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New Traditional Regencies (Post-2006)

Donna Hatch

Marie-Louise Hall

The Captain's Angel. Mills & Boon, November 1992.
Characters: Captain Tristan Beaumaris & Angele
Summary: As Napoleon threatens Russia, a lady fleeing her cousin's advances takes shelter from a snowstorm with a wounded French Chasseur.
Setting: Russia

The Major's Muslin. Mills & Boon, January 1997; reissued February 2004 in The Regency Rakes with Blackwood's Lady by Gail Whitiker.
Characters: Major Alex Haldane & Lalange Ross
Summary: A desperate, penniless lady accepts a slip on the shoulder from the man she once hoped to marry.

Rake's Reform. Mills & Boon, August 1997.
Characters: Jonathon Lindsay & Miss Janey Hilton
Summary: A rake wagers on the seduction of an innocent miss.

Violet Hamilton

The Earl's Legacy. Hale, 1983.

The Only Honourable Course. Hale, 1983.

The Abandoned Wife. Hale, 1985.

Sweet Pretender. Zebra, 1986.
Characters: Colonel Lucien Valentine & Miss Sarah Ravensham
Summary: American lady travelling to England to deliver a document to the Prime Minister finds herself in the company of an infuriating British colonel.

An Officer's Alliance. Zebra, 1987; reissued by Zebra, September 1991.
Characters: Captain Ian Montague & Ariel Frazier
Summary: Lady marries a rakish captain in order to spy for England.

The Hidden Heart. Zebra, 1987; reissued by Zebra, March 1991.
Characters: Marquis Theron de Lisle & Melissa Mansfield
Summary: A lady running away disguised as a boy accidentally stows away in the carriage of a notorious libertine.

False Promises. Zebra, 1988; reissued by Zebra, February 1992.
Characters: Captain Alastair Glendenning & Verity Howard
Summary: A lady who follows her brother to Brussels dislikes his commanding officer.
Setting: Brussels

A Scandalous Portrait. Zebra, August 1989.
Characters: Duke of Milbourne & Esme Sedgewick
Summary: A duke who is a connoisseur of fine art and of women practices his art of seduction on a prim painter.

A Traitorous Heart. Zebra, 1990.
Characters: Simon Stafford, Marquess of Staines & Miss Katherine Wilde
Summary: To avoid an unwanted marriage, a lady tells her father a marquess is interested in her, only to find he is truly interested in her father's treasonous financial dealings.

"The Glastonbury Thorn," in A Christmas Holiday. Zebra, November 1990.

A Secret Affair. Zebra, July 1991.
Characters: Piers St. Robyn, Earl of Trevarris & Miss Jennifer Dryden
Summary: Lady whose fiance elopes with another flees to Cornwall where she meets an arrogant lord and becomes involved in the investigation of a spy ring.
Rating: very good

"The Bay Leaf Legend," in Valentine's Day Treasure. Zebra, January 1992.
Characters: Charles Fitzherbert & Annabel Maitland
Summary: Lady courted by a persistent suitor begins to see an old friend in a different light at a Valentine's party.

Return Engagement. Zebra, August 1992.
Characters: Lord James "Tony" Everely (duke's younger son) & Frances, Lady Pembridge
Summary: Man woos the lady to whom he was engaged six years before.

"The House Party," in A Christmas to Cherish. Zebra, November 1992.
Characters: Captain Mark Rothfield & Miss Arabella Stapleton
Summary: Lady and gentleman join forces to discover who killed their host at a Christmas house party.
Rating: fair Comments: Very little romance between the hero and heroine.

A Reluctant Proposal. Zebra, July 1993.
Heroine: Miranda Houghton
Summary: To avoid an arranged marriage, a lady elopes with a gentleman but finds herself attracted to his guardian.

"Second Choices," in A June Courtship. Zebra, May 1994.

Fabia's Choice. Zebra, August 1994.
Characters: Captain Richard Goring & Miss Fabia Thurston
Summary: Lady from the West Indies literally falls for a charming captain but when she discovers his brother broke her sister's heart, she becomes engaged to a cad instead.

"Gillian's Secret," in A Mother's Delight. Zebra, April 1995.

A Rake's Journey. Zebra, August 1995.
Characters: Major Giles Fitzalen-Hill & Miss Gwyneth Winword
Summary: Rakish major escorts a lady from Fort Detroit to Montreal.

Love's Masquerade. Zebra, September 1996.
Characters: Marcus Kingsley & Leslie Dunforth
Summary: Lady hired to write a newspaper lovelorn column receives a letter from her editor's mistress and a tip on a plot against the Prince Regent.

"Change of Heart," in A Mother's Love. Zebra, April 1997.

Melinda Hammond

Fortune's Lady. Linford, 1997.
Characters: Rake Hellborn & Lady Rosalyn Tremayne
Summary: A lady inherits a large fortune and heads to London where she attracts a variety of suitors, including an ineligible rake with an expensive lifestyle.

Autumn Bride. Linford, 1998.
Characters: Major Lagallan & Miss Caroline Hetton
Summary: A major suggests that a lady marry his brother, whose taste for excitement that eventually endangers both their lives.

Maid of Honour. Robert Hale, 2002.
Characters: Dominic Vanderley & Lucilla Chambers
Summary: A lady who reluctantly agrees to chaperone her beautiful sister finds herself at odds with a notorious gentleman and is caught up in the brewing war with Napoleon.

The Dream Chasers. Robert Hale, 2003.
Characters: Vivyan Lagallan and Miss Eustacia Marchant
Summary: A gentleman engaged to a boring fiancee meets a lady disguised as a boy who is running away to London to get married.
Series: Sequel to Autumn Bride.

Dance for a Diamond. Robert Hale, 2005.
Characters: Sir Laurence Burstock & Miss Antonia Venn
Summary: In a bid for independence, a lady opens a dancing school in Bath, setting her on a collision course with a pupil's autocratic brother.
Setting: Bath

Also writes other historical romances.

Norah Hampton

The Heartbreak Triangle. Coventry, November 1979.
Characters: Julian Penrose & Lucy Clifford
Summary: Lady accepts an invitation from a man she once had feelings for and finds herself attracted to his scandalous younger brother.

Karen Harbaugh

The Devil's Bargain. Signet, May 1995; reissued by Signet, September 2004 in one volume with The Vampire Viscount.
Characters: Richard, Viscount Clarimond & Miss Eveline Seton
Summary: Devil loses a bet with an angel that a man will seduce and abandon a lady, with the prize being that the Napoleonic war must end.
Rating: poor Comments: Premise a bit ridiculous; story & characters not very interesting viewed apart from the paranormal element.
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice, Best Regency Fantasy 1994-95

The Vampire Viscount. Signet, October 1995; reissued by Signet, September 2004 in one volume with The Devil's Bargain.
Characters: Nicholas, Viscount St. Vire & Leonore Farley
Summary: Lady sold into marriage to pay her father's gambling debt discovers her husband is a trifle pale...
Award: Romance Readers Anonymous Best Regency 1995

The Reluctant Cavalier. Signet, October 1996.
Characters: Parsifal Wentworth & Miss Annabelle Smith
Summary: Lady tries to figure out which of her suitors swept her off her feet at a masquerade ball.

Cupid's Mistake. Signet, February 1997; reissued by Signet, February 2005 in one volume with Emily Hendrickson's Elizabeth's Rake.
Characters: Paul Templeton, Marquess of Blytheland & Cassandra Hathaway
Summary: When she meets a lord who thinks women can't be both free-thinking and virtuous, a lady must decide whether to hide her intelligence or prove herself.

Cupid's Darts. Signet, February 1998.
Characters: Lieutenant Kenneth Hathaway & Miss Aimee Mattingly
Summary: When a lady's love returns from the war he worships her from afar while a rake pursues her.
Series: Sequel to Cupid's Mistake.

Cupid's Kiss. Signet, February 1999.
Characters: Mr. Harry D'Amant & Psyche Hathaway
Summary: Much courted lady accepts none of her suitors while longing for a rogue with romantic entanglements of his own.
Series: Sequel to Cupid's Darts.
Award: Romance Readers Anonymous Best Regency 1999

Miss Carlyle's Curricle. Signet, June 1999.
Characters: Gavin Sinclair, Earl of Brisbane & Miss Diana Carlyle
Summary: Lady enters into a marriage of convenience with the heir of her uncle, who died in a mysterious curricle accident.

Other Regencies as Kathleen Elliott

Website: www.sff.net/People/KarenH

Judith Harkness

The Montague Scandal. Signet, November 1979.
Characters: Reginald Darnley & Roselind Arden
Summary: Lady cannot resist a man against whom she's been warned.

The Admiral's Daughter. Signet, April 1980; reissued by Doubleday, 1980, as part of the Doubleday Romance Library with Esther Boyd's Omen for Love and Lori Herter's No Time for Love.
Characters: Lord Ramblay & Maggie Trevor
Summary: Lady is surprised when her father sends her to live with the family he's long hated.

The Determined Bachelor. Signet, 1981; reissued by Signet, May 1986.
Characters: Sir Basil Ives & Anne Calder
Summary: A lady takes a position as companion to a gentleman's ward so she can research the ton for her next novel.

Contrary Cousins. Signet, September 1981.
Characters: Alexander Lytton-Smythe & Miss Serena Powell
Summary: Lady invites her American cousins for the Season but disapproves of the matches they seem intent on making.

Lady Charlotte's Ruse. Signet, August 1982; reissued by Signet, June 1986.
Characters: Sir Gerald Kirkland & Lady Charlotte Harrington
Summary: Lady betrothed to a cold lord must discover why her true love fled to America and became betrothed to another.

Emma Harrington

Fair Exchange. Warner, 1988.
Characters: Geoffrey Wyndham-Parkes, Earl of Wyndhamshire & Miss Louisa Heywood
Summary: Elegant, bankrupt lord arrives in America expecting to wed his rich cousin, but she has devised an elaborate plan to drive him away.
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

Hearts in Disguise. Warner, 1988.
Characters: Lord Nicholas Rainolds & Adriana Wedgewood
Summary: An American lady travels to England and is captivated by a rake she meets at a masked ball.
Setting: Newport & England
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

Love's Gambit. Warner, 1988.
Characters: Rand Montgomery, Earl of Wemyess & Jessamy, Lady Montgomery
Summary: Lady goes to America to convince her father-in-law's new heir to will the estate to her daughter, but when he seems keen on marrying her off, she determines only to marry the man who can beat her in chess.
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

Joanna Harris

Worldly Innocent. Avon, 1989.

Vivian Harris

A Worthy Charade. Candlelight #611, 1980.

Leigh Haskell

The Paragon Bride. Signet, October 1989.
Characters: Nicholas Ransom & Miss Emmaline Hazlett
Summary: Lady leaves her miserly guardian to be a guest in the home of a countess whose son wants to marry her, but she's tempted by a rake.

The Vengeful Viscount. Signet, November 1990.
Characters: Justin Havilland, Viscount Pentclair & Miss Felicity Bellwood
Summary: Lord resorts to highway robbery to recover the jewels his late wife gave to her lovers.
Rating: good

Barbara Hazard

Kathleen. Coventry #31, 1980; reissued by Fawcett, 1986.
Characters: Giles Brentwood, Duke of Havenhall & Lady Kathleen Molloy
Summary: Irish lady vows revenge on the duke who insulted her size and appearance.
Rating: very good

Beth. Coventry #58, August 1980; reissued by Doubleday, 1980, as part of the Doubleday Romance Library with Roberta Leigh's Facts of Love and Louise Berg's Island Love Song; also reissued by Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Alistair St. Clare, Duke of Barrington & Miss Elizabeth Cummings
Summary: Lady is stranded by a snowstorm at an inn with a duke from whom a sensitive government report is stolen.
Rating: excellent

Dangerous Lady. Coventry #82, 1980.

