under an assumed name to save her family from financial ruin is irritated when a lord insults her work and surprised when a man claiming to be the author appears.
Ratings: average

A Model Marriage. Zebra, August 1998.
Characters: Patrick Fairchild, Duke of Exton & Miss Antonia Locke
Summary: Duke who longs to use a buxom lady musician as a model for a painting of a nude Venus decides to trap her into marriage when she won't disrobe.

A Convenient Arrangement. Zebra, February 1999.
Characters: Lorenzo Wolfe, Lord Moorsea & Lady Valeria Fanning
Summary: Lady and her nephew find themselves dependent on a man on a desolate estate who is seeking quiet and solitude to write poetry and study.
Series: Includes characters from A Phantom Affair and Rhyme and Reason.

Lord Radcliffe's Season. Zebra, August 1999.
Characters: Tristan, Marquess of Radcliffe & Lisabeth, Lady Montague
Summary: Widow of a philandering brute agrees to tutor a "lad" in the ways of the ton, only to discover he's a fully grown man.

"Beneath the Kitten Bough," in Mistletoe Kittens. Zebra, November 1999.
Characters: Andrew, Lord Snoclyffe & Rosemary Burton
Summary: Children try to bring their uncle together with a suitable lady by way of a kitten.

An Unexpected Husband. Zebra, February 2000.
Characters: Eric Pennington & Miss Bethany Whitcombe
Summary: Lady is rescued from smugglers by a mysterious peddler.

"Not His Bread and Butter," in Sweet Temptations. Zebra, August 2000.
Characters: Viscount Westerly & Meredith Tyndale
Summary: A lady working as a cook to support her parents hopes her employer will notice her.

A Christmas Bride. Zebra, October 2000.
Characters: Timothy Crawford, Viscount Cheyney & Miss Helen Loughlin aka "Serenity Adams"
Summary: Gentleman who has regaled his relations with tales of an imaginary fiancee asks a lady with amnesia whom he rescued from a carriage accident to pose as this paragon at Christmas.

"The Dowager's Dilemma," in A Kiss for Mama. Zebra, April 2001.
Characters: Lord Overbrook & Camilla Hoxworthy
Summary: Lady joins forces with a lord to keep her mother and his uncle out of scandal.

A Highland Folly. Zebra, May 2001
Characters: Lucais MacFarlane, Marquess of Chesterton & Lady Anice Kinloch
Summary: Lady inherits a castle in the Highlands and encounters a lord whose plan to build a bridge is opposed by the villagers.

His Lady Midnight. Zebra, September 2001.
Characters: Lord Galen Townsend & Phoebe Brackenton
Summary: A lady who rescues those who have been unjustly imprisoned runs from trouble into a gentleman's carriage.

A Guardian's Angel. Zebra, January 2002.
Characters: Justin, Lord Harrington & Angela Needham
Summary: A lady who is preparing a duke's ward for her comeout falls in love with a neighboring lord who is her employer's enemy.

"The Best Father in England," in A Kiss for Papa. Zebra, May 2002.
Characters: Bradley Trowbridge & Elzanne Corbett
Summary: A widower is told by his son's tutor that he has over-indulged the boy.

His Unexpected Bride. Zebra, May 2002.
Characters: Cameron Hawksmoore & Tess Masterson
Summary: A lady tries to win the love of the man she was married to by proxy as the result of her father's scheming.

A Rather Necessary End. Zebra, October 2002.
Characters: Sir Neville Hathaway & Lady Priscilla Flanders
Summary: A vicar's widow discovers the dead body of a neighbor in the garden and calls upon an old friend for help.
Setting: Sussex coast
Series: Priscilla Flanders mystery #1

Grave Intentions. Zebra, January 2003.
Characters: Sir Neville Hathaway & Lady Priscilla Flanders
Summary: Lady Priscilla succumbs to her daughter's pleas for a Season, but once in Town she and Sir Neville finds themselves investigating murder and grave robbery.
Setting: London
Series: Priscilla Flanders mystery #2

"Invitation to Trouble" in Murder at Almack's. Zebra, March 2003.
Characters: Lord Foxington & Miss Amelia Wallace
Summary: A lord escorts a lady to a private masquerade ball at Almack's and thwarts a clever killer.

