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New Traditional Regencies (Post-2006)

Arabella Sheraton


Nonnie St. George

The Ideal Bride. Zebra, October 2003.
Characters: Gabriel Carr & Lady Nola Grenvale
Summary: A prosperous businessman seeking a suitable bride encounters an  independent lady who wants to turn his Soho Square warehouse into a bazaar where war widows can sell their handiwork.

Courting Trouble. Zebra, May 2004.
Characters: Duke of St. Fell & Arabella Swann
Summary: A fortune hunting duke vies for the hand of a Cit‚€™s daughter and encounters competition from a romantic suitor.

Irene Saunders

The Reluctant Bride. Signet, December 1986.
Characters: Lord Carruthers & Emmeline Grantley
Summary: A lady seeks deliverance from the tyranny of her loathsome stepfather by marrying a lord, but finds oppression of a different kind.

The Impetuous Twin. Signet, April 1987.
Characters: Matthew Meredith, Earl of Settle & Miss Georgina Forsythe
Summary: Lord finds himself the guardian of a reckless lady whose exploits include dressing as a boy to follow her twin brother to war.

The Willful Widow. Signet, June 1988.
Characters: Earl of Colchester & Elizabeth Trevelyan
Summary: Widow caught between a father who wants to marry her off again and a lord who wants her as a mistress decides to fight them both.

The Lucky Lady. Signet, October 1988.
Characters: Jason Winslow, Earl of Longworth & Annette "de Jouer" Doulton
Summary: Lord intends to rescue his brother from the clutches of a mysterious lady who has opened a successful gaming house in London.

Laces for a Lady. Signet, April 1989.
Characters: Lord Gerard Sinclair & Lady Leonora Clairmont
Summary: A lady follows her reckless brother into criminal behavior until an emissary of the Crown arrives to put a stop to it.

The Invincible Viscount. Signet, August 1989.
Characters: Julian, Viscount Whitehead & Francine Giles
Summary: Disappointed by the scant notice paid to her by a viscount, a lady schemes to snare him while repulsing the attentions of an unwanted suitor.

The Gamester's Daughter. Signet, January 1990.
Characters: Thomas Radcliffe & Sylvia Danville
Summary: Lady finds her love for a viscount at risk when she is mistaken for her twin who has followed in their gambler father's footsteps.

The Colonel's Campaign. Signet, September 1990.
Characters: Miles Cavendish, Earl of Warrington & Arabella, Lady Barton
Summary: Lady who was tricked into jilting an earl by a jealous friend is courted by him after her husband's death.
Rating: very good

Lady Lucinde's Locket. Signet, November 1990.
Characters: Lord Anthony Mortimer & Lady Lucinde Coldwell
Summary: Widow who eloped and accompanied her husband to war returns to England and behaves recklessly until she meets a lord who values propriety.

The Dowager's Dilemma. Signet, May 1991.
Characters: Jethro Newsome & Sarah Wyndham
Summary: Widow must resist a lord who has stripped her of her home and her good name.

Talk of the Town. Signet, August 1991.
Characters: Edwin, Earl of Coverdale & Miss Catherine Hayward
Summary: Lady who is the target of cruel gossip believes that an earl who fought at Waterloo with her gravely wounded father is courting her out of duty.

The Difficult Daughter. Signet, February 1992.
Characters: Mr. Christopher Ferguson & Rosalind Marshall
Summary: Lady is torn between her parents' desire for her to marry an illustrious lord and her desire to marry an untitled rake.

The Contentious Countess. Signet, April 1992.
Summary: Lady cannot understand why a dashing earl proposed to her instead of her dazzling sister until she realizes her husband wants a wife who won't object to his mistress.

Jeanne Savery

The Last of the Winter Roses. Walker, 1991; reissued by Zebra, December 2004.
Characters: St. John Worth & Lady Ardith Winters
Summary: When her father offers a reward to the daughter who first produces a son, a lady finds herself attracting the attention of the man who ruined her first Season.

A Handful of Promises. Walker, 1992; reissued by Zebra, July 2004.
Characters: Secundus Alcester & Lady Helen Rotherford
Summary: A man forbidden to court the lady he loves sets out to make his fortune and returns for her years later.

An Acceptable Arrangement. Walker, 1992; reissued by Zebra, January 2004.
Characters: Lucas Strathdene, Lord Johnsberry & Miss Phillida Morgan
Summary: A lord and a lady enlist the help of their servants in seeking the perfect mate.

"A Springtime Affaire," in A June Betrothal. Zebra, June 1993.
Characters: Charles Thornton, Earl of Adlington & Jessica Darling Rippon, Viscountess Knoll
Summary: A widow who has unable to go to London because of a peculiar clause in the lease to her home receives a visit from a friend of her late husband.

The Widow and the Rake. Zebra, November 1993.
Characters: Pierce Reston, Duke of Stornway & Mrs. Joanna Wooten
Summary: Duke is determined to win the lady who jilted him for a soldier now that she's a widow.

A Reformed Rake. Zebra, March 1994.
Characters: Sir Frederick Carrington & Miss Harriet Cole
Summary: Rake insists on escorting a governess from France to England.

A Christmas Treasure. Zebra, November 1994.
Characters: Colonel Ave Sommerton & Miss Ernestine Matthewson
Summary: In Portugal to bring her widowed sister back to England, a lady meets a colonel and falls in love despite vowing never to open herself to the pain her sister experienced at her husband's death.

"The Mother and the Marquess," in A Mother's Delight. Zebra, April 1995.

A Lady's Deception. Zebra, June 1995.
Characters: Lucius Mereworth, Marquess of Worth & Miss Tacye Adlington; James, Earl of Cahill & Miss Damaris Adlington; John, Lord Seward & Fanny, Lady Tamswell
Summary: Lady poses as a man to escort her sister to Bath and find her a husband, but a friend of her late twin brother sees through her disguise.
Rating: good

Cupid's Challenge. Zebra, February 1996.
Characters: Sir James Collingwood & Lady Anne Montmorency
Summary: Lady raised by an abusive aunt hides her beauty until she falls at a gentleman's feet.
Rating: good

Lady Stephanie. Zebra, June 1996.
Characters: Lord Anthony Rider & Lady Stephanie Morris
Summary: Lord arrives at lady's beloved family estate with plans for the land and for her.

A Timeless Love. Zebra, February 1997.
Characters: Alexander Knightly, Viscount Hawkbeck & Beth Ralston
Summary: Lady who goes back in time to recover a work of art finds herself in the cabin of a lord's ship.

"Darling Daughters," in A Mother's Love. Zebra, April 1997.
Summary: A widowed earl who requires a new mother for his daughters meets a pretty miss with sparkling eyes and mischief in her heart.

A Lady's Lesson. Zebra, September 1997.
Characters: Spencer Seymour, Earl of Blackthorn & Mrs. Frederica MacKivern
Summary: Lord's son switches places with a beautiful widow's son.

"Cupid's Ace," in Valentine Wishes. Zebra, February 1998.
Characters: Timon Cliffe, Lord Crandle & Charity Cliffe, Lady Crandle
Summary: Lady cannot understand why her husband is out of charity with her.

Lord Galveston and the Ghost. Zebra, March 1998.
Characters: Marcus, Viscount Galveston (earl's heir) & Lady Winifred Alistair; Grenville Somerwell & Clare Tillingford; Lord Wickingham & Lady Westerwood
Summary: A romantic ghost matchs up three couples.

A Lady's Proposal. Zebra, September 1998.
Characters: Simon Mansanger, Earl of Sanger & Lady Helena Woodhall
Summary: Wealthy lady who must wed for protection is turned down by indebted lord.

"Four-Penny Cat," in Winter Kittens. Zebra, January, 1999.
Characters: Lord Manningford & Carolyn Weston
Summary: A reclusive lord sends a kitten to a widow with betrayal in her past.

The Widowed Miss Mordaunt. Zebra, March 1999.
Characters: Jack Durrant, Major Lord St. Aubyn & Miss Constance Mordaunt
Summary: Lady posing as a widow to seek her brother in France after the war accepts the escort of a major but tries to convince him he does not need to marry her.

"Temptation," in Notorious & Noble. Zebra, July 1999.
Characters: Locke, Lord Brant & Miss Tenacious Smythe
Summary: Lady shuns a gentleman believing rumors he's a rake but changes her mind when she meets a real rake.

Love for Lydia. Zebra, September 1999.
Characters: Raphael Seymour, Earl of Huntingdon & Miss Lydia Cottrell
Summary: Lady pretends to be her half-siblings' governess when their handsome new guardian arrives.

Taming Lord Renwick. Zebra, December 1999.
Characters: Jason, Lieutenant Lord Renwick & Miss Eustacia Coleson
Summary: Lord nearly blinded in India hires a lady to read to him and help write his memoirs.
Series: Book 1 of "The Six."

Lady Serena's Surrender. Zebra, May 2000.
Characters: Ian McMurrey & Lady Serena Dixon
Summary: Lady is forced by her abusive father to marry a man who must slowly win her trust.
Series: Book 2 of "The Six."

The Christmas Gift. Zebra, October 2000.
Characters: Jack Princeton & Patricia Haydon
Summary: Gentleman who lost use of one leg during the war gets a new lease on life when he meets a widow at Christmas.
Series: Book 3 of "The Six."

"Mistletoe Kisses" in Stocking Stuffers. Zebra, October 2000.

"Happily Ever-After," in A Kiss for Mama. Zebra, April 2001.
Characters: Lord Mowbray & Justina Dunsforth
Summary: Lady raising her niece and nephew is challenged by their godfather.

The Perfect Husband. Zebra, June 2001.
Characters: Lord Anthony Wendover & Lady Lillian Temple
Summary: A lady who must marry to save her family's fortune sneaks into a lord's bed hoping to be compromised but ends up with the wrong man.
Series: Book 4 of "The Six."

A Perfect Match. Zebra, October 2001.
Characters: Lord Alex Merwin & Artemisia Bigelow
Summary: A lady despairs when her father disapproves of the man she loves, but as Napoleon's troops approach Paris her suitor is the only man who can save her father's life.
Series: Book 5 of "The Six."

Smuggler's Heart. Zebra, April 2002.
Characters: Captain Miles Seward & Therese Marie Laurent de Saint Omer
Summary: A French lady whose family lost its fortune in the Terror earns a living by smuggling and must outwit an English officer.
Setting: At sea, France & England
Series: Book 6 of "The Six."

"A Father's Duty" in A Kiss for Papa. Zebra, May 2002.
Characters: Colonel Rath Moorhead & Miss Annabelle Cranston
Summary: A colonel returns from military service in India to help find his daughter a husband but she seems more interested in matching him up with her governess.

Miss Seldon's Suitors. Zebra, November 2002.
Characters: Mr. Charles North & Miss Matilda Seldon
Summary: Penniless and alone, a lady finds a savior in a noblewoman who transforms her into a beautiful lady of mystery, but when a wealth of suitors beg for her hand in marriage, she finds herself longing for a sensible and quiet barrister.
Setting: Sussex near Chichester

An Independent Lady. Zebra, April 2003.
Characters: Lord Sanders & Miss Barbara Ruthven
Summary: A lord whose fiancee left him at the altar pursues an independent lady who seems more interested in reuniting him with his former betrothed.

