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New Traditional Regencies (Post-2006)

Susanne Knight


Phyllis Ann Karr

My Lady Quixote. Coventry #35, April 1980.
Characters: Lord Darnham or Sir Roderic & Cassandra Darnham
Summary: Aunt tries to help a lady engaged to one man but in love with another by staging an abduction.

Meadowsong. Coventry #138, 1981.

Perola. Coventry #178, 1982.

The Elopement. Coventry #190, 1982.

Also wrote Lady Susan (Everest House, 1980) based on an unfinished novel by Jane Austen.

Michelle Kasey

The Beleaguered Lord Bourne. Signet, January 1986; reissued by Harlequin, November 2002.
Characters: Christopher Wilde, Earl of Bourne & Miss Jane Maitland
Summary: War veteran who only wants pleasure from women meets a miss who wants nothing to do with marriage.
Series: 1st in trilogy with Lord Thorpe & Lord Rule; Bourne appears in A Difficult Disguise.

The Toplofty Lord Thorpe. Signet, November 1986; reissued by Signet, July 1992; reissued by Harlequin, November 2002.
Characters: Julian Rutherford, Earl of Thorpe & Miss Lucy Gladwin
Summary: Lady launches a campaign to win the heart of a toplofty lord.
Series: 2nd in trilogy with Lord Bourne & Lord Rule.

The Ruthless Lord Rule. Signet, October 1987; reissued by Harlequin, November 2002.
Characters: Tristan, Lord Rule & Miss Mary Lawrence
Summary: Spy decides to solve the mystery of a beautiful lady's sudden appearance in society.
Series: 3rd in trilogy with Lord Bourne & Lord Thorpe.

The Enterprising Lord Edward. Signet, February 1989; reissued by Harlequin, November 2002.
Characters: Lord Edward Laurence & Miss Emily Howland
Summary: A lady decides that the only way to save her cousin from an amorous lord is to throw herself at him.
Setting: London

Moonlight Masquerade. Signet, August 1989; reissued by Signet, April 1996.
Characters: Vincent Mayhew, Earl of Hawkhurst & Miss Christine Denham
Summary: Lady has a carriage accident & convalesces at the home of a scarred earl.

A Difficult Disguise. Signet, October 1990.
Characters: Mr. Fletcher Belden & Miss Rosalie Darley
Summary: Lord searches for a runaway ward as she disguises herself as his groom.
Series: Belden is Hawkhurst's rival in Moonlight Masquerade.

The Somerville Farce. Signet, March 1991; revised edition issued by Signet, February 1996.
Characters: Duke of Glynde & Miss Beatrice Stourbridge
Summary: Lady hopes to get an arrogant duke to introduce the daughters of his worst enemy to society.

Other Regencies & historicals as Kasey Michaels

Website: www.kaseymichaels.com

Jillian Kearny

 Agent of Love. Warner, 1979.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #4"

Love's Claimant. Warner, 1981.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #26"

Vivian Keith

Wayward Angel. Harlequin #77, July 1992.
Characters: Camford Singletary, Earl of Westerbrook & Miss Annabelle Winthrop
Summary: Lady thinks an earl is a perfect beast.

Carla Kelly

Summer Campaign. Signet, March 1989; reissued by Signet, September 1993.
Characters: Major Jack Beresford (becomes Marquess of Sherbourn) & Miss Onyx Hamilton Onicci
Summary: Major rescues an illegitimate lady from brigands & marriage to a stuffy vicar.
Rating: very good

Miss Chartley's Guided Tour. Signet, July 1989; reissued by Signet, November 2001 in one volume with Libby's London Merchant.
Characters: Matthew Bering & Miss Omega Chartley
Summary: Lady who had to become a school teacher after being left at the altar meets the finace who jilted her and becomes involved in intrigue.

Marian's Christmas Wish. Signet, December 1989.
Characters: Gilbert Ingraham, Earl of Collinwood & Miss Marian Wynswich
Summary: Educated lady spurns love until a lord visits for Christmas.
Rating: excellent

Mrs. McVinnie's London Season. Signet, June 1990; reissued by Signet, June 1996.
Characters: Captain William Summers, R.N. & Mrs. Jeannie McVinnie
Summary: Naval captain press-gangs widow to help his niece in Marriage Mart.
Rating: superb

"The Three Kings," in A Regency Christmas II. Signet, November 1990.
Characters: Colonel Luis Sotomayor & Lady Sarah Comstock
Summary: English lady stranded in Spain during the war accepts the escort of a Spanish colonel.

Libby's London Merchant. Signet, April 1991; reissued by Signet, November 2001 in one volume with Miss Chartley's Guided Tour.
Characters: Anthony Cook & Miss Elizabeth Ames
Summary: Lady meets a man claiming to be a London merchant who has had an accident.

Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career. Signet, March 1992; reissued by Signet, July 2003 in one volume with Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand.
Characters: James Gatewood, Lord Chesney & Miss Ellen Grimsley
Summary: Lady disguised as her brother to attend Oxford is found out by a handsome lord disguised as a humble scholar.
Setting: Oxford

Miss Billings Treads the Boards. Signet, December 1993.
Characters: Hal Tewksbury-Hampton, Marquess of Grayson & Miss Kate Billings
Summary: Impoverished lady becomes an actress & theatre owner and meets a marquess "on the lam" who joins the company.
Rating: superb Comments: Portly, balding hero was a sweetheart; refreshing change from strapping lords.

Miss Whittier Makes a List. Signet, July 1994.
Characters: Captain Sir Daniel Spark, R.N. & Miss Hannah Whittier
Summary: Shipwrecked American is taken on board by a crusty British captain.
Rating: superb Comments: Nautical elements very well done.

Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand. Signet, December 1994; reissued by Signet, July 2003 in one volume with Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career.
Characters: Fletcher Rand, Marquess of Winn & Mrs. Roxanna Drew
Summary: Lord woos the widow living in his dower house.
Setting: Yorkshire
Rating: excellent
Award: Romance Writers of America RITA, Best Regency 1995

Reforming Lord Ragsdale. Signet, October 1995.
Characters: John Staples, Marquess of Ragsdale & Miss Emma Costello
Summary: Irish lady tries to reform a lord to make him suitable for marriage to another.
Rating: superb

"Something New," in A Wedding Bouquet. Signet, May 1996.
Characters: Major John Redpath & Mrs. Audrey Winkle
Summary: War widow's sister's groom brings his commanding officer and a French orphan to the wedding.

