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New Traditional Regencies (Post-2006)

Catherine Lloyd


Janis Laden

A Noble Mistress. Zebra, 1987.
Characters: Viscount Roane & Moriah Landon
Summary: Lady agrees to become a lord's mistress to regain the family estate that her father lost at cards.

Scottish Rose. Zebra, September 1989.
Characters: Duke of Milburne & Miss Rose Beacham
Summary: Duke expects a playful governess to be strict with his siblings.

Sapphire Temptation. Zebra, May 1990.
Characters: Richard Gower & Lady Serena Wexley
Summary: Outspoken lady is forced to wed man who intends to teach her to obey.

Moonlight Veil. Zebra, August 1991.
Characters: Nigel Hayves, Earl of Debenham & Miss Allegra Caulfield
Summary: Lady agrees to marry the betrothed of her sister, who loves another.

"The Gilded Cage," in Valentine's Day Treasure. Zebra, January 1992.
Characters: Derek Muldaur, Viscount Weddington & Miss Alexandra Rutledge
Summary: Lady sent home from India is dismayed when her escort is stranded with her in Yorkshire by a storm.

Fires in the Snow. Zebra, July 1992.
Characters: Adam Damerest, Duke of Marchmaine & Miss Diana Rustin
Summary: An 'unhappy occurrence' rules out marriage for a physician's daughter.

Bewitching Minx. Zebra, July 1993.
Characters: Marquis of Penderleight & Miss Penelope Marchmont
Summary: Lady is incensed with a lord who mistakes her for a trollop.

A Whisper of Scandal. Zebra, March 1993.
Characters: Earl of Ainsley & Amanda Millforte
Summary: Widow is infuriated by the domineering behavior of her husband's heir, who thinks she's a scheming lightskirt.

Judith Laik

The Lady Is Mine. Zebra, May 2005.
Characters: Lord Beldon & Harriet Vernon
Summary: Torn between two avid suitors, a lady who the darling of the ton longs for adventure and finds it in the arms of a very persistent and dashing lord.

The Lady in Question. Zebra, August 2005.
Characters: Earl of Rayfield & Charlotte Treadwell
Summary: A lady's father loses her in a game of cards to an earl who is not the scoundrel she believes him to be, but is a secret agent on a mission for the Crown.

Amy Lake

The Earl's Wife. Five Star, 2001.
Characters: Edward Tremayne, Earl of Ketrick & Claire de Lancie
Summary: A lady with an urgent need to wed enters into a marriage of convenience with a lord who has his own reasons to marry, but when her carriage found overturned he is frantic to find her.

Allison Lane

The Rake's Rainbow. Signet, January 1996.
Characters: Hon. Thomas Mannering & Miss Caroline Cummings
Summary: Vicar's daughter marries a rake who is in love with another man's wife.
Rating: very good
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, Best First Regency 1995-96

The Impoverished Viscount. Signet, July 1996.
Characters: Charles, Viscount Rathbone & Lady Melissa Stapleton
Summary: Inexperienced lady pursued by a rake accepts the help of a lord who wants her to pose as his fiancee.

The Prodigal Daughter. Signet, November 1996.
Characters: Nicholas Blaire, Duke of Norwood & Mrs. Amanda Morrison
Summary: War widow returns to the family who shunned her and meets her sister's intended.
Rating: excellent Comments: Wonderfully indepth characterization.

The Earl's Revenge. Signet, April 1997.
Characters: Mark, Earl of Bridgeport Miss Mary Thompson aka Elaine Thompson
Summary: Earl finds that the lady who left him at the altar eight years ago is now a mature, independent woman.

The Unscrupulous Uncle. Signet, November 1997.
Characters: Damon Fairbourne, Earl of Devlin & Miss Catherine Braxton
Summary: Lord marries his friend's sister to save her fortune then worries more about the lady he had to jilt.
Rating: fair

Lord Avery's Legacy. Signet, February 1998.
Characters: Richard Avery, Marquess of Carrington & Miss Penelope Wingrave
Summary: Lord who thinks all women are schemers accuses the sister of his ward's beloved of being a fortune hunter.
Rating: very good

The Second Lady Emily. Signet, May 1998.
Characters: Drew (marquess's heir) & Cherlyn Cardington
Summary: 20th century woman buys a cursed title and is sent back in time, where she occupies a lady's body and must save the heir from a fatal mismatch.

Devall's Angel. Signet, August 1998.
Characters: Devall Sherbrooke, Marquess of Blackthorn & Miss Angela Warren
Summary: Lady has only one Season to make a match, but despite the attentions of a very proper suitor she can't keep her eyes off an ostracized rake.

Too Many Matchmakers. Signet, October 1998.
Characters: Nicholas Barrington, Marquess of Woodvale & Miss Diana Reynolds
Summary: Lady meets the man she once loved at a house party filled with romantic intrigue.

"Second Chance," in A Regency Christmas [VIII]. Signet, November 1998.
Characters: Mr. Jeremy Caristoke & Mrs. Alice McDougal
Summary: Governess at a house party encounters the lover she was parted from years ago by a misunderstanding.

A Clandestine Courtship. Signet, January 1999.
Characters: James, Earl of Ridgeway & Mary, Lady Northrup
Summary: Man who returns to England to assume an earldom and find his older brother's killer is distrusted by the woman he once loved.

A Bird in Hand. Signet, April 1999.
Characters: George Randolph Catherwood, Earl of Symington (duke's heir) & Lady Elizabeth Walton
Summary: Lord compromises the lady he is supposed to court by saving her from drowning, but when he arrives at her home he finds his injured friend has been mistaken for him and decides not to correct the mistake so he can discover more about the lady.
Rating: good

Birds of a Feather. Signet, July 1999.
Characters: Lord Sedgewick Wylie & Miss Joanna Patterson
Summary: Plain, bespectacled lady feels she is not up to the caliber of an arbiter of fashion who publicly degrades her.
Series: Sequel to A Bird in Hand.

Double Deceit. Signet, October 1999.
Characters: Tony Linden & Alexandra Vale
Summary: Antiquarian trying to avoid her father's matchmaking schemes finds herself embroiled in a deceit with a rogue.

"Heart's Desire," in A Regency Christmas Present. Signet, October 1999.
Characters: Captain Craig Curtiss, Earl of Blacktower & Mrs. Emma Fairlawn
Summary: Vicar's widow and a new earl meet after being told by a strange man they'll find their hearts' desires.
Rating: very good

The Beleaguered Earl. Signet, February 2000.
Characters: Maxwell Longford, Earl of Merimont & Miss Hope Ashburton
Summary: Lady's family home is gambled away to a disreputable earl.

