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Elsie Gage

Regency Belles. Pocket, 1980.
Characters: Julian, Duke of Charlesworth & Miss Anne Farnham; Mr. Brandon Russell & Evelina Pride
Summary: A dowager asks her nephew the duke to escort a lady home to her village not realizing the lady is a beauty.
Setting: London & English countryside
Series: "Cotillion Regency Romance"

Your Obedient Servant. Signet, November 1985.
Characters: Earl of Danville & Laura Adams
Summary: Lady found on a doorstep as a child is invited into a noble home to be taught the manners of a lady, but once there she is pursued by three men.

Jennie Gallant

Lady Hathaway's House Party. Coventry #19, January 1980.
Characters: Oliver, Duke of Avondale & Belle, Duchess of Avondale
Summary: Duchess arrives at a house party escorted by a young admirer only to find her estranged husband is also a guest.
Rating: very good

The Moonless Night. Coventry #37, April 1980.
Characters: Lord Sanford & Marie Boltwood
Summary: While Napoleon is being held on a prison ship off Plymouth, two strangers appear at a lady's home: one works for the government and one is a spy, but which is which?

Olivia. Coventry #89, January 1981.
Characters: Earl of Philmot & Miss Olivia Fenwick
Summary: Lady who considers herself to be a superior governess outrages her employer's younger brother by teaching her charges the facts of life.
Comments: First person.

Friends and Lovers. Coventry #179, August 1982.
Characters: Earl of Menrod & Miss Wendy Harris
Summary: Lady fights for custody of her sister's children with their uncle.

Thick as Thieves. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Mr. Richard Dalton & Miss Eve Denver
Summary: Gentleman uses a lady as bait to catch a jewel thief.
Comments: First person.

"Home for Christmas," in A Regency Christmas. Fawcett, November 1994.

Also wrote Georgian romances.
Other Regencies as Joan Smith.

Glenda Garland

A Slight Change of Plans. Zebra, November 2003.
Characters: Lucas Pargetter & Penelope Lindon
Summary: A murder brings together a notorious scoundrel and a lady caring for her late sister's children.

The Unexpected Sister. Zebra, March 2004.
Characters: Lord Thomas Dashley & Caroline
Summary: An officer returning to England under suspicion in the death of a comrade is determined to prove his innocence and win the hand of one of his comrade's sisters, but his plans go awry when another sister helps him clear his name.

Her Other Thief. Zebra, December 2004.
Characters: Miss Lucy Bowes
Summary: Certain she is doomed to live her life as an old maid because of a family scandal, a lady finds her heart stolen by an enigmatic masked intruder.

A Delightful Folly. Zebra, March 2005.
Characters: Viscount Fitzhugh & Esmerelda, Countess of Iddesford
Summary: A lord who hopes to mend a rift with his father by finding a suitable bride is instead drawn to a scandalous widow after he comes to her aid.

In Pursuit of a Proper Husband. Zebra, July 2005.
Characters: Noel, Viscount Reversby & Mrs. Meg Grantham
Summary: A lady sets a challenge for her late friend's widower, who wants to woo her and learn a secret she shared with his wife.

Diane Gaston

The Mysterious Miss M. Mills & Boon, July 2004; reissued by Harlequin Historical, November 2005.
Characters: Lord Devlin Steele & Maddy
Summary: A lord finds himself responsible for a mysterious woman and her child.

The Wagering Widow. Mills & Boon, February 2005; reissued by Harlequin Historical, February 2006.
Characters: Guy, Lord Keating & Emily Duprey
Summary: A debt-ridden lord elopes with a lady he thinks is an heiress but when he discovers she's poor they both turn to gambling to solve their financial problems.

The Reputable Rake. Mills & Boon, November 2005; reissued by Harlequin Historical, May 2006.
Characters: Cyprian Sloane & Morgana Hart
Summary: A rake who is determined to become respectable meets a lady whose caring nature leads her into the Regency underworld.