The Tangled Web. Coventry #109, 1981.

Caroline. Coventry #152, November 1981.
Characters: Matthew, Earl of Cannock & Miss Caroline Draper
Summary: Lady who didn't take after two Seasons thinks a fussy, eligible lord is arrogant.

The Covington Inheritance. Coventry #162, 1982; rewritten and reissued by Signet, December 1999, as The Scottish Legacy (see below).
Characters: John, Lord St. Williams & Miss Caroline Covington
Summary: Attempts are made on the lives of five people coming into an inheritance.

Dangerous Deceits. Coventry #184, 1982; reissued by Signet, September 1995.
Characters: William Rawlings, Duke of Clare & Miss Diana Travis
Summary: Lady can't understand why a duke wants to wed her.

The Disobediant Daughter. Signet, June 1982.
Characters: Anthony Northbridge, Duke of Stour & Janet Lambert
Summary: Lady whose mother offers her a choice between a rich, dull lord and a boring squire is tempted by the attentions of a rakish duke.

A Surfeit of Suitors. Signet, March 1983.
Characters: Robert Holland, Earl of Amesbury & Lady Georgina Spalding
Summary: Young widow is courted by three suitors.

The Calico Countess. Signet, May 1984; reissued by Signet, June 1987.
Characters: Peter Truesdale, Earl Norwell & Miss Lorna Jarrett
Summary: Lady saves her sister from an arrogant man but is herself forced into a marriage in name only with him.

The Singular Miss Carrington. Signet, August 1984.
Characters: Andrew Tyson, Marquess of Blagdon & Miss Claire Carrington
Summary: Lord asks lady who shuns marriage to pose as his fiancee.

The Enchanting Stranger. Signet, October 1984; reissued by Signet, May 1989.
Characters: Viscount Reading & Lady Patricia Westerly
Summary: To free her family from debt, a lady weds a man who wants her to gain him access to society by winning the favor of a lord who tempts her with love.

The Emerald Duchess. Signet, January 1985; reissued by Signet, February 1989.

Mad Masquerade. Signet, April 1985; reissued by Signet, May 1989.
Characters: John Haverfield, Marquess of Vare & Lady Laura Lockridge
Summary: Lord and lady confronted by intrigue in Italy must pose as newlyweds on their honeymoon.

The Rake's Protegee. Signet, June 1985; also issued by Signet, 1985, under the title Indentured Innocence, "Prince Matchabelli Romance edition"; reissued by Signet, May 1990.
Characters: Anthony Hawkins, Earl of Bredon & Anne Ainsworth
Summary: Servant girl sent by an earl to be raised as a lady returns to find he is a rake hated by his household.

The Dreadful Duke. Signet, November 1985.
Characters: William, Duke of Severn & Lady Juliet Manchester
Summary: Lady who was the victim of rape refuses to wed.
Series: Sequel to The Singular Miss Carrington.
Rating: very good

The Turnabout Twins. Signet, May 1986.
Characters: Hon. James Galt & Lady Amelia or Lady Anne Fairhaven
Summary: Identical twins find themselves at odds when they both fall for the same man.

The Cloisonne Locket. Signet, November 1986.
Characters: Mark, Duke of Rutland & Miss Rosemary Barton
Summary: Duke thinks a lady has thrown herself into his path and ingratiated herself with his shut-in sister in order to lure him into marriage.
Series: Briefly features characters from The Calico Countess.
Setting: London
Rating: very good - Read a Review of this book.

The Royal Snuff Box. Signet, March 1987.
Characters: Earl of Bradford & Lady Julia Reynolds
Summary: Earl thinks a lady's show of virtue masks devious designs.

Lady Lochinvar. Signet, November 1987.
Characters: Lionel Eden, Viscount Benning & Lady Catherine Cahill
Summary: An innocent lady is determined to capture the attention of the jaded lord she loves.

The Guarded Heart. Signet Super Regency, October 1987.
Characters: Owen Kingsley, Duke of Graves & Mrs. Erica Stone
Summary: Lady whose husband was murdered is stranded in Vienna and agrees to spy for a duke.

The Queen Bee. Signet, August 1988.
Characters: Edward Willoughby, Viscount Trumbell & Miss Meryl Lancaster
Summary: Lady cannot understand why her fiance's mother is trying to sabotage their marriage.

Midnight Magic. Signet, May 1991.
Heroine: Elinor Fielding
Summary: A lady visiting a castle finds herself wooed by a gentleman by day and haunted by the ghost of the man's twin brother at night.

Monday's Child. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Mr. Evan Lancaster & Sarah, Lady Lacey
Summary: Widow is tricked by her parents into returning home so they can control her money and marry her off again, but she prefers a neighboring farmer who thinks she's above his station.

Tuesday's Child. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Sir Christopher Wilde & Felicia Simmons
Summary: Poor lady forced to rent out rooms and give piano lessons intrigues her nabob neighbor.
Rating: very good

Wednesday's Child. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Laurence Russell, Marquess of Thornbury & Miss Penelope Shaw
Summary: Despite her thirst for adventure, a lady finds her abduction by a lord's cronies a bit too much to take.

Thursday's Child. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: William Welburn, Viscount Drummond & Miss Celia Anders
Summary: Reclusive lady meets a man at a house party where odd things occur.
Rating: very good

Friday's Child. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Mr. Nicholas Sinclair & Miss Victoria Emerson
Summary: Rake flirts with a lady whose over-protective papa snubbed him.
Rating: very good

Taming Eliza. Signet, June 1996.
Characters: Drake, Earl of Darrin & Lady Eliza Chalmers
Summary: Spoiled lady is sent to Yorkshire to wed an earl she hasn't met.
Rating: fair Comments: She may have forgiven him for tricking her into marriage but I don't! Then again I didn't like her too much either, especially when her maid died (died!) because of her neglect. She never really seemed repentant about it.

Lady at Risk. Signet, February 1997.
Characters: Miles Griffin, Marquis of Wexford & Miss Sarah Eaton
Summary: Unexpected inheritance causes lady to be surrounded by suitors.

The Runaways. Signet, July 1997.
Characters: Marsh Pembroke, Earl of Morland & Mrs. Harriet Winthrop-Baines
Summary: Former loves unite to stop their children from making a marital mismatch.
Rating: excellent

Autumn Vows. Signet, May 1998.
Characters: Lucas Whitney, Earl of Canford & Miss Theodora Meredith
Summary: Lady vows not to let the man who married her to fulfill a promise to his mother know that she loves him.
Rating: very good

Wild Roses. Signet, October 1998.
Characters: Mr. Gareth Powell & Miss Lucy Blake
Summary: Lady asks two of her suitors to deal with a Regency stalker who threatens to reveal a terrible secret.
Comments: First person.

Midnight Waltz. Signet, July 1999.
Characters: Mr. Hugh Carlyle & Miss Constance Ames
Summary: Country miss who finds herself the target of anonymous threats fears an impertinent rogue may be part of the scheme against her.
Rating: very good Comments: First person.

The Scottish Legacy. Signet, December 1999; originally issued in different form by Coventry, 1982, as The Covington Inheritance(see above).
Characters: Grant St.Williams, Earl of Byford & Lila Douglas
Summary: Mysterious incidents occur when an eccentric aunt invites her relatives to a gathering where she intends to announce her heir.
Comments: First person.

The Wary Widow. Signet, September 2000.
Characters: Alastair Russell & Corneila, Countess of Wyckend
Summary: A widow takes her young niece to Vienna during the Congress escorted by a ne'er-do-well gentleman, but he proves his worth when danger arises.
Series: Sequel to The Scottish Legacy.
Comments: First person.

The Unsuitable Miss Martingale. Signet, May 2001.
Characters: Graeme Wilder, Viscount Halpern & Miss Lili Martingale
Summary: A lady's family sends her to London hoping she'll make a suitable match, but she feels out of place in Society.

The Scent of Lilacs. Signet, August 2001.
Characters: Edwin Whittingham
Summary: A gentleman who inherits a coastal estate from his great-uncle discovers it is inhabited by a family of ghosts.

Other Regencies as Lillian Lincoln

Sandra Heath

Mannerby's Lady. Signet, August 1977; reissued by Signet, August 1986; also reissued by Hamlyn, 1978, and by Signet, June 2005, as The Whispering Rocks.
Characters: Sarah Jane Stratford
Summary: Inheriting a fortune after a lifetime of poverty, a lady is thrust into the glittering world of London high society, until a scandal confines her to Mannerby, a manor surrounded by sinister forces that becomes an isolated prison with her hateful guardians as its wardens.

Green Girl. Hamlyn, 1979.

The Smuggler's Daughter. Signet, August 1979; reissued by Hale, 1983.
Characters: Sir Madoc Vaughan & Cordelia Somerford
Summary: Sheltered heiress finds intrigue with a man said to be exiled from government circles.

Lily of the Sun. Hamlyn, 1980.

The Courting of Jenny Bright. Signet, 1980.

Mally. Signet, June 1980; reissued by Signet, August 1990.
Characters: Richard Vallender & Marigold St.Aubrey
Summary: Lady whose love died returns to her childhood home in Wales with a friend of her love's who wants to marry her; but then she meets her charming host who claims to be her new suitor's closest friend.

The Unwilling Heiress. Signet, May 1981; reissued by Hale, 1983; also reissued by Signet, October 1986.

The Opera Dancer. Signet, October 1981.
Characters: Sir Philip Hastings & Nonna Lambert
Summary: Opera dancer who is the Toast of London was once a singer in a house of ill-repute, a fact known only to the man who rescued her and captured her heart only to use her as a pawn.

Fashion's Lady. Signet, 1982; reissued by Signet, April 1987.
Characters: Sir Geoffrey Stratton & Susannah Garland
Summary: Penniless lady asks a rake to help her open a dressmaking establishment and considers an affair with a married former love.

The Sherborne Sapphires. Signet, May 1982.
Characters: Lord Jonathan Sherborne & Miss Amy van Allen
Summary: Lord is angry that his American guest spent a night at the estate of a man he accuses of being his late wife's lover and of stealing the Sherborne Sapphires.

The Makeshift Marriage. Signet, May 1983; reissued by Signet, January 1994; reissued by Signet, December 2003, in one volume with Fine Feathers.
Characters: Sir Nicholas Grenville & Miss Laura Milbanke
Summary: Penniless lady in Venice marries a dying man who duelled to defend her honor and wants her to inherit his money, but he recovers and brings her home to where the woman he adores waits.
Rating: very good

My Lady Domino. Signet, December 1983; reissued by Signet, March 1994; reissued by Signet, December 2004 in one volume with A Commercial Enterprise.
Characters: Lord David Latimer & Miss Adele Russell
Summary: Lady turned penniless shop girl goes to a masquerade and sees the man who jilted her when she lost her fortune.

Rakehell's Widow. Signet, June 1984; reissued by Signet, August 1987.
Characters: Sir Piers Castleton & Alabeth, Lady Manvers
Summary: Widow warns sister away from the man she blames for her husband's death.
Rating: good

A Commercial Enterprise. Signet, September 1984; reissued by Signet, October 1987; reissued by Signet, December 2004 in one volume with My Lady Domino.
Characters: Sir Henry Seymour & Miss Caroline Lexham
Summary: Lady turns the mansion she inherited into a hotel and finds her plans thwarted by a debauched cousin, a jealous rival, and a dashing gentleman.
Setting: Devon (briefly) & London
Rating: very good - Read a Review of this book.

A Perfect Likeness. Signet, May 1985; reissued by Signet, March 1990.
Characters: Duke of Calborough or Sir Sebastian Sheringham & Bryony St. Charles
Summary: A lady must choose between a wealthy gentleman who offers her a marriage of social convenience and a dashing duke who offers her love without marriage.

