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Switched Identity

Joan Aiken, If I Were You.
Two lookalike ladies trade places with humorous results.

Sylvia Andrew, Rosabelle.
A lady who needs to escape London switches places with her twin sister in Berkshire, but her sister's neighbor begins to suspect something.

Sylvia Andrew, Annabelle.
A lady takes her twin sister's place in London and enjoys sparring with her late brother-in-law's heir but soon learns of the danger her sister faces.

Gayle Buck, Cassandra's Deception.
Lady separated from her twin at an early age has secretly kept in touch with her and switches places with her to learn more about her life.

Gayle Buck, Belle's Beau.
A lord is miffed when the lady he intends to marry does not recognize him, not realizing she is actually that lady's twin.

Marion Chesney, Those Endearing Young Charms.
Lady who realizes her sister is only marrying out of duty gives her a sleeping draught and puts on her veil to be married in her place, but her plans for an annulment go awry.

Marion Chesney, The Deception.
Lady switches places with her twin to save her from a lecherous man.

Marilyn Clay, Brighton Beauty.
Lady is masquerading as her friend when a man arrives from Honduras to claim her friend as his bride.

Alana Clayton, Heart's Deceit.
To save an earl from a plot against his life, a quiet lady must pretend to be her wild twin, who is the widow of the earl's younger brother.

Caroline Courtney, The Masquerading Heart.
Spirited lady accepts her aunt's invitation for a London Season in the place of her gentle twin who loves a local man.

Jasmine Cresswell, Traitor's Heir.
Lord is determined to prevent his brother from marrying a traitor's daughter, even if it means marying her himself.

Megan Daniel, Miss Pennington's Choice.
A lady attending the Congress of Vienna meets a gentleman who has switched places with his twin, causing her to wonder just who it is she loves.

Marian Devon, A Question of Class.
Lady falls for a major who is really an actor posing as a lookalike gentleman on a bet.

Paula Tanner Girard, The Reluctant Groom.
American lady marries an Englishman whose estate she's inherited only to discover she's really entered a proxy marriage with his brother.

Georgette Heyer, Devil's Cub.
Respectable lady takes the place of her sister whom a rake on the run is abducting to Paris with the object of making her his mistress; but when he insists they marry she refuses knowing he doesn't love her.

Valerie King, A Rogue's Deception.
An earl pretends to be his half brother in order to deliver a set-down to a lady who has been pestering him for shirking his duties as guardian, but his plan backfires when he falls in love with her.

Martha Kirkland, Miss Maitland's Letters.
Lady falls in love with her fiance through letters written from the Peninsula not realizing they were written by her disinterested fiance's best friend.

Martha Kirkland, A Perfect Scoundrel.
A gentleman posing as his twin brother on a trip to his grandfather's cottage  finds his deception thwarted by his childhood friend whom he has loved for years.

Kathryn Kirkwood, A Season for Samantha.
Artistic lady switches places with a country miss to avoid the duke she is meant to marry, while the duke switches places with a friend to avoid marriage and pursue his art.

Elizabeth Law, Double Deception.
Bluestocking heiress switches places with her penniless school chum when her dashing uncle wants to bring her out for a Season.

Lydia Lee, The Magnificent Mirabelle.
Lady masquerades as her twin and joins forces with her sister's betrothed to unmask an impostor duke.

Elizabeth Mansfield, The Magnificent Masquerade.
Lady and her maid switch places on a visit to the lady's betrothed, while the fiance's brother sees through her disguise and is enchanted.

Elizabeth Mansfield, A Grand Deception.
When a bluestocking runs away to become a schoolteacher, a lookalike stray is enlisted to take her place at the houseparty of a viscount who admires her.

Nadine Miller, The Madcap Masquerade.
Lady agrees to impersonate her twin who is engaged to marry an earl.

Roseleen Milne, Borrowed Plumes.
Lady who is determined to despise the earl coming to seize her family estate meets a stranger who is the man of her dreams.

Sheila Rabe, The Accidental Bride.
When a plain lady switches costumes with her stunning sister at a masquerade, a gentleman who kisses her ends up having to offer for the wrong sister.

Jeanne Savery, A Lady's Lesson.
Lord's son switches places with a beautiful widow's son.

Patricia Veryan, Love Alters Not.
Lady carrying a crucial Jacobite cypher switches identities with a woman claiming her son is a baronet's heir.

Jessie Watson, The Cat's Bracelet.
Lady's companion agrees to take a widow's place for the Season and search for a diamond bracelet, but the widow's childhood friend knows her for a fraud.

Claudette Williams, Masquerade Waltz.
To avoid an unwanted match, a lord trades identities with his friend and meets a lady who prizes honesty.

Winifred Witton, The Denville Diamond.
Lady disguised as her cousin to help that lady elope meets a man disguised as his brother in order to retrieve his family's diamond.

Mistaken Identity

Mary Balogh, The Plumed Bonnet.
Lord mistakes a vicar's daughter for a Cyprian because of her plumed bonnet.

Elisabeth Barr, Revelry Manor.
A lady forced by circumstances to become a companion discovers she is working in the home of a man who once mistook her for a serving maid and stole a kiss.

Gayle Buck, Belle's Beau.
A lord is miffed when the lady he intends to marry does not recognize him, not realizing she is actually that lady's twin.

Nancy Butler, The Barkin Emeralds.
A lady is kidnapped by a pirate in a case of mistaken identity.

Julie Caille, The Scandalous Marquis.
Impoverished orphan is embarrassed when the lord courting her rich, vain cousin mistakes her for a housemaid.

Lynn Collum, Lady Miranda's Masquerade.
Lady fleeing an arranged marriage takes an assumed name and ends up at the home of an earl who thinks she's the harlot who fleeced his friend.

Catherine Coulter, Lord Deverill's Heir.
Lady is shocked when the man she mistook for a vagabond turns out to be her father's heir whom she must wed.

Marian Devon, Scandal Bound.
Lord is thrilled that the lady he is forced to propose to turns him down, until he realizes he asked the wrong lady.

Jacqueline Diamond, Lady in Disguise.
Lady mistaken for an actress and a gentleman's mistress winds up in a play with the man she's been betrothed to since childhood.

Kathleen Elliott, A Special License.
Lord must marry the lady he abducted after mistaking her for an adventuress out to snare his nephew.

Candice Hern, A Garden Folly.
Lady at a house party is determined to find a rich husband but is drawn to the "gardener" who is really her host incognito.

Georgette Heyer, The Masqueraders.
Gentleman who supported the Jacobite cause switches identities with his sister on the advice of their father, who claims to be a lost viscount.

Kate Huntington, The Merchant Prince.
A lady haunted by the death of her fiance travels to Venice where she meets a resistance fighter whom she mistakes for a priest.

