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Amanda Mack

Makeshift Mistress. Candlelight #631, 1980.

Dorothy Mack

The Substitute Bride. Candlelight #225, 1977.

The Raven Sisters. Candlelight #221, July 1977.
Characters: Gavin Delawney & Elizabeth Raven; Sir Edward Lynton & Carina Raven
Summary: Suitors swarm around the beautiful, rich Raven sisters but they are seeking true love.

The Impossible Ward. Candlelight #253, January 1978.
Characters: Justin, Lord Lunswick & Lady Marianne Carstairs
Summary: Lady is happy to receive an inheritance but wishes a charming lord were not the trustee.

A Companion in Joy. Candlelight #602, 1980.

The Belle of Bath. Candlelight #666, July 1981.
Characters: Mr. Simon Kirkland & Virginia Spicer
Summary: Lady disguising herself as a governess is afraid a guest will recognize her as the Belle of Bath.

The Blackmailed Bridegroom. Signet, February 1984; reissued by Signet, May 2001, in one volume with The Luckless Elopement.
Characters: Adam Harding, Earl of Glenville & April Wendover
Summary: A lady gets more than she bargained for after blackmailing an earl into marriage.

The Luckless Elopement. Signet, June 1984; reissued by Signet, May 2001, in one volume with The Blackmailed Bridegroom.
Characters: Mr. Andrew Massingham & Victoria Seymour
Summary: Lady rescues an heiress from an elopement with a fortune hunter only to fall for him herself.

The Last Waltz. Signet, March 1986; reissued by Signet, August 1994.
Characters: Dominic, Lord Creighton & Miss Adrienne Castle
Summary: Lady who must use her skill at cards to pay off her father's debts falls in love with a man engaged to a seemingly perfect lady.

An Unconventional Courtship. Signet, August 1987.
Characters: Jason Vaugham, Earl of Altern & Miss Cleone Latham
Summary: Managing female tries to show an earl that the lady he's courting is shallow and selfish.

The Steadfast Heart. Signet, December 1988; reissued by Signet, March 1994.
Characters: Major Cameron Talbot & Miss Natasha Phillips
Summary: Lady's guardian demands she behave with propriety, then demands she wed him when her disobedience leads to scandal.

The General's Granddaughter. Signet, May 1990.
Characters: Lord Mark Eversley & Sarah Ridgemont
Summary: A lady disguises herself as a servant in a lord's home awaiting the right moment to ask for his help.

The Unlikely Chaperone. Signet, February 1991.
Heroine: Alexandra
Summary: Chaperone has to protect men from her scheming sister.

The Mock Marriage. Signet, June 1991.
Characters: Sir Egon Hollister & Miss Claire Yelland
Summary: Lady who impersonated an actress on the stage is asked by a gentleman to pose as his fiancee and fool his grandmother.

The Courtship of Chloe. Signet, September 1992.
Heroine: Miss Chloe Norris
Summary: Lady hired to straighten out a family's affairs deals with the son's advances and the father's arrogance.

The Lost Heir. Signet, July 1993.
Characters: Christopher Cardorette & Miss Brianna Llewellyn
Summary: Lady is determined to distrust the brother of the man who betrayed her sister.

The Awakening Heart. Signet, November 1993.
Characters: Mr. Charles Talbot & Miss Dinah Elcott
Summary: Lady would rather pursue her art than a husband until she meets her hostess's dashing brother.

A Prior Attachment. Signet, October 1994.
Characters: Captain Godwin & Lady Gemma Monteith
Summary: Duke finds the perfect man for his daughter but she loves her childhood sweetheart.

A Temporary Betrothal. Signet, May 1995.
Characters: Captain Anthony Wainright & Miss Belinda Melville
Summary: Captain proposes a fake betrothal to the cousin of the married lady he loves.

The Counterfeit Widow. Signet, November 1996.
Characters: Lord Tyndale & Charity Leonard
Summary: Lady disguises herself as a widow to sponsor her sister for the Season.

The Gamester's Daughter. Signet, March 1998.
Characters: Miles, Baron Pelham & Miss Claudia Herbert
Summary: Lady who helps her father at his gaming establishment flees when he's murdered and ends up on the estate of one of his customers.

The Gold Scent Bottle. Signet, April 2000.
Characters: Max Waring, Viscount Edgeworth & Miss Abigail Monroe
Summary: Lady must pose as a gentleman's fiancee in order to get her gold scent bottle back.

The Abducted Bride. Signet, August 2005.
Characters: Amy Cole
Summary: A lady is abducted by a soldier who believes her to be his missing bride.

Maggie MacKeever

Lord Fairchild's Daughter. Fawcett, 1976.
Characters: Jasper Assheton, Marquess of Craven (duke's heir) & Miss Loveday Fairchild
Summary: Lady flees when her father loses her in a card game, but finds herself in danger at the home where she sought sanctuary.

A Banbury Tale. Fawcett, 1977.

A Notorious Lady. Fawcett, 1978.

Sweet Vixen. Fawcett, 1979.

Lady Bliss. Coventry #13, December 1979.
Characters: Shannon, Viscount Roxbury & Jynx Lennox
Summary: Lady who doesn't expect to marry for love proposes to her childhood friend.
Comments: Jynx, I ask you!

Fair Fatality. Coventry #79, 1980.

An Eligible Connection. Coventry #27, March 1980.
Characters: Neal Baskerville & Delilah Mannering
Summary: Impish lady goes to live with a duke, meddles in everyone's affairs, and falls in love with her young cousin.

The Misses Millikin. Coventry #55, July 1980.
Characters: Lord Kingscote & Miss Angelica Millikin; Simon Brisbane & Miss Lily Millikin
Summary: An ugly duckling finds a man who sees her special beauty.

Jessabelle. Coventry #121, June 1981.
Characters: Earl of Pennymount & Jessabelle, Lady Pennymount
Summary: When his wife is kidnapped by a highwayman while fleeing after a fight, a husband assumes she eloped and divorces her, but when he tries to remarry he finds her scheming to upset his plans.

Lady Sweetbriar. Coventry #169, 1982.

Lady in the Straw. Coventry #174, March 1982.
Characters: Lord Stirling & Mlle. Vashti Beaufils
Summary: Lady mistakenly inherits a gambling establishment intended for her cousin who had an affair with the late owner, and is regarded with suspicion by another of her cousin's lovers.

Strange Bedfellows. Coventry, #189, 1982.

Lady Sherry and the Highwayman. Fawcett, 1986.
Characters: Lord Grenville Lady Sherris Childe
Summary: Lady novelist is thrilled to be forced at gunpoint to help a highwayman escape.

French Leave. Fawcett, 1988.

Cupid's Dart. Zebra, September 2003.
Characters: Garth, Earl of Warwick & Miss Georgiana Halliday
Summary: When a chance encounter between a lord and lady leads to an unexpected kiss, they both try to deny their mutual attraction until scandal brings them back together once again, forever.
Setting: Brighton

Love Match. Zebra, December 2003.
Characters: Justin, Lord Charnwood & Elizabeth Chavers
Summary: A lady is shocked when a woman claiming to be her husband's former wife shows up on their wedding night.

Lover's Knot. Zebra, June 2004.
Summary: A lady with amnesia is courted by two suitors.

An Extraordinary Flirtation. Zebra, November 2004.
Characters: Lord Mannering & Lady Cara Norwood
Summary: A widow heads to London to save her naive niece from a notorious rake but is attracted to him herself.

Waltz with a Vampire. Zebra, September 2005.
Characters: Count Revay-Czobar & Emily Dinwiddie
Summary: A lady asks a man she thinks is a vampire to help her gain entry to London's underworld to solve her father's murder.

Anne MacNeill

A Mind of Her Own. Signet, Sepember 1983.
Characters: Nigel Davies, Marquess of Glendale & Courtney Davies, Marchioness of Glendale
Summary: A married lady who feels that something is missing from her life of privilege opens a home for poor children in the East End and gets involved in the struggle for workers' rights in Manchester.
Setting: London & Manchester
Rating: good - Read a Review of this book.

Pseudonym for contemporary romance author Maura Seger.

Margaret MacWilliams

The Marriage Agreement. Candlelight #597, 1980.

Carolyn Madison

The Scotsman and the Spinster. Zebra, July 2000.
Characters: Ross MacCailan, Viscount St. Jerome & Miss Adalaide Terrington
Summary: Soldier campaigning for war funds in the House of Lords is given a lesson in etiquette -- and love -- by a young lady.
Setting: London

The Sinister Spinster. Zebra, August 2001.
Characters: Adam Darrach, Marquess of Falconer & Miss Elizabeth Mattingale
Summary: A gentleman who is forced to spend time with an earl's obnoxious family in order to gain support for a diplomatic cause finds himself falling for the countess's companion.
Setting: Kent

Other Regencies as Joan Overfield.

Joanna Maitland

A Penniless Prospect. Mills & Boon, May 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, November 2003.
Characters: Richard Hardinge & Jessamyn aka Jamie
Summary: A lady who is about to be forced into marriage with an old lecher flees disguised as a boy and is hired as a gardener by a gentleman.

A Poor Relation. Mills & Boon, September 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, June 2004.
Characters: Lord Amburley & Miss Isabella Winstanley
Summary: A lord encounters a shabbily dressed woman on the road and then later meets her in London passing herself off as a lady of fortune and position.

Marrying the Major. Mills & Boon, August 2002; reissued by Harlequin Historical, January 2004.
Characters: Major Hugo Stratton & Emma Fitzwilliam
Summary: A lady must marry a man who has returned from the war scarred and bitter.

Rake's Reward. Mills & Boon, August 2003; reissued by Harlequin, March 2004.
Characters: Mr. Kit Stratton & Miss Marina Beaumont
Summary: A companion instructed to keep her employer from gambling seeks out a rake who won a fortune from the dowager.
Setting: London
Rating: very good

My Lady Angel. Mills & Boon, November 2004; reissued by Harlequin Historical, January 2005.
Characters: Frederick, Earl of Penrose & Lady Angelina Rosevale
Summary: A lady tells her cousin that a Frenchman is claiming his earldom and meanwhile becomes attracted to a masked stranger.

"An Uncommon Abigail" in A Regency Invitation to the House Party of the Season. Harlequin Historical, November 2005.
Overall Summary: Society gathers at the home of a lord who had been shunned since the mysterious disappearance of his wife.

Website: www.joannamaitland.com

Anthea Malcolm

The Widow's Gambit. Zebra, May 1988.
Characters: Nicholas Warwick & Livia Neville
Summary: Lady disguises herself as an old widow to chaperone her older sister but regrets it when she meets a handsome gentleman.