A Change of Fortune. Signet, October 1985.
Characters: Sir Guy de Lacy & Miss Leonie Conyngham
Summary: A lady suddenly loses her fortune and finds herself targeted by rakes and by a rival who is jealous of a gallant gentleman's interest in her.

A Scandalous Publication. Signet, October 1986; reissued by Signet, August 1990.
Characters: Sir Max Talgarth & Miss Charlotte Wyndham
Summary: Lady armed only with a pen goes up against the prime Corinthian who bought her late father's estate.

Lady Jane's Ribbons. Signet, February 1987.
Characters: Lord Lewis Ardenley & Lady Jane Derwent
Summary: A lady enters a coach race to Brighton to prove herself to the lord who wronged her and deemed her frail.
Setting: On the road to Brighton

The Absent Wife. Signet, August 1987.

A Matter of Duty. Signet, March 1988.
Characters: Lord Christopher Highclare & Miss Louisa Cherington
Summary: Lord promises to marry the sister of a dying friend.

An Impossible Confession. Signet, September 1988.

The Wrong Miss Richmond. Signet, April 1989; revised edition issued in hardcover, paperback & e-book by Regency Press, 2000.
Characters: Robert Temple, Lord St. Clement & Miss Christina Richmond
Summary: Bookish lady loses her heart to the man engaged to her beautiful sister.

The Pilfered Plume. Signet, October 1989.
Characters: Lord Nicholas Fenton & Linnet Carlisle
Summary: Lady fights back when a courtesan steals her man and tries to make her a laughingstock.

The Second Lady of Southvale. Signet, February 1990.
Characters: Philip, Lord Southvale & Miss Rosalind Carberry
Summary: American lady marries a man said to be pining for his first wife.

A Christmas Courtship. Signet, December 1990.
Characters: Sir Edmund Brandon & Blanche Amberley
Summary: Lady who believes she loves one man and thoroughly dislikes another receives a surprise during the Christmas season.

Lord Buckingham's Bride. Signet, May 1991.
Characters: Francis, Lord Buckingham & Miss Alison Clearwell
Summary: Lady traveling to Russia is accosted by a Russian prince and turns for help to an English lord who turns out to be her best friend's fiance.

"Mistletoe and Folly," in A Regency Christmas III. Signet, November 1991.
Characters: Sir Richard Curzon & Mrs. Diana Beaumont
Summary: Gentleman encounters the woman who broke his heart by marrying a richer man years earlier.

Lord Kane's Keepsake. Signet, January 1992.
Characters: Gerald, Lord Kane & Miss Emma Rutherford
Summary: Lady with the ideal suitor is troubled by his mistress and by the scandalous suggestions of his archrival.

"The Midsummer Valentine," in A Regency Valentine II. Signet, January 1992.

"Brighton Betrothals," A Regency Summer. Signet, June 1992.

A Country Cotillion. Signet, August 1992.
Characters: Marcus Sheridan, Duke of Arlington & Elizabeth Norrington
Summary: Widow of a libertine is married to a sober man when she meets a reincarnation of her first husband.

"A Seasonal Stratagem," in A Regency Christmas IV. Signet, November 1992.

Lady Sabrina's Secret. Signet, May 1993.
Characters: Rowen Sinclair, Duke of Gretton & Mrs. Deborah Marchant
Summary: Lady's attempts to clear her brother's name are blocked by a duke.

Cruel Lord Cranham. Signet, October 1993.
Characters: Nicholas Stanhope, Lord Cranham & Miss Sarah Howard
Summary: Lady must decide whether a man is truly a loathsome libertine.

"Under the Kissing Bough," in A Regency Christmas V. Signet, November 1993.

"The Imposter," in From the Heart. Signet, January 1994.
Characters: Hon. Felix Vestey (heir to Viscount Northwood) & Miss Jane Martin
Summary: Lady expecting the fiance she's never met mistakes his friend for her betrothed & he doesn't correct her.

A Highland Conquest. Signet, February 1994.
Characters: Rory Ardmore, Earl of Glenvane & Miss Lauren Maitland
Summary: American heiress finds lovers' intrigues and love at Scottish lord's castle.
Rating: excellent

The Halloween Husband. Signet, September 1994.
Characters: Lord Justin Alderney & Rowena Melcombe
Summary: Strange spirits are in the air at a manor where an innocent lady meets a worldy man.

"Dinner at Grillon's," in A Regency Christmas VI. Signet, November 1994.
Characters: Guy Fitzallen, Lord Lanham (heir to Earl of Danchester) & Fleur, Lady Lanham
Summary: Lord intends to divorce the wife who left him, not realizing another woman schemed to drive them apart.

Camilla's Conscience. Signet, February 1995.
Characters: Dominic, Earl of Ennismount & Lady Camilla Summerton
Summary: Widow meets the man who tried to win her from her husband.

Magic at Midnight. Signet, June 1995.
Characters: Sir Dane Marchwood & Kathryn aka Rosalind, Lady Marchwood
Summary: 20th century lady switches places with the unloving wife of a baronet.
Rating: good Comments: Liked the hero's confusion as his cold wife turns warm but I'm not fond of the whole time-travel subgenre.

Lucy's Christmas Angel. Signet, November 1995.
Characters: Lord Geoffrey St. Athan & Miss Lucy Trevallion
Summary: Lady who can't decide between two suitors is helped by an angel.

"The Christmas Ghost," in A Regency Christmas [VII]. Signet, November 1995.
Characters: Piers, Lord Winterbourne & Mrs. Rebecca Winterbourne
Summary: Widow gets a second chance with the man she once loved with the help of her father's ghost.

Shades of the Past. Signet, June 1996.
Characters: Lord Blair Deveril & Laura Reynolds
Summary: Modern London actress falls through trap door into the Regency era.

Halloween Magic. Signet, September 1996.
Characters: Nicholas, Lord Montacute & Miss Verity Windsor
Summary: Lady vies with a beautiful widow for a lord's love.

"Sophie's Syllabub," in A Regency Christmas Feast. Signet, November 1996.

Summer's Secret. Signet, July 1997.
Characters: Brand & Summer Stanway aka Olivia Courtenay
Summary: A 20th century woman grieving the loss of her lover goes to a hypnotherapist and finds herself as a Regency widow meeting a friend of her late husband at an inn.

The Faun's Folly. Signet, June 1998.
Characters: Gervase Mowbray, Duke of Wroxford & Anne Willowby
Summary: Duke who can't inherit unless he weds a plain lady flees to Italy where he's cursed by Bacchus with a spell that can only be broken if he wins his unwanted fiancee's love.

The Haunting of Henrietta. Signet, December 1998.
Characters: Marcus Fitzpane & Henrietta Courtenay
Summary: Ghosts of a couple who died tragically must cause members of their respective families to fall in love in order to get into Heaven themselves.

Marigold's Marriages. Signet, May 1999.
Characters: Rowan, Lord Avenbury & Marigold Marchmont Arnold
Summary: Impoverished widow at the mercy of her husband's greedy relatives accepts a proposal from a lord who believes in an ancient curse.
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, Best Regency 1999

The Magic Jack-O'-Lantern. Signet, October 1999.
Characters: Sir Dominic Fortune & Polly Peach
Summary: Brownie tries matchmaking for an heiress and a gentleman who does not believe in magic.

"Neptune's Quizzing Glass," in A Regency Sampler. Regency Press, 1999.

Counterfeit Kisses. Signet, May 2000.
Characters: Sir Gareth Carew & Susannah Leighton
Summary: Gentleman tries to win the trust of a lady who blames him for the loss of her family's fortune.

Mistletoe Mischief. Signet, October 2000.
Characters: Sir Greville Seton & Megan Mortimer
Summary: Gentleman who cannot abide women who work as companions changes his mind when he meets his cousin's companion.

Breaking the Rules. Signet, March 2001.
Characters: Sir Conan Merrydown & Ursula Elcester
Summary: Sinister events begin to occur after the arrival of a lady's reluctant fiance.

Hide and Seek. Signet, June 2001.
Characters: Sir Richard Tregarran & Annabel Gresham
Summary: A lady joins forces with a rake to find her father's missing will before her brother can steal her inheritance.

An Easy Conquest. Signet, September 2001.
Characters: Mr. Jack Lincoln & Miss Emily Fairfield
Summary: A lady who knows she should accept a rich gentleman's offer can't stop dreaming of a mysterious, penniless drifter who captured her heart.
Setting: Shropshire

Playing with Fire. Signet, March 2002.
Characters: Lieutenant Martin Ballard & Miss Tansy Richardson
Summary: A lady and her scheming, selfish cousin are rescued from a shipwreck and pirates by a dashing British spy.
Setting: Dorset & Egypt

Second Thoughts. Signet, July 2002.
Characters: Lord Carismont & Kate Kingsley
Summary: A widow with a son who is governess to a lord's daughter accepts her employer's offer of a marriage of convenience.

"The Solid Silver Chess Set" in A Regency Christmas [IX]. Signet, October 2002.
Characters: Philip, Earl of Allensmore &  Julia Talbot
Setting: An Elf tries to reunite a couple separated by a misunderstanding.

False Steps. Signet, January 2003.
Characters: Cassian Stratford, Marquess of Lansdale
Summary: Sent to Weymouth by the Queen of England, a lord finds his boredom cast by the wayside when he encounters an enigmatic beauty who steals his heart.
Setting: Weymouth in Dorset

Lavender Blue. Signet, April 2003.
Characters: Duke of Chavanage & Lady Anthea
Summary: A lady who is captive to the memory of a love that might have been arrives at the castle of the very man who holds the key to her heart.

Fine Feathers. Signet, December 2003. Issued in one volume with The Makeshift Marriage (originally published May 1983).

Winter Dreams. Signet Super Regency, July 2004.
Characters: Lord Penventon & Judith Callard
Summary: A lady secretly tracks the official responsible for the safety of her twin brother in Lisbon and must turn for help from a man she once spurned when things turn dangerous.

"The Green Gauze Gown" in Regency Christmas Magic. Signet, October 2004.
Characters: Sir Harry Trafford & Mrs. Harwood
Summary: A lady is reunited with a lame gentleman who loved her when she was a girl.

Diamond Dreams. Signet, March 2005.
Characters: Miss Ellie Rutherford
Summary: After the death of her parents and the reversal of her fortune, a lady finds solace in Wales and in the arms of a stranger who steals a kiss, but who is engaged to another.
Setting: Wales

The Whispering Rocks. Signet, June 2005. Originally published as Mannerby's Lady by Signet, August, 1977.
Characters: Sarah Jane Stratford
Summary: Inheriting a fortune after a lifetime of poverty, a lady is thrust into the glittering world of London high society, until a scandal confines her to Mannerby, a manor surrounded by sinister forces that becomes an isolated prison with her hateful guardians as its wardens.

Veronica Heley

The Tarrant Rose. Coventry #97, 1981.

Emily Hendrickson

A Country Miss. Signet, November 1988.

Hidden Inheritance. Signet, March 1989.

Lady Sara's Scheme. Signet, June 1989; reissued by Signet, July 1994.
Characters: Myles Fenwick, Earl of St. Quinton & Lady Sara Harland
Summary: Sensible lady makes a list of potential suitors, omitting the name of an arrogant libertine.

The Gallant Lord Ives. Signet, November 1989; reissued by Signet, August 1993.
Characters: Christopher Ivesleigh, Earl of Ives & Miss Alissa ffolkes
Summary: Lady with two glamorous sisters feels she has no hope winning the earl she loves.

Queen of the May. Signet, December 1989.
Characters: Charles Winton, Marquess of Laverstock & Lady Samantha Mayne
Summary: Lady who'll dare anything is daunted by the love of a lord.

The Colonial Upstart. Signet, March 1990.
Characters: Earl of Westcott & Miss Louisa Randolph
Summary: An American lady mocks the foppish fashions and stuffy mores of English society and determines to teach an arrogant earl a lesson.