"Promises to Keep," in The Grand Hotel. Signet, June 2000.
Characters: Marcus Widmer & Miss Maggie Adams
Summary: American lady in London finds a visit to her family's past leads to love.

"The Marriage Stakes," in A Regency Christmas Eve. Signet, October 2000.
Characters: Damon, Earl of Westlake & Sophie Landess
Summary: Earl who must by custom announce his betrothal on Christmas Eve is unable to make his choice until he rescues a lady and her pregnant sister from a carriage accident.
Rating: very good

The Notorious Widow. Signet, November 2000.
Characters: Earl of Rockhurst & Catherine Parrish
Summary: Earl agrees to investigate the rumors swirling around a friend's widowed sister, not realizing she is the same woman he insulted only the day before.
Series: Companion to The Beleaguered Earl; Seabrook Trilogy #1

The Rake and the Wallflower. Signet, October 2001.
Characters: Lord Grayson & Mary Seabrook
Summary: A shy lady helps a notorious rake unmask the villain who is trying to kill him.
Series: Seabrook Trilogy #2

The Purloined Papers. Signet, April 2002.
Characters: Captain Andrew Seabrook & Miss Chloe Fields
Summary: A captain returns home from Waterloo and recognizes his sister's companion as the woman he wronged 11 years ago, and soon discovers she is in danger from a villain seeking papers that could ruin him.
Series: Seabrook trilogy #3

Kindred Spirits. Signet, November 2002.
Characters: Colonel Jack Caldwell & Marianne Barnett
Summary: A gentleman who was disgraced at Waterloo helps a lady whose uncle commits her to an asylum to gain her inheritance.
Series: Hero appeared in The Unscrupulous Uncle and Devall's Angel.

Emily's Beau. Signet, October 2003.
Characters: Jacob Winters & Emily Hughes
Summary: A lady discovers that the man she loves has been betrothed to another since birth.

The Madcap Marriage. Signet SuperRegency, January 2004.
Characters: Rafe Thomas & Helen St. James
Summary: A terrified lady agrees to a hasty marriage to a drunken lord in order to avoid her uncle's schemes, but the next day it doesn't seem like such a good idea.

‚€œFor Richer or Poorer‚€Ě in Wedding Belles. Signet, May 2004.
Characters: Richard Hughes & Georgiana Whitaker
Summary: A gentleman of modest means decides to marry a lady content with a simple life but falls in love with a rich lady fleeing an abusive guardian.

"The Ultimate Magic" in Regency Christmas Magic. Signet, October 2004.
Characters: Lord Charles Beaumont & Edith Knowlton
Summary: A lord tries to prevent his ward from causing a scandal with the help of a chaperone.

Website: www.eclectics.com/allisonlane/

Emma Lange

The False Fiancee. Signet, May 1987.
Characters: Adam, Duke of Clarendon & Miss Catherine Spenser
Summary: Duke hires a lady he thinks is an actress to be his fiancee in order to uncover a plot against his life.
Rating: good

The Cost of Honor. Signet, February 1988; reissued by Signet, October 1993.
Characters: Christopher St. Charles & Miss Julie Barre
Summary: The most sought-after lord in London is forced to marry a girl devoted to helping others.

Brighton Intrigue. Signet, January 1989.
Characters: Damien de Villars, Marquess of Chatham & Miss Ariane Bennington
Summary: Inexperienced lady fears a worldly lord is merely using her in a game of intrigue.

The Unwavering Miss Winslow. Signet, September 1989.
Characters: Justin Stafford, Earl of Roxham & Miss Jessica Winslow
Summary: A lady unwittingly becomes a companion in the home of an earl who once accused her of trying to ensare his brother.
Rating: excellent - See a Review of this book.

The Scottish Rebel. Signet, April 1990.
Characters: Nicholas Steele, Marquess of Kerne & Miss Tessa Strahan
Summary: Scottish lady must find an English husband but refuses to be tamed.

The Reforming of Lord Roth. Signet, December 1990.
Characters: Julian Montcrief, Marquess of Roth & Miss Isabella Ramsey
Summary: Country lady who manages her family estate meets a rake who shows her how little she knows of the world.

"Lady Valentine's Scheme," in A Regency Valentine I. Signet, February 1991.

The Unmanageable Miss Marlowe. Signet, September 1991.
Characters: Dominic Moreland, Earl of Ravensby & Miss Sarah Marlowe
Summary: Lord misunderstands the intentions of a lady who seeks a gamester's company in order to retrieve a necklace he dishonestly won from a childhood friend.

The Irish Earl's Ruse. Signet, June 1992.
Characters: Connor O'Neill, Earl of Iveagh & Lady Susannah Somerset
Summary: Duke's daughter who is expected to marry a peer is attracted to "humble" Irish horse trainer who expresses contempt for her kind.

"The Best Gift of All," in A Regency Christmas IV. Signet, November 1992.

The Earl's Return. Signet, April 1993.
Characters: Damon Ashford & Alyson Haydon
Summary: Lady who broke a man's heart when she was forced to marry another is now a widow whose fortune and fate is in his hands.

A Second Match. Signet, November 1993.
Characters: Marquess of Warwick & Gwendolyn Tarrant
Summary: Widow of a restrictive man intends not to marry again.

A Heart in Peril. Signet, June 1994.
Heroine: Miss Christina Godfrey
Summary: Lady must choose between the man she loves and a man who could not break her heart.

"Christmas Magic," in A Regency Christmas VI. Signet, November 1994.
Characters: Robert St. Edmund, Earl of Bedford & Rebecca, Lady Trevor
Summary: Widow of a much older man encounters the rake who once tempted her to betray her marriage vows.

A Certain Reputation. Signet, April 1995.
Characters: Duke of Buckingham & Anne de Montforte
Summary: Duke attempts to prove that rumors that a lady is a wanton are true.

Exeter's Daughter. Signet, September 1995.
Characters: Viscount Lynton & Lady Marissa Portemaine
Summary: Hoyden is banished to the country home of a stuffy lord.
Rating: good

The Irish Rake. Signet, May 1996.
Characters: Marquess of Clare & Miss Gillian Edward
Summary: He's a rake, he's Irish, the silly chit loves him anyway.
Rating: fair

The Earl's Season. Signet, May 1997.
Characters: Alex, Earl of Hampton (duke's heir) & Lady Juliana Whitfield
Summary: An earl who seeks a wife out of duty meets a widow who wants nothing to do with marriage.

Tania Langley

Dawn. Coventry #45, June 1980.
Characters: Janus Chilcote & Madeleine Ardingley
Summary: Lady flees France to the refuge of an English country manor but finds the owner's unpredictable behavior disturbing and intriguing.