The Courting of Philippa. Zebra, August 1989.
Characters: Mr. Henry Ashton & Philippa Davenport
Summary: A romance writer who is being sued because one of her characters resembles a late lord discovers that a writer who once criticized her work is covering the trial for a newspaper.

Frivolous Pretence. Zebra, February 1990.
Characters: Frank Hawksley, Baron Chester & Demetra Hawksley, Lady Chester
Summary: Lady is accused of leaking sensitive information about the Queen's divorce, and when her husband believes the accusations she leaves him until she can discover the truth.
Series: Includes characters from The Widow's Gambit and The Courting of Philippa.
Rating: very good - See a Review of this book.

"A Mistletoe Christmas," in A Christmas Holiday. Zebra, November 1990.
Characters: Jeremy Crawford & Elizabeth Adler
Summary: A practical lady who broke off her engagement to an eccentric man gets a second chance at love when her former fiance and a mysterious strangers arrive unexpectedly on Christmas Eve.

The Counterfeit Heart. Zebra, June 1991.
Characters: Charles Windham & Nicola Crawford
Summary: Lady is not surprised when the fiancee of her unromantic, conventional cousin leaves him to go on a mysterious quest.

A Touch of Scandal. Zebra, December 1991.
Characters: Gideon, Viscount Carne & Fiona Alistair aka Lady Fiona Melchett
Summary: Lord and the lady he seduced investigate her parentage and his financial troubles.
Rating: good

"Christmas Knight," in A Christmas Delight. Zebra, December 1991.
Characters: Owen Thorn & Amanda Berwick
Summary: A gentleman without a family of his own attends a Christmas houseparty, and an old tale of courtly love makes him see a lady friend in a new light.

"The Perfect Mother," in A Mother's Heart. Zebra, May 1992.
Characters: Miles & Melloney Pengarrick
Summary: Lady enters into a marriage of convenience with a man with two daughters.

An Improper Proposal. Zebra, August 1992
Characters: Guy & Rachel Ford
Summary: A lady running a theatre company helps a brilliant playwright who was falsely accused of a crime by offering him the protection of her name.

A Sensible Match. Zebra, May 1993.
Characters: Harry Dudley, Earl of Milverton & Alessandra di Tassio
Summary: Unromantic lady and gentleman make a sensible match but find their passion for each other inflammed while seeking to divert a royal scandal.
Setting: Russia

"Fit For A Prince," in A Valentine's Day Delight. Zebra, January 1994.
Characters: Simon di Tassio &  Justine de Valon
Summary: A gentleman goes to a Valentine's Day houseparty to meet his future wife only to find that the girl's chaperone is his first and only love.

Also writes historical romance as Tracy Grant.

Website: tracygrant.wordpress.com

Jennifer Malin

Lord St. Leger's Find. Zebra, December 2002.
Characters: Miles Kennestone, Lord St. Leger & Melpomene Lowery
Summary: A lord excavating a Roman villa suspects that a lady claiming to be an archeologist is really a fortune hunter.
Setting: Dorset

The Artful Miss Irvine. Zebra, September 2003.
Characters: Duke of Ashton & Maeve Irvine
Summary: Determined never to love again after suffering a humiliating betrayal, a wealthy artist poses as a poor relation to keep suitors at bay, but her plan goes awry when she meets a duke who is still haunted by his late wife's deception.
Setting: London

‚?oA Perfect Duet‚?Ě in With This Ring. Zebra, June 2004.
Characters: Andrew Owen & Miranda Granville
Summary: A pianist‚?Ts father wants her to marry, but a classically trained musician understands her.

Gail Mallin

A Most Unsuitable Duchess. Harlequin #60, October 1991.
Characters: Marcus Richmond, Marquis of Dene & Miss Corisande Clifford
Summary: Lord nearly runs a lady down in his phaeton and takes her under his wing when he finds she is penniless and alone in the world.

"The Eccentric Miss Delaney," in A Regency Quartet. Mills & Boon, 1992; reissued as Harlequin #100, June 1993.
Characters: Nick, Lord Verlaine & Miss Athena Delaney
Summary: Lord steals a kiss from a lady he mistakes for a chambermaid.
Rating: good

Debt of Honour. Mills & Boon, 1993; reissued by Harlequin, 1995, in Dalliance & Deception with Sylvia Andrew's Serena.

A Rebellious Lady. Mills & Boon, April 1998.

An Infamous Proposal. Mills & Boon, January 2002.
Characters: Luke, Lord Kildare & Ianthe Garland
Summary: A lady desperate to save her family home tries to seduce a childhood friend and is discovered in a compromising situation with him.

Edna Maye Manley

Final Season. Coventry #202, 1982.

Agatha. Walker, 1984.
Characters: Sir Edward Averson & Miss Agatha Winslow
Summary: Limping lady mistakes her sister's suitor for his rakish uncle.
Rating: excellent

Jo Manning

"Belvedere," in A Regency Sampler. Regency Press, 1999.

The Reluctant Guardian. Regency Press, 1999.
Characters: Colonel Sir Isaac Rebow & Mary Martin
Summary: Man determined to avoid the parson's mousetrap finds himself saddled with two young ladies.
Comments: Based on a true story.

Seducing Mr. Heywood. Five Star, 2002; reissued in paperback by Signet, May 2005.
Characters: Mr. Charles Heywood & Lady Sophia Rowley
Summary: A widow returns to Yorkshire for a reunion with the children she hasn't seen for years and encounters the vicar who has been appointed their guardian.
Series: Sequel to The Reluctant Guardian (heroine is former mistress of that book's hero)
Rating: good

Elizabeth Mansfield

Unexpected Holiday. Candlelight #233, 1978. (Under the name Libby Mansfield.)

My Lord Murderer. Berkley, 1978; reissued by Jove, 1986.
Characters: Andrew Seymour, Viscount Jamison & Lady Gwendolyn Rowle
Summary: Widow thinks a suitor murdered her husband.
Rating: superb

A Very Dutiful Daughter. Berkley, 1979; reissued by Jove, 1996 and 2001.
Characters: Roger Denham, Earl of Arneau & Miss Letitia Glendenning
Summary: Lady is expected to wed the man who unwittingly accosted her at Vauxhall.
Rating: very good
Series: Sequel is The Reluctant Flirt.

The Reluctant Flirt. Berkley, 1980; reissued by Jove, 1987.
Characters: Hon. Philip Denham & Miss Augusta Glendenning
Summary: Man agrees to teach the lady who secretly loves him how to flirt in exchange for payment of his gambling debts.
Rating: excellent
Series: Sequel to A Very Dutiful Daughter.

A Regency Match. Berkley, 1980; reissued by Jove, 1986.
Characters: Marcus Harvey, Earl of Wynwood & Miss Sophia Edgerton
Summary: Lady is treated coolly by the man she mistook for her cousin and embraced at a ball.
Rating: excellent

Duel of Hearts. Berkley, 1980; reissued by Jove, 1987.
Characters: Mr. Edward Middleton & Miss Sarah Stanborough
Summary: Lady reencounters the man who stood up to her loathsome suitor but he appears to be courting another.
Rating: excellent

Her Man of Affairs. Berkley, 1980; reissued by Jove, 1986 and 1996.
Characters: Mr. David MacKenzie & Lady Theo Fairchild
Summary: Lady falls for her man of affairs.
Rating: very good

Regency Sting. Berkley, 1980; reissued by Jove, 1996.
Characters: Jason Hughes, Viscount Mainwaring & Miss Anne Hartley
Summary: American becomes the new Viscount Mainwaring.
Rating: good

A Regency Charade. Berkley, 1981; reissued by Jove, 1987.
Characters: Captain Alec Tyrrell, Lord Braeburn (earl's heir) & Priscilla Tyrrell, Lady Braeburn
Summary: Immature young man joins the army to escape the bride he thinks is cheating on him and does not return until six years later.
Rating: excellent

The Fifth Kiss. Berkley, 1981; reissued by Jove, 1987.
Characters: Miles Strickland, Earl of Langley & Miss Olivia Matthews
Summary: Lady who disapproves of her brother-in-law has a change of heart after her sister's death.

The Frost Fair. Berkley, 1982; reissued by Jove, 1987.
Characters: Sir Geoffrey Carrier Lady Margaret Underwood
Summary: Heiress who enjoys her freedom must marry or lose her money.
Rating: excellent

The Counterfeit Husband. Berkley, 1982; reissued by Jove, 1987.
Characters: Mr. Thomas Collinson & Camilla, Countess of Wyckfield
Summary: Countess asks a merchant seaman to play her husband.
Series: Sequel is Passing Fancies (story of heroine's daughter).

Passing Fancies. Berkley, 1983; reissued by Jove, 1987.
Characters: Mr. Simon Sturtevant & Lady Philippa Wyckfield
Summary: Lady who longs for a peaceful life is drawn into numerous scrapes by the family she lives with and is rescued by the quiet, scholarly brother whom everyone ignores until he's needed.
Series: Sequel to The Counterfeit Husband (heroine is daughter of that book's heroine).
Rating: superb

Her Heart's Captain. Berkley, 1983; reissued by Jove, 1987.
Characters: Captain Tristram Allenby, R.N. & Miss Jenny Garvin
Summary: Lady doubts her love for a naval captain when her midshipman brother tells her he's cruel to his men.
Rating: excellent

Love Lessons. Berkley, 1983; reissued by Jove, 1987.
Characters: Oliver Fleming, Earl of Pentargon & Miss Anne Saunders
Summary: Hoyden falls in love with her guardian, who seems to prefer a prim and proper lady.
Comments: First person.

A Marriage of Inconvenience. Berkley, 1984.
Characters: Lord Cheselden & Penelope Mayes
Summary: A penniless orphan is offered marriage by a wealthy lord but she loves his uncle.

A Splendid Indiscretion. Berkley, 1985; reissued by Signet, July 2005, in one volume with A Grand Passion.
Characters: Ivor Griffith, Viscount Mullineaux & Miss Ada Surringham
Summary: Muddleheaded lady loves a lord too much to saddle him with her confused self.

The Grand Passion. Jove, 1986; reissued by Signet, July 2005, in one volume with A Splendid Indiscretion.
Characters: Matthew Lotherwood, Marquis of Bradbourne & Miss Tess Brownlow
Summary: Lady seeks revenge on the lord whom she believes killed her fiance in a coaching accident.
Rating: good Comments: He would be called Bradbourne not Lotherwood so the confusion with the real person responsible would not have arisen.

