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New Traditional Regencies (Post-2006)

Susan Walsh



Maureen Wakefield

Accessory to Love. Warner, 1979.
Characters: Mr. Jerome DeLacey & Miss Saranne Markham aka Paton
Summary: Lady who is a love child is assumed to be of easy virtue as well.
Series: "Your Warner Library of Regency Romance #5"

Luanne Walden

Delicate Dilemma. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Duke of Ranleigh & Adriana
Summary: A duke visiting his late brother's estate in Virginia falls in love with a governess.
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

Elizabeth Neff Walker

Alicia. Warner, 1980; reissued by Signet, March 1992 (under the name Laura Matthews).
Characters: Nigel, Marquis of Stronbert & Alicia, Lady Coombs
Summary: Widow with a child to support must run a shop and fend off the advances of a rake with the help of a kindly lord.

A Curious Courting. Coventry #78, 1980; reissued by Signet, January 1993 (under the name Laura Matthews); reissued as an e-book by Belgrave House
Characters: Mr. Gareth Rushton & Miss Selina Easterly-Cummings
Summary: Gentleman tries to persuade an eccentric lady to sell him part of her land for a hunting lodge.
Rating: excellent

The Nomad Harp. Coventry #52, 1980; reissued by Signet, May 1993 (under the name Laura Matthews).
Characters: Phillip Hobart, Viscount Pontley & Miss Glenna Forbes
Summary: Lady rejects her fiance when he inherits a viscountcy and seems intent on marrying her solely out of honor, but by the time they realize their true feelings for each other he has become entangled with another woman.
Rating: excellent Comments: Very well developed characters and romance. Their exchange of letters a nice touch.

The Lady Next Door. Coventry #113, 1981; reissued by Signet, September 1993 (under the name Laura Matthews).
Characters: Earl of Latteridge & Miss Marianne Findlay
Summary: Earl moves next door to a lady with a ruined reputation.

In My Lady's Chamber. Coventry #142, 1981; reissued by Signet, July 1993 (under the name Laura Matthews).
Characters: Marc, Viscount Steyne & Miss Theodosia Tremere
Summary: Governess who leads her charges in a search for a treasure finds one of her own when her former fiance reappears in her life.
Rating: excellent

The Loving Seasons. Signet, April 1989; reissued as an e-book by Belgrave House.
Characters: Viscount Dunn & Miss Emma Berryman
Summary: Lady without family or fortune is besieged by two gentlemen who seem intent on her virtue not her hand.

Other Regencies as Laura Matthews.

Web site: Visit www.belgravehouse.com for Laura Matthews / Elizabeth Walker e-books. The site also offers several other e-books, including original and reissued Regencies by Patricia Wynn, Joan Smith and Carola Dunn.

E-mail: neff@belgravehouse.com

Linda Walker

My Lady's Deception. Zebra, December 1989.
Characters: Earl of Leith & Lady Jane Marlingforthe
Summary: A penniless lady with no prospects concocts a ruse to find a mate only to encounter a lord who is hiding his title and fortune during a quiet visit to the country.
Setting: Essex

Thief of Love. Jove, 1994.
Characters: Lord Crewe & Lady Anna Farrant
Summary: Lady returns a jeweled stickpin she stole to the lord who owned it but is then accused of another theft.

Lois Arvin Walker

Reckless Heart. Zebra, August 1990.
Characters: Earl of Compton & Rebecca
Summary: Earl thinks a lady who falls into his creek is trying to lure him into marriage.

Other Regencies as Rebecca Ashley.

Sheila Walsh

The Golden Songbird. Signet, July 1975.
Characters: Hugo, Marquis of Mandersely & Miss Lucia Mannering
Summary: Lady's stepfather loses her to a marquis as part of wager.
Rating: good

Madalena. Signet, May 1977.
Characters: Devereux, Duke of Lytten & Mlle. Madalena de Brussec
Summary: Lady disguised as boy meets a duke on a secret mission.

The Sergeant Major's Daughter. Signet, August 1978.
Characters: Max, Lord Stayne & Miss Felicity Vale
Summary: A lady whose father died at Waterloo takes a position as governess and convinces her employer to allow her to open a school for his tenants, not realizing her life -- and her heart -- will be endangered.
Setting: Wiltshire
Rating: excellent - Read a Review of this book.

Lord Gilmore's Bride. Signet, April 1979. Originally published in 1978 as A Fine Silk Purse.
Characters: Theodore, Viscount Gilmore & Pilar, Lady Gilmore
Summary: Drunken lord who wed a gypsy hates her when he sobers up.
 Period: Georgian
Rating: good

The Incomparable Miss Brady. Signet, June 1980.
Characters: Dominic, Marquis of Cadogon & Miss Clementina Brady
Summary: Lady from Baltimore shows up in London on the doorstep of a noble relation expecting him to be a much older man.

A Highly Respectable Marriage. Signet, October 1982; reissued by Signet, March 1991
Characters: Duke of Heron & Miss Pandora Carlyon
Summary: Orphaned lady trying to support her two brothers offers herself as a governess to a duke who is seeking a wife instead.