Mary Gaul

Misdeeds at Marriston. Regency Press, 2000.
Characters: Sir Alden Lyddiard & Miss Naomi Farrell
Summary: Schoolteacher dismissed from her post because of an obnoxious student's relations becomes a companion at the home of the girl's father and learns dangerous secrets.

Mona Gedney

A Lady of Fortune. Pinnacle, 1990.
Characters: Alistair Fitzhugh, Marquess of Hartford & Miss Violet Carlton
Summary: Country miss poses as her widowed sister to confront her powerful in-laws.

The Easter Charade. Zebra, March 1992.
Characters: Mr. Andrew Norville & Miss Elizabeth Harrington
Summary: Lady advises her cousin to turn down a gentleman's proposal then finds herself the target of his amorous attentions.

"A Match for Marigold," in A June Wedding. Zebra, June 1992.

A Valentine's Day Gambit. Zebra, February 1993.
Characters: Mr. Hayden St. James & Miss Julia Preston
Summary: Man who wagers he can win a lady's heart by Valentine's Day is impeded by her chaperone, so he decides to charm his way around her.
Setting: English countryside

A Christmas Betrothal. Zebra, November 1993.
Characters: Robert Avery, Earl of Barrisford & Lady Rosemary Trevelyan
Summary: Gentleman tries to expose his nephew's beloved as a fortune hunter but finds himself smitten.
Setting: English countryside

A Scandalous Charade. Zebra, September 1994.
Characters: Sir Charles Redford & Lady Sylvia Danville
Summary: When lord has a spat with a lady archaeologist whom he followed up the Nile, he decides to woo her back at a masquerade playing Marc Antony to her Cleopatra.
Setting: Egypt (briefly) & London

A Dangerous Affair. Zebra, April 1996.
Characters: Sir Richard Norwood & Miss Marguerite Standish
Summary: Two orphaned sisters find themselves caught up in intrigue at their guardian's home.
Rating: very good Comments: Well-done mystery.

A Lady of Quality. Zebra, December 1996.
Characters: Richard, Lord Winter & Miss Vivian Reddington
Summary: Lady believes a devilish lord to be a smuggler and a spy.
Rating: good

"Arabella to the Rescue," in A Bride's Bouquet. Zebra, May 1997.
Characters: Will Russell & Arabella Standish; Robert Halliday & Elinor Standish
Summary: Lady tries to foil her stepmother's schemes.

A Dangerous Arrangement. Zebra, January 1998.
Characters: Lord Dayton & Miss Elise Ashford
Summary: Lady thinks one lord is dangerous while another is poisoning his family.
Rating: very good

"Lady Diana's Courtship," in Valentine Wishes. Zebra, February 1998.
Characters: Mr. John Derringer & Lady Diana Crosswell
Summary: Lady who has turned down numerous offers finds herself falling for a Cit.

Merry's Christmas. Zebra, December 1998.
Characters: Devlin Carlton, Earl of Barrisford & Miss Meredith Melville
Summary: Determined bachelor becomes the guardian of a group of children whose older sister resents his meddling.
Rating: very good

"Marrying off Mama," in A Match for Mother. Zebra, April 1999.
Characters: Mr. Jack Grant & Mercy Rochester, Lady Lovington; Colonel Malcolm Anderson & Elizabeth Rochester
Summary: Brother and sister embarrassed by their mother's behavior hope to marry her off to a colonel but she falls for a gambler instead.

"The Heiress Bride" in All Dressed in White. Zebra, June 1999.

"A Feline Affair," in Snowflake Kittens. Zebra, December 1999.
Characters: Mr. Graham Livingstone & Miss Marian Piercey
Summary: A cat maneuvers a lady and gentleman together so her kittens will have a good home.

Lady Diana's Daring Deed. Zebra, November 2000.
Characters: Jack Melville & Lady Diana Ballinger
Summary: Lady disguised as her twin brother plays cards with a gamester and ends up losing her hand in marriage to him.

"Lord Wintergreen and Beast," in Autumn Kittens. Zebra, September 2001.
Hero: Lord Wintergreen
Summary: A gentleman tries to catch a lady in a deceitful act.