The Family Matchmaker. Zebra, July 2003.
Characters: Lord Everhart & Miss Georgianna Beverly
Summary: A contented spinster who writes poetry agrees to help a lord avoid matchmakers with a false courtship.

"The Reluctant Witch" in A Bewitching Season. Zebra, September 2003.
Characters: Lord Dalreach & Lady Samantha Forsythe
Summary: A lady accidentally casts a love spell over her infuriating neighbor.

The Reluctant Rake. Zebra, October 2003.
Characters: Sir Valerian Underwood & Miss Althea Bronson
Summary: A lady who secretly loves a rake is stunned when he asks her to help keep his innocent cousin from harm.

My Lady Housekeeper. Zebra, April 2004.
Characters: Earl of Kinnerley & Lady Sarah Staunton
Summary: A lady who has refused all suitors is banished to her family's country estate and pretends to be the housekeeper when a visiting earl arrives.

"The Perfect Mother, Retired" in A Courtship for Mama. Zebra, April 2004.
Characters: Anne Vernon
Summary: A widow travels to the Continent and meets a mysterious stranger.

The Christmas Matchmaker. Zebra, October 2004.
Characters: Vincent George Beverly & Penelope Garth
Summary: A lord rescues a widow and her young son from a brutal snowstorm and brings them to his sister's Christmas house party.

The House Party. Zebra, July 2005.
Characters: Baron Cartwright & Diane Runyard
Summary: Hoping to stop his son's attachment to an actress, a lord invites her to participate his house party theatricals only to discover that she is the lady he once loved.

Christine Scheel

The Captain's Castaway. Signet, June 2005.
Characters: Captain Sir Nicholas Sidney & Miss Julianna Adams
Summary: Rescued from a sinking ship by a captain of the Royal Navy, a young American woman enlists the assistance of her savior to find out what has happened to her missing father.

Martha Schroeder

Guarding an Angel. Fawcett, 1998.
Characters: Geoffrey Falconer & Lady Amelia Bennett
Summary: Lady has always loved the boy with an unknown past whom her father rescued from the streets but he insists love between them is impossible.

Lady Meg's Gamble. Fawcett, 1998.
Characters: Captain James Sheridan, R.N. & Lady Margaret Enfield
Summary: To save her family estate a lady marries a wealthy man who ran away to sea to escape his past and now yearns for a home.

Amanda Scott

The Fugitive Heiress. Signet, August 1981.
Characters: Earl of Dambroke & Catheryn Westering
Summary: A lady destined for a dull country marriage descends upon a distant relation's London townhome and demands he introduce her to Society.

The Kidnapped Bride. Signet, April 1983.
Characters: Sir Nicholas Ashton & Sarah Lennox-Matthews
Summary: Lady is forced to marry an earl who kidnaps her for her money but falls in love with his uncle.

The Indomitable Miss Harris. Signet, November 1983.

Ravenwood's Lady. Signet, March 1984.
Characters: Viscount Ravenwood & Lady Cicely Leighton
Summary: Lady agrees to marry the man her father chooses but vows not to give him her heart.

An Affair of Honor. Signet, September 1984.
Characters: Philip Radford, Earl of Huntley & Miss Eleanor Lindale
Summary: Spinster finds herself drawn to the man who has been selected for the lady she is chaperoning.

Lady Hawk's Folly. Signet, January 1985; reissued by Signet, June 1994.
Characters: Gavin Colporter, Marquess of Hawkstone & Lady Hawkstone nee Mollie Hazeldell
Summary: When her husband returns after abandoning her for four years to go to war, a lady decides to teach him a lesson by flirting with a Russian prince.

The Battling Bluestocking. Signet, July 1985; reissued by Signet, March 1990.
Characters: Sir Brian Gregory & Miss Jessica Sutton-Drew
Summary: Lady who admires her bluestocking aunt is determined to resist the advances of a seemingly perfect man.

Lady Escapade. Signet, January 1986.
Heroine: Diana Sterling
Summary: A lady tires of her demanding husband and is attracted to his brother.

Lord Abberley's Nemesis. Signet, August 1986.
Characters: Adam Fortescue, Earl of Abberley & Miss Margaret Caldecourt
Summary: Lady needs the help of an earl to save her nephew but first she must save him from dissipation.
Rating: poor Comments: Absolutely ridiculous that after the first two attempts on the boy's life she did not ask her aunt and cousin, who were the only two possible suspects, to leave. She didn't even want them to stay anyway. At the very least she could have taken stronger steps to protect him. Then, after the kid was hit over the head and dumped in a pit, the "hero" actually suggests that it might have only been a practical joke, not a murder attempt! And he was no prize, letting his tenants starve and his estate go to ruin just because the heroine had accepted the offer of another man, having no notion of the hero's feelings for her. Argh! But obviously this is only my humble opinion as it won the...
Award: Romance Writers of America Golden Medallion, Best Regency 1987

Lady Meriel's Duty. Signet, September 1987; reissued by Signet, November 1994.
Characters: Sir Antony Davies & Lady Meriel Traherne
Summary: A lady heads to France to find a school for her sister and becomes caught up in intrigue with a fashionable gentleman.
Setting: France

Mistress of the Hunt. Signet, February 1987.
Characters: Andrew, Viscount Rochford & Lady Philippa Raynard-Wakefield
Summary: Widow shuns marriage but is jealous when her suitor pursues another.

Lady Brittany's Choice. Signet, May 1988.
Characters: Marquess of Cheriton & Lady Brittany Leighton
Summary: A lady engaged to an amiable man is content until he introduces her to his dashing best friend.

Lord Greyfalcon's Reward. Signet, December 1988.
Characters: Earl of Greyfalcon & Miss Sylvia Jensen-Graham
Summary: A lady who learns of a lord's excesses takes it upon herself to straighten him out.

The Madcap Marchioness. Signet, May 1989.
Characters: Joshua Blackburn, Marquess of Chalford & Adriana, Marchioness of Chalford
Summary: New wife wants to cut a dash in town, but her husband wants a quiet country life.
Rating: good Comments: Story had potential, about a couple who didn't know each other well trying to adjust to married life, but I really dislike heroines who attempt to show their independence by doing foolish things. Why on earth didn't she stay in the castle when he told her to!

Dauntless Miss Wingrave. Signet, August 1989.
Characters: John Rivington, Earl of Meriden & Miss Emily Wingrave
Summary: A lady defies the arrogant earl who the trustee of her widowed sister's estate.

Lord Lyford's Secret. Signet, September 1990.
Characters: Marcus, Lord Lyford & Lady Gwenyth Traherne
Summary: Lady confronts her friend's guardian to prevent him from marrying his charge to someone against her will.

The Bath Quadrille. Signet, January 1991.
Characters: Edmond Calverton, Earl of Ramsbury (marquess's heir) & Sybilla Calverton, Lady Ramsbury
Summary: Lady taunts her wayward husband by setting up her own flirt.
Rating: very good Comments: Better than Madcap but the heroine is still stubbornly foolish, while the hero is always right.

Bath Charade. Signet, June 1991.
Characters: Sydney Saint-Denis & Miss Carolyn Hardy
Summary: Lady who loves novels despairs when her elegant guardian thwarts her romantic schemes.

The Bath Eccentric's Son. Signet, February 1992.
Characters: Mr. Brandon Manningford & Miss Nell Bradbourne
Summary: Fleeing to Bath to escape the cousin who inherited her family estate, a lady ends up in the arms of a libertine.

The Forthright Lady Gillian. Signet, November 1992.
Characters: Marquess of Thorn & Lady Gillian Carnaby
Summary: Marquess confronts a lady when the press mistakenly reports their engagement.

The Fickle Fortune Hunter. Signet, September 1993.
Characters: Lord Edward Crawley & Miss Felicia Adlam
Summary: Lady tries to save her sister from a rake by diverting his attention to herself.

Now writes historical romances.

Regina Scott

The Unflappable Miss Fairchild. Zebra, March 1998.
Characters: Mr. Chas Prestwick & Miss Anne Fairchild
Summary: Lady falls in love with a reckless young man.
Rating: good

The Twelve Days of Christmas. Zebra, December 1998.
Characters: Squire Alan Pentercast & Miss Genevieve Munroe
Summary: Lady trying to manage her impoverished family's affairs is surprised when the neighbor she's loved since childhood wagers that she must marry him if he can deliver all the gifts listed in "The 12 Days of Christmas" without spending money.
Series: Followed by Catch of the Season, 1999.
Rating: very good

"Sweeter than Candy," in A Match for Mother. Zebra, April 1999.
Characters: Mr. Daniel Lewiston & Mrs. Cynthia Jacobs
Summary: Two boys try to convince a gentleman to court their mama.

The Bluestocking on His Knee. Zebra, May 1999.
Characters: Kevin Whattling & Miss Eugennia Welch
Summary: Heiress is shocked when a man invades her home hoping to wed her and save himself from debtor's prison.

Catch of the Season. Zebra, October 1999.
Characters: Mr. Geoffrey Pentercast & Miss Allison Munroe
Summary: Lady becomes the Catch of the Season and is courted by a dashing marquis, but a childhood friend is determined to win her heart.
Series: Sequel to The Twelve Days of Christmas, 1998.

"A Place by the Fire" in Mistletoe Kittens. Zebra, November 1999.

A Dangerous Dalliance. Zebra, May 2000.
Characters: David Tenant, Earl of Brentfield & Miss Hannah Alexander
Summary: Bostonian inherits an English estate and finds himself responsible for a disappearing art collection and a conniving widow.

The Marquis' Kiss. Zebra, October 2000.
Characters: Thomas, Marquis de Guis & Margaret Munroe
Summary: Lord whose previous fiancees cried off when he kissed them woos an impoverished, eccentric lady thinking she can't turn him down but refuses to kiss her.

"The June Conspiracy," in His Blushing Bride. Zebra, May 2001.
Characters: Allister Fenwick, Baron Trevithan & Joanna Lindby
Summary: A lady is incensed when her betrothed sends her a note rescinding his offer.

The Incomparable Miss Compton. Zebra, August 2001.
Characters: Lord Malcolm Breckonridge & Miss Sarah Compton
Summary: A lady chaperoning her cousin for the Season meets a lord seeking a wife to assist his political career.

The Irredeemable Miss Renfield. Zebra, December 2001.
Characters: Leslie Petersborough, Marquis of Hastings & Miss Cleopatra Renfield
Summary: A lady looking for a way out of an arranged marriage seeks the help of her intended groom.

Lord Borin's Secret Love. Zebra, May 2002.
Characters: Alexander Wescott, Lord Borin & Katherine Collings
Summary: On the brink of financial ruin unless her sister marries before she turns twenty, a lady decides to spy the man who is the object of her sister's affection, but the tables turn when he catches her in the act.
Setting: London

Utterly Devoted. Zebra, August 2002.
Characters: Mr. Jareth Darby & Miss Eloise Watkin
Summary: A gentleman's brother promises him an estate and fortune if he can gain the forgiveness of every woman he has ever wronged, but one lady in particular proves hard to convince.