Judith A. Lansdowne

Amelia's Intrigue. Zebra, July 1995.
Characters: Hon. Anthony Talbot & Amelia Mapleton
Summary: Lady is intrigued by a man who protects his slow older brother, an earl, and who has come to London on a mysterious mission.
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, Best First Regency 1994-95

The Bedeviled Duke. Zebra, April 1996.
Characters: Duke of Abbercombe & Miss Olivia Willburton-Smythe
Summary: Duke who was forced to flee England returns with eight children in tow.
Rating: fair Comments: His first marriage sounded much more interesting and romantic.

Legion's Ladies. Zebra, November 1996.
Characters: Earl of Wright & Miss Eleanor Howard
Summary: Lord with a knack for rescuing damsels in distress wants to find a sensible lady who doesn't need rescuing.

"The Valentine Victorious," in A Valentine Bouquet. Zebra, February 1997.

Camilla's Fate. Zebra, July 1997.
Characters: Jason Fate aka John Bedford, Viscount Neiland (earl's heir) & Miss Camilla Quinn
Summary: Lady falls for a highwayman.

"The Magnifkitten," in Christmas Kittens. Zebra, December 1997.
Characters: J. Tildon Dillsworthy & Miss Georgiana Roth; Major Harry Roth & Lady Annabelle
Summary: Lady who prays for help for her injured fiance mistakes the next man she sees for an angel & takes him home.

A Devilish Dilemma. Zebra, January 1998.
Characters: Chadwick Brumfield, Earl of Rossland & Miss Minerva Potts
Summary: Lady who cried off from an engagement to a self-absorbed man agrees to help a man whom the ton thinks is a murderer.

"The Parson's Moustrap," in My Darling Bride. Zebra, May 1998.
Summary: Romance between an honorable cleric and an older woman.

Balmorrow's Bride. Zebra, July 1998.
Characters: Alexander Sinclair, Earl of Balmorrow & Miss Clarissa Beresfont
Summary: Lady agrees to marry a widower sight unseen to save her brother from financial ruin.
Rating: very good

"Rapunzel," in Once upon a Time. Zebra, September 1998.
Characters: Sir George Carmadie & Miss Rachel Garden
Summary: Lady imprisoned in a tower by a witch is rescued by a chivalrous knight.

A Season of Virtues. Zebra, January 1999.
Characters: Garrett Forester, Earl of Whitshire & Miss Honor Virtue
Summary: Lord who investigates murders finds his investigations hampered when he must play host to two marriageable ladies.

"Rescuing Rosebud," in Winter Kittens. Zebra, January, 1999.

"The Emperor's Nightingale," in Once upon a Kiss. Zebra, May 1999.
Hero: Julius Caesar Crofton
Summary: A lord who doesn't believe in love has a change of heart after he encounters an enchanted nightingale.

Annabella's Diamond. Zebra, June 1999.
Characters: Hillary Hallsworth, Duke of Derrinham & Lady Annabella Faire
Summary: Handsome and accomplished duke is determined to help his shy neighbor have a successful second Season, though it means returning to the London house that holds haunting memories for him.
Rating: fair
Award: National Readers' Choice Award, Best Regency, 1999

"Fascination," in Notorious & Noble. Zebra, July 1999.
Characters: Lord Hawksworth & Miss Priscilla Pritikin
Summary: Lady accompanies her sister to a house party and is fascinated with their host.

Mutiny at Almack's. Zebra, October 1999.
Characters: Adam Attenbury, Viscount Stoneforth & Miss Melody Harriman
Summary: Lady declared a bore by the dandies at Almack's falls for a lord whose brother has already declared his love for her.

"Christmas Kitten" in Mistletoe Kittens. Zebra, November 1999.

Lord Nightingale's Debut. Zebra, August 2000.
Characters: Nicholas Chastain, Earl of Wickenshire & Miss Serendipity Bedford
Summary: Impoverished lord who learns his inheritance depends on his teaching a bird to sing hires a singing teacher to help him.
Series: Lord Nightingale #1
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Regency 2000.

Lord Nightingale's Love Song. Zebra, September 2000.
Characters: Edward Finlay, Marquess of Bradford & Eugenia Chastain
Summary: Lady leaves an unsuccessful Season for Kent and encounters a gruff marquess whose only friend is his horse.
Series: Lord Nightingale #2

Lord Nightingale's Triumph. Zebra, October 2000.
Characters: Lord Peter Winthrop Finlay & Miss Mary Butterberry
Summary: Lady is reunited with the man she loves only to realize he has stolen the parrot called Lord Nightingale.
Series: Lord Nightingale #3

"A Cache of Kitten" in Stocking Stuffers. Zebra, October 2000.

Lord Nightingale's Christmas. Zebra, November 2000.
Characters: Neil Spelling & Lady Alice
Summary: Gentleman must convince a duke that he is worthy of marrying his daughter.
Series: Lord Nightingale #4

Elinor Larkin

The Twice Bought Bride. Candlelight #618, 1980.

Love's Tempest. Candlelight, 1981.

Stephanie Laurens

Tangled Reins, Mills & Boon, 1992; reissued in A Season for Scandal with Fair Juno by Harlequin, April 2001.
Characters: Marc Henry, Marquis of Hazelmere & Miss Dorothea Darent
Summary: A notorious lord is attracted to a spinster who plans to remain unmarried.
Series: Followed by Four in Hand, 1993.

Four in Hand. Masquerade, 1993; reissued by Harlequin, November 1994, in Regency Romps with Gail Whitiker's A Promise to Return; also reissued by Mills & Boon, 1999, in The Regency Collection, volume 5, with Paula Marshall's My Lady Love; reissued by Harlequin, July 2002.
Characters: Max Rotherbridge, Duke of Twyford & Miss Caroline Twinning
Summary: Notorious rake is made guardian of four young ladies and falls in love with the eldest.
Series: Sequel to Tangled Reins, 1992.

Impetuous Innocent. Mills & Boon, 1994; reissued by Harlequin, early 2003.
Characters: Dominic Ridgely, Viscount Alton & Georgiana Hartley
Summary: A lady at the mercy of her cousin escapes with the help of a lord who discovers that she is the owner of a property he covets.

Fair Juno, Mills & Boon, 1994; reissued in A Season for Scandal with Tangled Reins by Harlequin, April 2001.
Characters: Martin Willesden, Earl of Merton & Helen Walford
Summary: Rake rescues a damsel in distress then searches for her when she disappears.

