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Separation & Divorce
Abandoned Brides
Runaway Brides
Second Chance at Love


Separation & Divorce

Anne Ashley, The Reluctant Marchioness.
A lord is confounded when his wife, whom he accused of infidelity, returns after an eight year absence with a son she claims is his.

Elizabeth Bailey, The Captain's Return.
A captain is surprised to find his lost life living the life of a widow with a child and agrees to pose as her husband returned from the war.

Mary Balogh, "The Anniversary," in From the Heart.
Couple forced by her pregnancy to wed and estranged since are reunited on their Valentine anniversary.

Mary Balogh, Secrets of the Heart.
Duke shuns his wife when he discovers she isn't a virgin on their wedding night.

Mary Balogh, "The Surprise Party," inA Regency Christmas [VII].
Three orphans bring together their paternal aunt and maternal uncle, who were once engaged.

Mary Balogh, "The Wassail Bowl," in A Regency Christmas Feast.
Christmas reunites a lord with the wife he thought played him false and bore another man's child.

Cathleen Clare, A Priceless Acquisition.
Divorced duke who thinks his daughter is flawed by a small scar offers a loveless marriage to her governess, only to find out how priceless they both are to him when they are kidnapped for ransom by his ex-wife.

Elisabeth Fairchild, Marriage a la Mode.
Lady involved in a scandalous divorce is courted by a Scottish lord.

Ellen Fitzgerald, A Novel Alliance.
Novelist being divorced by her unreasonably jealous husband flees to a small village and finds love with a fellow writer.

Jennie Gallant, Lady Hathaway's House Party.
Duchess arrives at a house party escorted by a young admirer only to find her estranged husband is also a guest.

Mary Kruger, An Angel's Wish.
A lord grants his daughter's wish and invites his estranged wife home for the holidays.

Maggie MacKeever, Jessabelle.
When his wife is kidnapped by a highwayman while fleeing after a fight, a husband assumes she eloped and divorces her, but when he tries to remarry he finds her scheming to upset his plans.

Anthea Malcolm, Frivolous Pretence.
Lady is accused of leaking sensitive information about the Queen's divorce, and when her husband believes the accusations she leaves him until she can discover the truth.

Elizabeth Mansfield, A Regency Charade.
Immature young man joins the army to escape the bride he thinks is cheating on him and does not return for six years.

Laura Matthews, Lord Claybourne's Fancy.
Lady whose husband thinks she was not a virgin on their wedding night tries to win his love.

Anita Mills, The Duke's Double.
Duke who divorced his wife when he believed she played him false with his best friend is shocked to see her years later with a son that is obviously his own.

Barbara Neil, Bella.
Lady hopes to rekindle the romance with her husband after he's spent 2 years in Canada.

Patricia Oliver, Scandalous Secrets.
Divorced lady returning to England after many years helps a little girl with a handsome yet irritating father.

Andrea Pickens, The Major's Mistake.
Man who mistakenly believes his wife was unfaithful divorces her and goes to war for six years, but on his return he meets her and the son he never knew he had and wonders if he was too quick to judge her.

Donna Simpson, Lady Delafont's Dilemma.
Man and wife estranged by a misunderstanding five years earlier mend their marriage.

Abandoned Brides

Mary Balogh, The First Snowdrop.
Man abandons the lady he's forced to marry but meets her again at a country house party.

Sara Blayne, An Elusive Guardian.
Lady who was rescued from pirates by a mysterious man who wed then abandoned her later discovers he's her guardian, but he seems not to recognize her and tries to marry her off.

Diana Campbell, A Breath of Scandal.
Wife of an earl who apparently married for money and then went to America for three and a half years is on the verge of remarrying when her husband returns.

Nicola Cornick, The Notorious Marriage.
A lord tries to win back the love of his wife, whom he eloped with then abandoned for five months to carry out a secret mission.

Wilma Counts, The Wagered Wife.
A gentleman forced to marry a lady he won in a card game enlists in the military and goes to the Peninsula for seven years, and on his return he discovers his wife has become the Toast of the Town.

Caroline Courtney, Duchess in Disguise.
Lady whose husband leaves her sequestered in the country while he visits his mistress in town disguises herself to win his love.

Rachelle Edwards, An Unequal Match.
Lord who must marry a lady he rescued from squalor to settle a gambling debt abandons her and goes to Europe while she blossoms into a beautiful and intelligent marchioness.