Martha Kirkland, The Marrying Season.
Lord mistakes a lady for the jade who led his younger brother astray.

Martha Kirkland, The Secret Nabob.
Lady trying to stop her sister from being forced to marry a nabob meets a "mysterious" stranger.

Martha Kirkland, The Righteous Rogue.
Penniless lady finds a lord living in her brother's empty house and mistakes him for the town roustabout.

Janis Laden, Bewitching Minx.
Lady is incensed with a lord who mistakes her for a trollop.

Allison Lane, A Bird in Hand.
Lord compromises the lady he is supposed to court by saving her from drowning, but when he arrives at her home he finds his injured friend has been mistaken for him and decides not to correct the mistake so he can discover more about the lady.

Isobel Linton, An Impromptu Charade.
A marquess and an earl's daughter mistake each other for a tutor and a governess.

Jane Lynson, Captain Rakehell.
Trying to avoid meeting her foppish betrothed whom she hated as a child, a lady hides in a tree and meets a dashing masked stranger.

Edna Maye Manley, Agatha.
Limping lady mistakes her sister's suitor for his rakish uncle.

Elizabeth Mansfield, A Regency Match.
Lady is treated coolly by the man she mistook for her cousin and embraced at a ball.

Elizabeth Mansfield, The Grand Passion.
Lady seeks revenge on the lord whom she believes killed her fiance in a coaching accident.

Barbara Metzger, "The Management Requests," in Grand Hotel.
A case of mistaken identity leads to love.

Susan Michaels, An Infamous Fiasco.
Lady who conducts archaeological digs on her late father's estate gets off on the wrong foot with the new heir when she mistakes him for a poacher and shoots him.

Anita Mills, Miss Gordon's Mistake.
Lady abducts a lord to convince him to let her friend out of a marriage of convenience, only to discover he is the late baron's heir.

Judith Nelson, Kidnap Confusion.
Lady is unperturbed when she is mistaken for an actress and abducted by two young men, but when their older brother arrives she finds herself quite overset with emotion.

Clarice Peters, The Heart's Wager.
American lady is determined to take in dislike a fashionable gentleman who mistakes her for a servant.

Phyllis Taylor Pianka, The Tart Shoppe.
Earl thinks a lady who mistook a brothel for an inn is a tart.

Mona Prevel, A Kiss for Lucy.
A poor relation is swept off her feet when she receives a kiss from a duke who mistakes her for her niece.

Nina Pykare, Love's Folly.
Lady en route to London flirts outrageously with a gentleman only to discover he's to be her escort for the Season.

Sheila Rabe, An Innocent Impostor.
Governess forced to leave her position is mistaken by an earl for his lookalike runaway ward.

Lindsay Randall, Miss Meredith's Marriage.
To avoid her aunt's marriage schemes, a lady decides to enter a marriage of convenience with a shy lord but accidentally proposes to his twin brother.

Joy Reed, Midsummer Moon.
Plain Jane is courted by a man who mistakes her for a poor relation.

Paula Roland, The Rogue's Bride.
Twice-widowed lady conducts a proxy marriage but accidentally ends up married herself to an officer who is furious when he returns from war and finds himself wed to the wrong lady.

Irene Saunders, The Gamester's Daughter.
Lady finds her love for a viscount at risk when she is mistaken for her twin who has followed in their gambler father's footsteps.

Margaret SeBastian, The Plight of Pamela Pollworth.
Lady hoping to hire a duke's French chef mistakes His Grace for a servant.

Joan Smith, Jennie Kissed Me.
Sharp-tongued former headmistress mistakes a man's daughter for his mistress, but he decides she'd make a good companion for the girl.

Hayley Ann Solomon, Seeking Celeste.
Destitute lady's companion is mistaken by an earl as his new governess, but when he realizes his mistake he hopes to keep her on anyway.

Mira Stables, Stranger within the Gates.
When a man finds a lady dressed as a boy on his uncle's estate he assumes she was his uncle's mistress.

Olivia Sumner, A Deceptive Bequest.
Lord mistakes a governess for her long-lost twin sister who is an opera dancer.

Elizabeth Thornton, A Virtuous Lady.
Quaker lady from America is infuriated when a lord mistakes her for a poor relation and offers her a slip on the shoulder.

Joan Vincent, The Audacious Miss.
After a lord mistakes hoyden for a boy, she is sent to London to learn to be a lady.

Gail Whitiker, An Offer to Love.
Widow who is the target of fortune hunters retires to Cornwall, where she mistakes an earl on a neighboring estate for a steward.

Claudette Williams, Lady Bell.
Brokenhearted flirt is taken to London for a Season and meets a rake who mistakes her for a lightskirt.

Ladies as Males

Elizabeth Bailey, Sweet Sacrifice.
Lady fleeing marriage to her gentle yet half-witted cousin disguises herself as an urchin.

Nancy Butler, Lord Monteith's Gift.
Lady who disguises herself as a boy so she can work to support her family goes to the rescue of an abducted earl who saved her brother's life.

Elizabeth Chater, Milady Hot-at-Hand.
Lady disguises herself as a boy to discover if her sister's husband killed her sister and her father.

Marion Chesney, Emily Goes to Exeter.
Matchmaker helps a girl dressed as a boy avoid her betrothed, who happens to be traveling on the same coach.

Lynn Collum, The Spy's Bride.
Heiress whose guardian is forcing her to marry flees to Portugal to seek her cousin's protection and en route disguises herself as a British spy's valet.

Christina Cordaire, Heart's Deception.
Lady escapes a scheme to steal her inheritance by posing as a stableboy at the home of a duke with a secret of his own.

Catherine Coulter, Lord Harry's Folly.
Lady disguises herself as a man to get revenge against an arrogant aristocrat.

Caroline Courtney, Dangerous Engagement.
Heiress dressed as a boy is rescued and kissed by an earl whom she thinks might offer for her in order to pay his gambling debts.

Monette Cummings, A Heart in Disguise.
Lady disguises herself as her brother to claim their inheritance; a distant cousin sees through her ploy but plays along.

Corinna Cunliffe, Hand of Fortune.
Lady disguised as a stableboy convinces the man who bought her father's race horse that she's the only one who can ride it to victory.

Clare Darcy, Elyza.
Lady disguised as a boy is rescued from an innkeeper by a man of mysterious background.

Clare Darcy, Rolande.
A gentleman hires an actress to pose as his long-lost male cousin in order to save his inheritance.

Edith De Paul, The Viscount's Witch.
Lady disguised as a boy becomes a viscount's page and hears him talk of his reluctant search for a wife.

Rachelle Edwards, Miranda's Folly.
Lady runs away from home disguises as a boy and is found out by a drunken lord who stumbles into her room at an inn.