Also writing historical romances.

Website: www.reginascott.com

Margaret SeBastian

The Honorable Miss Clarendon. Popular Library, 1975.
Characters: Edward, Duke of Somervale & Miss Cynthia Clarendon
Summary: Governess falls in love with a gentleman's servant--or is he?

Bow Street Brangle. Popular Library, 1977.

Bow Street Gentleman. Popular Library, 1977.
Characters: Mr. Charles Denning & Emily Thorpe
Summary: Lady falls in love with a man who is not a gentleman and expects him to be grateful when she tries to introduce him to society.

Lord Orlando's Protegee. Jove, 1977.
Characters: Lord Orlando Gorth & Miss Elinor Stapleton
Summary: Lord rescues an actress from gaol only to be embarrassed when his name is linked with hers.

Miss Letty. Popular Library, 1977.
Characters: Alfred Leigh, Earl of Alverly & Miss Letitia Dobson
Summary: Earl's servants and tenants turn against him when he tries to evict a maddening minx from his estate.

My Lord Rakehell. Popular Library, 1977.
Characters: Tony Quarnell, Marquis of Montreat & Elizabeth Brown
Summary: Lord is determined to conquer a lady who has the power to strip him of his title and estates.

The Young Lady from Alton-St. Pancras. Popular Library, 1977.
Characters: Geoffrey, Duke of Cloude & Miss Margette Milbank
Summary: Mischievous country miss with a mind of her own attracts the attention of the most sought after bachelor in London.

Lord Dedringham's Divorce. Popular Library, 1978.

That Savage Yankee Squire! Popular Library, 1978.
Characters: Mr. Jonathan Cooper & Miss Fanny Aldingham
Summary: Lady trying to manage her unruly siblings determines to put an uncouth American in his place.
Comments: That title ... what can I say?

The Courtship of Colonel Crowne. Popular Library, 1978.
Characters: Colonel Hugh Crowne & Miss Julia Seaton
Summary: Colonel returns from the war seeking a wife and plots a strategy to win an independent young lady's heart.

The Poor Relation. Popular Library, 1978.
Heroine: Phoebe Grantham
Summary: Lady becomes hostess for her great-uncle, a duke, and falls for his heir.

The Awakening of Lord Dalby. Popular Library, 1979.

Dilemma in Duet. Coventry #4, November 1979.
Characters: Mr. Oliver Grantford & Miss Sophie Sandringham; Hon. Percival Deverill & Miss Sarah Sandringham
Summary: Beautful twins cannot choose among their very different suitors.
Series: Sequel is Byway to Love, 1980.

Byway to Love. Coventry #40, May 1980.
Characters: Mr. Oliver Grantham & Miss Sophie Sandringham
Summary: Lady is determined to make her childhood sweetheart's father accept her as a daughter-in-law.
Series: Sequel to Dilemma in Duet, 1979.

The Plight of Pamela Pollworth. Coventry #81, December 1980.
Characters: Gerald, Duke of Pevensey & Miss Pamela Pollworth
Summary: Lady hoping to hire a duke's French chef mistakes His Grace for a servant.

Miss Keating's Temptation. Coventry #153, December 1981.
Characters: Henry, Viscount Blayde & Miss Ann Keating
Summary: Lady achieves her goal of vouchers to Almack's only to become involved in a scandal, but the lord she meets there makes it all worthwhile.

A Keeper for Lord Linford. Coventry #170, February 1982.
Characters: Viscount Linford & Ancilla Gordon
Summary: Lord and lady are uninterested in one another until a fortune hunter determines to steal the lady away.

Other Regencies as Maggie Gladstone, Lisabet Norcross, & Cilla Whitmore

Francesca Shaw

Miss Weston's Masquerade. Mills & Boon, 1994; reissued by Mills & Boon, 2000, in The Regency Collection with Sylvia Andrew's Eleanor.

Admiral's Daughter. Mills & Boon, June 1999; reissued by Harlequin, November 2001; reissued in The Regency Rakes with Lady Polly by Nicola Cornick, Mills & Boon, October 2003.
Characters: Lord Adam Darvell & Miss Helena Wyatt
Summary: A lady's gratitude to a lord for rescuing her from the sea does not extend to accepting his marriage proposal.

The Youngest Dowager. Mills & Boon, September 2000; reissued by Harlequin Historical, January 2004.
Characters: Lucian Southwood, Earl of Radwinter & the Dowager Countess of Radwinter
Summary: A young widow faints at her husband's funeral when she meets his heir who looks just like him.

The Rebellious Bride. Mills and Boon, January 2003; reissued by Harlequin Historical, October 2004.
Characters: Lord Hal Wyatt & Sophia Haydon
Summary: A lady who believes herself to be ruined is reluctant to accept a proposal from a man with whom she travelled unchaperoned believing he has only asked her out of duty.

Leanne Shawler

Dangerous to Know. Zebra, April 2005.
Characters: Lord Henry Langdon & Miss Elisabeth
Summary: Awaiting a welcome death after a duel, a lord hides in a stable and is discovered by a young gentlewoman who insists on nursing him back to health.

Touched by Time. Zebra, July 2005.
Characters: Ramsay Chadwick & Miss Jane Leighton
Summary: A man in Regency times receives nightly visits from a lady who travels back in time from the 21st century.

Website: www.leanneshawler.com

Lillian Shelley

The Belle of Bath. Doubleday 1981.
Characters: Anthony Champion, Viscount Chelmarsh & Miss Charlotte Fanning
Summary: Lady grieving for her late fiance goes to live with her godmother in Bath and meets an arrogant lord.

The Secret Heiress. Doubleday 1982.
Characters: Hon. Giles Kendal & Miss Caroline Chessington
Summary: Heiress disguises herself as an ordinary lady to find love and falls for a man who seems to love another.

Barbara Sherrod

The Players. Warner, 1986.
Characters: Stephen, Earl of Hammond & Miss Irene Sparks
Summary: A lord who must sponsor four spirited young ladies for the Season does not realize the eldest has fallen in love with him.

Mary Ashe. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Hugo, Lord Mallory & Miss Mary Ashe
Summary: Stubborn, willful lady seems destined to remain a spinster, but when she comes to love an impoverished lord she is loath to embarrass him by offering herself and her wealth.

Lady Divine. Warner, 1988.
Characters: Sir William Divine & Rosa aka Lady Rosalyn Divine
Summary: Actress may be the heiress cousin of a gentleman.

Daughter of the Dreadfuls. Signet, January 1994.
Characters: Captain Nicholas Hale, R.N., & Miss Emma Drenville
Summary: Gentleman bored with insipid beauties is attracted to an accident-prone lady from an eccentric family.
Rating: very good Comments: Interesting use of letters, at the beginning of each chapter and throughout.

Gamester's Lady. Signet, September 1994.
Characters: Charles Hastings & Miranda Troy
Summary: Two mothers insist a couple with nothing in common wed.

Other Regencies as Barbara Neil

Deborah Simmons

Fortune Hunter. Harlequin Historical #132, July 1992.
Characters: Viscount Sheffield & Melissa Hampton
Summary: A viscount who needs a wealthy wife pursues an heiress whose contempt for her suitors has earned her the nickname Lady Disdain.

The Squire's Daughter. Harlequin Historical #208, February 1994.
Summary: A squire's daughter unravels a mystery surrounding a neighboring marquis's family curse - and wins his heart as well.

The Vicar's Daughter. Harlequin Historical #258, February 1995.
Characters: Maximilian, Earl of Wycliffe & Charlotte Trowbridge
Summary: An earl who has his entire life mapped out has his world turned upsidedown by a vicar's daughter.

The Devil Earl. Harlequin Historical #317, May 1996.
Characters: Prudence Lancaster
Summary: An author of Gothic novels finds  a real version of one of her mysterious, brooding heroes in the owner of Wolfinger Abbey.

Tempting Kate. Harlequin Historical #371, July 1997.
Characters: Marquis of Wroth & Kate Courtland
Summary: A lady is determined to wreak revenge upon the man said to have compromised her sister, but when she waylays him at gunpoint, both the lady and the nobleman end up with more than they bargained for.

The Last Rogue. Harlequin Historical #427, September 1998; reissued by Mills & Boon, June 2003.
Characters: Viscount Raleigh & Jane Trowbridge
Summary: A lord who plays matchmaker for his friends is forced by circumstances to wed a lady and finds himself enjoying married life.

The Gentleman Thief. Harlequin Historical #495, January 2000.
Characters: Georgiana Bellewether
Summary: An amateur sleuth stumbles across a jewel robbery and eagerly pursues the thief, only to discover he has stolen her heart as well.

"The Companion" in The Officer's Bride. Harlequin, May 2001.
Characters: Earl of Hawthorne
Summary: A lady who is hired as a companion is startled to learn that she is meant to take care of an earl who is a veteran of Waterloo.

"The Notorious Duke" in The Love Match. Harlequin, March 2002.
Characters: Pagan Penhurst & Miss Scholastica Hornsby
Summary: A gentleman who is bored by Brighton accepts a wager to try to charm a seemingly impervious lady.

Also writes other period romances.

Website: www.deborahsimmons.com

Sheila Simonson

A Cousinly Connexion. Walker, 1984; reissued in paperback by Warner, 1989.
Characters: Julian Stretton, Lord Meriden & Miss Jane Ash
Summary: Wounded veteran takes on unexpected resposibilities as the new Lord Meriden and is helped by a practical lady.

Lady Elizabeth's Comet. Walker, 1985; reissued in paperback by Warner, 1986.
Characters: Lord Clanross & Lady Elizabeth Conway
Summary: Lady interested in astronomy is attracted to the brilliant mind of the new heir to her family's title.
Series: Sequel is Love and Folly, 1989.
Comments: First person.

The Bar Sinister. Walker, 1986.
Characters: Captain Richard Falk & Mrs. Emily Foster
Summary: Illegitimate man whose "accidents" may be connected with his possible inheritance hides his Spanish-speaking children in a widow's home when he returns to war.

Love and Folly. Zebra, July 1989.
Characters: Johnny Dycott & Lady Margaret Conway; Owen Davies & Lady Jean Conway
Summary: Lady asks a gentleman to help save her sister from a seductive poet.
Series: Sequel to Lady Elizabeth's Comet, 1985.

"April When They Woo," in A Regency Valentine. Fawcett, 1992.

Also wrote the Lark Dodge mystery series.

Donna Simpson

Absentee Heart. Rubenesque, 1998.
Heroine: Miss Jane Southwell
Summary: Plump spinster rushes to aid her cousin who is plagued by a bullying sister and mother but falls in love with an Irish earl who is her cousin's beau.

Lord St. Claire's Angel. Zebra, December 1999.
Characters: Lord Justin St. Claire & Miss Celestine Simons
Summary: A devil-may-care gentleman is surprised to find himself falling in love with a plain yet intelligent governess.
Comments: As the marquess' brother he should be Lord Justin not Lord St. Claire.