Miss Wyndham's Escapade. Signet, September 1990.
Characters: Lord George Barringer & Miss Marianna Wyndham
Summary: Lord proposes a daring scheme to restore the good name of a lady branded a thief at finishing school.

Double Deceit. Signet, December 1990.
Characters: Giles, Lord Rutledge & Caroline Beauchamp
Summary: Lady agrees to seduce her friend's husband to break the spell a beauty has over him and also dazzle a rake trying to seduce her friend.

A Scandalous Suggestion. Signet, July 1991.
Characters: Mr. Robert Medland & Miss Sibyl Eagleton
Summary: Lady asks a gentleman to help extricate her from an unwanted betrothal.

A Perfect Performance. Signet, October 1991.
Characters: Philip Fairfax, Viscount Ramsey & Miss Katherine Penn
Summary: Lord offers to finance the production of a lady's play.
Rating: good Comments: Could have been much better without the obligatory threat to the heroine's life.

The Dashing Miss Fairchild. Signet, January 1992.
Characters: Mr. Richard Talbot & Miss Clare Fairchild
Summary: Bath tabbies' tongues wag at a spinster with a baby who keeps company with a rake.

The Wicked Proposal. Signet, May 1992.
Characters: Earl of Harford & Lady Penelope
Summary: Widow asks an earl to help her with her scheme to buy a husband who'll leave her alone.

The Fashionable Spy. Signet, October 1992.
Characters: Sir Edward Hawkswood & Miss Victoria Dancy
Summary: Lady sculptor works as a government spy.

Elizabeth's Rake. Signet, January 1993; reissued by Signet, February 2005 in one volume with Karen Harbaugh's Cupid's Mistake.
Characters: David, Viscount Leighton (earl's heir) & Miss Elizabeth Dancy
Summary: Lady will not believe that a rake who pursues her is sincere.
Series: Sequel to The Fashionable Spy.
Rating: good Comments: Didn't live up to the initial great scene of the heroine shooting the hero.

Lord Dancy's Delight. Signet, June 1993.
Characters: Geoffrey, Baron Dancy & Miss Amelia Longworth
Summary: Mischievous lady returning to England from Macao is determined to repay the lord who saved her life three times.
Series:  Sequel to Elizabeth's Rake.
Rating: fair Comments: Her Chinese companion's accent was atrocious! "You muchee bad man! You no talkee missee..." Also it took him long enough to believe there was really a threat against him.

Julia's Spirit. Signet, October 1993.
Characters: Noel, Viscount Temple & Julia, Lady Winton
Summary: Lady invited by a lord to paint his family's portraits sees a ghost and uncovers a plot.
Series: Sequel to Lord Dancy's Delight.
Rating: good Comments: They were both pretty dim not to suspect the culprit sooner.

"The Christmas Mouse," in A Regency Christmas V. Signet, November 1993.

The Rake and the Redhead. Signet, January 1994.
Characters: Blase, Lord Norwood & Miss Hyacinthe Dancy
Summary: Lady tries to stop an arrogant lord from destroying a village to improve his view.
Series: Heroine is cousin to Lord Dancy and his sisters.

Miss Cheney's Charade. Signet, March 1994.
Characters: Sir Peter Dancy & Miss Emma Cheney
Summary: Lady dresses as a man to attend a viewing of Egyptian artifacts at a gentleman's home.
Series: Hero is cousin to Lord Dancy and his sisters and brother to heroine of The Rake and the Redhead.

The Scoundrel's Bride. Signet, June 1994.
Characters: Julian St. Aubyn & Chloe Maitland
Summary: Country girl ordered to marry an old widower receives the attentions of a rake.

Althea's Grand Tour. Signet, October 1994.
Characters: John Maitland, Earl of Montmorcy & Miss Althea Ingram
Summary: Tall lady unimpressed by London dandies finds love on a tour of Europe but he seems to prefer her delicate companion.

"Christmas Knight," in A Regency Christmas VI. Signet, November 1994.
Characters: Maximilian Luttrell & Miss Alisandra Percy; Sir William Oldershaw & Miss Joan Percy
Summary: Two sisters receive their wish for a Christmas Knight when their brother brings home two friends.

The Contrary Corinthian. Signet, January 1995.
Characters: Valentine, Lord Latham & Miss Phoebe Thorp
Summary: Lady doesn't know how she incurred the wrath of a man who seems bent on ruining her reputation.

The Abandoned Rake. Signet, June 1995.
Characters: Sir Lucas Montfort & Joanna Winterton
Summary: Lady flees to the countryside to escape an unwanted betrothal and encounters a rake bent on seduction.

Lord Barry's Dream House. Signet, February 1996.
Characters: Edmund, Lord Barry & Lady Juliana Hamilton
Summary: Lady architect wants to finish the house her father began.
Rating: good

The Debonair Duke. Signet, July 1996.
Characters: Duke of Wexford & Lady Pamela Taylor
Summary: When a lady receives a mysterious sapphire necklace she finds herself surrounded by suitors, including a duke who'll stop at nothing to get the necklace.

Harriet's Beau. Signet, April 1997.
Characters: Mr. Ferdinand Andrews & Miss Harriet Mayne
Summary: Gentleman tries to find a husband for a freckled redhead but falls for her himself.
Rating: excellent

Lord Ware's Widow. Signet, November 1997.
Characters: Jason, Earl of Thornbury & Georgiana, Marchioness of Ware
Summary: Lord who is determined to seduce a widow whose husband's death is the subject of gossip follows her from a country house party to Sidmouth.

An Uncommon Bequest. Signet, February 1998.
Characters: Jonathan Garnett, Viscount Lowell & Miss Sophie Garnett
Summary: Lady comes into an unexpected inheritance and finds the man who once snubbed her is now courting her.

A Chance Encounter. Signet, June 1998.
Characters: William, Lord Chessyre & Miss Felicia Brook
Summary: Lady is rescued from a carriage accident that killed her guardian by a gentleman who offers to help her claim her rightful inheritance.

The Unexpected Wife. Signet, October 1998.
Characters: Alexander Barr, Viscount Hawkswood & Miss Juliet Winterton
Summary: Rake retires to the country to escape a husband hunter only to find a lady in his house posing as his wife.
Rating: very good

Miss Timothy Perseveres. Signet, February 1999.
Characters: Harry, Duke of Eddington & Miss Persys Timothy
Summary: Lady becomes a companion to a duke's injured mother.

Miss Haycroft's Suitors. Signet, September 1999.
Characters: Justin Fairfax, Earl of Rochford & Miss Anne Haycroft
Summary: Lady whose uncle wants to marry her off is helped by a lord who invents suitors for her.

The Dangerous Baron Leigh. Signet, January 2000.
Characters: Peter, Baron Leigh & Lady Jocelyn Robards
Summary: Lady assumed to be in mourning for her fiance is in truth haunted by a long-ago affair.

A Perilous Engagement. Signet, July 2000.
Characters: Jordan Robards, Baron Harcourt & Lady Ariel Maitland
Summary: Man inherits a barony and a fiancee from a cousin who died in suspicious circumstances.

The Rake's Revenge. Signet, March 2001.
Characters: Jules, Lord St. Aubyn & Miss Regina Hawthorne
Summary: A lord agrees to help direct gossip away from a jilted lady in exchange for her help with a family problem.

Lord Huntingdon's Legacy. Signet, August 2001.
Characters: Sir Marcus Rutledge & Lady Charis
Summary: A lady finds herself penniless when her father bequeaths his fortune to her distant cousin.

The Ivory Dragon. Signet, January 2002.
Characters: Lord Stanhope & Lady Harriet
Summary: While seeking shelter from a spring storm in an old barn, a lady finds a curious wooden box containing a rare antique ivory pin reported stolen from an estate and a dashing lord who is snooping around the building in the hope of proving his brother innocent of a theft charge.

Lord Nick's Folly. Signet, September 2002.
Characters: Lord Nicholas & Nympha Herbert
Summary: During a dreary trip to visit her wealthy great-aunt, a rector's daughter is forced to share a coach with the most aggravating man in all England and an aristocrat who has heretofore been more interested in constructing a golf course on his property than finding himself a bride.

Pursuing Priscilla. Signet, February 2003.
Characters: Felix, Earl of  Latimer & Priscilla Herbert
Summary: A lord with a scandalous family is determined to marry a respectable woman, but his plans go awry when he sees the lady he's chosen in an unsuitable place.
Setting: London

Drusilla's Downfall. Signet, July 2003.
Characters: Adrian Richmond, Marquess of Brentford & Miss Drusilla Herbert
Summary: A lady's companion becomes involved in scandal, intrigue and passion when she meets her employer's son.
Setting: Herefordshire

Tabitha's Tangle. Signet, March 2004.
Characters: Lord Latham & Tabitha Herbert
Summary: A rector's daughter who longs for adventure is asked to catalogue a lord's book collection and gets more than she bargained for when she loses her heart to him.

The Madcap Heiress. Signet, September 2004.
Characters: Adam Herbert & Emma Lawrence
Summary: While staving off the advances of a persistent suitor, a fiercely independent heiress falls in love with a rector's son who longs for adventure.

My Lady Faire. Signet, March 2005.
Characters: Lord Hawke & Lady Fairfax
Summary: A lady refuses to surrender to the amorous advances of her irresistible yet infuriating neighbor who shares guardianship of her mischievous stepson.

Betty L. Henrichs

A Convenient Bride. Candlelight, February 1982.
Characters: Lord Ashford & Penelope Stanwood
Summary: Lord marries a drab country miss so he can pursue his pleasures not realizing she'll become a Toast.

Other Regenices as Amanda Kent.

Candice Hern

A Proper Companion. Jove, 1995.
Characters: Robert Cameron, Earl of Bradleigh & Miss Emily Townsend
Summary: Dowager who dislikes her son's fiancee tries to set him up with her companion.
Rating: very good

A Change of Heart. Signet, December 1995.
Characters: Jack Raeburn, Marquess of Pemerton & Lady Mary Haviland
Summary: Wealthy spinster is wooed by an indebted marquess.
Rating: very good Comments: Appealing characters start as friends.

An Affair of Honor. Signet, July 1996.
Characters: Colin Herriot, Viscount Sedgewick & Miss Margaret Ashburton
Summary: Lady mistakes a lord's proposal for a carte blanche.
Rating: very good

A Garden Folly. Signet, January 1997.
Heroine: Stephen Archibald, Duke of Carlisle & Miss Catherine Forsythe
Summary: Lady at a house party is determined to find a rich husband but is drawn to the "gardener" who is really her host incognito.
Rating: very good

The Best Intentions. Signet, June 1999.
Characters: Miles Prescott, Earl of Strickland & Miss Hannah Fairbanks
Summary: Earl who lost his beloved wife determines to make a practical match for the sake of his children, but his plans go awry when he meets an unexpected houseguest.

Miss Lacey's Last Fling. Signet, February 2001.
Characters: Mr. Max Devanant & Miss Rosalind Lacey
Summary: A lady who is told she has contracted the illness that killed her mother heads to London determined to make the most of her last months.
Rating: excellent Comments: Very enjoyable and amusing.

Now writing Regency historicals.

Website: www.candicehern.com

Anne Herries

An Ideal Match. Mills & Boon, September 1998.

A Matter of Honour. Mills & Boon, June 2000; reissued in paperback by Mills & Boon, August 2000; reissued by Harlequin Historical, October 2005.
Characters: Lord Vincent Carlton & Miss Cassandra Thornton
Summary: An heiress believes she can be selective in choosing a husband not realizing that her late brother asked one of his friends to marry her.

Rosalyn and the Scoundrel. Mills & Boon, March 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, June 2005.
Characters: Damian Wrexham, Earl Marlowe & Miss Rosalyn Eastleigh
Summary: A lord is pleased to discover that his neighbor is not the old maid he was expecting.