Elizabeth Hewitt, Broken Vows.
Lady's rakish husband returns from the dead as she is about to rewed.

Brenda Hiatt, Azalea.
Child bride who believed her husband lost at sea discovers he is now an earl with no memory of their marriage.

Lynn Kerstan, Lord Dragoner's Wife.
Lady marries a lord who abandons her after only one night and then returns six years later.

Patricia Oliver, An Inconvenient Wife.
Lord forced to marry a lady vows to keep her shut away at one of his minor estates.

Clarice Peters, The Absentee Earl.
Earl who abandoned his wife 2 hours after their marriage suddenly returns.

Andrea Pickens, The Banished Bride.
Sent on a secret mission to capture a notorious female spy, a gentleman mistakes a lady for his quarry, unaware that his lovely captive is actually the wife he had married years ago in response to a family obligation and who he has not seen since the wedding.

Amanda Scott, Lady Hawk's Folly.
When her husband returns after abandoning her for 4 years to go to war, a lady decides to teach him a lesson by flirting with a Russian prince.

Lois Stewart, A Reluctant Heart.
Starstruck, sheltered lady elopes with a drunken gentleman who doesn't realize he is married and has an heir until seven years later.

Marlene Suson, The Errant Earl.
Earl who marries a gawky miss only to abandon her for 6 years to fight on the Peninsula returns to find her transformed into a beauty who wants no part of him.

Runaway Brides

Jane Ashford, A Radical Arrangement.
Lady runs away from an unwanted engagement and shoots her suitor when he catches her.

Elizabeth Bailey, Sweet Sacrifice.
Lady fleeing marriage to her gentle yet half-witted cousin disguises herself as an urchin.

Mary Balogh, The Unlikely Duchess.
Lady fleeing from an unwanted marriage is unknowingly rescued by her fiance.

Elisabeth Barr, The Opal Pendant.
A lady flees from marriage to a man she finds repugnant and seeks refuge with his notorious half-brother.

Donna Bell, Sweet Tranquility.
Lady flees to Paris to escape marriage and meets a French marquis.

Janice Bennett, The Moonlight Wish.
Lady flees an unwanted engagement, then accepts her intended fiance's help in trying to win enough money at cards to gain her independence.

Irene Loyd Black, A Mischievous Miss.
Lady fleeing an arranged marriage ends up in a slum from whence she is rescued by an earl who intends to make a marriageable lady out of her.

Nancy Butler, Keeper of the Swans.
Lady fleeing an arranged marriage sails down the Thames to an island where she meets a gentle man who tends the swans.

Loretta Chase, Viscount Vagabond.
Lady fleeing an unwanted marriage ends up in a brothel where she meets an amorous viscount.

Elizabeth Chater, The Random Gentleman.
Lady fleeing from an arranged marriage to a duke is surprised when he follows her disguised as a gypsy.

Marion Chesney, The Paper Princess.
Lady fleeing an unwanted marriage poses as the Princess of Brasnia.

Marion Chesney, Emily Goes to Exeter.
Matchmaker helps a girl dressed as a boy avoid her betrothed, who happens to be traveling on the same coach.

Marion Chesney, Beatrice Goes to Brighton.
Matchmaker discovers that a lady who snubs her is a frightened widow fleeing a second match made by her mercenary parents.

Marion Chesney, Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue.
Sir Philip tries to get money out of the father of a girl who ran away from home to escape an unwanted match.

Norma Lee Clark, Emily.
Lady fleeing an unwanted marriage takes a job as a parlour maid but her employer's brother sees through her disguise.

Casey Claybourne, My Lucky Lady.
Irish lady fleeing an unwanted marriage stows away in the trunk of a lord seeking the quiet of the country and threatens him with a pistol when he opens it.

Alana Clayton, The Willful Wife.
Man accompanies a friend to a clairvoyant only to discover that she is his wife who fled from him and his family's ridicule seven years earlier.

Lynn Collum, The Spy's Bride.
Heiress whose guardian is forcing her to marry flees to Portugal to seek her cousin's protection and en route disguises herself as a British spy's valet.

Lynn Collum, Lady Miranda's Masquerade.
Lady fleeing an arranged marriage takes an assumed name and ends up at the home of an earl who thinks she's the harlot who fleeced his friend.

Wilma Counts, My Lady Governess.
Lady escaping an arranged marriage to an unsavory gentleman disguises herself as a governess in the home of an eligible lord.

