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New Traditional Regencies (Post-2006)

Julia Parks

Laura Paquet

Lord Langdon's Tutor. Zebra, October 2000.
Characters: Matthew Carstairs, Earl of Langdon & Lady Clarissa Denham
Summary: Lady turns down the abrupt proposal of the man her father chose for her but agrees to teach him how to make himself agreeable to ladies so he can find another bride.

Miss Scott Meets Her Match. Zebra, September 2002.
Characters: Mr. Spencer Willoughby & Miss Elizabeth Scott
Summary: The owner of a prosperous import business is kidnapped by a greedy relative trying to steal her fortune.
Series: Sequel to Lord Langdon's Tutor.

Mr. McAllister Sets His Cap. Zebra, March 2003.
Characters: Mr. Duncan McAllister & Emily, Lady Tuncliffe
Summary: Determined to remain independent for the rest of her life, a widow from a loveless marriage finds her plans thwarted by the dashing Scottish architect she has hired to renovate her London townhouse.
Series: Sequel to Miss Scott Meets Her Match.

"Trusting Lady Lucy" in June Brides. Zebra, June 2003.
Characters: Stephen Charlton & Lady Lucinda Denham
Summary: A lady is dismayed when a brooding playwright hears her disparaging his work.
Series: Sequel to Mr. McAllister Sets His Cap.

“Lord Hawksmoor Takes Flight” in A Wife for Papa. Zebra, May 2004.
Characters: Earl of Hawksmoor & Caroline Farris
Summary: A shy earl who prefers country life comes to Town for Parliament and meets a widow with an exuberant son.

A Rakish Spy. Zebra, July 2004.
Characters: Finch & Charlotte Gregory
Summary: A headmistress helps an enigmatic man uncover a ring of French spies.

An Honorable Match. Zebra, September 2004.
Characters: Lady Sarah Harrison
Summary: When her bethrothed elopes with an actress from Drury Lane, a lady finds herself courted by his brother who is determined to save her from scandal through a marriage of convenience.

The Incomparable Cassandra. Zebra, December 2004.
Characters: Lord Benjamin Rowland & Lady Cassandra Blythe
Summary: A shy scholar and a lovely debutante are brought together by a round of matchmaking.

Julia Parks

The Devil and Miss Webster. Zebra, November 2001.
Characters: Captain Stephen Ransom & Miss Eleanor Webster
Summary: A lady's position as companion is threatened when her employer's brother-in-law arrives to run the estate.

His Saving Grace. Zebra, July 2002.
Characters: Hon. Adam Havenhurst & Miss Grace Edgewood
Summary: A new vicar finds is determined to expose a lady who runs a progressive girls' school as a menace to English society, but his plan backfires when he falls in love with her.

A Gift for a Rogue. Zebra, October 2002.
Characters: Alexander Havenhurst, Earl of Foxworth & Lady Isabelle Fanshaw
Summary: A professional matchmaker is hired by legendary scoundrel to tame his wicked ways and help him find a wife, but she loses her heart to the dashing rogue.
Setting: London & Leicestershire
Series: Sequel to His Saving Grace.

"The Ugly Duckling's Valentine" in My Only Valentine. Zebra, January 2003.
Characters: Lady Claire Lester
Summary: A lady who thinks she is unattractive is pursued by a secret admirer.

"Rescuing Captain Rocher," in A Husband for Mama. Zebra, April 2003.
Characters: Bastien Rocher & Lady Anne Westhaven
Summary: A French sea captain introducing his daughter to society joins forces with a neighbor with an unruly son.

To Marry an Heiress. Zebra, June 2003.
Characters: Mr. Montgomery Darby & Clarissa Starnes
Summary: A gentleman who needs to restore his family's fortune asks a lady to help him woo her spoiled, rich cousin.
Setting: London

Fortune's Fools. Zebra, February 2004.
Characters: Maxwell Darby & Kate O'Connor
Summary: A gentleman who must marry an heiress to restore his family's fortune falls in love with a penniless lady.

"Too Many Mothers" in A Courtship for Mama.
Characters: Major Aiden Ash and Margaret Tate
Summary: A lady tries to advise a major who becomes guardian of an orphaned young duke.

Lady Olivia to the Rescue. Zebra, February 2005.
Characters: Drew Benton, Marquess of Sheridan & Lady Olivia Cunningham
Summary: A crusader for the ton's wallflowers tries to help a cynical lord find the love she thinks he desperately needs.