Lady Delafont's Dilemma. Zebra, June 2000.
Characters: Baxter, Lord Delafont & Emily, Lady Delafont
Summary: Man and wife estranged by a misunderstanding five years earlier mend their marriage.

"Noel's Christmas Wish" in Stocking Stuffers. Zebra, October 2000.

Lady May's Folly. Zebra, February 2001.
Characters: Etienne Delafont & Lady May van Hoffen
Summary: A lady discovers a wounded man on her property and realizes he's the man who rescued her from kidnappers.

"Wild Honey," in Valentine Rogues. Zebra, February 2001.
Characters: Viscount Blackthorne & Lady Honey Hockley
Summary: A widow decides to give up on love until she meets a rake determined to prove his love is forever.

Miss Truelove Beckons. Zebra, June 2001.
Characters: Wycliffe Prescott, Viscount Drake & Miss Truelove Becket
Summary: An officer haunted by the war meets a gentle vicar's daughter who helps him heal.

Belle of the Ball. Zebra, November 2001.
Heroine: Arabella Swinley
Summary: A lady who has one Season to find a rich husband falls for a penniless man.

A Rake's Redemption. Zebra, February 2002.
Characters: Lawrence Jamison, Earl of Hardcastle & Phaedra Gillian
Summary: A vicar's daughter takes care of an injured gentleman she finds by the road and learns he is a rogue.
Setting: Oxfordshire

A Country Courtship. Zebra, June 2002.
Characters: Lord Gerry Haven & Miss Jane "Jenny" Dresden
Summary: A lady fleeing an arranged marriage starts a new life in the country, where she meets a farmer who has a secret of his own.

"Love Lessons" in My Dashing Groom. Zebra, June 2002.
Characters: Nic Barton & Linnet Pelham
Summary: A lady tries to convince a gentleman that his brother and her sister should marry.

A Matchmaker's Christmas. Zebra, October 2002.
Characters: Sir David Chappell & Beatrice Copland; Mr. Mark Rowland & Lady Silvia Hampton; Jacob, Baron Vaughn & Miss Verity Allen
Summary: Merry mayhem ensues when a lady bent on holiday matchmaking introduces her companion to her handsome godson, but unbeknownst to the matchmaker, the unlikely couple have met before and it will take some holiday magic to rekindle their love.
Setting: North Riding of Yorkshire
Rating: excellent Comments: Fine job of developing romances between three distinct couples, particularly the primary couple who are in their forties.

"A Rogue's Rescue" in Untameable. Zebra, October 2002.
Characters: Lovell Melcher, Viscount Ingram & Miss Ariadne Lambert
Summary: A lady who plans to teach a con man a lesson is surprised when a rake tries to rescue her from him.

"Valentine Dreams" in My Only Valentine. Zebra, January 2003.

Pamela's Second Season. Zebra, February 2003.
Characters: Malcolm Bercombe, Earl of Strongwycke & Miss Pamela Neville
Summary: A hoyden who adopts a ladylike demeanor to win the heart of her childhood love finds herself tempted by a mysterious earl.
Setting: London
Series: Sequel to A Country Courtship.

Rachel's Change of Heart. Zebra, May 2003.
Characters: Sir Colin Verens & Miss Rachel Neville
Summary: A lady who is engaged to an eminently suitable parti can't help thinking about a country gentleman who is her friend.
Setting: London
Series: Sequel to Pamela's Second Season.

"A Father's Love" in A Match for Papa. Zebra, May 2003.
Characters: James Martindale & Lady Theresa Barclay
Summary: A lady who enjoys "projects" to occupy her time is intrigued when a widower with two children moves nearby.

Lord Pierson Reforms. Zebra, March 2004.
Characters: Lord Pierson & Miss Amy Corbett
Summary: A lady is hired to find a husband for a spoiled beauty who despises men but realizes she wants her charge's suitor for herself.

‚€œSorrow‚€™s Wedding‚€Ě in With This Ring. Zebra, June 2004.
Characters: Bertram Carlyle & Sorrow Marchand
Summary: A lady believes that kindness lies beneath her suitor‚€™s stern exterior.

The Duke and Mrs. Douglas. Zebra, July 2004.
Characters: Duke of Alban & Mrs. Kittie Douglas
Summary: A duke betrayed by love asks his aunt‚€™s widowed companion to be his mistress.

Gilded Knight. Zebra, February 2005.
Characters: Charles & Nell Simmons
Summary: A widow with a sick child expects to be thrown out of her home but instead finds herself falling for the brother of her husband's heir while snowbound by a winter storm.

Website: donnasromancenovels.tripod.com

Alberta Sinclair

A Hint of Scandal. Harlequin, March 1987.
Characters: Charles, Viscount Brookmere & Alyssa Wentworth
Summary: Lady who must marry or lose her money and home goes to London with a list of possible suitors, but a chance encounter with a viscount forces them to become betrothed.

Cousin Nancy. Harlequin #5, July 1989.
Characters: Earl of Selbridge & Miss Nancy Browne
Summary: Earl admires a country miss for her natural charm and good humor but she thinks she must behave as a proper lady to impress him.

Other Regencies as Therese Alderton & Theresa Grazia

Melynda Beth Skinner

The Blue Devil. Zebra, August 2001.
Characters: Nigel Moorhaven, Marquis of Blackshire & Kathryn St. David
Summary: A lady disguises herself as a student at a School for Young Ladies in order to find her aunt's missing diary and encounters a lord who is a covert operative seeking a spy.

Miss Grantham's One True Sin. Zebra, February 2002.
Characters: Viscount Trowbridge & Miss Marianna Grantham
Summary: A runaway heiress mistakes a rake for a gentleman and asks him to pose as her fiance, while he in turn decides to marry her for her fortune.

Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish. Zebra, February 2003.
Characters: Orion Chase, Earl of Lindenshire & Miss Artemis Rose
Summary: A lady descended from gypsies is mistaken for a proper lord's mistress and enters a false engagement with him to preserve their reputations.
Setting: West Sussex
Series: Sequel to Miss Grantham's One True Sin.

The Blackguard's Bride. Zebra, July 2003.
Characters: Christopher aka George DeMoray, Viscount Whitemount & Miss Julie Fitz
Summary: A man with amnesia turns up on the doorstep of an elderly spinster and her companion.
Series: Sequel to Lord Logic and the Wedding Wish.

"Once Upon a Christmas" in A Kiss for Christmas. Zebra, October 2004.
Characters: Lord Winter & Miss Emily Winthrop
Summary: A penniless lady with an elephant seeks shelter on a lord's estate.

"Up to Scratch" in Wedding Day Kittens. Zebra, May 2005.
Characters: Maximilian Major & Miss Emmaline Rose
Summary: A lady and gentleman are beneficiaries of an estate which they hope to sell.

A Perfect Gem. Zebra, September 2005.
Characters: Posthumous Jones & & Miss Leah Grey
Summary: While returning trinkets stolen by her uncle, a lady meets a master thief who forces her to help steal a sapphire from his archrival.

Website: www.melyndabethskinner.com

Joan Smith

An Affair of the Heart. Fawcett, 1977.
Characters: Giles Darrow, Marquis of Claymore & Miss Ella Wanderley
Summary: Jilted lord intends to wed a beauty to make the lady who jilted him jealous but falls instead for the beauty's sister who thinks he's fickle.
Rating: excellent

Aunt Sophie's Diamonds. Coventry #10, 1977.
Characters: Sir Hillary Thoreau & Miss Claudia Bliss
Summary: When an old harridan decrees that her fabulous diamonds are to be buried with her, her family will do anything to get them back.

Escapade. Fawcett, 1977.
Characters: Patrick, Duke of Clare & Miss Ella Fairmont
Summary: Gossip columnist finds herself at the same house party as her main subject.
Rating: excellent

Dame Durden's Daughter. Walker, 1978; reissued in paperback by Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Helver Trebourne, Duke of Saymore & Miss Edith Durden
Summary: Man encouraged to be a ne'er-do-well comes home to take on his responsibilites and falls for his childhood friend, but that lady's eccentric mother thinks him unsuitable.
Rating: excellent

Imprudent Lady. Walker, 1978; reissued in paperback by Fawcett, 1978.
Characters: Allan Merriman, Marquis of Dammler & Miss Prudence Mallow
Summary: Gentleman poet confides his romantic exploits to a lady novelist who seems sure to remain a spinster.
Series: Sequel is Reprise, 1982.

La Comtesse. Fawcett, 1978.

Lace for Milady. Fawcett, 1979; reissued as Coventry #111, May 1981.
Characters: Wedderburne, Duke of Clavering & Miss Priscilla Denver
Summary: Ghostly sounds begin after a lady refuses to sell her house to a duke.
Rating: excellent Comments: First person.

Sweet and Twenty. Fawcett, 1979.
Characters: Mr. Matthew Hudson (baron's heir) & Miss Lillian Watters
Summary: Parliamentary candidates and advisors stir up a small town and ladies' hearts.
Rating: very good Comments: Ridiculous title rendered even more strange by the political focus of the book.

Talk of the Town. Walker, 1979; reissued in paperback Fawcett, 1979.
Characters: Richard, Duke of St. Felix & Miss Daphne Ingleside
Summary: Lady whose aunt is considering publishing her memoirs locks horns with a duke who accuses her and her aunt of blackmailing his family.
Rating: superb

Aurora. Walker, 1980; reissued as Coventry #93, February 1981.
Characters: Kenelm, Baron Raiker & Miss Aurora Falkner
Summary: Man claiming to be a baron's heir appears after an 11-year exile.
Rating: very good

Babe. Coventry #22, February 1980.
Characters: Lawrence, Lord Clivedon & Lady Barbara Manfred
Summary: Beautiful lady with dozens of suitors only has eyes for her strict guardian.

Endure My Heart. Coventry #47, June 1980.
Characters: Sir Stamford & Mab
Summary: Lady who leads a band of smugglers to help them earn a living worries that the dashing government agent who has fallen in love with her will learn her secret.

Rose Trelawney. Coventry #69, October 1980.
Characters: Sir Ludwig Kessler & Rose Trelawney
Summary: Lady with amnesia is taken into a gentleman's home, and when she begins to fall in love with him she wonders if there is anything in her past that would prevent a match between them.
Comments: First person.

Lovers' Vows. Walker, 1981.
Characters: Earl of Dewar & Miss Holly McCormack
Summary: Lord who is disinterested in his estates puts on a play, much to the chagrin of a do-good lady.
Rating: very good

Perdita. Coventry #105, April 1981.
Characters: Lord Stornaway aka "Mr. Brown" & Miss Moira "Molly" Greenwood; Mr. John Alton & Miss Perdita Brodie aka "April Spring"
Summary: A runaway lady joins an acting troupe and is targeted by a rake who wants her as his mistress but who then falls in love with her companion.
Comments: First person.

Valerie. Coventry #123, July 1981.
Characters: Hadrian, Lord St. Regis aka Mr. Welland Sinclair & Miss Valerie Ford
Summary: Lady trying to discover why her aunt is nearly bankrupt suspects an overbearing man claiming to be a lord's secretary.
Rating: excellent Comments: First person.