Lord Ravensden's Marriage. Mills & Boon, May 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, June 2002.
Characters: Harry, Lord Ravensden & Beatrice Roade
Summary: A gentleman pursues the lady who jilted him in order to save her from scandal, but then he meets her sister and is caught up in solving the mystery of a missing marchioness.
Series: Book 1 of the Steepwood Scandal; sequel is An Innocent Miss by Elizabeth Bailey.

The Abducted Bride. Mills & Boon, May 2001; reissued in paperback July 2001; reissued by Harlequin, March 2004.
Characters: Nicholas, Marquis de Vere & Deborah Ann Stirling
Summary: A lady is abducted by a privateer who is seeking revenge on her intended husband.

Counterfeit Earl. Mills & Boon, January 2002; reissued by Harlequin Historical, February 2003.
Characters: Captain Jack Denning & Miss Olivia Roade Burton
Summary: A lady who has lived in obscurity since jilting a gentleman of high stature is caught in a compromising position with a disillusioned war veteran who is forced into an offer of marriage.
Series: Book 9 of the Steepwood Scandal; preceded by An Unconventional Duenna by Paula Marshall; followed by The Captain's Return by Elizabeth Bailey.

A Damnable Rogue. Mills & Boon, January 2004.
Characters: Marquis of Lytham & Emma Sommerton
Summary: A lady who is forced to earn her living as a companion finds her position - and her heart - in jeopardy from a lord who wants her as his mistress.

Website: www.lindasole.co.uk

Elizabeth Hewitt

Broken Vows. Signet, May 1982.
Characters: Julian, Viscount Rown & Clarice, Lady Rown
Summary: Lady's rakish husband returns from the dead as she is about to rewed.
Rating: fair Comments: Didn't like that she was always the one apologizing and explaining

A Sporting Proposition. Signet, July 1983; reissued by Signet, August 1989.
Characters: Devin, Baron Langley & Mrs. Ancilla Martin
Summary: Widow who succumbs to one night of passion with a friend of her late husband's is shocked when she wakes to find he's left money by her bedside.
Rating: very good

The Fortune Hunter. Signet, November 1983.
Characters: Jonathan, Marquis of Hartfield & Miss Tessa Bellamy
Summary: Lady falls for a lord accused of murdering his heiress-wife.

Captain Black. Signet, November 1984.
Characters: Mr. Rhys Trefor & Miss Catelyn Fitzsimon
Summary: Lady banished to Wales falls for a dashing highwayman.
Rating: good

Marriage by Consent. Signet, June 1985; reissued by Signet, October 1989.
Characters: Viscount Revis & Miss Willa Drake
Summary: Penniless lady receives two offers: one for marriage and a loss of her freedom and one to be a mistress and retain her independence.

The Worth Inheritance. Signet, July 1986.

Innocent Deception. Signet, September 1987.
Characters: James, Lord Norwood & Evelyn, Lady Norwood
Summary: A married lady joins a circle of high fliers for secret reasons she will not reveal to her husband.

The Ice Maiden. Signet, June 1988.
Characters: Lord Adrian Searle & Cassandra Tilton
Summary: A lady who has rejected numerous suitors finally accepts a proposal, but then a rogue determines to steal her away from her fiance.

A Lasting Attachment. Signet, April 1989.
Characters: Galen, Lord De Vere & Miss Emily Hampton
Summary: Lady looking for love refuses a lord's proposal when an accident places them in a compromising position.

A Private Understanding. Signet, January 1990.

Airs and Graces. Signet, September 1990.
Characters: Mr. Dominic Sales aka Marquess of Sales & Julia, Lady Halston
Summary: Lord and lady select mates they think are suitable but are attracted to each other.
Rating: very good

Lady China. Signet Super Regency, June 1991.
Characters: Morgan Rawdon, Earl of Wrexford & Chloris, Lady Rawdon
Summary: A lord travels to Macao to determine whether a relation's widow is an adventuress.
Setting: Macao, at sea, Cornwall & London

False of Heart. Signet, August 1992.
Characters: Randall St. John & Lady Elise Merivale
Summary: Lady forced to marry a legendary rake determines to be a troublesome bride.

True Colors. Signet Super Regency, May 1993.
Characters: Sir Marcus Slate & Zoe Bellingham
Summary: Elegantly dressed man removes his gloves and all other impeding apparel to teach a lady a lesson in love. (eek!)

Georgette Heyer

The Black Moth. Heinemann, 1921; reissued by various publishers including Harlequin, June 2003.
Characters: Jack Carstares, Earl of Wyncham & Miss Diana Beauleigh
Summary: Lady is kidnapped by a duke and rescued by a dashing highwayman.
Period: Georgian

Powder and Patch. Heinemann, 1923; reissued by various publishers including Harlequin, February 2004. Original title: The Transformation of Philip Jettan.
Characters: Mr. Philip Jettan & Miss Cleone Charteris
Summary: A man who scorns dandies gussies himself up for a fashion-conscious lady.
Period: Georgian
Rating: superb

These Old Shades. Heinemann, 1926; reissued by various publishers including Signet, January 1988 and Harlequin, July 2003.
Characters: Justin Alistair, Duke of Avon & Mlle. Leonie de Saint-Vire
Summary: Duke discovers his enemy's daughter disguised as a boy on the streets of Paris.
Series: Sequel to The Black Moth though character names different. Period: Georgian
Rating: superb

The Masqueraders. Heinemann, 1928; reissued by various publishers including Harlequin, April 2004.
Characters: Sir Anthony Fanshawe & Prudence Tremaine; Robin Tremaine & Letty Grayson
Summary: A gentleman who supported the Jacobite cause switches identities with his sister on the advice of their father, who claims to be a lost viscount.
Rating: superb

Devil's Cub. Heinemann, 1932; reissued by various publishers including Signet, April 1992 and Harlequin, August 2003.
Characters: Dominic, Marquis of Vidal & Miss Mary Challoner
Summary: Respectable lady takes the place of her sister whom a rake on the run is abducting to Paris with the object of making her his mistress; but when he insists they marry she refuses knowing he doesn't love her.
Series: Hero is the son of the hero & heroine of These Old Shades. Period: Georgian
Rating: superb
Quote: "I feel an almost overwhelming interest in the methods of daylight abduction employed by the modern youth."

The Convenient Marriage. Heinemann, 1934; reissued by various publishers inc. Harlequin, May 2000 (forward by Jo Beverley)
Characters: Marcus Drelincourt, Earl of Rule & Miss Horatia Winwood
Summary: Lady who offered herself to an earl in place of her sister doesn't realize she loves her husband until she finds herself deep in a dangerous intrigue with his enemy.
Period: Georgian
Rating: superb

Regency Buck. Heinemann, 1935; reissued by various publishers.
Characters: Julian Audley, Earl of Worth & Miss Judith Taverner
Summary: Lady discovers she is the ward of the rake who accosted her at an inn.
Rating: superb

The Talisman Ring. Heinemann, 1936; reissued by various publishers inc. Harlequin, June 2000 (forward by Mary Balogh).
Characters: Sir Tristram Shield & Miss Sarah Thane; Ludovic, Lord Lavenham & Mlle. Eustacie de Vauban
Summary: Lady staying at an inn meets a French girl running away from marriage to her unromantic cousin in the company of a romantic cousin, who is a smuggler suspected of murdering a man to retrieve a ring he lost at cards.
Period: Georgian
Rating: superb

An Infamous Army. Heinemann, 1937; reissued by various publishers.
Characters: Colonel Charles Audley & Lady Barbara Childe
Summary: Couple meet in Brussels in the days leading up to Waterloo.
Series: Heroine is the granddaughter of the Devil's Cub couple; hero is Regency Buck's brother.

The Corinthian. Heinemann, 1940; reissued by various publishers inc. Harlequin, July 2000 (forward by Kasey Michaels).
Characters: Sir Richard Wyndham & Miss Penelope Creed
Summary: Runaway heiress meets a Corinthian.

The Spanish Bride. Heinemann, 1940; reissued by various publishers including Signet Super Regency, December 1984.
Characters: Brigade-Major Harry Smith & Juana Los Delores de Leon
Summary: Major in the Peninsula marries a Spanish noblewoman.
Comments: Based on a true story.

Faro's Daughter. Heinemann, 1941; reissued by various publishers including Signet, October 1992.
Characters: Mr. Max Ravenscar & Miss Deborah Grantham
Summary: Gambler's daughter who supports herself at cards pits her skill against an arrogant gentleman who thinks she led his cousin astray.
Rating: superb

Friday's Child. Heinemann, 1944; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1991 and 1994.
Characters: Anthony Verelst, Viscount Sheringham & Miss Hero "Kitten" Wantage
Summary: Viscount marries his childhood friend to get his mother off his back.
Rating: superb Comments: Ferdie Fakenham is a hoot!

The Reluctant Widow. Heinemann, 1946; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1994.
Characters: Edward, Lord Carlyon & Miss Elinor Rochdale
Summary: Governess who mistakenly arrives at the house of a debauched rake agrees to marry him on his deathbed to avert suspicion that his cousin's family murdered him for his estate.
Rating: superb

The Foundling. Heinemann, 1948; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1992 and Harlequin, April 2003.
Characters: Adolphus "Gilly" Ware, Duke of Sale & Lady Harriet Presteigne
Summary: Coddled duke pretends to be "Mr. Ware" & learns to stand up for himself.
Setting: The Midlands, London, on the road, Baldock & Hitchin in Hertfordshire, & Bath
Rating: excellent Comments: Duke and storyline great but would've liked more scenes with Harriet.

Arabella. Heinemann, 1949; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1992 and Harlequin, May 2003.
Characters: Mr. Robert Beaumaris & Miss Arabella Tallant
Summary: Lady claims to be an heiress after overhearing a man call her a fortune hunter.
Rating: superb

The Grand Sophy. Heinemann, 1950; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1992 and Harlequin, February 2003.
Characters: Hon. Charles Rivenhall & Miss Sophia Stanton-Lacy
Summary: Gentleman falls for his hoydenish cousin from the Continent.
Rating: excellent Comments: Hero & heroine are 1st cousins.

The Quiet Gentleman. Heinemann, 1951; reissued by various publishers including Signet, May 1992.
Characters: Gervase Frant, Earl of St. Erth & Miss Drusilla Morville
Summary: Earl returns from Waterloo to find intrigue at his family home.
Rating: superb

Cotillion. Heinemann, 1953; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1991 and 1994.
Characters: Hon. Freddy Standen (viscount's heir) & Miss Kitty Charing
Summary: Heiress who must choose one of her cousins as a husband asks one to pose as her fiance in order arouse jealousy in the cousin she loves but who is indifferent to her.
Rating: superb

The Toll-Gate. Heinemann, 1954; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1991 and 1995.
Characters: Captain John Staples (earl's heir) & Miss Nell Stornaway
Summary: Soldier helps a lady whose cousin is up to no good.
Rating: superb

Bath Tangle. Heinemann, 1955; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1991 and 1995 and Harlequin Historical, June 2004.
Characters: Ivo, Marquis of Rotherham & Lady Serena Carlow
Summary: Lady finds herself the ward of a man she once jilted.
Rating: superb

Sprig Muslin. Heinemann, 1956; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1992 and Harlequin Historical, July 2004.
Characters: Sir Gareth Ludlow & Lady Hester Theale
Summary: Baronet takes charge of a runaway lady on the eve of his proposal to another.
Rating: superb

April Lady. Heinemann, 1957; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1991 and 1995
Characters: Giles, Earl of Cardross & Nell, Countess of Cardross
Summary: Young wife gets further entangled while trying to hide debts from her husband.
Rating: superb

Sylvester, or the Wicked Uncle. Heinemann, 1957; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1991 and 1995 and Harlequin Historical, May 2004.
Characters: Sylvester, Duke of Salford & Miss Phoebe Marlow
Summary: Lady meets the duke upon whom she based the evil character in her novel.
Rating: superb

Venetia. Heinemann, 1958; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1992.
Characters: Aubrey, Baron Damerel & Miss Venetia Lanyon
Summary: A lady who is sheltered on a country estate has a limited choice of suitors until she encounters her rakish new neighbor.
Rating: superb

The Unknown Ajax. Heinemann, 1959; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1992.
Characters: Major Hugh Darracott (baron's heir) & Miss Anthea Darracott
Summary: "Weaver's son" in line for a title pretends to be the oaf that his relatives expect.
Rating: superb

Pistols for Two. Heinemann, 1960; reissued by various publishers.
Summary: Regency short stories.