Marriage Minded. Zebra, April 2005.
Characters: Captain Gideon Sparks & Lady Elizabeth Winters
Summary: A wealthy and beautiful lady is happy to remain unmarried until she meets a captain who's unlike the other men of the ton.

Other Regencies as Donna Bell.

Isabelle Patrick

The Dark Stranger. Zebra, March 1999.
Characters: Jocelyn Sturbridge, Marquis of Carnbourne & Nicola Wynstan
Summary: Lady who vowed never to fall in love meets a marquis and embarks on an adventure.

Susan Spencer Paul

Beguiled. Mills & Boon, July 2002.
Characters: Anthony Harbreas, Earl of Graydon & Lady Lillian Walford
Summary: A lady who thinks she is unfit for marriage finds herself wed to a man who is tricked into marrying her by her brother.

Jean Paxton

Divided Loyalty. Warner, 1988.
Heroine: Lady Judith Hallowell
Summary: English lady goes to America and meets an unpredictable man on the social scene.

Other Regencies and Mysteries as Martha Jean Powers.

Rachel Payes

Love's Charade. Playboy, 1980, 1981.
Series:  Seven sisters regency romance #1.

Love's Renegade. Playboy, 1981.
Series:  Seven sisters regency romance #2.

Love's Promenade. Playboy, 1981.
Series:  Seven sisters regency romance #3.

Love's Serendade. Playboy, 1981
Series:  Seven sisters regency romance #4.

Love's Escapade. Playboy, 1981.
Characters: Vernon & May Lassiter
Summary: A lady and her friend decide to take a Grand Tour, but her friend's brother chases them across the Contient.
Setting: On the road in Europe
Series: Seven sisters regency romance #5.

Lady Alicia's Secret. Harlequin, April 1986.

Nan Pemberton

Love's Delusion. Cotillion, 1980.
Characters: Viscount Ashburton & Jocelyn Franklin
Summary: Beautiful heiress who has shunned marriage locks horns with her widowed sister's guardian.

Other Regencies as Nina Pykare, Nina Porter and Regina Towers

Jane Myers Perrine

The Mad Herringtons. Regency Press, 2000.
Characters: Warwick & Aphrodite Herrington
Summary: Lady who is embarrassed by her large family's antics chooses a staid suitor over a dashing one, but the rake tries to sabotage her plans.

Clarice Peters

Samantha. Fawcett, 1983.

False Betrothal. Fawcett, 1984.
Characters: Sebastian, Earl of Winslow & Miss Alexa Eiseley
Summary: Lady agrees to a betrothal to the uncle of the boy who "compromises" her.
Rating: good

Rosalind. Fawcett, 1985.
Characters: Earl of Eberhart & Rosalind McHenry
Summary: A lady tries to dissuade an earl from accepting her niece as payment for a gambling debt from her scapegrace brother.

Thea. Fawcett, 1985.
Characters: Viscount Emery & Miss Thea Campion
Summary: Lady who shuns marriage turns down a viscount who loves her, but when he is forced to propose to another she realizes she must fight for him.

Roxanne. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Lord Stanwyck & Miss Roxanne Franklin
Summary: Country miss is thrilled when a top-of-the-trees Corinthian takes notice of her, but he no longer has time for her when a former love returns from America.

Contrary Lovers. Harlequin, April 1988.
Characters: Lord Lyall & Davida Cooper
Summary: Lord and lady try to find a way out of their arranged marriage, yet she feels strangely bereft when he elopes with her sister.

The Marquis and the Miss. Harlequin #2, May 1989.
Characters: Marquis of Jarred & Miss Olivia Anthony
Summary: Lady who discovers her brother has become a highwayman is fearful of what her suitor will think when he finds out.

Vanessa. Harlequin #11, October 1989.
Characters: Viscount Peregren & Vanessa Whitmore
Summary: Lady gets caught up in intrigue with a man who called her an antidote when his fiancee ran off with hers.

Prescott's Lady. Harlequin #23, April 1990.
Characters: Peter, Lord Prescott & Lady Eleanor Whiting
Summary: Lady finds herself thrown together with the fiance she jilted three years ago by sending back his engagement ring wrapped in a bit o' muslin when she saw him with his mistress.

The Heart's Wager. Harlequin #53, July 1991.
Characters: Mr. Lucian Reed & Miss Vivian Spalding
Summary: American lady is determined to take in dislike a fashionable gentleman who mistakes her for a servant.

Belle of Portman Square. Harlequin #65, January 1992.
Characters: Lord Devlin & Miss Diantha Atwood
Summary: When a lady learns that her newlywed brother is already married to another she turns to his friend for help.