Faire Game. Zebra, June 2003.
Characters: Sir Neville Hathaway & Lady Priscilla Flanders
Summary: Lady Priscilla and Sir Neville investigate the murder of an actor at a Michaelmas Faire.
Setting: Sussex coast
Series: Priscilla Flanders mystery #3

The Greatest Possible Mischief. Zebra, October 2003.
Characters: Sir Neville Hathaway & Lady Priscilla Flanders
Summary: While in Bath to prepare to launch her daughter into society, a widow becomes involved in a dangerous web of betrayal when the man she loves is accused of murder.
Setting: Bath
Series: Priscilla Flanders mystery #4

"My Dearest Daisy," in A Valentine Waltz. Zebra, January 2004.
Characters: Joshua, Lord Tremont & Daisy Kendall
Summary: A lord tries to convince a lady who feels unworthy of his love.

Digging up Trouble. Zebra, March 2004.
Characters: Sir Neville Hathaway & Lady Priscilla Flanders
Summary: When recent human remains are discovered along with the bones of ancient Roman soldiers under the fields of a gentleman's ancestral estate, he and his bride-to-be find their wedding plans threatened by an otherworldly force that is determined to tear them apart.
Series: Priscilla Flanders mystery #5

The Wedding Caper. Zebra, June 2004.
Characters: Sir Neville Hathaway and Lady Priscilla Flanders
Summary: With their wedding only three weeks away, a sleuthing couple find themselves immersed in mystery and murder when a noblewoman is slain in her private box at the theater.

The Perfect Bride.  Zebra, October 2004.
Characters: Lucian, Earl of Wandersee & Bianca Dunsworthy
Summary: An earl recovering from a duel escapes to the country where he meets his match in an opinionated country miss who wants him to marry her shy sister.

"Belling the Kitten" in Valentine Kittens. Zebra, January 2005.
Characters: Jason Farraday & Amaris Woodward
Summary: At a country inn, a gentleman returning from the war finds a spirited lady and a litter of kittens.

"Something Old, Something New" in Wedding Day Kittens. Zebra, May 2005.
Characters: Lord Milbury & Charlotte Longmuir
Summary: When a lord helps save a kitten from being trampled by a horse, a lady starts to doubt his rakish reputation.

Primrose Wedding. Zebra, August 2005.
Characters: Primrose Dunsworthy
Summary: A shy, scholarly lady finds an ally in a dashing aristocrat who shares her passion for ancient Egypt and her aversion to marriage.

Also writes other historical and paranormal romances.

Website: www.joannferguson.com

Amber Fitzgerald

The Reluctant Lover. Doubleday, 1982.
Characters: Stefan & Andria
Summary: Lady with London society at her feet can't forget the man who betrayed her.

Ellen Fitzgerald

A Novel Alliance. Signet, December 1984.
Characters: Mr. Alan Parry (earl's heir) & Verity, Marchioness of Unger
Summary: Novelist being divorced by her unreasonably jealous husband flees to a small village and finds love with a fellow writer.
Rating: fair

Lord Caliban. Signet, February 1985.
Characters: Lord Rodger Colbourne & Clemency
Summary: Disheartened by the disappearance of her true love, a lady agrees to a loveless marriage with the man who once saved her life.

The Irish Heiress. Signet, July 1985.
Characters: Lord Rande & Sheila Corbett
Summary: A lady falls in love with the lord who ruined her brother in a card game.

The Dangerous Dr. Langhorne. Signet, October 1985.

Rogue's Bride. Signet, January 1986.
Characters: Sir Robert Heath & Ariadne
Summary: After two years of marriage to an inattentive husband, a lady is drawn to a man who seems genuinely interested in her.