The Lady's Companion. Signet, June 1996.
Characters: David Wiggins & Miss Susan Hampton
Summary: Impoverished lady becomes a paid companion & falls for her employer's bailiff.
Rating: excellent
Award: Romance Writers of America RITA, Best Regency 1997

With This Ring. Signet, September 1997.
Characters: Major Samuel Reed, Earl of Laren & Miss Lydia Perkins
Summary: Lady eclipsed by her sister agrees to a wounded soldier's proposal.
Rating: excellent

"Make a Joyful Noise," in A Regency Christmas Carol. Signet, November 1997.
Rating: superb

Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind. Signet, November 1998.
Characters: Mr. Scipio Butterworth & Miss Jane Milton
Summary: Poor relation with a secret that prevents her from marrying takes care of a boy whose parentage is in question and receives help tutoring him from a neighbor with a secret of his own.

"The Christmas Ornament," in A Regency Christmas [VIII]. Signet, November 1998.
Characters: James Enders, Viscount Crandall (heir to Earl of Waverly) & Miss Olivia Hannaford
Summary: Two fathers decided to match up their children, a shy Oxford don and a bookish lady.

"An Object of Charity," in A Regency Christmas Present. Signet, October 1999.
Characters: Captain Michael Lynch, R.N. & Miss Sally Paltrow
Summary: Naval captain takes in the wards of his late first mate.
Rating: very good

"The Background Man," in The Grand Hotel. Signet, June 2000.
Characters: Mr. Charles Mortimer & Miss Millicent Carrington
Summary: Hotel manager finds love with a guest.
Rating: excellent

One Good Turn. Signet, December 2001.
Characters: Benedict Nesbitt, Duke of Knaresborough & Liria Valencia
Summary: A duke who lost the woman he loved to another gets a second chance at happiness when he offers a ride to a Spanish lady and her child.
Series: Sequel to Libby's London Merchant.
Awards: Romance Readers Anonymous Award for Best Regency and Best Regency Author 2001; All About Romance Reader Award for Best Regency 2001.

"No Room at the Inn" in A Regency Christmas [IX]. Signet, October, 2002.
Characters: Mr. Joe Shepard & Miss Mary McIntyre
Summary: A lady traveling to her grandmother's in the company of a solicitor seeks shelter from a storm in the home of the solicitor's brother.

The Wedding Journey. Signet, December 2002.
Characters: Captain Jesse Randall & Nell
Summary: A captain allows a lady to believe he has married her for her safety though he has a deep affection for her.

‚€œA Hasty Marriage‚€Ě in Wedding Belles. Signet, May 2004.
Characters: Captain Hirum Titus & Ann Utley
Summary: During the buildup to the War of 1812, an English lady falls in love with an American merchant sea captain.

Christie Kennard

The Famous Miss Feversham. Avon, 1995.
Characters: Julian Carrothers, Earl of Neville & Miss Fanny Feversham
Summary: Lady writer discovers that the lord upon whom she based a rakish character is charming and well-mannered.
Rating: very good

Shirley Kennedy

Lady Semple's Secret. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Richard, Viscount Beaumont (earl's heir) & Miss Meg Quincy
Summary: Lord falls for a lady's maid who is really the lady's daughter.

The London Belle. Signet, September 1999.
Characters: Anthony, Lord Dashmont & Lady Jane Sperling
Summary: Penniless lady takes a position tutoring the lonely son of an infamous rake.

The Rebellious Twin. Signet, February 2000.
Characters: Robert Stormont, Earl of Marsett & Lady Clarinda Capelle
Summary: Lady falls in love with a neighboring lord but her jealous identical twin sister schemes to win him for herself.
Comments: He should be Lord Marsett, not Lord Stormont.

The Selfless Sister. Signet, August 2000.
Characters: Lord Ravensbrook & Lucinda Linley
Summary: Lady who faces spinsterhood after putting her sisters' marriage prospects ahead of her own finds love at last, but her happiness is threatened by an old family feud.

The Irish Upstart. Signet, April 2001.
Characters: Lord Thomas Linberry & Evleen O'Fallon
Summary: An Irish lady whose brother stands to inherit an English estate and title finds herself unwelcome in London society.

Lady Flora's Fantasy. Signet, November 2001.
Characters: Lord Sydney Lynde & Lady Flora
Summary: A lord tries to win the heart of a lady who's in love with an unsuitable man.

Three Wishes for Miss Winthrop. Signet, August 2003.
Characters: John Weston, Lord Granville & Miss Lucy Winthrop
Summary: When her employer discovers she is the sister of an advocate of prison reform, a governess is fired and then hired by a prestigious member of parliament.
Setting: London & Surrey

Website: www.shirleykennedy.com

Amanda Kent

The Ardent Protector. 2nd Chance at Love #111, March 1983.
Characters: Chandler Hartwick, Earl Leighton & Lady Rosanna Wythe
Summary: Lady who is determined to be unmoved by her new guardian's charming manner finds herself drawn to him nevertheless.

Other Regenices as Betty L. Henrichs.

Lynn Kerstan

A Spirited Affair. Zebra, March 1993.
Characters: Mark Delacourt, Earl of Coltrane & Miss Jillian Lamb
Summary: Country lady visits her guardian in London to ask why her allowance has been stopped and he insists on giving her a Season.

"The Runaway Bride," in A June Betrothal. Zebra, June 1993.
Characters: Colonel John Corbett & Penelope Wright
Summary: When his fiancee flees London to avoid marrying him, a colonel realizes his courtship has been sadly lacking.

"A Change of Heart," in A Mother's Joy. Zebra, April 1994.
Characters: Philip, Viscount Halsey & Elaine, Lady Halsey
Summary: Pregnant lady's emotional turbulence threatens to drive her husband away.

"Maggie," in Lessons in Love. Zebra, August 1994.
Characters: Simon, Earl of Keverne & Lady Magdalen Rhodes
Summary: Lady is shocked when a lord who is wooing her abducts her and takes her to a magical place by the sea.

