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Carol Quinto

The Duke Who Came to Visit. Zebra, October 1996.
Characters: Duke of Balfour & Miss Regina Westfield
Summary: Tall, awkward lady returns home to Newmarket after an unsuccessful Season and is content raising horses until a carriage accident brings a duke to her door.

"The Valentine's Day Husband," in A Valentine Bouquet. Zebra, February 1997.

Sister of the Bride. Zebra, June 1997.
Characters: Marquis of Worth & Elizabeth Endicott; Johnny & Cassie Endicott
Summary: Sisters try to matchmake for each other.

"The Virtues of Patience," in For Mother with Love. Zebra, April 1998.
Characters: Gregory Courtenay, Duke of Norwick & Miss Patience Cheswick
Summary: A duke asks his mother to chose a bride for him.

Other Regencies as Jeanne Carmichael & Carol Michaels.

Sheila Rabe

The Light-Fingered Lady. Pageant, 1989.
Characters: Earl of Brimley & Miss Prudence Penhallow
Summary: Lady who pilfers jewels from the ton to help the poor is blackmailed by a comte and helped by an earl.
Series: "Regency Romantic Intrigue"

Faint Heart. Jove, 1990.
Characters: Mr. George Atherby & Cecily Hammond
Summary: Awkward country gentleman is determined to win the hand of a beautiful lady.

The Improper Miss Prym. Diamond, 1991.
Characters: Jonathan Tremayne, Earl of Vale & Miss Elizabeth Prym
Summary: Lady who had a disastrous first Season is transformed into a Toast who toys with her suitors, but finds true love with a man who loved her as she was.

A Ghostly Charade. Zebra, October 1991.
Characters: Hon. Damien Grayson (earl's younger son) & Lady Caroline Templeton
Summary: Lady suspects a man of playing ghost to stop her sister from marrying into his family.

Lady Luck. Jove, 1992.
Hero: Lord Dorset
Summary: A lord finds that the shy, plain girl he married for money and left behind in London has not only become the proprietor of a high-class gambling house but a spirited beauty whom he must woo again.

The Lost Heir. Jove, 1992.
Characters: Richard White, Duke of Grayborough & Susan Montague
Summary: Lady is robbed by a highwayman with the telltale birthmark of the lost Duke of Graysborough and agrees to teach him social graces.

The Wedding Deception. Jove, 1993.
Characters: Arthur, Earl of Greenfield & Miss Celeste Hart
Summary: Lady engaged to an elderly duke to save her destitute family finds herself in love with another.

Miss Plympton's Peril. Jove, 1994.
Characters: Mr. Edwin Hale & Miss Evangeline Plympton
Summary: Gothic romance reader fears a family is holding her captive for her dowry.
Rating: good

The Accidental Bride. Zebra, June 1994.
Characters: Hon. Charles Trevor & Emily Vane
Summary: When a plain lady switches costumes with her stunning sister at a masquerade, a gentleman who kisses her ends up having to offer for the wrong sister.
Setting: London

Bringing out Betsy. Zebra, December 1994.
Characters: Lionel, Duke of Littlefield & Miss Betsy Brightham
Summary: Duke who is out of funds agrees to bring out a merchant's daughter.

"Motherly Advice," in A Mother's Delight. Zebra, April 1995.

An Innocent Impostor. Zebra, May 1995.
Characters: Earl of Mayfield & Miss Susan Layne
Summary: Governess forced to leave her position is mistaken by an earl for his lookalike runaway ward.

The Adventuress. Zebra, January 1996.
Characters: Julian Brentwood, Earl of Woodham & Mrs. Diana Hunt
Summary: Lady is suspected of murdering her rich old husband.

Website: www.sheilasplace.com

Janette Radcliffe

The Blue-Eyed Gypsy. Candlelight #128, May 1974.
Characters: Lord Patrick Wolverton & Valerie Bennett
Summary: Lady who fled her cruel stepfather as a child and lived with the gypsies is found by him and auctioned in marriage to a lord.

Moonlight Gondola. Candlelight #174, 1975.

The Gentleman Pirate. Candlelight #185, November 1975.
Characters:  Lord Lionel Maitland & Sheila O'Donnell
Summary: Lady manages a tropical estate in the absence of its owner, who suddenly returns with a party of elegant ladies and gentlemen.

White Jasmine. Candlelight #190, 1976.

Lord Stephen's Lady. Candlelight #198, June 1976.
Characters: Stephen Sharington, Earl of Osborne & Georgiana Cartwright
Summary: Earl weds lady to repay a debt to her father and believes a vicious rival who tells him his wife is involved with a libertine.

The Azure Castle. Candlelight #204, 1976.

The Topaz Charm. Candlelight #206, October 1976.
Characters: Guy, Marquis de Valerian & Jeanne-Anne de St. Martin
Summary: British lady marries a French marquis for protection against one of Napoleon's spies.

Scarlet Secrets. Candlelight #212, 1977.

A Gift of Violets. Candlelight #216, March 1977.
Characters: Giorgio Michielli & Viola Marchmont
Summary: Italian man who has a mysterious hold over a lady's ambassador father demands her hand in marriage.

Hidden Fires. Dell, 1978.

Other Regencies as Rebecca Danton and Janet Louise Roberts.

Debbie Raleigh

Lord Carlton's Courtship. Zebra, January 2000.
Characters: Giles, Lord Carlton & Miss Roma Allendyle
Summary: Lord rescues a lady who is disguised as a boy from an ambush and tends to her bullet wound, then feels honor-bound to help her search for her missing agent brother.