Lady Hilary's Halloween. Zebra, September 2001.
Characters: Lord Grayden & Lady Hilary Jamison
Summary: A lady fleeing an arranged marriage heads to London where gentleman concocts a scheme to help her.

"A Match for Lady Verity" in Flowers for Mama. Zebra, April 2002.
Characters: Lady Verity Devlin
Summary: A lady's son presses her to marry a certain gentleman.

An Icy Affair. Zebra, October 2002.
Characters: Mr. Robert Westbrook & Miss Ivy Sterling
Summary: A lady longing for companionship gets her wish when a snowstorm diverts an array of strangers to her uncle's estate, including an acting troupe and a gentleman whose fiancee just broke off their engagement.
Setting: English countryside
Rating: very good

Frost Fair Fiance. Zebra, May 2003.
Characters: Walter Belvedere & Elsie MacGregor
Summary: Calling off her wedding to an older man after falling in love with someone else, a lady is subsequently jilted and enlists the help of a bookish gentleman to pose as her fiance.
Setting: London
Rating: very good

A Love Affair for Lizzie. Zebra, February 2004.
Characters: Matthew Webster & Lizzie Lancaster
Summary: A lady transforms herself into an irresistible beauty and takes London by storm in order to teach a rake a lesson.

The Affair at Greengage Manor. Zebra, August 2004.
Characters: Richard Browning
Summary: The master of Greengage Manor finds his life thrown into chaos when his twin sister's five orphaned children arrive on his doorstep with their governess in tow.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas. Zebra, October 2004.
Characters: Travis Halliday & Violet Leigh
Summary: While at a holiday house party, a lady meets the man whose marriage proposal she once refused and wonders if she made the wrong decision.

"The Rebel and the Rogue" in A Waltz with a Rogue. Zebra, March 2005.
Characters: Anthony Mallory & Vivian Woodruff
Summary: A lady trying to avoid marriage to her stepfather's son seeks a temporary marriage to a notorious rake.

Ruth Gerber

A Marriageable Asset. Candlelight #633, 1981.

Mary Ann Gibbs

The Romantic Frenchman. Fawcett, 1967.

A Young Lady of Fashion. Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Sir Edward Chevening & Miss Lucinda Crayne
Summary: Lady who refuses the proposal of a younger son has a change of heart when he becomes the heir.

The Tulip Tree. Coventry #2, 1979.

Lauren Giddings

Sweet Tempest. Zebra, August 1987.
Characters: Connor, Lord Amberson & Tempest Swift
Summary: Lord discovers that the thief he shot is a woman.

Bartered Bride. Zebra, March 1989.
Characters: Geoffrey Chilton & Rosalind Dunstan
Summary: Lady loves but doesn't trust a man who married her for her money and she refuses to fulfill the condition that they produce an heir within a year.

Website: www.tlt.com/authors/ngideon.htm

Jacquelyn Gillis

A Perfect Mismatch. Jove, 1992.
Characters: Richard Dunne & Annabelle
Summary: Gentleman is disappointed to discover that his inheritance includes seven young wards until one steals his heart.

Otherwise Engaged. Jove, 1992.
Characters: Gareth St. John & Jessica O'Donovan
Summary: Gentleman inherits a Scottish estate and a fresh-faced schoolgirl.

Lady Cecelia's Charade. Zebra, December 1996.
Characters: Julian, Duke of Stanford & Cecelia, Baroness Somersett
Summary: Lady turns actress to help her playwright cousin and is pursued by a duke who wants her as his mistress.

Paula Tanner Girard

Lord Wakefield's Gold Watch. Zebra, June 1995; reissued by Zebra, November 1997.
Characters: Duncan Fairchild, Earl of Wakefield & Alice Fairchild aka Willie
Summary: Lord falls in love with the lady whom he thinks stole his watch.

Charade of Hearts. Zebra, March 1996.
Characters: Andersen, Baron Copley & Miss Sarah Greenwood
Summary: Lady pretends to be a famous hostess and arranges a party for an impoverished lord seeking a rich bride.
Rating: very good Comments: Funny comedy of errors.