Marian Devon, Miss Osborne Misbehaves.
Lady fleeing an engagement meets a gentleman just released from Newgate.

Marian Devon, An Uncivil Servant.
Runaway bride disguises herself as a maid but a lord sees through her disguise.

Anne Douglas, Miss Caroline's Deception.
Pregnant lady fleeing her abusive husband is rescued by an earl.

Sarah Eagle, The Reluctant Suitor.
Lady fleeing the fiance she's never met finds an injured man who happens to be...

Monique Ellis, An Uncommon Governess.
Lady fleeing an arranged marriage disguises herself as a governess in the home of a man who vows to remain a bachelor.

Alicia Farraday, The Suitable Suitor.
Lady fleeing from an unwanted marriage meets a lord whom she charms out of returning her to her guardian.

Mona Gedney, Lady Hilary's Halloween.
A lady fleeing an arranged marriage heads for London where she encounters a gentleman who concocts a scheme to help her.

Vanessa Gray, A Lady of Property.
Heiress being courted by a neighbor she's never met flees to become a governess and is pursued by a relentless rake, so she flees again and meets a dangerously attractive stranger.

Vanessa Gray, Best-Laid Plans.
Lady fleeing an unwanted marriage finds herself alone on the streets of London at night and is accosted by a rake.

Georgina Grey, Fashion's Frown.
Country belle learns that her companion is an aristocrat on the run from an arranged marriage.

Violet Hamilton, A Reluctant Proposal.
To avoid an arranged marriage, a lady elopes with a gentleman but finds herself attracted to his guardian.

Emily Hendrickson, The Abandoned Rake.
Lady flees to the countryside to escape an unwanted betrothal and encounters a rake bent on seduction.

Georgette Heyer, The Talisman Ring.
Lady staying at an inn meets a French girl running away from marriage to her unromantic cousin in the company of a romantic cousin, who is a smuggler suspected of murdering a man to retrieve a ring he lost at cards.

Joan Aiken Hodge, Runaway Bride.
Upon being told she is to wed a stranger, a lady flees home and unknowingly ends up as a companion to the grandmother of the man she was to marry.

Valerie King, The Elusive Bride.
Lady fleeing an arranged marriage tumbles into the arms of a mysterious stranger who turns out to be...

Mary Kingsley, "The Runaway Duchess" in Flowers for Mama.
A duchess whose husband takes her for granted runs away in order to teach him a lesson, never expecting he'll pursue and court her.

Nancy Lawrence, Delightful Deception.
Lady fleeing unwanted marriage accepts the help of a man who turns out to be...

Elsie Lee, The Wicked Guardian.
Heiress whose wicked guardian is forcing her to marry his son jumps out of a moving carriage and wakes with amnesia in a gypsy camp with a mysterious stranger.

Alice Chetwyn Ley, A Season at Brighton.
Lady runs away to Brighton rather than meet the stuffy viscount her parents want her to marry only to find herself rescued by him.

Barbara Metzger, Lady in Green.
Accomplished horsewoman fleeing an unwanted marriage takes a position a housekeeper for a rakish lord, and while she tries to stop his lascivious tendencies, he becomes enchanted by a mysterious lady in green who rides in the park.

Megan O'Connor, Pippa.
Lady flees from a seemingly perfect suitor into the arms of the man her guardian warned her against.

Martha Jean Powers, The Runaway Heart.
A lady fleeing an arranged marriage finds an injured lord and nurses him back to health.

Janet Louise Roberts, The Dancing Doll.
Lady despises her husband, who rescued her from a Paris dance hall, and flees into the arms of another only to realize she has jeopardized her husband's life by her actions.

Eva Rutland, Gretna Bride.
When a lady overhears her fiance making love to his mistress at a party celebrating their betrothal, she flees to the studio of a portrait artist who tells her father they eloped to Gretna Green.

Donna Simpson, A Country Courtship.
A lady fleeing an arranged marriage starts a new life in the country, where she meets a farmer who has a secret of his own.

Judith Stafford, Becca's Independence.
Lady posing as a companion to avoid an unwanted marriage is asked by her employer to pose as an heiress to deflect the attentions of fortune hunters from her own daughter.

Sarah Stamford, The Magnificent Duchess.
Lady ends an arranged betrothal to a duke and goes to Paris where she attracts the attention of Napoleon's stepson.

Marcy Stewart, Lord Merlyn's Magic.
Lady flees with a magic troupe to avoid an unwanted marriage.