"The Naughty Kitten," in Spring Kittens. Zebra, March 2000.
Characters: Hugo Langmead, Earl of Rumford & Miss Abigail Stadford
Summary: Lady feels responsible when her kitten causes a lord to have an accident and lose his memory.

Lord Mumford's Minx. Zebra, August 2000.
Characters: Luke Travell, Earl of Mumford & Miss Cassandra Stanholte
Summary: To prove that a woman claiming to be her long-lost uncle's wife is a fraud, a lady poses as a courtesan and attracts a gentleman's attention --  as well as danger.

A Bride for Lord Challmond. Zebra, January 2001.
Characters: Simon Townsled, Lord Challmond & Claire Blackwell
Summary: A gentleman returns from a trip to Italy and receives a dressing down from an old childhood friend about his estate manager's abuses and neglect.
Series: A Rose for Three Rakes #1

A Bride for Lord Wickton. Zebra, March 2001.
Characters: Barth Juston, Earl of Wickton & Miss Isa Lawford
Summary: A lord who assumes that a lady would be grateful to accept his businesslike marriage proposal is shocked when she turns him down.
Series: A Rose for Three Rakes #2

"The Merry Cupids," in Valentine Rogues. Zebra, January 2001.

A Bride for Lord Brasleigh. Zebra, May 2001.
Characters: Philip Marlow, Lord Brasleigh & Miss Bella Lowe
Summary: A lord chases his high-spirited ward when she runs away to avoid marrying the man he chose for her.
Series: A Rose for Three Rakes #3

"Christmas Miracle," in Christmas Kittens. Zebra, October 2001.
Characters: Mr. Alexander Dalford & Miss Grace Honeywell
Summary: A lady finds herself engaged to a man she barely knows.

The Christmas Wish. Zebra, November 2001.
Characters: Lord Chance & Sarah Cresswell
Summary: The daughter of a notorious fugitive is asked to help find a lord's stolen treasure.

The Valentine's Wish. Zebra, January 2002.
Characters: Cedric, Lord Hartshore & Emma Cresswell
Summary: A lady tries to escape her father's scandalous exploits by becoming a companion, but she finds herself drawn to her employer's nephew.
Series: Sequel to The Christmas Wish.

The Wedding Wish. Zebra, April 2002.
Characters: Anthony Clarke & Rachel Cresswell
Summary: A mischievous lady sets out to woo away her cousin's suitor but must hide her scheme from a man she comes to love.
Series: Sequel to The Valentine's Wish.

A Proper Marriage. Zebra, October 2002.
Characters: Mr. Adam Drake & Mrs. Adele Morrow Drake
Summary: A free-spirited artist and a proper military strategist seem destined for a loveless marriage until the vicar who married them helps them find a common ground.
Setting: London
Series: Vicar Humbly #1
Rating: excellent Comments: Excellent portrayal of an estranged couple coming to understand one another. Both POVs are are clearly drawn and their rapprochement is realistic and moving.

"The Elusive Bride" in A Taste of Christmas. Zebra, October 2002.
Characters: Conner Forrest, Earl of Barclay & Amanda Worthington
Summary: A lady forced to marry to cancel her father's gambling debt tries to sell a lord her scrumptious jam cakes to repay him, but he has other ideas.

A Convenient Marriage. Zebra, December 2002.
Characters: Gabriel Baxtor, Earl of Faulconer & Beatrice Chaswell
Summary: A plump, shy lady is thrilled when a lord asks for her hand, but after they are married she learns he needed her fortune.
Setting: Derbyshire
Series: Vicar Humbly #2

A Scandalous Marriage. Zebra, March 2003.
Characters: Lord Claredon & Victoria Mallory
Summary: When a midnight rendezvous with the wrong man leads to a marriage of convenience, a headstrong lady and a notorious rake must cast aside their differences to overcome danger and find unexpected love.
Setting: Kent
Series: Vicar Humbly #3

"A Mother at Heart," in A Husband for Mama. Zebra, April 2003.
Characters: Julius Sutton, Lord Rockworth & Miss Charity Smith
Summary: A lord is surprised when a woman claiming to be his long-lost mother visits and brings a charming companion.

My Lord Vampire. Zebra, August 2003.
Characters: Mr. Gideon Ravelm & Sally Jenkins
Summary: When a penniless lady receives a mysterious amulet she switches places with her beautiful twin and attracts two men.
Setting: London

"The Bewitchment of Lord Dalford" in A Bewitching Season. Zebra, September 2003.
Characters: Lord Dalford & Anne Winsome
Summary: A witch gives a potion to a bumbling gentleman and he is transformed into a charming rogue.

My Lord Eternity. Zebra, October 2003.
Characters: Amadeus Fallow or Lucien Valin & Jocelyn Kingly
Summary: When a serial killer targets local brothels, a lady who champions less fortunate women discovers that a strange amulet holds the key to the murders as well as to the true nature of her vicar friend and the man she loves.

My Lord Immortality. Zebra, December 2003.
Characters: Sebastian St. Ives & Amelia Hadwell
Summary: A lady whose brother is suspected of a series of murders accepts help from a scholarly gentleman who suggests that an amulet holds the key to the mystery.

Debbie Raleigh, "Marlow's Nemesis" in My Favorite Rogue. Zebra, March 2004.
Characters:  Lord Robert Marlow & Anna Dashell
Summary: A rake decides to choose a bride but finds his childhood nemesis interfering with his plans.