The Absentee Earl. Harlequin #82, September 1992.
Characters: Richard, Earl of Avery & Viola, Lady Avery
Summary: Earl who abandoned his wife two hours after their marriage suddenly returns.
Setting: London
Rating: good - Read a review of this book.

London Tangle. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Denys, Viscount Everly & Miss Rowena Morely
Summary: Lord is horrified when a lady hypnotist takes in his mother and sister.
Rating: good

The Nabob's Bride. Published as an e-book by Starlight Writer Publications, 2000.
Characters: Mr. Andrew Porteus & Marianne Fairchild
Summary: Bored lady becomes a highwayman, attracting the attention of her guardian's younger brother who has recently returned from India.

Other Regencies as Laureen Kwock.

Phyllis Taylor Pianka

The Paisley Butterfly. Candlelight #627, 1980.

The Sleeping Heiress. Candlelight #543, January 1980.
Characters: Jason, Lord Winford & Lady Amy Dorset
Summary: On her father's death, a lady who'd been shut away in a boarding school finds herself being escorted for a Season by her handsome young guardian.

Heather Wild. Candlelight #696, 1982.

Midnight Folly. Harlequin #5, 1984.

Dame Fortune's Fancy. Harlequin #17, March 1987.
Characters: Mr. Miles Harcourt & Mrs. Juliana Penridge
Summary: Impoverished widow helps nurse an injured gentleman.

The Tart Shoppe. Harlequin #3, May 1989.
Characters: Jeremy St. James, Earl of Marshfield & Lady Constance Seaforth
Summary: Earl thinks a lady who mistook a brothel for an inn is a tart.
Rating: good

The Calico Countess. Harlequin #34, September 1990.
Characters: James Carstairs, Earl of Berrington & Miss Emily Merriweather Harding
Summary: Earl forces a lady to chaperone a woman claiming to be his long-lost mother.

The Lark's Nest. Harlequin #48, April 1991.
Characters: Andrew Waverley, Viscount Bancroft & Yvette Corde
Summary: Chanteuse with a secret refuses a lord's carte blanche.
Series: Sequel to The Calico Countess.

A Coventry Courtship. Harlequin #80, August 1992.
Characters: Aaron Bently & Lady Udora Middlesworth
Summary: Four-time widow finds she's been left in charge of the "Thackery Jewels"--three wild young ladies--and hires a man to help her handle them.
Series: Sequel to The Lark's Nest.

The Thackery Jewels. Harlequin, December 1994.
Heroines: Amethyst, Emerald & Topaz Thackery
Summary: The Thackery girls each find love.
Comments: Trilogy in one 600-page volume.
Series: Sequel to A Coventry Courtship.

Andrea Pickens

The Defiant Governess. Signet, January 1998.
Characters: Edward, Marquess of Saybrook & Lady Jane Stanhope
Summary: Lady poses as a governess to escape an unwanted marriage, but when she finds herself attracted to the lord of the manor she wishes to be a lady again.
Rating: very good

Code of Honor. Signet, July 1998.
Characters: Sebastian, Earl of Branford & Miss Alexandra Chilton
Summary: Lord is tricked into betting he can make an innocent lady his mistress.
Rating: good

The Hired Hero. Signet, June 1999.
Characters: Julian Atherton, Earl of Davenport & Lady Caroline Talcott
Summary: When a lady carrying a document vital to England's fight against Napoleon is attacked by mysterious assailants, she hires a gentleman to be her escort and protector.
Rating: excellent

Second Chances. Signet, January 2000.
Characters: Leo, Earl of Wrexham & Miss Allegra Proctor
Summary: Lady has her own reasons for tutoring the son of an arrogant earl.

The Major's Mistake. Signet, August 2000.
Characters: Julian Grosvenor, Marquess of Sterling & Miranda Grosvenor aka Mrs. Ransford
Summary: Man who mistakenly believes his wife was unfaithful divorces her and goes to war for six years, but on his return he meets her and the son he never knew he had and wonders if he was too quick to judge her.

A Lady of Letters. Signet, October 2000.
Characters: Earl of Sheffield & Lady Augusta Hadley
Summary: Lord who respects a political commentator known as the "Firebrand" has little patience for a lady, not realizing that they are one and the same.

A Diamond in the Rough. Signet, June 2001.
Characters: Adrian Linsley, Viscount Marquand & Miss Derrien Edwards
Summary: A young woman defies convention by posing as a young male caddie on a golf course-only to fall for an English lord and score in the game of love.