The Phantom Lover. Jove, 1986; reissued by Jove, 2000.
Characters: Captain Henry Thorne & Helen Belden
Summary: Lady flees to a castle to escape an unwanted suitor and falls in love with a ghost.

The Magnificent Masquerade. Charter, 1987; reissued by Jove, 1994.
Characters: Gregory Wishart, Earl of Edgerton & Miss Katherine Jessup
Summary: Lady and her maid switch places on a visit to the lady's betrothed, while the fiance's brother sees through her disguise and is enchanted.
Rating: very good

A Grand Deception. Charter, 1988; reissued by Signet, January 2005.
Characters: Anthony Maitland, Viscount Ivers & Miss Georgianna Verney aka Grace Vail; Captain Jeremy Verney & Miss Peggy Birkin
Summary: When a bluestocking runs away to become a schoolteacher, a lookalike stray is enlisted to take her place at the house party of the viscount who admires her.
Rating: very good

The Accidental Romance. Charter, 1988; reissued by Jove, 1994.
Characters: Peregrine, Viscount Wittenden (earl's heir) & Miss Lucienne Gerard
Summary: Lady is infuriated when a lord publishes an account of their carriage accident in which he terms her a shrew.
Rating: excellent

The Bartered Bride. Charter, 1989; reissued by Jove, 1994.
Characters: Robert Rossiter, Viscount Kittridge & Miss Cassandra Chivers
Summary: Gentleman marries a lady for her £40,000 dowry.
Rating: very good

The Lady Disguised. Jove, 1989.
Characters: Derek Rutledge & Miss Ada Farrington
Summary: Lady disguises herself as a boy to find her runaway brother, but when she falls in love with a dashing gentleman she can't think how to reveal the truth.

A Christmas Kiss. Jove, 1990; reissued by Signet, November 2005, in one volume with Winter Wonderland.
Characters: Philip, Earl of Gyllford & Miss Evalyn Pennington
Summary: Earl falls in love with the lady his son brings home for Christmas.
Rating: very good

A Prior Engagement. Jove, 1990.
Characters: John Maxwell, Marquis of Ollenshaw & Miss Genevra Hazeldine
Summary: Lady violinist who has jilted many suitors learns that her bratty cousin is engaged to the only man she ever loved.
Rating: very good

A Brilliant Mismatch. Jove, 1991.
Characters: Hon. Oliver Sherrard & Miss Moira Pattinger
Summary: Lady who vows to wed the first man she sees must marry a mysterious vagrant.
Rating: excellent

"The Girl with Airs," A Regency Holiday. Jove, November 1991.

Winter Wonderland. Jove, 1992; reissued by Signet, November 2005, in one volume with A Christmas Kiss.
Characters: Barnaby Traherne & Miranda Pardew
Summary: Ten years after a lady haughtily turned down his shy request for a dance, a gentleman has the chance to hire the now-impoverished lady as a governess for his brother's children.

Mother's Choice. Jove, 1994.
Characters: Jeremy Tate, Viscount Inglesby & Cassandra, Lady Berringer
Summary: Lady falls in love with the man her daughter hoped to marry.
Rating: very good

Poor Caroline. Jove, 1995; reissued by Signet, August 2004 in one volume with Matched Pairs.
Characters: Kit Meredith, Viscount Crittenden & Miss Caroline Whitlow
Summary: Poor relation is determined not to like the heir who is coming home from the war.
Rating: very good

Matched Pairs. Jove, 1996; reissued by Signet, August 2004 in one volume with Poor Caroline.
Characters: Peter Granard, Viscount Canfield & Miss Juliet Branscombe
Summary: Lord tries to save a lady's engagement to another against her wishes.
Rating: good

Miscalculations. Jove, 2000.
Characters: Lucian Hammond, Viscount Kettering & Miss Jane Douglas
Summary: An indebted gambler's mother allows him control of his finances, but only if he will heed the advice of her female business manager.

The Girl with the Persian Shawl. Jove, 2002.
Characters: Harry Gerard, Earl of Ainsworth & Miss Kate Rendell
Summary: A lady who always speaks her mind seems ill-suited to any bachelor until an admirer of her family's portrait strikes her fancy.
Setting: Suffolk

An Encounter with Venus. Signet, December 2003.
Characters: George Frobisher, Earl of Chadleigh
Summary: An earl encounters a lady whom he once saw in the bath as a youth.

Elizabeth Mansfield passed away on December 21, 2003.

Lillian Marsh

The Forgotten Bride. Second Chance at Love #99.
Characters: Eleanor Glyndon
Summary: An impoverished lady impetuously marries a dashing stranger who then deserts her after one blissful night. Years later, she confronts her
errant husband, who is shocked to learn he has a wife... and son.

Paula Marshall

An Improper Duenna. Mills & Boon, 1992; reissued as Harlequin #107, October 1993; also reissued by Mills & Boon, 1999, in The Regency Collection, volume 1, with Sarah Westleigh's A Most Exceptional Quest.
Characters: Sir Patrick Ramsey & Miss Chloe Transome
Summary: Lady's companion falls in love with one of her charge's suitors.

Cyprian's Sister. Harlequin, 1993; reissued by Harlequin, 1994, in Regency Diamonds with Brenda Hiatt's Azalea.
Characters: Lord Francis Carey (marquess's younger son) & Miss Bel Merrick
Summary: Lord takes revenge on the sister of a blackmailing Cyprian.

Cousin Harry. Harlequin #96, April 1993.
Characters: Alex, Earl of Templestowe & Harriet Ashburn
Summary: Earl deprived of a large part of his inheritance blames his cousin's widow, whom he regards as a scheming adventuress.

My Lady Love. Mills & Boon, September 1993; reissued by Harlequin, May 1995, in Reluctant Bridegrooms with Sylvia Andrew's A Darling Amazon; reissued by Mills & Boon, 1999, in The Regency Collection, volume 5, with Stephanie Laurens' Four in Hand.
Characters: Charles Shadwell, Viscount Halstead & Elinor 'Nell' Tallboys, Countess of Malplaquet (in her own right)
Summary: Lord slanders the name of a lady, not realizing that his father is negotiating a marriage between them.

Reasons of the Heart. Mills & Boon, September 1994.

Dear Lady Disdain. Mills & Boon, 1995; reissued by Mills & Boon, 1999, The Regency Collection, volume 3, with Elizabeth Bailey's An Angel's Touch; also reissued by Harlequin, October 2000.
Characters: Matthew Falconer, Viscount Radley, heir to Earl Falconer, & Miss Anastasia 'Stacy' Blanchard
Summary: Heiress who has spurned numerous fortune hunters is stranded by the weather with a man who has returned from America to cut all his ties with England.

Not Quite a Gentleman. Mills & Boon, November 1995.

Lady Clairval's Marriage. Mills & Boon, April 1997.
Series: Sequel to Reasons of the Heart (1994).

The Devil and Drusilla. Mills & Boon, February 1999; reissued by Mills & Boon in The Regency Rakes, vol. 2, November 2002.
Characters: Earl of Devenish & Mrs. Drusilla Faulkner
Summary: An earl is drawn to a neighboring widow but he wonders whether she was involved in her husband's death.

The Wolfe's Mate. Mills & Boon, June 1999; reissued by Harlequin, March 2001.
Characters: Mr. Ben Wolfe & Miss Susanna Beverly
Summary: Lady cheated out of her inheritance becomes a lady's companion and is kidnapped by a gentleman who mistakes her for her employer.

Miss Jesmond's Heir. Mills & Boon, 1999; reissued by Harlequin, July 2001.
Characters: Jess Fitzroy & Mrs. Georgina Herron
Summary: A gentleman arrives to inspect the property he inherited from his great-aunt and finds a widowed lady dressed in men's clothes playing with two children.
Series: Includes characters from The Wolfe's Mate.

Major Chancellor's Mission. Mills & Boon, November 2001.
Characters: Major Richard Chancellor & Miss Pandora Compton
Summary: A major posing as a tutor in order to unmask a traitor finds his job made more difficult by the lady of the house.

An Unconventional Duenna. Mills & Boon, December 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, January 2003.
Characters: Nicholas Cameron & Athene
Summary: A lady attracts the attentions of a gentleman whose cousin thinks she's an adventuress.
Series: Book 8 of The Steepwood Scandal; preceded by An Unreasonable Match by Sylvia Andrew; followed by Counterfeit Earl by Anne Herries.

The Missing Marchioness. Mills & Boon, August 2002; reissued by Harlequin Historical, September 2003.
Characters: Marcus, Lord Angmering & "Madame Felice"
Summary: A lord who is determined to make a modiste his mistress discovers that she is hiding a terrible secret.
Series: Book 16 of The Steepwood Scandal; preceded by An Inescapable Match by Sylvia Andrew.

An Unconventional Heiress. Mills & Boon, April 2003; reissued by Harlequin Historical, June 2004.
Characters: Alan Kerr & Sarah Langley
Summary: A Society lady leaves England for Australia to escape her stifling home and meets an unjustly disgraced doctor who helps the poor.
Setting: New South Wales, Australia

The Daring Duchess. Mills & Boon, November 2004.
Characters: Sir Neville Fortescue & Diana, Duchess of Medbourne
Summary: A gentleman who is determined not to become a rake is drawn into a world of brothels, plots, and murder when he joins forces with a duchess to help a servant girl.

Also writes other period romances.

Michelle Martin

The Hampshire Hoyden. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Theodore, Marquess of Blake & Miss Katherine Glyn
Summary: Lord pursued by title-hunters is intrigued by a hoyden who ignores him.

The Queen of Hearts. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Simon, Lord Cartwright & Lady Samantha Adamson
Summary: Lord is infuriated yet intrigued by a meddling matchmaker.

The Mad Miss Mathley. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Lord Carlton & Miss Melinda Mathley
Summary: Lady who is ordered to accept the next proposal she receives hopes to change her parents' minds by entering a false betrothal with a notorious rake in exchange for giving him entree back to society.
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, Best Regency Comedy 1994-95

The Adventurers. Fawcett, 1996.
Characters: Brett Avery, Earl of Northbridge & Miss Gleana Isabel Dalton
Summary: Lady disguises herself as a man to help a young baron claim his inheritance.
Rating: very good

The Butler Who Laughed. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Major Sir Jack Rawlins & Lady Sarah Thorndike
Summary: Man agrees to pose as his friend's butler to retrieve an incriminating letter and is drawn to the lady whom his friend is supposed to marry.
Rating: very good

Prudence Martin

Counterfeit Courtship. Candlelight, 1982.