Miss Frazer's Adventure. Zebra, February 2005.
Characters: Lucius Calfield & Miss Kate Frazier
Summary: A lady whose mother had a scandalous reputation tries to behave with propriety, but when her fiance leaves her at the altar she heads for London determined to live as she pleases.

Website: www.draleigh.homestead.com/home.html

Eileen Ramsay

The Mysterious Marquis. Walker, 1985.
Heroine: Elizabeth Ridgeway
Summary: A lady is determined to meet the mysterious father of a young boy she finds near her home in rural Scotland.

Lindsay Randall

Miss Marcie's Mischief. Zebra, January 1995.
Characters: Cole, Marquis of Sherringham & Miss Marcelon Darlington
Summary: Lady fleeing school is nearly run down by a marquis escaping scheming misses by driving a mail coach.
Series: Sequel to The Unmatchable Mirabella, written under the name Gillian Grey.

Miss Meredith's Marriage. Zebra, August 1995.
Characters: Larkin Graystone & Miss Meredith Darlington
Summary: To avoid her aunt's marriage schemes, a lady decides to enter a marriage of convenience with a shy lord but accidentally proposes to his twin brother.
Series: Sequel to Miss Marcie's Mischief.

Lady Lissa's Liaison. Zebra, August 1998.
Characters: Gabriel Gordeon, Earl of Wylde & Lady Lissa Lovington
Summary: Lady plagued by fortune hunters invents a liaison with an earl of frightful reputation.

A Dangerous Courtship. Zebra, April, 1999.
Characters: Julian Masters, Earl of Eve & Lady Veronica Carstairs
Summary: Lady who makes it her mission to expose untrustworthy men is rescued by an earl posing as a riverkeep while he seeks his family's killer.

Other Regencies as Gillian Grey

Ellen Randolph

The Rushden Legacy. Warner, 1985.
Characters: Roger, Baron Rushden & Lady Diana Bellrose
Summary: Lady fakes a betrothal to avoid an unwanted marriage.
Rating: good

Gail Ranstrom

The Rake's Revenge. Mills & Boon, February 2006.
Characters: Robert McHugh, Earl of Glenross & Miss Afton Lovejoy
Summary: A lord seeking to avenge a family tragedy realizes his target may be the lady he's fallen in love with.

The Missing Heir. Mills & Boon, May 2006.
Characters: Adam Hawthorne & Grace Forbush
Summary: A lady is surprised by the appearance of her late husband's heir.

Alicia Rasley

A Royal Escapade. Zebra, November 1992.
Characters: Michael, Major Lord Devlyn & Princess Tatiana
Summary: A Russian princess intended to wed the Duke of Cumberland is attracted to her handsome escort.
Series: Sequel is Poetic Justice, 1994.
Rating: excellent
See a Review of this book.

A Midsummer's Delight. Zebra, July 1993.
Characters: Tristan Hale, Lord Braden & Miss Charity Calder
Summary: A lady home from her first Season falls for the artist next door.
Setting: Kent & Sussex

"The Wilder Heart," in A Valentine's Day Tangle. Zebra, February 1993.

"Home for Christmas," in A Touch of Christmas. Zebra, November 1993.

Poetic Justice. Zebra, June 1994.
Characters: Sir John Dryden & Miss Jessica Seton
Summary: Rogue helps a lady who must marry or lose her library and a secret trunk.
Rating: very good
Series: Sequel to A Royal Escapade, 1992.

"Allegra," in Lessons in Love. Zebra, August 1994.
Characters: Sir Nicholas Trent & Allegra, Lady Trent
Summary: Lady scarcely knows the dashing husband who returns to her from the war.

Gwen's Christmas Ghost. Zebra, November 1995. Co-author: Lynn Kerstan
Characters: Mr. Valerian Caine aka Jocelyn Vayle & Miss Gwendolyn Sevaric
Summary: 18th century rogue gets a second chance at life and love.
Rating: good Comments: Ghost element handled well.
Award: Romance Writers of America RITA, Best Regency 1996

The Reluctant Lady. Kappa Books, 1997.
Characters: Brendan, Duke of Tressilian & Kristen Killian, Countess of Killeaven
Summary: A widow enjoys intrigue with a rake while contemplateing marriage to a dull man.
Setting: London

Website: www.sff.net/people/alicia

Constance Ravenlock

Rendezvous at Gramercy. Candlelight #676, 1981.

Ellen Rawlings

A Larcenous Affair. Diamond, 1991.

A Serious Pursuit. Diamond, 1991.
Characters: Justin, Lord Darvey & Miss Elizabeth Hanley
Summary: Lady's scientist uncle makes her become a lady's companion so that she can spy on her employer's scientist nephew, but she dislikes deceiving the kind gentleman.

A Perfect Arrangement. Diamond, 1992.
Character: Alan Houghton & Lady Susan Brooke
Summary: A lady agrees to take care of a widower's children when her headstrong actions cause his governess to quit.

The Convenient Marriage. Diamond, 1993.
Characters: Steven Royce & Regina Hammond
Summary: A lady's father loses her in a card game to a kindly older man, but she finds herself falling in love with his nephew.

Jean Reece

The Primrose Path. Harlequin, 1987.

The Devil's Dare. Harlequin #10, September 1989.
Characters: Lord Dare & Elaine Farrington
Summary: Lady suspects her brother's rakish idol of being a traitor when she learns the Scottish Regalia is missing and is thought to be in her house.