The Reasons for Marriage. Mills & Boon, 1995; reissued by Harlequin, July 1996, in A Convenient Marriage with A Lady of Expectations; also reissued by Harlequin, July 2000, in Rogue's Reform with A Lady of Expectations and An Unwilling Conquest; also reissued by Mills & Boon, August 2003, in A Season for Marriage with A Lady of Expections.
Characters: Jason, Duke of Eversleigh & Leonore
Summary: Lady resists the charms of a baffling and persistent suitor.
Series: First in a trilogy with A Lady of Expectations, 1995, & A Comfortable Wife, 1997.

A Lady of Expectations. Mills & Boon, 1995; reissued by Harlequin, July 1996, in A Convenient Marriage with The Reasons for Marriage; also reissued by Harlequin, July 2000, in Rogue's Reform with The Reasons for Marriage and An Unwilling Conquest; also reissued by Mills & Boon, August 2003, in A Season for Marriage with The Reasons for Marriage.
Characters: Jack & Sophie
Summary: Gentleman hides the truth about his recently acquired fortune hoping a lady will love him for himself.
Series: Second in a trilogy with The Reasons for Marriage, 1995, & A Comfortable Wife, 1997.

An Unwilling Conquest. Mills & Boon, 1996; reissued by Harlequin, July 2000, in Rogue's Reform with The Reasons for Marriage and A Lady of Expectations.
Characters: Harry Lester & Lucina Babbacombe
Summary: A gentleman at the Newmarket races encounters a widow and her stepdaughter who are making a tour of England's inns.

A Comfortable Wife. Mills & Boon, 1997; reissued by Harlequin, January 2002.
Characters: Lord Philip Ruthven & Antonia Mannering
Summary: A lady sets out to prove to her friend from childhood that she can make him a comfortable wife.
Series: Third in a trilogy with The Reasons for Marriage, 1995, & A Lady of Expectations, 1995.

Also writes Regency-era historicals.

Website: www.stephanielaurens.com

Elizabeth Law

Double Deception. Walker, 1987; reissued in paperback by Zebra, November 1989.
Characters: Buckfast Sinclair & Miss Anna Sayle; Edward de Reynard & Miss Anne Sinclair
Summary: Bluestocking heiress switches places with her penniless school chum when her dashing uncle wants to bring her out for a Season.

A Scent of Lilac. Walker, 1988; reissued in paperback by Zebra, February 1991.
Characters: Mr. Chance Harland & Miss Lilac Mary Morton
Summary: Lady travels to Yorkshire to uncover family secrets but is hindered by a neighboring gentleman.
Setting: Yorkshire

Regency Morning. Walker, 1988; reissued in paperback by Zebra, September 1990.
Characters: Tarquin & Miss Laurie St. John
Summary: Lady intends for her sister to marry their guardian until she falls for him herself.

The Sealed Knot. Walker, 1989.
Characters: Mr. Simon Adair & Miss Sparrow Harvey
Summary: Lady becomes involved in a political plot while trying to help a friend and is irritated by a gentleman who is suspicious of her motives.

Writes the Sister Joan mysteries as Veronica Black.

Nancy Lawrence

Delightful Deception. Zebra, June 1990.
Characters: Earl of Wexford & Miss Charmain Crewes
Summary: Lady fleeing unwanted marriage accepts the help of a man who turns out to be...

A Scandalous Season. Zebra, November 1996.
Characters: Sir Andrew de Ardescote & Lady Eleanor Chilton
Summary: Lady snubs London suitors so she can return to the country and make a sensible match, but one of her beaux vows revenge.

"Sweet Companion," in A Mother's Love. Zebra, April 1997.

Once upon a Christmas. Zebra, November 1997.
Characters: Lord Breck Davenant (marquess' younger son) & Miss Nerissa Raleigh
Summary: Lady novelist wants to use a gentleman as a model for her romantic hero, while he is intrigued by a lady who refuses to succumb to his charms.

"The Notorious Nobleman," in Dangerous and Dashing. Zebra, July 1998.
Characters: Duke of Warminster & Lady Julia Pettingale
Summary: A lady and a duke are stranded together in an abandoned cottage during a thunderstorm.

A Noble Rogue. Zebra, September 1998.
Characters: Mr. Hugh Deverill & Miss Sarah Brandon-Howe
Summary: Lady whose brother has gambled their estate into ruin agrees to pose as the housekeeper when a noted gamester visits.
Rating: fair

"A Bewitching Minx," in Enchanting Kittens. Zebra, October 1999.
Characters: Lord Sebastian Byfield & Amelia
Summary: Lord blames his new neighbor for the unearthly sounds he hears in the night.

Miss Hamilton's Hero. Zebra, April 1999.
Heroine: Miss Penelope Hamilton
Summary: Lady sent to live with her grandmother has a series of exciting adventures and is attracted to her grandmother's enigmatic stepson.

"The Romantic Bride" in All Dressed in White. Zebra, June 1999.

An Intimate Arrangement. Zebra, September 2000; reissued in hardcover by Five Star, 2001.
Characters: Major Ulrick Beauleigh & Marianna Madison
Summary: Delighted to inherit a small estate from a distant uncle, a lady and her family take up residence in their new home, only to come face to face with a rival claimant to the estate, an officer seeking refuge from the horrors of war.

Patricia Laye

Touch of Venus. Zebra, February 1986.
Characters: Adam, Lord Kemp & Miss Raines Scott
Summary: Lady answers a gentleman's ad for a coin cataloger.

A Novel Affair. Jove, 1991.
Characters: Lord Carrington & Octavia Devonshire
Summary: Lady novelist who disdains marriage asks a notorious rake to help make her disagreeable to her suitors.

The Taming of Lord Whitfield. Jove, 1992.
Characters: Lord Whitfield & Miss Lila Appleby
Summary: Lady is afraid her finishing school's reputation will suffer from the drunken revelry of a neighboring lord.
Rating: good

Miss Blum's Dilemma. Zebra, March 1994.
Characters: Lord Hardwick & Miss Victoria Blum
Summary: Malicious gossip about a lady and a rake threatens her reputation, while he's determined to steal her heart.

"The Reluctant Bride," in A June Courtship. Zebra, May 1994.

Edith Layton

The Duke's Wager. Signet, February 1983; reissued by Signet, August 1996; also reissued August 2000 with Lord of Dishonor.
Characters: Jason Thomas, Duke of Torquay & Miss Regina Berryman
Summary: Two men wager they can a seduce lady who was thrown out by her family when she mistakenly attended Cyprian's night at the Opera.

The Disdainful Marquis. Signet, September 1983; reissued by Signet, January 1989; reissued by Signet, June 2002, in one volume withThe Abandoned Bride.
Characters: St. John St. Charles, Marquis of Bessacarr & Miss Catherine Robins
Summary: Lady who becomes a duchess's companion only to find she is expected to entertain her grace's gentlemen admirers is particularly disturbed by the attentions of a marquis.
Series: Sequel to The Duke's Wager.
Rating: very good

The Mysterious Heir. Signet, January 1984; reissued by Signet, February 1989.
Characters: Earl of Auden & Miss Elizabeth DeLisle
Summary: Lady in trade puts forth her cousin as the heir to the fortune of an earl whose first wife caused him to hate women.