"A Matter of Honor," in Lords and Ladies. Zebra, May 1996.
Characters: Duke of Maitland & Cailin O'Mullan
Summary: Duke discovers he is betrothed by an ancient agreement to a wild Irish princess.

A Father for Christmas. Zebra, December 1996; reissued in An English Christmas with A Husband for Christmas, Zebra, October 2001.
Characters: Ernest Lance, Marquis of Wetherby (duke's heir) & Mrs. Millicent Copley
Summary: Rakish lord escorts a widow and her son to a Christmas house party.

"Cupid's Legacy," in A Valentine Bouquet. Zebra, February 1997.
Characters: Gregory Fitch & Delphinia Penn
Summary: Lady who inherits a London townhouse mistakes her noble neighbor for a handyman.

A Husband for Christmas. Zebra, December 1997; reissued in An English Christmas with A Father for Christmas, Zebra, October 2001.
Characters: The Bandit King & Lady Caroline Cavendish
Summary: Someone leaves a baby in a lady's carriage, then the two of them are kidnapped by a bandit.

The Sister Season. Zebra, October 1998.
Characters: Major Daniel Durham, Earl of Chantry & Miss Winifred Landry; Hon. James Pettigrew & Lady Georgette Durham
Summary: Man who must sponsor eight sisters at once falls for one and must discover the mystery of her past.

"Lady Amelia's Christmas Party," in Underneath the Mistletoe. Zebra, December 1998.
Characters: John Daring, Viscount Littlefield & Miss Marianne De Visme
Summary: Eccentric lady brings together two estranged lovers stranded at her house over Christmas.

The Reluctant Groom. Zebra, August 1999.
Characters: Captain Edward Hatcher & Miss Calamatta McGannon
Summary: American lady marries an Englishman whose estate she's inherited only to discover she's really entered a proxy marriage with his brother.

The Seventh Sister. Zebra, August 2000; reissued in hardcover by Five Star, 2001.
Characters: Captain Bixworth Hawksby & Lady Margaret Durham
Summary: Earl asks a war comrade to escort his bluestocking sister to lectures and museums.
Series: Sequel to The Sister Season.

Maggie Gladstone

Fortunate Belle. Playboy, 1978.

The Love Duel. Playboy, 1978.
Series: The Lacebridge Ladies: Emma's Story

The Scandalous Lady. Playboy, 1978.
Series: The Lacebridge Ladies: Sara's Story

The Impudent Widow. Playboy, 1979.
Characters: Brent Chalmers, Duke of Gressingham & Jane Dalrymple
Summary: Clever, sensible widow doesn't intend to remarry soon, particularly not to a duke whose mother seems to make more of his intentions than he does.
Series: The Lacebridge Ladies: Jane's Story

The Reluctant Debutante. Playboy, 1979.
Characters: Cornelius Tremaine & Felicia Lacebridge
Summary: High-spirited lady seems certain to make a good match, but she's drawn to a rake with appalling manners.
Series: The Lacebridge Ladies: Felicia's Story

The Lady's Masquerade. Playboy, 1980.
Series: The Ballerinas: Sybil's Story

The Love Tangle. Playboy, 1980.
Series: The Ballerinas: Charlotte's Story

The Reluctant Protegee. Playboy, 1980.
Characters: Tony, Marquis of Faile & Nancy Faulconer
Summary: Ballerina is offered a slip on the shoulder by a lord.
Series: The Ballerinas: Nancy's Story

Lessons in Love. Playboy, 1981.

Other Regencies as Lisabet Norcross, Margaret SeBastian, & Cilla Whitmore

Susan Gordon

Match of the Season. Walker, 1982.
Characters: James, Viscount Silverton & Miss Elinor Maddison
Summary: Lord flirts with a lady to repair her reputation after he inadvertently insulted her.

Janet Grace

A Most Unusual Lady. Mills & Boon, August 1989; reissued as Harlequin #71, April 1992.
Characters: Lord Alnstrop & Miss Louisa Stapely
Summary: Gentleman makes himself responsible for a lady whom he saved from a mishap, but she chooses to take a position as a governess.