Joy Reed

"Christening Day," in A Mother's Joy. Zebra, April 1994.
Characters: Earl of Carlton & Elizabeth, Lady Carlton
Summary: Lady who has recently given birth fears her husband's attentions have wandered.

Twelfth Night. Zebra, November 1995.
Characters: Stephen Etheridge & Anne Compton
Summary: Lady escapes an abduction to Gretna Green only to find herself snowbound with a rake who suggests a false betrothal to save her reputation.

The Seduction of Lady Carroll. Zebra, August 1996.
Characters: Mr. Adam Wainwright & Lora, Countess of Carroll
Summary: Widow decides to have an affair and attempts to seduce a gentleman but he suggests an engagement instead.

"Christmas Beau," in A Christmas Courtship. Zebra, November 1996.
Characters: Sir William McCraig & Miss Melanie Hartman
Summary: A rugged Highlander comes between a London debutante and her fashionable beau.

Midsummer Moon. Zebra, February 1997.
Characters: Sir George Overton & Miss Jane Reynolds
Summary: Plain Jane is courted by a man who mistakes her for a poor relation.
Rating: excellent Comments: Liked that he fell in love with her when she was plain; good job of revealing his feelings while exclusively in her point of view.

Lord Wyland Takes a Wife. Zebra, October 1997.
Characters: Paul Wycliff, Earl of Wyland & Miss Mary Grant
Summary: Lord who was rejected by an older lover finds her interests renewed when he inheirits a title, but he marries a prim governess who thinks he's a libertine instead.
Rating: fair

"Moonlight Masquerade," in Spellbound Hearts. Zebra, October 1997.
Summary: A lady finds love with a stranger at a masked ball.

An Inconvenient Engagement. Zebra, November 1997.
Characters: John Collingwood, Earl of Stanford & Miss Rebecca Wentworth
Summary: Lady is attracted to the rake whom she flirts with to make her fiance jealous.
Rating: very good

The Duke and Miss Denny. Zebra, July 1998.
Characters: Duke of Ashland & Miss Judith Denny
Summary: Modest lady believes a duke is above her station but he is charmed by her.

A Home for the Holidays. Zebra, December 1998.
Characters: Richard, Earl of Brentwood and Barstock & Lady Alexandra DiMarco
Summary: Lady slips away from her overprotective family and takes a position as a governess in an earl's home as a lark.

"Hussar's Kisses," in Sweet Delights. Zebra, September 1999.
Characters: Captain Lawrence Westmoreland & Camilla Leslie
Summary: Lady makes a special treat for a returning war hero who left for battle without proposing.

Lord Caldwell and the Cat. Zebra, October 1999.
Characters: Victor, Baron Caldwell & Miss Catherine Everhart
Summary: When a lord tells his tenant she need not pay rent due to her reduced circumstances, she thinks he's being condescending.

Miss Chambers Takes Charge. Zebra, April 2000.
Characters: John, Viscount Rexford & Miss Claudia Chambers
Summary: Lady's companion helps her employer, who married above her station, stand up to her late husband's intimidating heir.

"A Cat by Any Other Name," in Magical Kittens. Zebra, September 2000.
Characters: Lord Longworth & Miss Miranda Strong
Summary: A spinster loses her beloved kitten but finds unexpected love.

"At First Sight" in My Sweet Valentine. Zebra, January 2002.

The Baron and the Bluestocking. Zebra, March 2002.
Characters: Julius, Baron Atwater & Miss Elizabeth Watson
Summary: A lady receives an inheritance from an elderly man who admired her book on the Second Punic War and is confronted by one of her benefactor's relatives.
Setting: London

Lord Desmond's Destiny. Zebra, July 2002.
Characters: Lord Desmond Ryder & Miss Susan Doyle
Summary: A lady avoiding an arragned marriage lives under the protection of a lord and must wear a disguise.
Setting: London

"Mince Pie and Mistletoe" in A Taste of Christmas. Zebra, October 2002.
Characters: Mr. Christopher Garrett & Miss Ellen Roswell
Summary: A lady doesn't believe that serving mince pie at Christmas brings luck until she finds a guinea that leads her to love.

Lord Yates and the Yankee. Zebra, February 2003.
Characters: Vincent, Earl Yates & Constance Locke
Summary: A lord is enchanted with an American lady who constantly insults his heritage and mounts a campaign to win her heart.
Setting: London

Mr Jeffries and the Jilt. Zebra, August 2003.
Characters: Mr Raymond Jeffries & Caroline Sedgewick
Summary: At a seaside resort, a gentleman encounters a lady with a scandalous reputation but discovers her true nature.

Barbara Reeves

Georgina's Campaign. Walker, 1991.
Characters: Earl of Rotham & Georgina Upcott
Summary: An avowed spinster's plan to find a husband for her sister backfires when the man she enlisted to help her makes amorous advances.

A Scandalous Courtship. Walker, 1993; reissued in paperback by Avon, 1994.
Characters: Evan Ryder, Earl of Maitland & Virina Baret
Summary: Lord who has long loved a married lady hopes to wed her now that she's a widow, but she is determined to support herself with her catering business.

The Much Maligned Lord. Avon, 1993.
Characters: Holt Ingram, Baron Ravencroft & Miss Emily Wilton
Summary: Lady spurns the attentions of a lord, believing rumors that he's a rake.

The Dangerous Marquis. Avon, 1994.
Characters: Gideon St. Aubin, Marquis of Huxford & Miss Audrey Soames-Taylor
Summary: American lady who is unimpressed with Englishmen and a marquis who disdains marriage are caught in a compromising position.

