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Winter Stories

Winter Kiss. Zebra, January 1997.

Lynn Collum, "A Winter Courtship."

Jo Ann Ferguson, "The Winter Heart."

Isobel Linton, "The Winter Wager."

A Winter Wedding. Zebra, January 1998.

Janice Bennett, "Fairy Tale Wedding."
Characters: Verrick, Earl of Whitfield & Miss Georgiana Simms
Summary: On-the-shelf lady charged with bringing off the gala wedding of the Season falls for the groom's cousin.
Rating: good

Carola Dunn, "A Match for the Season."
Characters: Dr. Iain Macfarlane & Lady Cecily Barwith
Summary: Lady engaged to a duke's heir falls for his physician cousin.
Rating: good Comments: "Compromise" resolution weak.

Monique Ellis, "Three Nights at a Country Inn."
Characters: Mr. Archer Huntleigh-Bowes & Miss Sarah Timmons
Summary: Lady is stranded by a snowstorm at an inn with the rakish suitor she's refused to wed.
Rating: fair Comments: Couple took too long to meet

Winter Kittens. Zebra, January, 1999.

Kathryn Kirkwood, "A Family for Felix."

Judith Lansdowne, "Rescuing Rosebud."

Jeanne Savery, "Four-Penny Cat."
Characters: Lord Manningford & Carolyn Weston
Summary: A reclusive lord sends a kitten to a widow with betrayal in her past.

Snowflake Kittens. Zebra, December 1999.

Carola Dunn, "A Kiss and a Kitten."
Characters: Lt. Col. Damian Perrincourt & Miss Mariana Duckworth
Summary: Injured war hero meets a lady through the antics of an impish kitten.

Mona Gedney, "A Feline Affair."
Characters: Mr. Graham Livingstone & Miss Marian Piercey
Summary: A cat maneuvers a lady and gentleman together so her kittens will have a good home.

Valerie King, "Much Ado about Kittens."
Characters: Lord Cheriton & Miss Grace Taverstock
Summary: Lord and lady are in for a surprise when they attend plays put on by their nieces with kittens.

Valentine Stories

A Regency Valentine I. Signet, February 1991.

Mary Balogh, "Golden Rose."

Katherine Kingsley, "The Secret Benefactor."

Emma Lange, "Lady Valentine's Scheme."

Patricia Rice, "Fathers and Daughters."

Joan Wolf, "The Antagonists."

A Regency Valentine. Fawcett, 1992.
Theme: Four ladies on a visit find love; stories linked by Grey's.

Kitty Grey, "A Walk through Valentine Parva."

Jo Beverley, "If Fancy be the Food of Love."
Characters: Chart Ashby & Miss Juno Rathbone
Summary: Man fulfills a deathbed promise by seeking out and helping a spinster.

Kitty Grey, "An Afternoon Gardening."

Carola Dunn, "A Maid at Your Window."

Kitty Grey, "A Gentleman Calls."

Sheila Simonson, "April When They Woo."

Kitty Grey, "On the Church Porch."

Ellen Fitzgerald, "A Maiden All Forlorn."

Kitty Grey, "A Talk with Toby."

A Regency Valentine II. Signet, January 1992.

Carol Proctor, "A Task for Cupid."

Mary Balogh, "A Waltz among the Stars."

Carla Kelly, "The Light Within."

Sandra Heath, "The Midsummer Valentine."

Edith Layton, "The Legacy."
Hero: Valerian Blackwood
Summary: A man is summoned to his uncle's country estate and finds a mystery and the love of his life.

Valentine's Day Treasure. Zebra, January 1992.

Janis Laden, "The Gilded Cage."
Characters: Derek Muldaur, Viscount Weddington & Miss Alexandra Rutledge
Summary: Lady sent home from India is dismayed when her escort is stranded with her in Yorkshire by a storm.

Georgina Devon, "A Ring for Remembrance."
Characters: Alexander Staunton, Marquis of Claybrooke & Miss Carolly Stanhope-Jones
Summary: Governess is reunited with her former love, who has lost his memory and is courting her employers' daughter.

Violet Hamilton, "The Bay Leaf Legend."
Characters: Charles Fitzherbert & Annabel Maitland
Summary: Lady courted by a persistent suitor begins to see an old friend in a different light at a Valentine's party.

Valerie King, "A Play of Hearts."
Characters: Geoffrey Ashburton, Viscount Brenton & Miss Beth Ferrers
Summary: Stuffy lord is outraged when a lady organizes a production of Romeo & Juliet at his home.

Irene Loyd Black, "Tattered Valentine."
Characters: James Elston & Lucindia, Dowager Countess of Clarendon
Summary: Widow longs to be united with the childhood sweetheart whom her father considered ineligible.

Teresa DesJardien, "A Valentine Bride."
Characters: Oliver, Baron Whittam & Lady Christine Jordan
Summary: Lady responds to a lord's advertisement for a wife.

Tokens of Love. Signet, January 1993.

Mary Balogh, "The Substitute Guest."

Margaret Westhaven, "Saint Valentine's Eve."

Carol Proctor, "The London Swell."

Sheila Walsh, "Dear Delight."

Sandra Heath, "February Falsehoods."

A Valentine's Day Tangle. Zebra, February 1993.

Cindy Holbrook, "With Cupid's Intervention."

Emily Maxwell, "The Second Proposal."

Dawn Aldridge Poore, "Game of Hearts."

Nina Porter, "A Valentine Tangle."

Alicia Rasley, "The Wilder Heart."

Cynthia Richey, "A Most Fortunate Lady."

From the Heart. Signet, January 1994.

Mary Balogh, "The Anniversary."
Characters: Hugh Richmond, Earl of Reardon & Amy Richmond, Lady Reardon
Summary: Couple forced by her pregnancy to wed and estranged since are reunited on their Valentine anniversary.
Rating: superb Comments: Excellent character development.

Anne Barbour, "The Wooing of Lord Walford."
Characters: Hon. Charles Darracot & Miss Sally Berners; Sedgewick Horne, Earl of Walford & Miss Elizabeth Berners
Summary: Gambler asks his best friend to snag an earl so he can win a tontine but finds he has feelings for her himself.

Melinda McRae, "Cupid's Dart."
Characters: Sebastian Cole & Wilhelmina, Lady Taunton
Summary: Two old friends realize their love for one another during a Valentine's party game.

Anita Mills, "Devil's Luck."
Characters: Gary, Viscount Trevaney & Miss Melisande Merriweather
Summary: Father loses his daughter in a card game.

Sandra Heath, "The Imposter."
Characters: Hon. Felix Vestey (heir to Viscount Northwood) & Miss Jane Martin
Summary: Lady expecting the fiance she's never met mistakes his friend for her betrothed & he doesn't correct her.

A Valentine's Day Delight. Zebra, January 1994.

Karla Hocker, "The Dilatory Groom."

Mary Kingsley, "The Crystal Heart."

Anthea Malcolm, "Fit for a Prince."
A gentleman goes to a Valentine's Day house party to meet his future wife only to find that the girl's chaperone is his first and only love.

A Valentine Embrace. Zebra, January 1995.

Valerie King, "Valentine Chase."
Characters: Geoffrey Staveley, Viscount Castleton & Miss Meg Woodville
Summary: Governess is sent on a wild goose chase with her employer by her charge, who hopes they'll make a match.
Rating: very good

Meg-Lynn Roberts, "Lovers' Vows."
Characters: Edward Hadleigh, Marquess of Wexford & Miss Victoria Colefax
Summary: Lady finds herself cast in a romantic play opposite the lord she once jilted.
Rating: very good

Olivia Sumner, "Music of the Heart."
Characters: Malcolm Rothwell, Viscount Talland & Miss Juliet Grant
Summary: When a lord blinded in the war sends the lady he loves away, she returns to him in disguise.
Rating: poor Comments: His conflicted feelings about 2 "different" ladies was unsatisfactory as was his sudden recovery.

Valentine Love. Zebra, 1996.

Sara Blayne, "Cupid's Arrow."

Jo Ann Ferguson, "Game of Harts."

Lois Stewart, "The Unwilling Bride."

A Valentine Bouquet. Zebra, February 1997.

Paula Tanner Girard, "Cupid's Legacy."
Characters: Gregory Fitch & Delphinia Penn
Summary: Lady who inherits a London townhouse mistakes her noble neighbor for a handyman.

Judith Lansdowne, "The Valentine Victorious."

Carol Quinto, "The Valentine's Day Husband."

Valentine Wishes. Zebra, February 1998.

Mona Gedney, "Lady Diana's Courtship."
Characters: Mr. John Derringer & Lady Diana Crosswell
Summary: Lady who's turned down numerous offers finds herself falling for a Cit.

Cindy Holbrook, "A Valentine from Venus."
Characters: Michael, Marquis of Waverly & Miss Amelia Thornton
Summary: Cupid wagers Venus she cannot unite a poetic lord and his dispassionate assistant.

Jeanne Savery, "Cupid's Ace."
Characters: Timon Cliffe, Lord Crandle & Charity Cliffe, Lady Crandle
Summary: Lady cannot understand why her husband is out of charity with her.

My Darling Valentine. Zebra, February 1999.

Kathleen Beck, "Miss Delafield Disposes."
Characters: Lord Burton Dance & Miss Gowland Delafield
Summary: Lord's neighbor asks him to prevent a young lady from eloping with her drawing master.

Carola Dunn, "Frost Fair."
Characters: Mr. Rufus Dibden & Miss Rosabelle Macleod
Summary: Lady flirts with a gentleman at a Frost Fair then regrets that she never learned his identity.