The Runaway Bride. Signet, October 1983; reissued by Signet, December 1992.
Characters: Captain Nicholas Bannion & Consuela Vasquez
Summary: Spanish lady falls in love on a visit to England and is tempted to elope with a viscount rather than return to an arranged marriage in Spain under the escort of a loathsome captain.

The Diamond Waterfall. Signet, April 1984.
Characters: Benedict Radlett & Theodora Radlett
Summary: Lady is summoned from America by her dying grandfather to receive a fabulous diamond necklace and finds herself suddenly courted by several gentlemen.

The Incorrigible Rake. Signet, October 1984.
Characters: Major Daniel Hammond & Miss Charis Winslade
Summary: Lady meets a rake in a thunderstorm.

The Wary Widow. Signet, September 1985; also published in Great Britain by Century Hutchinson, 1986, under the title An Insubstantial Pageant.
Characters: Prince Paul von Bayersdorf & Charlotte, Baroness Raimund
Summary: Young English widow of an aged German nobleman gets caught up in the social whirl of Vienna and is torn between two suitors.

The Pink Parasol. Signet, June 1985.
Characters: Marcus Anstruther & Cecily Merton
Summary: Lady who must sell herself in marriage to save her gambler father falls for the one man who offers her everything but what she desperately needs.

Lady Aurelia's Bequest. Signet, September 1987.
Characters: Earl of Wyndham & Miss Cordelia Darcy
Summary: American heiress is courted by a spy but is intrigued by the earl who considers her to be crude and scheming and meddlesome in his dealings with his handicapped sister.

Minerva's Marquess. Signet, May 1988; reissued by Signet, May 1994.
Characters: Dominic, Marquess of Claireux & Minerva, Lady Claireux
Summary: Lady tries to melt her husband's icy reserve and win out against a rival for his love.

The Notorious Nabob. Signet, 1989.
Characters: Damien St. Clair & Lady Olivia Egan
Summary: Lady has three suitors: one rich and boring, one debauched, and one a notorious rake.

The Rose Domino. Signet, September 1989.
Characters: Gervase Maxwell & Marissa
Summary: A gentleman hopes to rescue a friend from the snares of a singer by trying to seduce her.

The Arrogant Lord Alistair. Signet, August 1990; reissued by Mills & Boon as A Woman of Little Importance, 1991.
Characters: Lord Alistair Ashbourne (duke's younger son) & Charity Wynyate (Wyngate?)
Summary: When a lady confronts a duke about the care of her niece and nephew he fobs her off on his handsome but rakish son.

"The Christmas Star," in A Regency Christmas II. Signet, November 1990.
Characters: Prince Andrei Zarcov & Miss Louise Beresford
Summary: Lady's companion meets a Russian prince at a Christmas house party.

Bath Intrigue. Signet, October 1991.
Characters: Lord St. Ives & Perdita
Summary: A lady comes to the aid of an injured duke and finds herself pursued by both the duke and his rakish son.

"Midsummer Masquerade," in A Regency Summer. Signet, June 1992.

"Dear Delight," in Tokens of Love. Signet, January 1993.

The Perfect Bride. Signet, October 1994; reissued in hardcover by Severn House, 1997, as Cornwall Bride.
Characters: Darcy, Earl of Lynton & Miss Serena Fairburn; Cedric, Duke of Cornwell & Miss Melissa Glenville
Summary: Lady betrothed to a sickly duke falls for his cousin.
Rating: very good

"It Came upon a Midnight Clear," in A Regency Christmas VI. Signet, November 1994.
Characters: Mr. Vyvian Tremaine & Mlle. Mercedes de Laroche
Summary: Gentleman assists a lady pursued by a dangerous earl.

Kate and the Marquess. Signet, August 1997.
Characters: Blase, Marquess of St. Clair & Miss Kate Sheridan
Summary: Irish lady who comes to London to make a match is tempted by the son of the lady sponsoring her.
Rating: good

The Lady from Lisbon. Signet, February 2001.
Characters: Alastair, Earl of Langley & Miss Cressida Merriton
Summary: Gentleman who was jilted is not looking for romance until he meets his aunt's delightful goddaughter.

Phyllis Ann Warady

Scandal's Daughter. Walker, 1990.
Characters: Sebastian Pemborough, Marquess of Ravistock & Miss Diantha Fraser
Summary: Illegitimate lady is summoned to her father's deathbed and told she will inherit a fortune if she marries her father's protetge, a man she secretly loves but fears will never love her in return.

The Earl's Comeuppance. Walker, 1991.
Characters: Lucian, Earl of Pardo & Mrs. Margaret Astell
Summary: Earl intent on saving his heir from the snares of a fortune hunter locks horns with the young lady's mama.

The Persistent Suitor. Zebra, April 1995.
Characters: Archie Brainridge & Isabella Cox
Summary: Gentleman who must marry to gain his uncle's inheritance persists in courting a lady who refused him.

"Delightful Deceiver," in Flowers for the Bride. Zebra, May 1995.

Breach of Honor. Zebra, October 1995.
Characters: Major Justin Camden & Miss Annabel Drummond
Summary: Man falls in love with lady who knocked him off his crutches but her father is forcing her to marry a bankrupt lord.