Sheila Walsh, The Runaway Bride.
Spanish lady falls in love on a visit to England and is tempted to elope with a viscount rather than return to an arranged marriage in Spain under the escort of a loathsome captain.

Claudette Williams, Cherry Ripe.
Lady fleeing an unwanted betrothal unknowingly takes a position as governess in the house of her intended.

Leonora Woodbury, The Runaway Countess.
A countess in disguise who is fleeing an unwanted marriage is rescued from highwaymen by a rake who questions her identity.

Second Chance at Love

Linell Anston, Lady Elizabeth.
Penniless gentleman returns from America and refuses to wed a lady who has waited for him until he recoups his losses.

Anne Ashley, The Master of Moor House.
A lady reencounters the man who jilted her for an heiress when he becomes her niece's guardian.

Anne Ashley, Miss Harcourt's Dilemma.
A lady who fears that the man who once broke her heart is a spy is drawn to him and to a mysterious man known as the Coachman.

Jane Austen, Persuasion.
Lady who allowed herself to be persuaded to break off an 'unsuitable attachment' meets the man she jilted 8 years later.

Mary Balogh, Christmas Beau.
Lord plans to seduce and drop the widow who jilted him years ago.

Mary Balogh, Christmas Belle.
Rake and an actress meet again years after a passionate but painful romance.

Anne Barbour, Lady Liza's Luck.
Lady who made a fortune in the stock market instead of making a proper match meets a former suitor.

Catherine Blair, A Scholarly Gentleman.
A widow moves to Cambridge and meets the professor she once rejected in favor of his dashing cousin.

Caroline Brooks, A Sea Change.
Lady novelist working on her latest romance in a cottage by the sea meets the man who jilted her years ago.

Susan Carroll, The Valentine's Day Ball.
Ten years after a lady left a man standing at the altar, he reenters her life while she is helping a young lady escape a horrid fiance.

Norma Lee Clark, Lady Jane.
When her employer's brother makes advances, a maid is fired and is taken in by a kindly lord who marries her; but after her husband's death she meets the man who once accosted her as an equal.

Norma Lee Clark, Cupid's Calendar.
Lady who spent years nursing a sick mother turns down a man who ignored her while she was young.

Nicola Cornick, Lady Polly.
Lady is kissed by the man she rejected 5 years earlier.

Nicola Cornick, True Colours.
The first person a lord encounters on his return to England is the last person he wants to see €” the woman who scandalized the ton by breaking off their engagement.

Ann Elizabeth Cree, Lord Rotham's Wager.
A lord who must marry because of his great-uncle's will wagers he can find a wife in the fan lottery at his grandmother's ball, but the fan he picks belongs to a lady who rejected him to marry another six years earlier.

Megan Daniel, The Sensible Courtship.
Lord and lady who were once in love pursue sensible matches at a house party and resolve to avoid each other.

Clare Darcy, Cressida.
Lady is incensed when the man who jilted her 6 years ago returns from his distant adventures, becomes a lion of society, and offers for her chaperone's poor relation.

Dinah Dean, The River of Time.
On a long journey across Russia, a widow meets the man whom she refused twelve years ago.

Teresa DesJardien, The Former Fiance. A lord who uses his fortune to fund a protection agency is surprised when a former love hires him to protect her from a violent suitor.

Georgina Devon, The Rogue's Seduction.
A widow who was forced to leave the man she loved at the altar to marry a richer man finds herself the target of the scorned gentleman's revenge.

Marian Devon, Lady Harriet Takes Charge.
Lady who broke off her engagement when she caught her fiance kissing another at their betrothal party is still attracted to him 8 years later.

Jacqueline Diamond, The Day-Dreaming Lady.
Lady escapes into daydreams when her parents want her to court a man whom they once forced her to refuse but who is now a wealthy marquess.

Shannon Donnelly, Lady Scandal.
While escaping war-torn France with her niece and her former lover, a widow known as Lady Scandal is determined to get a second chance at love with the man she has never been able to forget.

Carola Dunn, "Pirate," in Wonderful & Wicked.
A man is reunited with the lady he once jilted in favor of captaining a privateer.

Rachelle Edwards, Fortune's Child.
Lord proposes to the lady he jilted 9 years before.

Ellen Fitzgerald, The Damsels from Derbyshire.
Chaperoning her sister years after her own disasterous Season, a lady is pleased when a suitor renews his attentions but dejected when she fears her scandalous family will prevent him from proposing.

