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Sheila Rosalynd Allen, The Reluctant Ghost.
Lady tells the earl to whom her uncle has sold her home that the house is haunted in order to drive him away.

Sheila Rosalynd Allen, The Meddlesome Ghost.
Ghost matchmakes for the Abbey's new owner.

Sheila Rosalynd Allen, The Helpful Ghost.
Ghost must untangle mismatched lovers: a lady who loves the butcher's son is betrothed to a lord who loves her sister.

Sheila Rosalynd Allen, The Passionate Ghost.
Ghost must bring love to every life he touches so he can finally be with his own true love.

Janice Bennett, The Matchmaking Ghost.
Captain who seems to have given up on life keeps his promise to marry a fellow officer's sister.

June Calvin, My Lord Ghost.
Libertine thnks a ghost is commanding him to take a lady as his bride but she is attracted to his cousin.

June Calvin, My Lady Ghost.
Lord and lady try to deny their love while combatting a villain and seeking a hidden treasure.

June Calvin, The Ruby Ghost.
A governess is faced with otherworldly specters that want to bestow upon her a great treasure, leading her into the arms of notorious rake.

Marion Chesney, The Ghost and Lady Alice.
Lady falls in love with a ghost.

Alana Clayton, A Spirited Romance.
A lady who is a renowned spiritualist is hired to rid a lord's country home of ghosts though he scoffs at her profession.

Carola Dunn, The Lady and the Rake.
Rakish gamester and a lady whose mother ran off with an actor stand to inherit a fortune if they can live together chastely for 6 months, but a ghost and their scheming relations are determined to throw them together.

Jo Ann Ferguson, A Phantom Affair.
Scottish lady who has remained unwed for three Seasons is in love with a man who dies and then comes back as a ghost to help her find a husband.

Maria Greene, A Christmas Blessing.
A widower and legendary recluse finds his life forever changed by the arrival of his daughter's new governess, a war widow with a young son, and the ghost of his late father, who is determined to help his son open his heart to love.

Karen Harbaugh, The Reluctant Cavalier.
Lady tries to figure out which of her suitors swept her off her feet at a masquerade ball.

Barbara Hazard, Midnight Magic.
A lady visiting a castle finds herself wooed by a gentleman by day and haunted by the ghost of the man's twin brother at night.

Barbara Hazard, The Scent of Lilacs.
A gentleman who inherits a coastal estate from his great-uncle discovers it is inhabited by a family of ghosts.

Sandra Heath, The Haunting of Henrietta.
Ghosts of a couple who died tragically must cause members of their respective families to fall in love in order to get into Heaven themselves.

Lynn Kerstan & Alicia Rasley, Gwen's Christmas Ghost.
18th century rogue gets a 2nd chance at love.

Edith Layton, Lady of Spirit.
Lady turns down an offer to become an earl's mistress but agrees to become a governess, only to find a ghost on his estate means her harm.

Elizabeth Mansfield, The Phantom Lover.
Lady flees a castle to escape an unwanted suitor and falls in love with a ghost.

Amanda McCabe, A Loving Spirit
A lady visits a haunted castle belonging to a bookish lord, but the couple needs a little spiritual guidance.

Amanda McCabe, One Touch of Magic.
A lady takes over her late husband's archeological dig at a site that may be haunted on a lord's estate.

Kasey Michaels, The Haunted Miss Hampshire.
Lady's aunt wills her a country estate provided she lives in it for 3 months with an earl, and the aunt's ghost lingers to make sure her matchmaking goes as planned.

Melinda Pryce, Loving Spirits.
Widow is concerned at her feelings for the new American heir to her home until her husband's spirit appears to reassure her.

Jeanne Savery, Lord Galveston and the Ghost.
A romantic ghost matchs up three couples.

Joan Smith, Never Let Me Go.
Modern-day American writer who rents an English cottage to research the life of a Regency rake said to have killed his fiancee meets his ghost and the current lord who closely resembles him.

Joan Smith, Old Lover's Ghost.
Lady whose father travels the country banishing ghosts meets a skeptical earl whose mother is distressed by strange occurrences.

Time Travel

Anne Barbour, A Step in Time.
Broken-hearted 1990s lady travels back in time and into the body of a Regency lady who is being married for her money.