Rebecca Ward

The Promissory Note. Pageant Books, 1989
Characters: Connor St. Cyr, Viscount Dracourt & Miss Rosalys Larrimer
Summary: A lady rebels against a promissory note linking her sister with an unknown - and unwilling - gentleman.

Fair Fortune. Fawcett, 1990.
Heroine: Margaret Hannay
Summary: An impoverished lady who takes a position as a nurse to an unpleasant old woman must conceal her growing feelings for a groom on the neighboring estate.

Lady in Silver. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Anthony Harte, Earl of Brandmere & Miss Suzanna Campion
Summary: Lady whose uncle forced her to masquerade as an ancestral ghost to earn money meets a skeptical tourist.

Lord Longshanks. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Lord Jonathan Longe (duke's younger son) & Miss Patricia Surrey
Summary: Gentleman called Lord Longshanks because he is rumored to have fled from battle puzzles a lady with his kind heart and heroics.
Rating: good Comments: He would actually be called Lord Jonathan not Lord Longe, which ruins his inventive nickname!

Cinderella's Stepmother. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Lord Deering & Angelica, Lady Linden; Major Harcourt & Citrenella Linden
Summary: Lady and her younger widowed stepmother try to find one of them a rich husband.

Enchanted Rendezvous. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Trevor, Marquess of Brandon (duke's heir) & Miss Cecily Vervain
Summary: Lady thinks a foppish lord is the exact opposite of her heroic midnight rescuer.
Rating: very good - Read a Review of this book.

Grand Deception. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Anthony, Earl of Severn & Miss Miranda Gannet
Summary: Poor relation teams up with a man claiming to be an earl.
Rating: very good

Madame Mystery. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Nicholas, Lord Sinclair & Damaris Cardell
Summary: Lady writes mysteries under a man's name.
Setting: Sussex

The Wild Rose. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Julian Dane, Earl of Hawkley & Miss Rosamund St. Helm
Summary: Wild Canadian lady meets a high-in-the-instep earl.
Rating: good

Lady in Shadow. Fawcett, 1994.
Characters: Lord Ivo Raven (marquess's younger son) & Miss Elisande Redding
Summary: Lord helps a lady clear her brother's name.
Rating: good

My Lord Lion. Avon, 1995.
Characters: Lionel Cramer, Earl of Blaize & Miss Diana Gardiner
Summary: Lady takes a job as librarian for an earl.
Rating: good

A Monstrous Secret. Fawcett, 1996.
Characters: Lord Anthony Hartford (duke's younger son) & Miss Melinda Weatherby
Summary: Lord suspects a lady's aunt of selling submarine plans to the French.
Rating: very good Comments: Well-done adventure/romance

Jessie Watson

The Changeable Rose. Zebra, December 1997.
Characters: Evan, Earl of Northrup & Miss Clare Winchester
Summary: Once considered an Incomparable, a lady finds herself no longer wanted when her family loses their wealth, until an earl askes her to sponsor his niece.

The Cat's Bracelet. Zebra, June 1998.
Characters; Major Gore Lindley & Annabelle Makepease
Summary: Lady's companion agrees to take a widow's place for the Season and search for a diamond bracelet, but the widow's childhood friend knows her for a fraud.

The Country Mouse. Zebra, December 2000.
Characters: Charles, Marquess of Templeton & Miss Lavinia Taylor
Summary: Lady moves to the Cotswolds to care for her collection of stray animals and rescues a marquess from a curricle accident.

Margaret Westhaven

The Willful Wife. Walker, 1986.
Characters: Lord Chase & Cassandra, Lady Chase
Summary: A lady is anxious when her diplomat husband abandons her in Bath shortly after their wedding.

City Heiress. Walker, 1988.
Characters: Lord Geoffrey Barnstone & Polly Percy
Summary: Cit's daughter who hopes to experience the social whirl before her lineage becomes known doesn't realize that her guardian has his own reasons for keeping her on his sister's estate.

In for a Penny. Warner, 1988.
Summary: Tomboy heiress suspects her suitor is a fortune hunter.

Miss Dalrymple's Virtue. Harlequin April 1988.
Characters: Charles, Marquis of Carrisbrooke & Miss Sophia Dalrymple
Summary: Lady agrees to become a lord's mistress if he publishes her book.
Rating: very good

False Impressions. Harlequin #6, July 1989.
Characters: Mr. Lawrence Carruthers & Miss Theodora Thornfield
Summary: Lady's companion shuns a man whom she thinks offers her a carte blanche.
Rating: very good

Spanish Coin. Harlequin #22, March 1990.
Characters: Count Antonio Ramirez y Mondego & Miss Mary Winter
Summary: Lady weds a stranger then suspects him when a valuable heirloom necklace disappears.

Widow's Folly. Zebra, May 1990.
Characters: Sir Stephen Wakeham & Maria, Comtesse de Beaulieu
Summary: Young widow who toys with her suitors meets her match in a rumpled country baronet.
Rating: fair Comments:  Too many romances for any one to be very satisfying, especially the supposed main story; unnecessary abduction at the end.

Widow for Hire. Harlequin #35, October 1990.
Characters: Jeremy Searle, Lord Doncastle & Amelia, Lady Jeffries-Hodges
Summary: Widow sponsoring a debutante encounters the man she jilted years ago.