Red Jack's Daughter. Signet, August 1984; reissued by Signet, September 1986.
Characters: Alexander, Lord Leith & Miss Jessica Eastwood
Summary: Country girl turned heiress finds herself with three suitors, each of whom wants her to be something different.

Lord of Dishonor. Signet, November 1984; reissued by Signet, January 1990; also reissued August 2000 with The Duke's Wager.
Characters: Christian, Viscount North & Amanda Amberly
Summary: Lady whose mother is known for her amorous escapades tries to retain her virtue but finds herself tested when her mother throws her into the arms of a rake.

False Angel. Signet, October 1985; reissued by Signet, April 1995.
Characters: Joscelin Kidd, Marquess of Severne & Lady Leonora Talwin
Summary: Lady whose father was a womanizer tries to protect her cousin from a divorced, womanizing rake.
Rating: good

Lady of Spirit. Signet, October 1986; reissued by Signet, October 1992.
Characters: Earl of Clune & Miss Victoria Dawkins
Summary: Lady turns down an offer to become an earl's mistress but agrees to become a governess, only to find a ghost on his estate means her harm.

Love in Disguise. Signet Super Regency, August 1987.
Characters: Warwick Jones or Julian, Lord Hazelton & Miss Susannah Logan
Summary: Lady is courted by a wealthy scornful man & one ruined by his quest for beauty.
Series: Trilogy with Game of Love and Surrender to Love.

The Game of Love. Signet Super Regency, July 1988.
Characters: Arden Lyons & Francesca Wyndham
Summary: Lady falls in love with an unscrupulous man.
Series: Sequel to Love in Disguise.

Surrender to Love. Signet Super Regency, February 1989.
Characters: Julian Dulan, Viscount Hazleton & Miss Eliza Merriman
Summary: Lady is determined to attract the "handsomest lord in England."
Series: Sequel to The Game of Love.

The Abandoned Bride. Signet, March 1989; reissued by Signet, June 2002, in one volume with The Disdainful Marquis.
Characters: Nicholas Daventry, Baron Stafford & Miss Julia Hawkins
Summary: A lady who was abandoned and ruined by a gentleman is kidnapped by that man's uncle who believes the lies his nephew told about her.
Rating: very good

"The Duke's Progress," in A Regency Christmas I. Signet, November 1989.
Characters: Cyril Hampton, Duke of Austell & Miss Molly Garland
Summary: A duke discovers what's missing from his life when the son of his best friend becomes his ward.

"The Dark Man," in A Regency Christmas III. Signet, November 1991.
Characters: Francis Sutherland, Earl of Poole & Miss Eve Swanson
Summary: Lady who accepts the proposal of a most eligible suitor has doubts about his feelings for her.

"The Legacy," in A Regency Valentine II. Signet, January 1992.
Hero: Valerian Blackwood
Summary: A man is summoned to his uncle's country estate and finds a mystery and the love of his life.

Love for All Seasons. Signet Super Regency, May 1992.
Summary: Five short stories linked by a narrative thread.

The Indian Maiden. Signet, September 1995.
Characters: Lord Barnabas Deal & Miss Faith Hamilton
Summary: Lady searching for the perfect society husband encounters a rake who wants her for his own.

"Buried Treasure," in Dashing and Dangerous: More Rakes & Rogues. Signet, 1995.

"The Rake's Christmas," in A Regency Christmas [VII]. Signet, November 1995.
Characters: Ian, Viscount Hunt & Miss Eve Thompkins
Summary: Rake sets up the daughter of the woman he loved with a man similar to himself.

"Something Blue," in A Wedding Bouquet. Signet, May 1996.
Characters: Lawrence, Lord Morrow & Miss June Heywood
Summary: Lady overhears gossip that her bridegroom is feeling blue about their upcoming nuptials.

"Gingerbread Man," in A Regency Christmas Feast. Signet, November 1996.
Hero: Owen Whitely, Duke of Blackburn
Summary: A duke tries to determine why he's being plagued with dreams about gingerbread men.

"Earl's Nightingale," in A Regency Christmas Carol. Signet, November 1997.
Hero: Earl of Elliott
Summary: A lady tracks down the earl who bought her grandmother's mechanical nightingale from a pawnshop.

"Hounds of Heaven," in A Regency Christmas [VIII]. Signet, November 1998.
Characters: Thadeus, Lord Rose & Miss Helena
Summary: Two dogs unite a lord with the lady who refused him for fear he'd be unfaithful.

"The Last Gift," in A Regency Christmas Present. Signet, October 1999.
Characters: Skylar, Lord Cameron & Miss Mirabelle Roundeville
Summary: Lord who wishes for an old-fashioned girl finds one on a visit to Wales.

"The Christmas Thief," in A Regency Christmas Eve. Signet, October 2000.
Characters: Maxwell Evers & Gwenn
Summary: A gentleman who returns from the war to find all his money lost in a failed business venture must work to earn money to make a life with the lady he loves.

"High Spirits" in Regency Christmas Spirits. Signet, October 2001.
Characters: Rupert & Arabella
Summary: A lady with a silver flask meets a tall, dark stranger.

"The Amiable Miser" in A Regency Christmas [IX]. Signet, October 2002.
Characters: Niall, Lord Paget & Joy Ayres
Summary: A bookseller and a lord try to discover who left money in a returned book.

‚€œMarriage of True Minds‚€Ě in Wedding Belles. Signet, May 2004.
Characters: Hon. Terrence Powell & Miss Valerie Littleton; Leslie, Viscount Powell & Miss Joanna Littleton
Summary: A gentleman learns that his bookish brother is in love with a Cit‚€™s daughter and conspires with the lady‚€™s sister to keep them apart.

"The Two Dancing Daughters" in Regency Christmas Magic. Signet, October 2004.
Characters: Major Gabriel Blanchard & Sylvia or Rosamund
Summary: A gentleman is hired to follow two sisters who are sneaking out of their house at night.

"The Dogstar" in Regency Christmas Courtship. Signet, October 2005.

Now writes historical romance.

Website: www.edithlayton.com

Elsie Lee

Prior Betrothal. Hale, 1973; reissued in paperback by Dell, 1973.
Characters: Major Lord Richard "Dickon" Trymme (duke's younger son) & Miss Clytie Flowers; Anicet Trymme, Duke of Banglor & Suliana, Contessa di Lumati
Summary: Lady with a scandalous father falls for the brother of the man who broke his childhood betrothal to her.
Rating: excellent Comments: Wonderful scenes of Brussels during Waterloo.