A Civil Contract. Heinemann, 1961; reissued by various publishers including Harper, 1991 and 1994.
Characters: Adam Deveril, Viscount Lynton & Miss Jenny Chawleigh
Summary: An indebted viscount who must marry a wealthy Cit's daughter though he loves another comes to love his wife in a different way and manages to make his own fortune on the Exchange by having confidence in the victory at Waterloo.
Rating: superb Comment: Ending different from the norm in that heroine realizes she and the hero don't have a grand passion, as he had for his former love, but that they have a more enduring sort of companionship.

The Nonesuch. Heinemann, 1962; reissued by various publishers inc. Harlequin, April 2000 (forward by Mary Jo Putney).
Characters: Sir Waldo Hawkridge & Miss Ancilla Trent
Summary: Nonesuch's arrival to inspect his inheritance causes a local stir.
Rating: superb

False Colours. Bodley Head, 1963; reissued by various publishers.
Characters: Hon. Christopher Fancot & Miss Cressida Stavely
Summary: Twins try to help their widowed mama save the family fortune.

Frederica. Bodley Head, 1965; reissued by various publishers inc. Harlequin, March 2000 (forward by Nora Roberts).
Characters: Vernon, Marquis of Alverstoke & Miss Frederica Merriville
Summary: Lady asks a distant connection to help her sister and brothers.
Rating: superb

Black Sheep. Bodley Head, 1966; reissued by various publishers including Signet, June 1992.
Characters: Mr. Miles Calverleigh & Miss Abigail Wendover
Summary: Lady chaperoning her rich, beautiful niece confronts a man whom she mistakes for a fortune hunter.
Rating: superb

Cousin Kate. Bodley Head, 1968; reissued by various publishers inc. Harlequin, June 2000 (forward by Teresa Medeiros).
Characters: Mr. Philip Broome & Miss Kate Malvern
Summary: Lady accepts an invitation from an aunt who wants to match her with her son.

Charity Girl. Bodley Head, 1970; reissued by various publishers including Signet, March 1988.
Characters: Ashley Carrington, Viscount Desford & Miss Henrietta Silverdale
Summary: Man is obliged to help a "charity girl" but falls for his childhood friend.
Rating: excellent

A Lady of Quality. Bodley Head, 1972; reissued by various publishers including Signet, August 1992.
Characters: Mr. Oliver Carleton & Miss Annis Wychwood
Summary: Spinster takes in the ward of "the rudest man in London."
Rating: superb

Also wrote other historical novels and mysteries.

Fan site: www.georgette-heyer.com

Brenda Hiatt

Gabriella. Harlequin #70, March 1992.

The Ugly Duckling. Harlequin #81, September 1992.
Characters: Marquess of Wrotham & Miss Deirdre Wheaton
Summary: Lady who loves poetry is courted by a man with an aversion to verse.

Lord Dearborn's Destiny. Harlequin #91, February 1993.
Characters: Forest, Earl of Dearborn & Elinor Winston-Fitts
Summary: Lord meets a tall blonde who fits the description of the lady a fortune teller said was his destiny and doesn't notice the lady's small dark cousin.

Daring Deception. Harlequin #102, July 1993.
Characters: Gavin Alexander, Earl of Seabrooke & Miss Frederica Chesterton
Summary: When an heiress learns her brother has promised her in marriage to an indebted earl as payment for a gambling debt, she disguises herself as a servant in the earl's household.

A Christmas Bride. Harlequin #112, December 1993.
Characters: Ashton Huntcliff "Hunt" Maitland, Marquess of Vandover & Holly, Lady Vandover
Summary: A new bride's diplomat-husband is charged with treason because of her attempts at espionage.
Setting: Derbyshire, Yorkshire & London

Azalea. Harlequin, 1994. In Regency Diamonds with Paula Marshall's Cyprian's Sister.
Characters: Christian Morely, Earl of Glaedon & Azalea Clayton
Summary: American lady who believed her husband lost at sea discovers he is now an earl with no memory of their marriage.
Rating: very good

Now writing historical romance.

Website: www.brendahiatt.com

Fiona Hill

The Practical Heart. Berkley, 1975.
Characters: Miss Gillian Spencer
Summary: A lady is employed by a lord to help his two daughters make advantageous matches.

The Trellised Lane. Berkley, 1975.
Characters: Julia
Summary: A lady persuades her brother to leave their estate and accompany her to London, where adventure awaits.

The Wedding Portrait. Berkley, 1975.
Characters: Hon. Ashley Lowland (baron's heir) & Miss Laura Fieldon
Summary: Lady falls for the baron's son commissioned to do her wedding portrait.
Rating: good

Love in a Major Key. Berkley, 1976.
Characters: Christian Livingston & Daphne Verchamp
Summary: Lady finds all her suitors acceptable except a handsome pianist.

Sweet's Folly. Berkley, 1977.
Characters: Mr. Alexander Blackwood & Miss Honoria Newcombe
Summary: Lady gets caught in a friend's matchmaking scheme.

The Love Child. Putnam, 1977; reissued by Hale, 1978, under the title The Lover's Gift.
Characters: Lord Karr & Lotta Chilton
Summary: A penniless orphan becomes a lady's companion and develops an inappropriate tendre for her employer's heir.

The Autumn Rose. Putnam, 1978.
Characters: Viscount Seabury (earl's heir) & Lady Caroline Wythe
Summary: Marriage consultant comes up with a new persona for a tall, thin spinster, causing a kinsman and a roue to vie for her hand.

The Stanbroke Girls: a Novel of Regency England. St. Martin's, 1981; reissued in paperback by Bantam, 1983.
Characters: James, Earl of Marchmont & Lady Elizabeth Stanbroke; Charles, Lord Halcot & Miss Amy Lewis; Sir Jeffrey de Guere & Lady Isabella Stanbroke
Summary: Romance develops among a group of friends in England and on the Continent.

The Country Gentleman. St. Martin's, 1987; reissued in paperback by Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Mr. Henry Highet & Miss Anne Guilfoyle; Mr. Lawrence Mallinger & Mrs. Maria Insel
Summary: Independent society lady who loses her money must retire to her farm and accepts marriage as a business arrangement with her neighbor.
Setting: Cheshire
Rating: excellent - Read a review of this book.

Now writing mysteries as Ellen Pall.

Website: www.ellenpall.com

Anne Hillary

The Bartered Bride. Candlelight #505, June 1979.
Characters: Robin Prentice, Earl of Scotney & Kitty Tolbert
Summary: When a social climber arranges the marriage of his daughter to the son of an indebted earl the lady is angry, but luckily the stranger she loves is really her fiance!

The Mismatched Lovers. Candlelight #581, 1980.

Compromised Love. Candlelight #661, June 1981.
Characters: Anthony, Lord Kendall & Miss Eustacia "Stacy" Prescott
Summary: Lady flees an unwanted engagement with the help of a childhood friend, but when she is declared compromised it is her friend's disapproving older brother who must offer for her.

Diamonds and the Arrogant Rake. Candlelight #701, 1982.
Characters: Lord Alex Waring (duke's heir) & Miss Elizabeth Corbett
Summary: A lady enters into a marriage of convenience only to lose her heart to her libertine husband.

Hearts in Hiding. Zebra, February 1991.
Characters: Mr. Simon Bradford & Mrs. Catherine Smith
Summary: A young widow spurned by her in-laws enters into a marriage of convenience with a near-stranger.

Other Regencies as Anne Benson

Jane Hinchman

To London, To London. Doubleday, 1984; reissued in paperback by Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Charles Norton, Lord Roxbury & Miss Dillon Hearn
Summary: Lady accompanies her niece from America to London and finds the man who broke her heart 10 years ago is expressing interest in her charge.
Setting: London
Rating: excellent

Rendezvous with Love. Doubleday, 1987; reissued in paperback by Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Anthony, Lord Wendover & Miss Miranda Trafford
Summary: Country miss is the subject of gossip after she takes refuge from a blizzard in the home of a lord who returned from the war to find his inheritance squandered by his stepmother.
Rating: very good Comments: A little odd that there was no resolution regarding the jealous mama who tried to kill off her son's intended.

Daughters of the Earl. Doubleday, 1988.
Characters: Mr. Hadley Winters & Lady Georgia Carew; Mr. Jeremy Hutchinson & Lady Kate Carew
Summary: When their father leaves his entire inheritance to his second wife and son, two ladies must try to make a living on their godfather's small farm in America.
Rating: excellent

Charlotte Hines

The Earl's Fancy. Second Chance at Love #93, December 1982.
Characters: Theron, Earl of Rutledge & Callie Sutcliff
Summary: A lady who lost her chance for marriage hopes her sister will impress a wealthy earl and save the family from destitution, but he has other ideas.

Victoria Hinshaw

"The Boxford Legacy" in A Regency Sampler. Regency Press, 1999.

The Fontainebleau Fan. Zebra, September 2002.
Characters: Nicholas Wadsworth, Earl of Wakefield & Miss Meg Hayward; Mr. Jonathan Fenton & Miss Olivia Hayward
Summary: A lord who suspects a lady of swindling him with a reproduction of an antique fan nevertheless allows his grandmother to hire her to paint a mural in his conservatory.
Rating: very good Comments: Enjoyable banter between the hero and heroine; lovely descriptions of the countryside.

The Eligible Miss Elliott. Zebra, January 2003.
Characters: Captain Philip Caldwell & Miss Rosalind Elliott
Summary: A lady who is wary of fortune hunters and a retired naval captain join forces to reunite their aunts who were best friends until gossip drove them apart.
Setting: Bath

"The Muddled Matchmakers" in A Match for Papa. Zebra, May 2003.
Characters: Hugh Grayson
Summary: Two fathers conspire to match up their children.

Miss Parker's Ponies. Zebra, July 2003.
Characters: Captain Thomas Ogden & Miss Caroline Parker
Summary: A lady who raises ponies finds her Season a bore until she meets a dashing captain.

Miss Milford's Mistake. Zebra, November 2003.
Characters: Lord Bromley & Miss Eleanor Milford
Summary: A lady who runs a school meets a former suitor who pretends to woo her sister in order to get close to her.

Victoria Hinshaw, "The Tables Turned" in My Favorite Rogue. Zebra, March 2004.
Characters: Lord Dashworth & Anne Talcott
Summary: A practical lady thinks she wants a staid, conventional husband to provide her with a home and children, but a rogue sets out to prove that she secretly yearns for passion and adventure.

Cordelia's Corinthian. Zebra, May 2004.
Characters: Lord Matthew Allerton & Cordelia Bransford
Summary: A rogue is intrigued by a vicarÔ€™s daughter whom he meets at a local fishing tourney.

An Ideal Match. Zebra, November 2004.
Characters: Henry Marlowe & Elizabeth Drayton
Summary: In order to escape her matchmaking friends, a young widow finds an ally in a scholar who agrees to pose as her fiancé.

Ask Jane. Zebra, April 2005.
Characters: Cedric Williamson & Miss Jane Gabriel
Summary: After making an unwise investment, a gentleman asks his aunt's knowledgeable companion for advice.