Lacy's Dilemma. Avon, 1995.
Characters: Gilbert Fanton, Earl of Estabrook & Miss DeLacy Ormund
Summary: Lady who must marry for money meets a man pretending to be poor to find love.
Rating: good

Leslie Reid

The Grand Style. Harlequin, September 1986.
Characters: Sir Giles Wescott & Athena Lindsay
Summary: Aunt hopes to match her niece with an art connoisseur, but the lady is only interested in becoming an artist and cannot even trust the gentleman enough to let him help her.

Letter of Intent. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Richard Avery & Jennifer Somers
Summary: American businessman asks a lady to care for his motherless children.

Catherine Reynolds

A Thoroughly Compromised Bride. Harlequin #47, April 1991.

The Highwayman. Harlequin #109, November 1993.
Characters: Sebastian, Viscount St. Clair & Miss Jane Lockwood
Summary: Lady with a taste for adventure nurses a highwayman wounded in a delicate area only to find he is a notorious rake.
Cover quote: "Everything about him screamed danger!"

Dena Rhee

An Immodest Proposal. Candlelight, 1982.

Patricia Rice

Indigo Moon. Signet Super Regency, February 1988.
Characters: Earl of Heathmont & Lady Aubree Berford
Summary: Lady agrees to a marriage in name only with a rake but finds herself desiring him.

"The Kissing Bough," in A Regency Christmas I. Signet, November 1989.

"Fathers and Daughters," in A Regency Valentine I. Signet, February 1991.

Mad Maria's Daughter. Signet, April 1992; reissued by Signet, March 2003, in one volume with The Genuine Article.
Characters: Evan Griffin & Daphne Templeton
Summary: Lady abducted by a highwayman refuses to fear him.
Setting: Devon

Artful Deceptions. Signet, August 1992.
Characters: Lord Galen Locke & Miss Arianne Richards
Summary: Lady's cousin's betrothed is interested in a painting she's selling--and in her.

"Deceiving Appearances," in Full Moon Magic. Signet, 1992.

The Genuine Article. Signet, October 1994; reissued by Signet, March 2003, in one volume with Mad Maria's Daughter.
Characters: Reginald Montague & Lady Marian Oglethorpe
Summary: Lady hides her biting wit to snare a rich husband to save her family but falls for her intended's friend instead.
Setting: London

"Golden Crocus," in Blossoms. Signet, 1995.

"Something Borrowed," in A Wedding Bouquet. Signet, May 1996.
Characters: Damien Langland, Earl of Reister & Miss Melanie Berkeley
Summary: Lame lady convinces the man her sister left at the altar to pretend they are married while they seek his fiancee.

"Christmas Goose," in A Regency Christmas Feast. Signet, November 1996.

Now writes historical and contemporary romances.

Website: www.patriciarice.com

Nancy Richards-Akers

The Mayfair Season. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Earl of Cavendish & Miss Mina O'Kieffe
Summary: Irish lady is asked to spend a Season with the family of the earl who blames her brother for his sister's ruin.

A Season Abroad. Warner, 1988.
Characters: Mr. Jeremy Wister & Miss Emma Frazer
Summary: American gentleman drops an English lady's acquaintance when he learns of a family scandal but meets her again when she comes to Philadelphia for a Season.
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

Philadelphia Folly. Warner, 1988.
Summary: A British lady with a penchant for pranks finds romance and adventure in Philadelphia.
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

The Lilac Garland. Warner, 1989.
Characters: Lord Ramsey & Lady Christina Braughton
Summary: Swept off her feet by a dashing lord, a lady is shamed when she finds herself the butt of a cruel joke--so she is shocked when their paths cross again six years later.

Lady Sarah's Charade. Avon, 1992.
Characters: Earl of Radnor & Lady Sarah Clement-Brooke
Summary: A lady whose obsession with ghosts has hindered her marriage prospects is matched by her aunt with an arrogant lord.

Miss Wickham's Betrothal. Avon, 1992.
Heroine: Lucy Wickham
Summary: A lady hastily accepts a young man's proposal only to find that his uncle is the man she loved years earlier.

The Devil's Wager. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Harry Davenant & Virginia, Duchess of Huntington
Summary: Wife of an elderly, pious duke visits her sister and attracts the attentions of a rake.

Lord Fortune's Prize. Avon, 1993.
Characters: Earl of Litchfield & Lady Eleanor Villiers
Summary: A lord is determined to prove to the bride he won on a wager that he truly loves her.

Also wrote historical romances.

Evelyn Richardson

The Education of Lady Frances. Signet, June 1989; reissued by Signet, February 2006, in one volume with Miss Cresswell's London Triumph.
Characters: Lord Julian Mainwaring & Lady Frances
Summary: While chaperoning her young friend during the London season, a lady must spend time with an insufferable lord.

Miss Cresswell's London Triumph. Signet, October 1990; reissued by Signet, February 2006, in one volume with The Education of Lady Frances.
Characters: Ned Mainwaring & Miss Cassandra Cresswell
Summary: A lady who wants to be admired for her mind tries to win a gentleman away from a beauty.

The Nabob's Ward. Signet, November 1991.
Characters: Brian Brandon, Earl of Aldringham & Miss Georgiana Southwold
Summary: Rakish earl falls for his bookish ward.

The Bluestocking's Dilemma. Signet, November 1992.
Characters: Nicholas, Marquess of Daventry & Lady Caroline Waverly
Summary: Bluestocking who has her own estate and intellectual pursuits is convinced she'll never marry until she meets a certain lord.