"A Gathering of Gifts" in Regency Christmas Spirits. Signet, October 2001.
Characters: Noel Trumbull & Lady Emma Pierson; Charles, Viscount Lawrence & Anna Trumbull
Summary: A spoiled lady takes a spill while running from her cousin and is helped by her new neighbor and his widowed sister.

The Banished Bride. Signet, March, 2002.
Characters: Alexander Fennimore, Earl of Woodbridge & Aurora Sprague
Summary: Sent on a secret mission to capture a notorious female spy, a gentleman mistakes a lady for his quarry, unaware that his lovely captive is actually the wife he had married years ago in response to a family obligation and who he has not seen since the wedding.
Setting: Near Ayr in Scotland

The Storybook Hero. Signet, October 2002.
Characters: Mr. Alexander Sheffield & Octavia Hadley
Summary: A lady exiled from her family takes a governess post in Russia and meets a gamester hoping to redeem his reputation on a rescue mission as Napoleon's armies invade.
Setting: Russia

A Stroke of Luck. Signet, October 2003.
Characters: Duke of Prestwick & Zara Greeley
Summary: An adventurous lady rescues a duke from the sea but finds him arrogant and infuriating.

"Lost and Found" in Regency Christmas Courtship. Signet, October 2005.

Dawn Aldridge Poore

Sweet Deceit. Pinnacle, 1990.
Characters: Mr. James Montfort & Miss Kitty Walsingham
Summary: Lady believes a wounded soldier is really a smuggler and a spy.

Bath Bramble. Zebra, October 1991.
Characters: James Williford, Viscount Atwater & Miss Callie Stone
Summary: Artist seeks help in controlling her brother from the childhood friend who is now their guardian, while he in turn finds he must marry to gain his inheritance.
Setting: Bath

"The Yuletide Wish," in A Christmas Delight. Zebra, December 1991.

"A Wager for a Bride," in A June Wedding. Zebra, June 1992.

Miss Fortune's Folly. Zebra, September 1992.
Characters: Major Adam Temple & Miss Felicia Fortune
Summary: Niece of an architect is loved by the wounded war veteran working as her uncle's head builder, but trouble on the project causes her to flirt with the son of her uncle's employer.
Rating: good

"Game of Hearts," in A Valentine's Day Tangle. Zebra, February 1993.

The Brighton Burglar. Zebra, March 1993.
Characters: Mr. Robert Lymond & Miss Roxanne Sydney
Summary: Lady suspects her mysterious boarder of being an art thief.
Series: First of 4 Miss Sydney Regency Mysteries.
Rating: superb Comments: Great characters, nicely drawn out romance. First person.

The Secret Scroll. Zebra, October 1993.
Characters: Mr. Robert Lymond & Miss Roxanne Sydney
Summary: A scroll in Roxanne's library is thought to be the key to a treasure.
Series: Second of 4 Miss Sydney Regency Mysteries.
Rating: superb

"Christmas Ring," in A Touch of Christmas. Zebra, November 1993.

The Cairo Cats. Zebra, May 1994.
Characters: Mr. Robert Lymond & Miss Roxanne Sydney
Summary: Roxanne and Lymond hunt the thieves of cat statues and find treasure.
Series: Third of 4 Miss Sydney Regency Mysteries.
Rating: superb

The Mummy's Mirror. Zebra, August 1995.
Characters: Mr. Robert Lymond & Miss Roxanne Sydney
Summary: Roxanne and Lymond seek treasure in Egypt and finally admit their love.
Series: Last of 4 Miss Sydney Regency Mysteries.
Rating: superb

A Perilous Attraction. Zebra, June 1996.
Characters: Hon. Hugh Sebastian (baron's heir) & Miss Alissa Morgan
Summary: Lady stuck with an abandoned baby hooks up with a man with a stolen necklace.
Rating: very good

Saint's Haven. Zebra, August 1997.
Characters: Lord Emrys & Miss Sarafina Jones
Summary: Lord claims to have the deed to the house a lady is using as an orphanage.

Other Regencies as Juliette Leigh & Susan Michaels.

Website: www.sff.net/people/romance/home.html

Margaret Evans Porter

Heiress of Ardara. Doubleday, 1988.
Summary: A young heiress may lose her heart's desire as a bitter family feud threatens her love.

Irish Autumn. Walker, 1990.
Characters: Torin Montrose & Garia Ivory
Summary: A lady's betrothal is threatened by the appearance of the man who jilted her ten years earlier.