Second Season. Dell, 1973.
Characters: Duke of Imbrie & Miss Charlotte Stanwood
Summary: Eccentric lady in her second Season shocks everyone by turning down a duke, who she thinks is the perfect man for her sister.

The Wicked Guardian. Dell, 1973; reissued by Dell, 1979.
Characters: Marquis of Bishton & Miss Araminta Surtaine
Summary: Heiress whose wicked guardian is forcing her to marry his son jumps out of a moving carriage and wakes with amnesia in a gypsy camp with a mysterious stranger.

An Eligible Connection. C. Chivers, 1974; reissued in paperback by Dell, 1975.
Characters: Lord Charles Waterbury (duke's younger son) & Miss Fanny Cherill
Summary: Lady pretends to be a child so she can secretly meet with a lord who thinks her great fun.
Rating: excellent

The Nabob's Widow. Delacorte, 1976; reissued in paperback by Dell, 1977.

Joyce Lee

The Best Laid Schemes. Candlelight, 1980.
Characters: Duke of Asgar & Kate Ashton
Summary: Daughter of a witch and a black sheep goes to London intending to turn her drab cousin into a reigning beauty.

Oh, What a Tangled Web. Candlelight #671, 1981.

Perchance to Dream. Candlelight, October 1982.
Characters: Alan Thayne & Kitty Pettigrew
Summary: Lady receives an unexpected inheritance that allows her to aspire to a suitable match but is troubled by questions of her origins and love for a childhood friend.

A Joy Forever. Candlelight #700, 1982.

Lydia Lee

The Magnificent Mirabelle. Pageant, 1988.
Characters: Earl of Berkshire & Mirabelle Kingsley
Summary: Lady masquerades as her twin and joins forces with her sister's betrothed to unmask an impostor duke.
Series: "Regency Romantic Intrigue series, book 2"

The Impetuous Pandora. Jove, 1990.
Characters: Justin, Viscount Cardew & Miss Pandora Tremantle
Summary: Lady confronts a viscount whom she blames for leading her brother astray and is puzzled when he offers to help find her missing pendant.

Juliette Leigh

Sherry's Comet. Zebra, April 1998.
Characters: Sheridan Devlin, Lord Wynford & Miss Anika Owen
Summary: Lady rescuing a mistreated horse from a man falsely claiming to be a lord meets the true heir who was believed dead.

A Touch of Magic. Zebra, December 1998.
Characters: Captain Chalmers Lovat & Miss Esme Darling
Summary: Lady asks a childhood friend for help when her father is charged with treason not realizing he is on secret assignment to find the real traitor.

The Fifth Proposal. Zebra, July 1999.
Characters: Mr. Gill & Miss Shelby Falcon
Summary: Lady must cope with an eccentric family, four cousins chasing an inheritance, a mysterious stranger, and a cache of jewels from India.

"The Perfect Match," in Mama's Little Matchmaker. Zebra, April 2000.

Other Regencies as Susan Michaels & Dawn Aldridge Poore

Website: www.sff.net/people/romance/home.html

Meredith Leigh

A Lady of Qualities. Walker, 1987.
Heroine: Sabrina Fairchild
Summary: A lady's life changes when her father returns from the military with a new wife who's hiding an unpleasant secret.

An Elegant Education. Walker, 1987.
Characters: Mr. Benjamin Barstow & Miss Briony Mitchell; Count von Ahlden & Anne Barstow; Viscount Lantinney & Princess Isabella
Summary: Schoolmistress is asked to turn two unruly girls into ladies.
Rating: fair Comments: Too many romances for any to be interesting.

Other Regencies as Daisy Vivian

Samantha Lester

The Lady Rothschild. Candlelight #250, 1978.

Love's Captive. Candlelight #521, 1979.

The Duke's Ward. Candlelight #612, 1980.

The Brash American. Candlelight #637, 1981.

Alice Chetwynd Ley

The Jewelled Snuff Box. Hale, 1959; reissued by Ballantine, 1974 & 1977.
Characters: Sir Richard Carisbrooke & Miss Jane Spencer Tarrant
Summary: Lady helps a man with amnesia, whose only clue to his identity is a jewelled snuff box.

The Guinea Stamp. Hale, 1961; reissued as The Courting of Joanna, Ballantine, 1976.
Heroine: Miss Joanna Fenton
Summary: While England is threatened by Napoleon, a lady falls for a man who could destroy both her and England.

Master of Liversedge. Hale, 1966; reissued as The Master and the Maiden by Ballantine, 1977.
Characters: Mr. William Arkwright & Miss Mary Lister
Summary: Governess finds herself falling for her employer, who is a mill owner, during the Luddite risings.

The Clandestine Betrothal. Hale, 1967; reissued by Ballantine, 1975.
Characters: Hon. Hugh "Beau" Eversley & Miss Susan Fyfield
Summary: Schoolgirl gets herself into a muddle when she claims to be betrothed to another student's dashing brother.

The Toast of the Town. Hale, 1969; reissued in paperback by Ballantine, 1976.
Characters: Dr. John Graham & Miss Georgiana Eversley
Summary: Much-admired lady determines to attract the attention of the one man who ignores her.
Series: Sequel to The Clandestine Betrothal--heroine is sister to that book's hero.

A Season at Brighton. Hale, 1971; Ballantine, 1976.
Characters: Gerard, Viscount Pamyngton & Miss Catherine Denham
Summary: Lady runs away to Brighton rather than meet the stuffy viscount her parents want her to marry only to find herself rescued by him.
Series: Includes characters from The Toast of the Town.

Tenant of Chesdene Manor. Hale, 1974; reissued in paperback by Ballantine, 1977, as Beloved Diana.
Characters: Richmond Christopher & Miss Diana Chalfonts
Summary: Lady rents her rundown manor to a mysterious stranger.

An Advantageous Marriage. Hale, 1977; reissued in paperback by Ballantine, 1978.

The Sentimental Spy. Ballantine, 1977.
Characters: Robert Farnham & Elizabeth Thorne
Summary: Lady staying at an inn in Sussex is puzzled when a past love pretends not to recognize her.

A Regency Scandal. Ballantine, 1979.
Summary: A complex story of relationships and tragedies in two generations of a Regency-era family.

A Conformable Wife. Ballantine, 1981.
Characters: Julian Aldwyn & Miss Henrietta Melville
Summary: A dashing gentleman seeking a conformable wife proposes to a spinster in Bath.