Alice Holden, "Cupid's Arrow."
Characters: Lucien Sutter, Viscount Darnay & Miss Sarah Buchanan
Summary: Lord is intrigued by the lady who asks him for help getting a physician for her village.

Valentine Kisses. Zebra, January 2000.

Donna Bell, "A Valentine Courtship."
Characters: Adam Hunter, Earl of Marsden & Miranda Sinclair
Summary: Lord is courted from afar by a mystery lady who reveals herself at a Valentine ball.

Catherine Blair, "Valentine Bride."
Characters: Austin Bourke & Margaret Fitzpatrick
Summary: Irish lady turns to her best friend when she learns her groom has cried off on their wedding day.

Lynn Collum, "The Ruby Heart."
Characters: Justin Andrews & Lorissa Mathis
Summary: Lady hopes to convince her neighbor to love her.

Valentine Rogues. Zebra, January 2001.

Cindy Holbrook, "A Valentine Dream."

Debbie Raleigh, "The Merry Cupids."

Donna Simpson, "Wild Honey."
Characters: Viscount Blackthorne & Lady Honey Hockley
Summary: A widow decides to give up on love until she meets a rake determined to prove his love is forever.

My Sweet Valentine. Zebra, January 2002.

Shannon Donnelly, "Silver Links."

Alice Holden, "The Valentine Husband."

Joy Reed, "At First Sight."

My Only Valentine. Zebra, January 2003.

Victoria Hinshaw, "The Valentine Poem."

Julia Parks, "The Ugly Duckling's Valentine."
Characters: Lady Claire Lester
Summary: A lady who thinks she is unattractive is pursued by a secret admirer.

Donna Simpson, "Valentine Dreams."

A Valentine Waltz. Zebra, January 2004.

Jo Ann Ferguson, "My Dearest Daisy."
Characters: Joshua, Lord Tremont & Daisy Kendall
Summary: A lord tries to convince a lady who feels unworthy of his love.

Maria Greene, "Cupid's Arrow."
Characters: Lucien Montclair & Angela Valentine
Summary: A reckless wager leads a gentleman to court a recently jilted lady.

Kate Huntington, "My Wicked Valentine."
Characters: Count Antonio Zarcone & Caroline Benningham
Summary: A widow must choose between a sensible suitor and a passionate one.

Valentine Kittens. Zebra, January 2005.

Jo Ann Ferguson, "Belling the Kitten."
Characters: Jason Farraday & Amaris Woodward
Summary: At a country inn, a gentleman returning from the war finds a spirited lady and a litter of kittens.

Valerie King, "A Tangle of Kittens."
Characters: Lord Marecham & Anne Cassington
Summary: A lady trying to find homes for kittens stumbles upon the stranger who had mistakenly kissed her.

Cynthia Pratt, "The Birthday Kitten."
Characters: Ramsey Dillon & Johanna Dillon
Summary: A couple with a polite marriage of mutual respect discovers romance when the man buys a kitten for his wife.


Spring Stories

Spring Kittens. Zebra, March 2000.

Alana Clayton, "The Last Kitten."
Characters: Elliot, Lord Gage & Lady Catherine Duncan
Summary: Lady is accused of catnapping when kittens provided for by the will of a lord's eccentric aunt disappear.

Kate Huntington, "The Royal Kitten."
Characters: Prince Konstantin Obolensky & Miss Arabella Comstock
Summary: Lady meets a Russian prince when she rescues a kitten from the Tsar's cruel sister.

Debbie Raleigh, "The Naughty Kitten."
Characters: Hugo Langmead, Earl of Rumford & Miss Abigail Stadford
Summary: Lady feels responsible when her kitten causes a lord to have an accident and lose his memory.

Mother's Day Stories

A Mother's Heart. Zebra, May 1992.

Julie Caille, "Journey's End."
Characters: Anton Aubrey, Marquess of Taunton & Miss Carissa Canfield
Summary: When a lady refuses to give up her sister's orphan to the girl's paternal uncle, he invites her to come along.

Georgina Devon, "Midnight Lady."
Characters: Sir Anthony Crenshaw & Miss Annabelle Levy-Gower
Summary: Lady sneaks into the bed of the man she loves pretending to be his mistress and becomes pregnant.

Karla Hocker, "Matters of the Heart."
Characters: Sir Alex Hartford & Caroline Hartford
Summary: Lady separated from her husband and daughter for 16 years returns to prevent her daughter from eloping.

Anthea Malcolm, "The Perfect Mother."
Characters: Miles & Melloney Pengarrick
Summary: Lady enters into a marriage of convenience with a man with two daughters.

Cynthia Richey, "A Breath of Scandal."
Characters: Charlton Trent, Marquess of Helverton & Miss Lacey Fremont
Summary: Noble landlord tries to evict a tenant who takes in orphans.

Olivia Sumner, "Mischievous Matchmaker."
Characters: Wade, Lord Kendrick & Miss Elnora Prescott
Summary: Lord and lady meet trying to retrieve missing babies from a woman who sells children.

A Mother's Love. Zebra, April 1993.

Sara Blayne, "The Singular Miss Marsh."
Characters: Travers Dameron, Duke of Ratherton & Miss Rebecca Marsh
Summary: Dowager summons her late daughter-in-law's cousin to help her son and his children recover from their grief.

Teresa DesJardien, "Her Special Day."
Characters: Sir Horace Cawley & Clarice, Lady Cawley
Summary: Things go awry when a lady's children try to give her the day off from planning her daughter's wedding.

Melissa Lynn Jones, "The Butterfly Net."
Characters: Avril Heneley, Baron Ranstow & Miss Selina Springer
Summary: Lord selects a lady collecting money for an orphanage as the perfect mother for his child.

Valerie King, "Blissful Betrothal."
Characters: Gregory, Earl of Braunston & Mrs. Olivia Charing; Mr. Alfred Lovell & Miss Jocelyn Charing
Summary: Lady finds herself attracted to the man she arranged for her daughter to marry.

Mary Kingsley, "Gifts of the Heart."
Characters: Robert Evans, Marquess of Stowe & Eliza, Lady Stowe
Summary: Lord whose parliamentary duties keep him in town & his wife who prefers the country resolve their differences.

Nina Porter, "Reversal of Fortune."
Characters: Charles, Viscount Valdane & Miss Phillipa Pardonner
Summary: Lady who thinks she's ineligible for marriage asks the man she loves to help find her a position.

A Mother's Joy. Zebra, April 1994.

Carola Dunn, "The Dower House."
Characters: Sir Gideon March & Catriona, Lady March; Mr. Harry Talgarth & Mrs. Letty Rosebay
Summary: When her late husband's heir arrives, a lady intends to match him with her daughter, but love has other plans.

Marissa Edwards, "A Betting Affair."
Characters: Gordon Massey, Marquess of Blackburn & Jessica, Lady Blackburn
Summary: Mother schemes to reunite her daughter and son-in-law.

JoAnn Ferguson, "Lord Chartley's Lesson."
Characters: Randall Montgomery, Lord Chartley & Miss Lily Armstrong
Summary: Strict lord chafes at sharing guardianship of his friend's child with a vivacious young lady.

Cindy Holbrook, "The Present."
Characters: Alex Tremain, Duke of Trenton & Miss Shannon Aldon
Summary: Three children kidnap a duke as a birthday present for their stepsister.

Lynn Kerstan, "A Change of Heart."
Characters: Philip, Viscount Halsey & Elaine, Lady Halsey
Summary: Pregnant lady's emotional turbulence threatens to drive her husband away.

Joy Reed, "Christening Day."
Characters: Earl of Carlton & Elizabeth, Lady Carlton
Summary: Lady who has recently given birth fears her husband's attentions have wandered.

A Mother's Delight. Zebra, April 1995.

Monique Ellis, "Lady Charlotte Contrives."

Violet Hamilton, "Gillian's Secret."

Isobel Linton, "The Oriental Garden."

Sheila Rabe, "Motherly Advice."

Jeanne Savery, "The Mother and the Marquess."

Marcy Stewart, "Lost Love, New Love."

A Mother's Love. Zebra, April 1997.

Violet Hamilton, "Change of Heart."

Valerie King, "A Gentle Kidnapping."

Nancy Lawrence, "Sweet Companion."

Jeanne Savery, "Darling Daughters."
Summary: A widowed earl who requires a new mother for his daughters meets a pretty miss with sparkling eyes and mischief in her heart.

For Mother with Love. Zebra, April 1998.

Dorothea Donley, "Makeshift Mama."

Martha Kirkland, "The Notorious Mrs Carlton."

Carol Quinto, "The Virtues of Patience."

A Match for Mother. Zebra, April 1999.

Mona Gedney, "Marrying off Mama."
Characters: Mr. Jack Grant & Mercy Rochester, Lady Lovington; Colonel Malcolm Anderson & Elizabeth Rochester
Summary: Brother & sister embarrassed by their mother's behavior hope to marry her off to a colonel but she falls for a gambler instead.

Kathryn Kirkwood, "Lady Radcliffe's Ruse."
Characters: John, Earl of Sommerset & Claire, Lady Radcliffe
Summary: To avoid her daughter's matchmaking schemes, a widow pretends to be engaged to a rake.

Regina Scott, "Sweeter than Candy."
Characters: Mr. Daniel Lewiston & Mrs. Cynthia Jacobs
Summary: Two boys try to convince a gentleman to court their mama.

Mama's Little Matchmaker. Zebra, April 2000.

Alice Holden, "A Mother's Heart."

Juliette Leigh, "The Perfect Match."

Bess Willingham, "Last Chance Governess."