Gwen's Christmas Ghost. Zebra, November 1995. Co-author: Alicia Rasley
Characters: Mr. Valerian Caine aka Jocelyn Vayle & Miss Gwendolyn Sevaric
Summary: 18th century rogue gets a second chance at life and love.
Rating: good Comments: Ghost element handled well.
Award: Romance Writers of America RITA, Best Regency 1996

Francesca's Rake. Fawcett, 1997; reissued by Signet, December 2005, with Marry in Haste.
Characters: Galen Pender, Viscount Clayburn (earl's heir) & Lady Francesca Childe
Summary: Rake has to convince the lady he swore he wouldn't marry to spite his father that he loves her.
Rating: excellent

A Midnight Clear. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Charles, Marquess of Fallon & Miss Jane Ryder
Summary: Lord tries to prevent the publication of a scandalous book featuring his family by appealing to the author's secretary.
Rating: very good

Celia's Grand Passion. Fawcett, 1998; reissued by Signet, April 2005 in one volume with Lucy in Disguise.
Characters: James Valliant, Earl of Kendal & Celia, Lady Greer
Summary: Lord whose wife played him false and claimed he was not her son's father is incensed when he discovers that a young widow willing be his lover is a virgin.
Rating: superb

Lucy in Disguise. Fawcett, 1998; reissued by Signet, April 2005 in one volume with Celia's Grand Passion.
Characters: Hon. Christopher Valliant & Miss Lucy Preston
Summary: Lady assisting a friend on the run from danger helps a wounded smuggler who sees through their disguises.
Series: Sequel to Celia's Grand Passion.
Rating: excellent

Marry in Haste. Fawcett, 1998; reissued by Signet, December 2005, with Francesca's Rake.
Characters: Colonel Alex Valliant & Miss Diana Whitney
Summary: To avoid an unwanted marriage, a lady with a scarred face accepts the proposal of a man whom she mistook for a burglar and hit over the head with a frying pan.
Series: Sequel to Lucy in Disguise.
Rating: excellent

Lord Dragoner's Wife. Signet, October 1999.
Characters: Charles Everett, Lord Dragoner & Delilah, Lady Dragoner
Summary: Lady marries a lord who abandons her after only one night and then returns six years later.

‚€œThe Marriage Scheme‚€Ě in Wedding Belles. Signet, May 2004.
Characters: Julia Flyte
Summary: A duke and duchess try to match their ward with one of their sons and she ends up engaged to all three of them.

Now writing historical romances.

Website: www.lynnkerstan.com

Elisabeth Kidd

My Lord Guardian. Walker, 1982.
Characters: Andrew Innes, Marquess of Lyle & Miss Sydney Archer
Summary: Lady who decides to become an actress rather than marry anyone but her guardian gives a performance that's the talk of the ton.

The LadyShip. Walker, 1983.
Characters: Mr. Marcus Allingham & Miss Elinor Bennett
Summary: Lady who runs a coaching inn loves a scholarly guest who is engaged to a flighty chit with other plans.

A Hero for Antonia. Walker, 1986.
Characters: Duncan Heywood, Viscount Kedrington & Miss Antonia Fairfax
Summary: Six years after a lady's beloved fiance sent her home to grow up he renews his suit, but she has met a true hero with romantic notions.
Rating: excellent

For the Love of Celia. Walker, 1989.
Characters: Mr. Nicholas Lambert & Miss Celia Morland; Mr. Julian Hardwicke & Miss Kitty Morland
Summary: Sensible widow is attracted to a devil-may-care Jamaican landowner.

Lady Lu. Walker, 1989.
Heroine: Lady Luisa Ingram
Summary: A widow finds herself living under the same roof as her one-time fiance.

The Rival Earls. Signet, October 1996.
Characters: Captain Robert Ashton & Lady Sabina Bromley
Summary: Lady is forced to marry a man she hates.

My Lady Mischief. Signet, July 1997.
Characters: Lieutenant Carey Fairfax & Elena Metaxis; Viscount & Lady Kedrington
Summary: Lady who longs for a child occupies her mind with her brother's mysterious fiancee and a plot to steal the Elgin marbles.
Series: Sequel to A Hero for Antonia.
Rating: very good

April Kihlstrom

A Choice of Cousins. Signet, June 1982.
Characters: Edward Fambrough, Earl of Danver & Sara Farthingham
Summary: A lord and lady who are enemies decide they must marry to protect two younger cousins from scandal.

A Scandalous Bequest, Signet, September 1982; reissued by Signet, December 1987.
Characters: Sir Anthony Woodhall & Miss Felicity Lyford
Summary: Eccentric, rich lady tells her two nephews that her fortune will go to the gentleman who marries her goddaughter.

An Improper Companion. Signet, February 1983; reissued by Signet, June 1988.
Characters: Sir Leslie Kinwell & Heather Wade
Summary: When a notorious rake dishonors a lady's virtue and demands that they marry, she hopes his nephew is made of different stuff.

The Wary Spinster. Signet, August 1983; reissued by Signet, February 1988.
Characters: Giles, Viscount Radbourne & Miss Anthea Marwood
Summary: Daughter of a brutal man is determined to protect her niece from a dangerous suitor and is helped by gentleman with a dangerous reputation of his own.
Rating: good - See a Review of this book.

The Mysterious Governess. Signet, April 1984; reissued by Signet, November 1988.
Characters: Mr. Darnell Somerton & Harriet Tremaine aka Elizabeth Henrick
Summary: Straightlaced governess rejects an offer from an eligible gentleman, then returns to town as a beauty.

Twice Betrothed. Signet, November 1984.
Characters: Sir Stacy Warfield & Miss Judith Bosworth
Summary: American lady whose love was lost at sea accepts a proposal from a gentleman only to learn he is marrying to make his love affair easier.

The Charming Impostor. Signet, September 1985.
Characters: Lord Bartram Stanwood & Theodosia Elston
Summary: A lord is dismayed when a headstrong lady is charged with keeping his flighty sister in line.