Least Likely Lovers. Zebra, August 2005.
Characters: Jack Whitaker & Kitty Stone
Summary: A lady sets her sights on a duke, but when he marries her younger sister she becomes intrigued by his cousin who just returned from the Peninsular War.

Website: www.victoriahinshaw.com

Karla Hocker

A Bid for Independence. Warner, 1986.
Characters: Marcus, Duke of Belcourt & Miss Cherry Sinclair
Summary: Lady's parents give her one year to try to become a successful concert pianist, but her first audition is in a house of ill-repute.

A Madcap Scheme. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Fabian, Earl of Worth & Olivia Fenshawe
Summary: Lady who takes her wayward brother's place as an earl's secretary is found out when she takes a bullet meant for her employer.
Setting: London

A Daring Alliance. Warner, 1988; reissued by Kappa Books, 1997.
Characters: Mr. Barrett Gray & Lady Georgiana Rutledge
Summary: A lady who is being pursued by a fortune hunter is intrigued by an American gentleman.
Setting: London & Boston
Series: "American Regency Romance"

An Honorable Affair. Warner, 1988.
Characters: Julian Rutherford & Penelope Langham
Summary: Lady who longs for adventure receives her wish when a reporter arrives to investigate the theft of her aunt's opals.

Love Tangle. Zebra, 1988; reissued by Zebra, January 1992.
Hero: Earl of Frenchmore
Summary: A lord who views ladies as featherbrains is startled when an intrepid lady ventures through a snowstorm to his estate to save an infant.
Setting: Yorkshire

The Devilish Marquis. Warner, 1989; reissued in hardcover & paperback by Regency Press, 2000.
Characters: 'Devil' Mackenzie, Marquis of Ellsworth & Nell Hetherington
Summary: Lord is appalled when the lady who owns half his London townhouse evicts his mistress and opens a school for officers' wives.

An Improper Companion. Zebra, June 1989.
Characters: Damien Ashcroft & Miss Kate Elliott
Summary: Schoolmistress agrees to be a young lady's chaperone and falls for her charge's widowed father.

Lady Maryann's Dilemma. Zebra, August 1990.
Characters: Major Stephen Fant & Lady Maryann Rivington
Summary: Lady who chooses her fiance for practical reasons is startled to be warned against him by a stranger investigating the man who destroyed his brother.

"The Yule Log," in A Christmas Holiday. Zebra, November 1990.

The Impertinent Miss Bancroft. Walker, 1991; reissued by Zebra, August 2002.
Characters: Lucien Payne, Viscount Northrop & Miss Sophia Bancroft
Summary: Governess helps a lady accused of stealing a necklace.
Series: Hero & heroine's story is continued in The Incorrigible Sophia, 1992, and in "A Wish for Christmas" in the Christmas Wish anthology, 1994.

A Scandalous Lady. Zebra, March 1991.

Christmas Charade. Zebra, November 1991.
Characters: Clive Rowland, Duke of Stenton & Miss Elizabeth Gore-Langton
Summary: A lady's companion accompanies her employer to a Christmas house party at the castle of the man who unknowingly broke her heart during her first Season -- a duke who is trying to track down documents stolen by French agents.
Setting: Sussex

The Incorrigible Sophia. Walker, 1992; reissued in paperback by Zebra, November 2002.
Characters: Lucien Payne, Viscount Northrop & Miss Sophia Bancroft
Summary: Lord assumes lady will stop solving mysteries once they're engaged but she can't resist taking an interest in his investigation of Napoleon's agents.
Setting: London
Series: Sequel to The Impertinent Miss Bancroft.

"Matters of the Heart," in A Mother's Heart. Zebra, May 1992.
Characters: Sir Alex Hartford & Caroline Hartford
Summary: Lady separated from her husband and daughter for 16 years returns to prevent her daughter from eloping.

A Deceitful Heart. Zebra, February 1993.
Characters: Mr. Simon Renshaw & Lady Caroline Dundas
Summary: Lady is attracted to a lawyer who claims her father has only returned to England from New Orleans to grab the family fortune and title.

"The Dilatory Groom" in A Valentine's Day Delight. Zebra, January 1994.

"A Wish for Christmas," in A Christmas Wish. Zebra, November 1994.
Characters: Lucien, Viscount Northrop & Sophia, Lady Northrop
Summary: Lord loses his memory and thinks his wife is still a governess.
Series: Hero & heroine are the couple from The Impertinent Miss Bancroft.

June Love. Zebra, June 1995.
Characters: Stuart Archer, Viscount Stanmore & Theadora von Hochstein
Summary: Historian hired by a lord turns out to be a woman.

"Under the Mistletoe," in A Christmas Courtship. Zebra, November 1996.
Summary: Widow of a cruel man fears her husband is still alive.

"Soul of Indiscretion," in Spellbound Hearts. Zebra, October 1997.
Summary: A lady is banished to a spooky manor house where her broken heart finds spirited repairs.

"The Little Match-Seller," in Once upon a Time. Zebra, September 1998.
Characters: Mr. Charles James Collingwood & Miss Elinor Courridge
Summary: Lady working in her father's tobacco shop and raising her sister's child is not expecting to find love when a man from her past returns.

"Seven Ravens," in Once upon a Kiss. Zebra, May 1999.
Characters: Sir Alexander Raven & Lady Emily Marchmont
Summary: When her father's will instructs her to find seven brothers, a lady must seek the help of a man she once dallied with.

Jane Aiken Hodge

Runaway Bride. Fawcett, 1975.
Characters: George Ferris, Lord Mainwaring (duke's heir) & Miss Jennifer Purchas
Summary: Upon being told she is to wed a stranger, a lady flees home and unknowingly ends up as a companion to the grandmother of the man she was to marry.
Rating: good

Sister of Joan Aiken.

Cindy Holbrook

Lady Megan's Masquerade. Zebra, August 1989; reissued November 1993.
Characters: Justin, Earl of Argyle & Lady Margaret Linton
Summary: Lady who must pose as a maid for 6 months according to her grandfather's will tempts an earl to break his rule never to dally with servants.

A Suitable Connection. Zebra, February 1990.
Characters: Ravenstoke & Mary Castleton
Summary: A notorious womanizer rescues a lady from her stepfather's sinister schemes.

A Daring Deception. Zebra, July 1993.
Characters: Jason, Earl of Wynhaven & Miss Julia Landreth
Summary: Lady who adopts various disguises while trying to clear her father's name looks familiar to an earl.

"The Present," in A Mother's Joy. Zebra, April 1994.
Characters: Alex Tremain, Duke of Trenton & Miss Shannon Aldon
Summary: Three children kidnap a duke as a birthday present for their stepsister.

Covington's Folly. Zebra, July 1994.
Characters: Richard St. James, Earl of Hartford & Miss Chantel Emberly
Summary: Lady is caught in a compromising situation with a man who may either be a spy or a treasure seeker.

A Rake's Reform. Zebra, March 1995.
Characters: Adam, Lord Torvelle & Mandalee
Summary: To save her sister's reputation, a lady claims to have been compromised by a rake who in turn claims he's been trying to reform.

Lord Sayer's Ghost. Zebra, May 1996.
Characters: Sinjun St. Claire, Lord Sayer & Prudence Campbell
Summary: Lord leaves his "haunted" estate to whoever can stay there a year, but a lady discovers the "ghost" is really alive and trying to find who attempted to murder him.

"Love's Magic," in Bewitched by Love. Zebra, October 1996.

The Actress and the Marquis. Zebra, May 1997.
Characters: Terrence, Marquis of Haversham & Miss Jezebel Clinton
Summary: Lady pretending to be an actress to save her brother from financial ruin is hired to play an earl's fiancee to foil his grandmother's matchmaking.

"The Rake Objects?" in Seductive and Scandalous. Zebra, August 1997.
Characters: Marcus Tremain, Marquis of Lyton & Miss Elizabeth Hampton
Summary: Rake helps out a friend by interrupting his sister's wedding to an insufferable but rich man.
Rating: excellent

The Country Gentleman. Zebra, December 1997.
Characters: Geoffrey, Earl of Grey & Lady Sarah Bevington
Summary: Lady who she thinks she killed a rake flees and is taken in by reclusive earl and she tries to teach him city manners.
Rating: poor Comments: Didn't like the heroine very much.

"A Valentine from Venus," in Valentine Wishes. Zebra, February 1998.
Characters: Michael, Marquis of Waverly & Miss Amelia Thornton
Summary: Cupid wagers Venus she cannot unite a poetic lord and his dispassionate assistant.

My Lady's Servant. Zebra, June 1998.
Characters: Nicholas St. Ives, Earl of Claremont & Lady Serena Fairchild
Summary: Gentleman fleeing from a vengeful Frenchman poses as a servant in the house of a lady who has jilted five suitors.

"A Fairy Tail," in Enchanting Kittens. Zebra, October 1999.
Characters: Blake Farewell & Alwayna
Summary: A warlock who's turned into a kitten discovers he can revert to human form in the presence of his beloved.

Reluctant Bride. Zebra, December 1998.
Characters: Alexander Rothmeir, Marquis of Wyndham & Lady Josephine Stanton
Summary: Lord is intrigued when his betrothed cries off because her family has no money.

On the First Day of Christmas. Zebra, November 1999.
Characters: Adrian Hazzard, Marquise de Chambert & Lady Carinna Worthington
Summary: War-weary veteran agrees to take in a fellow officer's child and finds she is a young lady who fills his house with Christmas cheer.

The Missing Grooms. Zebra, January 2001.
Characters: Garth Tolton, Earl of Sanderson & Lady Julia Wexton
Summary: A lady who must marry in six months or lose her fortune is puzzled when her prospective grooms start disappearing and joins forces with her nemesis to learn why.

"A Valentine Dream," in Valentine Rogues. Zebra, January 2001.

The Missing Brides. Zebra, August 2001.
Characters: Matthew Severs, Earl of Raleigh & Penelope Lancer
Summary: A lord who desperately needs to marry for money finds his plans thwarted by a matchmaking aunt and his growing attraction to his lovely neighbor.

The Missing Matchmaker. Zebra, December 2001.
Characters: Lucas Montieth, Earl of Kelsey & Miss Georgetta Thompson
Summary: A lord joins forces with a lady to find a missing matchmaker who is supposed to be staying at his home.

"The Lady Does Not!" in Flowers for Mama. Zebra, April 2002.
Characters: Rosalind Treemont
Summary: A lady's dog leads her to a wounded man.

Alice Holden

An Unconventional Miss. Zebra, April 1997.
Characters: Hon. Rance Straughn & Miss Amanda Lofton
Summary: Cit's daughter seeking a man who wants her for herself meets an impoverished man whose relatives want him to court her but who'd rather earn money boxing.

"Lady of Intrigue," in An Evening at Almack's. Zebra, September 1997.
Characters: Mr. James Ware & Mrs. Rachel Kendall
Summary: Lady helps a gentleman who is an undercover agent for the Bow Street Runners investigate jewel thefts.

"Beneath the Mistletoe," in Underneath the Mistletoe. Zebra, December 1998.
Characters: Major Neal Garrison & Miss Megan Wyndom
Summary: Curricle accident unites a lady with an officer who once kissed her under the mistletoe.

"Cupid's Arrow," in My Darling Valentine. Zebra, February 1999.
Characters: Lucien Sutter, Viscount Darnay & Miss Sarah Buchanan
Summary: Lord is intrigued by the lady who asks him for help getting a physician for her village.

"A Mother's Heart," in Mama's Little Matchmaker. Zebra, April 2000.

"A Picture Perfect Romance," in His Blushing Bride. Zebra, May 2001.
Heroine: Phillipa Westhaven
Summary: A bluestocking enters Society to find a husband but finds love in an unexpected place.