The Blue Diamond. Coventry #141, October 1981; reissued by Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Tatton, Lord Moncrief & Fraulein Maria Kruger
Summary: At the Congress of Vienna, a lord suspects a lady's family of being involved in the theft of the French crown jewels, while she in turn is seeking a rich husband upon learning her father is bankrupt.
Rating: very good Comments: Heavy on plot and intrigue, very light on romance.

Delsie. Coventry #159, 1982.
Characters: Max, Baron deVigne & Miss Delsie Sommers
Summary: A schoolteacher is convinced to marry a dying man and uncovers strange occurrences at her new home.
Setting: Devon
Rating: good Comments: Not her best.

Love's Way. Walker, 1982; reissued in paperback by Fawcett, 1983.
Characters: Mr. John "Black Jack" Gamble & Miss Chloe Barwick
Summary: Lady who manages her poet brother's estate resists selling it to a developer with the help of a nabob.
Rating: superb Comments: First person.

Reluctant Bride. Coventry #171, March 1982.
Characters: Sir Edmund Blount & Miss Elizabeth Braden
Summary: Lady content with being a spinster is involved in a carriage accident with a man whom she hates at first sight, though she accepts his offer to help her locate her stolen diamonds.
Rating: excellent

Reprise. Coventry #182, April 1982.
Characters: Allan Merriman, Marquis of Dammler & Miss Prudence Mallow
Summary: Lady who had unexpectedly become engaged to a most eligible man finds his scantily clad mistress in his home one day and decides to get even.
Series: Sequel to Imprudent Lady.

Wiles of a Stranger. Coventry #195, July 1982.
Characters: Lord Sheldon, called Bertie (younger son) aka Major Morrison & Anna Mieke van Deusen aka Miss Stacey
Summary: Lady takes a position as a governess at a house full of intrigue in order to prove her father innocent of stealing jewels and finds herself falling for a mysterious man whom she should suspect.
Rating: excellent Comments: First person.

Lady Madeleine's Folly. Fawcett, 1983.
Characters: Lord Eskott & Lady Madeleine Morash
Summary: Lady famous for launching young fellows into Society thinks she has fallen in love with her latest protege, but the lord who has loved her since her first Season thinks the man is a fortune hunter.
Rating: excellent

Prelude to Love. Fawcett, 1983.
Characters: Colonel Stanier Landon (baronet's heir) & Miss Vanessa Bradford
Summary: Lady carrying a letter vital to England's security is offered help by two men, either of whom may be a spy.
Rating: very good

Love Bade Me Welcome. Fawcett, 1984.
Characters: Sir Homer Blythe & Davinia Blythe
Summary: Widow who goes to live with her husband's family suspects his heir presumptive brother of pushing her down the stairs to kill her unborn child.
Comments: First person.

Midnight Masquerade. Fawcett, 1985.
Characters: Richard, Lord Belami & Miss Deirdre Gower
Summary: While playing sleuth when a duchess's diamond necklace disappears during a party at his home, a lord discovers that his unwanted and reluctant fiancee has suddenly become interesting.
Series: Sequel is Royal Revels, 1985.

Royal Revels. Fawcett, 1985.
Characters: Richard, Lord Belami & Miss Deirdre Gower
Summary: Lady is incensed when her fiance's detective work for the Prince Regent involves charming one of Prinny's jilted mistresses.
Series: Sequel to Midnight Masquerade, 1985; sequel is The Devious Duchess, 1985.

The Devious Duchess. Fawcett, 1985.
Characters: Richard, Lord Belami & Miss Deirdre Gower
Summary: Sleuthing couple investigate the mystery of a man who was killed at his birthday party before he could make significant changes to his will.
Series: Sequel to Midnight Masquerade & Royal Revels, 1985; followed by Larcenous Lady, 1988.

Bath Belles. Fawcett, 1986.
Characters: Mr. Desmond Maitland & Miss Belle Haley; Mr. Ralph Duke & Miss Esther Haley
Summary: Lady whose late fiance left her a London house learns that he also had £10,000 in insurance money which an agent of Lloyd's wants back.
Rating: excellent Comments: First person.

Strange Capers. Fawcett, 1986.
Characters: Lance Howell, Lord Aiglon & Miss Constance Pethel
Summary: Lady thinks the lord who owns her aunt's ramshackle home may be involved with traitors stealing shipments of weapons.
Rating: excellent Comments: First person.

True Lady. Fawcett, 1986.
Characters: Lord Luten & Miss Trudie Barten
Summary: Lady who gives Latin lessons to young gentlemen is accused of being a lightskirt by a lord who thinks she's leading his nephew astray.
Rating: excellent

A Country Wooing. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Alex, Earl of Penholme & Miss Anne Wickfield
Summary: When the man she loves dies leaving a mountain of debts she begins to realize his selfishness and see the goodness in his younger brother.

Country Flirt. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Lord Monteith & Miss Samantha Bright
Summary: Lord enjoys a casual flirtation on his visits home with a neighbor who loves him, but when his debauched uncle is intent on courting her he realizes how much he'd hate to lose her.

Letters to a Lady. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Charles, Marquess of Harrup & Miss Diana Beecham
Summary: Lady taking some letters to a neighbor discovers he is being blackmailed by a lightskirt and helps him in the hopes of getting a position for her brother.
Rating: excellent

Love's Harbinger. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Mr. Guy Delamar & Lady Faith Mordain
Summary: Seeking to vindicate her fiance, a lady accompanies the reporter who exposed his crimes on a search for the truth.
Setting: London & on the road

Drury Lane Darling. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Lord Breslau & Pamela Comstock
Summary: When the actress with whom her quasi-fiance is fascinated disappears, a lady joins forces with her manager to discover what happened to her.

Larcenous Lady. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Richard, Lord Belami & Deirdre Gower
Summary: An estranged couple find themselves in Venice chasing a gang of counterfeiters.
Setting: Venice
Series: Sequel to the mystery trilogy Midnight Masquerade, Royal Revels, and The Devious Duchess,1985.

Memoirs of a Hoyden. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Nicholas, Marquess of Kestrel & Miss Marion Mathieson
Summary: Lady promoting the memoirs of her Oriental travels finds adventure at home in England with spies and a dashing lord.
Rating: superb Comments: First person very effective.

Silken Secrets. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Viscount Dicaire aka Mr. James Robertson & Miss Mary Anne Judson
Summary: When a lady's uncle takes bolts of silk from a grounded French ship, a draper with aristocratic manners comes to investigate.
Rating: excellent

Lovers' Quarrels. Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: James, Marquess of Renfrew (duke's heir) & Miss Jane Halsey
Summary: Lord thinks a practical lady is the perfect match for his eccentric, scholarly brother but she prefers the lord.

Royal Scamp. Fawcett, 1989.

The Hermit's Daughter. Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Lord Monstuart & Miss Sally Hermitage
Summary: Lady tries to stop a lord from preventing his ward's marriage to her sister.

Cousin Cecilia. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Lord Wickham & Miss Cecilia Cummings
Summary: Matchmaking lady confronts the rake who has led astray all the neighborhood's eligible bachelors with his behavior.
Setting: East Sussex

Madcap Miss. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Lord Whewett & Miss Grace Farnsworth
Summary: Childish-looking out-of-work governess agrees to pose as a gentleman's daughter to appease his grandmother while his real daughter is in Scotland.
Rating: very good

The Merry Month of May. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Rufus, Marquess of Haldiman & Miss Sara Wood
Summary: Lord tries to match up his widower brother with the woman his brother jilted years ago, but she seems to prefer himself.
Rating: excellent

Winter Wedding. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Ben, Earl of Allingcote & Miss Clara Christopher
Summary: Lord who has pursued the lady he loves around the country is hampered in his courting by a spoiled beauty.
Rating: excellent

Bath Scandal. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Rawl Foster, Earl of Southam & Mrs. Beatrice Searle
Summary: Lord sends his hoyden sister to Bath to live with a widow whom he recalls as being well behaved.

Jennie Kissed Me. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Charles, Marquess of Marndale & Miss Jennie Robsjohn
Summary: Sharp-tongued former headmistress mistakes a man's daughter for his mistress, but he decides she'd make a good companion for the girl.
Rating: excellent Comments: First person.

Romantic Rebel. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Lord Paton & Miss Emma Nesbitt; Mr. Geoffrey Nesbitt & Miss Isabel Bonham
Summary: Lady whose father wills everything to her cousin whom he intends her to marry writes an attack on male arrogance, leading a critic to believe her liberalism extends to sexual matters.
Rating: excellent Comments: First person.

The Notorious Lord Havergal. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Jacob, Viscount Havergal & Miss Lettie Beddoes
Summary: Indebted gambler applies to his financial guardian for funds only to find his guardian is a woman.
Rating: excellent

The Waltzing Widow. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Adrian, Earl of Avedon & Miss Lucy Percy
Summary: Lady flees fortune hunters by disguising herself as an impoverished widow only to be mistaken for a fortune hunter herself by the uncle of a boy who develops a crush on her.
Rating: excellent

Dangerous Dalliance. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Snoad & Heather Hume
Summary: Lady whose spy father was murdered suspects his enigmatic assistant.
Comments: First person.

Francesca. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Lord Devane & Francesca Devlin, Lady Camden
Summary: When a widow discovers the extent of her husband's infidelities she embarks on a path of reckless behavior that drives her to near ruin.
Rating: excellent

The Barefoot Baroness. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Lord Hyatt & Laura Harwood
Summary: Lady who had one disasterous Season is asked to accompany a baroness to London, where she becomes suspicious of the lord who wants to paint the baroness's portrait.

Wife Errant. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Anthony, Earl of Revel & Miss Tess Marchant
Summary: When her mother starts flirting with beaux to put her husband in his place, a lady tries to stop her by inventing an affair of her own with a known rake.
Rating: excellent

Gather Ye Rosebuds. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Algernon, Lord Weylin & Miss Zoie Barron
Summary: Lady artist discovers a necklace among her uncle's belongs and is caught by a suspicious lord when she tries to return it to its rightful owner.
Rating: excellent Comments: First person.

The Great Christmas Ball. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Daniel, Baron Costain & Miss Cathy Lyman
Summary: Lady who translates a German letter and finds it contains information on Napoleon's plans finds herself caught up in a web of intrigue with an intriguing lord.
Rating: excellent

The Savage Lord Griffin. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Lord Griffin & Miss Alice Newbold
Summary: Lord returns from five years in Brazil to find his fiancee engaged to another and is determined to win her back, not noticing that her little sister has blossomed.
Rating: excellent

The Spanish Lady. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Edward, Lord Severn & Lady Helena Carlisle
Summary: Lady raised in Spain visits her English relations and finds Englishmen dull, particularly the cousin she is expected to wed.
Rating: excellent

"Petticoat Hall" in Autumn Loves. Fawcett, 1993.

Behold, a Mystery! St. Martin's, 1995; reissued in paperback by Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Mr. Otto Farr & Miss Jessica Greenwood
Summary: According to her murdered great-aunt's will, a lady must choose one of four men suspected of the killing.
Rating: very good Comments: First person.