A Kiss for Mama. Zebra, April 2001.

Jo Ann Ferguson, "The Dowager's Dilemma."
Characters: Lord Overbrook & Camilla Hoxworthy
Summary: Lady joins forces with a lord to keep her mother and his uncle out of scandal.

Valerie King, "A Mother's Devotion."
Characters: Lord Sheriston & Sophy Deverill
Summary: A lord who thinks his parents' marriage failed because his mother devoted herself to her children locks horns with a lady who turned down his proposal to care for her siblings.

Jeanne Savery, "Happily Ever-After."
Characters: Lord Mowbray & Justina Dunsforth
Summary: Lady raising her niece and nephew is challenged by their godfather.

Flowers for Mama. Zebra, April 2002.

Mona Gedney, "A Match for Lady Verity."
Characters: Lady Verity Devlin
Summary: A lady's son presses her to marry a certain gentleman.

Cindy Holbrook, "The Lady Does Not!"
Characters: Rosalind Treemont
Summary: A lady's dog leads her to a wounded man.

Mary Kingsley, "The Runaway Duchess."
Characters: Robert, Duke of Trent & Katharine, Duchess of Trent
Summary: A duchess whose husband takes her for granted runs away in order to teach him a lesson, never expecting he'll pursue and court her.

A Husband for Mama. Zebra, April 2003.

Mary Blayney, "Child of Her Heart."
Heroine: Caroline Morton
Summary: A governess tries to find a girl's relatives and is reunited with a lost love.

Julia Parks, "Rescuing Captain Rocher."
Characters: Bastien Rocher & Lady Anne Westhaven
Summary: A French sea captain introducing his daughter to society joins forces with a neighbor with an unruly son.

Debbie Raleigh, "A Mother at Heart."
Characters: Julius Sutton, Lord Rockworth & Miss Charity Smith
Summary: A lord is surprised when a woman claiming to be his long-lost mother visits and brings a charming companion.

A Courtship for Mama. Zebra, April 2004.
Alice Holden, "The Managing Mamas."

Characters: Benjamin Whitlock & Jillian Blair
Summary: A gentleman and lady who are childhood friends find themselves the target of their mothers' matchmaking scheme.

Julia Parks, "Too Many Mothers."
Characters: Major Aiden Ash and Margaret Tate
Summary: A lady tries to advise a major who becomes guardian of an orphaned young duke.

Jeanne Savery, "The Perfect Mother, Retired."
Characters: Anne Vernon
Summary: A widow travels to the Continent and meets a mysterious stranger.

Father's Day Stories

A Kiss for Papa. Zebra, May 2002.

Jo Ann Ferguson, "The Best Father in England."
Characters: Bradley Trowbridge & Elzanne Corbett
Summary: A widower is told by his son's tutor that he has over-indulged the boy.

Valerie King, "A Father's Love" in A Kiss for Papa.
Characters: Lord Westbury & Miss Alison Russell
Summary: A widower proposes to his daughters' governess but she turns him down.

Jeanne Savery, "A Father's Duty."
Characters: Colonel Rath Moorhead & Miss Annabelle Cranston
Summary: A colonel returns from military service in India to help find his daughter a husband but she seems more interested in matching him up with her governess.

A Match for Papa. Zebra, May 2003.

Maria Greene, "A Most Unlikely Papa."
Characters: Jack Hollister, Earl of Roche & Allegra Rutherford
Summary: A widow goes into labor after a carriage accident with only a roguish earl to help her.

Victoria Hinshaw, "The Muddled Matchmakers."
Characters: Hugh Grayson
Summary: Two fathers conspire to match up their children.

Donna Simpson, "A Father's Love."
Characters: James Martindale & Lady Theresa Barclay
Summary: A lady who enjoys "projects" to occupy her time is intrigued when a widower with two children moves nearby.

A Wife for Papa. Zebra, May 2004.

Lynn Collum, ‚€œFather and the Notorious Miss Newman.‚€Ě
Characters: Earl of Fennerly & Miss Felicity Newman
Summary: A gentleman thinks his friend is the perfect match for his widowed father.

Laura Paquet, ‚€œLord Hawksmoor Takes Flight.‚€Ě
Characters: Earl of Hawksmoor & Caroline Farris
Summary: A shy earl who prefers country life comes to Town for Parliament and meets a widow with an exuberant son.

Hayley Ann Solomon, ‚€œAn Imperfect Proposal.‚€Ě
Characters: Earl of Devonport & Amaryllis Hastings
Summary: An earl responsible for two nieces seeks a marriage of convenience.


Wedding Stories

A June Wedding. Zebra, June 1992.

Teresa DesJardien, "The Reluctant Bride."

Mona Gedney, "A Match for Marigold."

Valerie King, "June Masquerade."

Emily Maxwell, "The Wedding of the Season."

Elizabeth Morgan, "Best Man."

Dawn Aldridge Poore, "A Wager for a Bride."

A June Betrothal. Zebra, June 1993.

Lynn Kerstan, "The Runaway Bride."
Characters: Colonel John Corbett & Penelope Wright
Summary: When his fiancee flees London to avoid marrying him, a colonel realizes his courtship has been sadly lacking.

Rebecca North, "Chloe's Elopement."
Characters: Gareth Ogilvie, Lord Abington & Chloe Weymouth
Summary: A lady tries to help her sister elope with a lord's best friend, but her plans go awry.

Marissa Edwards, "Miss Durham's Indiscretion."
Characters: Miles Grayson, Marquess of Strathmore & Miss Caroline Durham
Summary: A lady who narrowly escaped an arranged marriage is dismayed to find herself engaged to a lord.

Jeanne Savery, "A Springtime Affaire."
Characters: Charles Thornton, Earl of Adlington & Jessica Darling Rippon, Viscountess Knoll
Summary: A widow who has unable to go to London because of a peculiar clause in the lease to her home receives a visit from a friend of her late husband.

Cynthia Richey, "A Groom for Juno."
Characters: Brian Wilton, Viscount Lancaster & Miss Juno Davis
Summary: A confirmed spinster laughs at a viscount's marriage proposal.

Monette Cummings, "A Charmed Engagement."
Characters: Stacy Warne & Lorna Pierce
Summary: A lady betrothed to her childhood sweetheart finds her fiance in another woman's arms and is determined to call off the wedding.

A June Courtship. Zebra, May 1994.

Sara Blayne, "The Gemel Ring."

Alana Clayton, "Summer Deception."

Violet Hamilton, "Second Choices."

Patricia Laye, "The Reluctant Bride."

Meg-Lynn Roberts, "The Substitute Bridegroom."

Claudette Williams, "Convenient Romance."

Flowers for the Bride. Zebra, May 1995.

Donna Bell, "The Wager."

Carola Dunn, "A Conformable Wife."

Jean Ewing, "The Impossible Bridegroom."
Characters: Lord Ravenstoke & Beth Lindsay
Summary: Lady is dismayed when her rescuer turns out to be her cousin's reluctant fiance.

Marcy Stewart, "An Indefinite Wedding."

Phyllis Warady, "Delightful Deceiver."

Winifred Witton, "The Vicarious Bride."

A Wedding Bouquet. Signet, May 1996.

Patricia Oliver, "Something Old."
Characters: Martin Douglas, Earl of Ridgeway & Lady Jane Sutherland
Summary: A curricle accident & a masquerade ball reunite a lady with the lord who stood her up for a dance years ago.

Carla Kelly, "Something New."
Characters: Major John Redpath & Mrs. Audrey Winkle
Summary: War widow's sister's groom brings his commanding officer and a French orphan to the wedding.

Patricia Rice, "Something Borrowed."
Characters: Damien Langland, Earl of Reister & Miss Melanie Berkeley
Summary: Lame lady convinces the man her sister left at the altar to pretend they are married while they seek his fiancee.

Edith Layton, "Something Blue."
Characters: Lawrence, Lord Morrow & Miss June Heywood
Summary: Lady overhears gossip that her bridegroom is feeling blue bout their upcoming nuptials.

Anne Barbour, "...And a Sixpence for Her Shoe."
Characters: Andrew Carter, Earl of Barnstaple & Catherine Edgebrooke
Summary: Lady who drove away her intended with her sharp tongue writes to him under another name while he's at war.

A Bride's Bouquet. Zebra, May 1997.

Cathleen Clare, "Chances of Love."
Characters: Ashby, Lord Spenwick & Sarah, Lady Bradbury
Summary: Lady intends to match her daughter with the man she herself once loved.

Carola Dunn, "The Aunt & the Ancient Mariner."
Characters: Captain Sir Lionel Tiverton, R.N. & Miss Chloe Bannister
Summary: Lady responds to her niece's desperate plea to help her discourage a suitor she considers elderly.

Mona Gedney, "Arabella to the Rescue."
Characters: Will Russell & Arabella Standish; Robert Halliday & Elinor Standish
Summary: Lady tries to foil her stepmother's schemes.

Jenna Jones, "Underneath the Lemon Tree."
Characters: Stephen Bradford, Earl of Ardmore & Juliana Dalton, Dowager Countess of Granville
Summary: In trying to stop her impetuous sister's attempts to trap an earl, a lady becomes entangled with him herself.

My Darling Bride. Zebra, May 1998.

Valerie King, "The Bride's Gift."
Characters: Lord Charlton & Angelique Foxfield
Summary: A lady tricks the man she loves into marrying her, but he learns the truth.

Judith Lansdowne, "The Parson's Moustrap."

Marcy Stewart, "The Enchanted Bride."

All Dressed in White. Zebra, June 1999.