The Nabob's Widow. Signet, July 1986.
Characters: Richard, Lord Pensley & Mrs. Drusilla Lawford
Summary: Rich widow returns from India and is branded a fortune huntress.

The Counterfeit Betrothal. Signet, August 1987.

Captain Rogue. Signet, February 1988.
Characters: Captain Randall Carswell (becomes earl) & Miss Mary Farnham
Summary: Lady fleeing from home is rescued by a rogue spying for the Home Office.
Rating: very good

Miss Redmond's Folly. Signet, June 1988.
Characters: Frederick Leverton & Miss Eleanor Redmond
Summary: Lady in Brussels ignores a respectable man who tells her the comte pursuing her is up to no good.

The Scholar's Daughter. Signet, February 1989.
Characters: Mr. John Witton & Miss Calista Standish
Summary: Scholarly lady falls in love with an engaged man.

The Reckless Wager. Signet, November 1991.
Characters: Earl of Bassingstroke & Miss Elizabeth Mayfield
Summary: Earl wagers he can conquer a country miss whom he considers easy prey.

Dangerous Masquerade. Signet, April 1992.
Characters: Oliver Ransford & Miss Rebecca Stanwood
Summary: Unprotected lady fleeing a rake takes employment with a handsome man.

The Wicked Groom. Signet, April 1996.
Characters: Jeremy, Duke of Berenford & Lady Diana Westcott
Summary: Duke disguises himself as a groom to get to know his stubborn fiancee.
Series: 1st in Westcott sisters series
Rating: good Comments: The Duke of Berenford is not Lord Berenford.

The Widowed Bride. Signet, December 1996.
Characters: David Carlton, Lord Winsborough & Lady Annabelle Winsborough
Summary: Lady suspects her slain husband's heir may be an impostor or a murderer.
Series: 2nd in Westcott sisters series

An Honorable Rogue. Signet, June 1997.
Characters: Damian Crosswell, Viscount Farrington & Lady Barbara Westcott
Summary: Lady accepts a bet to pose as barmaid & is seduced a notorious libertine.
Series: 3rd in Westcott sisters series
Rating: very good

The Reluctant Thief. Signet, March 1998.
Characters: Mr. Hugh Rowland & Lady Rebecca Westcott
Summary: Lady finds a postion in her household for a vagabond who is really a gentleman working undercover to find a ring of thieves.
Series: 4th in Westcott sisters series
Rating: very good

An Outrageous Proposal. Signet, July 1998.
Characters: Hon. Geoffrey Talbot & Lady Penelope Westcott
Summary: Lady who disdains marriage agrees to a sham betrothal not realizing it is a scheme to win her heart.
Series: 5th in Westcott sisters series

Miss Tibbles' Folly. Signet, September 1998.
Characters: Colonel Andrew Merriweather & Miss Marian Tibbles
Summary: The Westcott ladies' governess is surprised to find herself being courted by a gentleman who served with her late fiance.
Series: Sixth in Westcott sisters series.

The Reckless Barrister. Signet, April 1999.
Characters: Hon. Philip Langford & Miss Emily Ashbourne
Summary: Barrister agrees to help a lady who comes to him seeking legal advice for oppressed factory workers.
Series: First of a series featuring the Langford brothers.
Rating: good

The Wily Wastrel. Signet, 1999.
Hero: Hon. James Langford & Miss Juliet Galsworth
Summary: Apparently frippery fellow who hides his genius for invention from his disapproving older brother meets a lady with a mind as fine as his own.
Series: Second of a series featuring the Langford brothers, sequel to The Reckless Barrister.

The Sentimental Soldier. Signet, January 2000.
Characters: Colonel the Hon. Harry Langford & Miss Prudence Marland
Summary: In wartime France, a British colonel posing as a priest and a lady posing as a prince make unlikely allies--and lovers.
Series: Third of a series featuring the Langford brothers, sequel to The Wily Wastrel.

Miss Tibbles Investigates. Signet, June 2000.
Characters: Julian Deerwood & Pamela Kendall
Summary: When her husband starts behaving strangely, a lady calls on her former governess Miss Tibbles, who soon finds herself investigating a murder and promoting a romance between childhood friends.
Series: Sequel to the Westcott sisters series; beginning of a new mystery series featuring Mrs. Merriweather nee Tibbles.

The Ambitious Baronet. Signet, March 2001.
Characters: Sir Robert Stamford & Miss Alexandra Barlow
Summary: A lady whose father gambled away the family fortune is forced to work as a housekeeper for a new baronet.

The Widower's Folly. Signet, June 2001.
Characters: Lord Rivendale & Theresa Barlow
Summary: A lord who has a mute daughter finds the only way to reach her is through the children's books written by a lady.

The Soldier's Bride. Signet, January 2002.
Characters: Lord Thomas Kepley & Elizabeth Barlow
Summary: A lord who was believed lost at sea returns home to his wife and a child he does not think is his.

Miss Tibbles Interferes. Signet, June 2002.
Characters: Captain William Stanfield & Miss Ariel Hawthorne; Colonel & Mrs. Merriweather
Summary: Mrs. Merriweather, nee Tibbles, helps the daughter of the British Museum's curator when tragedy strikes.
Setting: London
Series: Sequel to the Westcott sisters series; second in a new mystery series featuring Mrs. Merriweather nee Tibbles.

A Perfect Scoundrel. Signet, January 2004.

Website: www.sff.net/people/april.kihlstrom

Cara King

My Lady Gamester. Signet, November 2005.
Characters: Earl of Stoke & Miss Atalanta James
Summary: A lady whose gamester father bankrupt their family seems determined to follow in his footsteps and attracts the attention of a lord whose own family was hurt by gambling.

Website: www.caraking.com

Valerie King

A Daring Wager. Zebra, January 1989.
Characters: Geoffrey, Viscount Ravenworth & Miss Ellie Dearbourne
Summary: Lady wagers her cousin that she can get snuffboxes from three of society's most dashing peers in one month.
Rating: very good

A Rogue's Masquerade. Zebra, April 1989; reissued August 1993.
Characters: George, Viscount Ashwell & Kate Draycott
Summary: Lady determined to save her village from ruin sets out to marry a wealthy viscount but is drawn to a handsome devil she meets in the woods.