The Intrepid Miss Haydon. Fawcett, 1983.
Characters: Sir Richard Beresford or Fabian Grenville & Corinna Haydon
Summary: A lady's family sends her to Paris to help her forget a lost love.

Also wrote three Regency mysteries--A Reputation Dies (1982), A Fatal Assignation (1987), and Masquerade of Vengeance (1989) featuring sleuths Anthea & Justin Rutherford.

Lillian Lincoln

A Change of Heart. Fawcett, 1985.
Characters: John, Earl of Brant & Miss Jessica Sheridan; Luke, Viscount Westcott & Lady Cynthia Warren
Summary: Lady who wants the man she is expected to marry to win her romantically throws other women in his path, only to find he is attracted to one of them and she herself has reawakened feelings for a recently returned former suitor.

Fine Feathers. Ballantine, 1986.
Characters: Lord Weald & Damaris Spenser
Summary: A wealthy, naive lady is rescued from a fortune hunter by a lord's false proposal.

The Bellwood Treasure. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Robert, Viscount Dorset & Miss Arden Grey
Summary: When an American lady inherits a rundown English manor and finds herself in danger, she is helped by a neighbor for whom she only has sisterly feelings.

Other Regencies as Barbara Hazard

Dawn Lindsey

The Duchess of Vidal. Doubleday, 1978; reissued in paperback by Playboy, 1979.
Characters: Justin, Duke of Vidal & Miss Dominique Forrester
Summary: Lady on her way to start a new life is stranded in a storm with a man and marries him not knowing he's a notorious duke.

Daughter of Fortune. Bantam, 1979.
Characters: Earl of St.Ives & Miss Sylvie Fairchild
Summary: Country lady refuses to give in to a rake who won her in a card game.

The Nonpareil. Signet, February 1986.
Characters: Hon. Havelocke James & Miss Philia Ainsley
Summary: Lady pleads with the nonpareil to whom her brother lost money he can't repay.

The Great Lady Tony. Signet, December 1986.
Characters: Mr. Lucien Saint-Clare (heir to marquess) & Lady Antonia Burke
Summary: Lady helps a runaway who is pursued by her irate father.

The Notorious Lady. Signet, June 1987.

A Proper Proposal. Signet, April 1988.
Characters: Alexander, Lord Kinross & Miss Nicola Lacey
Summary: Lady concerned with miners' rights is compromised by a lord who owns a mine.
Rating: good

Dunraven's Folly. Signet, December 1989.
Characters: Lord Simon Grey & Cathleen Dunraven
Summary: Lady dares not fall in love with the man whom her grandfather intends to fleece and whom the man who controls her family's finances intends to destroy.

The Talisman. Signet, May 1990.
Characters: Mr. Rhys Fitzwarren & Miss Alessia Fielding
Summary: Lady tends a stranger's mysterious gunshot wound then offers to become his mistress.

Devil's Lady. Signet, May 1991.
Characters: Lord Deveril & Miss Christina Castleford
Summary: Lady overcomes the scandal her grandmother brought to her name and attracts a highly eligible suitor, but a rake seems determined to stop their marriage.

The Barbarous Scot. Signet, December 1991.
Characters: Lord GlenRoss & Lady Drewe Carlisle
Summary: Legendary beauty wagers she can make a recently arrived Scottish lord her latest conquest but discovers he's a force to be reckoned with.

Rebel Lady. Signet, September 1992.
Characters: Sir Sebastian Hillard & Skye Crawford
Summary: Scottish lady is taken hostage by an arrogant lord who wants to hurt her brother.

The Reluctant Heroine. Signet, July 1993.
Characters: Major Adam Canfield & Miss Regina Alderstock
Summary: Lady orphaned in a Spanish city during the war is rescued by a British agent.
Rating: very good Comments: Depiction of wartime Peninsula excellent; romance could've been a bit stronger.

An Independent Woman. Signet, February 1994.
Characters: Rory Kilmartin (becomes Earl of Kintyre) & Miss Gillian Thorncliff
Summary: Lady who intends to marry a dull earl is tempted by a scoundrel who robs her coach.
Rating: good

The American Cousin. Signet, January 1995.
Characters: Marquis of Wycherly & Miss Sorrel Kent
Summary: American lady comes to England and meets her cousin's fiance.

An English Alliance. Signet, August 1995.
Characters: Captain Charles Ashbourne & Miss Sorcha MacKenzie
Summary: Scottish lady in Washington is forced to marry a British soldier during the War of 1812.
Rating: very good Comments: Interesting American setting.

Foolish Fancy. Signet, October 1997.
Characters: Earl of Wychfield & Miss Frances Deane
Summary: Lady who mistrusts men tries to resist the proposal of an earl who offers a loveless marriage.

The Nabob's Daughter. Signet, May 2000.
Characters: Lord Chance & Miss Anjelie Cantrell
Summary: Mischievous heiress in Jamaica is shipwrecked with a lord.

Isobel Linton

"The Oriental Garden," in A Mother's Delight. Zebra, April 1995.
Characters: Robert Mandeville & Catherine Sturtevant
Summary: A gentleman recently returned from India defends a neighboring widow from her oppressive mother-in-law.

A Gentleman's Daughter. Zebra, May 1995.
Characters: Hon. John Whyte & Miss Pamela Stone
Summary: Penniless chaperone to an heiress falls for a younger son who must marry for money.

False Pretenses. Zebra, January 1996.
Characters: Charles Wellesford, Duke of Sarratt & Lady Mary Hamilton
Summary: Lady escapes an unwanted marriage by posing as a maid in a duke's home.
Rating: good

"The Rake and the Lacemaker," in Rogues and Rakes. Zebra, April 1996.

An Impromptu Charade. Zebra, September 1996.
Characters: Robert Carlisle, Marquess of Winthrop & Lady Elinor Melville
Summary: A marquess and an earl's daughter mistake each other for a tutor and a governess.
Rating: good

"The Winter Wager," in Winter Kiss. Zebra, January 1997.
Summary: A notorious rake takes a gamble on love.

The Counterfeit Heiress. Zebra, July 1997.
Characters: Mr. Peter Gilbough & Miss Helen Sterling
Summary: Lady with a background in trade who is engaged to baronet is invited to an exclusive house party and a develops tendre for the man who defends her against those who look down on her.

"A Last Waltz," in An Evening at Almack's. Zebra, September 1997.
Characters: Sir Guy Trent & Miss Philippa Sommerville
Summary: Gentleman rescues a lady threatened with ruin by an amorous earl and a jealous lady.

"Rake," in Wonderful & Wicked. Zebra, June 2000.
Summary: A tempestuous redhead offers a rake a shocking alternative--true love.