Never Let Me Go. Fawcett, 1994 Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Adam/Alexander, Lord Raventhorpe & Belle Savage/Arabella Comstock
Summary: Modern-day American writer who rents an English cottage to research the life of a Regency rake said to have killed his fiancee meets his ghost and the current lord who closely resembles him.
Comments: First person.

No Place for a Lady. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Lord Algernon aka Mr. Alger & Catherine Irving
Summary: Lady is appalled by the rundown boarding house she inherits from her aunt but is reluctant to evict her tenants, particularly a handsome gentleman.
Comments: First person.

Regency Masquerade. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Lord Daniel Hartly (marquess's younger son) & Miss Moira Trevithick
Summary: Lady and gentleman trying to a catch thief suspect each other.
Rating: very good

The Kissing Bough. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Mr. Nicholas Morgan (earl's heir) & Miss Jane Ramsey
Summary: Lady who accepts an invitation to a neighbor's estate expecting to be wooed finds that he is already engaged to an unsuitable lady.
Rating: excellent

"Love a la Carte," in A Regency Christmas. Fawcett, November 1994.

A Kiss in the Dark. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Marquess of Dauntry & Cressida Charmsworth, Lady deCourcy
Summary: Heiress snoops around the estate of a man who refused to rent her a summer house.
Rating: very good

Damsel in Distress. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Marquess of Dolmain & Caroline, Countess of Winbourne
Summary: Lord accuses a lady of stealing his daughter's necklace.
Rating: very good

Kissing Cousins. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Edward, Lord Salverton & Miss Samantha Oakleigh
Summary: Lady is forced to turn to her stuffy cousin to help her brother get out of debt.
Rating: very good

Old Lover's Ghost. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: John, Earl of Merton & Miss Charity Wainwright
Summary: Lady whose father travels the country banishing ghosts meets a skeptical earl whose mother is distressed by strange occurrences.

The Virgin and the Unicorn. Fawcett, 1995.
Characters: Lord Rotham (marquess's heir) & Miss Miranda Vale
Summary: Lord steals the Bayeux Tapestry from under Napoleon's nose.
Rating: very good

A Christmas Gambol. Fawcett, 1996.
Characters: Marquess of Montaigne & Miss Cicely Caldwell
Summary: Lady is asked to pose as the author of a Gothic romance by the lord who wrote it.
Rating: excellent

A Tall, Dark Stranger. Fawcett, 1996.
Characters: Colonel Robert Renshaw & Miss Amy Talbot
Summary: Lady is drawn to a mysterious stranger who appears in her village just as a murder occurs.
Rating: superb Comments: First person. Charming romance with mystery elements.

Murder Will Speak. Fawcett, 1996.
Characters: Marquess of Luten & Corinne, Countess deCoventry
Summary: Four friends search for missing pearls and find murder and romance.
Series: Berkeley Brigade #1
Rating: excellent

Tea and Scandal. Fawcett, 1996.
Characters: Desmond, Marquess of Fenwick & Miss Jane Lonsdale
Summary: When a rich man dies after he weds his housekeeper, the widow's niece & a lord investigate.
Rating: excellent

An Infamous Proposal. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Nicholas Arden, Lord Hansard Emma, Lady Capehart
Summary: Lord turns down the proposal of his friend's widow then tries to help her find a husband.
Rating: very good

Blossom Time. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Edward "Harry" Gaunt, Lord Harwell & Miss Rosalind Lovelace
Summary: Lord realizes he loves the neighbor he's known from childhood.
Rating: very good

Murder and Misdeeds. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Marquess of Luten & Corinne, Countess deCoventry
Summary: The Berkeley Brigade search for a lady whom Corinne fears Luten loves.
Series: Berkeley Brigade #2
Rating: excellent

Murder while I Smile. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Marquess of Luten & Corinne, Countess deCoventry
Summary: Corinne is jealous of a French comtess who appears to be leading a forgery ring.
Series: Berkeley Brigade #3
Rating: excellent

Petticoat Rebellion. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Algernon Hatfield, Earl of Penfel & Miss Abbie Fairchild
Summary: Art mistress visiting a lord's home thinks he's mixed up in a thieves' ring.
Rating: excellent Comments: I like the fact that her heroes are uncertain and human not just rakish and demanding.

A Highwayman Came Riding. Fawcett, 1998.
Characters: John, Lord Fortescue & Miss Marianne Harkness
Summary: Lord who robs war profiteers to help veterans meets the companion of a duchess from whom he steals diamonds.
Rating: excellent

Little Coquette. Fawcett, 1998.
Characters: Marquess of Beaumont & Miss Lydia Trevelyn
Summary: Lady and gentleman discover the body of a woman who was the lady's father's mistress.
Rating: very good

Murder Comes to Mind. Fawcett, 1998.
Characters: Marquess of Luten & Corinne, Countess deCoventry
Summary: Luten's politics delay his engagement to Corinne; the others discover the murder of one of Prance's neighbors at his country estate.
Series: Berkeley Brigade #4
Rating: very good

Oh Miranda! An original e-book published by Belgrave House.
Characters: Lord Bolton & Miranda
Summary: A widow accompanies her neighbors to London and encounters a gentleman with a notorious reputation.

Other Regencies as Jennie Gallant

Wynne Smith

The Rushmoreland Rubies. Random House, 1988; reissued in paperback by Pageant, 1988.
Characters: Rake Halliburton, Earl of Harborough & Mary Danforth
Summary: Lady seeking the Rushmoreland rubies disguises herself as a housemaid in the home of a man who inherited after the mysterious deaths of two heirs.
Setting: English countryside
Series: "Regency Romantic Intrigue series, book 1"

Sharon Sobel

Lady Larkspur Declines. Signet, March 2005.
Characters: Dr. Benedict Queensman & Lady Larkspur
Summary: In order to avoid an arranged marriage to a man three times her age, a lady pretends to be deathly ill and meets a dashing doctor.

Miss Clarkson's Classmate. Signet, December 2005.
Characters: Emily Clarkson
Summary: A new teacher is shocked to find her employer is no gentleman, while he is shocked to find she is not an old maid.

Hayley Ann Solomon

Viscount Victorious. Zebra, November 1998.
Characters: Randolph de Lacey, Viscount Trent & Miss Clementine Devereaux
Summary: Highwayman who saves a governess turns out to be her employer's brother who is trying to clear his name of a false forgery charge.

Seducing Lord Sinclair. Zebra, June 1999.
Characters: Alistair Raoul Griffin Sinclair, Viscount Hansford & Miss Marianne Spencer-Pultney; Raphael Delaware, Marquis of Slade & Amber Sinclair
Summary: Lady and marquis join forces to help a couple in a marriage of convenience realize their love for each other.
Rating: good

The Black Cat," in Enchanting Kittens. Zebra, October 1999.
Hero: Lord Guy Santana
Summary: A lord meets a woman who claims she is his destiny before she vanishes.

Madrigals and Mistletoe. Zebra, November 1999.
Characters: Captain Frederick Argyll & Miss Seraphina Comfrey
Summary: Lady who cannot sing and a music tutor who is trying to fund his composition fall in love at Christmas.

"The Brambleberry Bride," in His Bride to Be. Zebra, May 2000.
Summary: Two brothers switch brides.

Seeking Celeste. Zebra, June 2000.
Characters: Robert, Earl Edgemere & Miss Anne Derringer
Summary: Destitute lady's companion is mistaken by an earl as his new governess, but when he realizes his mistake he hopes to keep her on anyway.

By Way of a Wager. Zebra, November 2000.
Characters: Duke of Wyndham & Cassandra
Summary: Lady who finds herself in an improper situation with a duke makes a wager with him.

Raven's Ransom. Zebra, June 2001.
Characters: Lord Gareth Rochester & Miss Primrose Chartley
Summary: Three sisters who must all wed in order for one of them to inherit a huge fortune are pursued by dubious characters.

A Scandalous Connection. Zebra, May 2002.
Characters: Demian, Duke of Darris & Miss Amy Mayhew
Summary: A duke poses as a butler to avoid marriage to an heiress but his plans go awry.

"Steal My Heart" in My Dashing Groom. Zebra, June 2002.
Characters: Viscount Sandford & Lady Fern Reynolds
Summary: A lady fleeing an arranged marriage finds an unexpected ally.

A Rag-Mannered Rogue. Zebra, September 2002.
Characters: Nicholas, Earl of Cathgar & Miss Theresa Hampstead
Summary: A lady traveling to London to discover the state of her pending inheritance finds herself embroiled in a mystery when she rescues a handsome lord from a gang of deadly anarchists.
Setting: On the Great North Road and in London

Lady Caraway's Cloak. Zebra, August 2003.
Characters: Lord Caraway & Serena Caraway
Summary: When a lady's home passes to a distant relation, she writes to the new owner in the guise of the estate bailiff.

My Lady Luck. Zebra, April 2004.
Characters: Marquis of Laxton & Honor Finchley
Summary: A lady who masquerades as a man in order to earn her way at games of chance is found out by a lord.

‚€œAn Imperfect Proposal‚€Ě in A Wife for Papa. Zebra, May 2004.
Characters: Earl of Devonport & Amaryllis Hastings
Summary: An earl responsible for two nieces seeks a marriage of convenience.

Grace South

Merrie. Coventry #126, July 1981.
Characters: Sir Ninian Northcliffe & Miss Merrie Sherrington
Summary: Lady whose curiosity constantly gets her into trouble is romantically obsessed with a man she is sure is a fortune hunter.

Sheri Cobb South

The Weaver Takes a Wife. Prinny World Press, 1999.
Characters: Mr. Ethan Brundy & Lady Helen Radney
Summary: Illegitimate workhouse orphan becomes a wealthy mill owner and marries the daughter of a duke who gambled away his fortune. The heroine tries to cheat on her husband in a later book.

Miss Darby's Duenna. Prinny World Press, 1999.
Characters: Sir Harry Hawthorne & Miss Olivia Darby
Summary: Gentleman dresses as an elderly lady to keep an eye on his childhood friend during her Season.
Rating: very good

"The Wicked Waltz," in A Regency Sampler. Regency Press, 1999.

Brighton Honeymoon. Prinny World Press, 2000.
Characters: Mr. Ethan Brundy & Lady Helen Brundy
Summary: Newlyweds find their honeymoon cottage filled with people, including a disapproving dowager, a lady claiming to be Mr. Brundy's sister, and a skeptical dandy determined to expose her as an impostor.
Series: Sequel to The Weaver Takes a Wife.

French Leave. Prinny World Press, 2001.
Characters: Earl of Waverly & Lisette Colling
Summary: An earl who fled England in disgrace four years ago agrees to return in order to reunite a runaway French lady with her grandfather. The heroine from the first book in the series tries to cheat repeatedly on her husband.
Series: Sequel to Brighton Honeymoon.

Stephanie Spearman

Maid of Honor. Pageant, 1989.
Characters: Peter Everhurst, Viscount Cerestone & Lady Alianora Wynyate
Summary: Gentleman has a carriage accident in a town having a Spring Tourney and decides to linger to help a beautiful lady being courted by a rake.