Jo Ann Ferguson, The Counterfeit Count.
Russian lady pretends to be her presumably dead brother to save her family lands.

Violet Hamilton, The Hidden Heart.
A lady running away disguised as a boy accidentally stows away in the carriage of a notorious libertine.

Melinda Hammond, The Dream Chasers.
A gentleman engaged to a boring fiancee meets a lady disguised as a boy who is running away to London to get married.

Emily Hendrickson, Miss Cheney's Charade.
Lady dresses as a man to attend a viewing of Egyptian artifacts at a gentleman's home.

Georgette Heyer, These Old Shades.
Duke discovers his enemy's daughter disguised as a boy on the streets of Paris.

Georgette Heyer, The Masqueraders.
Gentleman who supported the Jacobite cause switches identities with his sister on the advice of their father, who claims to be a lost viscount.

Karla Hocker, A Madcap Scheme.
Lady who takes her wayward brother's place as an earl's secretary is found out when she takes a bullet meant for her employer.

Jenna Jones, A Delicate Deception.
Earl is rescued by a cabbie who's really the lady he was betrothed to as a child.

Melissa Lynn Jones, An Alluring Deceit.
Summary: A lady with financial troubles masquerades as an errand boy and is taken under the wing of an earl.

Michelle Kasey, A Difficult Disguise.
Lord searches for a runaway ward as she disguises herself as his groom.

Carla Kelly, Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career.
Lady disguised as her brother to attend Oxford is found out by a handsome lord disguised as a humble scholar.

Martha Kirkland, Mr. Montgomery's Quest
A lady disguised as a man to take a job as a guide is intrigued by an enigmatic man who joins her walking tour.

*Susanne Knight, Paging Miss Galloway
Lady disguises herself as a boy to check up on her brother in Bath, complications ensue.

Karen Lynn, Double Masquerade.
Lady disguises herself as her twin brother so she can ride out with the man whom she admires but who ignores her.

Joanna Maitland, A Penniless Prospect.
A lady who is about to be forced into marriage with an old lecher flees disguised as a boy and is hired as a gardener by a gentleman.

Elizabeth Mansfield, The Lady Disguised.
Lady disguises herself as a boy to find her runaway brother, but when she falls in love with a dashing gentleman she can't think how to reveal the truth.

Michelle Martin, The Adventuress.
Lady disguises herself as a man to help a young baron claim his inheritance.

Emily Maxwell, An Easter Disguise.
Lady agrees to pose as a vicar so her sister can attend a lord's party.

Mary Nichols, Devil-May-Dare.
A lady's brother coerces her into posing as a French comte, and as she is drawn further into a web of deceit she is sure that a lord can see through her disguise.

Andrea Pickens, A Diamond in the Rough.
A young woman defies convention by posing as a young male caddie on a golf course-only to fall for an English lord and score in the game of love.

Martha Jean Powers, Gazebo Rendezvous.
A lady disguises herself as a boy in order to be accepted by her new guardian, then disguises herself as a gypsy to dissuade him from marrying another.

Debbie Raleigh, Lord Carlton's Courtship.
Lord rescues a lady who is disguised as a boy from an ambush and tends to her bullet wound, then feels honor-bound to help her search for her missing agent brother.

Evelyn Richardson, Lady Alex's Gamble.
Lady disguises herself as a gentleman gamester to save her family.

Irene Saunders, The Impetuous Twin.
Lord finds himself the guardian of a reckless lady whose exploits include dressing as a boy to follow her twin brother to war.

Jeanne Savery, A Lady's Deception.
Lady poses as a man to escort her sister to Bath and find her a husband, but a friend of her late twin brother sees through her disguise.

Hayley Ann Solomon, My Lady Luck.
A lady who masquerades as a man in order to earn her way at games of chance is found out by a lord.

Sheila Walsh, Madalena.
Lady disguised as boy meets a duke on a secret mission.

Gail Whitiker, An Innocent Deceit.
After his faithless wife's death, a gentleman returns to his estate to get to know his daughter and encounters a neighbor lady who disapproves of him yet who disgsuises herself as a man in order to be his daughter's riding instructor.

Joan Wolf, Fool's Masquerade.
Lady disguises herself as a groom on a lord's estate, but when he sees through her disguise and is duty-bound to offer for her, she flees to London vowing only to marry for love.

Men as Ladies

Georgette Heyer, The Masqueraders.
Gentleman who supported the Jacobite cause switches identities with his sister on the advice of their father, who claims to be a lost viscount.

Kathryn June, Affectionately Yours.
Lord poses as his sister in a correspondence with her closest childhood friend.

Sheri Cobb South, Miss Darby's Duenna.
Gentleman dresses as an elderly lady to keep an eye on his childhood friend during her Season.

Quality as Servants

Anne Ashley, A Noble Man.
A duke disguises himself as a groom to win the affections of a lady who has proclaimed her disdain for the gentlemen of the ton.

Mellyora Ashley, A Lady in Disguise.
A duke disguised as a servant takes a lady on a tour of London's demimonde.

Cynthia Bailey-Pratt, A Lady in Disguise.
Lady fleeing a broken engagement agrees to pose as a governess and spy for a friend.

Janice Bennett, A Desperate Gamble.
Lady takes a job as a maid in a gaming hell to discover her sister's seducer, but finds him dead.

Irene Loyd Black, A Husband for the Countess.
Widowed countess who is too beautiful pretends to be a drab servant to a lord who values honesty.

Irene Loyd Black, A Touch of Merry.
Orphaned lady poses as a nursemaid to find her family.

Rita Boucher, Lord of Illusions.
Witch poses as a governess so she can read her employer's mind and send military secrets to the French, but she is thwarted by a spymaster who happens to be a sorceror and a descendant of Merlin.

Elizabeth Brodnax, The Countess and the Butler.
A widow hires a new butler who is actually a peniless prince trying to support himself.

Mary Bulter, The Gallant Heiress.
Lady masquerading as a governess to escape the villain out to steal her fortune ends up on a bachelor's doorstep in a snowstorm.

Miranda Cameron, The Reluctant Abigail.
Lady disguises herself as a servant in the home of a distant cousin to discover whether rumors that she is in love with a fortune hunter are true.

Norma Lee Clark, Emily.
Lady fleeing an unwanted marriage takes a job as a parlour maid but her employer's brother sees through her disguise.

Norma Lee Clark, The Daring Duchess.
Lady who is unsatisfied that her title and wealth attract suitors disguises herself as a governess in the home of a poor but proud country earl.

Alana Clayton, Love in Disguise.
Lady disguises herself as a war-weary earl's housekeeper to protect her niece.

Lynn Collum, A Kiss at Midnight.
While attempting to escape from an arranged marriage to a vile old earl, a lady injures herself and decides to thwart her bethrothed's unwelcome advances by pretending to be unconscious, but her plans go awry when the earl's dashing new butler discovers her plan.