Reluctant Bride. Zebra, November 1989.
Characters: William, Earl of Redbourne & Charity Holwell
Summary: When her suitor treats her cousins rudely, a lady accepts his proposal with the intention of leading him a merry chase then jilting him publicly.

The Fanciful Heiress. Zebra, June 1990.
Characters: Viscount Worthen & Miss Margaret Longville
Summary: Novelist is stunned when the lord she's been studying as a model for her next villain mistakes her interest in him and prosposes.

The Willful Widow. Zebra, February 1991.
Characters: Mr. King Brandish & Mrs. Henrietta Harte
Summary: Serious widow intent on marrying off her sisters and managing her mama has no time for a gentleman's romantic foolishness.

Love Match. Zebra, November 1991.
Characters: Roger, Viscount Conistan & Lady Emmeline Penrith
Summary: Lord tries to stop a matchmaking miss from inveigling his younger brother into an unsuitable alliance.

A Lady's Gambit. Zebra, October 1992.
Characters: Gregory Rushton & Miss Cressida Chalcot
Summary: Lord thinks a lady is trying to match her flighty sister with his innocent ward.

"A Play of Hearts," in Valentine's Day Treasure. Zebra, January 1992.
Characters: Geoffrey Ashburton, Viscount Brenton & Miss Beth Ferrers
Summary: Stuffy lord is outraged when a lady organizes a production of Romeo & Juliet at his home.

Cupid's Touch. Zebra, April 1992.
Characters: Captain Charles Everard & Diana Hartland; Mr. Lawrence Beauchamp & Julia Hartland
Summary: Lady tries to convince her sister's suitor he's chosen the wrong bride.

"The Sounds of Christmas," in A Christmas to Cherish. Zebra, November 1992.
Characters: Geoffrey Lovell, Viscount Stagsden & Miss Susan Elstow
Summary: Lady determines to bring Christmas joy to a house still in mourning for its long-dead mistress.
Rating: very good

Captivated Hearts. Zebra, April 1993.
Characters: Marquis of Brandreth & Lady Evanthea Swanbourne
Summary: Lady who is contemptuous of a lord's claim that he can win her heart is no match for Cupid's wife Psyche.

"Blissful Betrothal," in A Mother's Love. Zebra, April 1993.
Characters: Gregory, Earl of Braunston & Mrs. Olivia Charing; Mr. Alfred Lovell & Miss Jocelyn Charing
Summary: Lady finds herself attracted to the man she arranged for her daughter to marry.

My Lady Vixen. Zebra, November 1993.
Characters: Edward, Viscount Stoneleigh & Miss Charlotte Amberley
Summary: Lady joins a plot to ruin a lord only to fall in love with him.
Rating: very good

The Elusive Bride. Zebra, June 1994.
Heroine: Julianna Redmere
Summary: Lady fleeing an arranged marriage tumbles into the arms of a mysterious stranger who turns out to be...

Merry, Merry Mischief. Zebra, December 1994.
Characters: Hugh Leighton, Viscount Rayneworth & Miss Merry Fairfield
Summary: Lord is torn between his proper fiancee and a lady raising a large, happy family.
Rating: good

Bewitching Hearts. Zebra, October 1995.
Characters: Newlyn St. Ives, Viscount Launceston & Lady Alexandra Staple
Summary: When a lord demands a kiss in exchange for a lady's using his ancient castle to help a star-crossed spirit, she agrees not knowing he has wagered he can seduce her.

"Valentine Chase," in A Valentine Embrace. Zebra, January 1995.
Characters: Geoffrey Staveley, Viscount Castleton & Miss Meg Woodville
Summary: Governess is sent on a wild goose chase with her employer by her charge, who hopes they'll make a match.
Rating: very good

"A Rogue's Honor," in Rogues and Rakes. Zebra, April 1996.

"The Vampire Rogue," in Bewitched by Love. Zebra, October 1996.
Summary: A vampire has plans for a rake and a lady at a masquerade ball.

A Summer Courtship. Zebra, July 1996.
Characters: Richard Wexham, Earl of Greywell & Miss Constance Mayford
Summary: Earl dallies with a country lady whom he deems unsuitable for marriage.
Rating: very good

"A Gentle Kidnapping," in A Mother's Love. Zebra, April 1997.

A Poet's Kiss. Zebra, September 1997.
Characters: Evan, Marquess of Kingsbridge & Miss Emily Longcliffe
Summary: After receiving a kiss and a mysterious message from Byron, a lady asks a lord to help her rescue her kidnapped cousin.
Rating: very good

A Poet's Touch. Zebra, May 1998.
Characters: Viscount Richland & Lady Alison Amesbury
Summary: Lord whose father died under mysterious circumstances courts the daughter of one of the men he believes responsible.
Rating: good

"The Bride's Gift," in My Darling Bride. Zebra, May 1998.
Characters: Lord Charlton & Angelique Foxfield
Summary: A lady tricks the man she loves into marrying her, but he learns the truth.

A Country Flirtation. Zebra, November 1998.
Characters: Hugo, Viscount Ramsdell & Miss Constance Pemberley; Charles Kidmarsh & Miss Augusta Pemberley; Sir Jaspar Vernham & Miss Marianne Pemberley; match between Evan (Ramsdell's brother) and Miss Katherine Pemberley hinted at.
Summary: A dangerous stretch of road brings first a young man then his guardian into the care of a spinster with four younger sisters.
Series: Sequel featuring Sir Jaspar Vernham & Miss Marianne Pamberley is A London Flirtation, 2000; sequel featuring Evan Ramsdell & Miss Katherine Pemberley is A Brighton Flirtation, 2000.
Rating: excellent

My Lady Mischief. Zebra, May 1999.
Characters: Aubrey, Earl of Buckstead (marquess' heir) & Miss Eleanor Marigate
Summary: Lady smuggler intends to jilt the man she agreed to marry in order to pay her mother's debts.
Rating: excellent

"Trial by Kittens," in Summer Kittens. Zebra, June 1999.
Characters: Mr. Richard Kingsley & Miss Anne Tandridge
Summary: Lady's betrothed returns from three years abroad on the eve of her wedding to another.