Passion's Persuasion. Zebra, 1985; reissued by Zebra, July 1990.
Characters: Giles Vargo & Miss Rilla Linville
Summary: A lady carrying papers out of France pertaining to Napoleon's plans to escape St. Helena accepts the escort of gentleman and then discovers he's the man she was warned against.
Setting: On the road from France to London

Wager on Love. Zebra, 1985.
Characters: Nicholas, Viscount Ruxart & Miss Jane Sommers
Summary: Rogue chooses his bride by wager then falls for her sister.

Sally Martin

Numbered Kisses. Jove, 1992.
Characters: Sebastian, Marquis of Ryland & Miss Nella Parfitt
Summary: To prevent her uncle from publishing his memoirs, a lady joins forces with a lord whose mother is mentioned in the scandalous manuscript.

Fair Schemer. Avon, 1993.
Characters: Lord Greybourne & Miss Lily de Guise
Summary: Lord escapes marriage-minded misses by fleeing to the countryside as plain Mr. Grey, but his plan goes awry when he falls in love with a lady who confesses a need to marry for money.
Rating: very good

Sweet Fancy. Avon, 1994.
Characters: Titus Densmore, Viscount Rossiter & Miss Gillian Witton aka Miss Merrythought
Summary: Lord is determined to unmask the mysterious songstress who has enthralled the gentlemen of London.

Laura Matthews

The Seventh Suitor. Warner, 1979 Signet, August 1991.
Characters: Earl of Winterton & Miss Kate Montgomery
Summary: Lady seeking a husband who can respect a woman's mind has rejected six suitors, and the seventh seems the most unlikely of all.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #9"

The Aim of a Lady. Warner, 1980; reissued by Signet, June 1991; reissued on audio cassette & CD by Belgrave House.
Characters: Ellis Robbins, Viscount Alma & Miss Diana Savile; Mr. George Savile & Miss Alonna Sanfield
Summary: Lady accidentally shoots her brother's friend with an arrow, forcing him to recuperate under her care.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #15"

Alicia. Warner, 1980 (under the name Elizabeth Walker); reissued by Signet, March 1992; reissued as an e-book by Belgrave House, Spring 2002.
Characters: Nigel, Marquis of Stronbert & Alicia, Lady Coombs
Summary: Widow with a child to support must run a shop and fend off the advances of a rake with the help of a kindly lord.

A Curious Courting. Coventry #78, 1980 (under the name Elizabeth Neff Walker); reissued by Signet, January 1993; reissued as an e-book by Belgrave House.
Characters: Mr. Gareth Rushton & Miss Selina Easterly-Cummings
Summary: When a lady refuses to sell him part of her land for a hunting lodge, a gentleman sets out to charm her.

Lord Clayborne's Fancy. Warner, 1980; reissued by Signet, October 1991.
Characters: Jason, Lord Clayborne & Rebecca, Lady Clayborne
Summary: Lady whose husband thinks she was not a virgin on their wedding night tries to win his love.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #20"
Rating: very good

The Nomad Harp. Coventry #52, 1980 (under the name Elizabeth Neff Walker); reissued by Signet, May 1993.
Characters: Phillip Hobart, Viscount Pontley & Miss Glenna Forbes
Summary: Lady rejects her fiance when he inherits a viscountcy and seems intent on marrying her solely out of honor, but by the time they realize their true feelings for each other he has become entangled with another woman.
Rating: excellent Comments: Very well developed characters and romance. Their exchange of letters a nice touch.

A Baronet's Wife. Warner, 1981; reissued by Signet, January 1992.
Characters: Sir Noah Lawrence & Olivia, Lady Lawrence
Summary: Lady must marry the baronet who compromised her and led her brothers astray.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #22"

Holiday in Bath. Warner, 1981.
Characters: Cranford Ashwicke & Trelenny Storwoods
Summary: Lady is reluctant to marry a stuffy gentleman whom she's known since childhood, but a trip to Bath opens her eyes.
Setting: Bath
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #24"

The Lady Next Door. Coventry #113, 1981 (under the name Elizabeth Neff Walker); reissued by Signet, September 1993.
Characters: Earl of Latteridge & Miss Marianne Findlay
Summary: Earl moves next door to a lady with a ruined reputation.

In My Lady's Chamber. Coventry #142, 1981 (under the name Elizabeth Neff Walker); reissued by Signet, July 1993.
Characters: Marc, Viscount Steyne & Miss Theodosia Tremere
Summary: Governess who leads her charges in a search for a treasure finds one of her own when her former fiance reappears in her life.
Rating: excellent

A Very Proper Widow. Signet, December 1982; reissued by Signet, May 1987
Characters: James Damery, Earl of Alvescot & Mrs. Vanessa Damery
Summary: Widow left in charge of an estate and two small children resists the efforts of her husband's friend to manage her affairs.
Rating: very good

Lord Greywell's Dilemma. Signet, January 1983; reissued by Signet March 1986.
Characters: David Foxcott, Viscount Greywell & Elspeth Parkstone
Summary: Lady runs her husband's household, cares for his sickly son and hosts his parties but insists he keep his promise not to touch her.
Rating: good

The Ardent Lady Amelia. Signet, February 1984.
Characters: Lord Verwood & Lady Amelia Cameron
Summary: Lady who assists her brother in entrapping spies is determined to unmask a lord whom everyone else considers a hero.

The Proud Viscount. Signet, May 1987.
Characters: Stephen, Viscount Rossmere & Lady Jane Reedness
Summary: In order to help her sister, lady considers marriage to her late fiancé's impoverished cousin.

Miss Ryder's Memoirs. Signet, September September 1988.
Characters: Sir John Meddows & Miss Catherine Ryder
Summary: Lady is shocked when a gentleman doesn't turn his back when he spies her bathing, but she is even more dismayed when he pays attention to her sister.
Comments: First person.

The Village Spinster. Signet, February 1993.
Characters: Alexander Barrington, Earl of Kinsford & Miss Clarissa Driscoll
Summary: Earl who is irritated with an impoverished spinster's interference in his siblings' lives begins to suspect her of being a woman of easy virtue.

"The Viscount and the Hoyden," in A Regency Christmas V. Signet, November 1993.

"Lady Bountiful," in A Regency Christmas [VII]. Signet, November 1995.
Characters: Julian Winslow, Viscount Meacham & Miss Drucilla Carruthers
Summary: Lady atoning for her father's mismanagement of his estate attracts his heir's attention with her spending.

A Fine Gentleman. Signet, November 1999.
Characters: Richard, Viscount Hartville & Lady Caroline Carruthers
Summary: Mother tries to match up her obstinate son with a visiting lady.

A Prudent Match. Signet, July 2000.
Characters: William, Baron Ledbetter & Prudence Stockworth
Summary: Baron encumbered with debts enters a marriage of convenience with an innocent young lady.

A Rival Heir. Signet, January 2002.
Characters: Sir Hugh Nowlin & Nell Armstrong
Summary: A lady takes very seriously her deathbed promise to her dying grandfather that she will care for her cantankerous old aunt for the rest of her life, but she begins to regret her vow when she encounters a wonderful man who may hold the key to the secrets of the past.

Other Regencies as Elizabeth Neff Walker

Website: Visit www.belgravehouse.com for Laura Matthews / Elizabeth Walker e-books. The site also offers several other e-books, including original and reissued Regencies by Patricia Wynn, Joan Smith and Carola Dunn.

Phoebe Matthews

The Unsuitable Lovers. Candlelight #682, 1981.

Emily Maxwell

The Wicked Count. Zebra, May 1990.
Characters: Simon Waverly & Corrine Randolph
Summary: Gentleman agrees to put more zest into his courtship of a lady who admires heroes in novels, but is determined to show her real love is more than just romance.

Queen of Hearts. Zebra, January 1992.
Characters: Gabriel, Lord Fairmont & Juliana Seaton
Summary: Lord investigates a lady who wins money from his sister at cards.

"The Wedding of the Season," in A June Wedding. Zebra, June 1992.

"The Second Proposal," inA Valentine's Day Tangle. Zebra, February 1993.

An Easter Disguise. Zebra, March 1994.
Characters: Characters: Phillip Sinclair, Earl of Weston & Miss Harriett Haversham
Summary: Lady agrees to pose as a vicar so her sister can attend a lord's party.
Rating: very good

Janis Susan May

The Avenging Maid. Candlelight #625, 1980.

Lacey. Walker, 1987.
Characters: Jordan, Viscount Piedmont & Miss Lacey Chyngford
Summary: Lady seeks out her banished daughter much to her family's chagrin.

Margaret Mayhew

Regency Charade. Walker, 1986; reissued in papaerback by Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Richard Drew, Viscount Melvin & Miss Katherine Spencer
Summary: Lady tries to oust gentleman who won her home in a card game.

Amanda McCabe

Scandal in Venice. Signet, April 2001.
Characters: Sir Nicholas Hollingsworth & Lady Elizabeth Everdean
Summary: A gentleman is asked to track down a lady who fled from England to Italy after a terrifying accident.

The Spanish Bride. Signet, August 2001.
Characters: Peter Everdean, Earl of Clifton & Carmen Montero
Summary: A British officer and a Spanish countess who were wed on a battlefield are separated by the war and believe each other to be dead.
Series: Sequel to Scandal in Venice.
Setting: Spain (briefly), London & Cornwall

Lady Rogue. Signet, February 2002.
Characters: Alexander Kenton, Duke of Wayland & Georgina Beaumont
Summary: A duke who must marry for money because of his brother's gambling debts falls in love with an artist.

The Errant Earl. Signet, June 2002.
Characters: Marcus Hadley, Earl of Ellston & Miss Julia Barclay
Summary: A man returns home to take over his late father's estate and finds his stepmother's daughter living there with members of her acting troupe.
Setting: English countryside

"A Partridge in a Pear Tree" in A Regency Christmas [IX].Signet, October 2002.
Characters: William Bradford & Allison Gordon
Summary: A lady and gentleman are invited to the home of a relative who is holding a scavenger hunt to determine who will inherit her fortune.

The Golden Feather. Signet, November 2002.
Characters: Justin Seward, Earl of Lyndon & Mrs. Caroline Aldritch
Summary: Left destitute except for a gaming establishment following the death of her husband, a genteel widow embarks on a desperate scheme to run the Golden Feather by hiding her identity, until a reformed rake falls for the mysterious proprietor.
Setting: London & English seaside
Rating: excellent

A Loving Spirit. Signet, February 2003.
Characters: Phillip, Earl of Royce & Miss Cassie Richards
Summary: A lady visits a haunted castle belonging to a bookish lord, but the couple needs a little spiritual guidance.
Setting: Cornwall

One Touch of Magic. Signet, April 2003.
Character: Major Miles Rutledge, Marquis of Ransome & Lady Iverson
Summary: A lady takes over her late husband's archeological dig at a site that may be haunted on a lord's estate.
Setting: Yorkshire

Lady in Disguise. Signet Super Regency, September 2003.
Characters: Jack Howard, Viscount St. Albans & Lady Emma Weston
Summary: Disguising herself as a maid in order to explore the London streets on her own, a lady comes face-to-face with a dashing man whom she believes to be a tradesman and delves into a dangerous masquerade of passion and love.
Setting: London

The Rules of Love. Signet, April 2004.
Characters: Lord Morley & Rosalind Chase
Summary: The author of an etiquette guide thinks her brother is being led astray by a rake.