Christina Cordaire, Daring Illusion.
Lady masquerading as a housekeeper seems oddly familar to the viscount who rents the castle for the summer.

Wilma Counts, My Lady Governess.
Lady escaping an arranged marriage to an unsavory gentleman disguises herself as a governess in the home of an eligible lord.

Wilma Counts, The Lady and the Footman.
A lovely and independent society lady with a taste for adventure falls for her handsome footman, only to discover he is actually a gentleman on medical leave from the army who has been asked to protect her from a kidnapping.

Monette Cummings, Lady Sheila's Groom.
Gentleman is employed as a lady's groom after he makes a wager that he can support himself for six months.

Monette Cummings, The Beauty's Daughter.
Lady forces her 22-year-old daughter to pose as her secretary so her beau won't know how old she is, but the beau seems more attracted to the 'secretary.'

Clare Darcy, Lady Pamela.
Lady asks the help of a handsome coachman in her scheme to enter a castle dressed as a lady's maid in order to recover her grandfather's missing Foreign Office papers, and is surprised when he is announced at the castle as a lord.

Marian Devon, M'lady Rides for a Fall.
Rakehell disguised as a viscount's valet falls for the viscount's cousin.

Marian Devon, An Uncivil Servant.
Runaway bride disguises herself as a maid but a lord sees through her disguise.

June Drummond, The Impostor.
Lord bets he can earn his living and becomes the tutor to the family of an admiral with a suspicious niece.

Carola Dunn, The Frog Earl.
Indian princess falls in love with an estate manager who's really an earl in disguise.

Carola Dunn, My Lord Winter.
Lady whose carriage breaks down on "Lord Winter's" doorstep pretends to be a governess and is able to melt his heart.

Monique Ellis, The Marquess Lends a Hand.
Marquess disguised as a landscaper helps a lady blackmailed into marriage.

Monique Ellis, An Uncommon Governess.
Lady fleeing an arranged marriage disguises herself as a governess in the home of a man who vows to remain a bachelor.

Elisabeth Fairchild, The Counterfeit Coachman.
Lady falls in love with a duke disguised as a coachman.

Elisabeth Fairchild, Sugarplum Surprises.
A lady disguised as a seamstress to escape her stepmother's schemes encounters a duke with a secret of his own.

Vanessa Gray, A Lady of Property.
Heiress being courted by a neighbor she's never met flees to become a governess and is pursued by a relentless rake, so she flees again and meets a dangerously attractive stranger.

Maria Greene, Gentleman Butler.
Gentleman with a personal mission takes a position as a butler in the home of a lady with a limp.

Candice Hern, A Garden Folly.
Lady at a house party is determined to find a rich husband but is drawn to the "gardener" who is really her host incognito.

Brenda Hiatt, Daring Deception.
When an heiress learns her brother has promised her in marriage to an indebted earl as payment for a gambling debt, she disguises herself as a servant in the earl's household.

Cindy Holbrook, Lady Megan's Masquerade.
Lady who must pose as a maid for 6 months according to her grandfather's will tempts an earl to break his rule never to dally with servants.

Cindy Holbrook, My Lady's Servant.
Gentleman fleeing from a vengeful Frenchman poses as a servant in the house of a lady who has jilted 5 suitors.

Eileen Jackson, A Servant of Quality.
Lady disguised as a servant finds herself at the mercy of "the handsomest rake in society."

April Kihlstrom, The Wicked Groom.
Duke disguises himself as a groom to get to know his stubborn fiancee.

April Kihlstrom, An Honorable Rogue.
Lady accepts a bet to pose as barmaid & is seduced a notorious libertine.

April Kihlstrom, The Reluctant Thief.
Lady finds a postion in her household for a vagabond who is really a gentleman working undercover to find a ring of thieves.

Katherine Kingsley, Honor's Way.
Lady disguises herself as a governess to find out why her father died, but when she meets the man of her dreams she must bring herself to his attention.

Kathryn Kirkwood, A Match for Melissa.
Cinderella redux: Wicked stepmother forces a lady to pose as a servant during her daughters' Season.

Emma Lange, The Irish Earl's Ruse.
Duke's daughter who is expected to marry a peer is attracted to "humble" Irish horse trainer who expresses contempt for her kind.

Nancy Lawrence, A Noble Rogue.
Lady whose brother has gambled their estate into ruin agrees to pose as the housekeeper when a noted gamester visits.

Isobel Linton, False Pretenses.
Lady escapes an unwanted marriage by posing as a maid in a duke's home.

Dorothy Mack, The Belle of Bath.
Lady disguising herself as a governess is afraid a guest will recognize her as the Belle of Bath.

Dorothy Mack, The General's Granddaughter.
A lady disguises herself as a servant in a lord's home awaiting the right moment to ask for his help.

Paula Marshall, Major Chancellor's Mission.
A major posing as a tutor in order to unmask a traitor finds his job made more difficult by the lady of the house.

Michelle Martin, The Butler Who Laughed.
Man agrees to pose as his friend's butler to retrieve an incriminating letter and is drawn to the lady whom his friend is supposed to marry.

Barbara Metzger, My Lady Innkeeper.
Lady disguises herself as an innkeeper to uncover a spy ring.

Barbara Metzger, Lady in Green.
Accomplished horsewoman fleeing an unwanted marriage takes a position a housekeeper for a rakish lord, and while she tries to stop his lascivious tendencies, he becomes enchanted by a mysterious lady in green who rides in the park.

Kasey Michaels, The Lurid Miss Lockport.
New earl is shocked to discover that to gain his fortune he must marry his uncle's illegitimate daughter, and she responds by pretending to be a brazen kitchen maid.

Andrea Pickens, The Defiant Governess.
Lady poses as a governess to escape an unwanted marriage, but when she finds herself attracted to the lord of the manor she wishes to be a lady again.

Carol Proctor, The Drawing Master's Dilemma.
Lady is saved from marriage to a lecherous lord by a mysterious drawing master whom she finds wounded on the side of the road.

Melinda Pryce, A Rose for Lady Edwina.
Lord who returns from Waterloo to find his inheritance stolen and an attempt made on his life disguises himself as a footman in the home of a kind earl with a suspicious sister.

Melinda Pryce, Suddenly a Lady.
A lowly kitchen maid discovers she is the daughter of a wealthy lord and suddenly begins to receive marriage proposals.

Lindsay Randall, A Dangerous Courtship.
Lady who makes it her mission to expose untrustworthy men is rescued by an earl posing as a riverkeep while he seeks his family's killer.

Ellen Rawlings, A Serious Pursuit.
Lady's scientist uncle makes her become a lady's companion so that she can spy on her employer's scientist nephew, but she dislikes deceiving the kind gentleman.