A Christmas Masquerade. Zebra, November 1999.
Characters: Thomas Swinfield, Viscount Villiers & Miss Laurentia Cabot
Summary: Lady who does not want to marry the stranger selected by her late uncle proposes to a man she meets at an inn.
Rating: superb Comments: Witty and fun with excellent development of the romance.

"Much Ado about Kittens," in Snowflake Kittens. Zebra, December 1999.
Characters: Lord Cheriton & Miss Grace Taverstock
Summary: Lord and lady are in for a surprise when they attend plays put on by their nieces with kittens.

A London Flirtation. Zebra, March 2000.
Character: Sir Jaspar Vernham & Miss Marianne Pamberley
Summary: Lady heads to London determined to make a brilliant match, but a recently knighted friend who was once a stable hand has other plans.
Series: Sequel to A Country Flirtation, 1998.

"Rogue," in Wonderful & Wicked. Zebra, June 2000.
Hero: Lord Rotherby
Summary: A governess must rein in four hot-blooded suitors who are intent on calling out an infamous rogue.

A Brighton Flirtation. Zebra, December 2000.
Characters: Captain Evan Ramsdell & Miss Katherine Pamberley
Summary: A lady and gentleman uncover a plot to assassinate the Prince Regent.
Series: Sequel to A Country Flirtation (1998) and A London Flirtation (2000)

My Lord Highwayman. Zebra, March 2001.
Characters: Lord Treyford & Miss Abigail Chailey
Summary: A lady en route to her new post as governess is kissed by a highwayman and can't help but compare that dashing rogue to the arrogant, disreputable lord she meets at her employer's home.

"A Mother's Devotion," in A Kiss for Mama. Zebra, April 2001.
Characters: Lord Sheriston & Sophy Deverill
Summary: A lord who thinks his parents' marriage failed because his mother devoted herself to her children locks horns with a lady who turned down his proposal to care for her siblings.

My Lady Valiant. Zebra, February 2002.
Characters: Earl of Staverton & Anne Delamere
Summary: A lady is determined to seek revenge on the rogue who broke her cousin's heart, but loses her own heart instead.

"A Father's Love" in A Kiss for Papa. Zebra, May 2002.
Characters: Lord Westbury & Miss Alison Russell
Summary: A widower proposes to his daughters' governess but she turns him down.

A Rogue's Deception. Zebra, June 2002.
Characters: Earl of Bradenstoke & Alice Cherville
Summary: An earl pretends to be his half brother in order to deliver a set-down to a lady who has been pestering him for shirking his duties as guardian, but his plan backfires when he falls in love with her.
Setting: London

A Rogue's Embrace. Zebra, September 2002.
Characters: Marquess of Perryn & Miss Fenella Trentham
Summary: While on a two-week charity caravan, a lady is forced to team up with the dashing scoundrel who kissed her five years ago.

A Rogue's Wager. Zebra, March 2003.
Characters: Earl of Connought & Harriet Godwyne
Summary: When a lady's friends wager that she must charm the man who broke her heart out of his three most prized possessions or marry him, she sets out to win the bet, but the lord wagers he can win her heart.
Setting: Kent

A Daring Courtship. Zebra, July 2003.
Characters: Sir Roger Mathieson & Madeline Piper
Summary: A Scotsman who buys a castle in Sussex finds that he is distrusted by the locals and seeks the help of a lady to bring her neighbors around.
Setting: Sussex

My Darling Coquette. Zebra, November 2003.

A Rogue's Revenge. Zebra, May 2004.
Characters: Lord Gaventry & Sarah Kittling
Summary: A lady tries to earn money for her family by writing a novel based on the real-life exploits of a notorious rake.

An Adventurous Lady. Zebra, November 2004.
Characters: Earl of Rotherstone & Lady Evelina Wesley
Summary: A lady is forced to turn over three priceless things to gain entrance to the an earl's estate in order to find a smuggler's buried treasure.

"A Tangle of Kittens" in Valentine Kittens. Zebra, January 2005.
Characters: Lord Marecham & Anne Cassington
Summary: A lady trying to find homes for kittens stumbles upon the stranger who had mistakenly kissed her.

Garden of Dreams. Zebra, May 2005.
Characters: Sir Robert Sandifort & Lucinda Stiles
Summary: When a lady decides to transform a gentleman's neglected garden into a thing of beauty against his wishes, unexpected love blossoms between the unlikely pair.

Wicked and Wonderful. Zebra, September 2005.
Characters: Lord Kelthorne & Judith Lovington
Summary: A lady escapes her controlling family to become a songstress in a travelling troupe but is relentlessly pursued by a scoundrel.

Also writes Regency-era historicals.

Katherine Kingsley

Wild Rose. Signet, January 1988.
Characters: Lord Julian Ramsay or Captain Philip Neville & Bryonny Livingston
Summary: A lady must choose between an arrogant rake and a gallant gentleman.

Honor's Way. Signet, August 1988.
Characters: Andrew Montague, Earl of Chesney & Caroline Manleigh aka Honor Winslow
Summary: Lady disguises herself as a governess to find out why her father died, but when she meets the man of her dreams she must bring herself to his attention.

A Dishonorable Proposal. Signet, July 1989.
Characters: Mr. Henry Ravenhurst & Miss Annabelle Hatfield
Summary: Lady despises a suitor whom others admire but believes the man she loves does not intend to marry.

A Natural Attachment. Signet, August 1990.
Characters: Edward, Marquess of Seaton & Miss Eliza Austerleigh
Summary: Lord appears on the doorstep of a quiet country lady with a shocking proposal.

"The Secret Benefactor," in A Regency Valentine I. Signet, February 1991.

King of Hearts. Signet, February 1993.
Characters: Peter Frazier, Earl of Blakesford & Miss Hannah Jones
Summary: Lady accepts an invitation to a lord's manor despite rumors of his rakish reputation.

Mary Kingsley

Sabrina. Zebra, September 1989; reissued by Zebra, January 1993.
Characters: Oliver Carrick, Duke of Bainbridge & Sabrina Carrick
Summary: Duke suspects a lady who arrives at his ancestral home seeking her long-lost family of being an adventuress.