Mira Stables

Emma Disposes. Hale, 1972.
Characters: Charles Trevannion & Nell Easton
Summary: A lord who is recalled from the Peninsula to search for a French spy encounters a lady at a Sussex inn.

A Match for Elizabeth. Hale, 1972; Beagle Books, 1972.

Quality Maid. Hale, 1973.
Summary: An indebted gentleman with three daughters and a missing wife calls for assistance from a captain of the Royal Navy who owes him a favor.
Period: 1825

Reckless Lady. Beagle Books, 1973.

Lissa. Fawcett, 1974.
Characters: Viscount Stapleford & Lissa Wayburn
Summary: The neighborhood ladies set their caps at a broken-hearted viscount who only has eyes for the lady of questionable background he hired as his sister's companion, but when gossip starts she runs away.

The Swynden Necklace. Fawcett, 1974.
Characters: Jocelyn, Marquess of Melborne & Miss Honora Fenton
Summary: A lady whose unexpected interitance allows her a Season in Bath is attracted to an apparently unsuitable man who may be only interested in the fabulous Swynden necklace.

Marriage Alliance. Hale, 1975; reissued in paperback by Fawcett, 1975.
Characters: Marcus & Fleur
Summary: To save his sister from being married off to an old lecher, a gentleman agrees to marry a Cit's daughter, but when Napoleon's escape from Elba calls him away, his wife pursues a career as a ballerina.

Stranger within the Gates. Fawcett, 1976.
Characters: Mr. Robert Develyn & Francesca Thornish
Summary: When a man finds a lady dressed as a boy on his uncle's estate he assumes she was his uncle's mistress.

The Byram Succession. Fawcett, 1976.
Characters: Damon Hardendale, Lord Skirlaugh (heir to Duke of Byram) & Miss Alethea Newton
Summary: Lady seethes with jealousy when her country cousin inherits their cousin's wealth and attracts the Season's most eligible suitor.
Rating: excellent See a review of this book.

Honey-Pot. Fawcett, 1977.
Characters: James Cameron & Russet Ingram
Summary: Gentleman abducts a lady when his ward claims she is trying to steal her beau.

Friends & Relations. Coventry #8, December 1979.
Characters: Randolph Heriot or Rolf, Lord Medhurst & Charmian Tracy
Summary: Lady who discovers she was a foundling determines to find a family of her own.

High Garth. Coventry #34, 1980.

A Marriage Arranged. Hale, 1980; reissued in paperback as Coventry #127, 1981.
Characters: Julian, Lord Wellasford & Miss Anastasia Morley
Summary: After a disastrous first Season, a lady enters into an arranged marriage and is determined to win her husband's love even if she must flirt with another.

Simon's Waif. Hale, 1980; reissued in paperback as Coventry #136, 1981.

No Impediment. Coventry #59, August 1980.
Characters: Quentin, Marquess of Merland & Miss Pippa Langley
Summary: Gentleman enters a marriage in name only with a lady who treated him when he was injured, but when his mother finds out she determines to bring them together.

Miss Mouse. Coventry #110, April 1981.
Characters: Lord Valminster & Miss Graine Ashley
Summary: Beautiful governess who has received too many improper advances disguises herself as a drab mouse only to find herself in the household of a handsome eligible lord.

Summer at Dorne. Coventry #181, April 1982.
Characters: Dominic Merriden & Chantal Delaney
Summary: Lady fleeing an unwanted suitor falls into a pool and strikes her head and is rescued by a stranger.

The Golden Barrier. Coventry #187, 1982.
Characters: Dermot Winfield & Miss Katherine Martenhays
Summary: A lady who has been pursued for her fortune during her three Seasons retires to the country where she meets an impoverished gentleman who is trying to restore a run-down estate.

Judith Stafford

The Lemon Cake. Harlequin #32, August 1990.
Characters: Giles Russell & Miss Abby Milhouse
Summary: Aunt claims her lemon cake is responsible for four sisters receiving offers from eligible gentlemen.

A Hero's Welcome. Harlequin #51, June 1996.
Characters: Richard, Lord Rossley & Miss Diana March
Summary: Lord stops a desperate lady from throwing herself into the Thames by proposing she marry him and care for his daughter while he is at war, but when he returns three years later he is cold and remote.
Rating: very good

Cupid and the Vicar. Harlequin #62, November 1991.
Characters: Marcus Browne, Earl of Granville & Miss Serena Fenton
Summary: A vicar tries to match up his headstrong sister with an earl who is his good friend.

Becca's Independence. Harlequin #97, May 1993.
Characters: Lucas Allenby, Earl of Roth & Lady Rebecca Dunlevy
Summary: Lady posing as a companion to avoid an unwanted marriage is asked by her employer to pose as an heiress to deflect the attentions of fortune hunters from her own daughter.

Sarah's Angel. Harlequin #111, December 1993.
Characters: Squire Anthony Whitfield & Miss Sarah Barnes
Summary: Kids try to get their father to marry the governess.
Rating: good

Other Regencies and contemporary Harlequins as Judy Christenberry

Website: www.judychristenberry.com

Sarah Stamford

The Magnificent Duchess. Milton House Books, 1974 (under the title The Gay Gordons); reissued by Delacorte, 1975; reissued in paperback by Dell, 1977; reissued as Candlelight #619, 1977.
Characters: Duke of Bedford & Lady Georgiana Gordon
Summary: Lady ends an arranged betrothal to a duke and goes to Paris where she attracts the attention of Napoleon's stepson.

Sharon Stancavage

Emily's Christmas Wish. Zebra, October 2003.
Characters: Earl of Stratford & Miss Emily Winterhaven
Summary: When his brother pawns a precious family heirloom, an earl must engage in a game of deception to retrieve it from the very same lady his brother humilated years ago.

An Enchanting Minx. Zebra, September 2004.
Characters: Marquess of Blackmoore & Miss Jane Ravenwood
Summary: Disguising her true heritage in order to marry a titled gentleman, a lady finds her scheme going awry when she becomes enamored with her cousin's would-be suitor.

Bath Intrigue. Zebra, February, 2005.
Characters: Earl of Richmond & Cassie Wyndmoore
Summary: A lady finds mysterious documents in the park and suddenly finds herself being courted by a man she has secretly loved for years.

Ann Stanfield

The Golden Marguerite. Coventry #128, 1981.

Royal Summer. Fawcett, 1986.
Characters: Prince Andre-Charles de Bourbon Valois & Miss Hannah Jasper
Summary: A wealthy lady is drawn to a fortune-hunting prince who is being pursued by a scheming princess.

The Doxy Masque. Fawcett, 1986.
Characters: Mr. Stephen Spencer Kyle & Lady Favia Dalreagh
Summary: Lady leads a double life, as a paragon of virtue by night and a doxy for a reformer who disdained her by day.

Sarah Starr

Lady-Lessons. Regency Press, 2000.
Characters: Earl of Ashley & Virginia 'Ginger' Traynor
Summary: Very proper earl who is determined to avoid a love match because of his father's tragic marriage is set up by his grandmother with a spirited young lady.

Rosemary Stevens

Crime of Manners. Fawcett, 1996.
Characters: Giles Vayne, Duke of Winterton & Miss Henrietta Lanford
Summary: Duke's snide comment about a lady makes her the talk of the ton.
Series: Cats of Mayfair #1.
Rating: good

Miss Pymbroke's Rules. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Peregrine Rolf, Marquess of Carrisworth & Miss Verity Pymbroke
Summary: Lady inadvertently breaks one of her own rules of conduct when she rents her house to a rake.
Series: Cats of Mayfair #2

Lord and Master. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Lord Ravenswood & Miss Daphne Kendall
Summary: Cat-loving lady is drawn to the man who helps her rescue a tormented kitty.
Series: Cats of Mayfair #3

How the Rogue Stole Christmas. Fawcett, 1998.
Characters: Jordan Sutherland, Viscount Reckford & Lady Margery Fortescue
Summary: Lady is accosted at an inn by a rogue who later shows up at the same house party she is attending.

Now writing a Regency mystery series featuring Beau Brummell.

Website: www.beaubrummell.com

Lois Stewart

Romantic Masquerade. Zebra, October 1990.
Characters: Lord Jareth Tremayne & Mrs. Sabrina Latimer
Summary: Widow disguises herself as a Hungarian countess to get money to pay off her brother's gambling debt to a notorious lord.

An Independent Lady. Zebra, March 1991.
Characters: Jason, Duke of Harwood & Lady Araminta Beresford
Summary: Lady who has travelled through Europe and Syria without a chaperone chafes at the restrictions of London society, and particularly the strictures of a duke who unknowingly tried to get her foxed in Dover.

An Uncommon Affair. Zebra, September 1992.
Characters: Jean Hilliard (earl's heir) & Miss Camilla Rayburn
Summary: Lady agrees to introduce her beloved uncle's heir to society only to find he is an ill-mannered Canadian fur trader.

The Duke's Mistress. Zebra, September 1993.
Characters: Jonathan Rayner, Duke of Alverly & Miss Hilary Vane
Summary: Duke who cannot wed because of a shameful secret determines to make the lady running his tenants' school his mistress.

A Reluctant Heart. Zebra, September 1994.
Characters: Jerrold Layton, Earl of Woodforde & Miss Zoe Bennett
Summary: Starstruck, sheltered lady elopes with a drunken gentleman who doesn't realize he is married and has an heir until seven years later.
Rating: good

The Bartered Bride. Zebra, September 1995.
Characters: Mr. Jared Amberly (becomes Duke of Edghill) & Diana, Lady Windham
Summary: Part-Indian banker seeks revenge on the relations who shunned him.
Rating: good

"The Unwilling Bride," in Valentine Love. Zebra, 1996.

A Marriage of Convenience. Zebra, October 1996.
Characters: Joel, Earl of Leyburn & Mrs. Sophia Ashley
Summary: Widow accepts marriage to a man who needs her fortune in order to give her sisters an opportunity to make good matches.

Other Regencies as Diana Delmore

Lucy Phillips Stewart

The Captive Bride. Candlelight #232, 1978.

Bride of Chance. Candlelight #251, 1978.

Bride of Torquay. Candlelight #512, 1979.

Bride of a Stranger. Candlelight #530, 1979.

Marcy Stewart

Charity's Gambit. Zebra, April 1994.
Characters: Captain Dominic Castille & Miss Charity Abercrombie
Summary: Lady who gives piano lessons is kissed by a stranger with a dark secret.

My Lord Footman. Zebra, March 1995.
Characters: Kyle, Baron Duncan & Lady Druscilla Selby
Summary: Lady falls for a footman who is actually a baron acting as her bodyguard.
Rating: good

"Lost Love, New Love," in A Mother's Delight. Zebra, April 1995.

"An Indefinite Wedding," in Flowers for the Bride. Zebra, May 1995.

Lord Merlyn's Magic. Zebra, October 1995.
Characters: Lord Julian Donberry (marquess's younger son) & Miss Abigail Lyons
Summary: Lady flees with a magic troupe to avoid an unwanted marriage.
Rating: good Comments: Supernatural elements.