Vanessa Gray, The Unruly Bride.
Engaged couple who decided they didn't suit meet two years later when the gentleman is courting another lady.

Vanessa Gray, The Lost Legacy.
Man whom lady jilted because of his arrogance inherits her destitute family's country estate.

Violet Hamilton, Return Engagement.
Man woos the lady to whom he was engaged six years before.

Barbara Hazard, The Runaways.
Former loves unite to stop their children from making a marital mismatch.

Sandra Heath, Camilla's Conscience.
Widow meets the man who tried to win her from her husband.

Georgette Heyer, Bath Tangle.
Lady finds herself the ward of a man she once jilted.

Jane Hinchman, To London, To London.
Lady accompanies her niece from America to London and finds the man who broke her heart 10 years ago is expressing interest in her charge.

*Donna Hatch, A Perfect Secret.
Fleeing an abusive husband, she is reunited with the man she jilted in the past, the man who will do anything to protect her--except risk his heart.

Karla Hocker, Christmas Charade.
A lady's companion accompanies her employer to a Christmas house party at the castle of the man who unknowingly broke her heart during her first Season -- a duke who is trying to track down documents stolen by French agents.

Henrietta Houston, An Improper Betrothment.
Lady who jilted a man at their betrothal ball for keeping lightskirts is furious when he proposes to her sister.

Coral Hoyle, Virgin's Heart.
Lady finds herself taking part in a treasure hunt with a man she was engaged to years ago.

Kate Huntington, Mistletoe Mayhem.
An heiress and the country gentleman she loved but could not marry are brought together again at a Christmas house party.

Emma Jensen, His Grace Endures.
Widow who accompanies her sister-in-law for the Season meets the man she jilted 7 years ago and finds him to be more charming and agreeable than she remembered.

*Elizabeth Johns, Surrender the Past.
After years in America, young Elinor can barely stand life among the English aristocracy — let alone face the man who assaulted her as a teenager. Can the love of a wounded nobleman help her overcome the burdens of her past?

*Elizabeth Johns, Seasons of Change.
Lady Beatrice finds herself reduced from a duke’s daughter to a life of service. Her former betrothed, Lord Vernon, decides to move on with an unemotional marriage of convenience. Will the two find their way back together again? 

*Elizabeth Johns, Seeking Redemption.
Lord Fairmont has dedicated himself to redeeming his past sins on the battlefield. Lady Lydia was heartbroken when Lord Fairmont left her for the Army, and she decides to risk it all and take a chance on him helping her. 

Janeane Jordan, The Scheme of Things.
Man who once broke a lady's heart proposes to her for reasons of his own.

Carla Kelly, Miss Chartley's Guided Tour.
Lady who had to become a school teacher after being left at the altar meets the finace who jilted her and becomes involved in intrigue.

Elisabeth Kidd, Lady Lu.
A widow finds herself living under the same roof as her one-time fiance.

Mary Kingsley, A Summer Folly.
Widow returns from Jamaica to face her husband's cousin whom she once loved.

Allison Lane, The Earl's Revenge.
Earl finds that the lady who left him at the altar 8 years ago is now a mature, independent woman.

Allison Lane, Too Many Matchmakers.
Lady meets the man she once loved at a house party filled with romantic intrigue.

Allison Lane, A Clandestine Courtship.
Man who returns to England to assume an earldom and find his older brother's killer is distrusted by the woman he once loved.

Allison Lane, The Purloined Papers.
A captain returns home from Waterloo and recognizes his sister's companion as the woman he wronged 11 years ago, and soon discovers she is in danger from a villain seeking papers that could ruin him.

Emma Lange, The Earl's Return.
Lady who broke a man's heart when she was forced to marry another is now a widow whose fortune and fate is in his hands.

Alice Chetwyn Ley, The Sentimental Spy.
Lady staying at an inn in Sussex is puzzled when a past love pretends not to recognize her.

Anthea Malcolm, "A Mistletoe Christmas," in A Christmas Holiday.
A practical lady who broke off her engagement to an eccentric man gets a second chance at love when her former fiance and a mysterious strangers arrive unexpectedly on Christmas Eve.

Elizabeth Mansfield, Winter Wonderland.
Ten years after a lady haughtily turned down his shy request for a dance, a gentleman has the chance to hire the now-impoverished lady as a governess for his brother's children.