A Gentleman's Desire. Zebra, March 1991.
Characters: Earl of Chatleigh & Miss Melissa Selby
Summary: A lord feels honor-bound to marry a lady he finds in his bed though he suspects her of trickery.

The Rake's Reward. Zebra, August 1991.
Characters: Alexander Darcy, Viscount St. Clair & Lady Cecily Randall
Summary: Lord investigating a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister suspects a lady who is betrothed to the real villain.
Series: Includes characters from Sabrina
Rating: good

A Maddening Minx. Zebra, March 1992.
Characters: Philip Thornton, Marquess of Pembroke & Miss Sarah Chadwick
Summary: A curricle accident literally thrusts a lady into arms of a physically & emotionally scarred man.

A Summer Folly. Zebra, July 1992.
Characters: Giles Templeton, Duke of Tremont & Mrs. Anne Templeton
Summary: Widow returns from Jamaica to face her husband's cousin whom she once loved.

"Under the Kissing Bough," in A Christmas to Cherish. Zebra, November 1992.
Characters: Simon Westbridge, Earl of Westover & Miss Rebecca Ware
Summary: Vicar's daughter finds herself snowbound with a childhood friend about whom she has heard scandalous stories.

An Intriguing Affair. Zebra, April 1993.
Characters: Jeremy, Viscount Stanton & Mrs. Althea Jameson
Summary: When a lord who must marry for money offers for a vapid chit, his friend wishes she hadn't turned down the joking proposal he once made to her.

"Gifts of the Heart," in A Mother's Love. Zebra, April 1993.
Characters: Robert Evans, Marquess of Stowe & Eliza, Lady Stowe
Summary: Lord whose parliamentary duties keep him in town resolves his differences with his wife who prefers the country.

"The Crystal Heart"  in A Valentine's Day Delight. Zebra, January 1994.

Scandal's Lady. Zebra, February 1994.
Characters: Nicholas St. John, Earl of Lynton & Cassandra
Summary: Man who returns from the sea to inherit an earldom finds his childhood friend is now a governess.

"The Runaway Duchess" in Flowers for Mama. Zebra, April 2002.
Characters: Robert, Duke of Trent & Katharine, Duchess of Trent
Summary: A duchess whose husband takes her for granted runs away in order to teach him a lesson, never expecting he'll pursue and court her.

Marrying Miss Bumblebroth. Zebra, June 2002.
Characters: Michael, Viscount Lyndon & Miss Chloe Russell
Summary: A lady dubbed "Miss Bumblebroth" because of her clumsiness enters into an arranged marriage with a lord who is determined to change her ways but learns to love her.
Setting: London

The Reluctant Hero. Zebra, June 2003.
Characters: Major Charles Kirk & Lady Serena Fairchild
Summary: A lady with an aversion to marriage changes her mind when she's rescued by a gallant war hero.
Setting: Sussex

Also writes historical romance.
Writes the Gilded Age Mystery Series as Mary Kruger.
Other Regencies as Mary Kruger.

Martha Kirkland

The Marrying Season. Signet, August 1995.
Characters: Ethan Bradford, Baron Raymond & Miss Columbine Sommes
Summary: Lord mistakes a lady for the jade who led his younger brother astray.
Rating: very good

The Secret Nabob. Signet, January 1996.
Characters: Mr. Philip Balenger & Miss Madeleine Wycliff
Summary: Lady trying to stop her sister from being forced to marry a nabob meets a "mysterious" stranger.
Rating: good

The Ruby Necklace. Signet, April 1996.
Characters: Major Liam Whitcomb, Lord Seymour & Miss Emaline Harrison
Summary: Lady talked into marrying a dying man is pursued by his heir & a thief.
Rating: very good

The Honorable Thief. Signet, December 1996.
Characters: Mr. Edmond Lawrence & Miss Honoria Danforth
Summary: Honorable lady ends up stealing from a stranger then spending the night at an inn posing as his wife.

The Gallant Gambler. Zebra, June 1997.
Characters: Mr. Zachery Camden & Miss Judith Preston
Summary: Lady who despises gamblers tries to prevent her sister from being coerced into marriage with an heir, while the heir's brother, a gambler, also hopes to prevent the match.

"The Notorious Mr. Freemont," in Seductive and Scandalous. Zebra, August 1997.
Characters: Mr. Lawrence Fremont & Miss Delia Glenn
Summary: Lady hoping to become an archeologist's assistant meets his nephew, the black sheep of the family.
Rating: excellent

The Righteous Rogue. Signet, December 1997.
Characters: Vincent, Baron Thornton & Miss Janine Morgan
Summary: Penniless lady finds a lord in disguise living in her brother's empty house.

Three for Brighton. Zebra, February 1998.
Characters: Joel, Baron Harcourt & Miss Regina Farrington; Lt. Wesley Seaforth & Constance Mitchell; Mr. Oliver Drayson & Felicity Mitchell
Summary: Three ladies cheated out of an inheritance go to Brighton to find a rich husband for the most beautiful lady while the other two pose as her elderly companion and kid sister.
Rating: very good

The Artful Heir. Signet, April 1998.
Characters: Mr. Matthew Donaldson & Miss Sarah Sterling
Summary: Lady who restores paintings to support her sick father helps a gentleman who hires her discover an art thief.
Rating: very good

"The Notorious Mrs. Carlton," in For Mother with Love. Zebra, April 1998.
Characters: Michael, Baron Herndon & Miss Anne Carlton
Summary: A lady goes to a lord's home in disguise hoping to learn the truth about the mother who deserted her.

The Noble Nephew. Zebra, August 1998.
Characters: Mr. Duncan Jamison, Esq. & Miss Gemma Westin
Summary: When her brother is named as an heir and mysterious accidents begin to happen, a lady suspects the barrister who stands next to inherit.

The Seductive Spy. Zebra, March 1999; reissued in hardcover by Five Star, 2002.
Characters: Bradford, Baron Stone aka Lt. George Ashford & Miss Rosalind Hinton
Summary: British spy who assumes another officer's identity must allay the suspicions of that man's childhood sweetheart.