The Willful Widow. Signet, January 1994.
Characters: Lord Justin St. Clair & Lady Diana Hatherill
Summary: Widow of an unsatisfactory marriage doesn't intend to marry any of her flirts.

Lady Alex's Gamble. Signet, February 1995.
Characters: Christopher, Lord Wrotham & Lady Alexandra de Montmorency
Summary: Lady disguises herself as a gentleman gamester to save her family.
Rating: good

The Reluctant Heiress. Signet, May 1996.
Characters: Alistair Farrington, Earl of Burnleigh & Lady Sarah Melford
Summary: Heiress avoids fortune hunters and gets involved with a rakish spy.
Rating: very good

My Wayward Lady. Signet, August 1997.
Hero: Lord Adrian Chalfort
Summary: Lady educates women at a brothel, where she meets a lord.
Award: Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award, Best Regency 1996-97

The Gallant Guardian. Signet, November 1998.
Characters: Maximilian Stanforth, Marquess of Lydon & Lady Charlotte Winterbourne
Summary: Confirmed bachelor becomes the guardian of an independent young lady and her brother.

My Lady Nightingale. Signet, November 1999.
Characters: Lord Christian Hatherleigh (duke's younger son) & Mlle. Isobel de Montargis
Summary: Lady who is music tutor to a lord's niece and nephew dreams of becoming an opera singer.

Lord Harry's Daughter. Signet, January 2001.
Characters: Major Lord Mark Adair & Sophia Featherstonaugh
Summary: The sheltered daughter of one of Wellington's generals finds her life turned upside down by an encounter with a British spy.

Fortune's Lady. Signet, March 2002.
Characters: Gareth de Vere, Marquess of Harwood & Lady Althea Beauchamp
Summary: Despite the warnings of his friends, a gentleman woos a beautiful and wealthy lady who has earned herself the sobriquet "the Ice Princess"
for her standoffish attitude toward would-be fortune hunters.
Setting: London

A Foreign Affair. Signet, March 2003.
Characters: Major Brett Stanford & Helena Devereux
Summary: A timid and reserved lady  unexpectedly finds herself competing against her beautiful mother, who is a princess, for the affections of a major.
Setting: Vienna

The Scandalous Widow. Signet, April 2004.
Characters: Marquess of Charlmont & Lady Catherine Granville
Summary: A widow opens a school for young ladies and meets a lord who comes to examine the school before enrolling his niece.

A Lady of Talent. Signet, February 2005.
Characters: Sebastian, Earl of Charrington
Summary: A betrothed man dreams of a woman he saw in a painting and then meets her in real life when he hires her to do a portrait of his fiancee.

Cynthia Richey

Love's Masquerade. Walker, 1990.
Characters: Edward Norris, Earl of Pemberton & Sarah Fairchild
Summary: Lady who intends to turn her family home into a girls' school is displeased when her escort to London is forced to claim she is his wife.

The Heart's Gamble. Zebra, November 1992.
Characters: Robert St. George, Viscount Redmon & Ginny Makepeace
Summary: Lady's father loses her in a card game to a lord.

"A Breath of Scandal," in A Mother's Heart. Zebra, May 1992.
Characters: Charlton Trent, Marquess of Helverton & Miss Lacey Fremont
Summary: Noble landlord tries to evict a tenant who takes in orphans.

"A Most Fortunate Lady," in A Valentine's Day Tangle. Zebra, February 1993.

"A Groom for Juno," in A June Betrothal. Zebra, June 1993.
Characters: Brian Wilton, Viscount Lancaster & Miss Juno Davis
Summary: A confirmed spinster laughs at a viscount's marriage proposal.

The Secret Scribbler. Zebra, May 1994.
Characters: Duke of Standen & Miss Grace Penworth
Summary: Lady who wrote a treatise against the ton is involved in a carriage accident with a mesmerizing duke.

The Fashionable Miss Fonteyne. Zebra, November 1994.
Characters: Dysart, Viscount Windhaven & Miss Adele Fonteyne
Summary: Gentleman asks a fashionable lady who has a tendre for him to help his country ward purchase a wardrobe, leading her to suspect he intends to marry the girl.

Rebecca Robbins

The Mischievous Maid. Avon, 1993.
Characters: Miles, Lord Bradford & Miss Genevieve Quince
Summary: Lady intends to turn her late parents' rundown estate into a refuge for those shunned by the ton, much to the dismay of a neighbor who tries to marry her to stop her plan.

An Unusual Inheritance. Avon, 1994.
Characters: Lord Connor Duncan & Emily (Emmaline?) Hastings
Summary: Lady learns that her late father was a pirate who left one half of a treasure map to her and the other to a lord who was his cohort.

Lucky in Love. Avon, 1994.
Characters: Duke of Argyll & Fanny MacDonald
Summary: A lady whose marriage to a duke was arranged to settle a feud between their families vows never to give him her heart.

An Irresistible Pursuit. Avon, 1995.
Characters: Sir Malcolm Forbes & Phoebe Lawton
Summary: A lady seeking an Egyptian amulet hides in a museum, but her plan is thwarted by a dashing archaeologist.

Guardian for an Angel. Zebra, January 1996.
Characters: Sebastian Hughes, Earl of Darcy & Lady Angelique Arundel
Summary: Lady jockey's guardian loses her estate to a libertine.
Rating: average

Myretta Robens

Once upon a Sofa. Zebra, May 2005.
Characters: Major Sidney Chamberlayne & Lady Isabel Ashby
Summary: When she ends up in the arms of the wrong man, a lady is forced to marry her fiance's younger brother to save her reputation.

