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Regencies & The Regency Era

The Georgian Index
**A wonderful resource for Regency readers and writers full of information on the people, places and activities of the times. Of special interest are listings of businesses, shops, hotels, streets, parks, stately homes and more with information on their significance in the period and the dates they were established. Also features information on leisure activities of the period such as boxing, horse racing and other entertainments.

The Regency Lover's Cafe
Links to a wide variety of sites on the Regency world and Regency romance novels and authors.

The Regency Page
Links to numerous sites dealing with the Regency era, with an emphasis on history and society. Includes several costume pages.

Regency Romance Discussion Group
This is a forum for readers of Regency romances, including historical romances set during the Georgian or Regency eras. It is a part of Yahoo! Groups and can be viewed on line, or it can be received as a digest via e-mail. Registration required.

Regency Plume Newsletter
A bi-monthly newsletter featuring articles on the Regency period.

All About Romance - Historical Cheat Sheets
A collection of articles on historical periods of interest to romance readers and writers. The Regency Cheat Sheet features an overview of the period by Melinda McRae, thoughts on the popularity of the Regency by Mary Jo Putney, a primer on Regency language by Diane Farr and more. There is also an homage to Georgette Heyer.

The Beau Monde
A recognized chapter of Romance Writers of America. "The Beau Monde web site is dedicated to providing Regency authors with resources for the period and introducing them to the Beau Monde chapter of RWA."

British Titles of Nobility
A detailed account of the correct forms of address for British nobles, their wives, and their offspring.

Literary Liaisons
An extensive list of resources for historical fiction writers, including articles on Regency history.

Brocades, Fragrance, Lace, and Powder - A History of Women's Regency Fashion
An introduction to women's fashion in the Regency era. Also contains links to further resources.

Historical Underwear - A History of Corsets and Crinolines
An introduction to women's undergarments throughout history, as well as resources on Regency era corsets.

Regency Reviews

The Romance Reader
** Great site for reviews of romance novels, with a separate category for Regencies.

All About Romance
Reviews of new romances and Desert Island Keepers (reader favorites). No separate category for Regencies but they are included and identified as such. This site also features articles on the Regency and other periods in the Historical Cheat Sheet section and an homage to Georgette Heyer that includes reviews of some of her best books.

Reviews of recent traditional and historical Regencies. Also author interviews and articles on Regency topics.

Romance Readers Connection
Regency reviews can be found in the Historical category.

A good place to get a variety of opinions from a large community of readers who are on the whole thoughful in their reviews.

Where to Buy Regencies

New and Used Books
** A great place to buy out-of-print romances. Their catalog usually has over 1,000 Regencies at any given time.

Mystical Unicorn Online Bookstore
Sells a variety of used books, with a separate category featuring hundreds of Regencies. The site also has a great pseudonym directory.

The Book Shelf
A variety of used romances by category, including a Regency category.

Books under Three Bucks
A variety of used romances including Regencies.

Central Booksource
A large inventory of romance novels for sale searchable by author, title, ISBN, or genre. The Regency category lists several hundred titles. This site is also home to the Essence of Romance -- a huge database listing romance novels by author, series, publisher, genre and more. (Note that listings in the EoR are for reference purposes, not for sale.) Paid subscription required for the EoR.

Emerald Coast Book Haven
Database searchable by author or title; no subgenre categories, but many Regency authors included.

Gail's Books
A selection of romances listed by author, including many Regency authors.

Book Store Junkies
"A friendly community of readers who try to locate each others' want lists of *fiction* books (primarily Romance, Mystery, SF & Fantasy Paperbacks) when we go to the used bookstores ourselves." Registration required.

Weekly Booksale
"The purpose of the WBS list is to provide a place for people to sell their used or extra books -- whether romance, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, general fiction or non-fiction, etc." Registration required.

Advanced Book Exchange
"The world's largest network of independent booksellers." Search engine searches numerous bookstores' stock simultaneously, by title, author or keyword, e.g., "regency romance."

Okay, so you can't buy Regencies here, but Hatchards! Online! It's the next best thing to being there. And if you are ever in London, you must visit this charming bookshop. There's a Regency-era arcade across the street as well.

Can't find a book you desperately want to read? Don't forget your local library! Most libraries will try to obtain books on interlibrary loan from all over the country for their card-holding patrons. It can't hurt to ask.

Author Sites

Compiled here for your convenience.