"The Valentine Husband" in My Sweet Valentine. Zebra, January 2002.

"Lord Nabob's Conversion" in A Taste of Christmas. Zebra, October 2002.
Characters: Justin Sinclair & Dinah Monroe
Summary: A lady tries to prevent four orphans from being thrown out into the cold by inviting their landlord over for Christmas cookies.

"One True Love" in On Bended Knee. Zebra, June 2003
Characters: Daniel Nealy & Kate Hamilton
Summary: A penniless governess falls in love with a veterinarian despite the attentions of a wealthy suitor.

"The Managing Mamas" in A Courtship for Mama. Zebra, April 2004.
Characters: Benjamin Whitlock & Jillian Blair
Summary: A gentleman and a lady who are childhood friends find themselves the target of their mothers' matchmaking scheme.

"A Promise Kept" in A Kiss for Christmas. Zebra, October 2004.
Chraracters: Connor Hamil and Sissy Eaton
Summary: Two children in a parish workhouse meet again as adults and fall in love.

"The Perfect Bride" in Wedding Day Kittens. Zebra, May 2005.
Characters: Simon Whitten, Viscount Glynden & Lady Brianna Mansfield
Summary: A lord seeking an obedient bride is attracted to a French songstress.

Samantha Holder

Miss Rowland's Resolve. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Professor Lord Miles Bardsley (duke's younger son) & Lady Gwyneth Rowland
Summary: Lady seeking her missing brother flees her mean relatives & takes a job at Hookham's, then meets a man who fled to the U.S. years ago when a lady jilted him for his brother.
Rating: good Comments: As younger son he should've been Lord Miles not Lord Stanford; as an earl's daughter, she should be Lady Gwyneth not Miss Rowland.

Scandal in Bath. Warner, 1988.
Characters: Everett, Marquis of Rushworth & Mariella Chase
Summary: Lady mystery writer discovers the body of a governess who was employed by a handsome lord and was rumored to have been his mistress.

Temporary Wife. Warner, 1988.
Characters: David Owens, Earl of Pellyn & Miss Paige Undershaw
Summary: Lady who has turned down several offers is snowbound at an inn with a new earl who needs a temporary wife.

Sheila Holland

Miss Charlotte's Fancy. Playboy, 1980.

Kay Hooper

Lady Thief. Candlelight #665, 1981; reissued by Berkley Sensation, 2005, with the novella "Masquerade."
Characters: Duke of Spencer & Jennifer Courtenay
Summary: A lady hides a dangerous secret that both Society and a duke are determined to uncover.

Now writes contemporary romance.

Website: www.kayhooper.com

Henrietta Houston

An Improper Betrothment. 2nd Chance at Love #75, September 1981.
Characters: Sir Charles Grayson & Nell Trant
Summary: Lady who jilted a man at their betrothal ball for keeping lightskirts is furious when he proposes to her sister.

Veronica Howard

Rebel in Love. Candlelight #657, May 1981.
Characters: Lord Dray & Halcyon Glaybourne
Summary: Lady engaged to a man she's never met falls in love with a dashing stranger.

Coral Hoyle

Midsummer Masque. Harlequin #4, June 1989.
Characters: Baron Rossiter & Julia Witton
Summary: Foppish lord arrives to study flowers soon after a lady receives a mysterious pouch by way of its being thrown at her from a carriage.

Virgin's Heart. Harlequin #15, December 1989.
Characters: Alexander Monk & Roxanne Costain
Summary: Lady finds herself taking part in a treasure hunt with a man she was engaged to years ago.

A Merry Go-Around. Harlequin #29, July 1990.
Characters: Sir Maxim & Kate McClintock
Summary: To save her father from debtor's prison, a lady poses as a famous courtesan, but her disguise is threatened by a gentleman with intimate knowledge of the real courtesan.

The Art of the Hunt. Harlequin #79, August 1992.

Ann Hulme

A Poor Relation. Mills & Boon, March 1979.

Summer Heiress. Mills & Boon, August 1981.

Daughter of Spain. Mills & Boon, July 1984.

A Scandalous Bargain. Masquerade, 1988; reissued as Harlequin #40, December 1990.
Characters: Captain Adam Harcourt & Miss Emily Weston
Summary: Lady is shocked to discover that the man she loves has offered her in marriage to a fellow officer in exchange for payment of his debts.
Rating: excellent Comments: Includes Waterloo scenes.

The Unexpected American. Mills & Boon, 1988; reissued as  Harlequin #8, August 1989.
Characters: Mr. Benjamin Curtis Stanton & Miss Harriet Stanton
Summary: Lady who loves her home accepts the proposal of the new American heir so she can remain as its mistress but is sad when it's time for him to return to the U.S.
Setting: West Country
Rating: excellent

False Fortune. Masquerade, 1989; reissued as Harlequin #49, May 1991.
Characters: Major Hugh Russell & Miss Susanna Harte
Summary: Lady's suspicions about her stepmother's nephew appear to be confirmed when a diamond necklace disappears.
Rating: excellent

Kate Huntington

The Captain's Courtship. Zebra, March 1999.
Characters: Captain Alexander Logan, Viscount Blakely (earl's heir) & Miss Vanessa Whittaker
Summary: To save her family from the poorhouse, a lady sets her sights on a wealthy husband and ignores the captain who is using her for his own ends.

The Lieutenant's Lady. Zebra, November 1999.
Characters: Lt. Edward Whittaker & Miss Lydia Whittaker
Summary: Lady who enjoys taking care of her home and family is given a Season by her well-meaning brother-in-law.
Series: Sequel to The Captain's Courtship.

"The Royal Kitten," in Spring Kittens. Zebra, March 2000.
Characters: Prince Konstantin Obolensky & Miss Arabella Comstock
Summary: Lady meets a Russian prince when she rescues a kitten from the Tsar's cruel sister.

Lady Diana's Darlings. Zebra, July 2000.
Characters: Nicholas Rivers, Lord Arnside & Lady Diana Milton, Viscountess Dunwood
Summary: Widow dislikes her late husband's arrogant and proper relatives, but when one gentleman takes an interest in her beloved son she unexpectedly loses her heart to him.
Setting: Naples, London & Kent

Mistletoe Mayhem. Zebra, October 2000.
Characters: Robert Langtry & Lady Madelyn Rathbone
Summary: An heiress and the country gentleman she loved but could not marry are brought together again at a Christmas house party.
Series: Sequel to The Lieutenant's Lady (2000).

A Rogue for Christmas. Zebra, October 2001.
Characters: Mr. Lionel St. James & Miss Mary Ann Whittaker
Summary: A gentleman attends a Christmas ball hoping to catch a glimpse of the lady who warmed his heart years ago.
Setting: London

The Merchant Prince. Zebra, July 2002.
Characters: Count Andreas Briccetti & Amelia Coomb
Summary: A lady haunted by the death of her fiance travels to Venice where she meets a resistance fighter whom she mistakes for a priest.
Series: Sequel to Mistletoe Mayhem (2000).

"A Breath of Scandal" in Untameable. Zebra, October 2002.
Characters: Gabriel Bourbonnais & Abigail Pennington
Summary: A proper lady finds herself drawn to her mysterious new neighbor, a very secretive and seductive man.

Town Bronze. Zebra, February 2003.
Characters: Mr. Christopher Warrender & Cassie Davis
Summary: An officer released from captivity as a prisoner of war in France is not pleased to discover he is expected to marry his grandfather's ward, and the feeling is mutual until the pair head to London and acquire some Town bronze.
Setting: Devonshire (briefly) & London

"The Husband Hunt" in June Brides. Zebra, June 2003.
Characters: Everard Montclair & Lady Linnea
Summary: A gentleman offers to find a husband for the lady his brother jilted.

His Lordship's Holiday Surprise. Zebra, October 2003.
Characters: Marquess of Ardath & Miss Augusta Oglethorpe
Summary: A marquess offers to help a lady whose sister has disappeared, leaving behind three young children.

"My Wicked Valentine" in A Valentine Waltz. Zebra, January 2004.
Characters: Count Antonio Zarcone & Caroline Benningham
Summary: A widow must choose between a sensible suitor and a passionate one.

The General's Daughter. Zebra, April 2004.
Characters: Major Adam Lyonbridge & Marian Randall
Summary: A major who is engaged to a general's daughter is assigned as an escort for his fiancee's illegitimate half-sister who has been working as an army nurse.

A Hero's Homecoming. Zebra, November 2004.
Characters:  Captain Philip Lyonbridge & Isabella Grimbsy
Summary: A captain reported missing in action returns home and discovers that he has a son.

To Tempt a Gentleman. Zebra, July 2005.
Characters: Sir Michael Stewart and Miss Catriona Grant
Summary: A reclusive widower finds his life changed when he inherits a lively young housekeeper from an elderly relative.

Other Regencies as Catherine Huntington Chadwick.

Website: www.theromanceclub.com/authors/katehuntington

Darrell Husted

A Country Girl. Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Henry Trevenaugh, Duke of Wickenshire & Miss Louise Engleston
Summary: Lady who goes to London to save her father's name and rescue her brother from disgrace meets an evil lord and an arrogant duke.

Courting. Coventry #70, October 1980; reissued as Chastity's Prize.
Characters: Mr. Charles Techett & Miss Chastity Dalrymple
Summary: Spinster must choose among a boring suitor, a wild youth, and a man with a scandalous past.

A Visitor from Vienna. Coventry #158, 1981.

Betty Hale Hyatt

Heiress of Wainscote. Candlelight #97, 1972.

Chantilly. Candlelight, 1973.

Friary's Dor. Candlelight #106, 1973.

The Scarlet Hills. Candlelight #118, 1973.

Castle of Kudara. Candlelight, 1974.

The Golden Falcon. Candlelight #186, 1975.

The Brigand's Bride. Candlelight #208, 1976.

The Gallant Spy. Candlelight #210, 1976.

Portrait of Errin. Candlelight #196, May 1976.
Characters: March Trevelyn & Errin March
Summary: Uncle's gaming forces a lady to leave her fiance and accept a marriage of convenience with a distant relation in Cornwall.

Pandora's Box. Candlelight #214, February 1977.
Characters: Piers Masterson & Emma Lucas
Summary: Lady married to masochistic Frenchman seeks reasons for his behavior from his frightened daughter and help from his cousin.

Love's Untold Secret. Candlelight #229, 1978; reissued by Hale, 1981.

The Chevalier's Lady. Candlelight #257, January 1979.
Characters: Jean de Rouvroy & Tamar Columb
Summary: Lady is kidnapped by a Frenchman with a bitter scheme of revenge.

Anna's Story. Playboy, 1980.
Characters: Charles Carnie & Anna Lancien
Summary: Lady stows away on a ship to China captained by a member of a rival merchant family who blame her father for the disappearance of seven legendary gold lanterns.
Comments: First person.
Series: The House of Lancien 1

Linnet's Story. Playboy, 1980.
Series: The House of Lancien 2

Fandora's Story. Playboy, 1981.
Series: The House of Lancien 3

New Traditional Regencies

Donna Hatch

The Guise of a Gentleman. The Wild Rose Press, 2010.
Summary: A stranger's roguish charm awakens Elise's yearning for adventure but his irrepressible grin hides a secret. A gentleman by day, a pirate by night, Jared must complete one last assignment before he'll be free. Pirates, murder, and lies bar their way to freedom and love.

The Stranger She Married. The Wild Rose Press, 2008.
Summary: To save her family from debtor's prison, Alicia must marry the first wealthy man to propose. Her choices narrow to a scarred cripple with the heart of a poet, or a handsome rake with a deadly secret.

A Perfect Secret. Mirror Lake Press, 2013.
Summary: Fleeing an abusive husband, she is reunited with the man she jilted in the past, the man who will do anything to protect her--except risk his heart.


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