Lynn Collum, "The Scandalous Bride."
Heroine: Miss Moira O'Donnell
Summary: A lady who is determined to win a horse race is a scandalous choice for a baron forced to marry in haste or lose his family estate until the rakehell bridegroom falls inconveniently in love.

Mona Gedney, "The Heiress Bride."

Nancy Lawrence, "The Romantic Bride."

His Bride to Be. Zebra, May 2000.

Catherine Blair, "The Rebellious Bride."
Summary: Rich merchant's daughter and an impoverished lord are led to the altar.

Cathleen Clare, "The Impossible Bride."
Summary: Dutiful daughter considers eloping with a forbidden love.

Hayley Ann Solomon, "The Brambleberry Bride."
Summary: Two brothers switch brides.

His Blushing Bride. Zebra, May 2001.

Elena Greene, "The Wedding Wager"
Characters: Julian Ardleigh, Viscount Debenham & Harriet Woodford
Summary: Determined to show his trustees that he is ready to settle down and take control of his estate, a lord proposes marriage to his childhood friend, but she won't consider marrying him until he proves he can change his ways.

Alice Holden, "A Picture Perfect Romance."
Heroine: Phillipa Westhaven
Summary: A bluestocking enters Society to find a husband but finds love in an unexpected place.

Regina Scott, "The June Conspiracy,"
Characters: Allister Fenwick, Baron Trevithan & Joanna Lindby
Summary: A lady is incensed when her betrothed sends her a note rescinding his offer.

Shannon Donnelly, "Border Bride."
Characters: Alan Carlton & Claire Roxburgh
Summary: A lady elopes to Gretna Green to avoid marriage to an elderly gentleman, but she finds herself falling in love with her intended groom's best friend, who accompanies them.

Donna Simpson, "Love Lessons."
Characters: Nic Barton & Linnet Pelham
Summary: A lady tries to convince a gentleman that his brother and her sister should marry.

Hayley Ann Solomon, "Steal My Heart."
Characters: Viscount Sandford & Lady Fern Reynolds
Summary: A lady fleeing an arranged marriage finds an unexpected ally.

Regency Brides. Mills & Boon, October 2002.

Nicola Cornick, "The Rake's Bride."
Characters: Jack, Marquis of Merlin & Miss Theodosia Shaw
Summary: When a gentleman is called upon to extract his cousin from an undesirable match to a scheming older woman, he finds himself intrigued by the bride who bolts at the altar.

Anne Gracie, "The Virtuous Widow."
Characters: Ellie Carmichael
Summary: A widow whose husband committed suicide because of gambling debts takes in a stranger with no memory and no name at Christmastime.

Gayle Wilson, "My Darling Echo."
Characters: Earl of Huntingdon & Arabella Simmons
Summary: A proud, war-scarred lord offers a marriage in name only to a lady in his employ.


On Bended Knee. Zebra, June 2003.

Alice Holden, "One True Love."
Characters: Daniel Nealy & Kate Hamilton
Summary: A penniless governess falls in love with a veterinarian despite the attentions of a wealthy suitor.

Kate Huntington, "The Husband Hunt."
Characters: Everard Montclair & Lady Linnea
Summary: A gentleman offers to find a husband for the lady his brother jilted.

Laura Paquet, "Trusting Lady Lucy."
Characters: Stephen Charlton & Lady Lucinda Denham
Summary: A lady is dismayed when a brooding playwright hears her disparaging his work.

Wedding Belles. Signet, May 2004.

Allison Lane, ‚€œFor Richer or Poorer.‚€Ě
Characters: Richard Hughes & Georgiana Whitaker
Summary: A gentleman of modest means decides to marry a lady content with a simple life but falls in love with a rich lady fleeing an abusive guardian.

Edith Layton, ‚€œMarriage of True Minds.‚€Ě
Characters: Hon. Terrence Powell & Miss Valerie Littleton; Leslie, Viscount Powell & Miss Joanna Littleton
Summary: A gentleman learns that his bookish brother is in love with a Cit‚€™s daughter and conspires with the lady‚€™s sister to keep them apart.

Lynn Kerstan, ‚€œThe Marriage Scheme.‚€Ě
Characters: Julia Flyte
Summary: A duke and duchess try to match their ward with one of their sons and she ends up engaged to all three of them.

Barbatra Metzger, ‚€œA Marriage Made in Heaven ‚€“ or Hell,‚€Ě
Characters: Hugh, Marquess of Hardesty & Lady Marian Fortenham
Summary: St. Peter and the Devil wager over whether a rakish war hero‚€™s near-death experience will cause him to reform.

Carla Kelly, ‚€œA Hasty Marriage.‚€Ě
Characters: Captain Hirum Titus & Ann Utley
Summary: During the buildup to the War of 1812, an English lady falls in love with an American merchant sea captain.

With This Ring. Zebra, June 2004.

Shannon Donnelly, ‚€œStolen Away.‚€Ě
Characters: Marquis of Arncliffe & Audrey Colbert
Summary: A lady orchestrates her cousin‚€™s betrothal to a lord but falls in love with him herself when the bride-to-be is kidnapped.

Jennifer Malin, ‚€œA Perfect Duet.‚€Ě
Characters: Andrew Owen & Miranda Granville
Summary: A pianist‚€™s father wants her to marry, but a classically trained musician understands her.

Donna Simpson, ‚€œSorrow‚€™s Wedding.‚€Ě
Characters: Bertram Carlyle & Sorrow Marchand
Summary: A lady believes that kindness lies beneath her suitor‚€™s stern exterior.

Wedding Day Kittens. Zebra, May 2005.

Jo Ann Ferguson, "Something Old, Something New."
Characters: Lord Milbury & Charlotte Longmuir
Summary: When a lord helps save a kitten from being trampled by a horse, a lady starts to doubt his rakish reputation.

Alice Holden, "The Perfect Bride."
Characters: Simon Whitten, Viscount Glynden & Lady Brianna Mansfield
Summary: A lord seeking an obedient bride is attracted to a French songstress.

Melynda Beth Skinner, "Up to Scratch."
Characters: Maximilian Major & Miss Emmaline Rose
Summary: A lady and gentleman are beneficiaries of an estate which they hope to sell.


Summertime Stories

Summertime Splendor. Jove, 1992.

Marion Chesney, "Summer of Discontent."

Cynthia Bailey-Pratt, "Lady Fair."

Sarah Eagle, "A Summer's Folly."

Melinda Pryce, "Tides of Love."

A Regency Summer. Signet, June 1992.

Charlotte Louise Dolan, "Summer Escapade."

Mary Balogh, "Treasure Hunt."

Melinda McRae, "A Country Wedding."

Sandra Heath, "Brighton Betrothals."

Sheila Walsh, "Midsummer Masquerade."

Summer Kittens. Zebra, June 1999.

Janice Bennett, "A Shocking Faux Paw."
Characters: Nicholas Radlett, Viscount Breydon & Emma, Lady Stanyon
Summary: Widow encounters her first love in Brighton.

Valerie King, "Trial by Kittens."
Characters: Mr. Richard Kingsley & Miss Anne Tandridge
Summary: Lady's betrothed returns from 3 years abroad on the eve of her wedding to another.

Martha Kirkland, "The Russian Blue."
Characters: Mr. Jonathan Holm & Miss Margaret Denby
Summary: Lady stranded at an inn engages in an afternoon's flirtation with a Member of Parliament.


Autumn Stories

Autumn Loves. Fawcett, 1993.

Barbara Metzger, "Autumn Glory."

Patricia Veryan, "Sweet Charlatan."

Leslie Lynn, "My Lord's Lady."

Joan Smith, "Petticoat Hall."

Autumn Kittens. Zebra, October 2001.

Janice Bennett, "Inseparable"

Shannon Donnelly, "Cat's Cradle"

Mona Gedney, "Lord Wintergreen & Beast"


Halloween & Supernatural Stories

Full Moon Magic. Signet, 1992.

Mary Balogh, "Dark Rider."

Anita Mills, "Black Magic."

Charlotte Louise Dolan, "Ghost of Castle Ravenswych."

Gayle Buck, "Holybrooke Curse."

Patricia Rice, "Deceiving Appearances."

Bewitched by Love. Zebra, October 1996.

Teresa DesJardien, "The Haunted Bride."

Cindy Holbrook, "Love's Magic."

Valerie King, "The Vampire Rogue."
Summary: A vampire has plans for a rake and a lady at a masquerade ball.

Spellbound Hearts. Zebra, October 1997.

Jo Ann Ferguson, "Spellbound."

Karla Hocker, "Soul of Indiscretion."

Joy Reed, "Moonlight Masquerade."

Bewitching Kittens. Zebra, October 1998.

Janice Bennett, "Sanctuary."

Patricia Bray, "Charlotte's Kitten."

Cathleen Clare, "Lord Trevor's Tomcat."
Summary: A tomcat costs a lady her reputation but wins her heart for his beleagured master.

Enchanting Kittens. Zebra, October 1999.

Cindy Holbrook, "A Fairy Tail."
Characters: Blake Farewell & Alwayna
Summary: A warlock who's turned into a kitten discovers he can revert to human form in the presence of his beloved.

Nancy Lawrence, "A Bewitching Minx."
Characters: Lord Sebastian Byfield & Amelia
Summary: Lord blames his new neighbor for the unearthly sounds he hears in the night.

Hayley Ann Solomon, "The Black Cat."
Hero: Lord Guy Santana
Summary: A lord meets a woman who claims she is his destiny before she vanishes.

Magical Kittens. Zebra, September 2000.