"Upon a Midnight Clear" in Regency Christmas Magic. Signet, October 2004.
Characters: Captain Mark Payne & Antoinette Duvall
Summary: A sea captain and the daughter of a freed slave meet in a moonlight encounter that changes their lives.
Setting: Cornwall

The Star of India. Signet, October 2004.
Characters: David Huntington, Earl of Darlinghurst & Lady Emily Kenton
Summary: A lady who is the protector of the priceless Star of India must reveal a devastating secret to the man she loves and risk everything she holds dear.

A Tangled Web. Signet, February 2006.
Characters: Frederick Parcival, Lady Diana, Sir Thomas Cole, Lady Caroline Reid, Lord Edward Sutton, Lady Charlotte, Roland Kirk-Bedwin
Summary: Ladies and gentlemen attending a summer soiree at a country estate find themselves caught in tangled web of betrayal, deception, and love.

Website: ammandamccabe.tripod.com

Teresa McCarthy

The Rejected Suitor. Signet, April 2004.
Characters: Jared, Earl of Stonebridge & Lady Emily Clearbrook
Summary: A lady encounters the man who once professed his love for her and then ran off with another woman.
Rating: good

To Marry a Marquess. Signet, August 2004.
Characters: Marquess of Drakefield & Lady Victoria
Summary: A lady becomes engaged in order to save her family from financial ruin, but her betrothed is murdered.

The Wagered Bride. Signet, December 2004.
Characters: Lord Stephen Clearbrook & Elizabeth Shelby
Summary: A lord hopes to clear his gambling debts to a Cit by marrying the man's daughter.

The Convenient Bride. Signet, September 2005.
Characters: Lord Clayton Clearbrook & Miss Briana Garland
Summary: A lord who must marry in three weeks to restore his family fortune finds a perfect candidate, but she resists him.

Dorothy McFalls

The Marriage List. Signet, May 2005.
Characters: Radford, Viscount Evers & May Sheffers
Summary: A lord falls in love with a humble lady who meets none of his requirements for a wife.

Gladys McGorian

The Prince Regent's Silver Bell. Walker, 1987.
Characters: Edward, Earl of Radburn & Miss Katherine Martin
Summary: Horse-breeding hoyden must become ladylike in order to inherit money for her ill father.

Dixie Lee McKeone

The Winter Picnic. Harlequin #18, March 1987.
Characters: Earl of Northford & Miss Amethy Portney
Summary: Four-year-old duke schemes to get his guardian to marry a neighbor lady.
Rating: very good

Daughters Four. Harlequin #19, April 1988.
Characters: Julian Abbotsley, Earl of Beresford & Miss Veronica Westfield
Summary: Sisters make a mess of matchmaking for one another.
Rating: very good

Sweet Doro. Harlequin #9, September 1989.
Characters: Garreth Amberson, Viscount Tolver & Dorothea Sailings, Lady Lindsterhope
Summary: Lady and gentleman who loved one another 16 years ago meet in London when they bring their charges to town.

Other Regencies as Jane Lovelace

Lesley-Anne McLeod

Clemmie's Major. Awe-Struck E-Books, September 2002.
Characters: Major Gideon Rhyle & Clementina, Countess of Carmelth
Summary: The last thing Clementina, widowed Countess of Carmelth, wants to do is fall in love.  Then she meets Major Gideon Rhyle, wounded 'giant' of the 11th Dragoon Regiment.  If she accepts his help, can she fail to accept his love?

The Rake's Reflection. Awe-Struck E-Books, February 2003.
Characters: Rupert Manningford, Earl of Torgreave & Miss Cordelia Tyninghame
Summary: When a servant's subterfuge manipulates the meeting of a lady and a rake, a family secret is revealed which changes her life and his forever.

The Beggar-maid. Awe-Struck E-Books, March 2004.
Characters: Marquess of Wessington & Lady Iphigenia Brierley
Summary: An impoverished lady cannot understand why a wealthly marquess offers to rescue her.

Daughter of Trade. Awe-Struck E-Books, February 2005.

Margaret McPhee

The Captain's Lady. Mills & Boon, December 2005.
Characters: Lord Nathaniel Hawke & Miss Georgiana Raithwaite
Summary: To avoid an unwanted marriage, a lady runs away and disguises herself as a ship's boy, but the captain sees through her disguise.

Melinda McRae

The Duke's Daughter. Signet, April 1991.
Characters: Somerset Graham, Earl of Wentworth & Lady Elizabeth Granford
Summary: Lady who wants nothing to do with love and marriage rejects the proposal of an earl determined to learn her secret.

An Unlikely Attraction. Signet, September 1991.
Characters: Ellis, Earl of Penhurst Sophrina, Viscountess Teel
Summary: Lord and lady whose spouses ran off with each other meet when the lady finds the lord's lost child, who bears a striking resemblance to her husband.

"Home for Christmas," in A Regency Christmas III. Signet, November 1991.
Characters: Lord Ashby Sutton & Miss Rosalie Norris
Summary: Gentleman returns after years in America to find his family home vacant except for the governess.

A Highly Respectable Widow. Signet, January 1992; reissued by Signet, August 2003, in one volume with The Defiant Miss Foster.
Characters: Edward Beauchamp, Earl of Knowlton & Katherine, Lady Robert Mayfield
Summary: Lord hopes to make a war widow his mistress.
Rating: very good

Married by Mistake. Signet, May 1992; reissued by Signet, December 2000 in one volume with Joan Wolf's His Lordship's Mistress.
Characters: Viscount Alford & Florence Washburn
Summary: Lady finds herself married to her fiance's older brother after a proxy marriage gone awry.

"A Country Wedding," in A Regency Summer. Signet, June 1992.

The Highland Lord. Signet, December 1992.
Characters: Alasdair MacKyle & Lady Harriet Winterbourne
Summary: English lady tries to make stubborn a Scotsman fall in love with her.

Lady Leprechaun. Signet, May 1993.
Characters: Duke of Hartford & Emily, Vicountess Darrow
Summary: Widow and a duke are thrown together chasing after runaway schoolboys.

"Hide-&-Seek," in Rakes and Rogues. Signet, June 1993.
Characters: George Atwell, Viscount Belmont & Miss Juliet Waldron
Summary: Lady who takes care of the illegitimate children of a man she loves goes to a masquerade to meet him incognito.

"Cupid's Dart," in From the Heart.Signet, January 1994.
Characters: Sebastian Cole & Wilhelmina, Lady Taunton
Summary: Two old friends realize their love for one another during a Valentine's party game.

"Sweet Revenge," in Dashing and Dangerous: More Rakes & Rogues. Signet, 1995.

The Temporary Duke. Signet, July 1998.
Characters: Mr. Adrian Stamford & Lady Rosemary Devering
Summary: Lady hires a man to impersonate her brother, a duke who has disappeared just before his wedding.

The Unrepentant Rake. Signet, March 1999.
Characters: Simon Thorson, Earl of Milford & Miss Ariel Tennant
Summary: Lady is stranded in a blizzard at the home of a rake when a series of pranks turn dangerous.
Rating: very good

Miss Chadwick's Champion. Signet, September 2000.
Characters: Gareth Stavely, Baron Lindale & Miss Susanna Chadwick
Summary: Lord who must marry for money discovers that the lady he is falling in love with is an heiress.

The Defiant Miss Foster. Signet, August 2003. Issued in one volume with A Highly Respectable Widow (originally published January 1992).
Characters: Valentine Debenham & Miss Kat Foster
Summary: A gentleman becomes the unwilling guardian of a family of orphans including a young lady who teaches him a lesson in love.

Alicia Meadowes

Sweet Bravado. Warner, 1979.
Characters: Viscount Ardsmore & Nicole Harcourt
Summary: Aunt hoping to unite two feuding branches of her family decrees in her will that a lord must marry the daughter of his disgraced uncle.

Tender Torment. Walker, 1980
Characters: Justin St. Clare, Earl of Straeford & Miss Marisa Loftus
Summary: A Cit's daughter enters into a marriage of convenience with a woman-hating, impoverished earl.

Alix Melbourne

Regency Miss. Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Nicholas, Lord Fane & Miss Alicia Tierney
Summary: Regency miss surrenders herself to one night of passion, but when she comes to town as an heiress years later she meets a mysterious man called the Green Domino who knows her secret.
Cover quote: "I do not wish to be like other women of my class: A virgin before marriage and a whore afterwards!"

Double Wedding. Coventry #180, 1982.

Joan Mellows

A Different Face. Fawcett, 1979.
Heroine: Thea
Summary: A bluestocking helps a young lady in need and tangles with the girl's father.

Letty Barlow. Coventry #61, 1980.

Lois Menzel

A Reckless Wager. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Julian Ferris, Viscount Stanton & Miss Elizabeth Sherwood
Summary: Lord loses a wager and must become betrothed to a lady of his godmother's choosing, but though he manages to extract himself from the engagement he can't forget the lady's younger sister.
Setting: London & Leicestershire

At Daggers Drawn. Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Phillip, Baron Brooke & Miss Caroline Hargrave
Summary: Lady is incensed when the trustee of her late father's ruined estate arrives and begins issuing orders.
Rating: excellent

Ruled by Passion. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Nate Saunders, Earl of Tenbury & Miss Anne Waverly
Summary: Lady becomes governess to a lord's niece and learns a surprising secret.
Setting: London & Wiltshire

In the Shadow of Arabella. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Edward Seaton, Earl of Rudley & Miss Katherine Stillwell
Summary: Lady marries an earl to free herself and her sister from their stepfather, but the shadow of her new husband's late wife hangs over their marriage.
Setting: London & Hampshire

Celia. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Mr. Robert Graydon & Miss Celia Demming
Summary: Lady has attached a suitor who makes her the envy of her older sisters, but when her fiance's brother returns from the war her dreams of wealth and a title give way to love.
Rating: good

Barbara Metzger

Bething's Folly. Walker, 1981.
Characters: Alexander, Marquis of Carleton (duke's heir) & Miss Elizabeth Bethingame
Summary: Lady marries in order to be able to enter her horse in a race.
Rating: very good

The Earl and the Heiress. Walker, 1982; reissued by Fawcett, 1983.
Characters: Justin, Earl of Wrenthe & Miss Noelle Armstrong
Summary: Lady who inherits a townhouse from her aunt and a litter of puppies from her father hopes to make the Maltese a fashionable dog by placing an ad to which an earl responds.