Joy Reed, A Home for the Holidays.
Lady slips away from her overprotective family and takes a position as a governess in an earl's home as a lark.

Jeanne Savery, My Lady Housekeeper.
A lady who has refused all suitors is banished to her family's country estate and pretends to be the housekeeper when a visiting earl arrives.

Jeanne Savery, Love for Lydia.
Lady pretends to be her half-siblings' governess when their handsome new guardian arrives.

Margaret SeBastian, The Honorable Miss Clarendon.
Governess falls in love with a gentleman's servant--or is he?

Joan Smith, Valerie.
Lady trying to discover why her aunt is nearly bankrupt suspects an overbearing man claiming to be a lord's secretary.

Joan Smith, Wiles of a Stranger.
Lady takes a position as a governess at a house full of intrigue in order to prove her father innocent of stealing jewels and finds herself falling for a mysterious man whom she should suspect.

Wynne Smith, The Rushmoreland Rubies.
Lady seeking the Rushmoreland rubies disguises herself as a housemaid in the home of a man who inherited after the mysterious deaths of two heirs.

Hayley Ann Solomon, A Scandalous Connection.
A duke poses as a butler to avoid marriage to an heiress but his plans go awry.

Judith Stafford, Becca's Independence.
Lady posing as a companion to avoid an unwanted marriage is asked by her employer to pose as an heiress to deflect the attentions of fortune hunters from her own daughter.

Marcy Stewart, My Lord Footman.
Lady falls for a footman who is actually a baron acting as her bodyguard.

Margaret Summerville, Gentleman Jack.
Rake who has agreed to give up gambling is beaten and robbed and takes a job as a groom in the household employing the governess who rescued him.

Marlene Suson, The Notorious Marquess.
Lady posing as a governess to seek the aid of her French cousin to thwart her brother's schemes accepts the escort of a notorious lord.

Sarah Westleigh, A Highly Irregular Footman.
A housekeeper is suspicious of the manor's new footman and is determined to uncover his secrets.

Claudette Williams, Jewelene.
Lord disguising his identity to find true love meets a lady who poses as a French card dealer by night.

Eileen Winwood, Noble Deception.
Lady spy poses as a French barmaid and rescues a man who is smitten with her and does not recognize her as his drab fiancee.

Winifred Witton, The Duke's Double.
French lady travels to England to pose as a governess and snare a duke, but she discovers he is engaged to a lady who's been abducted and she is drawn to that lady's guardian--a mere baronet.

Patricia Wynn, Jack on the Box.
Lady becomes friendly with a mail coach driver, but when she meets him again after an accident she begins to suspect he's not what he seems.

Spinsters as Widows

Rita Boucher, The Devil's Due.
Lady disguised as the widow of a Scottish laird is surprised when he appears.

Julie Caille, An Impetuous Bride.
Heiress posing as a rich widow loses her hand in marriage to a rake at cards.

Monette Cummings, The Scandalous Widow.
Lady masquerading as a widow receives improper advances.

Roberta Eckert, An Indiscreet Offer.
Rich spinster posing as a widow is found out by her "husband's" uncle.

Mona Gedney, A Lady of Fortune.
Country miss poses as her widowed sister to confront her powerful in-laws.

Dorothy Mack, The Counterfeit Widow.
Lady disguises herself as a widow to sponsor her sister for the Season.

Anthea Malcolm, The Widow's Gambit.
Lady disguises herself as an old widow to chaperone her older sister but regrets it when she meets a handsome gentleman.

Kate Moore, An Improper Widow.
Lady posing as a widow since her scandalous first Season is asked to bring out her cousin, but when her charge falls for a highwayman carrying a marquess's card the false widow finds herself teamed with the sad, private lord to regain his property.

Jeanne Savery, The Widowed Miss Mordaunt.
Lady posing as a widow to seek her brother in France after the war accepts the escort of a major but tries to convince him he does not need to marry her.

Ladies as Girls

Martha Kirkland, Three for Brighton.
Three ladies cheated out of an inheritance go to Brighton to find a rich husband for the most beautiful lady while the other 2 pose as her elderly companion and kid sister.

Elsie Lee, An Eligible Connection.
Lady pretends to be a child so she can secretly meet with a lord who thinks her great fun.

Melynda Beth Skinner, The Blue Devil.
Summary: A lady disguises herself as a student at a School for Young Ladies in order to find her aunt's missing diary and encounters a lord who is a covert operative seeking a spy.

Joan Smith, Madcap Miss.
Childish-looking out-of-work governess agrees to pose as a gentleman's daughter to appease his grandmother while his real daughter is in Scotland.

Marlene Suson, The Fair Impostor.
Actress agrees to masquerade as an earl's daughter to cause the lady's betrothed to cry off with her scandalous behavior, but he is drawn to her instead.

Ladies as Actresses

Elizabeth Barron, The Elusive Countess.
Lady hiding from greedy relatives with an acting troupe realizes that the secretary of a lord who wants her as his mistress is the man who once rescued her on a dark heath.

Carola Dunn, The Improper Governess.
Lord asks a lady disguised as an actress to be first his mistress, then a governess, then his wife.

Cindy Holbrook, The Actress and the Marquis.
Lady pretending to be an actress to save her brother from financial ruin is hired to play an earl's fiancee to foil his grandmother's matchmaking.

Laura London, Love's a Stage.
Lady who is disguised as an actress to clear her father from a charge of smuggling meets a rakish playwright.

Martha Jean Powers, Double Masquerade.
An actress must reject an admiring suitor in order to conceal her true identity.

Joan Wolf, His Lordship's Mistress.
Lady posing as an actress to save her family from ruin accepts a slip on the shoulder from an earl.

Ladies as Mistresses

Coral Hoyle, A Merry Go-Around.
To save her father from debtor's prison, a lady poses as a famous courtesan, but her disguise is threatened by a gentleman with intimate knowledge of the real courtesan.

Eileen Putman, A Passionate Performance.
Lord asks an impoverished lady to pose as his mistress to find his father's killer.

Mary Jo Putney, The Controversial Countess.
Duke demands that a mysterious lady involved in Paris intrigue pose as his mistress to uncover a plot.

Ann Stanfield, The Doxy Masque.
Lady leads a double life, as a paragon of virtue by night and a doxy for a reformer who disdained her by day.

False Heirs

Judy Christenberry, Moonlight Charade.
Lady hires a man to pretend to be her long-lost cousin so she can keep her estate from reverting to the Crown.

Rachelle Edwards, The Ransome Inheritance.
Innocent lady who was sent to Newgate Prison is released by a family asking her to pose as a lost heiress and wed their son, but she falls in love with another.

Georgette Heyer, Arabella.
Lady claims to be an heiress after overhearing a man call her a fortune hunter.