Jubilee Year. Walker, 1990.
Characters: Justin, Lord Cavender & Lady Miranda
Summary: Lady whose family history is an impediment to her prospects hopes a lord will offer for her but then a Russian princess claiming an intimate relationship with her intended arrives in London.

Road to Ruin. Walker, 1990; reissued in paperback by Signet, December 1992; reissued by Signet, February 2004, in one volume with Valentines by Barbara Metzger.
Characters; Dominic, Baron Blythe & Miss Nerissa Newby
Summary: A lady hiding from scandal meets a man falsely accused of murder.
Rating: very good

Sweet Lavender. Walker, 1992; reissued in paperback by Signet, August 1993.
Characters: Damon Lovell, Marquis of Elston & Miss Beryl Kinnard
Summary: Sheltered lady meets a seductive marquis who promised her older sister he wouldn't pursue her.

Toast of the Town. Signet, April 1993; reissued in hardcover by Thorndike, 2001; reissued by Signet, June 2005, in one volume with Dangerous Diversions.
Characters: Trevor Cotterell, Earl of Leafield & Flora Campion
Summary: Actress is tempted when an earl asks her to be his mistress.

Dangerous Diversions. Signet, April 1994; reissued by Signet, June 2005, in one volume with Toast of the Town.
Characters: Gervase Marchant, Duke of Solway & Miss Rosalie de Barante
Summary: Dancer on the London stage attracts the interest of a duke.

"The Apple Blossom Bower," in Blossoms. Signet, 1995.

Now writes Regency-era historicals.

Website: www.margaretevansporter.com

Nina Porter

A Heart in Flight. Jove, 1990.
Characters: Earl of Ranford & Aurelia Amesley
Summary: When a spinster climbs aboard a hot-air balloon she doesn't expect to crash-land on an earl's estate and fall head over heels in love with him.

Design for Love. Jove, 1990.
Characters: Earl of Dreyfords & Fiona Byrne
Summary: Lady who secretly yearns for another agrees to marry an earl to escape her cousin.

A Daring Dilemma. Jove, 1991; reissued in hardcover by Five Star, 2001, under the name Nina Pykare.
Characters: David, Duke of Ravenworth & Miss Delicia Dudley
Summary: A lady feigns interest in a duke to foil her mama's matchmaking schemes and leave her sister free to pursue her true love.
Setting: London

A Matchmaker's Match. Zebra, June 1992.
Characters: Justin St. James, Earl of Southdon & Lady Psyche Veringham
Summary: Lady pretending to be bluestocking to avoid marriage attracts an educated man.

"A Valentine Tangle," in A Valentine's Day Tangle. Zebra, February 1993.

"Reversal of Fortune," in A Mother's Love. Zebra, April 1993.
Characters: Charles, Viscount Valdane & Miss Phillipa Pardonner
Summary: Lady who thinks she's ineligible for marriage asks the man she loves to help find her a position.

"Christmas in the Country," in A Touch of Christmas. Zebra, November 1993.

His Lordship's Filly. Zebra, December 1993.
Characters: Andrew, Marquis of Haverley & Miss Kate Durabian
Summary: Lady refuses to give her heart to the lord she is forced to marry after her father wagers her entire fortune on a horse race.

Lady Farrington's Folly. Zebra, 1993.
Characters: Thomas, Marquis of Worthington & Elizabeth Farrington
Summary: A lady scouring the countryside for items to add to her museum of natural curiosities is hampered by a childhood friend who's determined to guard her honor.
Setting: London

Other Regencies as Nan Pemberton, Nina Pykare, and Regina Towers

Elizabeth Powell

The Traitor's Daughter. Signet, September 2001.
Characters: Captain Sir Jonathan Everly & Amanda Tremayne
Summary: After her father, a once-respected naval officer, is executed for treason, a lady sets out to clear his name but falls in love with one of the men who sentenced him to death.

A Reckless Bargain. Signet, August 2002.
Characters: Nicholas Darcy, Marquess of Bainbridge & Kit Mallory
Summary: A scholarly widow helps an elderly dowager duchess avoid her family's plans to restrict her freedom by making a reckless bargain with the duchess's charming nephew.
Rating: good

The Reluctant Rogue. Signet, June 2003.
Characters: Sebastian Carr, Viscount Langley & Miss Jane Rutledge
Summary: An indebted lord whose father demands that he marry fixes his sights on a beautiful heiress but ends up compromising her mousy sister.
Setting: London

Martha Jean Powers

Proxy Bride. Fawcett, 1987.
Award: Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award, Best Regency 1986.