Fool's Heaven. Mills & Boon, March 1990.

Isabella. Mills & Boon, January 1991.
Characters: Anthony, Viscount Alladay & Isabella
Summary: A lady whose father wants her to marry an elderly roue is drawn to her brothers' tutor, who is also heir to an earldom.

"Frozen Hearts," in A Regency Quartet. Mills & Boon, 1992; reissued as Harlequin #100, June 1993.
Characters: Maximilian Trenarth, Earl of Trevereux & Harriet, Lady Trevereux
Summary: Cit's daughter overhears gossip that her husband was forced to marry her for money and turns cold to him.
Rating: very good

Anne Gracie

Gallant Waif. Mills & Boon, August 1999; reissued by Harlequin, April 2001; reissued by Mills & Boon, October 2002, in Regency Rakes, vol. 1 with Mr. Trelawney's Proposal by Mary Brendan.
Characters: Mr. Jack Carstairs & Miss Kate Farleigh
Summary: An orphaned and destitute lady finds herself left at the hideway of a bitter man whose fiancee jilted him when he returned from the war scarred and wounded.
Rating: excellent Comments: Vivid portrayal of characters and emotions.
Award: National Readers' Choice Award, Best Regency, 2001

Tallie's Knight. Mills & Boon, August 2000; reissued by Harlequin, March 2001.
Characters: Magnus, Earl of d'Arenville & Miss Thalia Robinson
Summary: An orphaned lady caring for her cousin's children catches the eye of an earl who wants to set up his nursery.
Award: Romance Journal Francis Award, Best Traditional Regency, 2001

An Honourable Thief. Mills & Boon, August 2001; reissued in paperback by Mills & Boon, October 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, July 2002.
Characters: Mr. Hugo Devenish & Miss Kit Singleton
Summary: A gentleman suspects a lady newly arrived in London when someone begins stealing from members of the ton.
Setting: London

"A Virtuous Widow" in Regency Brides. Mills & Boon, October 2002; reissued by Harlequin Historical in Gifts of the Season, Christmas 2002.
Characters: Ellie Carmichael
Summary: A widow whose husband committed suicide because of gambling debts takes in a stranger with no memory and no name at Christmastime.

Website: www.annegracie.com

Vanessa Gray

The Masked Heiress. Signet, 1977.

The Lonely Earl. Signet, February 1978; reissued by Signet, November 1987.
Characters: Hugh Crale, Earl of Pendarvis & Faustina Kent
Summary: After a disastrous marriage, a lord retires to his country home at the same time a neighbor lady returns from an unsuccessful Season.

The Wicked Guardian. Signet, December 1978.
Characters: Sir Benedict Choate & Miss Clare Penryck
Summary: Headstrong beauty would rather risk scandal or a dull marriage than submit to the will of her hated guardian.

The Wayward Governess. Signet, January 1979.

The Dutiful Daughter. Signet, January 1980; reissued by Signet, January 1987.
Characters: Sir Richard Davenant & Miss Chloe Rothwell
Summary: On-the-shelf lady receives an unexpected legacy and suddenly fashionable gentlemen begin to appear at her country home.
Rating: very good Comments: Began quite well; interesting to see a timid lady gradually working up her courage to say no to her thoughtless relatives--a change from the usual plucky heroine. But eventually became a bit tedious for the hero to be on the verge of proposing only to have some (usually imagined) obstacle prevent him. Still Gray is one of the best Regency writers.

The Innocent Deceiver. Signet, October 1980.
Characters: Gervase Wakeford, Earl of Huntley & Miss Fenella Morland
Summary: Lady sent to the country in disgrace after an indiscretion with a masked stranger is courted by war hero and his seductively handsome brother.

The Reckless Orphan. Signet, December 1981; reissued by Signet, July 1986.
Characters: Lord Charles Langley (duke's younger son) & Julia Edgeworth
Summary: Lady whose late father gambled away his estate receives money for a Season from a mysterious benefactor.