The Duke's Design. Signet, March 1991.
Characters: Michael, Duke of Arden & Miss Matilda Glendenning aka Graham
Summary: Lady turned actress tries to refuse the proposition of the duke she loves.
Rating: fair

Country Dance. Signet, August 1991.
Characters: Mr. Henry Duke & Miss Marianna Chapin
Summary: Lady with a scandal in her past dares not hope for the love of the mysterious man who buys the neighboring estate.

A Cheltenham Comedy. Harlequin #61, November 1991.
Characters: Richard, Baron Stone aka Richard Forrester & Miss Leonora Clare; Major James Danforth & Mrs. Wilhelmina Smithers
Summary: Lady who flees to Cheltenham takes a role in an amateur theatrical and encounters a gentleman who is evasive about his background.
Rating: very good

The Lady in Question. Signet, December 1991.
Characters: Sir Owen Longfort & Lady Antonia Worthington
Summary: Lady trying to save her village from ruin locks horns with a government agent.

Town Follies. Signet, July 1992.
Characters: Captain Vincent Camberley & Miss Susan Danvers
Summary: Lady with numerous suitors only has eyes for a man who wants nothing to do with her.

Four in Hand. Signet, January 1993.
Characters: Mr. Archibald MacGowen & Lady Jane Averham
Summary: Widow wants love without marriage.

"Saint Valentine's Eve," in Tokens of Love. Signet, January 1993.

Yuletide Match. Signet, December 1993.
Characters; Mr. Guy Constant & Miss Caroline Percival
Summary: Lady forced to take a position as governess with a horrible family is pursued by two men.

Sarah Westleigh

A Most Exceptional Quest. Mills & Boon, 1993; reissued by Mills & Boon, 1999, in The Regency Collection, volume 1, with Paula Marshall's An Improper Duenna; also reissued by Harlequin, October 2000.
Characters: John Smith aka Justin, Viscount Roxborough & Mrs. Davina Darling
Summary: Widow helps a man who lost his memory in the Peninsular War regain his identity.

The Outrageous Dowager. Mills & Boon, 1996; reissued by Mills & Boon, 1999, in The Regency Collection, volume 4, with Mary Nichols' Devil-May-Dare.
Characters: James Graham, Marquess of Stormaston & Alexia, Dowager Countess of Amber
Summary: Widow determined to enjoy London is rescued by a lord who wants her for his mistress.

A Highly Irregular Footman. Mills & Boon, February 1997.
Characters: Jack Hamilton & Thalia Marsh
Summary: A housekeeper is suspicious of the manor's new footman and is determined to uncover his secrets.

Barbara Whitehead

The Caretaker Wife. Doubleday, 1978.
Characters: Lieutenant Richard Welby & Mrs. Caroline Welby
Summary: Naval officer marries a lady to care for his children and estate in his absence.

Quicksilver Lady. Doubleday, 1980; reissued as Coventry #148, 1981.
Characters: Mr. Cornelius Watts & Miss Arabella Hill
Summary: When the man a lady loves marries another, she convinces her married sister to invite her to London for the winter.

Ramillies. St. Martin's, 1983.
Characters: Harry Akeham, Earl of Ainsty & Laetitia, Countess of Elmet
Summary: Schoolmaster becomes an earl and must choose between two ladies.

Gail Whitiker

Bittersweet Revenge. Harlequin #78, July 1992.
Characters: Earl of Wesmorlen & Miss Regana Kently
Summary: A lady is surprised by the proposal of a confirmed bachelor until she learns his reasons.

The Blade and the Bath Miss. Harlequin #92, February 1993.
Characters: Tristan, Marquess of Chadwick & Miss Emma Harding
Summary: Older man rescues an impoverished miss and determines to find a suitable match for her.

Letters to a Lady. Harlequin #106, September 1993.
Characters: Devon Royce, Earl of Marwood & Miss Charlotte Kingsley
Summary: Lord catches his fiancee embracing another but agrees to delay announcing the end of their betrothal in the hopes of winning her back.

A Promise to Return. Harlequin, November 1994, with Stephanie Laurens' Four in Hand in Regency Romps; reissued by Mills & Boon, April 2006.
Characters: Nicholas Grey, Viscount Longworth & Lavinia Duplesse
Summary: A lord has a second chance with a lady he loves when she is widowed, but then he loses his memory while on a special assignment in France.

Blackwood's Lady. Mills & Boon, May 1999; reissued February 2004 in The Regency Rakes with Major's Muslin by Mary-Louise Hall; reissued by Harlequin Historical, August 2005.
Characters: David, Marquis of Blackwood & Lady Nicola Wyndham
Summary: A lord proposes marriage to a lady he deems suitable not knowing of her penchant for helping wounded animals.

An Offer to Love. Mills & Boon, October 1999.
Characters: Gabriel Carew, Earl of Trevellyn & Madeleine, Dowager Countess of Trent
Summary: Widow who is the target of fortune hunters retires to Cornwall, where she mistakes an earl on a neighboring estate for a steward.