The Viscount Takes a Wife. Zebra, May 1997.
Characters: Grayson, Viscount Kendall & Miss Deborah Atwood
Summary: Widower seeks a model of propriety as mother for his daughters but a hoyden thinks he needs a high-spirited wife.

Darby's Angel. Zebra, July 1997.
Characters: Mr. Simon Garrett & Darby Brightings
Summary: Actor mourning the deaths of his wife and child is transported back in time to Regency England where he meets a damsel in distress.

"A Halo for Mr Devlin," in Seductive and Scandalous. Zebra, August 1997.
Characters: Mr. Grant Devlin & Miss Brittania Rutland
Summary: Rake fleeing an angry husband meets a runaway heiress at a posting house.
Rating: excellent

"The Enchanted Bride," in My Darling Bride. Zebra, May 1998.
Summary: A lady is swarmed with suitors in the days leading up to her wedding.

Lady Scandal. Zebra, August 1998.
Characters: Sir Maxim Hastings & Mrs. Gwendolyn Devane
Summary: Glassmaker asks a widow who writes a scandalous gossip column to help him recover his family's glass formula.

The Bridegroom and the Baby. Zebra, June 1999.
Characters: Ethan, Lord Ambrose & Miss Madeleine Murrow
Summary: On the morning of his fiancee's arrival, a lord discovers a baby left in his bed.

A Bride for Lord Beaumont. Zebra, April 2000.
Characters: Miles, Lord Beaumont & Roslyn Andrews
Summary: Engaged lady tries to find a bride for an old flame whom she still loves.

The Darling Miss Lassiter. Zebra, May 2001.
Characters: Lord Harry & Miss Audrey Lassiter
Summary: A lady who accepts £10,000 to pose as Lady Hastings' long-lost daugher finds herself in danger--and in love.

Penelope Stratton

The Unromantic Lady. Fawcett, 1996.
Characters: Rexford Lytham, Earl of Chartridge & Diantha Halstow
Summary: Two cynics agree to a marriage of convenience but find themselves engulfed in passion.

The Devil's Bride. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Rupert, Baron Glennister & Miss Calvina Bracewell
Summary: Lady imprisoned by her guardian is rescued by a lord whose cousin tries to kill her.
Rating: very good

Anne Stuart

Lord Satan's Bride. Candlelight #561, 1981.

The Spinster and the Rake. Candlelight #711, 1982.

The Houseparty. Fawcett, 1985.

Now writes historicals and contemporary romantic suspense.

Website: www.anne-stuart.com

Dee Stuart

The Innocent Adulteress. Candlelight #686, 1981.

Annette Summers

The Surprising Lady Rochdale. Harlequin, October 1992.
Characters: Robert, Lord Rochdale & Miss Candace Marston
Summary: Daughter of a doctor in India agrees to a one-year marriage to a lord but does not divulge her plans for the money he intends to settle on her.

Margaret Summerville

Infamous Isabelle. Candlelight #580, 1980.

Sensible Cecily. Candlelight, 1980.
Characters: Geoffrey, Marquis of Ashford & Miss Cecily Camden
Summary: Poor companion to a flighty heiress is courted by a marquis.
Rating: very good

Rogue's Masquerade. Avon, 1981.

Lord Wicked Wolf. Candlelight #714, 1982.

Scandal's Daughter. Signet, December 1984.

The Duke's Disappearance. Signet, 1985.
Characters: Duke of Wayland & Lady Julia Granby
Summary: A widow who is tired of being pursued by fortune hunters meets a duke who is wary of Society ladies.

Highland Lady. Signet, September 1985.
Characters: Robert Manville, Marquess of Ravenstoke & Lady Alison Murray
Summary: Scottish lady is dismayed when a neighboring estate is bought by an English lord whose grandfather was the general who brutally surpressed a Highland rebellion.

Town Tangle. Signet, April 1986.
Characters: Viscount St. John & Miss Camilla Selwyn
Summary: Lady is infuriated when an arrogant viscount snubs her brother and forbids her friend to pay court to his sister.

Knave's Gambit. Signet, September 1986.
Characters: Earl of Traverhurst & Miss Valeria Harwood
Summary: Lady who writes adventure novels under a nom de plume hurries to London when she hears her niece has a tendre for a notorious rake.

The Wicked Wager. Signet, February 1987.
Characters: Lord Ramsay & Lady Olivia Dunbar
Summary: Toast wagers she can add an unfashionable country gentleman to her list of conquests.

The Cotton Caliph. Signet, January 1988.
Characters: Baron Strangewood & Lady Davinia Fitzhugh
Summary: Lady is infuriated when a man who used money from the trade to buy a title and position in society tries to buy her hand in marriage.

A Wife for Warminster. Signet, June 1991.

The Improper Playwright. Signet, March 1992.
Characters: John, Baron Ranley of Rotherfield & Lady Verity de Lacy
Summary: Lady sends a romantic play to a lord who is a famous playwright.
Rating: very good

My Lord Tyrant. Signet, June 1993.
Characters: Alexander Moncrief, Earl of Glencairn & Athena Blair
Summary: Lady scorns a lord whose neglect of his Scottish estate allowed an unscrupulous steward to evict his tenants.
Rating: fair

Fortune's Folly. Signet, May 1994.
Heroine: Miss Pandora Marsh
Summary: Proper lady struggles with her passions.

Double Masquerade. Signet, April 1995.
Characters: William Savage, Marquess of Trenhaven & Miss Serena Blake
Summary: Lady falls for the man she hired to break up father's engagement.
Rating: good

The Crimson Lady. Signet, December 1995.
Characters: John Montford, Viscount Allingham & Miss Phillipa Gray
Summary: To infuriate a proper lord, a lady wears crimson and flirts with the man he warned her against, only to be--surprise!--abducted.
Rating: fair

The Infamous Earl. Signet, January 1997.
Characters: Richard Augustus Fitzmaurice, Earl of Dunraven & Miss Georgiana Morely
Summary: Lady tries to get her parents to accept the man she loves by pretending to make a disastrous match with a rake.

Bewitching Lady. Signet, September 1997.
Characters: Marquess of Worcester & Althea Brandon
Summary: Lady who practices natural medicine and folk magic is called to the bedside of a rake and falls in love with him.

A Royal Connection. Signet, April 1998.
Characters: Charles Hastings, Earl of Heathfield & Lady Selena Paget
Summary: Lady helps a foreign prince and princess unite and regain their country's treasure and falls in love with the man her brother hates.
Rating: fair Comments: Not much romance, the couple was hardly together.

Gentleman Jack. Signet, March 1999.
Characters: John Fortescue, Viscount Warrington & Miss Antonia Richards
Summary: Rake who has agreed to give up gambling is beaten and robbed and takes a job as a groom in the household employing the governess who rescued him.
Rating: very good

Olivia Sumner

A Daring Masquerade. Zebra, November 1991.
Characters: John Cornwall, Earl of Brandon & Miss Marianne Hilton
Summary: When a lady turns down an eligible lord, he disguises himself as an uncivilized Canadian fur trader to woo her.
Rating: very good Comments: His reason for the disguise didn't make much sense, but entertaining nonetheless.

"Mischievous Matchmaker," inA Mother's Heart. Zebra, May 1992.
Characters: Wade, Lord Kendrick & Miss Elnora Prescott
Summary: Lord and lady meet trying to retrieve missing babies from a woman who sells children.

"Winter Enchantment," inA Christmas to Cherish. Zebra, November 1992.
Characters: Robert Gregory, Earl of Malden & Miss Julia Frost
Summary: Lord who finds a baby on his doorstep suspects a lady who arrives shortly afterwards.
Rating: very good

An Improper Alliance. Zebra, December 1992.
Characters: Earl of Campion & Celeste Prescott
Summary: Chaperone trying to dissuade her charge from an unsuitable attachment to a foreign prince is undone when she meets the prince's friend.

A Most Unsuitable Bride. Zebra, June 1993.
Characters: Hon. Clive Chadbourne (earl's younger son) & Deirdre Darrington
Summary: Lady is attracted to her stepsister's fiance.

A Beguiling Intrigue. Zebra, January 1994.
Characters: Quenton Fletcher, Marquess of Devon & Justine Riggs
Summary: Lady tries to prove she's a better equestrian than a lord is.

"Music of the Heart," inA Valentine Embrace. Zebra, January 1995.
Characters: Malcolm Rothwell, Viscount Talland & Miss Juliet Grant
Summary: When a lord blinded in the war sends the lady he loves away, she returns to him in disguise.
Rating: poor Comments: His conflicted feelings about 2 "different" ladies was unsatisfactory as was his sudden recovery.

Lord Devlin's Dilemma. Zebra, February 1995.
Characters: Charles Worthington, Earl of Devlin & Miss Jane Sterling
Summary: Lord tries to retrieve the Royal jewels from an American who inherited them.
Rating: very good

A Deceptive Bequest. Zebra, August 1996.
Characters: Marquess of Damon & Miss Ashley Douglas
Summary: Lord mistakes a governess for her long-lost twin sister who is an opera dancer.

Marlene Suson

The Reluctant Heiress. Fawcett, 1985.
Characters: Lord Alexander Hadleigh & Miss Diana Landale
Summary: Heiress tries to elope with a Frenchman to avoid marrying a fortune hunter but when the Frenchman flees it seems she must marry the fortune hunter after all.

An Infamous Bargain. Fawcett, 1986.
Characters: Damon Howard & Arabella Vaughn
Summary: Lady intending to marry an effeminate lord has a change of heart when she meets a handsome stranger on Hounslow Heath, but when her father demands she marry an earl's illegitimate son she may get her wish after all.

The Duke's Revenge. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Duke of Carlyle & Alyssa Eliot
Summary: Duke whose first wife was unfaithful accuses a lady upon whom his son has a crush of being a scheming jade.

Lady Caro. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Ashley Neel & Lady Caroline Kelsie
Summary: Gentleman who marries a hoyden to produce an heir though his heart belongs to a lady he cannot have is puzzled when his wife blossoms into the Toast of the Town.

The Notorious Marquess. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Marquess of Ellerton & Lady Annabelle Smythe
Summary: Lady posing as a governess to seek the aid of her French cousin to thwart her brother's schemes accepts the escort of a notorious lord.

The Errant Earl. Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Scott Kendall & Laura Millford
Summary: Earl who marries a gawky miss only to abandon her for six years to fight on the Peninsula returns to find her transformed into a beauty who wants no part of him.

Devil's Bargain. Avon, 1992.
Characters: Marc Hamilton, Duke of Castleton & Portia Easton
Summary: Arrogant duke proposes marriage solely for the purpose of producing an heir.

The Fair Impostor. Avon, 1992.
Characters: Garth Taymore & Sally Marlowe
Summary: Actress agrees to masquerade as an earl's daughter to cause the lady's betrothed to cry off with her scandalous behavior, but he is drawn to her instead.

Marlene Suson (real name Joan Sweeney) died on January 22, 2005 at the age of 68.

New Traditional Regencies

Arabella Sheraton

Lord Blackwood's Valentine Ball. Musa Publishing, 2013.
Summary: A spinster tries to play matchmaker only to find herself unhappy with the situation. Novella.


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