The Duke's Messenger. Signet, November 1982.
Characters: Duke of Wherr & Elinor Aspinall
Summary: Lady whose fiance is dallying with a lady in Vienna accepts a secret mission to that city and is accompanied by a servant who acts more like a master.

The Accessible Aunt. Signet, January 1984.
Characters: Jervis Blain, Marquess of Wroxton & Miss Celina Forsyth
Summary: Lady falls for the man whom her troublesome relations are trying to match with her niece.
Rating: excellent

The Unruly Bride. Signet, February 1985.
Characters: Simon Halleck, Lord Soames & Miss Althea Rackham
Summary: Engaged couple who decided they didn't suit meet two years later when the gentleman is courting another lady.

The Reckless Gambler. Signet, August 1985.
Characters: Mr. Julian Carteret & Miss Caroline Finlay
Summary: Lady is infuriated when her grandfather gives her hand in marriage without asking her approval, and is even more outraged when her fiance eschews a proper courtship and instead becomes involved in affairs of state.
Rating: fair
See a review of this book.

The Errant Bridegroom. Signet, March 1986; reissued by Signet, March 1996.
Characters: Justin Ferrington, Lord Lonsdale & Corinna Darley
Summary: Country lady travels to Vienna accompanying her beautiful stepsister who is engaged to a gentleman the lady loves herself.
Rating: excellent

The Orphan's Disguise. Signet, November 1986.
Characters: Colonel Douglas Renfrew & Miss Corliss Hewett
Summary: An orphan lady on her way to stay with a distant relation has an accident and is taken in by a family who want her to trick the gentleman who controls their finances into a betrothal.

The Lost Legacy. Signet, December 1987.
Characters: Sir Ivor Bellamy & Miss Jessamine Dalton
Summary: Man whom lady jilted because of his arrogance inherits her destitute family's country estate.

A Lady of Property. Signet, April 1988.
Characters: Mr. Marcus North or Sir Albin Drysdale & Miss Charlotte Forester
Summary: Heiress being courted by a neighbor she's never met flees to become a governess and is pursued by a relentless rake, so she flees again and meets a dangerously attractive stranger.

The Lady's Revenge. Signet, September 1989.

Best-Laid Plans. Signet, November 1990.
Characters: Lord Justin Harcourt & Miss Melpomene Fiske
Summary: Lady fleeing an unwanted marriage finds herself alone on the streets of London at night and is accosted by a rake.

Other Regencies as Jacquelyn Aeby

Theresa Grazia

English Bride. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Jonathan Trescott & Lady Lavinia Crossley
Summary: A widow tries to avoid an arrogant New York bachelor after he publicly proclaims her a fortune hunter.
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

Capital Match. Warner, 1988.
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

Other Regencies as Therese Alderton & Alberta Sinclair

Elena Greene

Lord Langdon's Kiss. Zebra, April 2000.
Characters: James Mayland, Earl of Langdon & Miss Nell Ashley
Summary: Lord tries to tempt the vicar's daughter, whom he thinks is a fortune hunter, away from his brother by kissing her.

"The Wedding Wager," in His Blushing Bride. Zebra, May 2001.
Characters: Julian Ardleigh, Viscount Debenham & Harriet Woodford
Summary: Determined to show his trustees that he is ready to settle down and take control of his estate, a lord proposes marriage to his childhood friend, but she won't consider marrying him until he proves he can change his ways.

The Incorrigible Lady Catherine. Zebra, September 2001.
Characters: Me. Philip Woodmere & Lady Catherine Harcourt
Summary: Headstrong lady who is determined to marry a rake is banished by her father to the Lake District, where she falls in love with the most unlikely of suitors - a respectable country gentleman.
Series: The Three Disgraces #1

The Redwyck Charm. Signet, November 2003.
Characters: Marcus Redwyck & Juliana Hutton
Summary: A lord who must marry an heiress he's never met becomes intrigued by an opera dancer with a hidden agenda.

Saving Lord Verwood. Signet, June 2004.
Characters: Lord Verwood & Miss Penelope Talcott
Summary: A virtuous lady‚€™s reputation is ruined when she rescues a notorious rake and is forced to marry him.