The Forgotten Marriage. Signet, April 1986.
Characters: Viscount Morley & Alicia Delacre
Summary: A lady must match wits with a scheming beauty to save her marriage.

Lessons in Love. Signet, July 1986.
Characters: Sir Sabin Mallory & Diana Forsythe
Summary: A lady loves a gentleman who asks her to help him win another.

The Heirs of Belair. Signet, January 1987.
Characters: Mr. Sidney Questered & Miss Pamela Caldwell
Summary: A lady intends to marry a childhood friend until a mysterious stranger arrives who makes it clear that he wants her.

Venetian Masquerade. Signet, April 1987.
Characters: Mr. Alston Hillyard & Miss Georgiana Lovat
Summary: Lady in Venice discovers knavish behavior in the man she's loved from afar.

A Streak of Luck. Signet, July 1987.
Characters: Gervais Fenton, Lord Sayre & Lady Rachel Villiers
Summary: Lady is thrilled when a lord asks for her hand but soon learns he was forced to after losing a card game to her father.

Romany Summer. Signet, October 1987.
Characters: Sir Lionel Graves & Miss Felicity Carruthers
Summary: Lady who lost her reputation by a youthful elopement is determined not to let a rake lead her to folly.

The Gambler's Bride. Signet, January 1988.
Characters: Mr. Charles Montague & Miss Caroline Dysart
Summary: Heiress agrees to elope with a gambler who may only be after her money.

Julia's Portion. Signet, April 1988.
Characters: Lord Alysford & Julia Carleton
Summary: A lady trying to protect her inheritance from greedy relatives is thrown into the arms of a gambler who is the last man she should trust.

Marriage by Decree. Signet, October 1988.
Characters: Sir Robert St. Aubyn & Miss Alice Osborne
Summary: American lady ignorant of the ways of the ton is drawn by a gentleman pledged to another and an infamous rake.

An Unwelcome Alliance. Signet, March 1989.
Characters: Lord Gerald Courtenay & Lady Belinda Deveraux
Summary: Lord and lady who are in love with other people when they wed find that marital duty leads to unexpected desire.

The Player Knight. Signet, July 1989.
Characters: Mr. Julian Sherlay & Arabella Ashmore
Summary: Lady longs to be like her friend who is an actress and is being pursued by her dashing leading man.

Ardent Apparitions. Walker, 1992.
Characters: Sir Francis & Arabella
Summary: Lady sent to live in a castle encounters a dashing gentleman and his ghostly ancestors.
Comments: Published posthumously.

The Damsels from Derbyshire. Walker, 1992.
Characters: Lionel, Marquis of Ashton & Lady Tabitha Spencer
Summary: Chaperoning her sister years after her own disasterous Season, a lady is pleased when a suitor renews his attentions but dejected when she fears her scandalous family will prevent him from proposing.
Comments: Published posthumously.

"A Maiden All Forlorn," in A Regency Valentine. Fawcett, 1992.

Other Regencies as Zabrina Faire

Nancy Fitzgerald

St. John's Wood. Doubleday, 1977.
Characters: Stacey, Marquis of Parringdon & Miss Thalia Horrocks
Summary: Lady hopes to escape a conventional home and marriage by writing a successful novel about the demimonde.

Mayfair. Doubleday, 1978; reissued by Popular Library, 1979.
Characters: Valerian Cloudsleigh & Lady Sibilla Merrell
Summary: Lady must avoid the odious suitors her aunt chooses, stop her sister from making a mistaken match, and teach a gentleman that a lady's mind can equal a man's.

Chelsea. Coventry #73, 1980.

Jacqueline Fleury

The Cinderella Bride. Warner, 1989.
Characters: Mr. Rattray, Mr. Courtney, or Lord Hawksworth & Isobel Woodward
Summary: A lady who hopes to restore her family's standing by making a brilliant match has three suitors.
Setting: Bath

Katharine Flixton

Glengarrick's Heir. Hale, 1970; reissued by Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Alastair Ardmore, Viscount Spendale & Miss Eliane Fielding
Summary: A gentleman kidnaps a lady in order to apologize to her for his misbehavior at Vauxhall.
Setting: London

Lytton Abbey. Hale, 1970.