Melinda McRae, The Temporary Duke.
Lady hires a man to impersonate her brother, a duke who has disappeared just before his wedding.

Judith Stafford, Becca's Independence.
Lady posing as a companion to avoid an unwanted marriage is asked by her employer to pose as an heiress to deflect the attentions of fortune hunters from her own daughter.

Elizabeth Todd, The Earl's Intrigue.
Lady sneaks into an earl's bedroom to steal money in order to return to her travelling theatrical troupe, but when she's caught she agrees to pose as an aristocrat to help catch a spy.

Hidden Riches

Anne Ashley, A Noble Man.
A duke disguises himself as a groom to win the affections of a lady who has proclaimed her disdain for the gentlemen of the ton.

Cleo Chadwick, A Lakeside Season.
Lady whose banker father wants her to marry someone who'll take his name and work for him meets a marquis in disguise in the Lake District.

Blanche Chenier, A Lady of Fortune.
Plain lady pursued for her fortune goes where she's unknown and pretends to be poor.

Dorothy Elbury, The Viscount's Secret.
A lord seeking someone to love him for himself disguises himself as an ordinary gentleman and falls for a penniless lady who despises Society.

Monique Ellis, The Colonel's Courtship.
Colonel feigns poverty to seek revenge on the lady who once jilted him.

Megan Frampton, A Singular Lady.
A lady determined to marry a rich man to save her family meets a rich lord who wears shabby clothes to fool fortune hunters.

Georgette Heyer, The Foundling.
Coddled duke pretends to be "Mr. Ware" & learns to stand up for himself.

Carla Kelly, Miss Billings Treads the Boards.
Impoverished lady becomes an actress & theatre owner and meets a marquess "on the lam" who joins the company.

Valerie King, A Rogue's Masquerade.
Lady determined to save her village from ruin sets out to marry a wealthy viscount but is drawn to a handsome devil she meets in the woods.

Kathryn Kirkwood, A Townhouse for Tessa.
A lady is thrilled to discover she's the daughter of a countess and the owner a London townhouse until she meets a political writer who despises the ton.

Stephanie Laurens, A Lady of Expectations.
Gentleman hides the truth about his recently acquired fortune hoping a lady will love him for himself.

Elizabeth Mansfield, A Brilliant Mismatch.
Lady who vows to marry the first man she sees must marry a mysterious 'vagrant.'

Sally Martin, The Fair Schemer.
Lord escapes marriage-minded misses by fleeing to the countryside as plain Mr. Grey, but his plan goes awry when he falls in love with a lady who confesses a need to marry for money.

Petra Nash, Lady Harriet's Harvest.
Country lady who dreads her Season is thrilled when a gentleman learning farming on her father's estate accompanies her, until she learns he has been deceiving her about his identity.

Holly Newman, A Grand Gesture.
Lady forced to have a Season hides her beauty and fortune but can't fool a lord.

Barbara Reeves, Lacy's Dilemma.
Lady who must marry for money meets a man pretending to be poor to find love.

Myretta Robens, Just Say Yes.
Posing as a steward in his quest to lead a simple life, an earl finds his clever ruse challenged by a vicar's daughter whose social-climbing mama believes him to be unworthy of her daughter's affections.

Lillian Shelley, The Secret Heiress.
Heiress disguises herself as an ordinary lady to find love and falls for a man who seems to love another.

Joan Smith, The Waltzing Widow.
Lady flees fortune hunters by disguising herself as an impoverished widow only to be mistaken for a fortune hunter herself by the uncle of a boy who develops a crush on her.

Linda Walker, My Lady's Deception.
A penniless lady with no prospects concocts a ruse to find a mate only to encounter a lord who is hiding his title and fortune during a quiet visit to the country.

Hidden Talents

Sara Blayne, A Nobleman's Bride.
Lady betrothed as an infant tries to put off her fiance by acting like an idiot but he figures she'll do as well as anyone.

Jeanne Carmichael, Madcap Johnny.
Lady who disdains a dandy admires the spying exploits of the Black Domino.

Marion Chesney, A Marriage of Inconvenience.
Lady disguised as an ice princess to thwart unwanted proposals nevertheless becomes engaged to a man who is himself disguised as a mincing dandy.

Carola Dunn, Angel.
Lady disguises her beauty to find true love.

Georgette Heyer, The Unknown Ajax.
"Weaver's son" in line for a title pretends to be the oaf that his relatives expect.

Coral Hoyle, Midsummer Masque.
Foppish lord arrives to study flowers soon after a lady receives a mysterious pouch by way of its being thrown at her from a carriage.

April Kihlstrom, The Wily Wastrel.
Apparently frippery fellow who hides his genius for invention from his disapproving older brother meets a lady with a mind as fine as his own.

Mira Stables, Miss Mouse.
Beautiful governess who has received too many improper advances disguises herself as a drab mouse only to find herself in the household of a handsome eligible lord.

Patricia Veryan, Nanette.
Lady disguises herself as an idiot to escape her evil stepfather and investigate her brother's death only to find the one witness dead and his son investigating his murder.

Rebecca Ward, Enchanted Rendezvous.
Lady thinks a foppish lord is the exact opposite of her heroic midnight rescuer.

Assumed Names

Anne Barbour, "...And a Sixpence for Her Shoe," in A Wedding Bouquet.
Lady who drove away her intended with her sharp tongue writes to him under another name while he's at war.

Donna Bell, A Taste for Love.
Earl who goes into business as a chef under an assumed name is in a quandary when his childhood friend arrives in London.

Rita Boucher, The Devil's Due.
Lady disguised as the widow of a Scottish laird is surprised when he appears.

Elizabeth Brodnax, The Marquis of Carabas aka A Splendid Scheme.
Lady who travels the Continent with her father concocting various schemes comes to London disguised as a Marchesa and meets a man to whom she wants to reveal herself.

Diana Campbell, The Late Lord Latimer.
Lady enters society under a false name.

Marion Chesney, The Paper Princess.
Lady fleeing an unwanted marriage poses as the Princess of Brasnia.

Lynn Collum, Lady Miranda's Masquerade.
Lady fleeing an arranged marriage takes an assumed name and ends up at the home of an earl who thinks she's the harlot who fleeced his friend.

Caroline Courtney, Love Triumphant.
When a lady recognizes a man claiming to be a French comte as a smuggler who once dared to kiss her, she's certain he's a spy.

Clare Darcy, Victoire.
Lady first appears in London society impersonating her cousin who was wronged by a rakish marquis, then she appears as herself and is courted by the rake.

Roberta Eckert, An Indiscreet Offer.
Rich spinster posing as a widow is found out by her "husband's" uncle.