Donna Bell, "The Reluctant Warlock."
Characters: Sir Felix Baring & Miss Gilly Gillingham
Summary: Lady rescues a kitten from a gentleman believed by his eccentric aunt to be a warlock.

Catherine Blair, "The Black Kitten."
Characters: Lord Jonathan Griffith & Miss Lorna Harrington
Summary: A lord bets that he'll win the hand of a lady whose Egyptian antiquities he covets.

Joy Reed, "A Cat by Any Other Name."
Characters: Lord Longworth & Miss Miranda Strong
Summary: A spinster loses her beloved kitten but finds unexpected love.

A Bewitching Season. Zebra, September 2003.

Lynn Collum, "The Bewitched Baron."
Characters: Wyndom Long, Baron Newlyn & Naomi Clayton
Summary: A baron who prefers botany to the ton hires a lady as his shy sister's companion.

Debbie Raleigh, "The Bewitchment of Lord Dalford."
Characters: Lord Dalford & Anne Winsome
Summary: A witch gives a potion to a bumbling gentleman and he is transformed into a charming rogue.

Jeanne Savery, "The Reluctant Witch."
Characters: Lord Dalreach & Lady Samantha Forsythe
Summary: A lady accidentally casts a love spell over her infuriating neighbor.

Christmas Stories

A Regency Christmas I. Signet, November 1989.

Gayle Buck, "Old Acquaintances."
Characters: Sir Peregrine Ashford & Miss Judith Grantham
Summary: A lady helps a runaway heiress stranded by a coaching accident and discovers that the girl's guardian is the gentleman she once jilted.

Edith Layton, "The Duke's Progress."
Characters: Cyril Hampton, Duke of Austell & Miss Molly Garland
Summary: A duke discovers what's missing from his life when the son of his best friend becomes his ward.

Patricia Rice, "The Kissing Bough."

Anita Mills, "A Gift of Fortune."

Mary Balogh, "The Star of Bethlehem."

A Christmas Holiday. Zebra, November 1990.

Janice Bennett, "The Holly Brooch."

Sara Blayne, "The Christmas Bride."

Violet Hamilton, "The Glastonbury Thorn."

Karla Hocker, "The Yule Log."

Anthea Malcolm, "A Mistletoe Christmas."

Elizabeth Thornton, "Sheer Sorcery."
Heroine: Jess
Summary: On Christmas Eve, a lady will at last come of age and be free of her insufferable guardian, unless she finds there's something she want even more than freedom

A Regency Christmas II. Signet, November 1990.

Mary Jo Putney, "Sunshine for Christmas."
Characters: Lord Randolph Lennox & Miss Elizabeth Walker
Summary: Lonely gentleman spends Christmas in Naples, where he meets an English governess.
Series: Hero first appeared in The Rake and the Reformer, 1989.

Anita Mills, "The Last Wish."
Characters: Andrew Carstairs, Viscount Swynford & Miss Maria Jeffries
Summary: Lady brings her orphaned niece to her grandfather's house only to find his relations awaiting the old man's death.

Mary Balogh, "Playing House."
Characters: Stephen, Marquess of Beford & Miss Lilias Angove
Summary: Impoverished lady asks her cold-hearted neighbor for a Christmas goose and gifts for her brother and sister.

Carla Kelly, "The Three Kings."
Characters: Colonel Luis Sotomayor & Lady Sarah Comstock
Summary: English lady stranded in Spain during the war accepts the escort of a Spanish colonel.

Sheila Walsh, "The Christmas Star."
Characters: Prince Andrei Zarcov & Miss Louise Beresford
Summary: Lady's companion meets a Russian prince at a Christmas house party.

A Regency Christmas III. Signet, November 1991.

Sandra Heath, "Mistletoe and Folly."
Characters: Sir Richard Curzon & Mrs. Diana Beaumont
Summary: Gentleman encounters the woman who broke his heart by marrying a richer man years earlier.

Mary Jo Putney, "The Christmas Cuckoo."
Characters: Major Jack Howard, Earl of Winstoke & Miss Meg Lambert
Summary: Lady brings a gentleman home from a coaching inn, mistaking him for her brother's friend of the same name.
Rating: excellent

Mary Balogh, "The Best Christmas Ever."
Characters: Edwin Gwent, Baron Radbrook & Miss Emma Milford
Summary: Girl who has been mute since witnessing her mother's death wishes for a new mama for Christmas.

Melinda McRae, "Home for Christmas."
Characters: Lord Ashby Sutton & Miss Rosalie Norris
Summary: Gentleman returns after years in America to find his family home vacant except for the governess.

Edith Layton, "The Dark Man."
Characters: Francis Sutherland, Earl of Poole & Miss Eve Swanson
Summary: Lady who accepts the proposal of a most eligible suitor has doubts about his feelings for her.

A Regency Holiday. Jove, November 1991.

Elizabeth Mansfield, "The Girl with Airs."

Monette Cummings, "Proof of the Pudding."

Sarah Eagle, "A Christmas Spirit."

Judith Nelson, "Christmas at Wickly."

Martha Powers, "The Kissing Bough."

A Christmas Delight. Zebra, December 1991.

Jo Beverley, "Twelfth Night."
Characters: Tyr Norman & Lady Alice Conyngham
Summary: Lady learns the truth about a man she thought betrayed her six years ago.

Sara Blayne, "Lords of Misrule."

Anthea Malcolm, "Christmas Knight."

Elizabeth Morgan, "Eugenia's Miracle."

Dawn Aldridge Poore, "The Yuletide Wish."

A Christmas to Cherish. Zebra, November 1992.

Georgina Devon, "A Gift of the Heart."
Characters: Marquis of Davenport (heir to Duke of Umberland) & Miss Lavinia Russell
Summary: Penniless lady offers herself as mistress to the lord she once snubbed but he has other plans.
Rating: very good

Violet Hamilton, "The House Party."
Characters: Captain Mark Rothfield & Miss Arabella Stapleton
Summary: Lady and gentleman join forces to discover who killed their host at a Christmas house party.
Rating: fair Comments: Very little romance between the hero and heroine.

Valerie King, "The Sounds of Christmas."
Characters: Geoffrey Lovell, Viscount Stagsden & Miss Susan Elstow
Summary: Lady determines to bring Christmas joy to a house still in mourning for its long-dead mistress.
Rating: very good

Mary Kingsley, "Under the Kissing Bough."
Characters: Simon Westbridge, Earl of Westover & Miss Rebecca Ware
Summary: Vicar's daughter finds herself snowbound with a childhood friend about whom she has heard scandalous stories.
Rating: very good

Meg-Lynn Roberts, "Christmas at the Priory."
Characters: Anthony, Baron Maitland & Miss Clio Ingram; Major John Parker & Miss Marianne Milverton
Summary: Lord hosting a house party invites a friend he hopes will make a match with his childhood companion.
Rating: very good

Olivia Sumner,"Winter Enchantment."
Characters: Robert Gregory, Earl of Malden & Miss Julia Frost
Summary: Lord who finds a baby on his doorstep suspects a lady who arrives shortly afterwards.
Rating: very good

A Regency Christmas IV. Signet, November 1992.

Mary Jo Putney, "The Christmas Tart."

Sandra Heath, "A Seasonal Stratagem."

Mary Balogh, "The Porcelain Madonna."

Marjorie Farrell, "Christmas Rose."

Emma Lange, "The Best Gift of All."

A Regency Christmas V. Signet, November 1993.

Sandra Heath, "Under the Kissing Bough."

Gayle Buck, "Season of Joy."

Laura Matthews, "The Viscount and the Hoyden."

Emily Hendrickson, "The Christmas Mouse."

Mary Balogh, "No Room at the Inn."
Summary: A group of travelers are stranded at an inn over Christmas.
Rating: excellent

A Touch of Christmas. Zebra, November 1993.

Dawn Aldridge Poore, "Christmas Ring."

Nina Porter, "Christmas in the Country."

Alicia Rasley, "Home for Christmas."

A Christmas Wish. Zebra, November 1994.

Mary Chase Comstock, "A Christmas Conspiracy."

Teresa DesJardien, "Wish upon an Angel."

Karla Hocker, "A Wish for Christmas."
Characters: Lucien, Viscount Northrop & Sophia, Lady Northrop
Summary: Lord loses his memory and thinks his wife is still a governess.
Series: Hero & heroine are the couple from The Impertinent Miss Bancroft.

A Regency Christmas. Fawcett, November 1994.

Leslie Lynn, "The Christmas Ball."

Joan Smith, "Love a la Carte."

Barbara Metzger, "Greetings of the Season."

Jennie Gallant, "Home for Christmas."

A Regency Christmas VI. Signet, November 1994.

Emma Lange, "Christmas Magic."
Characters: Robert St. Edmund, Earl of Bedford & Rebecca, Lady Trevor
Summary: Widow of a much older man encounters the rake who once tempted her to betray her marriage vows.

Sandra Heath, "Dinner at Grillon's."
Characters: Guy Fitzallen, Lord Lanham (heir to Earl of Danchester) & Fleur, Lady Lanham
Summary: Lord intends to divorce the wife who left him, not realizing another woman schemed to drive them apart.

Mary Balogh, "The Best Gift."
Characters: Warren Nash, Viscount Buckley & Miss Jane Craggs
Summary: Lord asks a schoolteacher to accompany his niece to his country estate for Christmas.

Emily Hendrickson, "Christmas Knight."
Characters: Maximilian Luttrell & Miss Alisandra Percy; Sir William Oldershaw & Miss Joan Percy
Summary: Two sisters receive their wish for a Christmas Knight when their brother brings home two friends.