An Innocent Deceit. Mills & Boon, August 2000; reissued by Harlequin, March 2004.
Characters: Adam Carlyle & Miss Antonia Hadley
Summary: After his faithless wife's death, a gentleman returns to his estate to get to know his daughter and encounters a neighbor lady who disapproves of him yet who disgsuises herself as a man in order to be his daughter's riding instructor.

A Most Improper Proposal. Mills & Boon, September 2001; reissued by Harlequin Historical, October 2002.
Characters: Lord Buckworth & Miss Desiree Nash
Summary: A schoolteacher who is fired after being falsely accused of impropriety accepts a slip on the shoulder from a lord as a means of getting to London, intending to jilt him on arrival.
Series: Book 5 of The Steepwood Scandal; preceded by A Companion of Quality by Nicola Cornick; followed by A Noble Man by Anne Ashley.

The Guardian's Dilemma. Mills & Boon, March 2002.
Characters: Oliver Brandon & Helen de Coverdale
Summary: A gentleman tries to protect his stepsister from a fortune hunter by placing her at a genteel ladies' academy only to discover that one of the schoolmistresses is a lady he once caught in a compromising situation at a house party.
Series: Book 11 of The Steepwood Scandal; preceded by The Captain's Return by Elizabeth Bailey; followed by Lord Exmouth's Intentions by Anne Ashley.

A Most Unsuitable Bride. Mills & Boon, April 2004; reissued by Harlequin Historical, April 2006.
Characters: Edward Thurlow, Lord Garthdale
Summary: A lord encounters a veiled lady on his morning rides in Hyde Park and wonders what secret in her past causes her to hide from Society.

A Scandalous Courtship. Originally published in Winter Weddings by Mills & Boon, November 2002. Reissued as a single-title by Harlequin Historical, January 2005.
Characters: Robert, Viscount Winthrop & Hannah
Summary: A lord discovers that the woman he thought was his sister was actually a foundling and falls in love with her.

Website: www.gailwhitiker.com

Cilla Whitmore

His Lordship's Landlady. Candlelight #537, 1979.
Characters: General Harry Vane, Earl of Toulouse & Miss Philadelphia Prentiss
Summary: Lady who runs a boarding house for young gentlemen is confronted by the uncle of a lord she is trying to evict.

Manner of a Lady. Candlelight #515, 1979.

Mansion for a Lady. Candlelight #613, 1980.
Characters: Anthony, Viscount Farnsworth & Miss Miranda Thorpe
Summary: Lady architect designs a home for a viscount looking for a wife.
Rating: excellent

Other Regencies as Maggie Gladstone, Lisabet Norcross, & Margaret SeBastian

Jane Wilby

Eleanor and the Marquis. Masquerade #1, 1977.
Characters: Justin, Marquis of Trouvaine & Eleanor
Summary: A poor vicar's daughter accompanies her beautiful cousin to London where a duchess tries to make her fashionable with the help of her nephew.
Setting: London

Man of Consequence. Masquerade #22, 1979.
Summary: Foolish brother and sister go to London and nearly bring themselves to ruin.
Setting: London

Claudette Williams

Spring Gambit. Fawcett, 1976.
Characters: Adam Roth, Duke of Lyndham & Nicole Beaumont
Summary: Lady who is the Toast of the Season is determined to snare the one man impervious to her charms.

Jewelene. Coventry, February 1979.
Characters: Marquis of Lyndhurst & Jewelene Henshaw
Summary: Lord disguising his identity to find true love meets a lady who poses as a French card dealer by night.

Lacey. Coventry #12, December 1979.
Characters: Sir Roland Keyes & Lacey Burton
Summary: Fleeing a fortune hunter involved with her stepmother, a lady encounters another self-confessed fortune hunter whom she wants to love her for herself.

Naughty Lady Ness. Coventry #41, May 1980; reissued by Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Bret, Viscount Montlaine & Lady Vanessa Grey
Summary: Lady whose scrapes get her sent off to a remote estate discovers the identity of the Devil of Montlaine, a mysterious rider rumored to practice witchcraft and murder young women.

Mary, Sweet Mary. Coventry #63, September 1980.
Characters: Lord Severn & Mary Montlaine
Summary: Lady thinks she's in love with one man but is drawn to another.

Lady Brandy. Coventry #99, March 1981.
Characters: Lord Kurt Marden & Lady Brandy Fernwood
Summary: Lady is puzzled by strange goings on in her friend's family and wonders what role a rakish lord plays.

Hotspur and Taffeta. Coventry #117, June 1981.
Characters: Lord Thurston Tarrant & Lady Taffeta
Summary: Lord discovers that a lady is a modern day Robin Hood.

Sweet Disorder. Coventry #135, September 1981.
Characters: Taylor, Lord Westbourne & Venetia Tay
Summary: Dying squire summons his nephews and nieces with the intention of matching them up.

Regency Star. Fawcett, 1985.
Characters: Sir Edward Danton & Star Berkley
Summary: When an arrogant gentleman encounters a headstrong lady, he finds himself caught up in a web of blackmail, scandal and love.

Lady Bell. Fawcett, 1986.
Characters: Earl of Magdalen & Arabella Cunningham
Summary: Brokenhearted flirt is taken to London for a Season and meets a rake who mistakes her for a lightskirt.