Zabrina Faire, The Wicked Cousin.
A lady mourning the disappearance of her fat but gentle-hearted cousin is coerced into a betrothal with his new heir, but finds an unexpected ally in the librarian who was hired to catalog her father's collection.

Paula Tanner Girard, Charade of Hearts.
Lady pretends to be a famous hostess and arranges a party for an impoverished lord seeking a rich bride.

Emily Hendrickson, The Unexpected Wife.
Rake retires to the country to escape a husband hunter only to find a lady in his house posing as his wife.

Martha Kirkland, The Seductive Spy.
British spy who assumes another officer's identity must allay the suspicions of that man's childhood sweetheart.

Lois Stewart, Romantic Masquerade.
Widow disguises herself as a Hungarian countess to get money to pay off her brother's gambling debt to a notorious lord.

Marcy Stewart, The Daring Miss Lassiter.
A lady who accepts £10,000 to pose as Lady Hastings' long-lost daugher finds herself in danger--and in love.

Disguised Suitors

Sara Blayne, A Noble Deception.
Lady shuns an arranged marriage but falls in love with her disguised betrothed.

Zabrina Faire, The Wicked Cousin.
A lady mourning the disappearance of her fat but gentle-hearted cousin is coerced into a betrothal with his new heir, but finds an unexpected ally in the librarian who was hired to catalog her father's collection.

April Kihlstrom, The Wicked Groom.
Duke disguises himself as a groom to get to know his stubborn fiancee.

Elizabeth Chater, The Random Gentleman.
Lady fleeing from an arranged marriage to a duke is surprised when he follows her disguised as a gypsy.

Valerie King, A Christmas Masquerade.
Lady who does not want to marry the stranger selected by her late uncle proposes to a man she meets at an inn.

Olivia Sumner, A Daring Masquerade.
When a lady turns down an eligible lord, he disguises himself as an uncivilized Canadian fur trader to woo her.

Masked Men (& Women)

Mary Balogh, A Masked Deception.
Shy lady with a bored husband masquerades as a seductress to tempt him.

Mary Balogh, Daring Masquerade.
Widow is tempted by a dashing highwayman and an infuriating lord.

Anne Barbour, A Dangerous Charade.
Lady gambles in disguise to earn money to pay her friend's husband's debts.

Jeanne Carmichael, Madcap Johnny.
Lady who disdains a dandy admires the spying exploits of the Black Domino.

Blanche Chenier, Summer Masquerade.
A lady whose beau's attentions have wandered meets a masked stranger at a ball.

Madeleine Conway, The Reluctant Husband.
A gentleman who wants to free himself from a forced engagement to a woman he hates becomes intrigued by a mysterious lady at a masked ball in Paris and is determined to learn her identity.

Caroline Courtney, Duchess in Disguise.
Lady whose husband leaves her sequestered in the country while he visits his mistress in town disguises herself to win his love.

Teresa DesJardien, Borrowed Kisses.
Lord in disguise steals kisses from ladies hoping to find the one whose kiss during a party game set him afire.

Marian Devon, Lord Harlequin.
Lord falsely accused of a shooting disguises himself as a Harlequin.

Jacqueline Diamond, A Letter of Letters.
Lady takes on various disguises to entice and spurn a lord who accuses her parents of being spies yet admires the poems she writes under a nom de plume.

*Donna Hatch, The Stranger She Married
To save her family from debtor's prison, Alicia must marry the first wealthy man to propose. Her choices narrow to a scarred cripple with the heart of a poet, or a handsome rake with a deadly secret.

Sandra Heath, My Lady Domino.
Lady turned penniless shop girl goes to a masquerade and sees the man who jilted her when she lost her fortune.

Cindy Holbrook, A Daring Deception.
Lady who adopts various disguises while trying to clear her father's name looks familiar to an earl.

Lynn Kerstan, Lucy in Disguise.
Lady assisting a friend on the run from danger helps a wounded smuggler who sees through their disguises.

Joanna Maitland, My Lady Angel.
A lady tells her cousin that a Frenchman is claiming his earldom and meanwhile becomes attracted to a masked stranger.

Barbara Neil, Mask of White Satin.
Lady artist gives her heart to a man in a white satin mask thinking she knows his identity.

Joy Reed, "Moonlight Masquerade," in Spellbound Hearts.
A lady finds love with a stranger at a masked ball.

Winifred Witton, The Masked Marquis.
Lady scoffs at damsels in distress in gothic romances until she is rescued by a masked man known as Conrad the Corsair, who strangely urges her to marry the stuffy Marquis of Ranceford.

People as Ghosts

Kathleen Beck, The Spirited Miss Caroline.
Lady pretends to be a ghost to scare away unwanted houseguests including her estate's new heir and a gentleman who once jilted her.

Zabrina Faire, Lady Blue.
Governess whose charge dyes her hair and face with ink is hired by a lord to impersonate an ancestral ghost called Lady Blue.

Cindy Holbrook, Lord Sayer's Ghost.
Lord leaves his "haunted" estate to whoever can stay there a year, but a lady discovers the "ghost" is really alive and trying to find who attempted to murder him.

Elizabeth Mansfield, The Phantom Lover.
Lady flees to a castle to escape an unwanted suitor and falls in love with a ghost.

Rebecca Ward, Lady in Silver.
Lady whose uncle forced her to masquerade as an ancestral ghost to earn money meets a skeptical tourist.


Louise Allen, One Night with a Rake.
After a carriage accident, a lady wakes up in bed with a strange gentleman who has amnesia.

Caroline Arnett, Christina.
Lady finds a man with amnesia on the steps of an Egyptian tomb, but when they meet again in London he seems to have forgotten her.

Elizabeth Bailey, A Trace of Memory.
When a lord discovers a bedraggled woman in his woods who claims to have lost her memory he suspects a matrimonial ploy.

Anne Barbour, A Dedicated Scoundrel.
Man fleeing false treason charges and murder attempts helps a damsel in distress and gets amnesia for his trouble.

Elisabeth Barr, The Sea Treasure.
Shipwrecked lady with amnesia is rescued by a man who has her pose as his wife.

Anne Benson, The Tangled Web.
Lady tries to pretend a man with amnesia is her long-lost brother to make her grandfather happy.

Laurie Bishop, Deceiving Miss Dearborn.
A lady who has turned her family manor into a boarding house finds a wounded stranger with amnesia and hires him as a servant.

Sara Blayne, Duel of the Heart.
Lady who nursed a duke after Talavera turns out to be his cousin's widow, but she has amnesia and doesn't remember their time together.

Monette Cummings, A Kiss for Caroline.
A lady with amnesia is told that she is an heiress.

Jacqueline Diamond, The Forgetful Lady.
After a fall from a horse, a lady can't remember why a gentleman dislikes her.