To Catch a Scoundrel. Signet, March 1999.
Characters: Mr. Nathaniel Seymour & Miss Eugenia Bailey
Summary: Lady with a talent for cards hopes to win back the fortune her cousin lost but first must flirt her way into the game with the help of a gentleman well versed in the wiles of females.

A Gentleman's Deception. Zebra, June 1999.
Characters: Robert Montford & Isabel Trenton
Summary: Actress is annoyed when a gentleman tries to hire her to pretend to be his godmother's long-lost daughter.

"The Russian Blue," in Summer Kittens. Zebra, June 1999.
Characters: Mr. Jonathan Holm & Miss Margaret Denby
Summary: Lady stranded at an inn engages in an afternoon's flirtation with a Member of Parliament.

Miss Maitland's Letters. Signet, March 2000.
Characters: Major Stephen Rutledge & Miss Lorna Maitland
Summary: Lady falls in love with her fiance through letters written from the Peninsula not realizing they were written by her disinterested fiance's best friend.

That Scandalous Heiress. Zebra, May 2000.
Characters: Adam, Viscount Jenson & Miss Marianne McCord
Summary: Lady inherits a dilapidated manor from a stranger and is scorned by all her neighbors except a disreputable lord.

An Uncommon Courtship. Signet, September 2000.
Characters: Mr. Gregory Ward & Miss Eloise Kendall
Summary: When a gentleman whom a lady blames for several embarrassing incidents returns home to raise money for his political career, she is determined to ignore him but must accept his help when her brother is kidnapped.
Rating: very good

His Lordship's Swan. Zebra, April 2001.
Characters: Evan Trent & Lydia Swann
Summary: A gentleman who flips a coin to determine which of two beautiful twins he will marry mistakenly becomes betrothed to a third sister, the ugly duckling of the family.

The Rake's Fiancee. Signet, June 2001.
Characters: Bennett, Baron Holden & Phoebe Lowell
Summary: A lady who supports herself as a porcelain artist meets the man she once rejected after being told he was a rake.

Mr. Montgomery's Quest. Signet, October 2001.
Characters: Mr. Harrison Montgomery & Miss Charlotte Pelham
Summary: A lady disguised as a man to take a job as a guide is intrigued by an enigmatic man who joins her walking tour through the Lake District and Yorkshire.
Setting: Lake District & Yorkshire

Miss Wilson's Reputation. Signet, May 2002.
Characters: Randolph, Baron Dunford & Miss Harriet Wilson
Summary: A lord returning home from a visit to his mistress is rescued from footpads by a lady who shares a name with a famous courtesan.

An Inconvenient Heir. Signet, January 2003.
Characters: Major Mitchell Holcomb & Cordelia Barrington
Summary: When her best friend dies and leaves her baby boy in her care, a lady writes a letter to the baby's uncle, but he believes her to be a scheming con-artist who is after his family's fortune.
Setting: West Sussex including Chichester

The Secret Diary. Signet, June 2003.
Characters: David, Baron Crighton & Miss Olivia Mallory
Summary: A lady publishes her late cousin's poetry and meets a man she thinks her cousin may have loved.
Setting: London

A Perfect Scoundrel. Signet, January 2004.
Characters: Major Alexander Portman & Juliet Moseby
Summary: A gentleman posing as his twin brother on a trip to his grandfather's cottage  finds his deception thwarted by his childhood friend whom he has loved for years.

Also writes historical romance.

Kathryn Kirkwood

A Match for Melissa. Zebra, July 1998.
Characters: Robert Whiting, Duke of Oakwood & Miss Melissa Harrington
Summary: Cinderella redux: Wicked stepmother forces a lady to pose as a servant during her daughters' Season.
Rating: good

"A Family for Felix," in Winter Kittens. Zebra, January, 1999.

A Season for Samantha. Zebra, February 1999.
Characters: David Brackney & Samantha Bennings; Harry Fielding, Duke of Westbury & Lady Olivia Tarrington
Summary: Artistic lady switches places with a country miss to avoid the duke she is meant to marry, while the duke switches places with a friend to avoid marriage and pursue his art.

"Lady Radcliffe's Ruse," in A Match for Mother. Zebra, April 1999.
Characters: John, Earl of Sommerset & Claire, Lady Radcliffe
Summary: To avoid her daughter's matchmaking schemes, a widow pretends to be engaged to a rake.

A Valentine for Vanessa. Zebra, January 2000.
Characters: Stephen Thurston, Earl of Bridgeford & Miss Vanessa Holland
Summary: Married earl falls in love with the lady who is his shy, sickly sister's companion and can only express his feelings anonymously.

A Townhouse for Tessa. Zebra, December 2001.
Characters: Harry aka Earl of Fallbrook & Tessa Lockhard aka Tessa Knollwood
Summary: A lady is thrilled to discover she's the daughter of a countess and the owner a London townhouse until she meets a political writer who despises the ton.
Setting: London

Writes the Hannah Swensen culinary mysteries as Joanna Fluke.

Website: www.murdershebaked.com

Mary Kruger

Wagered Hearts. Zebra, July 2001.
Characters: Geoffrey Kirk, Viscount Sherbourne & Miss Ariel Wyndham
Summary: A lord awakes to discover he has won a lady in a card game.

An Angel's Wish. Zebra, October 2001.
Characters: David Fairfax, Marquess of Stowe & Tess, Marchioness of Stowe
Summary: A lord grants his daughter's wish and invites his estranged wife home for the holidays.

Also writes the Gilded Age Mystery Series.
Other Regencies and historical romance as Mary Kingsley.

Laureen Kwock

Miss Claringdon's Condition. Candlelight #680, October 1981.
Characters: Sir Sidney Montcrieff & Clarissa Claringdon; Lord Lytton & Emily Manville
Summary: Lady retires to the country to avoid marriage schemes, but once there she and a friend meet two intriguing gentlemen.

Other Regencies as Clarice Peters

Marlaine Kyle

A Suitable Marriage. Candlelight #692, 1981.

A Game of Hearts. Candlelight #705, 1982.

New Traditional Regencies

Susanne Knight

Paging Miss Galloway. Awe-Struck Publishing, 2010.
Summary: Lady disguises herself as a boy to check up on her brother in Bath, complications ensue.
Chris's thoughts: Review. 3 stars.


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