Lady Madcap. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Glen Ashton, Duke of Somerset & Felicia Easton
Summary: A young lady flees with her childhood friend to escape her guardian only to be rescued from a highwayman by the very man she is fleeing.

Cherry Ripe. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Damien Drummond & Shauna Elton
Summary: Lady fleeing an unwanted betrothal unknowingly takes a position as governess in the house of her intended.

Lady Barbara. Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Lord John Connwood & Lady Barbara Saudners
Summary: Schoolroom miss tries to prevent a lord's marriage of convenience with a lady whose virtue she questions.

Lady Runaway. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Lord Wainwright & Chelsea
Summary: Lady's godmother arranges for the ton's most eligible bachelor to take her under his wing but she thinks he's in love with his aunt.

Lady Sunshine. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Lord Daniel Winwood & Serena Moorely
Summary: Lord suspects a lady of leading on his nephew.

A Daring Deceit. Zebra, January 1994.
Characters: Earl of Raeburn & Lillian Aulderbury
Summary: Lady asks a rake to help her foil the schemes of a scoundrel who trifled with her affections.

"Convenient Romance," in A June Courtship. Zebra, May 1994.

Lady Velvet. Zebra, July 1994.
Characters: Dustin, Marquis of Talgarth & Lady Velvet Colbury
Summary: Making her Paris debut, a lady meets her childhood hero who still thinks of her as a hoyden.

Rake's Folly. Zebra, July 1995.
Characters: Chase, Earl of Cortland & Miss Sophia Egan
Summary: Rakish earl returns from India and tries to win a lady from a rival.
Rating: poor

Masquerade Waltz. Zebra, January 1995.
Characters: Lord Waremont & Maxine Tarnover
Summary: To avoid an unwanted match, a lord trades identities with his friend and meets a lady who prizes honesty.

Courting Christina. Zebra, March 1996.
Characters: Earl of Halloway & Miss Christina Kingsley
Summary: Earl is shackled with a hoydenish charge to marry off.

Bess Willingham

The Vigilante Viscount. Zebra, December 1995.
Characters: William, Viscount Carrington & Miss Faith Hopkins
Summary: Lady walking to London to seek employment is accosted and is rescued by a viscount who disguises himself to perform good deeds.

The Lady's Mummy. Zebra, January 1997.
Characters: Alistair Gordon, Viscount Catledge & Miss Cassandra Russell
Summary: Egyptologist joins forces with the brother of a man whose mummy was stolen.
Rating: very good

The Minx of Mayfair. Zebra, June 1998.
Characters: Lawrence deWulff, Viscount Seybourne & Georgiana
Summary: Lord finds a mysterious woman unconscious next to the corpse of a political satirist.

The Bedeviled Barrister. Zebra, December 1998.
Characters: Sir Hugo Mansfield & Evelyn, Countess of Goreham
Summary: House party brings together a widow who once lost everything in a gaming hall and the dashing barrister who was unable to help her because of his own gambling problem.

The Husband Hunt. Zebra, November 1999.
Characters: Sir Cosmo Fairchild & Miss Lucinda Partridge
Summary: Opera singer hoping to marry for money is puzzled by the attentions of a gentleman who is actually seeking a French spy among her suitors.

"Last Chance Governess," in Mama's Little Matchmaker. Zebra, April 2000.

The Smuggler's Bride. Zebra, September 2000.
Characters: Rafe Lawless, Viscount Pershing & Lady Rosalind Yardley
Summary: A mischievous lady becomes entangled in a dangerous plot with a smuggling lord.

A Scandalous Wager. Zebra, July 2001.
Characters: Sir Steven St. Charles & Lady Eugenia Terrebonne; Robert, Lord Delaroux & Lady Jane Bolingbroke
Summary: A lady steals a kiss on a wager from a gentleman who turns out to be a former spy seeking revenge.
Setting: London

Gayle Wilson

Honour's Bride. Mills & Boon, August 2002.
Characters: Kit Montgomery, Lord St John & Judith Haviland
Summary: A widow is offered marriage to preserve her honor by a gentleman who saved her from her late husband's abuse.

"My Darling Echo" in Bride by Arrangement. Harlequin, 2000. Reissued in Regency Brides. Mills & Boon, October 2002.
Characters: Earl of Huntingdon & Arabella Simmons
Summary: A proud, war-scarred lord offers a marriage in name only to a lady in his employ.

My Lady's Dare. Mills & Boon, July 2003.
Characters: Earl of Dare & Mrs Carstairs
Summary: An earl wins a Frenchman's mistress.

Anne's Perfect Husband. Mills & Boon, September 2003.
Characters: Major Ian Sinclair & Anne Darlington
Summary: A major is made guardian to a lady whose father was responsible for ending his career and nearly his life.

Her Dearest Sin. Mills & Boon, November 2003.
Characters: Sebastian Sinclair & Doña Pilar
Summary: A gentleman rescues a Spanish noblewoman from an evil man and then must marry her to preserve her honor.

The Heart's Wager. Mills & Boon, February 2004.
Characters: Colonel Devon Burke & Julie de Valme
Summary: A colonel seeking the man who saved his life meets a French beauty left alone in the world after her father's death.