Dorothea Donley, The Beaux of Bayley Dell.
Lady lacks suitors when her family must lease their manor, but when she finds a stranger with amnesia, fashionable people suddenly start arriving in the village.

Carola Dunn, Toblethorpe Manor.
Gentleman finds a lady who's been thrown from a horse and lost her memory.

Rachelle Edwards, Reckless Masquerade.
Lady gets amnesia in a carriage accident and is told she is a countess, but her husband behaves like a stranger.

Jean R. Ewing, Folly's Reward.
Scottish governess finds a man with amnesia on the beach and accepts his help in escaping with her charge from a wicked guardian.

Jo Ann Ferguson, A Christmas Bride.
Gentleman who has regaled his relations with tales of an imaginary fiancee asks a lady with amnesia whom he rescued from a carriage accident to pose as this paragon at Christmas.

Anne Gracie, Gallant Waif.
An orphaned and destitute lady finds herself left at the hideway of a bitter man whose fiancee jilted him when he returned from the war scarred and wounded.

Anne Gracie, "A Virtuous Widow" in Regency Brides.
A widow whose husband committed suicide because of gambling debts takes in a stranger with no memory and no name at Christmastime.

Brenda Hiatt, Azalea.
Child bride who believed her husband lost at sea discovers he is now an earl with no memory of their marriage.

Karla Hocker, "A Wish for Christmas," in A Christmas Wish.
Lord loses his memory and thinks his wife is still a governess.

Elsie Lee, The Wicked Guardian.
Heiress whose wicked guardian is forcing her to marry his son jumps out of a moving carriage and wakes with amnesia in a gypsy camp with a mysterious stranger.

Leslie Lynn, The Duke's Deceit.
To escape an unwanted suitor, a lady informs a duke with amnesia that she is his fiancee.

Maggie MacKeever, Lover's Knot.
A lady with amnesia is courted by two suitors.

Paula Marshall, My Lady Love.
Lord slanders the name of a lady, not realizing that his father is negotiating a marriage between them.

Kasey Michaels, The Anonymous Miss Addams.
While on a mission to prove himself a true gentleman to his father, a notorious rogue stumbles upon an unconscious young woman lying in the middle of the road.

Melynda Beth Skinner, The Blackguard's Bride.
A man with amnesia turns up on the doorstep of an elderly spinster and her companion.

Joan Smith, Rose Trelawney.
Lady with amnesia is taken into a gentleman's home, and when she begins to fall in love with him she wonders if there is anything in her past that would prevent a match between them.

Patricia Veryan, A Shadow's Bliss.
East India Company captain loses his memory after villains sink his ship and is cared for by a lady.

Patricia Veryan, The Riddle of the Reluctant Rake.
When an officer accused of compromising a young lady is dishonorably discharged, he is determined to discover who set him up.

Sarah Westleigh, A Most Exceptional Quest.
Widow helps a man who lost his memory in the Peninsular War regain his identity.

Gail Whitiker, A Promise to Return.
A lord has a second chance with a lady he loves when she is widowed, but then he loses his memory while on a special assignment in France.

Disabilities & Disfigurement

Elizabeth Bailey, The Count's Charade.
A lady who has been lame since birth discovers a wounded Frenchman near her home and nurses him back to health.

Elizabeth Bailey, The Veiled Bride.
A lord with a badly scarred face places an advertisment for a wife.

Mary Balogh, Lord Carew's Bride.
Plain, crippled man marries a beauty who thinks she loves another.

Mary Balogh, Dancing with Clara.
Paralyzed lady pays a gentleman's debts in exchange for marriage and intimacy.

Elizabeth Barron, Miss Drayton's Crusade.
Lady visits a school chum and falls for the girl's brother who lost an arm in the war.

Juliet Blyth, The Parfit Knight.
Notorious rake is forced to take shelter in the home of a blind lady and arranges for her to have a Season.

Nancy Butler, The Prodigal Hero.
A former sailor regains his honor by rescuing the daughter of his former employer, but he never imagined he'd also rescue her heart. (Hero is missing a hand.)

Elizabeth Chater, The Runaway Debutante.
When her father loses her in a card game to a libertine, a lady runs away and becomes a cook at an inn and is soon hired by a major who lost an arm in the war.

Teresa DesJardien, A Heart's Treasure.
Man with an eyepatch and scarred face feels unworthy of the lady who loves him.

Carola Dunn, The Captain's Inheritance.
Earl's daughter with a scar on her chest falls for an impoverished soldier who inherits money.

Rachelle Edwards, Marylebone Park.
Lady is rescued from ruffians by a mysterious gentleman but falls for his older cousin who was disfigured in the war.

Gail Eastwood, An Unlikely Hero.
Fiery twin tries to set up her gentle, epileptic sister with a quiet, scholarly gentleman.

Elisabeth Fairchild, The Silent Suitor.
A blind lady is pursued by two lords known respectively as "Beauty" and "Beast."

Marjorie Farrell, Miss Ware's Refusal.
Duke blinded during the war offers a marriage of convenience to the lady who reads to him, but she refuses because she loves him and wants him to discover that he is still lovable.

Anne Gracie, Gallant Waif.
An orphaned and destitute lady finds herself left at the hideway of a bitter man whose fiancee jilted him when he returned from the war scarred and wounded.

Maria Greene, Gentleman Butler.
Gentleman with a personal mission takes a position as a butler in the home of a lady with a limp.

Barbara Hazard, The Cloisonne Locket.
Duke thinks a lady has thrown herself into his path and ingratiated herself with his shut-in sister in order to lure him into marriage.

Lynn Kerstan, Marry in Haste.
To avoid an unwanted marriage, a lady with a scarred face accepts the proposal of a man whom she mistook for a burglar and hit over the head with a frying pan.

Judith Lansdowne, Amelia's Intrigue.
Lady is intrigued by a man who protects his slow older brother, an earl, and who has come to London on a mysterious mission.

Edna Maye Manley, Agatha.
Limping lady mistakes her sister's suitor for his rakish uncle.

Eileen Putman, The Dastardly Duke.
Duke who bets he can transform a prostitue into a lady picks a lady in reduced circumstances because of her deafness.

Jeanne Savery, Taming Lord Renwick.
Lord nearly blinded in India hires a lady to read to him and help write his memoirs.

Mira Stables, The Byram Succession.
Lady seethes with jealousy when her country cousin inherits their cousin's wealth and attracts the Season's most eligible suitor. (Hero's face is badly burned.)

Sheila Walsh, Lady Aurelia's Bequest.
American heiress is courted by a spy but is intrigued by the earl who considers her to be crude and scheming and meddlesome in his dealings with his handicapped sister.

Gayle Wilson, The GamblerÔ€™s Heart.
A lady with secrets in her past marries a gambler whose face was scarred in a fire.
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