Sheila Walsh, "It Came upon a Midnight Clear."
Characters: Mr. Vyvian Tremaine & Mlle. Mercedes de Laroche
Summary: Gentleman assists a lady pursued by a dangerous earl.

A Regency Christmas [VII]. Signet, November 1995.

Sandra Heath, "The Christmas Ghost."
Characters: Piers, Lord Winterbourne & Mrs. Rebecca Winterbourne
Summary: Widow gets a second chance with the man she once loved with the help of her father's ghost.

Edith Layton, "The Rake's Christmas."
Characters: Ian, Viscount Hunt & Miss Eve Thompkins
Summary: Rake sets up the daughter of the woman he loved with a man similar to himself.

Laura Matthews, "Lady Bountiful."
Characters: Julian Winslow, Viscount Meacham & Miss Drucilla Carruthers
Summary: Lady atoning for her father's mismanagement of his estate attracts his heir's attention with her spending.

Jo Beverley, "A Mummer's Play."
Characters: Jack Beaufort, Duke of Cranmoore & Miss Justina Travers
Summary: Lady disguises herself as a mummer to seek revenge on the man she thinks responsible for her fiance's death.

Mary Balogh, "The Surprise Party."
Characters: Timothy, Viscount Morsey & Ursula, Lady Carlyle
Summary: Three orphans bring together their paternal aunt and maternal uncle, who were once engaged.

A Christmas Courtship. Zebra, November 1996.

Carola Dunn, "The Christmas Party."
Characters: Garth, Earl of Rusholme (heir to Marquis of Easthaven) & Miss Prudence Savage
Summary: Lord meets an actress hired to perform at his parents' Christmas party and considers making her his mistress.

Karla Hocker, "Under the Mistletoe."
Characters: Widow of a cruel man fears her husband is still alive.

Joy Reed, "Christmas Beau."
Characters: Sir William McCraig & Miss Melanie Hartman
Summary: A rugged Highlander comes between a London debutante and her fashionable beau.

A Regency Christmas Feast. Signet, November 1996.

Mary Balogh, "The Wassail Bowl."
Summary: Christmas reunites a lord with the wife he thought played him false and bore another man's child.

Sandra Heath, "Sophie's Syllabub."

Edith Layton, "Gingerbread Man."
Hero: Owen Whitely, Duke of Blackburn
Summary: A duke tries to determine why he's being plagued with dreams about gingerbread men.

Barbara Metzger, "Proof of the Pudding."

Patricia Rice, "Christmas Goose."

A Regency Christmas Carol. Signet, November 1997.

Mary Balogh, "Bond Street Carolers."

Anne Barbour, "Melody."

Elisabeth Fairchild, "Mistletoe Kiss."

Carla Kelly, "Make a Joyful Noise."
Rating: superb

Edith Layton, "Earl's Nightingale."

Christmas Kittens. Zebra, December 1997.

Lynn Collum, "A Purrfect Christmas for the Marquis."
Characters: Derrick Kenton, Marquis of Marsden & Miss Karis Lockhart
Summary: Penniless lady captures the heart of the lord intended for her spoiled cousin.

Jenna Jones, "The Rose and Shadow."
Characters: Captain Derrick Palmer, R.N. & Claire, Dowager Viscountess Berkeley
Summary: Lady who was forced into marriage with a lord has a second chance with the man she always loved.

Judith Lansdowne, "The Magnifkitten."
Characters: J. Tildon Dillsworthy & Miss Georgiana Roth; Major Harry Roth & Lady Annabelle
Summary: Lady who prays for help for her injured fiance mistakes the next man she sees for an angel & takes him home.

A Regency Christmas [VIII]. Signet, November 1998.

Barbara Metzger, "Three Good Deeds."
Characters: Connor Hamilton, Viscount Royce (heir to Duke of Espinwall) & Mrs. Sabina Greene
Summary: 3 boys trying to do good deeds to atone for a broken window bring their mother together with her former love.

Elisabeth Fairchild, "Felicity's Forfeit."
Characters: Bingham Kirby, Viscount Westbrook & Miss Felicity Pendleton
Summary: Lord is attracted to a Southern belle but feels he must marry for money to recoup his bankrupt estate.

Allison Lane, "Second Chance."
Characters: Mr. Jeremy Caristoke & Mrs. Alice McDougal
Summary: Governess at a house party encounters the lover she was parted from years ago by a misunderstanding.

Carla Kelly, "The Christmas Ornament."
Characters: James Enders, Viscount Crandall (heir to Earl of Waverly) & Miss Olivia Hannaford
Summary: Two fathers decided to match up their children, a shy Oxford don and a bookish lady.

Edith Layton, "Hounds of Heaven."
Characters: Thadeus, Lord Rose & Miss Helena
Summary: Two dogs unite a lord with the lady who refused him for fear he'd be unfaithful.

Underneath the Mistletoe. Zebra, December 1998.

Monique Ellis, "The Year Father Christmas Came Calling."
Characters: Edwin, Viscount Pallister & Miss Sarah Forte
Summary: Mysterious couple steal from a lord and give to a lady who takes in orphans.

Paula Tanner Girard, "Lady Amelia's Christmas Party."
Characters: John Daring, Viscount Littlefield & Miss Marianne De Visme
Summary: Eccentric lady brings together two estranged lovers stranded at her house over Christmas.

Alice Holden, "Beneath the Mistletoe."
Characters: Major Neal Garrison & Miss Megan Wyndom
Summary: Curricle accident unites a lady with an officer who once kissed her under the mistletoe.

Mistletoe Kittens. Zebra, November 1999.

Jo Ann Ferguson, "Beneath the Kitten Bough."
Characters: Andrew, Lord Snoclyffe & Rosemary Burton
Summary: Children try to bring their uncle together with a suitable lady by way of a kitten.

Judith Lansdowne, "Christmas Kitten"

Regina Scott, "A Place by the Fire"

A Regency Christmas Present. Signet, October 1999.

Allison Lane, "Heart's Desire."
Characters: Captain Craig Curtiss, Earl of Blacktower & Mrs. Emma Fairlawn
Summary: Vicar's widow and new earl meet after being told by a strange man they'll find their hearts' desires.
Rating: very good

Barbara Metzger, "Christmas Wish List."
Characters: Albrett Wouk, Earl of Boughton & Miss Geraldine Selden
Summary: Earl with a sick daughter tries to buy a kitten from a lady he nearly ran over and mistook for a lightskirt.
Rating: good

Carla Kelly, "An Object of Charity."
Characters: Captain Michael Lynch, R.N. & Miss Sally Paltrow
Summary: Naval captain takes in the wards of his late first mate.
Rating: very good

Elisabeth Fairchild, "A Christmas Canvas."
Characters: Mr. Maitland Gregory & Miss Dorothea Savage
Summary: Artist falls in love with a lady whose wedding portrait he was commissioned to paint.
Rating: very good

Edith Layton, "The Last Gift."
Characters: Skylar, Lord Cameron & Miss Mirabelle Roundeville
Summary: Lord who wishes for an old-fashioned girl finds one on a visit to Wales.

A Regency Christmas Eve. Signet, October 2000.

Nancy Butler, "The Gift of the Spoons."
Characters: Christopher Herne & Pippa Spoon
Summary: A man whose son has a wasting disease seeks out a woman rumored to have healing powers.

Diane Farr, "The Reckless Miss Ripley."
Characters: Fred Bates & Miss Claudia Ripley
Summary: A man journeying to Bath for Christmas encounters a lady stumbling through the snow.

Allison Lane, "The Marriage Stakes."
Characters: Damon, Earl of Westlake & Sophie Landess
Summary: Earl who must by custom announce his betrothal on Christmas Eve is unable to make his choice until he rescues a lady and her pregnant sister from a carriage accident.
Rating: very good

Edith Layton, "The Christmas Thief."
Characters: Maxwell Evers & Gwenn
Summary: A gentleman who returns from the war to find all his money lost in a failed business venture must work to earn money to make a life with the lady he loves.

Barbara Metzger, "Little Miracles."
Summary: The rodents of Lower Winfrey must somehow communicate a secret to the village's human inhabitants.
Rating: good

Stocking Stuffers. Zebra, October 2000.

Judith Lansdowne, "A Cache of Kittens."

Jeanne Savery, "Mistletoe Kisses."

Donna Simpson, "Noel's Christmas Wish."

Christmas Eve Kittens. Zebra, October 2001.
Cathleen Clare, "Christmas Cattitude."
A lord is stranded in a snowstorm at an inn with a spoiled 12-year-old ward and a delightful lady innkeeper.

Wilma Counts, "Christmas Joy."
A gentleman trying to help his daughter get over her mother's death brings her to a Christmas party and meets a bereaved widow.

Debbie Raleigh, "Christmas Miracle."
A lady finds herself engaged to a man she barely knows.

Regency Christmas Spirits. Signet, October 2001.

Nancy Butler, "The Merry Wanderer."
Characters: Robin Goodfellow & Julia, Lady Islay
Summary: A widow is facing the loss of her home when a charming stranger appears.

Emma Jensen, "The Wexford Carol."
Characters: Captain Lord Rhys Edward-Jones & Elizabeth Fitzhollis
Summary: A lady's home is purchased by a duke who sends a captain to inspect it.

Edith Layton, "High Spirits."
Characters: Rupert & Arabella
Summary: A lady with a silver flask meets a tall, dark stranger.

Barbara Metzger, "The Christmas Curse."
Characters: Oliver Nicholson, Baron Worth & Amelia Merriot
Summary: A pair of ghosts are fated to haunt a castle until the heir finds a lost ring and true love.