Janice Bennett, A Timely Affair.
1990s woman goes back in time and pretends to be a lord's strange American cousin.

Janice Bennett, Forever in Time.
Officer carrying vital information to England is swept forward in time to the 20th century.

Janice Bennett, A Christmas Keepsake.
Christmas snowdome sends a 20th century lady back in time to meet a man portrayed in the scene.

Janice Bennett, A Touch of Forever.
PhD candidate goes through an Abbey passage back in time to the Regency era.

Carola Dunn, Byron's Child.
20th century viscount and a Rhodes scholar who are swept back in time to the Regency era become involved with a runaway bride and Byron's daughter and risk changing the course of history.

Sandra Heath, Magic at Midnight.
20th century lady switches places with the unloving wife of a baronet.

Sandra Heath, Shades of the Past.
Modern London actress falls through trap door into the Regency era.

Sandra Heath, Summer's Secret.
A 20th century woman finds herself as a Regency widow pursued by a rake.

Allison Lane, The Second Lady Emily.
20th century woman buys a cursed title and is sent back in time, where she occupies a lady's body and must save the heir from a fatal mismatch.

Joan Overfield, Door Ajar.
Regency lady conjured to the 20th century helps a Scotland Yard detective fight terrorists.

Joan Overfield, Time's Tapestry.
20th century female Scotland Yard inspector travels back in time and meets a Regency lord whose ex-fiancee is now happily married in the 20th century.

Jeanne Savery, A Timeless Love.
Lady who goes back in time to recover an artwork finds herself in the cabin of a lord's ship.

Leanne Shawler, Touched by Time.
A man in Regency times receives nightly visits from a lady who travels back in time from the 21st century.

Marcy Stewart, Darby's Angel.
Actor mourning the deaths of his wife and child is transported back in time to Regency England where he meets a damsel in distress.


Anne Barbour, Lady Hilary's Halloween.
Lady asks her conceited archaeologist neighbor for help when she sees an antique figure come to life on Halloween.

Janice Bennett, The Candlelight Wish.
Fairy godmother unites a schoolteacher with the father of one of her pupils.

Janice Bennett, The Moonlight Wish.
Lady flees an unwanted engagement, then accepts her intended fiance's help in trying to win enough money at cards to gain her independence.

Rita Boucher, The Would-Be Witch.
Lady's mother and brother intend to choose a husband for her.

Rita Boucher, Lord of Illusions.
Witch poses as a governess so she can read her employer's mind and send military secrets to the French, but she is thwarted by a spymaster who happens to be a sorceror and a descendant of Merlin.

Marilyn Clay, Bewitching Lord Winterton.
Beautiful sister is expected to trap a rich lord with the help of an enchanted wedding dress that causes the next man one sees to fall in love, but her plain sister sees him first.

Mary Chase Comstock, A Midsummer's Magic.
Man studying the ancient art of healing falls under the spell of a widow thought to be a witch.

Teresa DesJardien, Love's Magic.
Jilted lord who retires to the country to practice Druidic arts finds an unconcious woman on his doorstep.

Sandra Heath, The Halloween Husband.
Strange spirits are in the air at a manor where an innocent lady meets a worldy man.

Sandra Heath, Halloween Magic.
Lady vies with a beautiful widow for a lord's love.

Sandra Heath, Marigold's Marriages.
Impoverished lady at the mercy of her husband's greedy relatives accepts a proposal from a lord who believes in an ancient curse.

Sandra Heath, The Magic Jack-O'-Lantern.
Brownie tries matchmaking for an heiress and a gentleman who does not believe in magic.

Joyce Lee, The Best Laid Schemes.
Daughter of a witch and a black sheep goes to London intending to turn her drab cousin into a reigning beauty.

Barbara Metzger, The Painted Lady.
When the portrait he is painting speaks to him, a duke goes for help to a noted brain fever specialist and finds himself in the care of the doctor's daughter.

Nadine Miller, A Touch of Magic.
War veteran guilt-ridden over an accident that killed a farmer seeks out the man's widow and finds she is rumored to be the granddaughter of a witch.

Sara Orwig, The Fairfax Brew.
Lord is coerced into bringing the family of the lady he intends to marry on a mission to steal Napoleon's invasion plans when given a strange "truth serum" tea by her grandmother.