Just Say Yes. Zebra, August 2005.
Characters: Earl of Cheriton & Miss Cassie Hartwell
Summary: Posing as a steward in his quest to lead a simple life, an earl finds his clever ruse challenged by a vicar's daughter whose social-climbing mama believes him to be unworthy of her daughter's affections.

Janet Louise Roberts

A Marriage of Inconvenience. Candlelight #98, 1972.
Characters: Earl of Gresham & Sophia Forest
Summary: Bluestocking and an earl enter into marriage as a business arrangement.

My Lady Mischief. Candlelight #105, January 1973; reissued as Candlelight #240, 1978.
Characters: Stephen Huntington & Mary MacGregor
Summary: Furious when she arrives at her fiance's home only to find him wed to another, a lady impulsively accepts his older brother's proposal.

The Dancing Doll. Candlelight #111, 1973; reissued as Candlelight #239, 1978.
Characters: Clive Fleming, Viscount Chichester & Michele Martindale
Summary: Lady despises her husband, who rescued her from a Paris dance hall, and flees into the arms of another only to realize she has jeopardized her husband's life by her actions.

The Golden Thistle. Candlelight #117, 1973; reissued as Candlelight #246, 1978; reissued by Dell, 1987.
Characters: Douglas, Earl of Kinnair & Lady Pamela Ilchester
Summary: Lady travels to Italy to be near her fiance but he is not pleased to see her.
Rating: good
See a review of this book.

La Casa Dorada. Candlelight #125, 1973; reissued as Candlelight #245, 1978.

The Cardross Luck. Candlelight #132, February 1974.
Characters: Ian Cardross, Earl of Doorn & Miss Heather Mallory
Summary: Heiress proposes marriage to an impoverished lord to gain her freedom.

The First Waltz. Candlelight #153, 1974; reissued as Candlelight #247, 1978; reissued by Dell, 1987.

Other Regenices as Rebecca Danton and Janette Radcliffe.

Meg-Lynn Roberts

An Alluring Lady. Zebra, May 1992.
Characters: Jack Mackinnon, Lord Letham & Miss Jillian St. Erney
Summary: Runaway assists a wounded British agent who defended her virtue.

"Christmas at the Priory," in A Christmas to Cherish. Zebra, November 1992.
Characters: Anthony, Baron Maitland & Miss Clio Ingram; Major John Parker & Miss Marianne Milverton
Summary: Lord hosting a house party invites a friend he hopes will make a match with his childhood companion.
Rating: very good

A Perfect Match. Zebra, April 1993.
Characters: Andrew Hansohm (!), Viscount Sterling & Miss Francesca Verdant
Summary: "Lord Perfection" is infuriated when a chaperone spills punch on him.

A Midnight Masquerade. Zebra, October 1993.
Characters: Angus Dalglish & Blanche Charolais
Summary: A lady's cousin elopes with her money, leaving her stranded at an inn where a man escaping a card game crawls through her window.

"The Substitute Bridegroom," in A June Courtship. Zebra, May 1994.

Christmas Escapade. Zebra, December 1994.
Characters: Peveril Standish, Viscount Lindford & Miss Mary Marlowe
Summary: Lord attempts to elope with a lady but ends up compromising her companion.

"Lovers' Vows," in A Valentine Embrace.Zebra, January 1995.
Characters: Edward Hadleigh, Marquess of Wexford & Miss Victoria Colefax
Summary: Lady finds herself cast in a romantic play opposite the lord she once jilted.
Rating: very good

Love's Gambit. Zebra, July 1995.
Characters: Augustus St. Regis, Earl of Sedgmoor & Georgie Carteret
Summary: Lady determines to bring a straightlaced lord down a peg.

"For All Eternity," in Lords and Ladies. Zebra, May 1996.

Lord Diablo's Demise. Zebra, June 1996.
Characters: Lord Harry Glendower (marquess's younnger son) & Miss Gwyn Morgan
Summary: Lord fakes his own death to avoid marriage & falls under the care of a physician's daughter.

Rake's Gambit. Zebra, June 1997.
Characters: Lord Robert Lyndhurst (duke's younger son) & Miss Ann Forester
Summary: Rake meets quiet, plain lady at a Christmas party and proposes that he should try to seduce her while she tries to reform him.

Madeleine Robins

Althea. Fawcett, 1977.
Characters: Sir Tracy Calendar or Edward Pendarly & Miss Althea Ervine
Summary: Country miss decides to ignore a baronet when he warns her against her most ardent suitor.

My Dear Jenny. Coventry #38, 1980.

The Heiress Companion. Coventry, 1981.
Characters: Lyndon Bradwell & Rowena Cherwood
Summary: Heiress continues to work as a companion for a lady whose son sparks off instant antagonism when he visits.

Lady John. Coventry #175, March 1982.
Characters: Lord Menwin & Olivia, Lady John Temperer
Summary: After her husband's death, a lady meets the man she loved in Brussels but he seems to look right through her.

The Spanish Marriage. Fawcett, 1984.
Characters: Sir Douglas Matlin & Miss Dorothea Cannowen
Summary: A gentleman escorting a lady home from Spain suggests they wed to avoid scandal and have the marriage annulled later.
Setting: Spain & London

Now writes science fiction & fantasy and alternate history Regency mysteries.

Mary Linn Roby

Fortune's Smile. Warner, 1978.
Characters: Arthur, Viscount Ellingham (earl's heir) & Miss Pamela Pominder
Summary: Lord always seems to be on hand when a lady and her family members find themselves in embarrassing situations.
Rating: fair See a Review of this book.