Andrea Pickens, "A Gathering of Gifts."
Characters: Noel Trumbull & Lady Emma Pierson; Charles, Viscount Lawrence & Anna Trumbull
Summary: A spoiled lady takes a spill while running from her cousin and is helped by her new neighbor and his widowed sister.

A Regency Christmas IX. Signet, October 2002.

Sandra Heath, "The Solid Silver Chess Set."
Characters: Philip, Earl of Allensmore &  Julia Talbot
Setting: An Elf tries to reunite a couple separated by a misunderstanding.

Carla Kelly, "No Room at the Inn."
Characters: Mr. Joe Shepard & Miss Mary McIntyre
Summary: A lady traveling to her grandmother's in the company of a solicitor seeks shelter from a storm in the home of the solicitor's brother.

Edith Layton, "The Amiable Miser."
Characters: Niall, Lord Paget & Joy Ayres
Summary: A bookseller and a lord try to discover who left money in a returned book.

Amanda McCabe, "A Partridge in a Pear Tree."
Characters: William Bradford & Allison Gordon
Summary: A lady and gentleman are invited to the home of a relative who is holding a scavenger hunt to determine who will inherit her fortune.

Barbara Metzger, "A Home for Hannah."
Characters: Gregory Bellington, Viscount Bryson
Summary: A lord who finds a child who may be his brother's byblow seeks a governess.

A Taste of Christmas. Zebra, October 2002.
Each story includes a recipe.

Alice Holden, "Lord Nabob's Conversion."
Characters: Justin Sinclair & Dinah Monroe
Summary: A lady tries to prevent four orphans from being thrown out into the cold by inviting their landlord over for Christmas cookies.

Debbie Raleigh, "The Elusive Bride."
Characters: Conner Forrest, Earl of Barclay & Amanda Worthington
Summary: A lady forced to marry to cancel her father's gambling debt tries to sell a lord her scrumptious jam cakes to repay him, but he has other ideas.

Joy Reed, "Mince Pie and Mistletoe."
Characters: Mr. Christopher Garrett & Miss Ellen Roswell
Summary: A lady doesn't believe that serving mince pie at Christmas brings luck until she finds a guinea that leads her to love.

Gifts of the Season. Harlequin Historical, November 2002.

Anne Gracie, "The Virtuous Widow."
Characters: Ellie Carmichael
Summary: A widow whose husband committed suicide because of gambling debts takes in a stranger with no memory and no name at Christmastime.

Miranda Jarrett, "A Gift Most Rare."
Characters: Rev & Sara
Summary: Sara had never thought to see her precious Rev ever again. Yet here he was, come to stay for the holidays in the very home where she was a governess...and bringing up the painful memories of their shared past.

Lyn Stone, "Christmas Charade."
Characters: Jack & Beth
Summary: Beth didn't want a husband. But when she agreed to marry handsome Jack as part of a scheme, she didn't expect to be playing with her heart.

Regency Christmas Magic. Signet, October 2004.

Amanda McCabe, "Upon a Midnight Clear."
Characters: Captain Mark Payne & Antoinette Duvall
Summary: A sea captain and the daughter of a freed slave meet in a moonlight encounter that changes their lives.

Allison Lane, "The Ultimate Magic."
Characters: Lord Charles Beaumont & Edith Knowlton
Summary: A lord tries to prevent his ward from causing a scandal with the help of a chaperone.

Edith Layton, "The Two Dancing Daughters."
Characters: Major Gabriel Blanchard & Sylvia or Rosamund
Summary: A gentleman is hired to follow two sisters who are sneaking out of their house at night.

Barbara Metzger, "The Enchanted Earl."
Characters: "Spinrod" & Laurel Mumphrey
Summary: A widow beset by magicians is helped by a mysterious old man.

Sandra Heath, "The Green Gauze Gown."
Characters: Sir Harry Trafford & Mrs. Harwood
Summary: A lady is reunited with a lame gentleman who loved her when she was a girl.

A Kiss for Christmas. Zebra, October 2004.

Alice Holden, "A Promise Kept."
Chraracters: Connor Hamil and Sissy Eaton
Summary: Two children in a parish workhouse meet again as adults and fall in love.

Lisa Noeli, "A Merry Gentleman."
Characters: Lord Henry Whittaker & Miss Susan Peach
Summary: A lady is too absorbed with Christmas festivities to notice that her host is attracted to her.

Melynda Beth Skinner, "Once Upon a Christmas."
Characters: Lord Winter & Miss Emily Winthrop
Summary: A penniless lady with an elephant seeks shelter on a lord's estate.

Regency Christmas Courtship. Signet, October 2005.

Barbara Metzger, "Wooing the Wolf"

Edith Layton, "The Dogstar"

Andrea Pickens, "Lost and Found"

Nancy Butler, "Christmas with Dora Davenport"

Gayle Buck, "Christmas Cheer"


Rakes & Rogues

Rakes and Rogues. Signet, June 1993.

Melinda McRae, "Hide-&-Seek."
Characters: George Atwell, Viscount Belmont & Miss Juliet Waldron
Summary: Lady who takes care of the illegitimate children of a man she loves goes to a masquerade to meet him incognito.

Mary Jo Putney, "Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know."
Characters: Andrew Kane & Elizabeth Holden
Summary: Man on the way to his own hanging meets the widow of the man he killed.
Comments: Non-Regency, takes place in the American West.

Mary Balogh, "The Wrong Door."
Characters: Alistair Scott, Viscount Lyndon & Miss Caroline Astor
Summary: Lord must propose to a lady after he mistakes her bed for another's.

Maura Seger, "Cat's-Paw."
Characters: Mr. Archer Davalos & Miss Megan Daugherty
Summary: Man is intrigued by a lady who stops his tryst with her cousin at a brothel then asks for a job for her brother.
Comments: Non-Regency, takes place in New York.

Anita Mills, "Highway Robbery."
Characters: Nicholas Swann & Anne Hardinge
Summary: Man accused of highway robbery escapes prison by taking a lady hostage.
Comments: Non-Regency, takes place in 1742.

Dashing and Dangerous: More Rakes & Rogues. Signet, June 1995.

Mary Balogh, "Precious Rogue."

Melinda McRae, "Sweet Revenge."

Edith Layton, "Buried Treasure."

Mary Jo Putney, "Devil's Spawn."

Anita Mills, "A Good Woman."

Rogues and Rakes. Zebra, April 1996.

Donna Bell, "The Matchmaking Rogue."

Julie Caille, "Becky."

Cathleen Clare, "A Match for Lord Fairleigh."

Monique Ellis, "The Schooling of a Rake."

Valerie King, "A Rogue's Honor."

Isobel Linton, "The Rake and the Lacemaker."

Lords of the Night. Zebra, March 1997.
Theme: Haunting and steamy tales

Monique Ellis, "The DeVille Inheritance."

Sara Blayne, "Dark Shadows."

Janice Bennett, "The Full of the Moon."

Seductive and Scandalous. Zebra, August 1997.

Alana Clayton, "Rutherford's Return."
Characters: Nicholas, Marquess of Rutherford & Miss Vanessa Truesdale
Summary: Rake given a second chance at life provided he reforms helps a lady ruined by rumors that he was her lover.
Rating: excellent

Cindy Holbrook, "The Rake Objects?"
Characters: Marcus Tremain, Marquis of Lyton & Miss Elizabeth Hampton
Summary: Rake helps out a friend by interrupting his sister's wedding to an insufferable but rich man.
Rating: excellent

Martha Kirkland, "The Notorious Mr. Freemont."
Characters: Mr. Lawrence Fremont & Miss Delia Glenn
Summary: Lady hoping to become an archeologist's assistant meets his nephew, the black sheep of the family.
Rating: excellent

Marcy Stewart, "A Halo for Mr Devlin."
Characters: Mr. Grant Devlin & Miss Brittania Rutland
Summary: Rake fleeing an angry husband meets a runaway heiress at a posting house.
Rating: excellent

Dangerous and Dashing. Zebra, July 1998.

Sara Blayne, "The Devilish Duke."

Lynn Collum, "The Wicked Earl."

Nancy Lawrence, "The Notorious Nobleman."

Notorious & Noble. Zebra, July 1999.

Janice Bennett, "Seduction."
Characters: Lord Rivenhall & Miss Amanda Grieves
Summary: Rake tells a lady he'll forgive her brother's debt if she surrenders her virtue or finishes a tapestry in a week.

Judith Lansdowne, "Fascination."
Characters: Lord Hawksworth & Miss Priscilla Pritikin
Summary: Lady accompanies her sister to a house party and is fascinated with their host.

Jeanne Savery, "Temptation."
Characters: Locke, Lord Brant & Miss Tenacious Smythe
Summary: Lady shuns a gentleman believing rumors he's a rake but changes her mind when she meets a real rake.

Wonderful & Wicked. Zebra, June 2000.

Carola Dunn, "Pirate."

Valerie King, "Rogue."

Isobel Linton, "Rake."

Untameable. Zebra, October 2002.

Catherine Blair, "The Rogue's Wife."
Characters: John & Charlotte Sinclair
Summary: A lady who is humiliated by her husband's philandering ways sets out to seduce him.

Kate Huntington, "A Breath of Scandal."
Characters: Gabriel Bourbonnais & Abigail Pennington
Summary: A proper lady finds herself drawn to her mysterious new neighbor, a very secretive and seductive man.

Donna Simpson, "A Rogue's Rescue."
Characters: Lovell Melcher, Viscount Ingram & Miss Ariadne Lambert
Summary: A lady who plans to teach a con man a lesson is surprised when a rake tries to rescue her from him.