Gazebo Rendezvous. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Paxton Rutherford, Duke of Ruhaven & Miss Leslie Lathrup
Summary: A lady disguises herself as a boy in order to be accepted by her new guardian, then disguises herself as a gypsy to dissuade him from marrying another lady.
Setting: English countryside

The Gray Fox Wagers. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Devereaux Havenhurst, Viscount Badderley & Jena Christie
Summary: Drunken gentleman forces a destitute lady to marry him but later regrets his actions and wagers with his new wife as to whether he'll acknowledge her.
Rating: very good

Double Masquerade. Berkley, 1989.
Characters: Lord Andrew Farrington & Maggie Mason aka Blaine Meriweather
Summary: An actress must reject an admiring suitor in order to conceal her true identity.

The Perfect Fiancee. Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Lord Maxwell Kampford & Amity Fraser
Summary: Lord conducts a logical search for the perfect wife while trying to find a husband for his troublesome ward.

The Runaway Heart. Berkley, 1990.
Characters: Tristram, Earl of Wyndham & Arabella Mallory
Summary: A lady fleeing a guardian who is trying to steal her inheritance discovers an injured lord and nurses him back to health.
Setting: English countryside & London

False Pretenses. Jove, 1991.
Characters: Mr. Hawkins Chadwicke & Miss Anthea Bowmont
Summary: An officer hoping to be killed in battle agrees to marry a lady's pregnant sister and give her the protection of his name.

"The Kissing Bough," in A Regency Holiday. Jove, November 1991.

Other Regencies as Jean Paxton.

Now writes mystery / suspense novels as Martha Powers.

Cynthia Pratt

The Black Mask. Zebra, January 2003.
Characters: The Black Mask & Rose Spenser
Summary: A thief who steals to expose the sins of society's blackguards is asked by a lady whose boudoir he sneaks into to help her retrieve her brother's vowels.
Setting: London

A Yuletide Treasure. Zebra, October 2003.
Characters: Nathaniel La Plante & Camilla Twainsbury
Summary: A freespirited writer who finds himself saddled with a title, an estate, and a ready-made family attempts to make Christmas special for his nieces and gets a holiday surprise in the form of a damsel in distress.

Miss Lindel's Love. Zebra, January 2004.
Characters: Lord Kenton Danesby & Miss
Summary: Returning to London to take part in another Season, a lady who has matured greatly since being rejected by the man she adores gets a surprise when he sees her in a new light and vows to win her hand in marriage.

Lady Roma's Romance. Zebra, August 2004.
Characters: Bret Donovan & Lady Roma Randolph
Summary: After the death of her beloved fiance, a lady journeys to Bath and meets her former fiance's cousin, a delightful companion who is after her fortune.

A Duke for Christmas. Zebra, October 2004.
Characters:  Duke of Saltaire & Sophie Banner
Summary: During the holiday season, a widow trying to retain her independence from her family finds an ally in a duke.

"The Birthday Kitten" in Valentine Kittens. Zebra, January 2005.
Characters: Ramsey Dillon & Johanna Dillon
Summary: A couple with a polite marriage of mutual respect discovers romance when the man buys a kitten for his wife.

Previously wrote under the name Cynthia Bailey-Pratt.

Mona Prevel

Educating Emily. Zebra, December 2000.
Characters: James Garwood, Marquess of Northwycke & Miss Emily Walsingham
Summary: A marriage of convenience turns out to be much more.

A Kiss for Lucy. Zebra, October 2001.
Characters: Robert Renquist, Duke of Linborough & Lucy Garwood
Summary: A poor relation is swept off her feet when she receives a kiss from a duke who mistakes her for her niece.

The Dowager's Daughter. Zebra, December 2002.
Characters: John Ridley & Althea Markham
Summary: A gentleman posing as a smuggler to uncover French spies becomes entangled with a charming French lady and her protective daughter.

The Love-Shy Lord. Zebra, December 2003.
Characters: Marcus Ridley, Viscount Fairfax & Clarissa Carter
Summary: A highly eligible lord is rescued from a lady's marital designs by a steward's daughter.

Carol Proctor

An Unlikely Guardian. Signet, March 1990.
Characters: Evelyn Lovelace, Earl of Sinamor & Miss Phillipa Raithby
Summary: A notorious rake is made guardian of an innocent miss.