My Lady Innkeeper. Fawcett, 1985; reissued by Fawcett, 1996, with An Early Engagement.
Characters: Wesley Richardson, Marquis of Cheyne & Miss Lyndell Markham
Summary: Lady disguises herself as an innkeeper to uncover a spy ring.
Rating: very good

Rake's Ransom. Walker, 1986; reissued by Zebra, December 1989; reissued by Signet, January 2006, in one volume with A Loyal Companion.
Characters: Leigh, Earl of Claibourne & Miss Jacelyn Trevaine
Summary: When a lady's dog is imprisoned for being a nuisance she tries to kidnap the nephew of the man responsible but ends up with a rake instead.

Cupboard Kisses. Fawcett, 1989; reissued by Signet, January 2001.
Characters: Kenley Chase, Viscount Winstoke & Miss Cristabel Swann
Summary: Vicar's penniless daughter moves into a "boarding house" that was part of her estate not realizing it's a brothel.
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, Best Regency Comedy 1989.

An Early Engagement. Fawcett, 1990; reissued by Fawcett, 1996, with My Lady Inkeeper.
Characters: Everett Stockton, Major Lord Stokely & Lady Emilyann Arcott
Summary: Major returns from the war to find his scrawny betrothed is the toast of the ton.
Rating: very good

An Affair of Interest. Fawcett, 1991; reissued by  Fawcett, 1998, with The Luck of the Devil.
Characters: Forrest Mainwaring, Viscount Mayne (duke's heir) & Miss Sydney Lattimore
Summary: Lady mistakes a lord who is settling his brother's debts for a moneylender and takes a loan from him, then concocts various schemes to pay him back.
Rating: very good

Minor Indiscretions. Fawcett, 1991; reissued by Signet, February 2002, in one volume with Lady in Green.
Characters: Corey, Lord Coe & Miss Melody Ashton
Summary: Lord accuses a lady's mother, who takes in the ton's byblows, of blackmailing his sister, then offers to make the lady his mistress.

The Luck of the Devil. Fawcett, 1991; reissued by Fawcett, 1998, with An Affair of Interest.
Characters: Carey Delverson (becomes Duke of St. Dillon) & Miss Rowanne Wimberly
Summary: Lady flirts with a soldier who must return to the Peninsula.
Rating: excellent
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, Best Regency 1991.

A Loyal Companion. Fawcett, 1992; reissued by Signet, January 2006, in one volume with A Rake's Ransom.
Characters: Major Darius Conover, Earl of Warebourne & Miss Sonia Randolph
Summary: A lady and a dog go to London and meet a man scorned for a scandalous deed.

Christmas Wishes. Fawcett, 1992; reissued by Signet, November 2004, in one volume with Father Christmas.
Characters: "Satan," Earl of St. Cloud & Juneclaire Beaumont
Summary: Poor relation runs away to London and is stranded in a stable with a rake, but she runs again when he offers her marriage.
Setting: On the road

Lady in Green. Fawcett, 1993; reissued by Signet, February 2002, in one volume with Minor Indiscretions.
Characters: Lord Gardiner & Annalise Avery
Summary: Accomplished horsewoman fleeing an unwanted marriage takes a position as housekeeper for a rakish lord, and while she tries to stop his lascivious tendencies, he becomes enchanted by a mysterious lady in green who rides in the park.

"Autumn Glory," in Autumn Loves. Fawcett, 1993.

A Suspicious Affair. Fawcett, 1994; reissued by Signet, December 2002, in one volume with An Angel for the Earl.
Characters: Carlinn Kimberely, Earl of Kimbrough & Marisol, Duchess of Denning
Summary: Pregnant widow is suspected of killing her libertine husband.
Rating: very good

An Angel for the Earl. Fawcett, 1994; reissued by Signet, December 2002, in one volume with A Suspicious Affair.
Characters: Kieren Somerfield, Earl of Stanford & Miss Lucinda Faire
Summary: Lady who died in scandalous circumstances is offered a second chance if she can keep a rake from the path to hell.

"Greetings of the Season," in A Regency Christmas. Fawcett, November 1994.

Father Christmas. Fawcett, 1995; reissued by Signet, November 2004, in one volume with Christmas Wishes.
Characters: Leland Warrington, Duke of Ware & Mrs. Graceann Warrington
Summary: Duke wants one of a war widow's twin sons as his heir.
Rating: very good

Lady Whilton's Wedding. Fawcett, 1995; reissued by Signet, August 2005, in one volume with An Enchanted Affair.
Characters: Graydon, Viscount Howell (earl's heir) & Miss Daphne Whilton
Summary: Bride and groom's grown children discover a body on the day of the wedding.
Rating: very good

An Enchanted Affair. Fawcett, 1996; reissued by Signet, August 2005, in one volume with Lady Whilton's Wedding.
Characters: Sloane, Duke of St. Sevrin & Lisanne, Baroness Neville (in her own right)
Summary: Lady who talks to faeries offers a fortune to a lord in exchange for his forest.
Rating: good Comments: Faerie element handled fairly well.

Valentines: A Trio of Regency Love. Fawcett, 1996; reissued by Signet, February 2004, in one volume with Road to Ruin by Margaret Evans Porter.
Summary: Stories include a matchmaking minx, a secret admirer, and the ghost of Elvis ruining a wedding night.

"Proof of the Pudding," in A Regency Christmas Feast. Signet, November 1996.

Snowdrops and Scandalbroth. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Courtney Choate, Viscount Chase & Miss Kathlyn Parthland
Summary: Virgin tries to prove he's a rake by hiring a poor lady to play his mistress.
Rating: excellent

The Christmas Carrolls. Fawcett, 1997.
Heroines: Joia, Hollice & Meredyth Carroll
Summary: Lord hopes to marry off his three daughters.

The Primrose Path. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Corin Knowlton, Viscount Knowle & Miss Angelina Armstead
Summary: Nonpareil becomes a laughingstock when his cottage is left to his aunt's dogs in the care of her companion.

Lord Heartless. Fawcett, 1998.
Characters: Lesley, Viscount Hartleigh & Mrs. Carissa Kane
Summary: When a lord discovers a baby on his doorstep he turns for help to a woman who was abandoned by her husband and must work to support her daughter.

Miss Lockharte's Letters. Fawcett, 1998.
Characters: Wynn Alton, Viscount Stanford & Miss Rosellen Lockharte
Summary: Thinking she is dying, a lady writes a series of embarrassing letters, including one to the arrogant brother of a school friend.
Rating: excellent

"Three Good Deeds," in A Regency Christmas [VIII]. Signet, November 1998.
Characters: Connor Hamilton, Viscount Royce (heir to Duke of Espinwall) & Mrs. Sabina Greene
Summary: Three boys trying to do good deeds to atone for a broken window bring their mother together with her former love.

Miss Treadwell's Talent. Signet, August 1999.
Characters: Socrates, Earl of Hyatt & Miss Maylene Treadwell
Summary: Daughter of a medium is asked to help find the missing fiancee of a dashing earl.

"Christmas Wish List," in A Regency Christmas Present. Signet, October 1999.
Characters: Albrett Wouk, Earl of Boughton & Miss Geraldine Selden
Summary: Earl with a sick daughter tries to buy a kitten from a lady he nearly ran over and mistook for a lightskirt.
Rating: good

A Worthy Wife. Signet, February 2000.
Characters: Kenyon Warrinder, Earl of Windham & Miss Aurora Halle McPhee
Summary: When a lady's fiance turns out to be already married, his brother-in-law marries her to save her from ruin.

"The Management Requests," in The Grand Hotel. Signet, June 2000.
Characters: Captain Arthur Hunter, Viscount Huntingdon & Miss Hope Thurstfield
Summary: A case of mistaken identity leads to love.

Saved by Scandal. Signet, June 2000.
Characters: Galen, Lord Woodbridge & Margot Montclaire
Summary: Lord left at the altar tries to divert the ton's attention from his humiliation by marrying a singer -- who is really a baron's daughter on the run from an evil uncle.
Award: National Readers' Choice Award, Best Regency, 2000

"Little Miracles," in A Regency Christmas Eve. Signet, October 2000.
Summary: The rodents of Lower Winfrey must somehow communicate a secret to the village's human inhabitants.
Rating: good

Miss Westlake's Windfall. Signet, April 2001.
Characters: Viscount Ashmead & Miss Ada Westlake
Summary: A lady discovers a cache of gold in her orchard but soon learns that love is a greater treasure.

The Painted Lady. Signet, July 2001.
Characters: Kennard Cartland, Duke of Caswell & Lilyanne Bannister
Summary: When the portrait he is painting speaks to him, a duke goes for help to a noted brain fever specialist and finds himself in the care of the doctor's daughter.
Setting: London & Kent

"The Christmas Curse" in Regency Christmas Spirits. Signet, October 2001.
Characters: Oliver Nicholson, Baron Worth & Amelia Merriot
Summary: A pair of ghosts are fated to haunt a castle until the heir finds a lost ring and true love.

A Debt to Delia. Signet, May 2002.
Characters: Major Lord Tyverne & Miss Delia Croft
Summary: Rescued from behind enemy lines by a fellow soldier, a major is horrified to learn that his rescuer has been killed in process and offers to marry the dead man's sister, a lovely young woman desperate to care for herself and her dependents.
Setting: Kent

Lady Sparrow. Signet, August 2002.
Characters: Lord Lowell Merrison & Minerva, Countess of Sparrowdale
Summary: A young widow discovers that her late husband had twelve illegitimate children and decides to track down the orphans, including her own son whom she thought dead at birth.

"A Home for Hannah" in A Regency Christmas. Signet, October 2002.
Characters: Gregory Bellington, Viscount Bryson
Summary: A lord who finds a child who may be his brother's byblow seeks a governess.

The Diamond Key. Signet, April 2003.
Characters: Viscount Ingall & Lady Victoria Keyes
Summary: A lady trapped in a burning building vows to marry whatever man rescues her but he must reveal his past before they can share their future.