My Lady's Mask. Warner, 1979.
Characters: Lord Troyon & Caroline Woodstalk
Summary: Lady is left a fortune along with instructions to break as many hearts as possible during a London Season.

Passing Fancy. Candlelight #555, 1980.

Love's Willful Call. Warner, 1981.
Characters: Lord Durant & Hannah Sheffield
Summary: Lord is drawn to a lady he sees portraying Ophelia.

Other Regencies as Georgina Grey & Pauline Pryor

Paula Roland

Faro's Lady. Zebra, 1985.
Characters: Mr. Hugh Hamilton & Jessamine
Summary: A lady plans to trap a lord into marriage in revenge for his mistaking her for a jade.

The Rogue's Bride. Zebra, January 1990.
Characters: Major Brandon Clive & Alexandra Redcliffe
Summary: Twice-widowed lady conducts a proxy marriage but accidentally ends up married herself to an officer who is furious when he returns from war and finds himself wed to the wrong lady.

Elizabeth Rolls

The Unexpected Bride. Mills & Boon, November 2000.

Mistress or Marriage? Mills & Boon, February 2002; reissued by Mills & Boon Australia, January 2003, in an omnibus with books by Nicola Cornick and Anne Gracie; reissued by Harlequin Historical, October 2003.
Characters: David Melville, Viscount Helford & Miss Sophie Marsden
Summary: A lord who intends to make a suitable marriage of convenience is entranced by a penniless lady and considers making her his mistress.

The Dutiful Rake. Mills & Boon, June 2002; reissued by Harlequin Historical, July 2004.
Characters: Marcus, Earl of Rutherford & Miss Marguerite Fellowes
Summary: A rake offers a marriage of convenience to a lady whose reputation he jeopardizes, and is surprised when she becomes a Toast of society.

The Unruly Chaperone. Mills & Boon, March 2003 (hardcover); reissued in paperback, May 2003; reissued by Harlequin Historical, March 2005.
Characters: Crispin, Duke of St Ormond & Tilda Arnold
Summary: A widow who had been forced into marriage meets the man she once loved while chaperoning the lady he intends to marry.

The Chivalrous Rake. Mills & Boon, December 2003; reissued by Harlequin Historical, June 2006.
Characters: Jack Hamilton & Miss Cressida Bramley
Summary: A lord reluctantly takes in a reverend and his daughter, whose reptuation is in tatters.

His Lady Mistress. Mills & Boon, January 2005; reissued by Harlequin Historical, October 2005.
Characters: Max, Earl Blakehurst & Verity
Summary: A lord asks an impoverished lady to be his mistress, not recognizing her as the daughter of a colonel he once served under.

"The Prodigal Bride" in A Regency Invitation to the House Party of the Season. Harlequin Historical, November 2005.
Overall Summary: Society gathers at the home of a lord who had been shunned since the mysterious disappearance of his wife.

Marcy Elias Rothman

The Kinder Heart. Signet, March 1994.
Characters: Captain Tarn Maitland & Lady Barbara Worth
Summary: Lady mistreated by men is courted by a mysterious captain.

The Divided Heart. Signet, September 1994.
Characters: Nevil Wilson, Lord Browning & Lady Colby Mannering
Summary: Frigid lady offers to marry and have an heir for a lord.

Lady Kate's Secret. Signet, December 1995.
Characters: Nick Monroe & Lady Kate Grovenor
Summary: Lady actress is saved from an unwanted engagement by an Australian heir.
Series: Includes characters from The Kinder Heart.
Rating: poor Comments: Author has no grasp of Regency style.

The Elusive Rake. Signet, March 1997.
Characters: Alexander Barrington, Earl of Trent & Lady Jane Daitry
Summary: Man sends his artistic sister to London in the company of his rakish friend.

Patricia Frances Rowell

A Treacherous Proposition. Mills & Boon, June 2006.
Characters: Vincent Ingleton, Earl of Lonsdale & Lady Diana Corby
Summary: A brutal murder links a viscount with the victim's widow.

Eva Rutland

Matched Pair. Harlequin #1, May 1989.
Characters: Mark, Lord Desmond & Miss Sarah Scarborough
Summary: Gentleman plagued by matchmaking mamas and a lady who wants to save her family's racing stables enter into and engagement as a business arrangement.

The Vicar's Daughter. Harlequin #20, February 1990.
Characters: Dominic Winston, Viscount Stanhope & Miss Christina Frame
Summary: To get her father the medical attention he needs, a lady agrees to marry an earl's profligate son.

Enterprising Lady. Harlequin #28, June 1990.
Characters: Gilbert, Duke of Canfield & Miss Lydia Crenshaw
Summary: Lady in business to support her family meets a duke claiming to be a confirmed bachelor who knows her secret and is determined to save her from ruin.

The Willful Lady. Harlequin #45, March 1991.
Characters: Guy Grosvenor, Duke of Winston & Miss Amelia Allen
Summary: Duke hopes to make an artist's daughter his mistress.
Rating: very good

Gretna Bride. Harlequin #89, January 1993.
Characters: Mr. Victor Allen aka Victor Alain, Marquis de Beauchante & Venetia Fielding
Summary: When a lady overhears her fiance making love to his mistress at a party celebrating their betrothal, she flees to the studio of a portrait artist who tells her father they eloped to Gretna Green.
Rating: excellent

Also writes contemporary and other historical romances.

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