My Favorite Rogue. Zebra, March 2004.
Lynn Collum, "Reforming a Rogue."
Characters: Viscount Durwyn & Serena Morgan
Summary: A widow is appalled to discover that her uncle has consented to introduce her gentle cousin to London‚€™s most notorious rake.

Victoria Hinshaw, "The Tables Turned."
Characters: Lord Dashworth & Anne Talcott
Summary: A practical lady thinks she wants a staid, conventional husband to provide her with a home and children, but a rogue sets out to prove that she secretly yearns for passion and adventure.

Debbie Raleigh, "Marlow's Nemesis."
Characters:  Lord Robert Marlow & Anna Dashell
Summary: A rake decides to choose a bride but finds his childhood nemesis interfering with his plans.

A Waltz with a Rogue. Zebra, March 2005.

Kathleen Baldwin, "The Highwayman Came Waltzing."
Characters: Lord Ryerton & Elizabeth Claegburn
Summary: A lady shares a waltz with her childhood sweetheart, who is investigating a series of robberies in the village.

Mona Gedney, "The Rebel and the Rogue."
Characters: Anthony Mallory & Vivian Woodruff
Summary: A lady trying to avoid marriage to her stepfather's son seeks a temporary marriage to a notorious rake.

Lisa Noeli, "Dance with Me."
Characters: Neville Dunsleigh & Penelope Spencer
Summary: A gentleman posing as a dancing master to find a bride is intrigued by a graceful lady who may not be what she seems.


Fairy Tales

Once upon a Time. Zebra, September 1998.
Theme: Regency stories based on fairy tales.

Carola Dunn, "Rumplestiltskin."

Karla Hocker, "The Little Match-Seller."

Judith Lansdowne, "Rapunzel."

Once upon a Kiss. Zebra, May 1999.
Theme: Regency stories based on fairy tales.

Carola Dunn, "Aladdin's Lamp."

Karla Hocker, "Seven Ravens."

Judith Lansdowne, "Emperor's Nightingale."


Other Story Collections

A Regency Quartet. Mills & Boon, 1992; reissued as Harlequin #100, June 1993.

Janet Grace, "Frozen Hearts."
Characters: Maximilian Trenarth, Earl of Trevereux & Harriet, Lady Trevereux
Summary: Cit's daughter overhears gossip that her husband was forced to marry her for money and turns cold to him.
Rating: very good

Elizabeth Lowther, "A Singular Elopement."
Characters: Sir Gareth Chalfont & Miss Lucinda Winterton
Summary: Gentleman agrees to travel to Italy with a lady who has lost track of the man with whom she is eloping.
Rating: excellent

Gwyneth Moore, "Pride House."
Characters: Mr. Stephen Jeffreys & Miss Elfreda Pride
Summary: Lady will only marry a man who will allow her to restore her decrepit ancestral home.

Gail Mallin, "The Eccentric Miss Delaney."
Characters: Nick, Lord Verlaine & Miss Athena Delaney
Summary: Lord steals a kiss from a lady he mistakes for a chambermaid.
Rating: good

Lessons in Love. Zebra, August 1994.
Theme: Three sisters--Sarita, Allegra & Maggie--find love.

Julie Caille, "Sarita."
Characters: Robert, Marquess of Cheriton & Lady Sarita Rhodes
Summary: Lady who thinks love is a myth seeks a marriage of convenience until she meets a darkly mysterious lord.

Lynn Kerstan, "Maggie."
Characters: Simon, Earl of Keverne & Lady Magdalen Rhodes
Summary: Lady is shocked when a lord who is wooing her abducts her and takes her to a magical place by the sea.

Alicia Rasley, "Allegra."
Characters: Sir Nicholas Trent & Allegra, Lady Trent
Summary: Lady scarcely knows the dashing husband who returns to her from the war.

Blossoms. Signet, April 1995.

Mary Balogh, "The Forbidden Daffodils."

Patricia Rice, "Golden Crocus."

Patricia Oliver, "Hyacinths for Victoria."

Margaret Evans Porter, "The Apple Blossom Bower."

Karen Harper, "Violets Are Blue."

Lords and Ladies. Zebra, May 1996.

Marcy Stewart, "Lady Constance Wins."

Dorothea Donley, "Taste of London."

Jean Ewing, "The Notorious Lord."
Characters: Lord Beaumarais & Joan Fraser
Summary: Artistic lady is courted by a rake in disguise who mistakes her for another.

Paula Tanner Girard, "A Matter of Honor."
Characters: Duke of Maitland & Cailin O'Mullan
Summary: Duke discovers he is betrothed by an ancient agreement to a wild Irish princess.

Jenna Jones, "Duke of Diamonds."

Meg-Lynn Roberts, "For All Eternity."

An Evening at Almack's. Zebra, September 1997.

Donna Davidson, "Katie and the Captain."
Characters: Captain Ryan Adams & Miss Katie Alden
Summary: Lady exhibits her painting under a pseudonym after the man she loves calls her work indecent.

Teresa DesJardien, "Scandalous."
Characters: Lawrence Roswell, Viscount Travers & Miss Clara Northdon
Summary: Lady whose betrothed is behaving coolly towards her schemes to win back his love.

Alice Holden, "Lady of Intrigue."
Characters: Mr. James Ware & Mrs. Rachel Kendall
Summary: Lady assists a gentleman who is an undercover agent for the Bow Street Runners investigate jewel thefts.

Isobel Linton, "A Last Waltz."
Characters: Sir Guy Trent & Miss Philippa Sommerville
Summary: Gentleman rescues a lady threatened with ruin by an amorous earl and a jealous lady.

A Regency Sampler. Regency Press, 1999.

Beth Andrews, "The Christmas Bride."

Karl Richards, "Just Like Old Times."

Jo Manning, "Belvedere."

Victoria Hinshaw, "The Boxford Legacy."

Alexandria Shaw, "An Arranged Marriage."

Susan McDuffie, "An Unusual Correspondence."

Anne Woodley, "The Dancing Master."

Sheri Cobb South,"The Wicked Waltz."

Janna Lewis, "A Lady of Discretion."

Steven R. Abaroa, "The Visit."

Nina Caron Davis, "A Singular Woman."

Sarah Starr, "Milady's Murderer."

Adam Naef, "The Final Wager."

Sandra Heath, "Neptune's Quizzing Glass."

Susannah Carleton, "The Viscount's Angel."

Sweet Delights. Zebra, September 1999.
Theme: Stories about food.

Cathleen Clare, "Lord Maxfield's Birthday Cake."
Characters: Thomas, Lord Maxfield & Tabitha, Lady Maxfield
Summary: New bride's economies cause the chef to quit in a huff, leaving her to bake her husband's birthday cake herself.

Alana Clayton, "A Matter of Taste."
Characters: Galen Sheffield, Lord Burke & Lady Fiona Atterly
Summary: Lady who agrees to cook for a friend's party attracts the notice of a lord on a mission for the Prince Regent.

Joy Reed, "Hussar's Kisses."
Characters: Captain Lawrence Westmoreland & Camilla Leslie
Summary: Lady makes a special treat for a returning war hero who left for battle without proposing.

The Grand Hotel. Signet, June 2000.
Theme: Stories take place at a luxury hotel.

Anne Barbour, "The Castaway."
Characters: Earl of Branford & Martha Finch aka Lady Felicity Marhsall
Summary: Lady attempts to carry off a deception and has a change of heart -- with surprising results.

Elisabeth Fairchild, "Love Will Find the Way."
Characters: Lt. James Forrester & Mrs. Annabelle Grant
Summary: Young war widow meets the officer who wrote letters to her for her blind, dying husband.
Rating: very good

Carla Kelly, "The Background Man."
Characters: Mr. Charles Mortimer & Miss Millicent Carrington
Summary: Hotel manager finds love with a guest.
Rating: excellent

Allison Lane, "Promises to Keep."
Characters: Marcus Widmer & Miss Maggie Adams
Summary: American lady in London finds a visit to her family's past leads to love.

Barbara Metzger, "The Management Requests."
Characters: Captain Arthur Hunter, Viscount Huntingdon & Miss Hope Thurstfield
Summary: A case of mistaken identity leads to love.

Sweet Temptations. Zebra, August 2000.
Theme: Stories about food.

Lynn Collum, "Cakes, Kisses and Confusion"
Characters: Earl of Sedgefield & Miss Annabelle Hill
Summary: A lord sets a trap for a lady he mistakes for a schemer but she soon proves him wrong with her culinary magic and her sweet temper.

Wilma Counts, "The Way to a Man's Heart."
Characters: Earl of Thornwood & Nicole Beaufort
Summary: A lady accepts a challenge to disguise herself as a chef and goes to work for an earl whose health depends on her cooking.

Jo Ann Ferguson, "Not His Bread and Butter."
Characters: Viscount Westerly & Meredith Tyndale
Summary: A lady working as a cook to support her parents hopes her employer will notice her.

Murder at Almack's. Zebra, March 2003.

Jo Ann Ferguson, "Invitation to Trouble."
Characters: Lord Foxington & Miss Amelia Wallace
Summary: A lord escorts a lady to a private masquerade ball at Almack's and thwarts a clever killer.

Mona Gedney, "Murder Most Indiscreet."

Valerie King, "A Rare Blade."

A Regency Invitation to the House Party of the Season. Harlequin Historical, November 2005.
Overall Summary: Society gathers at the home of a lord who had been shunned since the mysterious disappearance of his wife.

Nicola Cornick, "The Fortune Hunter"

Joanna Maitland, "An Uncommon Abigail"

Elizabeth Rolls, "The Prodigal Bride"

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