‚?oA Marriage Made in Heaven ‚?" or Hell‚?Ě in Wedding Belles. Signet, May 2004.
Characters: Hugh, Marquess of Hardesty & Lady Marian Fortenham
Summary: St. Peter and the Devil wager over whether a rakish war hero‚?Ts near-death experience will cause him to reform.

"The Enchanted Earl" in Regency Christmas Magic. Signet, October 2004.
Characters: "Spinrod" & Laurel Mumphrey
Summary: A widow beset by magicians is helped by a mysterious old man.

"Wooing the Wolf" in Regency Christmas Courtship. Signet, October 2005.

Website: www.barbarametzger.com

Polly Meyrick

The Damask Rose. Masquerade #18, 1978.
Summary: A governess is caught up in the whirl of the Season.

Carol Michaels

Charade of Hearts. Diamond, 1992.
Characters: Lord Arlington & Alexandria Hilliard
Summary: When her guardian refuses her sister a Season, a lady decides to pay for it out of her own legacy.

Other Regencies as Jeanne Carmichael & Carol Quinto

Elizabeth Michaels

Tollin's Daughter. Harlequin #17, January 1990.
Characters: Robert, Lord Eversley & Miss Deborah Tollin
Summary: When her father commits suicide a lady breaks off her engagement and returns home, only to be followed by her former fiance who helps investigate the mysterious death.

The Fabric of Love. Harlequin #58, September 1991.
Characters: Lord Ashington & Mlle. Katherine L'Ecusson aka Crest
Summary: Impoverished but genteel daughter of a tailor is introduced to the ton.
Rating: good

The Cynic. Harlequin, 1992.
Characters: Richard Trevore, Earl of Wrendale & Miss Meg Sutton
Summary: Gentleman with a cynical view of marriage finally meets his match.

Lord Barton's Honour. Harlequin #101, July 1993.
Characters: William, Lord Barton & Miss Amanda Stratton
Summary: When a lady fleeing the clutches of an evil Frenchman stows away on his ship, a lord suspects her of being a fortune hunter.

Kasey Michaels

The Belligerent Miss Boynton. Avon, 1982.
Characters: Jared Delaney & Miss Amanda Boynton
Summary: Dashing gentleman is determined to win the heart of a mocking beauty.

The Rambunctious Lady Royston. Avon, 1982.
Characters: Zachary St. John, Earl of Royston & Samantha Ardsley
Summary: Lord is charmed by a mischievous miss, but when her outrageous behavior continues after their marriage he finds himself with more than he bargained for.

The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane. Avon, 1982.
Characters: Duke of Avanoll & Miss Tansy Tamerlane
Summary: Duke invites a cousin to chaperone his flighty sister but when the chaperone begins to attract a swarm of suitors he finds himself unaccountably jealous.

The Lurid Lady Lockport. Avon, 1984.
Characters: Kevin Rawlings, Earl of Lockport & Eugenia Fortune
Summary: New earl is shocked to discover that to gain his fortune he must marry his uncle's illegitimate daughter, and she responds by pretending to be a brazen kitchen maid.
Award: Romance Writers of America Golden Medallion, Best Regency 1985

The Savage Miss Saxon. Avon, 1985.
Characters: Nicholas Mannering, Earl of Linton & Miss Alexandra Saxon
Summary: American lady pays an unannounced visit to her grandfather and demands entrance to his home in the middle of the night, only to wake to find she is in the wrong house with a bachelor who insists they marry.

The Mischievous Miss Murphy. Avon, 1987.
Characters: Tony Betancourt, Marquess of Coniston & Miss Candie Murphy
Summary: Lord is disappointed when the Irish lass whose uncle he rescued from jail won't share his bed.
Comments: Candie???

The Questioning Miss Quinton. Avon, 1987; reissued by Harlequin, March 2002; reissued in Impetuous Misses with The Anonymous Miss Addams by Mills & Boon, April 2006.
Characters: Patrick Sherbourne, Earl of Wickford & Miss Victoria Quinton
Summary: Lady investigates her father's death by tracking down the owner of a snuff box with the initials P.S., but fears the evidence points toward the lord who has captured her heart.
Setting: London

The Playful Lady Penelope. Avon, 1988.
Characters: Lucien Kenrick & Lady Penelope Rayburn
Summary: Lady with a penchant for pranks and a disdain for marriage accepts a wager from her father that she need not wed if she can behave on a country visit, but then she meets a mischievous gentleman.

The Anonymous Miss Addams. Avon, 1989; reissued by Harlequin, March 2002; reissued in Impetuous Misses with The Questioning Miss Quinton by Mills & Boon, April 2006.
Characters: Mr. Pierre Standish & Miss Catherine Addams aka Miss Catherine Halliford
Summary: While on a mission to prove himself a true gentleman to his father, a notorious rogue stumbles upon an unconscious young woman lying in the middle of the road.
Setting: Sussex
Series: Includes characters from The Questioning Miss Quinton.

The Dubious Miss Dalrymple. Avon, 1990; reissued by Harlequin, March 2002.
Characters: Alastair Lowell, Earl of Hythe aka John Bates & Miss Elinor Dalrymple
Summary: An earl pretends to be dead and goes undercover in the home of the new heir in order to find out who tried to kill him.
Setting: Kent

The Chaotic Miss Crispino. Avon, 1991; reissued by Harlequin, March 2002.
Characters: Mr. Valerian Fitzhugh & Miss Allegra Crispino
Summary: Gentleman agrees to escort a baron's long-lost granddaughter from Florence to England, but while he finds her to be a hellion, she thinks he's a prig.
Setting: Italy, Brighton & London

The Haunted Miss Hampshire. Avon, 1992.
Characters: Philip Rayburn, Earl of Hawkedon & Miss Cassandra Hampshire
Summary: Lady's aunt wills her a country estate provided she lives in it for three months with an earl, and the aunt's ghost lingers to make sure her matchmaking goes as planned.

The Wagered Miss Winslow. Avon, 1992.
Characters: Mr. Beaumont Remington & Miss Rosalind Winslow
Summary: Lady must wed the man who wins her lands from her brother.

Other Regencies as Michelle Kasey

Also writes historical romance and contemporary mysteries.

Website: www.kaseymichaels.com

Susan Michaels

An Infamous Fiasco. Warner, 1989.
Characters: Earl of Wykeham & Lady Frances Martin
Summary: Lady who conducts archaeological digs on her late father's estate gets off on the wrong foot with the new American heir when she mistakes him for a poacher and shoots him.
Rating: excellent Comments: First person.

Other Regencies as Juliette Leigh & Dawn Aldridge Poore

Website: www.sff.net/people/romance/home.html

Freda Michel

A Curious Proposal. Coventry #53, 1980.

Requiem for a Rake. Coventry #80, 1980.

Lady Valiant. Coventry #124, 1980.

Cissie Miller

Tish. Coventry #200, July 1982.
Characters: Earl of Ardenly & Lady Letitia Abbott
Summary: Lady whose family lost their fortune and were exiled to the Lake District meets an amorous earl when she falls out of a balloon, but she is more concerned with clearing her family's name.

Fenella Jane Miller

A Suitable Husband. Robert Hale, March 2005.
Characters: Captain Oliver Mayhew & Sarah Haverstock
Summary: A war veteran becomes a tutor to get close to a lady and must protect her and her son when danger strikes.

The Unconventional Miss Walters. Robert Hale, October 2005.
Characters: Lord Leo Upminster & Miss Eleanor Walters
Summary: A lady must marry to fulfill the terms of her aunt's will but her new husband can't abide her disobedience and unconventional ways.

Nadine Miller

The Duke's Dilemma. Signet, February 1996.
Characters: Jared Tremayne, Duke of Montford & Miss Emily Haliburton
Summary: Lady's companion receives amorous attention from her employer's suitor.

The Gypsy Duchess. Signet, September 1996.
Characters: Devon St. Gwyre & Moira, Duchess of Sheffield
Summary: Widow must ask for the help of an earl who blames her for his brother's death.

The Misguided Matchmaker. Signet, May 1997.
Characters: Mr. Tristan Thibault & Miss Madelaine Harcourt
Summary: A rich man arranges for his daughter to marry a lord but she is attracted to his half brother who escorts her home from France.

The Unlikely Angel. Signet, April 1998.
Characters: Justin, Viscount Sanderfield & Miss Tess Thornhill
Summary: Daughter of a rich Cit runs an orphanage for society's byblows and is infuriated when the new owner of the orphanage raises her rent.

The Madcap Masquerade. Signet, August 1998.
Characters: Theodore Hampton, Earl of Lynley & Miss Maeve Barrington
Summary: Lady agrees to impersonate her twin who is engaged to marry an earl.
Rating: very good

A Touch of Magic. Signet, May 1999.
Characters: Lord Adam Cresswell (duke's younger son) & Fiona Haines
Summary: War veteran guilt-ridden over an accident that killed a farmer seeks out the man's widow and finds she is rumored to be the granddaughter of a witch.

The Barbarian Earl. Signet, December 1999.
Characters: Liam Campbell & Lady Alexandra Henning
Summary: Earl offers his bastard son an inheritance if he marries a lady, but an arranged marriage is an affront to the lady's romantic sensibilities.

The Yorkshire Lady. Signet, January 2001.
Characters: Yves St. Armand & Miss Rachel Barton
Summary: A commoner's daughter is flattered to be courted by an earl until she meets a man seeking a British aristocrat who sold secrets to Napoleon.

Kissing Cousins. Signet, April 2002.
Characters: Simon & Cassandra Markham
Summary: An impoverished lady seeks help for her siblings from an earl who is their distant cousin.
Setting: London

Anita Mills

Scandal Bound. Signet, June 1986; reissued by Signet, May 1991.
Characters: Alexander Deveraux, Marquess of Trent & Ellen, Lady Brockhaven
Summary: Unable to face her wedding night with an elderly groom, a lady jumps from a window and into the arms of a rake.

Devil's Match. Signet, November 1987.
Characters: Patrick Danvers, Viscount Westover & Caroline Ashley
Summary: In order to win a wager and gain the fortune promised when he produces an heir, a rake proposes to a proper young lady.

The Duke's Double. Signet, July 1988; reissued by Signet, February 1993 & in the "Lords of Love" series, January 2000.
Characters: Adrian Delacourt, Duke of Roxbury & Joanna Sherwood
Summary: Duke who divorced his wife when he believed she played him false with his best friend is shocked to see her years later with a son that is obviously his own.
Rating: good

Duel of Hearts. Signet, December 1988.
Characters: Anthony Barsett, Viscount Lyndon & Miss Leah Cole
Summary: Lady who agrees to marry a viscount in exchange for her wealth flirts with a rake when she thinks her fiance is flaunting his mistress, not realizing that her betrothed wants her heart as well as her hand.
Series: Includes characters from Devil's Match.