Daughter to the Nabob. Hale, 1972; reissued by Ace, 1977.
Characters: Mr. Miles Shefford & Miss Isabel Curtis
Summary: Nabob seeks to settle an old score by luring a gambler who has lost his family home into marriage with his daughter.

Olivia Fontayne

The Scandalous Wager. Jove, 1992.
Characters: Earl of Rotherham & Miss Diana Wetherby
Summary: Earl wins his friend's unwanted maiden aunt in a card game and discovers she is truly a prize.

Lady Samantha's Choice. Jove, 1993.
Characters: Philip Silverdale, Marquis of Carrington & Lady Samantah Ashley
Summary: Lady must either wed a stranger or her awful cousin to retain her fortune.
Rating: very good

The Reluctant Duchess. Jove, 1993.
Characters: Simon Weatherby, Earl of Chesterton & Lady Alexandra Richardson
Summary: Pregnant widow disputes her husband's estate with his handsome cousin.

The Rogue's Revenge. Jove, 1994.
Characters: Nicholas Bellington, Earl of Laughton & Lady Penelope Ashington
Summary: New earl seeks revenge on the family he thinks ruined his grandmother.

Other Regencies as Patricia Oliver.

Megan Frampton

A Singular Lady. Signet, October 2005.
Characters: Edwin Worthington, Earl of Oakley & Hon. Titania Stanhope
Summary: A lady determined to marry a rich man to save her family meets a rich lord who wears shabby clothes to fool fortune hunters.

Website: www.meganframpton.com

Pamela Frazier

A Daring Deception. Berkley, 1988.
Characters: Lord St. Aubyn & Janice Dering
Summary: A lady takes a job as a governess so she can see Paris and on the way there she meets a lord.

A Delicate Dilemma. Berkley, 1988.
Characters: Jean-Claude de Bretigny & Alethea Unwin
Summary: When a governess's reputation is ruined by jealous minds, the French emigre nobleman and scientist she's loved since childhood helps her by bringing her out and making her a Toast.

The Virtuous Mistress. Berkley, 1988.
Characters: Hon. Thurston Sorrell & Countess Eugenie de Villiers
Summary: Orphan who fled the French Revolution becomes a dancer on the London stage and falls in love with a young stranger, but circumstances threaten to keep them apart.

The Benevolent Bride. Berkley, 1989.

The Gallant Governess. Berkley, 1989.
Characters: Sir Richard Neville & Claudia Barnett
Summary: A reversal of fortune forces a wealthy lady to become a governess, and during her charge's Season she meets an unattainable gentleman.

The Willful Widow. Berkley, 1989.
Characters: Lord Derek Belmore & Lady Aurelia Vernon
Summary: The widow of a cruel man does not believe rumors that a kind gentleman is a traitor.

Joy Freemen

A Suitable Match. St. Martin's, 1980; reissued in paperback by Signet, December 1985.
Characters: Adrian, Viscount Sherworth & Miss Vescinda Bancroft
Summary: Lady plays along with a lord's mistaken belief that she's an ill-bred hoyden.
Rating: very good
Setting: London

The Last Frost Fair. St. Martin's, 1985; reissued in paperback by Signet, December 1985.
Characters: Major Jack Ashton & Miss Madeleine St. Cross
Summary: Lady whose family lives in genteel poverty is expected to make a brilliant match and so ignores her feelings for a wounded war veteran.
Rating: good Comments: Very well written, but the mistrust and misunderstandings between the hero and heroine became too much; at some point one wants them to simply trust each other.
Setting: London

Deborah Fruchey

The Unwilling Heiress. Walker, 1986.
Characters: Lord Hersington & Miss Lucy Trahern
Summary: Lord seeks the governess his cousin unfairly dismissed in order to make amends.

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