Lady Dearing's Masquerade. Signet, September 2005.
Characters: Sir Jeffery Fairhill & Lady Olivia Dearing
Summary: A lady shunned by society devotes herself to caring for foundlings and then encounters the man whose kiss ruined her reputation.

Website: www.elenagreene.com

Maria Greene

Lover's Knot. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Keith Marsh, Marquess of Saville & Miss Amanda Bowen
Summary: Lord thinks a bookish lady would suit his portly uncle.

Daring Gamble. Jove, 1992.
Characters: Earl of Edgewater & Marion Rothwell
Summary: Unfashionable, redheaded bluestocking loses her home to a charming earl.

Gentleman Butler. Jove, 1993.
Characters: Hon. Leith Sheridan & Marianne Darby
Summary: Gentleman with a personal mission takes a position as a butler in the home of a lady with a limp.

Lady in Disguise. Jove, 1993.
Characters: Viscount Perth & Joanna Warwick
Summary: Lady shunned by the gentry finds companionship with a younger man whose uncle accuses her of seduction.

An Inconvenient Marriage. Jove, 1994.
Characters: Giles, Earl of Wyndham & Miss Allegra Temple
Summary: Earl is forced to propose to a lady who stows away in his carriage.

The Blackhurst Rubies. Jove, 1995.
Characters: Lord Blackhurst & Miss Heather Maxwell
Summary: Governess discovers stolen rubies among her belongings.
Rating: very good

Fox Hunt. Jove, 1995.
Characters: Mr. Damien Trowbridge & Miss Justine Bryerly
Summary: Lady who finds a valise full of money is pursued by a spy.
Rating: very good

The Ghost and Mrs. Wenthaven. Zebra, April 2002.
Characters: Mr. Dylan Wenthaven & Mrs. Cassandra Wenthaven
Summary: A lady's husband dies leaving her with a mountain of debts, so she offers to become his twin brother's housekeeper.

A Christmas Blessing. Zebra, October 2002.
Characters: Lucas Chandler, Earl of Lyons & Mrs. Elinor Browning
Summary: A reclusive widower finds his life forever changed by the arrival of his daughter's new governess, a war widow with a young son, and the ghost of his late father, who is determined to help his son open his heart to love.
Setting: London

The Ashcroft Curse. Zebra, April 2003.
Characters: Sir Richard Blackwood & Miss Jillian Ashcroft
Summary: A lady believes that a magical stone will end her family's curse and tries to steal it from a gentleman's fiancee.

"A Most Unlikely Papa" in A Match for Papa. Zebra, May 2003.
Characters: Jack Hollister, Earl of Roche & Allegra Rutherford
Summary: A widow goes into labor after a carriage accident with only a roguish earl to help her.

Lord Sandhurst's Surprise. Zebra, August 2003.
Characters: Julian Temple, Lord Sandhurst & Miss Laura Endicott
Summary: A lady who thinks she's a witch becomes engaged to a gentleman because she thinks she's destined to marry a man named Julian.

"Cupid's Arrow" in A Valentine Waltz. Zebra, January 2004.
Characters: Lucien Montclair & Angela Valentine
Summary: A reckless wager leads a gentleman to court a recently jilted lady.

Double Deception. Zebra, February 2004.
Characters: Eric Ramsdell & Lenore Andrews
Summary: A lady is determined to uncover the identity of her secret admirer who leaves messages in her journal.

Captain Hawkins' Dilemma. Zebra, August 2004.
Characters: Captain Hawkins & Eliza Lytton
Summary: A bluestocking fleeing the unwanted attentions of a determined suitor hires a dashing captain to escort her to Europe.

Denice Greenlea

The Fortune Seeker. Fawcett, 1977.

The Ardent Suitor. Fawcett, 1979; reissued by Doubleday, 1980, as part of the Doubleday Romance Library with Roberta Leigh's The Savage Aristocrat and Elisabeth Beresford's Island of Shadows.
Characters: Victor & Joanna
Summary: Lady is convinced she loves her stepbrother, who is engaged to another, instead of her dull suitor.