Christine Locksy

A Proper Introduction. Zebra, October 2004.
Characters: Lord Jeremy Carruthers & Miss Clara Edwards
Summary: A lord learns a valuable lesson in love and London society when he accidentally insults a watercolor artist who is much different than any woman he has ever met.

Laura London

A Heart Too Proud. Candlelight #227, 1978.

The Bad Baron's Daughter. Candlelight #255, December 1978.
Characters: Lesley Byrne, Earl of Linden & Miss Katie Kendricks
Summary: Daughter of an indebted lord loves a man who wants her as his mistress.

Moonlight Mist. Candlelight #263, April 1979.
Characters: Justin, Lord Melbrooke & Lynden Downpatrick
Summary: Lady wants to convince her new husband that she had no part in the plot that entrapped him in marriage.

Love's a Stage. Candlelight #565, 1980; reissued by Dell, 1985.
Characters: David, Lord Landry & Miss Frances Atherton
Summary: Lady who is disguised as an actress to clear her father from a charge of smuggling meets a rakish playwright.

The Gypsy Heiress. Candlelight #644, 1981.
Characters: Lord Brockhaven & Liza Compton
Summary: Lord discovers a gypsy with a mysterious locket poaching on his land.

Alexandra Lord

A Harmless Ruse. Candlelight #643, 1981.

Claire Lorel

Lord Brandsley's Bride. Coventry #130, 1981.

Miss Miranda's Marriage. Coventry #160, 1982.

Marian Lorraine

The Ardent Suitor. Candlelight #589, 1980.

The Enterprising Minx. Candlelight #639, 1981.

The Mischievous Spinster. Walker, 1983.
Characters: Colin, Lord Neville & Julia Radcliffe
Summary: A lady helps her fiance overcome his mother's opposition and his brother's marital plans.

Jane Lovelace

Eccentric Lady. Walker, 1983.
Summary: A lady's uncle insists she go to London for a Season rather than stay on her farm as she would prefer.

Rolissa. Walker, 1985; reissued in paperback by Warner, 1989.
Characters: Carson Talmadge, Earl of Ondridge & Lady Rolissa Amberly
Summary: When a lady's betrothed dies she refuses to marry his brother and wonders if rumors that he killed for the title are true.

Other Regencies as Dixie Lee McKeone

Elizabeth Lowther

"A Singular Elopement," in A Regency Quartet. Mills & Boon, 1992; reissued as Harlequin #100, June 1993.
Characters: Sir Gareth Chalfont & Miss Lucinda Winterton
Summary: Gentleman agrees to travel to Italy with a lady who has lost track of the man with whom she is eloping.
Rating: excellent

Gambler's Wedding. Mills & Boon, 1994.

Other Regenices as Irene Northan.

Elizabeth Lyle

Cassy. St. Martin's, 1981.
Characters: Marquis of Allingham & Miss Lucasta Loring
Summary: Marquis falls for a lady who became an actress to support her family.

Claire. St. Martin's, 1983; reissued by St. Martin's, 1987.
Summary: A beautiful French aristocrat makes a new life for herself in Brighton.

Elizabeth Lynch

Dear Deceiver. Avon, 1995.
Characters: Sir Jeremy Sutdliffe & Clarissa Harcourt, Dowager Duchess of Belfort
Summary: Fleeing a scandal, a widow becomes a governess in Yorkshire, but her past returns to haunt her.
Setting: Yorkshire
Period: Georgian (set in 1788, though cover says Regency)

Miriam Lynch

A Regency Rose. Coventry #29, March 1980.
Characters: Sir Julian Wickstead & Miss Rosalind Bannestock
Summary: Lady tries to help her sister win the man she loves, but he is more interested in her.
Rating: good - See a Review of this book.

Regency Ball. Coventry #72, 1980.

Fair Impostor. Coventry #150, 1981.

Diana Lyndon

Her Heart's Desire. Cotillion, 1980.

My Lord, My Love. Cotillion, 1980.

The Country Rose. Cotillion, 1981.
Characters: Viscount Albemarle & Miranda Deveril
Summary: When her marriage-shy son leaves home, a lady tries to flush him out by bringing out a beautiful country lady.

Karen Lynn

Double Masquerade. Doubleday, 1981.
Characters: Charles Ashton, Marquis of Willerton & Lady Georgianna Danver; John, Earl of Danver & Lady Barbara Grantham
Summary: Lady disguises herself as her twin brother so she can ride out with the man whom she admires but who ignores her.

Leslie Lynn

Rake's Redemption. Fawcett, 1989.

Scandal's Child. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Jules Devereaux & Lady Kathryn Thistlewait
Summary: Lady who promised to avoid scandal so her siblings could make suitable matches finds herself in bed with a scarred French nobleman.

A Soldier's Heart. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Lord Matthew Blackwood (duke's younger son) & Miss Serena Fitzwater
Summary: After a whirlwind courtship and marriage, a young bride's husband goes off to war and returns a stranger.
Rating: excellent - See a Review of this book.

The Duke's Deceit. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Richard, Duke of Avalon & Miss Mary Masterson
Summary: To escape an unwanted suitor, a lady informs a duke with amnesia that she is his fiancee.

"My Lord's Lady," in Autumn Loves. Fawcett, 1993.

"The Christmas Ball," in A Regency Christmas. Fawcett, November 1994.

Leslie Lynn is a pseudonym for the writing team of Elaine Sima & Sherrill Bodine. They also write contemporary series romance as Lynn Leslie.

Deborah Lynne

A Gentleman's Agreement. Harlequin, July 1984.
Characters: Lord Darrow & Elizabeth Norland
Summray: Lady vows revenge on the man she blames for her brother's death.

Jane Lynson

Captain Rakehell. Fawcett, 1990; also available as an e-book from www.belgravehouse.com (under the name Lynn Michaels).
Characters: Captain Lord Lesley Earnshaw (duke's younger son) & Lady Amanda Gilbertson
Summary: Trying to avoid meeting her foppish betrothed whom she hated as a child, a lady hides in a tree and meets a dashing masked stranger.

The Duke's Downfall. Fawcett, 1992; also available as an e-book from www.belgravehouse.com (under the name Lynn Michaels).
Characters: Charles Earnshaw, Duke of Braxton & Lady Elizabeth Keaton
Summary: Duke mistakes a lady's behavior, intended to ward off an unwanted suitor, as a play for his brother--who in turn thinks she's the perfect match for the duke.

Writes contemporary romance as Lynn Michaels.

New Traditional Regencies

Catherine Lloyd

Death Comes to the Village. Kensington, 2013.
Summary: A wounded soldier and a rector's daughter discover strange goings-on in the sleepy village of Kurland St. Mary. Billed as a "regency-set mystery."


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