The GamblerÔ€™s Heart. Mills & Boon, May 2004.
Characters: Jean-Luc Gavereau & Madelyn Fairchild
Summary: A lady with secrets in her past marries a gambler whose face was scarred in a fire.

Raven's Vow. Mills & Boon, May 2005.
Characters: John Raven & Lady Catherine Montfort
Summary: An American merchant offers a marriage of convenience to the Toast of the Ton.

Sandra Wilson

Jessica. Hale, 1979; reissued as Coventry #62, 1980.

A Woman of Property. Coventry.

Eileen Winwood

Noble Deception. Jove, 1992.
Characters: Nicholas, Earl of Framingham & Lady Juliana Westlake
Summary: Lady spy poses as a French barmaid and rescues a man who is smitten with her and does not recognize her as his drab fiancee.

Words of Love. Jove, 1992.
Characters: Edward, Earl of Landsdown & Samantha Compton
Summary: A gentleman friend warns a lady novelist against a rake to whom she is drawn by his similarity to her romantic heroes.

A Worthy Engagement. Jove, 1993.
Characters: Lucien, Marquess of Canfield & Alessandra
Summary: A lady who wears out-of-date fashions and refuses coveted invitations has no chance of snaring a husband until a marquess catches sight of her.

Other Regencies as Eileen Putman

Eileen Witton

Lady No More. Warner, 1987.
Characters: Captain Harrington & Eugenia
Summary: A lady falls in love with the captain she asked to help find her missing brother.
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

Racing Hearts. Warner, 1988.
Characters: Kevin Marlowe & Charlotte Deane
Summary: An American lady is incensed when an English gentleman says that her sister is not good enough for his brother.
Setting: New York
Series: "An American Regency Romance"

Winifred Witton

Lady Elmira's Emerald. Harlequin #46, March 1991.
Characters: George Beame, Viscount Oakfort & Lady Imogen Remlow
Summary: Lady borrows a necklace belonging to a viscount's family but loses it when she is kissed in a gazebo.

The Denville Diamond. Harlequin #54, July 1991.
Characters: Hon. Bentley Frome & Miss Violet Langford
Summary: Lady disguised as her cousin to help that lady elope meets a man disguised as his brother in order to retrieve his family's diamond.

The Masked Marquis. Harlequin #74, May 1992.
Characters: Marquis of Ranceford & Miss Juliana Beveridge
Summary: Lady scoffs at damsels in distress in gothic romances until she is rescued by a masked man known as Conrad the Corsair, who strangely urges her to marry the stuffy Marquis of Ranceford.

The Spectre of Spadefield. Harlequin #88, December 1992.
Characters: Mr. Chesney Carlyle or Earl of Spadefield & Lady Isalbella Greenlea
Summary: Lady intends to marry the friend who accompanies her to London to help her choose a husband but is drawn to an eccentric earl with a haunted house.

The Green Fox. Harlequin #104, August 1993.
Characters: Mr. Robert Greenwood & Miss Elizabeth Garner
Summary: Lady on a boat to France to be married meets a seasick man on his way to claim his inheritance.
Rating: very good Comments: Fun, light-hearted adventure.

The Duke's Double. Zebra, February 1995.
Characters: Sir Geoffrey Cole & Celeste Moreau
Summary: French lady travels to England to pose as a governess and snare a duke, but she discovers he is engaged to a lady who's been abducted and she is drawn to that lady's guardian--a mere baronet.
Setting: London & English countryside

"The Vicarious Bride," in Flowers for the Bride. Zebra, May 1995.

The Last Laugh. Zebra, September 1995.
Characters: Lord Everly & Miss Molly Moreton
Summary: A lady charged with taming two spirited colts in order to secure her position as stable manager is upset when the horses upset a lord's carriage.

Joan Wolf

The Counterfeit Marriage. Signet, February 1980; reissued by Signet, September 1985 and February 1992.
Characters: James Pembroke, Earl of Allandale & Catherine Renwick
Summary: A lord offers the protection of his name after a wild night of debauchery and a mistaken abduction of a lady.

A Difficult Truce. Signet, August 1981; reissued by Signet, April 1993.
Characters: Charles Standish, Duke of Dacre & Christina MacCarthy
Summary: Irish aristocrat taken captive by the British must marry a duke but refuses to surrender to love.

A London Season. Signet, January 1981; reissued by Signet, December 1993.
Characters: David Chance & Lady Jane Fitzmaurice
Summary: Lady prefers her horse trainer to a handsome nobleman.

His Lordship's Mistress. Signet, April 1982; reissued by Signet, January 1991.
Characters: Philip Romney, Earl of Linton & Jessica O'Neill
Summary: Lady posing as an actress to save her family from ruin accepts a slip on the shoulder from an earl.

Lord Richard's Daughter. Signet, July 1983.

The Rebellious Ward. Signet, February 1984.
Characters: Duke of Burford & Catriona Maclan
Summary: Lady of scandalous birth wins many suitors' hearts but hers is given to her guardian.

Fool's Masquerade. Signet, August 1984; reissued by Signet, September 1992.
Characters: Diccon, Lord Leyburn & Valentine Ardsley
Summary: Lady disguises herself as a groom on a lord's estate, but when he sees through her disguise and is duty-bound to offer for her, she flees to London vowing only to marry for love.