Newmarket Match. Signet, October 1989.
Characters: Richard, Viscount Stanton & Miss Harriet Rowe
Summary: Lady lends money for a racehorse to the Corinthian cousin she secretly loves.

"A Gift of Fortune," inA Regency Christmas I. Signet, November 1989.

"The Last Wish," in A Regency Christmas II. Signet, November 1990.
Characters: Andrew Carstairs, Viscount Swynford & Miss Maria Jeffries
Summary: Lady brings her orphaned niece to her grandfather's house only to find his relations awaiting the old man's death.

Miss Gordon's Mistake. Signet, March 1991.
Characters: Jack Rayne, Baron Haverille & Miss Kitty Gordon
Summary: Lady abducts a baron to convince him to let her friend out of a marriage of convenience, only to discover he is the late baron's heir.
Rating: very good

The Rogue's Return. Signet, June 1992.
Characters: Dominick Deveraux & Anne Morland
Summary: Lady abducted by a cousin who wants to force her into marriage is saved by a rake.

"Black Magic," in Full Moon Magic. Signet, 1992.

"Devil's Luck," in From the Heart.Signet, January 1994.
Characters: Gary, Viscount Trevaney & Miss Melisande Merriweather
Summary: Father loses his daughter in a card game.

"A Good Woman," in Dashing and Dangerous: More Rakes & Rogues. Signet, 1995.

Now writes historical romance.

Roseleen Milne

Borrowed Plumes. Hodder & Stoughton, 1977; reissued by Signet, July 1978.
Characters: Noel Musgrave, Earl of Chievely & Miss Constance Osborne
Summary: Lady who is determined to despise the earl coming to seize her family estate meets a stranger who is the man of her dreams.
Rating: very good
See a review of this book.

The Major's Lady. Hodder & Stoughton, 1979; reissued as Cotillion #5, 1980.

Jenna Mindel

Blessing in Disguise. Signet, July 2001.
Characters: Mr. Peter Blessing & Miss Winifred Preston
Summary: A gentleman who gambled away his fortune enters the Marriage Mart seeking a rich bride but finds his reputation has preceded him.

Labor of Love. Signet, December 2001.
Characters: Lord Sheldrake & Olivia Lawton, Lady Beresford
Summary: Left alone, pregnant, and penniless after the death of her horrid husband, a young widow sets out for the home of her aunt, but is forced to seek refuge at the estate of a bachelor with a mysterious past.
Series: Includes characters from Blessing in Disguise.

The Captain's Secret. Signet, October 2002.
Characters: Captain Winston Jeffries & Miss Susannah Lacey
Summary: Despite his dislike for high society, an officer  accepts a mission to track down traitors to the Crown among the elite of the ton, but his assignment is jeopardized when he comes face to face the only woman he has ever loved.
Setting: London
Series: Sequel to Labor of Love.
Rating: very good

Miranda's Mistake. Signet, April 2003.
Characters: Evan Langley, Earl of Ashbourne & Miranda, Lady Crandle
Summary: A widow is invited to a friend's country estate and is reunited with the man she once loved.
Setting: Leicestershire

Kiss of the Highwayman. Signet, March 2004.
Characters: Artemis Rothwell
Summary: When a group of highwaymen lays seige to her carriage, a lady is shocked when one of the thieves gives her a passionate kiss and vows to return her prized possession, the priceless Rothwell ring.

Miss Whitlow's Turn. Signet, January 2005.
Characters: George Clasby & Miss Harriet Whitlow
Summary: Despite her overprotective father's plans to marry her off to a wealthy aristocrat, a respectable lady finds herself drawn to a notorious rake.

Lord Grafton's Promise. Signet, November 2005.
Characters: Earl of Grafton & Lucinda Bronwell
Summary: When her elderly husband is murdered on their honeymoon, a lady turns to an earl who, unbeknownst to her, swore an oath to her husband to protect her but believes her to be a fortune-hunting murderess.

Website: www.tlt.com/authors/jennamindel.htm

Sandra Mireles

Lady Nell. Candlelight, 1981.

Lisa Montague

Lady of Darkness. Masquerade #14, 1978.
Summary: Romance amid the threat of an invasion by Napoleon and a highwayman who preys on young women.

Sarah Montrose

The Golden Heiress. Berkley, 1990.
Characters: Viscount Bracknell & Ellen Warfield
Summary: Lady who must marry or lose her inheritance settles on a rake hoping at least for some excitment.

Colleen Moore

Bold Venture. Candlelight #690, December 1981.
Characters: Dean Fowler & Millicent Hardesty
Summary: Lady from the Australian outback comes to England to claim an estate but has her ownership challenged by an infuriating neighbor.

Gwyneth Moore

Men Were Deceivers Ever. Harlequin #16, December 1989; reissued in hardcover by Severn House, 1994, under the name Patricia Veryan.
Characters: Lieutenant Peter Clivedon & Helena Hammond
Summary: A lady who married out of necessity begins to love her husband of convenience but learns a terrible secret that threatens their happiness.

The Dirty Frog. Harlequin #27, June 1990.
Characters: Charles de Michel & Miss Valentina Ashford
Summary: When the half-French cousin who took her needy family in is charged with treason, a lady staunchly defends him.

Love's Lady Lost. Harlequin #57, September 1991.
Characters: Mr. Leopold Savage & Miss Primrose Hythe
Summary: Man stranded at "widow's" house in a snowstorm discovers her secret past.
Rating: good Comments: Would've been much better without kid's atrocious baby talk: "Her loves ooo!"

"Pride House," in A Regency Quartet. Mills & Boon, 1992; reissued as Harlequin #100, June 1993.
Characters: Mr. Stephen Jeffreys & Miss Elfreda Pride
Summary: Lady will only marry a man who will allow her to restore her decrepit ancestral home.

Other Regencies & Georgians as Patricia Veryan

Website (fan site): mandry.net/veryan

Kate Moore

To Kiss a Thief. Avon, 1992.
Characters: Andrew Durant & Margaret Somerley
Summary: Lady who attracted no suitors during her first Season is abducted by a spy she catches stealing papers and is forced to play his mistress.

Sweet Bargain. Avon, 1993.
Characters: Nicholas Seymour, Earl of Haverly & Miss Bel Shaw
Summary: When he finds a lady fishing in his trout stream, a gentleman demands a kiss for every fish she and her brothers have stolen from him.
Setting: Hampshre

The Mercenary Major. Avon, 1994.
Characters: Major Jack Amberly & Victoria Carr
Summary: Man who joined the army as a child after fleeing the stagecoach ambush that killed his parents is discovered by an aunt who wants to introduce him to society, but a lady is determined to prove he's a fortune hunter.

An Improper Widow. Avon, 1995.
Characters: Francis Arden, Marquess of Warne & Miss Susannah Bowen
Summary: Lady posing as a widow since her scandalous first Season is asked to bring out her cousin, but when her charge falls for a highwayman carrying a marquess's card the false widow finds herself teamed with the sad, private lord to regain his property.
Rating: very good - See a Review of this book.

Now writes historical romance.

Website: www.katemoore.com

Elizabeth Morgan

Amanda's Folly. Zebra, December 1991.
Characters: Sir Nicholas Malvern & Miss Amanda Waverley
Summary: Rogue kidnaps a lady to finance his flight to Paris but when her family refuses to pay he decides to take her along anyway.
Setting: France

"Eugenia's Miracle," in A Christmas Delight. Zebra, December 1991.

Mary Morrow

An Innocent Ruse. Harper Monogram, 1995.
Characters: Captain Titus Rhodes & Miss Madeleine Smythe
Summary: Canadian orphan returns to England and avoids an arranged marriage by pretending to be engaged but falls in love with her fiance's brother.
Rating: good

Lucy Muir

The Imprudent Wager. Harlequin #18, January 1990.
Characters: Henry Stanton, Marquess of Talford & Miss Anne Southwell
Summary: Lord bets a lady £2,000 against her virtue that her ward can't marry a peer.
Rating: good

Sussex Summer. Harlequin #33, September 1990.
Characters: Captain Edward Tremaine & Miss Jane Hampton; Charles Grandville, Earl of Sedgworth & Miss Fanny Hampton
Summary: Returning war hero meets a country miss but considers proposing to a glamorous lady.
Rating: good Comments: Romance between the sickly sister and the eccentric earl should've been primary.

Highland Rivalry. Harlequin #43, February 1991.
Characters: "Lord Murray," Earl of Abermaise & Miss Phoebe Hartwell
Summary: Lady is at a loss when a Scottish lord who seemed interested in her suddenly proposes to her best friend then asks her to accompany them to the betrothal party in Scotland.
Comments: He should be Lord Abermaise

Janet Mullany

Dedication. Signet, September 2005.
Characters: Adam Ashworth & Fabienne Argonac Craigmont
Summary: A French aristocrat who runs a popular salon begins corresponding with an author who has taken London by storm, which unexpectedly leads her back into the arms of the scoundrel who broke her heart when she was a naive young woman.

Website: www.janetmullany.com

Julia Murray

The Notorious Lady May. Hale, 1977; reissued as Masquerade #11, August 1978.
Characters: Captain Paul Harbury & Lady May
Summary: Lady's deception becomes a web from which a captain cannot free himself.

Wed for a Wager. Mills & Boon, January 1979; reissued in large print by F.A. Thorpe, 1998

Rosamund. Mills & Boon, December 1979; reissued in large print by F.A. Thorpe, 1998.
Characters: Sir Hugh Eavleigh & Lady Rosamund Daviot
Summary: Aging confirmed bachelor baronet finds adventure with earl's twin daughter and son.

A Perfect Match. Mills & Boon, December 1980.

Master of Herringham. Mills & Boon, May 1982.

The Adventuress. Mills & Boon, November 1983; reissued in large print by G.K. Hall, 1997.

New Traditional Regencies

Kadee McDonald

An Arranged Valentine. Musa Publishing, 2013.
Summary: A young woman makes a deathbed promise to consider two brothers, must choose one. Novella.

Jude Morgan

An Accomplished Woman. St. Martin's Press, 2009.
Summary: A spinster is happy at home with her father in the country,writing literary criticism and trading verbal jabs with their cynical bachelor neighbor, Lewis Durrant, whose hand she rejected nine years ago, until entering the social whirl in Bath with her young charge.

Indiscretion. St. Martin's Press, 2005.
Summary: Impoverished young woman becomes the recipient of secret confidences which could cause trouble if the secrets were to be known to her employer and is puzzled by her benefactor's witty son.


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