The Drawing Master's Dilemma. Signet, July 1990.
Characters: Aubrey Tarrant, Viscount Herne & Miss Georgiana Chalford
Summary: Lady is saved from marriage to a lecherous lord by a mysterious drawing master whom she finds wounded on the side of the road.
Rating: very good

A Dashing Widow. Signet, September 1991.
Summary: A beautiful and wealthy young widow becomes the target of every fortune hunter and opportunist for miles around.

"A Task for Cupid," in A Regency Valentine II. Signet, January 1992.

Theodora's Dreadful Mistake. Signet, October 1992.
Characters: Quentin Mansfield & Theodora Westmoreland
Summary: Lady targets a wealthy husband to save her mother but his aunt interferes.

"The London Swell," in Tokens of Love. Signet, January 1993.

The Dangerous Dandy. Signet, March 1993.
Characters: Earl of Drakefield & Miss Sarah Baxter
Summary: Lady tries to make herself loathsome to the rake pursuing her for her money.

Melinda Pryce

A Rose for Lady Edwina. Pinnacle, 1990.
Characters: Major Trent Haversham, Baron Haverslea & Lady Edwina Dynford
Summary: Lord who returns from Waterloo to find his inheritance stolen and an attempt made on his life disguises himself as a footman in the home of a kind earl with a suspicious sister.

Thief of Hearts. Jove, 1991.
Characters: Dalton St. Clair & Miss Jane Manley
Summary: Lady betrothed to a man with six children hopes a highwayman will tarnish her reputation and prevent her marriage, but though the thief behaves like a gentleman her fiance calls for him to be hanged.

A Love to Treasure. Jove, 1992.
Characters: Lord Merritt & Miss Rosamunde Wickes
Summary: Lady betrothed to a boring vicar uses her love for the sea to help a lord find a sunken treasure.

Suddenly a Lady. Jove, 1992.
Heroine: Penelope Graves
Summary: A lowly kitchen maid discovers she is the daughter of a wealthy lord and suddenly begins to receive marriage proposals.

"Tides of Love," in Summertime Splendor. Jove, 1992.

The Last Lord. Jove, 1993.
Characters: Galen Sedgewick & Susan Devane
Summary: American lady who enjoys flirting with a stranger on the ship to England is disappointed when her aunt decrees she must marry a peer.

Loving Spirits. Jove, 1994.
Characters: Evan, Lord Barringham & Diana Barlow
Summary: Widow is concerned at her feelings for the new American heir to her home until her husband's spirit appears to reassure her.

Now writes historical romance as Linda Shertzer.

Pauline Pryor

The Faint-Hearted Felon. Candlelight #667, 1981.

Other Regencies as Georgina Grey & Mary Linn Roby.

Eileen Putman

A Passionate Performance. Signet, March 1997.
Characters: Justin, Viscount Linton & Miss Sarah Armistead
Summary: Lord asks an impoverished lady to pose as his mistress to find his father's killer.
Award: National Readers' Choice Award, Best Regency, 1997

The Perfect Bride. Signet, October 1997.
Characters: Major Simon Thornton, Earl of Sommersby & Amanda Fitshugh
Summary: Broken-hearted lady escorts a lord's bride to his home and encounters both her former love and the attentions of the prospective groom.
The Dastardly Duke. Signet, January 1998.
Characters: Julian LeFevre, Duke of Claridge & Miss Hannah Gregory
Summary: Duke who bets he can transform a prostitute into a lady picks a lady reduced in circumstances because of her deafness.
Rating: good

Reforming Harriet. Signet, December 1998.
Characters: Elias, Earl of Westwood & Lady Harriet Worthington
Summary: Widow who hid her pain at her husband's infidelity through cooking is incensed when her husband's business partner seems intent on curtailing her independence.
Rating: very good

Other Regencies as Eileen Winwood
Now writes Regency-era historicals.

Mary Jo Putney

The Diabolical Baron. Signet, 1987; reissued by Onyx, 1999.
Characters: Jason Kincaid, Baron Radford & Mrs. Jessica Sterling; Richard Davenport, Earl of Wargrave & Miss Caroline Hanscombe
Summary: Baron who decides he must marry randomly chooses a shy musical lady, but his plan goes awry when he discovers that the girl's aunt is the lady he loved long ago.
Setting: London & the Cotswolds

The Would-Be Widow. Signet, July 1988; reissued in expanded form by Onyx, 1999, under the title The Bargain.
Characters: Major David Lancaster & Lady Jocelyn Kendal; Dr. Ian Kinlock & Sally Lancaster
Summary: Lady who wants to be a widow so she can take a duke as her lover marries an apparently dying soldier in need of funds to support his sister.
Series: Duke is the hero of The Controversial Countess.