The Scottish Lord. Signet, August 1988.

"The Antagonists," in A Regency Valentine I. Signet, February 1991.

Margarita. Signet, July 1992.

The American Duchess. Signet, December 1992.
Characters: Duke of Hastings & Tracy Bodmin
Summary: English-born American sends his daughter to wed a duke.

A Kind of Honor. Signet, March 1993.
Characters: Adam Todd & Amanda Doune
Summary: Lady married to a wealthy exiled French nobleman is tempted by another man to betray her vows and put England's security at risk.

A Double Deception. Signet, October 1993.
Characters: Mark Cheney, Earl of Dartmouth & Laura Dalwood
Summary: Widow of a man with a dark secret thinks she's found happiness at last but discovers her new husband is haunted by personal demons and may be a threat to her life.

Now writes historical romances and historical mysteries.

Website: www.joanwolf.com

Leonora Woodbury

The Runaway Countess. Random House, 1988; reissued in paperback by Pageant, 1988.
Characters: Sir Adam March & Joan Pennington, Lady Amory
Summary: A countess in disguise who is fleeing an unwanted marriage is rescued from highwaymen by a rake who questions her identity.

Game of Hearts. Charter/Diamond, 1990.
Characters: Peter Ramsey & Persephone Welton
Summary: Stranded together at a quiet country inn, a gentleman and a lady pass the time with some highly competitive game-playing.

Rhonda Woodward

A Spinster's Luck. Signet, December 2002.
Characters: Drake, Duke of Severly & Miss Celia Langston
Summary: A duke who has never considered a lady below his station is attracted to his nephews' governess but she seems to have a grudge against him.
Setting: Kent

A Hint of Scandal. Signet, May 2003.
Characters: Duke of Westlake & Bella Tichley
Summary: A notorious duke who is wounded by a highwayman is cared for by a genteel lady.
Setting: Kent

The Wagered Heart. Signet, December 2003.
Characters: Duke of Kelbourne & Miss Juliann Alard
Summary: A lady who must cut her Season short and return home concocts an elaborate scheme of revenge against a roguish duke.

Moonlight and Mischief. Signet, December 2004.
Characters: Lord Haverstone & Mariah Thorncroft
Summary: A headstrong lady is forced into a betrothal with a rake.

Lady Emma's Dilemma. Signet, December 2005.
Characters:  Baron Devreux & Lady Emmaline
Summary: Two former lovers have differing points of view concerning a long-ago tryst-and what might have been.

Website: www.rhondawoodward.com

Patricia Wynn

The Parson's Pleasure. Harlequin, April 1988.
Characters: Mr. Christopher Bennett (becomes Earl of Avonley) & Miss Claire Oliver
Summary: Lady is attracted to the new village rector.
Rating: good

Sophie's Halloo. Harlequin #12, October 1989.
Characters: Sir Tony Farnham & Miss Sophia Corby
Summary: Lady who dislikes hunting shuns the Corinthian put forward by her father in favor of a gentleman who prefers town life.

Lord Tom. Harlequin #24, April 1990.
Characters: Lord Thomas Harleston & Miss Susan Johnstone
Summary: A dying captain asks a lord to escort his daughter back to England, where she is still a wanted criminal for helping her father escape debtor's prison.

Jack on the Box. Harlequin #38, November 1990.
Characters: Mr. Jack Henley & Miss Cecily Wolverton
Summary: Lady becomes friendly with a mail coach driver, but when she meets him again after an accident she begins to suspect he's not what he seems.
Rating: very good

Mistletoe and Mischief. Harlequin #110, November 1993.
Characters: Charles Beckworth, Marquess of Wroxton & Miss Louise Davenport
Summary: Lord agrees to escort a troublesome lady home from a failed elopement.
Rating: very good

The Bumblebroth. Fawcett, 1995; reissued as an e-book by Belgrave House.
Characters: William Norton, Viscount Westbury & Mathilda, Duchess of Uphaven
Summary: Widow is drawn to the man she chose to wed her daughter.
Rating: excellent Comments: Touching romance between an older woman and a younger man.

A Country Affair. Fawcett, 1996.
Characters: Richard Trevelyan, Earl of Linton & Miss Selina Payley
Summary: Earl investigates a brother and sister claiming the right to his family name.
Rating: very good

The Christmas Spirit. Zebra, November 1996.
Characters: Sir Matthew Dunstone & Trudy
Summary: An elf takes on human form and lures a man into love.

A Pair of Rogues. Fawcett, 1997.
Characters: Ned, Earl of Windermere & Lady Christina Lindsay
Summary: Lady and gentleman meet as an infant's godparents.
Series: Heroine is sister of A Country Affair's hero.

Website: www.patriciawynn.com

Pauline York

The Torpid Duke. Harlequin, September 1986.
Characters: Duke of Eversley & Miss Miranda Waincourt
Summary: Lady is invited to a country estate to teach three "unconquerable" bachelors a lesson in love.




New Traditional Regencies

Susan Walsh

Emily. Independent, 2015.
Summary: Emily is a young woman who becomes self-aware and must decide her own faith as she enters the world under the watchful eye of her aunt, Lady Emma. Self-published.

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