Laura Matthews, In My Lady's Chamber.
Governess who leads her charges on a search for treasure finds one of her own when her former fiance reappears in her life.

Amanda McCabe, The Spanish Bride.
A British officer and a Spanish countess who were wed on a battlefield are separated by the war and believe each other to be dead.

Teresa McCarthy, The Rejected Suitor.
A lady encounters the man who once professed his love for her and then ran off with another woman.

Dixie Lee McKeone, Sweet Doro.
Lady and gentleman who loved one another 16 years ago meet in London when they bring their charges to town.

Jenna Mindel, The Captain's Secret.
Despite his dislike for high society, an officer  accepts a mission to track down traitors to the Crown among the elite of the ton, but his assignment is jeopardized when he comes face to face the only woman he has ever loved.

Jenna Mindel, Miranda's Mistake.
A widow is invited to a friend's country estate and is reunited with the man she once loved.

*Jude Morgan, An Accomplished Woman.
A spinster is happy at home with her father in the country,writing literary criticism and trading verbal jabs with their cynical bachelor neighbor, Lewis Durrant, whose hand she rejected nine years ago, until entering the social whirl in Bath with her young charge.

Judith Nelson, Two Hearts Trump.
Two people once betrothed find themselves thrown together again as guardians of an impulsive young lady.

Mary Nichols, The Hemingford Scandal.
A gentleman tries to win back the lady who broke off their engagement.

Mary Nichols, The Incomparable Countess.
A lady whose love rejected her at the tender age of 17 meets him again years later when she is a Society hostess who has learned to hide her feelings and he is a widower seeking a mother for his children.

Patricia Oliver, Broken Promises.
Ten years after jilting her betrothed, a lady returns to London as a widow with two young sons and comes face to face with the man she had once left at the altar.

Clarice Peters, Prescott's Lady.
Lady finds herself thrown together with the fiance who jilted her 3 years ago by sending back his engagement ring wrapped in a bit o' muslin when she saw him with his mistress.

Margaret Evans Porter, Irish Autumn.
A lady's betrothal is threatened by the appearance of the man who jilted her ten years earlier.

Eileen Putman, The Perfect Bride.
Broken-hearted lady escorts a lord's bride to his home and encounters both her former love and the attentions of the prospective groom.

Mary Jo Putney, The Diabolical Baron.
Baron who decides he must marry randomly chooses a shy musical lady, but his plan goes awry when he discovers that the girl's aunt is the lady he loved long ago.

Nina Pykare, The Innocent Heart.
A lady who became a recluse after a lord rejected her heads to London to save her twin brother from a loveless marriage.

Barbara Reeves, A Scandalous Courtship.
Lord who has long loved a married lady hopes to wed her now that she's a widow, but she is determined to support herself with her catering business.

Nancy Richards-Akers, The Lilac Garland.
Swept off her feet by a dashing lord, a lady is shamed when she finds herself the butt of a cruel joke--so she is shocked when their paths cross again six years later.

Nancy Richards-Akers, Miss Wickham's Betrothal.
A lady hastily accepts a young man's proposal only to find that his uncle is the man she loved years earlier.

Madeleine Robins, Lady John.
After her husband's death, a lady meets the man she loved in Brussels but he seems to look right through her.

Elizabeth Rolls, The Unruly Chaperone.
A widow who had been forced into marriage meets the man she once loved while chaperoning the lady he intends to marry.

Irene Saunders, The Colonel's Campaign.
Lady who was tricked into jilting an earl by a jealous friend is courted by him after her husband's death.

Jeanne Savery, A Handful of Promises.
A man forbidden to court the lady he loves sets out to make his fortune and returns for her years later.

Jeanne Savery, The Widow and the Rake.
Duke is determined to win the lady who jilted him for a soldier now that she's a widow.

Donna Simpson, A Matchmaker's Christmas.
Merry mayhem ensues when a lady bent on holiday matchmaking introduces her companion to her handsome godson, but unbeknownst to the matchmaker, the unlikely couple have met before and it will take some holiday magic to rekindle their love.

Margaret Westhaven, Widow for Hire.
Widow sponsoring a debutante encounters the man she jilted years ago.

Gail Whitiker, Letters to a Lady.
Lord catches his fiancee embracing another but agrees to delay announcing the end of their betrothal in the hopes of winning her back.

Gail Whitiker, A Promise to Return.
Man who has loved a lady since the day of her marriage to another is granted a second chance but risks losing her again when he loses his memory.
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