Lady of Fortune. Signet, Super Regency, September 1988.
Characters: Alexander, Viscount Kingsley & Comtesse Marie-Christine D'Estelle
Summary: French lady fleeing the Revolution takes a position in a viscount's house.

The Rake and the Reformer. Signet, September 1989; reissued in expanded form by Topaz, 1998, under the titleThe Rake.
Characters: Mr. Reginald Davenport & Miss Alys Weston aka Lady Alyson Blakeford
Summary: Heiress who found refuge from heartbreak by becoming the steward of a remote estate finds her position in peril upon the arrival of the dissolute new owner.
Setting: Dorset and London
Series: Hero first appeared in The Diabolical Baron; gentleman who broke her heart is the hero of the short story "Sunshine for Christmas" in A Regency Christmas II, 1990.
Award: Romance Writers of America RITA, Best Regency 1990

The Controversial Countess. Signet, January 1989; reissued in expanded form by Topaz, 1993, under the titlePetals in the Storm.
Characters: Duke of Candover & Margot Ashton aka Countess Magda Janos
Summary: Duke demands that a mysterious lady involved in Paris intrigue pose as his mistress to uncover a plot.

Carousel of Hearts. Signet, November 1989.
Characters: Simon, Lord Launceston & Miss Judith Winslow; Adam Yorke & Antonia, Lady Thornton
Summary: A boldly beautiful baroness's quiet companion agrees to help a suitor make her friend jealous.

The Rogue and the Runaway. Signet, July 1990; reissued in expanded form by Topaz, 1995, under the title Angel Rogue.
Characters: Lord Robert Andreville & Miss Maxima Collins
Summary: American lady fed up with English society flees her ancestral home and ends up in the arms of a rogue.

"Sunshine for Christmas," in A Regency Christmas II. Signet, November 1990.
Characters: Lord Randolph Lennox & Miss Elizabeth Walker
Summary: Lonely gentleman spends Christmas in Naples, where he meets an English governess.
Series: Hero first appeared in The Rake and the Reformer, 1989.

"The Christmas Cuckoo," in A Regency Christmas III. Signet, November 1991.
Characters: Major Jack Howard, Earl of Winstoke & Miss Meg Lambert
Summary: Lady brings a gentleman home from a coaching inn, mistaking him for her brother's friend of the same name.
Rating: excellent

"The Christmas Tart," in A Regency Christmas IV. Signet, November 1992.

"Devil's Spawn," in Dashing and Dangerous: More Rakes & Rogues. Signet, 1995.

Now writes Regency-era historicals and other romance.

Website: www.maryjoputney.com

Rosina Pyatt

An Unquestionable Lady. Masquerade, 1987; reissued by Zebra, September 1990.
Characters: Characters: Giles Veryland & Miss Claudia Tallon
Summary: Impoverished lady answers a rake's ad for a wife.

Nina Pykare

The Scandalous Season. Candlelight #501, May 1979.
Characters: Marquess of Burlingame & Rebecca Stratford
Summary: Lady marries the man her father chooses but cannot please him no matter how hard she tries.

Love's Promise. Candlelight #509, 1979.

Lady Incognita. Candlelight #594, 1980.

The Dazzled Heart. Candlelight #581, 1980.

Love in Disguise. Candlelight #548, February 1980.
Characters: Earl of Morgane & Miss Fancy Harper
Summary: An actress inherits a London townhouse and finds herself courted by various beaux including the Duke of York.

A Man of Her Choosing. Candlelight #554, March 1980.
Characters: Lord Farrington & Miss Linnet
Summary: An eccentric lady thinks her guardian will have trouble finding her a husband, but he may have romantic plans of his own for her.

Love's Folly. Candlelight #610, October 1980.
Characters: Viscount Dunstan & Emily Penthorne
Summary: Lady en route to London flirts outrageously with a gentleman only to discover he is to be her escort for the Season.

The Innocent Heart. Candlelight #645, 1981.
Characters: Lord Atwood & Jeannie Burnstead
Summary: A lady who became a recluse after a lord rejected her heads to London to save her twin brother from a loveless marriage.

Love Plays a Part. Candlelight #675, 1981.

A Matter of Honor. Candlelight #716, 1982.

Other Regencies as Nan Pemberton, Nina Porter and Regina Towers

New Traditional Regencies

Julia Parks

The Valentine's Day Ball. Musa Publishing, 2013.
Summary: While hosting a Valentine's Day ball, a confirmed spinster meets a man newly returned from the Indies.


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