Debbie Raleigh, My Lord Eternity.
When a serial killer targets local brothels, a lady who champions less fortunate women discovers that a strange amulet holds the key to the murders as well as to the true nature of her vicar friend and the man she loves.

My Lord Immortality. Zebra, December 2003.
A lady whose brother is suspected of a series of murders accepts help from a scholarly gentleman who suggests that an amulet holds the key to the mystery.

Marcy Stewart, Lord Merlyn's Magic.
Lady flees with a magic troupe to avoid an unwanted marriage.


Sara Blayne, Theodora.
Empathic lady weds a lord to save him from dark powers.

Alana Clayton, A Gifted Lady.
Clairvoyant widow seeking her husband's killer is asked by a lord to help his daughter speak again.

Alana Clayton, The Willful Wife.
Man accompanies a friend to a clairvoyant only to discover that she is his wife who fled from him and his family's ridicule seven years earlier.

Alana Clayton, The Headstrong Heart.
Lady determines to use her psychic abilities to find her stepmother's killer to clear the name of the man she loves.

Donna Davidson, Elizabeth's Gift.
Lady who can read minds and see the future helps a lord uncover a villain who destroys families.

Barbara Metzger, Miss Treadwell's Talent.
Daughter of a medium is asked to help find the missing fiancee of a dashing earl.

Angels & Demons

Mary Chase Comstock, Fortune's Mistress.
Pregnant mistress retires to a small village and meets a handsome doctor.

Karen Harbaugh, The Devil's Bargain.
Devil loses a bet with an angel that a man will seduce and abandon a lady, with the prize being that the Napoleonic war must end.

Sandra Heath, Lucy's Christmas Angel.
Lady who can't decide between two suitors is helped by an angel.

Barbara Metzger, An Angel for the Earl.
Lady who died in scandalous circumstances is offered a second chance if she can keep a rake from the path to hell.

Barbara Metzger, ‚€œA Marriage Made in Heaven ‚€“ or Hell‚€Ě in Wedding Belles.
St. Peter and the Devil wager over whether a rakish war hero‚€™s near-death experience will cause him to reform.

Mythical Beings

June Calvin, The Last Leprechaun.
A lord helps a lady save a magical forest where they played as children.

Karen Harbaugh, The Vampire Viscount.
Lady sold into marriage to pay her father's gambling debt discovers her husband is a trifle pale...

Karen Harbaugh, Cupid's Mistake.
When she meets a lord who thinks women can't be both free-thinking and virtuous, a lady must decide whether to hide her intelligence or prove herself.

Karen Harbaugh, Cupid's Darts.
When a lady's love returns from the war he worships her from afar while a rake pursues her.

Karen Harbaugh, Cupid's Kiss.
Much courted lady accepts none of her suitors while longing for a rogue with romantic entanglements of his own.

Sandra Heath, The Faun's Folly.
Duke who can't inherit unless he weds a plain lady flees to Italy where he's cursed by Bacchus with a spell that can only be broken if he wins his unwanted fiancee's love.

Cindy Holbrook, "A Valentine from Venus," in Valentine Wishes.
Cupid wagers Venus she cannot unite a poetic lord and his dispassionate assistant.

Cindy Holbrook, "A Fairy Tail," in Enchanting Kittens.
A warlock who's turned into a kitten discovers he can revert to human form in the presence of his beloved.

Valerie King, Bewitching Hearts.
When a lord demands a kiss in exchange for a lady's using his ancient castle to help a star-crossed spirit, she agrees not knowing he has wagered he can seduce her.

Valerie King, Captivated Hearts.
Lady who is contemptuous of a lord's claim that he can win her heart is no match for Cupid's wife Psyche.

Maggie MacKeever, Waltz with a Vampire.
A lady asks a man she thinks is a vampire to help her gain entry to London's underworld to solve her father's murder.

Barbara Metzger, An Enchanted Affair.
Lady who talks to faeries offers a fortune to a lord in exchange for his forest.

Debbie Raleigh, My Lord Vampire.
When a penniless lady receives a mysterious amulet she switches places with her beautiful twin and attracts two men.

Patricia Wynn, The Christmas Spirit.
An elf takes on human form and lures a man into love.
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Artwork in page header from Old Lover's Ghost by Joan Smith (left) and Lord Sayer's Ghost by Cindy Holbrook (right).