Alina Adams: www.alinaadams.com
Jane Austen Discussion: www.pemberley.com

Mary Balogh: www.marybalogh.com
Jo Beverley: www.sff.net/people/jobeverley
Sara Blayne: www.angelfire.com/ma/Blayne
Meredith Bond: www.meredithbond.com

Loretta Chase: www.lorettachase.com
Marilyn Clay (The Regency Plume newsletter): theregencyplume.tripod.com
Mary Chase Comstock: regencycafe.tripod.com/aboutmary.html
Christina Cordaire: www.eclectics.com/christinakingston/index.html
Nicola Cornick: www.nicolacornick.co.uk
Catherine Coulter: www.catherinecoulter.com
Jasmine Cresswell: www.jasminecresswell.com

Teresa DesJardien: regencycafe.tripod.com/teresadesjardien.html
Shannon Donnelly: www.shannondonnelly.com
Carola Dunn: caroladunn.weebly.com

Gail Eastwood: www.eclectics.com/gaileastwood/index.html
Rosemary Edghill: www.sff.net/people/eluki
Suzanne Enoch: home.earthlink.net/~suziee/index1.html
Jean R. Ewing: www.jeanrossewing.com

Elisabeth Fairchild: www.gimarc.com/romance.html
Marjorie Farrell: www.lesley.edu/faculty/human_services/mfarrell/romancefarrell.html
Jo Ann Ferguson: www.joannferguson.com
Megan Frampton: www.meganframpton.com

Lauren Giddings: www.tlt.com/authors/ngideon.htm
Anne Gracie: www.annegracie.com
Elena Greene: www.elenagreene.com

Karen Harbaugh: www.sff.net/People/KarenH
Candice Hern: www.candicehern.com
Anne Herries: www.lindasole.co.uk
Georgette Heyer Fan Page: www.georgette-heyer.com
Brenda Hiatt: www.brendahiatt.com
Fiona Hill (aka Ellen Pall): www.ellenpall.com
Victoria Hinshaw: www.victoriahinshaw.com
Kay Hooper: www.kayhooper.com
Kate Huntington: www.theromanceclub.com/authors/katehuntington

Shirley Kennedy: www.shirleykennedy.com
Lynn Kerstan: www.lynnkerstan.com
April Kihlstrom: www.sff.net/people/april.kihlstrom
Cara King: www.caraking.com
Kathryn Kirkwood aka Joanna Fluke: www.murdershebaked.com

Allison Lane: www.eclectics.com/allisonlane/
Stephanie Laurens: www.stephanielaurens.com
Edith Layton: www.edithlayton.com
Juliette Leigh aka Susan Michaels aka Dawn Aldridge Poore: www.sff.net/people/romance/home.html

Joanna Maitland: www.joannamaitland.com
Anthea Malcolm: tracygrant.wordpress.com
Laura Matthews aka Elizabeth Neff Walker: www.belgravehouse.com
Amanda McCabe: ammandamccabe.tripod.com
Barbara Metzger: www.barbarametzger.com
Kasey Michaels aka Michelle Kasey: www.kaseymichaels.com
Jenna Mindel: www.tlt.com/authors/jennamindel.htm
Kate Moore: www.katemoore.com
Janet Mullany: www.janetmullany.com

Patricia Oliver: www.panam.edu/orgs/utpress/oliverP.html

Margaret Evans Porter: www.margaretevansporter.com
Mary Jo Putney: www.maryjoputney.com

Sheila Rabe: www.sheilasplace.com
Debbie Raleigh: www.draleigh.homestead.com/home.html
Alicia Rasley: www.sff.net/people/alicia
Patricia Rice: www.patriciarice.com

Regina Scott: www.reginascott.com
Leanne Shawler: www.leanneshawler.com
Deborah Simmons: www.deborahsimmons.com
Donna Simpson: donnasromancenovels.tripod.com
Melynda Beth Skinner: www.melyndabethskinner.com
Rosemary Stevens: www.beaubrummell.com
Anne Stuart: www.anne-stuart.com

Elizabeth Thornton: www.elizabeththornton.com

Omma Velada: www.ommavelada.co.uk
Patricia Veryan aka Gwyneth Moore Fan Site: mandry.net/veryan
Joan Vincent: www.joanvincent.net

Gail Whitiker: www.gailwhitiker.com
Joan Wolf: www.joanwolf.com
Rhonda Woodward: www.rhondawoodward.com
Patricia Wynn: www.patriciawynn.com


Here are some sites that offer Regencies, both originals and reissues, in e-book form.

Awe-Struck E-Books

Belgrave House
Original and reissued Regencies by Laura Matthews / Elizabeth Walker, Carola Dunn, Joan Smith & Patricia Wynn. Published authors interested in having their works reissued as e-books are welcome to inquire.

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