The Masquer. Coventry #50, June 1980.
Characters: Lord Worthing & Christabel Devlin aka Miss Stone
Summary: Governess who disguises her beauty to ward off improper advances falls for her employer and goes to a masquerade in order to be near him.

A Friend of the Family. Coventry #154, December 1981.
Characters: Gerald Durant or Nigel Foxmoor & Anna Whitten
Summary: Widow of a soldier finds love and understanding with a married man and is forced to consider the attentions of an attractive yet shallow bachelor.

Distant Relations. Coventry #197, 1982.

Birchwood Hall. Fawcett, 1984.
Characters: Sandy MacDougal aka Mr. Alexander Grainly & Miss Susannah Grainly
Summary: A lady whose father wants her to marry a neighboring lord to save the family home turns for help to one of her father's tenant farmers.

Charlotte Grey

Fancy Free. Hale, 1984; reissued by Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Colonel Lord Richard Halton & Miss Harriet Devenish
Summary: Orphan who regales her fellow schoolgirls with tales of daring by a fictitious guardian is surprised when he appears.
Rating: excellent Comments: Funny & lighthearted romance

The Hesitant Heir. Fawcett, 1978.

Turn of the Cards. Fawcett, 1979; reissued by Doubleday, 1979, as part of the Doubleday Romance Library with Joanna Bristol's Evie's Roman Holiday.

Both Sides of the Coin. Coventry #39, 1980; reissued by Doubleday, 1980, as part of the Doubleday Romance Library
with Jean Innes' The Wishing Stone and Anne Saunders' Circle of Fate.

The Last Cotillion. Coventry, 1980.

The Golden Butterfly. Hale, 1981, reissued as Coventry #193, 1982.

Georgina Grey

Franklin's Folly. Coventry #23, February 1980.
Characters: Lord Woodstone & Miss Susan Eaton
Summary: Lady who wishes for more than neighborly feelings from a lord gets what she asked for when he misinterprets an embrace between her and another man.

Fashion's Frown. Coventry #76, November 1980.
Characters: Sir Robert Waverley & Miss Margaret Leighton
Summary: Country belle learns that her companion is an aristocrat on the run from an arranged marriage.

The Reluctant Rivals. Coventry #103, 1981.

The Bartered Bridegroom. Coventry #122, June 1981.
Characters: Lord Harrow & Judith Cadwell
Summary: Lady trying to help her uncle and his son who are being courted by two persistant females receives advice from her uncle's friend.

The Queen's Quadrille. Coventry #144, 1981.

The Belle of Brighton. Coventry #157, 1981.

The Silver Shilling. Coventry #162, 1981.

The London Ladies. Coventry #192, 1982.

Lingering Laughter. Coventry #172, March 1982.
Characters: Lord Lamont & Jenny Allen
Summary: Lady who wants to escape her eccentric relatives tries to win a lord who laughs at her predicament away from a beauty.

Other Regencies as Pauline Pryor & Mary Linn Roby

Gillian Grey

The Unmatchable Miss Mirabella. Avon, 1993.
Characters: Earl of Blackwood & Miss Mirabella Darlington
Summary: Earl returned from the war is intrigued by an heiress who has brought back daring ideas and strange animals from her travels around the world.
Series: Heroine is related to the heroines of Miss Marcie's Mischief and Miss Meredith's Marriage written under the name Lindsay Randall.

Other Regencies as Lindsay Randall

Kitty Grey

Current Confusion. Walker, 1989.

"A Walk through Valentine Parva," "An Afternoon Gardening," "A Gentleman Calls,"  "On the Church Porch," and "A Talk with Toby," in A Regency Valentine. Fawcett, 1992.
Theme: Four ladies on a visit find love; stories linked by Grey's.

Virginia S. Gunn

The Wayward Season. Doubleday, 1980.
Characters: Haydon Ashcroft & Miss Olivia Kingsley
Summary: In her second Season, a lady has two suitors trying to compromise her virtue.

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